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Joseph Hendren

Experience Jun 03 to Nov 03 Surrey Community Development Trust Staines, UK

Supported Housing Worker
 Acted as a keyworker for 15-18 residents, supporting them in their
accommodation, regularly reviewing their progress and assisting residents to
prepare for moves into permanent accommodation.
 Worked with a wide range of client groups, including people with long-term
mental illness, people with learning disabilities, young people leaving local
authority care and those with problems of alcohol and drug abuse.
 Interviewed potential new residents and assessed their suitability for the
 Assisted residents to access welfare benefits, health services, education and
other local services. Helped residents to acquire daily living skills.

Jan 03 to Mar 03 ‘The Grove’ Residential Home London, UK

Residential Mental Health Support Worker
 Gained first hand experience interacting with people affected by mental
illness/substance abuse and brain injury.
 Contributed to resident care plans and written progress reports.
 Assisted residents with aspects of daily living. Ensured residents maintain
financial security, a good standard of heath and did not abuse potentially harmful
substances (alcohol/drugs/tobacco). Administered medication.

April 02 to Sept 02 Parliament Buildings Wellington, NZ

Private Secretary to the Minister of Youth Affairs
 During the 2002 New Zealand General Election I coordinated requests for
policy information from a wide range of groups and individuals.
 Composed policy replies to a wide variety of groups and individuals on a wide
range of policy areas.
 Compiled policy advice.
 Acted as caucus secretary to the Alliance Parliamentary Caucus.
 Drafted and distributed press releases to the Parliamentary press gallery and
mainstream New Zealand media.

Feb 01 to April 02 Parliamentary Services Wellington, NZ

Parliamentary Researcher/Policy Analyst
 Policy Advice.
 Media work.
 Assisted Members of Parliament in resolving issues of constituents.

March 00 to Oct 00 University of Canterbury Christchurch, NZ

 Tutor in Philosophy.
 Prepared material for discussion groups, explained difficult concepts and
provided guidance on essay writing.

Feb 99 to April 99 University Bookshop Canterbury, NZ

 Customer sales and service.
 Office Administration and general management of the store.
 Self-Employed from 1994 to 1995 in the development of specialised
accounting system using a database language.
 Five and a half years of part time experience in customer service and cashier

Education 1995 to 2000 University of Canterbury Canterbury, NZ

 Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy.
 Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Philosophy.
 Cognitive Science, Ethics and Philosophy of Science.
 Research Design and Statistics.
 2001- 02 Victoria University of Wellington (Law 101 The Legal System).

Skills Research Skills

 Excellent written and oral communication skills, ability to comprehend,
summarise and explain difficult concepts, assess the quality of various
arguments and offer responses, critically minded, high reading comprehension,
note taking, computer searching, database cross referencing, good
understanding of statistics and press releases.

Computer Application Skills

 Spreadsheets, desktop publishing, word processing, web design, Internet
statistical analysis, keyboarding and accounting.
 Word, Excel, Frontpage and Outlook.
 Familiar with PC, Mac and Acorn systems.
 Software Development in Java Programming and C Programming Level 1.

Interests Policy Interests

Technology, education, social services, mental health, housing trade, economics,
parliamentary issues and science.

General Interest
Writing, teaching, research, policy development, counselling, and innovative
computer applications. Reading, guitar, philosophy, science and technology,
listening to music, golf, drama, sport and politics.