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Volume 1 May 01, 2011 Issue 23

Abhishek Pawar, Captain of Cosmos CC


SCCA conducts league matches for its member clubs. The Association of
Southern California Cricket Umpires (ASCU) sends in the certified
umpires to umpire these games. These umpires are tested for
understanding the rules of the game, both written and practical exams
conducted by ASCU, and then certified. Qualified umpires get $100 a
day for the main umpire and $50 a day for the leg umpire. Leg umpires do not have
to have been certified but should come from a neutral club.

While reviewing the score sheets, one observes that there is no name except the club
name is written against a bowler, batsman and a fielder who took a catch.
Generally, prior to the beginning of the league, the main umpire ensures that both
the teams have exchanged the list of players playing in that match. No blank line is
allowed. The general practice is that if the scorer does not know the name of the
bowler, he asks for the name from the fielder closer to him or the umpire. It is
observed that qualified umpires verify the score sheet at all intervals. It is
surprising why this is not verified and corrected then and there. Here are some of
the examples: (1) In the match between and International and Colts, # 3 Bowler for
International is ‘International’ and Batsman #8 is ‘International’; (2) In the match
between SCCA Youth and Redlands, Bowlers # 3 and 5 are ‘Youth’ (#3 had taken 2
wickets); and Batsmen # 3, 9, 10 and 11 are ‘Youth’. In fact batsman #3 scored 33
runs. What an example we set up for the Youth team!

It is understood that some clubs hardly have their XI players on some days and
cannot have the luxury of a 12th man or Scorer. The question is who is responsible to
ensure that the score sheets are properly filled out. Is it not the responsibility of the
main umpire who at every interval verifies the score sheet? If ASCU feels that it is
additional work for them, the main umpire should delegate this responsibility to the
leg umpire. Please note that the key word is ‘delegation’. This means it should be the
responsibility of the main umpire whether he does it or delegates it. This is because
he is the one signs the score sheet at the end of the game and certifies that whatever
written on the score sheet, including the information and arithmetic are correct.

It is high time SCCA works with ASCU on this issue as well as teaching the youth
the correct way to maintain a score card.
Prakash Krishnagiri

There is no better sight on the Cricket field than a West Indian Fast Bowler testing the Batsman or the West
Indian Batsman demolishing the Bowlers. The Calypso Brand of Cricket played by the West Indies is pure fun
and entertainment, irrespective of the format of the game. The boys from the beaches knew only one way to
play the game; that is, to entertain.

Of late, the West Indies Cricket Board has been on the news regularly, mostly for the wrong reasons. The
regional politics in the Caribbean has grown bigger than the game. The WICB has gone through several
changes in the last 2 decades. The Board has seen several Presidents and also Selectors, come and go, but no
one has managed to really resurrect the West Indian Team.

It is understood that every team goes through a stage of rebuilding and consolidation. The rebuilding of the
West Indian team after the 80s has taken too much of a time. In the past two decades, we have seen Players like
Lara and Hooper who truly displayed the Calypso cricket and were destructive on their day. Despite the
performance of few individuals over the last two decades, the Team West Indies has never really taken off.

The rebuilding process of a Team exposes the Bench Strength. Bench Strength is heavily reliant on the System
in Place. The System identifies and nurtures Talent and provides ample opportunities for the Talented to learn,
on-the-field and under the guidance of the seniors.

The performances of the West Indies in the recently concluded ICC World Cup and in the ongoing ODI series
against Pakistan have been pretty inconsistent. But the side has got some promising players. Smith, Bravos,
Sammy, Roach, Bishoo and Rampaul are all great talent. Add up to it Simmons and Samuels, who are making
a comeback of sort. The pool is not that bad after all. Jerome Taylor, Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard, all of
whom should have been playing for the West Indies now are performing well in the IPL. Chanderpaul and
Sarwan with tons of experience have been dropped. If you look at a full team consisting of the IPL players and
those Dropped from the Team, it certainly looks like a team that is capable of beating any Country.

The WICB should consider having three specialist teams, one each for Test, ODI and T20 respectively. A
handful of players, who are consistent in more than one format of the game, can be given a place in those
formats. It is not necessary that we have to have the same team in all formats. Even the World No 1, Indian
team has a totally different look in all three formats of the game.

Such an arrangement will augur well for the West Indies. First and foremost, Windies will have horses for the
courses. Secondly, more players will be provided opportunities to represent the West Indies in various formats
of the game. Thirdly, Bench Strength improves gradually in all formats of the game.

In addition to this, Players should be assured of certain number of chances, before they are shown the door.
This will relax the pressure on the debutants and will bring in the best from them. Having said that, Players
should be made to travel with the Senior Team and made to play a few tour games, before the West Indies cap
is bestowed on them.
The WICB should try to have an annual Tri-Series of ODIs and T20s and bring back the Festive atmosphere in
the Caribbean Islands. This will increase the interest for the game in the Islands. In addition to this,
sponsorships and financial hurdles can also be eased.

The problems with the WICB have been plenty. The Sponsorships, Finances, Tour Schedules, Regionalism,
Players Revolt, etc., are serious issues that need to be resolved. The Administrators must put the game above
all when finding a solution for their issues. The Players are Key to it and the sooner they realize, the better it
would be for the West Indian Cricketers. With Basket Ball and other sports invading the West Indian Teens,
Cricket is in the risk of losing out. If the Teens do not see Cricket as attractive, professionally and
commercially, they would not hesitate to shun the game and take up other sports.

The decision to leave out Senior Players is debatable. Though I like the game of Chanderpaul and Sarwan, I do
not think they should be part of the ODI or T20 sides. The way the WICB has handled Chris Gayle’s issue is
not in good taste. Statements and Counter-Statements from Chris Gayle and Hilaire, though adds spice to the
controversy, fails to provide insight on what actually transpired. Similarly, the comments of Hilaire on the
commitment of senior players are also bizarre. At the end of this, West Indies Cricket is the loser.

If Gayle is fit, why was he not selected? What did the WICB achieve by dropping Sarwan and recalling him
once again? If he was dropped for lack of form what made the Selectors feel that he is good enough now? The
West Indies domestic season is over and there is no way to know if Sarwan has got back his form. What made
the Selectors change their mind now?

The process of rebuilding the Team is not easy. Not all players who are given opportunities perform well in the
International Matches. The Selectors must either give such players a lengthy run or find another replacement.
They should not press the panic button always. If the Selectors had felt that Chanderpaul and Sarwan does not
fit in their scheme of things for the ODI and T20 sides, they should have taken these two into confidence and
explained this to time. This way, these two can focus more on Test Cricket and serve the West Indies Test
Team for a longer time.

Three fit players Chris Gayle, Jerome Taylor and Kieron Pollard are performing well in the IPL. It is unfair to
put the blame only on them for having chosen IPL over the Country. But it is also an irony that three good
players are fit and not playing for the Team at a time when the West Indies Team is being thrashed by the new-
look Pakistan side. The WICB should retrospect and find out what made these Players choose IPL over the

The resurrection of the West Indies cricket is very important for the Game of Cricket. There are lots of West
Indian Cricket fans all over the Cricket Playing countries. The number of West Indian Cricket Fans from these
countries is probably much more than the total population of the Caribbean nations.

There are quite a few past cricketers who either stay away from all these issues that plague the West Indian
Cricket or migrate to other countries. There are a few who have taken up coaching assignments in other
countries. They must all remember that whatever they are today it is only because of the Game that they played
for the West Indies. It is high time they all come together and give something back to West Indies cricket.
The Calypso brand of Cricket has great followers across the world. In fact, Cricket became popular in the
world because of West Indian style of cricket. The world deserves to enjoy a powerful West Indian Cricket in
exhibition. For this to happen, the lovers of the game, the knowledgeable and the ones who have done it all,
must come together and have proper systems in place and provide opportunity for the talented to represent the
West Indies Cricket, irrespective of the Island they come from. We hope West Indies cricket will pick up and
will start entertaining people all over the world!

It’s time to Calypso…


Courtesy Thilak Wijedasa

Item 1

In limited-over matches where bowlers are restricted to pre-determined number of overs, any part-over bowled
by a particular bowler is considered as a complete over, as far as his allocation of overs for the match is

After bowling 4 balls in his 4th over he is incapacitated (injury or illness) or suspended during the over for an
offence. The injured bowler is deemed to have bowled 4 overs. Another bowler who has already bowled 4
overs completes the over (2 balls). His 2 balls which he bowled to complete the injured person’s over, counts as
a complete over of his allocation as 5 overs. (If he completes his 10 overs, then he has bowled 10.02overs)

Item 2

‘Bowled’ to take precedence over other methods of dismissals.

The striker is out ‘Bowled’ if his wicket is put down, even though a decision against him for any other method
of dismissal would be justified.

Not being a No-ball it touches the batsman’s pad in front of the wicket, but it rolls to the wicket and the wicket
is broken. He is out Bowled although the L.B.W. took place first.

Item 3

A batsman plays a ball to square leg. A fielder fields it with his cap. The due penalty is awarded. Before the
batsmen make good their grounds, the ball is picked by the same fielder and the wicket is broken at the non-
striker’s end, who is a foot away from the crease. Who is out ?

Answer. No one is out. The ball becomes dead when the penalty is awarded.
K.C.S. Rao

The condition of the nets, the wicket (playing square) and the outfield has been reported in almost all the issues
of this magazine, this season. It appears to have gone to the deaf ears and SCCA administration has not so far
done anything, tangible, in this matter.

The writer goes to Woodley, almost four days a week (Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday) and
whenever he goes, the players who are either practicing and/or playing their league games come to him and ask
him to do something to fix the nets. In fact, some of these individuals are from the SCCA Board and they say
that the Board had approved adequate funds for fixing the nets, long time back. After every league match that
is played at Woodley, the players talk about how uneven the square is; one end it the ball kicks up and on the
other end the ball tend to keep low and travels slow. The thick and high grass in some places of the out-field
makes it impossible for the ball to smoothly travel to the boundary. The ball stops at the grass patch. What the
batsman considers a definite four and stops running the ball stops at the grass patch.

Nets at Woodley are an eye sore. Recently, Wanderers Club from Australia visited Los Angeles and played
four matches at Woodley. They did not have a proper net to practice prior to the game. It is a shame that we
could not provide a good practice place for the visitors. Whatever be the reason that is holding the work on
these nets, this should be sorted out and work done ASAP.

The dissatisfaction and irritation amongst players using the nets is increasing day by day and before it erupts,
SCCA should take appropriate action to fix these. No area is safe to stand around the nets (either behind the
nets, or on both sides of the nets) as the ball comes out of the nets with each and every shot. Players and the on-
lookers both get hurt at the nets.

Where is the grounds committee of the SCCA in all these? Are they grounded? ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS

Abhishek Pawar, one of the shining stars of SCCA was born in Aurangabad, India
on 13th of October 1978 to Ajeet and Anjali Pawar. Abhishek is an explosive
right-handed batsman and currently the Captain of the Cosmos CC in the SCCA

Like many Indian kids, Abhishek too was attracted to the game of Cricket and
started playing it with his friends when he was around 10 years of age. Mumbai,
which has often given birth to great cricketing talents, was the right choice for
Abhishek to horn his cricketing skills.

Unfortunate for Abhishek, his school did not have a Cricket Team. Mumbai has a
rich school cricket-culture and it was a natural transition for Boys from School Cricket to Club Cricket and then
to the State Cricket. Despite this tradition in Mumbai, Abhishek was lucky to find cricket enthusiasts and a few
coaches who recommended him for the Mumbai Under-19 trials. He has attended a few Under-19 Camps as

Unlucky not to find a place in the Under-19s, Abhishek continued to work hard on his game. He was a regular
member of his College side in various Inter-Collegiate tournaments that were held in the City. He went to the
United Kingdom for further studies and was a member of the Anglia Ruskin University Cricket Team.

Ever since he moved to Southern California, he has been a prolific scorer in the
League and Zonal Matches. His performances were noticed by the National
Selectors and he was called up on National duty to represent the USA under-25
team on their tour of Malaysia. Consistent performances finally got him the
coveted USA Cap. Abhishek represented the USA senior team in the ICC Trophy
that took place in Canada.

His highest individual score in all forms of the game is an unbeaten 183. He has
scored over 25 Centuries so far in his cricketing career with 2 scores of above 150
Runs (183* and 165) in one day games.

He started off the SCCA 2011 cricket league with a bang by scoring an unbeaten
century. One can expect more three figure innings from Abhisek, this year for you
can see hunger in his eyes. He has got good cricket culture and practices regularly.
Weekend Cricket administration and the readers wish him all the best in his future.

Here are the excepts of the interview our Editor Mr. Rao had with Abhishek Pawar
KC Rao: Which is the best game you remember even today?
Abhishek: Last best game I remember is against Hollywood - 20 over game - and we were playing short I think
- 7 players, but we chased 196 against a strong Hollywood side

KC Rao: What is your opinion on the standard of cricket in USA?

Abhishek: I think the top 5-6 clubs are very solid as teams, most other teams have a couple of outstanding
players - so overall the average is quite good for an amateur cricket league.

KC Rao: Do you think cricket will grow in this country and become popular one of
these days
Abhishek: I certainly believe it will. It’s a 20-yr program to get the ball rolling - which will start from by
involving American kids and parents. Start kids cricket league for local schools, and have them love this sport
growing up.

KC Rao: If you are given the authority and powers, what changes would you make in
USA cricket for its gaining popularity?
Abhishek: I would make the cricket playing format more T20 centric. It allows more games, more outings for
players, longevity of players, makes it more practical to invite friends over to watch the game. Some sort of
fake IPL in SCCA would be fun, as in players would be assigned fake credits, franchises will be nominated, and
players will be selected by auction for T20 tournament

KC Rao: Add anything appropriate to cricket growth in this country, the administration, publicity, etc.
Abhishek: Run cricket shops in schools. Invite local schools over weekend to Woodley. Involve American
parents with their kids in local cricket. Organize and encourage Parent/child cricket tours to cricketing

KC Rao: Who is your cricket idol?

Abhishek: Sachin Tendulkar
Courtesy: Nadeem Yusuff of Cricket Council USA

There's a lot to be said about the cricket tournament, especially our match against India. And it has a lot more to
do with Misbah-ul-Haq and Umar Gul’s bad luck, and Sachin Tendulkar’s good fortune.

Cricket speaks to our nation in a way our government never has. And Shahid Afridi addressed the nation in a
way our president never has – unselfish, genuine, modest. So when Afridi apologized to Pakistan, millions
listened and were humbled by the gesture. Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts with love and a strange kind
of sorrow.

Shahid Afridi, you need not apologize to the nation. We are proud of you and our entire cricket team! You
didn’t bring back the cup, but any excitement, any happiness, any hope that Pakistanis have felt in the past few
months is because of your brilliance. We’ve been hearing a lot of “Pakistan needs something to celebrate,” but
what Pakistanis really needed was something to look forward to, and the green team gave us that with the
anticipation of each game played.

The funny thing about cricket is that it can unite the nation through a victory or a loss. It would have been
wonderful to go out on the streets and celebrate with dhols, etc, as we did when we won the 20/20 Cricket
World Cup in 2009. But even after our loss, the people of Pakistan, in their state of disbelief, came out and
shared their sorrow. Misery loves company. Cars on streets, people driving around slowly, quietly, patiently. No
honking, no cursing, nowhere to go, nowhere to escape. It was surreal. This only goes to show what cricket
means to us and the massive void it fills for our nation.

Cricketers, you made us patriotic. You made us passionate. You made us proud. And these precious adjectives
are some that Pakistan rarely gets the chance to associate itself with.

So again, Afridi, your apology is appreciated but not needed. You conducted yourself with patience, grace and
dignity, encouraging your own with a smile, and congratulating the opponents with an even bigger smile. You
didn’t win the semi-finals, but you won our hearts. Thank you for showing the world we are not an aggressive

To Pakistan, I propose this: if there’s anyone who needs to apologize it’s us.

So to Afridi and the team, I apologize for the pressure I put on you to win the World Cup. It comes from my
own shortcomings. So lazy and so cowardly am I that I am incapable of creating for myself a reason to celebrate
Pakistan. Since as far as I can remember, my patriotism has tenaciously clung to cricket. It is unfair. I know.

To those Pakistanis who thought this was a match between Hindus and Muslims, I’m glad India won. This was
never a battle between nations, or a jehad against Hindus. It was a semi-final cricket match, and if a loss is what
it took to be reminded of this then I’m glad we lost. Victory would have only made you gloat over something
you had wrong all along anyway.
However, if there was one thing I was relieved to discover it was that we don’t hate India. We may hate
America, but we don’t hate India. No burning of the Indian flag, no bitter remarks, no threatening reaction.
Phew! Just healthy competition and a pure love for the game.

So we don’t hate India. In fact, we hate Zardari. What pleased me even more were the numerous text messages
and facebook statuses I came across that poked fun at Zardari. My personal favourite is, “We congratulate India
on winning the semi-finals. As a good-will gesture, India can keep Pakistan’s prime minister. And if it wins the
finals, we will give our president too.” Ahhh, Zardari jokes. They never get old. He’s our scapegoat now. It’s
his fault we lost. Somehow.

That being said, think. It’s time we stop asking of our cricketers something we should have been asking of
ourselves or our government. Lets find ourselves a reason to be patriotic and celebrate Pakistan, and let cricket
be a sport, not an identity. If we all just took a little responsibility, maybe our beloved team can finally approach
the pitch as cricketers, not as soldiers entering the battlefield. We owe it to them.

Welcome back, boys!

From Cricket Council of USA, Florida

We would be delighted to have your team participate in the 3rd Edition of the US Cricket Open. The teams
registration fees will be $1,500.00 and the winning team will be awarded $50,000.00. Second prize award
will be announced at a later date.

We will provide players and officials team uniforms (17 sets) with logos (pants/shirt/hat), refreshments, balls,
umpires, match referees, etc during the tournament. Teams are responsible for travel, meals & lodging during
their stay. The Holiday Inn & Suites at Sunrise, Florida has been selected as one of the host hotels for the
tournament. Rates are $69.00 per night (double occupancy) including breakfast. Additional information on
the tournament will be provided as it becomes available.

1. Central Broward Regional Cricket Stadium, Lauderhill, Florida (Day/Night games)
2. Miramar Regional Park Cricket Stadium, Miramar, Florida
3. Brian Piccolo Regional Park, Cooper City, Florida
(all venues are within a 30 mile radius from each other and the hotels)

The following is the Format for the US Cricket Open Tournament '11:

32 teams will compete in the first round of the US Cricket Open
Tournament '11. Teams will be divided into EIGHT (8) zones JEFF MILLER
with (4 teams per zone). Each team within the zones will play VP - Operations
three (3) matches. The teams with the most points from the eight
zones will proceed to the quarter-finals. 4800 N. Federal Hwy, Suite E200
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
The eight (8) teams that qualify from the First Round will Telephone: (561) 361-1700
compete in the quarter-finals. Mobile: (305) 606-7603
Facsimile: (561) 392-4878
The four (4) winners from the quarter-finals will compete in the Website:
Semi finals. .

The two (2) winners of the Semi finals will compete in the Finals. The winning Team will be awarded the
Championship Trophy and $ 50,000.00 FIRST PRIZE MONEY.

The US Cricket Open Tournament '11 is open to all teams. Last year participants came from the United States,
Canada, Pakistan, England and the Caribbean.


K.C.S Rao

Started just four years back, IPL seems to have become popular amongst the audience not only in India but
throughout the world. There was skepticism when they started based on the failure of ICL. But, Lalit Modi
managed it so well that success became imminent.

IPL faced hurdles within India in the second year of its operation. Mostly from the Government of India in not
assuring security for players as India’s general elections during this period coincided with this tournament. The
then organizer of IPL, Lalit Modi, (whose brain child was IPL), an astute leader with a clear business sense,
managed to relocate the second year tournament in South Africa within such a short period of time. The
tournament that was held in various parts of South Africa was a great success. South Africa extended full
support to Modi and his men without whose help this tournament would not have been a success. This was a
feather in the cap of Modi.

The third year tournament in India was also a great success. This success is being measured in terms of the
sponsors and the large attendance at every venue in India. The positives from IPL were cricket becoming more
popular day by day, even amongst villagers and housewives. Prior to this, Cricket in India was limited to
major Cities not by design but by choice.

The idea of increasing the number of teams participating in this tournament from eight to ten came up resulting
in differences of opinion amongst the power to be. With the proven success rate, everyone saw this as a
lucrative business. Everyone was vying to have a piece of the pie. The personality clash between Board of
Control for Cricket in India (BBCI) and Lalit Modi, the successful organizer, surfaced

Allegations after allegations were brought against the organizer. Court battles pursued and heads started
rolling. Lalit Modi is not an exception to the general rule. He was removed from his position.

IPL4 saw not only a new administration but saw two new teams (Cochin and Pune) added to the roster. Even if
some people may not agree to this, but the fact of the matter is IPL is a replica of major sports administration in
USA, such as National Basket Ball Association with cheerleaders, etc. There is a major difference between IPL
and NBA. Here the owners of the franchise are either former players and/or have a thorough knowledge of the
game. This makes a lot of difference in the recruitment and composition of the team. Whereas, in IPL, the
Franchise owners do not seem to necessarily have the required knowledge and/or experience in recruiting
players and forming a balanced team. Some franchise owners are movie-stars, other businessmen, etc., and
may have followed the international games when played. The recruitment by Franchisees for IPL4 has exposed
this weakness. Teams vary in their batting, bowling and fielding strengths and are not equally balanced.

The bidding process has resulted in paying too much of money to certain players who are not consistent in their
performance. In cricket, it is difficult to be consistent, for, even a world class batsman can get out in the first
ball and a first class bowler can be hit for many runs without getting a wicket. From the games so far played in
IPL4, the Franchise owners should have realized how true it is that their top salaried players have not lived up
to the expectations and it is their fringe players that are doing well. For example, Yusuf Pathan, for all the
money he was paid, has not contributed to the expectations of both the public and the owner. This must be a
great disappointment to the owners.
To overcome such a situation, the owners should group the players into three major categories, viz., players
who have and are playing for their country; players who have and are playing for their State, County, etc., as
the case may be; and club players whose club-level performance makes them a potential State Player(s). In the
future, owners should have a performance-based contract with each category carrying a minimum amount of
money as basic contract. Besides the basic amount contracted, the players should be given prize money for
each individual and team achievement. These milestone payments could be for batting, any batsman scoring
25 runs, 50 runs, 75 runs, 100 runs, and over 100 runs; a bowler getting 1 wicket, 2, wickets, 3 wickets, 4
wickets, 5 wickets, 5-plus wickets; and most economical bowler even if there is no wicket; a fielder for 1 catch,
2 catches, 3 catches, 4 catches, and so on; and a prize for outstanding ground fielding (saving runs by
intercepting a sure four). Franchisees can have a three-member committee from amongst their staff to keep
track of these achievements and pay accordingly.

If the foregoing is adopted, every player feels equal in the team, and performance, irrespective of where it
comes from, is rewarded. If a player considers he is a star, he should show it by his performance. This also
gives incentive to every player in the team to vie for earning more money and the standard of cricket will
automatically improve. It is possible some top stars may not be willing to play under these conditions. On the
other hand, players of other countries would be still willing to play IPL because the money is big considering
the number of days they would be playing. Only objection Franchisees may have towards this system is the
gate collection that would be less as there is no star attraction. This could be a wrong notion as foreign players
would still attracted to this tournament, and people would love to see a game with challenges thrown at
everyone playing the game. Each one has to earn his money other than the basic contract by performing well.
IPL is a business venture and it is expected that the franchise owners being shrewd
businessmen/businesswomen, would grab the opportunity to try and make every penny in this business. As it
stands now, IPL appears to mean ‘Institution for Profit and/or Loss’. With the sponsors and audience following
the IPL has in India, the question of loss should not arise unless the BCCI bungles up things.
Staff Reporter


Orange County CC batted first and was all out for a paltry 109 runs. Akshaya Vummanagari 53 runs, N.
Ravikandan 21 runs, Devraj Patel 20 runs besides extras 21 (wides 10) were the scorers for Orange County CC.
Mehul Dave (3 for 36) and Timil Patel (3 for 15) shared the bowling honors for Vijayta.

In reply, Vijayta scored 122 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Ravi Timbawala continued from where he left off in
the previous game by remaining not out with a well scored 63 runs. Chirayu Sapre was the successful bowler
for OCC with 3 for 17. Extras 13 (12 wides).

This is what Vijayta said at the end of the game:

Orange County won the toss and elected to bat on a very good batting track. Openers Akshay and RaviKandan
crafted and blasted the Vijayta bowlers to all parts of the Wright field and posted 73 runs on the board without
the loss of any wickets. Skipper Mehul introduced Timil from the Wong end and that proved to be wrong for
Orange County, as Timil enticed Ravikandan to a boundary at midwicket and then had him scoop the next
delivery to long on for an easy catch. Timil dismissed Sumanth on a return catch in the same over. Akshay got
his 50 in almost equal number of balls and then got himself run out on a direct hit. What ensued from here on
was a treat. OCC collapsed like a deck of cards ( running themselves out and dancing down the wicket ). The
scorecard read like a Norton Anti-Virus Activation Key code. ( 1-20-0, 0-2-0, 1-0-0 ). OCC all out for 119 in
24.3 overs after putting on 73 for the first wicket.

Pick of the bowlers were Mehul and Timil each getting 3 apiece.

Vijayta needed 120 to win and lost Tarun and Timil to Chirayu Sapre. Chirayu bowled brilliantly and finished
with figures of 9 Overs, 3 maidens and took 3 for 17. The rest was history as Ravi Timbawala pasted and carved
an unbeaten 63 of 66 balls supported strongly by Hammad Shahid (17).

Man of the Match - Ravi Timbawala (63 runs, and 1 run out).


Hollywood-1 by beating the depleted Pasadena-1 registered their first win of the season. Pasadena-1 is
struggling this season as most of their players moved out to play for other clubs in the league. HCC-1, batted
first and somehow managed to reach a respectable total of 174 runs. Anantharam Kota (24), Mandeep Singh
Dhillon (24), Ankit Parmer (29) besides extras 25(12 wides and 7 no balls) were the scorers for HCC-1.
Khalid Noor bowled well for Pasadena-1 getting 4 for 56. He was ably supported in the bowling department by
Anil Kasinadhuni (2 for 30) and Zafar Rizvi (2 for 24).
In reply, Pasadena-1 was all out for 95 runs. Khalid Noor (23 not out) was the only batsman who scored for
Pasadena -1. Extras 15 (10 wides). Nikhil Iyer bowled well to capture 4 for 28 to restrict Pasadena-1 to 95
runs. He was ably supported by Anand Ramaswamy (2 for 10) and Nitesh Anandan (2 for 14).


Cosmos CC, playing their first match of the season comfortably beat San Deigo-1
by six wickets. Thanks to a fine unbeaten Century by Abhisek Pawar (101 not out),
the skipper of Cosmos who started off the season with a bang. Cosmos CC, this
year had acquired some talented and experienced players from other clubs and
looks very strong on paper to win the championship. Batting first San Diego had
lost some quick wickets. They were 94 for 7 at one stage. Then came some
hurricane hitting by Benson Thomas (56) and veteran Wayne Copeland (40) to lift
the score. Sandeep Murthy gave good support by remaining not out with a well
scored 17 runs to see his club reach a respectable total of 195 runs. Shani Usman
(3 for 38), Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (2 for 37), Nadir Malik (2 for 9) bowled well
for Cosmos. Cosmos conceded 35 extras (24 wides).

Cosmos , in reply. Scored the required runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Thanks to a
Abhishek Pawar, Cosmos CCfine knock by its skipper, Abhisek Pawar who remained not out with 101 runs. He
was ably supported in this effort by Randeep Singh (35), and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (20 not out). Benson
Thomas (2 for 27) was the only successful bowler for San Diego-1. San Diego-1 conceded 9 extras (6 wides).

This is what Cosmos said at the end of the game:

San Diego won the toss and elected to bat on severn grounds. The wicket looked pretty soft. Joe got off to a
fast start but the t20 influence got the better of the SD batsman as most of them got out to rash shots and bad
shot selection. SD lost wickets readily which did not allow them to settle in and build partnerships that are a key
in setting up a total. Benson Thomas batted very maturely and showed a lot of patience in his knock of 56
before unleashing in the batting powerplay. Benson has been a consistent performer in the last few years with
his late order batting. In addition the only support that Benny got was from Wayne the magic Copeland late in
the SD innings in the batting powerplay and he ended up with a quickfire 40. Sandeep was not out with 17. For
Cosmos, Shani Rehman was the pick of the bowlers bowling fast and straight and picked up 3/38. The Cosmos
spin trio of Gurpreet, Rajp and Malik were all economical.... and picked up 4 wickets between them. Rajp was
unlucky to not get a wicket but looked really good with his line and length.

Batting second 195 never looked like a safe bet due to woodley conditions easing up in the afternoon and the
severn wicket looked flat as ever. Ricky singh got off to a fast start but couldn’t carry on... But captain
Abhishek Pawar looked in prime touch as he cut, pulled, drove his way to an excellent hundred. Abhishek was
bothered by cramps in one leg and was hit in the field by a Gaurav Khillon drive while fielding and therefore
was hampered in his foowork having to bat with a runner for the second part of his innings. He played a real
captain’s knock and saw Cosmos home. Randy Singh chipped in with an entertaining 35 and Gurpreet was 20
not out.
Umpiring was pretty good and the umpires did well with their communication and player management. Good
luck to San Diego for the rest of the season.


Inland Empire-1 won the toss but put Colts to bat first. Colts was all out for 154. Hemant Ala (22), Lokesh
Dhar (24), Kalyan Chakravarti (24), and extra 34 (30 wides) were the scorer for Colts. Devendra Chudasama (4
for 34), Gunvant Patel (2 for 27), Vimal Patgel (2 for 16) were the successful bowlers for IE-1.

In reply, IE-1 was all out for 102. Viran Patel (30), and extras 21 (19 wides) were the scores for IE-1. Saad
Yusuf (3 for 18), Karthik Varadharajulu (2 for 20), Ajay Garyali (2 for 19) and K. Saravanan (2 for 11) were the
successful bowlers for Colts.

This is what Colts said at the end of the game:

A bits and pieces game brought the two promoted teams together on a two paced wicked at Smith Murphy. A
good toss to lose Colts batted with no jitters till the first drinks break. The rhythm and swing that had been the
hallmark of IE was missing and looks like the whole team had put on some pounds of the wrong kind in the
wrong areas. IE started a little wayward and the zip and consistency that had made them the leaders of DIV 3
was missing.

For the Colts Lokesh grabbed on to a much deserved promotion and sunk his roots to graft his highest score in
Colts. Hemant played some classy shots and would have had many more runs to his credit had the grass not
played as an additional fielder. Notable contributions were a quick fire 24 from Kalyan and an audacious
innings from Sarvanan who has loads of talent and the heart of an eagle with no mercy. He is just getting into
his own both with the bat and the ball. He ran out of partners as Colts folded at 154 with the highest scorer
being Mr Extras at 38. The lack of consistent bounce was partly to blame for the collapse and some of the credit
goes to the inherent genetic tendency of colts for suicide (much like lemmings).

For IE Gary was metronomic as always (the beaten up warhorse has more variation than he himself knows) and
Vimal bowled with guile. The wickets however went to Deven for his workhorse and consistent approach.
Chasing 154 on this track was no mean feat and both teams knew that but nobody told Viren who started with
aplomb sweetly timing a couple of full tosses and length balls sending them flying out over the cones taking the
ground out of the equation. Some good captaincy and very cunning bowling changes saw Saad moving the ball
prodigiously to castle Viren. It was downhill after that and once the hurricane departed it was smooth sailing for
the Coltians. In a late comeback, Vimal tried to build but was a little unlucky the way it ended.

Saad, Karthick, Ajay and Saravanan bowled teasingly to hasten the end for IE with 50 odd runs short
Atul was solid behind the wicket and took 3 great catches one of which was a sensational reflex inside edge
when he was moving the wrong side. His willingness to come up to the wicket and keep to the swinging Saad
(he is not swinging the ball was) was critical in preventing the batsmen to step out and counter the movement.

The strength of Colts could be gauged by the energy and commitment of its supporters outside of the fence.
Kazi and Faraz were more vocal than the IE crowd and that is no mean feat. Kazi’s enthusiasm, care and
concern for the team is a great yardstick for the future of a geriatric colts team whose injuries are pretty
comparable to some of the nursing home patients in Southern California.

IE did not lack in ability or talent and can’t be accused of even lack of commitment. They did not play many
loose shots but some came up against a wicket that was unpredictable and a resurgent bowling attack that has
started believing in itself.

We wish IE good luck in this season ………..except for maybe the next game with us. It will be tough to
emulate their hospitality but we will not be accused for lack of trying


Andrew Price’s first 5 for 13 in six overs for the season helped his team Corinthians
to comfortably beat Victoria by six wickets. Batting first, Victoria CC was all out
for 130 runs. Srikanth Chakravarti (35), Rajan Narayanan (20) besides the 23
extras(20 wides) were the scorers for Victoria CC. Andrew Price (5 for 13 in six
overs) was the most successful bowler for Corinthians. He was ably supported by
Vedant Raval (2 for 17).

In reply, Corinthians scored off the required runs for the loss of 4 wickets (135 for
4). David O’Connor (23), Pramukh Subramanian (29), Abbas Nordakh (24 not out)
Andrew Price, Corinthians CC
and extras 32 (26 wides) were the contributors to this total. Subash Soundarapandi
(2 for 17) was the successful bowler for Victoria.

At the end of the game, this is what Corinthians said:

Corinthians won their first toss of the season and chose to field. Dave Pieters opened and bowled with fire but
was unlucky not to have 2 or 3 wickets in his first over. Richard made a breakthrough in the 4th over getting
Praveen to edge one to slips where Theo grabbed it second bite. Vedant came on first change to bowl in tandem
again with Theo. This pair put the brakes on the Vicoria scoring and Vedant was rewarded in his 4th over with
the wicket of Rajan. He followed up with another wicket, his seventh for the season, in his next over and
Victoria were 4 down for 78. The seamers bowled well and kept the scoring down but when the spinners Andy
and Abbass were introduced the game changed completely. Abbass bowled a very tidy spell, claiming a wicket
thanks to a youthful running, sliding catch by Kelly Dunagan. Without a doubt the star of the Corinthians attack
was Andy who opened his account by removing the troublesome Srikanth for 35 with a beautifully flighted
delivery. In his next over Andy picked up a good caught and bowled chance then followed that with a double
wicket over. The first wicket of his 5th over was a wonder ball that pitched just outside leg and spun around the
batsman to take the off stump bail off. The second was a flighted delivery that found the edge of the bat. Andy
wrapped up his fivefa in his next over to finish with figures of 6 overs 5 for 13 runs. Dave Pieters came back to
blast out the last wicket and Corinthians had bowled out Victoria for 130 in 30 overs. Credit also to Arjun
behind the stumps who once again did a great job and picked up 3 catches.
Dave and Pramukh got the Corinthian innings off to a great start taking 10 runs of each of the first 2 overs, both
batsmen stroking the ball nicely along the ground and finding gaps in the field. Both batsmen were looking
good which forced the Victoria skipper to ring the bowling changes. Dave was a little unlucky to get a faint
touch on one down the leg side that was caught by keeper Praveen off Bharat but this brough danger man Theo
to the crease. Pramukh continued to play some great shots but picked the wrong ball to hit over the top and was
caught for a well worked 29. Theo and new batsman Mark Punshon departed to leave the way open for Abbass
and in-form Dave Pieters to work the ball around expertly for 6 overs, taking the score from 87 to 133, the
winnings runs once again coming from Dave's now signature reverse sweep. Abbass finished with a
commanding 24 not out and Dave finished on 14 not out.

Great win by the boys and good luck to Victoria for the rest of their season.


Batting first South Bay was all out for 107 runs. Abbas Ali Damani was the only batsman who scored 27 runs.
Extras 13 (12 wides). Amir Bickiya (2 for 19), Mansoor Ali (2 for 8), Sandeep Kumar (2 for 15) bowled well
for Pasadena-2. Pasadena-2, in reply, scored 108 for the loss of 4 wickets and won the game comfortably by six
wickets. Sandeep Kumar (31), Syed Bokhari (36) and extgras 15 (12 wides) were the scorers for Pasadena-2.


Hollywood-4 batted first and amassed a total of 275 for the loss of 4 wickets. They lost some quick wickets in
the beginning but then it was Pronit Datta (53), Satish Balu (65) and Denal Bastian (98 not out) that resurrected
the innings to reach a match-winning total of 275 for the loss of 4 wickets. Delan Bastian batted well but was
unfortunate to miss his coveted century by two runs. He remained not out with a well scored 98. Good luck to
him in the next match. Casuals conceded 39 extras (35 wides). Punit Chokshi bowled well for Casuals
capturing 3 for 48.

In reply Casuals was all out for 168 runs. For Casuals extras was the top scorer with 51 Hollywood-4 conceded
51 extras (40 wides). The next highest scorer was Phillip Traynor with a well scored 43 runs. The other two
who put up a plucky fight and scored 12 runs each were Arafath Kamaluddin andAnil Tulpule. Hollywood-4
utilized as many as ten bowlers in all. Sarju Desai (2 for 6), Sowrirajan Sampath (2 for 12) were the most
successful bowlers. Everyone bowled got wickets excepting two bowlers.

At the end of the game HCC-4 said the following:

HCC4 began their 2011 with a bang, winning over Casuals at Marina Vista.
On a great morning, Casuals won the toss and sent HCC4 to bat. Punit struck within 2 balls to send Siva back,
vindicating Gopi's decision. Sowri started well but was soon back, making it 25/2 within 5 overs. Pronit showed
maturity beyond his years and with the ever improving Satish, consolidated well and started building up the
Satish and Pronit batted excellently and had a 117 run partnership, taking the score to 142 in the 30th over when
Satish was out caught. If Casuals were thinking of restricting HCC4 to under 200, then they soon got a rude
awakening in the form of a riled up Sri Lankan.

The last 10 overs yielded 130+ runs as Delan went ballistic, scoring 98 runs in around 35 balls, including nine
4s and seven 6s. Delan remained unbeaten on 98 just missing out on a well deserved century. On the other hand
Pronit had scored a well deserved 50 and was out for 53, after laying the foundation for HCC's big score.

A beaten up and tired Casuals team, put up meek resistance despite HCC's generosity with extras. Only Phil
batted well and was out on the last ball. HCC bowled everyone except the keeper to give everyone some

Well played HCC4, keep it up boyz! Good luck Casuals


SCCA Youth team beat Redland by 99 runs. Batting first, youth amassed a match-winning total of 276 for the
loss of 4 wickets. Thanks to Salman Ahmed (83), Harsh Ronvelia (47 not out) and the other two who scored 63
runs and 33 runs did not provide their names. Please see this issue’s editorial comments on this subject. Rama
Chintapalli bowled well for Redlands to get 2 for 44. Extras 34 (26 wides).

In reply, Redlands was all out for 157 runs. Shankar Chandrasekharan (31), Sarthak Datt (27) and Ravinder
Singh (30), batted well. Extras 14 (8 wides). Shayan Abdulghani (2 for 16) and Kunal Jethi (4 for 22) bowled
well. Besides these there was another nameless bowler who also bowled well(2 for 24).


Citrus batted first and was all out or 181 runs. Aijaj Ali (20), Abhisek Vyas (43), and Fahim Khan (29), batted
well. Extras 39(32 wides). Ali Qazi (4 for 10), Rafique Sheikh (2 for 25), and Burhan Khan (2 for 22), bowled
well. In reply Friends was all out for 124 runs. Fahmeed Khan (29), Asif Abba Ali (29), and Burhan Khan (32)
batted well for the losers. Extras 21(wides 15). Abhisekh Vyas bowled well to get 3 for 22. He was ably
supported by Fahim Khan (2 for 29), and Yaser Khan (3 for 21) in the bowling department.

This is what Citrus said at the end of the game:

The Carson ground was bad last year, and it has gotten worse this year, so no surprise there. This game was
supposed to be “the game” of the season, with Friends fortifying their team with some of the best players
around. The pitch however, was a disgrace to both bowlers and batsmen from both sides. Friends won the toss
and chose to field which was a pretty wise decision as they have dealt with this kind of garbage pitch and out-
field for many years now. Citrus was well aware of the conditions and started very cautiously, but 4 LBWs in a
row tell you the story. Our strong and classy batting line was helpless in front of this muddy, damp surface
where the ball will roll on the ground more times than bounce above your ankles. After we lost quick wickets,
in came Abhi, who with superb mental strength played a hero‘s innings and with help of Fahim Khan, and his
brother Yaser Khan, took Citrus to 180, which would have been 300 on a proper cricket ground. Once we got
beyond 120, we knew that we will win as conditions of the pitch did not improve as the day went along.

Friends also lost early wickets, they were 18/4 in the first 10 overs. Asif Aba Ali and Fahmeed Khan played the
best they could under these conditions, but chasing 180 was a tough ask. Abhi, bowled probably one of his best
spells with incredible and unplayable out swing, while Fahim Khan scared the batsmen with pure speed and
accuracy. Yaser Khan cleaned up the tail with beautiful left arm in-swing and at one point he was on a hat trick.
This game was owned by Abhi, both bowling and batting with Fahim K and Yaser K contributing some critical

We know SCCA administration is working hard to improve grounds outside Woodley, and I hope they pay
special attention to Carson as more and more skilled players are playing on these fields. Friends have been
always our friends; are a wonderful group of people; with some classy players and are very passionate about the
game. We wish them well and good luck for the rest of season.


United recorded their second win of the season when they defeated University. Batting first University was all
out for 139 runs. In reply United scored 143 for the loss of 7 wickets. Scores: University 139 all out(Rajaram
Ram 31, Extras 13 (12 wides), Babar Hashim 2 for 30, Shankar Sukumar 2 for 31, Ramesh Srinivasan 2 for 34)
lost to United. United 143 for 7 (Pinaki Pagel 41, Anurag Sahni 21, Extras 23 (wides 17), Manoj Arora 2 for
24, Shailesh Calib 3 for 33.

At the end of the game this what United said:

“Great batting wicket. Outfield was slow. Very interesting game”.

Batting first USC was all out for 171 runs. Thanks to the all-round display by Dushyant Sharma who scored 75
runs and got 4 for 32 to help his team win the game. Scores: USC 171 (Duhsyant Sharma 75, Mishal Pagel 23,
Extras 21 (wides 15), Aman Singh 3 for 31, Ravi Mannaya 3 for 26, Fazal Shamsi 2 for 42) beat University 154
all out (Ravi Mannaya 35, Aman Singh 29, Extras 37 (wides 29), Tarun Sandhu 3 for 38, Dushyant Sharma 4
for 32).
Batting first Britamer was all out for 129 runs. In reply Westwood scored 133 runs for the loss of 6 wickets.
Scores: Britamer 129 all out ( Mudassar Umar334, Sulaiman Noor 20, Extras 17(wides16), Raj Saha, Fasal
Quadir, Sunil Nair and Prasanna Hariharan, each got two wickets.

At the end this is what Westwood said:

Britamer won the toss and elected to bat. Their openers gave a good start with Mudassar top scoring with 34.
But they kept losing wickets at regular intervals and were bowled out for 129. All the Westwood bowlers got
wickets with Raj, Sunil, Prasanna and Faisal picking 2 wickets each.

Westwood started poorly and lost Sunil in the first over. Prassana and Sid stabilized and put up a very good
partnership scoring 65. Prasanna played some adventurous shots including some reverse sweep but was out for
37 attempting another one. Raj was back quickly and Ravindra went out to bat. He and Sid put up another good
partnership till he was out to a very good catch in the outfield. Westwood needed jut 10 more runs when Sid got
out to a well made 42. Overall it was a comfortable win with Westwood finishing in 27 overs.


United which started off their season with two consecutive wins, lost their third match of
the league to Bengals by a bigger margin. Nadeem Ahmed batted well for Bengal to score
117 runs, the first century of the season for him. Batting first Bengals scored a match-
winning total of 272 for the loss of 7 wickets. Scores: Bengals (272 for 7 (Nadeem
Ahmed 117, Ahmed Hossain (Raju) 53, Malhar Ghotikar 28, Extras 25 (wides 21),
Praveen Chava 3 for 49) beat United 124 all out (Sanjay Poojari 45, Extras 26 (wides 23),
Nadeem Ahmed, Raiyan Moinuddin 4 for 17).


Batting first Britamer was all out for 132. Some fine bowling by Nishant Patel (5 for 26) and Healthy Desai ( 2
for 0 in four balls )of Deccan helped his team to restrict Britamer to a total of 132. But, unfortunately, Deccan
batsmen could not live up to expectations and were 97 for the loss 9 wickets. Thanks to another fine piece of
bowling by Sohail Khan (5 for 23) and Ahmed Umar (2 for 1) skittled out Deccan to a total of 97 runs for the
loss of 9 wickets.
Scores: Britamer 129 all out (Noman Ghazali 25, Mudassar Umar 21, Amir Ranjha 20, Extras 33 (wides 28),
Nishangt Patel 5 for 26, Healthy Desai 2 for 0) beat Deccan 97 for 9(Zishan Javed 22, Extras 23 (wides 17),
Sohail Khan 5 for 23, Ahmed Umar 2 for 1).


Sanjeev Weerasinghe of Cougars scored an unbeaten century 164 not out and this is the highest score so far for
all Divisions of SCCA league, this year. When it came Cougars turn to bowl, Kenneth Bennet, their star bowler
did not lag behind. He bowled extremely well to capture 8 wickets conceding only 26 runs in 7.4 overs. This is
yet another record for all Divisions of SCCA League of 2011. Sanjeev batted very well to carry his team
through. Cougars batted first and scored a match-winning total of 307 for the loss of 9 wickets. In reply, Kabir
was all out for a paltry 83. Scores: Cougars 307 for 9 (Sanjeev Weerasinghe 164 not out, Heshmat Moghaddam
41, Courtney Smiley 27, Extras 31 (wides 26), Ankhit Bhagat 2 for45, Dhaval Desai 2 or 60, Shalin Patgel 2 for
40) beat Kabir 83 all out (Mayank Patel 24, Extras 26 (wides 22), Kenneth Bennett 8 for 26).


In a low scoring match, Regal beat Redlands. Redland was all out for 123. In reply Regal scored 124 for the
loss of 7 wickets. Mayur Bonsode of Regals bowled extremely well to get his first five wicket haul (5 for 26).
SCORES: Redland all out for 123 (Rama Chintapalli 70. Extras 30 (wides 16). No other batsman scored
double digit scores) Mayur Bonsode 5 for 26, Devraj Yadav 2 for 30, Purvesh Kothari 2 or 28) lost to Regal.
Regal 124 for 7 (Jay Chaudhari 34, Extras 31 (wides 17), Nimesh Jarecha 2 for 26, Rama Chintapalli 3 for 14).
At the end of the game this is what Regal said:

Redlands won the toss on a cold day. It drizzled throughout the match, but nothing to serious. They elected to
bat, but there bats were cold as the weather. Rama played a great knock for his team (70 off 62); next high was
Extras (30).

Bowling: 8 over’s 16 runs and 5 wickets to go with 1 run out. This was a dream spell for Mayur Bansode; in
fact, he gave away 10 runs in one over, due to fatigue. Devraj bowled well with tight control picking up 2
wickets. Purvesh chipped in with 2 wickets as well.

Fielding: Regals were simply below par. A few dropped catches and very sloppy on the field. Had fielding been
tighter, Redlands would have scored only about 100. I’m sure the team will bounce back for the next game.

Batting: Good opening partnership with Sundeep and Mayur. Ati kept it going for a bit, and what seemed like to
be that the wheel for Regals were coming off, Purvesh and Jay made that seem a mere illusion. Purvesh playing
his best knock of the season. Jay hit the ball well before he threw his wicket away. Pravin and Devraj left
Redlands in the shackles as they finished the game in 25th over.

Mom: Mayur Bansode with an outstanding performance with the ball.

*Ken Adams has transformed Highland into one of the best grounds SCCA has. Both pitch and outfield were


Pioneer started off their 2011 season with a victory over Eagles. Batting first, Pioneer amassed a match-
winning total of 236 for the loss of 9 wickets. Eagles started their chase disastrously by losing 4 quick wickets
but it was their opening batsman Ken Adams who single-handedly fought the battle by scoring 59 runs. Eagles
were all out for 146 runs. SCORES: Pioneer 236 for 9 (Suneel Guda 66, Harry Persaud 33, Monty
Venkerswamy 49, Extras 18 (wides 15), Ramnauth Chaterpal 4 for 46, Ken Adams 3 for 43) beat EAGLES 146
all out (Ken Adams 59, Extras 27 (wides 21) Sunil Gajula 4 for 35, Sreejith Sethumadhavan 3 for 29, Ray
Ramjohn 2 for 24).


Dolphins, the new team in the league this year recorded their first victory. This game appears to be for veterans
for Dolphins have many a veteran in the team. A fine all-round display by Brendon Rodriguez who scored a
valuable 57 and took two wickets helped his team register their first victory of the season. Batting first
Dolphins scored 225. Veteran Brendon, Francis and Sunil contributed to this total. In reply, Pacifica was all out
for 175 and lost the game. SCORES: Dolphins 225 all out (Brendon Rodriguez 57, Francis Flowers 68, Sunil
Ramineni 21, Extras 50 (wides 42), perhaps the highest so far in the league, Preetham Palle 2 for 31, Prasanna
Sura 3 for 39, Sriman Kesappragada 2 for 39) beat Pacifica. Pacifica 175 all out (Danny Fernandez 45, Sriman
Kesappragada 25 not out, Extras 43(wides 39), Priyank Mundra 4 for 23, Brendon Rodriguez 2 for 15).

Both teams appear equally matched in terms of bowling wides. 43 wides by Pacifica and 39 wides by Dolphins.


Playing back to back game, Pioneer started their winning streak with yet another win, this time over Kabir.
Batting first, Kabir was all out for 183. In reply, Pioneer scored 189 for the loss of six wickets.

Kabir 183 all out (Mayank Patgel 41), Gunjan Patel 71, Extras 22 (wides 14), Kaysho Bisram Samlall 3 for 16,
Ray Ramjohn 2 for 23, Hemachand Naren 2 for 19) lost to

Pioneer 189 for 6 (Monty Venkerswamy 72, Ray Ramjohn 33, Extras 41(wides 31), Ankhit Bhagat 2 for 35.


In a low scoring match Casuals registered their first victory over Dolphins. This is perhaps the lowest score of
the league this year. It appears that both the teams were vying to create a record in SCCA league for the lowest
score. Dolphins prevailed and were all out for 37 runs. Thanks to some excellent bowling by Casuals bowlers
Punit Chokshi and Adhir Kalyan. Punit Chokshi, in the process, got his first 5 for 13 in 8 overs, 4 of which
were maiden. He was ably supported at the other end by Adhir Kalyan who got 4 for 20 in 8 overs, 4 of which
were maiden.


In reply, Casuals lost their first wicket when the total was 10. Considering the opponents
total, this was a good start. But then, Casuals were competing with the opponents for the
lowest score record, and had some anxious moments when their score board read 27 for the
loss of 6 wickets. Veteran Brendon Rodrigues with all his experience was able to mesmerize
Casuals batsmen and accounted for six victims of the 7 batsmen that got out. It was Casuals’
reliable batsman Anil Tulpule who stood his ground and scored an invaluable 14 runs.
Ironically, this was the highest score from a batsman for both the teams. Casuals ultimately
passed the opponents total for the loss of 7 wickets and won the game. In fact, the
competition was so even that (a) both the teams had bowlers who took 5+ wickets; (b) both the teams had more
batsmen scoring ducks (Dolphins 5 Zeroes, Casuals 6 Zeroes); and (c) No player other than Anil Tulpule
scored 10 or more runs. Overall this is an interesting match to watch.

At the end of the game this is what Casuals said:

“Both teams played very poorly. This was partly due to the pitch (Wright Field). The pitch had very uneven

Date HomeTeam AwayTeam Ground Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Div I Sun 05/01/2011 Hollywood1 Pegasus Wong Dolphins Dolphins
Div I Sun 05/01/2011 CSUF Pasadena1 Smith Murphy Colts Colts
Div I Sun 05/01/2011 San Diego1 Cosmos Canyonside Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
Div III Sun 05/01/2011 United Bengals Severn Pacifica Pacifica
Div III Sun 05/01/2011 Britamer Citrus Wright Britdom Britdom
Div III Sun 05/01/2011 Deccan Westwood Carson Eagles Eagles
Div V Sun 05/01/2011 Hollywood5 Pioneer Marina Vista Orange County Orange County
Div V Sun 05/01/2011 Cougars Casuals Highland BnB BnB
Div I Sat 05/07/2011 Hollywood1 Orange County Marder International International
Div II Sat 05/07/2011 Ventura Inland Empire1 Severn Hollywood5 Hollywood5
Div III Sat 05/07/2011 Bengals Britamer Highland Regals Regals
Div IV Sat 05/07/2011 Anaheim Santa Barbara Wright Csuf Csuf
Div V Sat 05/07/2011 Casuals Kabir Wong Pasadena1 Pasadena1
Div V Sat 05/07/2011 Hollywood4 Pioneer Marina Vista Friends Friends
Div V Sat 05/07/2011 Youth Pacifica Smith Murphy United United
Div I Sun 05/08/2011 Caribbean Pegasus Wong Eagles Eagles
Div I Sun 05/08/2011 CSUF Cosmos Smith Murphy Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
Div I Sun 05/08/2011 San Diego1 Pasadena1 Canyonside Deccan Deccan
Div II Sun 05/08/2011 Century Corinthians Marder Hollywood4 Hollywood4
Div II Sun 05/08/2011 Hollywood2 International Wright Vijayta Vijayta
Div III Sun 05/08/2011 United Citrus Severn Casuals Casuals
Div III Sun 05/08/2011 USC University Carson Pasadena2 Pasadena2
Div IV Sun 05/08/2011 Hollywood3 BnB Marina Vista Kabir Kabir
Div V Sun 05/08/2011 Cougars Redlands Highland Inland Empire2 Inland Empire2
Div I Sat 05/14/2011 Vijayta Pasadena1 Wright Pioneer Pioneer
Div I Sat 05/14/2011 Caribbean Orange County Wong Corinthians Corinthians
Div I Sat 05/14/2011 Cosmos Pegasus Marder Britamer Britamer
Div II Sat 05/14/2011 Victoria International Smith Murphy San Diego1 San Diego1
Div III Sat 05/14/2011 University Bengals Severn Century Century
Div V Sat 05/14/2011 Regal Kabir Highland Deccan Deccan
Div V Sat 05/14/2011 Dolphins Redlands Marina Vista Csuf Csuf
Div II Sun 05/15/2011 Colts Hollywood2 Severn United United
Div II Sun 05/15/2011 Century Inland Empire1 Wong Southbay Southbay
Div III Sun 05/15/2011 Westwood USC Smith Murphy San Diego2 San Diego2
Div IV Sun 05/15/2011 Pasadena2 Inland Empire2 Carson Hollywood1 Hollywood1
Div IV Sun 05/15/2011 Santa Barbara Hollywood3 Marder Pioneer Pioneer
Div IV Sun 05/15/2011 BritDom BnB Wright Victoria Victoria
Div V Sun 05/15/2011 Pacifica Hollywood5 Marina Vista Anaheim Anaheim
Div V Sun 05/15/2011 Eagles Cougars Highland Citrus Citrus
Div I Sat 05/21/2011 Orange County Pegasus Wright Hollywood3 Hollywood3
Div I Sat 05/21/2011 Cosmos Caribbean Wong Ventura Ventura
Div III Sat 05/21/2011 Bengals Deccan Highland Redlands Redlands
Div IV Sat 05/21/2011 Anaheim Cal-Bel Marder International International
Div IV Sat 05/21/2011 Santa Barbara BritDom Severn Westwood Westwood
Div V Sat 05/21/2011 Pioneer Youth Smith Murphy Colts Colts
Div V Sat 05/21/2011 Dolphins Regal Marina Vista Pasadena2 Pasadena2
Div I Sun 05/22/2011 Vijayta CSUF Marder Hollywood3 Hollywood3
Div I Sun 05/22/2011 San Diego1 Hollywood1 Canyonside Cougars Cougars
Div II Sun 05/22/2011 Inland Empire1 International Smith Murphy University University
Div II Sun 05/22/2011 Century Hollywood2 Severn Pasadena1 Pasadena1
Div II Sun 05/22/2011 Corinthians San Diego2 Wright Pacifica Pacifica
Div III Sun 05/22/2011 Friends USC Carson Cosmos Cosmos
Div V Sun 05/22/2011 Kabir Redlands Marina Vista Britdom Britdom
Div V Sun 05/22/2011 Eagles Hollywood4 Highland Citrus Citrus
Div V Sun 05/22/2011 Casuals Hollywood5 Wong Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
Courtesy: David Sentance of HGOCC

Timed to coincide with the final stages of the 2011 Cricket World
Cup, Kamal Azeez and Leon Lamprecht pooled their twenty years of
tour planning skills to pull off a highly successful Hollywood Golden
Oldies cricket tour that ranged across three continents and covered
19,000 miles. After a brief stop in Dubai the 20 tour members headed
for Colombo aboard a crowded plane after being able to luxuriate on
the open benches of an empty plane from Los Angeles to Dubai. Once
into the Colombo Airport, cricket fever hit full force as the party
members were greeted by cardboard cut outs of bowling great Lasith
Malinga, Muttiah Muralitharan and Sri Lankan captain Kumar

Before the England versus Sri Lanka quarter final in the 35,000 full to
capacity at Ranasinghe Premadasa Stadium, the HGOCC party visited
the Gangaramaya Temple on Slave Island. We saw elephants both live
on the temple grounds. As we watched these local symbols of good luck, Kumar Sangakkara walked into the
temple with his family to make an offering. Tough the Sri Lankan captain was incognito it proved difficult for
tour members to contain themselves at this most intimate of moments as father, wife and child received the
blessing of the monk. But HGOCC member Ivy Mohabhir snagged a picture with the obliging captain. On the
next day as England went down to a 10 wicket defeat after working hard to craft a 215 total, the result seemed
like a foregone conclusion. Sri Lanka were not faultless in the field dropping three catches, but the England
team looked flat after a rigorous three month travel schedule that ranged from Australia, Bangladesh to all
corners of India.

India definitely had home court advantage in setting up

the tournament schedule. England’s loss hurt less because
of the shear exuberance of the crowd an equal mix of men
and women twenty-something’s cheering their players
home, with Sri Lanka flags, songs and red, clacking,
Emirates Airlines plastic lozenges which light up the TV
screen. Two runs from victory the news was out and fire-
crackers started going off all around the stadium in

Next it was off to the Kultora Cricket Club on the

southern outskirts of Colombo, first opened in 1878 with
the present club house opened in 1937 by Governor
Stubbs. The ground had a country field, a huge Buddhist Stupa on one side and a mosque served by a nearby a
railway station on the other. Playing cricket mid-week proved difficult for the hosts who scrambled to assemble
a team with players travelling overnight from as far away as Kandy over three hundred miles away-which on Sri
Lanka’s single carriageway roads is a six hour drive at least. Under 19 Sri Lanka coach Nsemina Frederick,
wearing a Lord Taverner’s Inner City Sports shirt, made the trip and was soon amongst the HGOCC wickets.
Frederick also coached at St Thomas in Kandy, an arch-rival of the Trinity School where Kumar Sangakkara
first became prominent. The top school cricket nursery feeder system remains strong but there is no equivalent
to the Maidan Oval in Sri Lanka.

Opening the batting for HGOCC was Dr Camagarund Balakrishnan,

who captained Ceylon from 1963-1968 before leaving Colombo for
England, once discriminatory laws against Tamils were passed a
few years after Sri Lanka’s independence. Bala gave a fine batting
display as he set about the young Kultora CC bowling attack spear
headed by some fine young Muslim players earning the respect of
the young Sri Lankan players in the process. After putting a 167 on
the board we were overhauled with several overs to spare, losing by
seven wickets.

Religion is not something I expected to encounter in cricket but it

was omnipresent throughout the trip. From meeting the Sri Lankan captain in the Ganagaramaya temple,
playing on the Kultora CC set between a fine Buddhist stupa and a mosque,
or in the Emirates where both the Sharjah and Dubai stadiums had a
separate prayer room. Hushed tones were used to describe Sri Lanka
opening batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan’s switch to Buddhism from Islam on
the Sri Lanka team which also selected Tamil players such as Muralitharan
who hail from a Hindu background.

Travel educates, so now I know why Mo Quaraishi leads his entourage in

prayer during his tournaments in the Broward Stadium. Having grown up
playing cricket in sight of many Anglican steeples, this trip brought home to
me the universality of cricket with its’ religious underpinnings. The blessed
thread on the wrist, a talisman of performance, to help ford off fickle-sometimes embarrassing- fate at the
wicket. Or the prayer rooms attached to the pavilion in the United Emirates-God’s aid in cricket was universal
in the Sub-Continent.

Bowling gets less penetrating at 60-the average age of the

HGOCC team-except for our two pioneering US representative
players Ivy Mohabhir (from Trinidad and New Jersey) and
Sandra Ibarra (Los Angeles) who added much needed throwing
arms, good fielding and excellent spin-bowling to the side.
Strong physiques were on display the next day in Premadasa
Stadium where Sri Lanka renewed its World Cup campaign
against New Zealand in the semi-finals. Again New Zealand
batted first. Vettori’s side had to graft for its 227 innings against
Mulinga, Muralitharan (playing his last ODI in Sri Lanka) and
Dilshan. In reply Sri Lanka came up against a more penetrating
combination of spin and fast bowling backed by sharp, athletic
fielding, then they faced against England. Sri Lanka took 38
overs to overcome the tight New Zealand bowling for a seven
wicket it win. Tillakaratne Dilshan and Upul Tharanga
continued their free-scoring where they had left off with England and there was almost 50 runs on the board
before Captain Sangakkara came in to steady the Sri Lanka innings with another consecutive half-century.

This time the fireworks were loader and the dancing-under the watchful eye of numerous but not overbearing
policemen- in the streets around the poor neighborhoods surrounding the stadium, more exuberant. Again the
predominant feeling was one a joy, a nation unified by cricket and dancing. Headed home in one of the
ubiquitous Colombo tut-tuts we travelled down Havelock Lane as Sri Lanka’s future looked promising.

Celebrations over, the HGOCC party caught

Kingfisher Airlines to Chennai (Madras) where the
old airport was being modernized and transferred to
Hyderabad where the airport was brand new. My seat
mate in the small Fokker designed turbo-prop plane
was an England supporter who had seen every
England game in the sub-continent for a month. He
had travelled all over India using the railways making
friends on the way. Earning enough from his English
programming job which included programming the
hubble telescope he had dedicated the last month of
his life to watching cricket making friends with many
of the England team in the process. Impressed by his
dedication to a sport he did not play I was even more
impressed when he picked up his small rucksack and
walked off into the night headed for some small local
hotel he heard about on his travellers’ network. When things got tough he booked himself into a five star hotel
for the night to clean up and recover.

To be continued…..