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Subject : Bahasa Inggeris

Class : Year 1
Time : 1 hour
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic Greetings

Content Standard
3.2 Pupils will be able to write using appropriate language , form and style for a range of purposes.
3.3 Pupils will be able to write and present ideas through a variety of media using appropriate language,
dorms and style

Learning Standard
3.2.2 Able to write 3-5 words sentences with guidance.
3.2.3 Able to punctuate correctly.
3.3.1 Able to create simple non-linear texts using a variety of media with guidance:
Greeting cards

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to

1 Talk about greetings and greeting cards
2 Produce a greeting card on an occasion
3. Write correct sentences with more than three words

Learning Media :
1 Sample greeting cards.
2 Video clips on celebrations.
3 Sample poems

Background Knowledge: Pupils have seen a variety of greeting cards

Moral Value: Love and appreciation.

Practise Indicators
Activities Teaching and Learning Strategy Notes
(Indicator Amalan)

Preparation Phase 1. Study the video clips and identify 1. The teacher plays the video 1. Prepare video clips to
( Fasa Persediaan) the occasion . clips and gets pupils to watch them. be projected on the
screen about people
1.1 - Pemerhatian. 2. Study the sample greeting cards 2. Teacher asks the pupils: celebrating :
1.1.1- Menggunakan deria penglihatan, – features, content matter and
pendengaran,sentuhan, rasa dan the layout. a. What’s happening in the - Religious /Cultural
bau pictures? festival
- birthday
1.1.2. Menumpukan pemerhatian b. Have you done the things seen - weeding
kepada objek , perkataan, ayat in the picture? - Teachers day
atau teks secara menyeluruh. - Mother’s day
c. When do you do the things done
1.2 - Analisis in the picture? 2. Get sample greeting
1.2.3 - Mengumpul maklumat card on various
berdasarkan kriteria tertentu d. How can you wish others? occasion. Each pupils
should have a card.
Happy (Pupils response and try to recall
mother’s their involvement in similar 3. Teacher need to tone
day celebrations.) the language level inline
with pupils response and
3. Teacher distributes sample achievement .
greeting cards to the pupils and
question them:

3. Get pupils to read out words, a. What are you holding in

phrases and sentences found on your hands?
the cards. b. Have you got one before?
c. What can you see on the
cover of the card ?
d. What can you see inside the
e. Would you like to give
others a card ?
f. Why would you do that ?
Imagination Phase 1. Teacher asks pupils to think and Teacher asks pupils the following 1. Write/ list out pupils
Fasa Imaginasi list details based on the following questions. response on the board.
aspects if they were given the
2.1. - Penjanaan idea choice to send someone a a. Whom would you send /give a 2. Have some samples
2.1.3 - Menghasilkan idea yang greeting card. card? of cards of different
bermakna . b. When will you give this person shapes and features.
- the person the card?
2.2 - Sintesis idea - the occasion c. How will you card look alike? 3. Sample cards should
2.2.2 - Menghasilkan bentuk komunikasi - the features/ shape of the d. What will be the shape of the have greetings or
yang unik – lukisan, kraf,binaan, card card? messages like:
peta, rajah, puisi, muzik, lagu, - the greetings e. Will your card look like ……?
karangan, laporan dan lakaran - the form of their greetings f. What will you write on the - For my best friend
card? - The best mum
2. Teacher teaches the pupils how g. What other things will you do - Thank you , dad.
to form and write sentences with to your card? - Thanks for the help.
3 to 5 words using samples. - Your loving son.

Development Phase
Fasa Perkembangan 1. Sketch out the card. 1. Pupils sketch out their greeting 1. Provide room for
cards and insert words, phrases, pupils to talk and say
3.1 - Penambahbaikan sentences, drawings and designs. out things.
3.1.3 –Memberi pelbagai penerangan
rasional tentang idea. 2. Class discussion 2. Pupils show their would to be 2. Guide pupils on the
cards and ; construction of
3.2 - Menilai i. say the occasion and the sentences.
3.2.2- Menyatakan kekuatan dan suitable words/ drawing
kelemahan, kebaikan dan related to the occasion.
keburukan dan kekurangan
berdasarkan bukti atau alasan ii. erase unwanted words /
tertentu. drawing and add new
words or drawings .

iii. say why they should or

should not use a
particular word(s)

iv. Identify suitable words to

be used in their cards.

Action Phase
Fasa Tindakan 1. Individual Work 1. The pupils start producing their Teacher can paste/ put
greeting cards using their own up simple 3 to 5 line
4.1 - Pelaksanaan ‘ Preparing my card’ choice of words, drawings, shape poems or haiku for
4.1.1-Menyusun idea secara tersusun and features. pupils reference.
dan mudah difahami
2. Learn to appreciate others now 2. Teacher reminds pupils of things My mother
My dear mother
4.2 - Amalan berterusan and forever. or words that can offend others. The one and only mother
4.2.1-Peka kepada perkara di sekeliling Who loves me more than other

3. Pupils arrange words and

sentences in form of simple
poems or haiku to thank or
appreciate the receiver.