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• Active Listening Skills Inventory
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• Adam Smith Theory
• Adidas Group
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• Alps Telecom Papers
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• Altruism
• Amazon Case Studies
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• Anaesthetic Management Papers
• Analysis Essays
• Anchor Statement Examples
• Ancient Works of Art
• Annotated Bibliography Samples
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• Anorexia Essays
• Ansoff Matrix of Virgin Group
• Ansoff Matrix Samples
• Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
• Anti-Trust Laws Examples
• Apple Computers
• Applied Health Project Reports
• Appraisal in a Public Organisation
• Arbitration System
• Architectural Design Essays
• Argumentative Essay Samples
• Aristotle Theories Samples
• Art Essays
• Article Critique Samples
• Assessment Criteria Examples
• Asset Management Essays
• Assumptions and Limitations Examples
• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Essays
• Attribution Theory Essays
• Audience Analysis & Speech Examples
• Auditing Essays
• Australian Domestic Aviation
• Australian Essay Samples
• Autism Free Examples
• Auto Industry Essays
• Auxiliary Police
• AVS Video Converter Key
• Background of the Study Samples
• Bangladesh Case Studies
• Banking Essay Samples
• Banking Reform in India
• Basic Essay Structure Format
• Behavior Essay Samples
• Behavioral Effects of Autism
• Behavioral Theory
• Behavioural Analysis
• Bennett Auto Lights PLC Case Studies
• Berwicks Theory
• Bibliography Examples
• Biology Essay Samples
• Blockbuster Essay Samples
• BMW Case Studies
• Book Report Samples
• Book Reviews Samples
• Books
• Boston Box Analysis on Royal Dutch Shell
• Bourdieu’s Concept of Cultural Capital
• Braille System Difficulties
• Brain Development Research Proposals
• Brand Image Strategies
• Brand Labeling Examples
• Brand Labeling Sample Essay Topics
• Brand Loyalty Marketing Strategies
• Brand Loyalty Measurement & Management
• Brand Management Research
• Brand Personality Case Studies
• Breach of Contract Examples
• Breast Cancer Management
• Breastfeeding
• Britain’s Mobile Telecom and Music Industry
• British Airways Case Studies
• British Royal Air Force Samples
• British Telecommunication Essays
• Britpop Essays
• Briztek Company
• Bronx Adult Learning Center
• Brunei Case Studies
• Budget Process Essays
• Budgeted Income Statements
• Bush Administration
• Business Essay Samples
• Business Ethical Practices
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• Business Law Contracts
• Business Level Strategy
• Business Proposal Sample
• Business Report on Microsoft
• Business Research
• Business Risk Samples
• Business Strategies
• Business Summary
• Business Writing Examples
• Buy Research Papers
• Buyer Behaviour
• Cadbury Case Study
• Cafe De Coral Strategic Marketing
• Call off Option
• CampNet Network
• Cancer Nursing Research
• Capital Asset Pricing Model
• Capital Budgeting
• Capital Structure
• Capitalism
• Capitalist Philosophy
• CAPM Econometric Analysis
• Cardiac Patient Rehabilitation
• Cardiovascular Problems
• Career Development
• Career Information Technology Project Management
• Career Management
• Career Management Example Portfolio
• Career Topics
• Caregiving Sample
• Case Based Essay
• Case By Case Method
• Case of Ikea
• Case of Small Scale Businesses
• Case Studies Samples
• Case Study Analysis
• Case Study Crime
• Case Study Marketing
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Casino de Genting Malaysia
• Casual Argument
• Cathay Pacific
• Cathay Pacific Airways
• Cathay Pacific Case Studies
• Cathay Pacific Company Background
• Centrica
• Centrica Papers
• Challenges and Opportunities
• Challenges of Fighting Money Laundering
• change management case studies
• Change Management Topics
• Change Paper Topics
• Character Building
• Chemical Industry of India
• Child Delinquency
• Childhood Obesity
• Children Case Studies
• China Light and Power Company Limited in Hong Kong
• Chinese Economy
• Chinese Medicine
• Chocolate Essays
• Chronic Illness Examples
• Cinema
• Cirque Du Soliel Case Studies
• Cirque Du Soliel Papers
• Cisco Systems Financial
• CitiFinancial
• Citizen Journalism
• Civil Aviation Industry
• Civil Liability Act
• Civil War Essays
• Clean Air
• Cleaning Contracts Samples
• Climate Change
• Clubbing Projects
• Coca Cola Case Studies
• Cognitive and emotional approach in advertisements
• Collaboration in the Workplace
• Collaborative Practice
• College Application Sample Essays
• Colonialism
• Comair
• Common Business Skills
• Communication
• Communication for Information Managers
• Communication Research Project
• Communithy Health Nursing Practices
• Community Health Nursing
• Community Health Practice Theory & Practice
• Community Nursing
• Community Psychology Paper
• Company and Data Analysis
• Company Case Studies
• Company Code or Policy
• Company Mission / Corporate Objectives
• Company Plan Samples
• Comparative Advantage Papers Australia
• Comparative Analysis
• Comparative Written Essay
• Comparison and Contrast Essay
• Compass Strategy and Performance
• Competence of Students
• Competing Values
• Competition Law Assignment
• Competitive Positioning
• Competitive Strategy and Master Plan
• Competitiveness Essays
• Complete Strategic Practice Exercise
• Completion Report Sample
• Complex Adaptive Systems
• Comprehensive Force Field Analysis
• Comprehensive Investment Appraisal
• Comprehensive Personal Reflection
• CompuLearn Case Study
• Computed Tomography Angiography
• Computer Aided Instructions
• Computer Graphics Assignment
• Computer Networking and Management
• Computer Networks and Management
• Computer Topics Essays
• Computing Essays
• Concept of Citizenship
• Concept of Cultural Identity
• Concepts of Marketing Communications
• Conceptual Design of Digiboard
• Conceptual Framework Dissertation
• Conceptual Framework Examples
• Conceptual Framework Qualitative Research
• Conceptual Framework Thesis
• Conceptual model of destination competitiveness
• Concluding Statement
• Conclusion
• Concrete Experience
• Conflict Management Assessment Sample
• Conflicting Ethical Issues
• Construction Essays
• Construction Industry
• Consulting Agency
• Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behaviour
• Consumer Behavior Examples
• Consumer Decision Making Process
• Consumer Process
• Consumer Purchasing Behavior
• Consumerism
• Consumers Purchasing Behavior
• Contactless Smart Cards
• Contemporary Management
• Contingency Theory
• Contract Law
• Conventional Angiography
• Cooperative for a Healthy Lifestyle
• Cooperative Game Theory
• Core Competencies
• Corporate Environmental Governance
• Corporate Finance Examples
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Governance Practices in Ghana
• Corporate Image Examples
• Corporate Investment Portfolio Management
• Corporate Scandals
• Corporate Social Responsibility Samples
• Corporate Strategy Examples
• Corporate Venturing
• Cosmetics Case Study
• Costa Coffee Shop
• Costing of Products
• Counseling Case Study
• Counseling Emulation
• Counterfeit Drugs
• Coupon Rate
• Course Research Paper Sample
• Creative Technologies
• Creative writing skills
• Creativity and Problem Solving Skills
• Credit Risk Examples
• Credit Risk Management in Sri Lankan Banks
• Credit Risk Rating
• Crime Term Papers
• Criminal Justice System
• Criminology
• Criminology Laboratory Equipments and Facilities
• Crisis Management
• Critical Analysis Examples
• Critical Analysis Paper Sample
• Critical Appraisal
• Critical Integration Journal Exercises
• Critical Political Economy of the Media
• Critical Reading Exercise Template
• Criticism and Debates
• Criticism Samples
• Crude Oil Price Increase
• CSR Impact Sustainable Business Operation in Nigeria
• Cultural Implications
• Culture
• Current Affairs
• Curriculum Vitae Samples
• Custom Papers
• Customer Relationship Manager CRM
• Customer Retention Examples
• Customer Satisfaction
• Customer Strategy
• Customers Participation
• Customs Union
• Daewoo Motors
• Darwin's Theory of Evolution
• Data Analysis
• Data Gathering Procedure
• De Beers Corporation
• Debt
• Debt to Equity Ratio
• Deceptive Advertising
• Decision Matrix Example
• Definition of Terms
• Delinquency
• Dell Case Studies
• DELL Sample Essays
• Dell Value Chain
• Demand-pull marketing strategy
• Democracy
• Derivates Market
• Descriptive Study Sample
• Designing Research Examples
• Destination Management
• Destination Marketing Assignment
• Deutsche Bank
• Developing World
• Development
• Development Policy
• Development Practices Essays
• Development Proposal
• Diabetes Term Papers
• Diabetes Type 2
• Diagnosed Autistic Case Study
• Dichotomous Key
• Diet and Nutrition Assignment
• Diet and Nutrition Sample Essays
• Differential Association Theory
• Digital Dissertations
• Direct Investments - Equity
• Direct Investments – Real Estate
• Direct Marketing Examples
• Disaster and sustainable livelihood
• Disaster Management
• Discount Rate of Return
• Discount Rates
• Discrimination Essay Samples
• Disney Entertainment Retail Industry
• Disney Hong Kong Company Background
• Display Technologies
• Dissertation Defense
• Dissertation Free Samples
• Dissertation Help
• Dissertation Proposal Methodology
• Dissertation Proposal Outline
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• Dissertation Proposal Writing
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• Dissertations Online
• Diversity Management
• Diversity Training Programs
• Divorce Mediators
• Doctor Patient Relationship
• Domain Disputes
• Dome of the rock
• Domestic Violence
• Drama
• Dream Essays
• Dream Theater
• Drug & Alcohol Policy
• Drug Addiction
• Drug Use and Crime
• Due Process
• E Banking in Nigeria
• E business
• E Commerce Case Analysis
• E-commerce Principles
• E-Retailing Papers
• Economic Analysis
• Economic Democracy
• Economic Development in Africa
• Economic Growth Examples
• Economic Prosperity
• Economic Theories
• Economic Theory
• Economics
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• Education Articles
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• Education Higher
• Education Information
• Education Issues
• Education Online
• Education Sample Introduction
• Education Special
• Effect of Motivation on Employee Commitment
• Effect of Working and Schooling Simultaneously
• Effect on the Management of the Organisation
• Effective Management Styles
• Effective quality management in service industries
• Effectiveness of Accounting Software
• Effectiveness of Educational Administration
• Effectiveness of Micro-Financing
• Effects of Utilizing Games
• Effects on Young People
• Efficient Market Hypothesis
• Efficient Market Theory
• Efficient Plant Layout
• Elabortation Likelihood Model
• Elder Care
• Electric Commerce
• Electricity Markets
• Electronic Workflow System
• Elementary and Middle School Children
• Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
• Emerging Market Opportunities
• Emotions
• Employee Empowerment
• Employee Engagement
• Employee Information Systems
• Employee Interaction
• Employee Orientation Program
• Employee Ownership
• Employee Participants
• Employee Productivity
• Employee Turnover in an Automotive Company
• Employment Law Module
• Employment Practices
• Employment Recommendations
• Employment Sector
• End-state goals
• Engineering
• English Essay
• English Language
• English Slang
• Enterprise and Business Development
• Enterprise Systems
• Entrepreneurial Culture
• Entrepreneurship
• Environment Audit
• Environment Engineering
• Environmental Analysis Examples
• Environmental Debate
• Environmental Economics
• Environmental Impact Essays
• Environmental Management
• Environmental Study
• Epic
• Epidemiologic Analysis
• Epidemiology
• Epilepsy
• Equal Opportunity Legislation
• Equity Finance
• Erickson Theory
• Erikson's theory of Psychosocial Development
• Essay Samples
• Essay Writing Examples
• Essay Writing Service
• Ethical Behavior among Employees
• Ethical Dilemmas
• Ethical Implication of Sexual Harassment
• Ethical Review
• Ethics
• Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Ethics Essays
• Ethics Grid
• European Colonization
• European Commission
• European Currency Unit
• European financial industry
• European Low-Cost Airline Industry
• European Ombudsman
• European Union
• Evaluation of Rational Expressions
• Event Management & Marketing Proposal
• Event Strategic Plan
• Evidence Based Medicine
• Evidence of Knowledge of Theory
• Example Learning Outcomes
• Example of an Essay Plan
• Example of Literature Review
• Example of Term Paper
• Example Poetry Comparison/Contrast
• Examples of College Essay
• Examples of Literature Reviews
• Executive Summary Samples
• Exercise and Weight Loss
• Expectations of Headquarters
• Experimental Social Psychology Research
• Explanations
• Exploitation and Exploration
• Export Process Sample
• External Analysis Examples
• External and Internal environment
• Exxon Mobil Oil Company
• Failure Costs
• Fair Pay Commission Australian Essay Topics
• Fair Value Accounting
• Fama’s Model
• Family Development Workshops
• Farm Loan Delinquencies
• Fashion Accesories
• Fashion Culture in the UK
• Fashion Videos
• Fast Food Chains
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• Federal Reserve System
• Female Academic Performance
• Feminism
• Feminization of Trade Union
• Feng Shui
• FIFA World Cup
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• Film History
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• Final Reflection Example
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• Finance and Accounting for Managers (MBA Programme)
• Finance Assignments
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• Financial
• Financial Accounting Australia
• Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
• Financial Analysis
• Financial Aspect
• Financial Assets
• Financial Hedge Samples
• Financial Incentive Scheme
• Financial Liquidity Examples
• Financial Market in Pakistan
• Financial Performance Analysis
• Financial Ratio
• Financial Report
• Financial Reporting Standards
• Financial Risk Management
• Financial Risks Essays
• Financial Tsunami Examples
• Food and Drink
• Food habits of high school students
• Force Field Analysis Examples
• Ford Motors Company
• Foreign Direct Investment
• Foreign Direct Investment in China
• Foreign Direct Investment Research
• Foreign Exchange
• Foreign Exchange Market Rates
• Forensics Psychology
• Formal English and English Slang
• Four (4) Distinct Strategic Staffing Types
• Fraud
• Fraud Essays
• Free Behavioral Norms Topics
• Free Biography Essays
• Free Dissertation Abstract Samples
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• Free Essay Writing
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• Free Market Economy
• Free Markets
• Free Reports
• Free Research Papers
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• Free Sample Business Essays
• Free Sample Case Study
• Free Sample Dissertation Paper
• Free Sample Economics Essays
• Free Sample Marketing Research Paper
• Free Sample Research Proposal
• Free Sample Term Paper
• Free Sample Thesis
• Free Term Paper Samples
• Free Term Papers
• Free Thesis Samples
• Free Thesis Statements on Banking & Investment Management
• Frozen Seafood Industry
• FTSE100 Company
• Fuel Supply Analysis
• Fundamental Analysis Report
• Funniest Videos in Youtube
• Funny Videos
• Future Value of Money
• Garbett Tours
• Gay Marriages
• Gender Relations
• General Motors Case Studies
• General terms and conditions
• Generic Worker Concept
• Genotyping Examples
• Genting Case Study Analysis
• Geographic Information Systems
• Geographical Theories
• Gerontology
• Ghana Civil Law Legal System
• Ghanaian culture through fashion
• GIS Education
• GIS Health Planning
• Glaxo SmithKline Inc Case Studies
• Global Branding
• Global Business
• Global Business Environment
• Global Business Strategy
• Global Economy
• Global Environment
• Global Environmental Sustainability
• Global Hospitality
• Global Human Resource Management
• Global Logistics Model
• Global Markets
• Global Strategic Initiative
• Global Warming
• Globalisation Strategy
• Globalization
• Globalization & M & S
• Goal Setting Examples
• Gold Standard
• Government
• Government Structure
• Grammar and Usage
• Graphic Design Essay
• Graphic File Types
• Greek Wine Industry
• Greek Wine Industry Methodology
• Greenfield Production Facility
• Griffith Business School
• Group Formation Process
• Growth and Development
• Growth and Development of Tourism and Hotels in Dubai
• Guides to Essay Writing
• Hair Strengthening Products Exportation
• Handling Absolute Values
• Handling of Grievance Procedures
• Health Care Essays
• Health Care Initiative on Nursing Practice
• Health Care Reforms
• Health Care System
• Health Care Teams
• Health Communication Examples
• Health Communication Topics
• Health Condition
• Health Education
• Health Essays
• Health Finance Management
• Health Finance Management Research Proposal
• Health Management Essay
• Health Promotion Programmers
• Health Psychology
• Health Report Samples
• Health Seeking Behavior
• Health Systems Management
• Health Topics
• Health Tourism
• Healthcare Providers
• Heineken Analysis
• Heineken Case Studies
• Heinz Case Studies
• Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
• Hip Replacement Operation
• History Essays
• History of Aging Example Papers
• History of Medicine
• History of Nursing
• HIV Aids Essay Samples
• Home Care
• Home care – Hemodialysis Patients
• Honda Motors Case Studies
• Honda Motors Strategy Development
• Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Papers
• Hong Kong Case Studies
• Hong Kong Economy
• Hong Kong Entertainment Industry Analysis
• Hong Kong Examples
• Hong Kong Fast Food Industry
• Hong Kong Health Management
• Hong Kong Hospital Authority
• Hong Kong Hospitality Industry
• Hong Kong Logistics Industry
• Hong Kong Qualification Framework
• Hong Kong Retail Industry
• Hong Kong Sample Assignments
• Hong Kong Sample Dissertations
• Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Case Study
• Hong Kong SARS
• Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
• Hong Kong Topics
• Hong Kong Tourism
• Hong Kong White Papers
• Hong Kong’s Clock and Watch Industry
• Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Hormone Therapy
• Hospital Financial Management
• Hospitality establishments
• Hospitality Industry
• Hospitality Industy of China
• Hospitality Operations Management
• Hotel Industry in the United Kingdom
• Hotel Marketing Strategies
• Household Lifecycle
• Housing Essay Examples
• Housing Management
• How to Approach the Conclusion
• How to Avoid Plagiarism
• How to Reference your Essay
• How to Write
• How to Write A Dissertation
• How To Write A Philosophy Essay
• How to Write A Research Paper
• How to Write an Essay
• HR in the Global Age
• HR Issues
• HRD Intervention
• HRM Case Studies
• HRM: Development and Debate
• HSBC Papers
• Human Computer Interaction
• Human Development
• Human Embryonic Stem Cells
• Human Relations and Development
• Human Resource Approaches
• Human Resource Benchmarking
• Human Resource Consulting
• Human Resource Development Case Study
• Human Resource Function
• Human Resource Information
• Human Resource Management Case Study
• Human Resource Management Essays
• Human Resource Management Model
• Human Resource Management of Airline Companies
• Human Resource Management Propositions
• Human Resource Management Topics
• Human Resource Management Unit Review
• Human Resource Manager
• Human Resource Planning Process
• Human Resource Topics
• Human Resource Training
• Human Resources Management and Development
• Human Resources Management Model
• Human Rights Essays
• Human Rights of the Youth
• Human Rights Violation in Middle Eastern Countries
• Humor Topics
• Hunters and Gatherers
• Hurricane Katrina
• Hypothesis Examples
• Hypothesis Sample
• Hypothesis Testing
• Hypoxia
• I. T. Papers
• Ikea Case Studies
• Ikea Global Sourcing Challenge
• Immunohistochemistry
• Impact of Collective Bargaining
• Impact of ICT on Teaching and Learning
• Impact of Nanotechnology
• Impact of Risk Management
• Implementing strategic HR
• Improper Waste Management
• In and Out Group
• Indian Economy
• Industrial Relations Analysis
• Industrial Relations Topics
• Industries
• Industry Association Website Review
• Industry Averages
• Industry Environment Analysis
• Industry Overview
• Inflation Case Analysis
• Inflation Targeting and Governmental Behaviour
• Inflexible Reward System
• Information and Communication Technology
• Information Management
• Information System Management
• Information Technology
• Information Technology Examples
• Information Technology Infrastructure Library
• Information, Literacy Review and Cultural Awareness
• Innovation Level
• Insolvency in Australia Essays
• Institutions and Development
• Instructions on Dissertation
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Integrative Project In Leisure & Tourism
• Intelligence Theories
• Intercultural Education
• Internal and External Enviromental Factors
• Internal control on management performance
• Internal Financial Control System
• International Accounting and Finance
• International Business Environment
• International Business Review
• International Economic Law Research Proposal
• International Expansion Theories
• International Finance
• International Financial Management
• International Hotel Industry
• International Human Resource Management
• International Marketing
• International Professional Communication
• International Relations
• International Sports Law
• International Strategy
• International Tourism Management
• International Trade: Kyoto Protocol
• International Trading System
• Internet Communications Research Report
• Internet Privacy
• Interrelationships of innovation and technology cycles
• Intranet Strategies
• Introduction to The United Arab Emirates
• Inventory Control
• Investigative Psychology
• Investment Banking
• Investment Policy Guidelines and Restrictions
• Investment Policy Statement Samples
• Ipod
• Ipod Touch Cases
• Iraq
• Islam
• Islamic Bank Services in Tanzania
• Islamic Banking
• Islamic Banking and Finance
• Issue of Communication
• Issues in Early Intervention
• J Sainsbury Plc United Kingdom
• Japanese Economy
• Japanese Management Style
• Joan of Arc
• Job Analysis
• Joint Venture
• Judaism
• Juicy Red Tomato Company
• Kantian Philosophy Essays
• Kentucky Fried Chicken Case Studies
• Kenya Research Proposal
• Kenyan Case Studies
• Key Component of Success
• Knowledge Management
• Knowledge Management Examples
• Kolbs Experiential Learning Cycle
• Krispy Kreme Case Studies
• Kuwait
• Kuwait Health Care System
• Kyoto Agreement
• Kyoto Protocol
• Kyoto Protocol and the Southeast Asian Economic Development
• Kyoto Protocol Thesis Statements
• Labor Cost
• Labor Standards
• Laboratory Report
• Language Policy
• Lashing System
• Latin American History
• Laundry and Dry Cleaning
• Law and Ethics Essays
• Law Case Study
• Law Case Study Sample
• Law Essay Sample
• Law Essays
• Law Philippines
• Law Research Paper
• Law Review
• Law Videos
• Laws of Religion
• Layout of Research Paper
• Leadership
• Leadership in Clinical Settings
• Leadership theories and models in the organization
• Leadership Theories in Organizations
• Learning / Teaching Strategies
• Learning Theories
• Legal and ethical studies coursework
• Legal Framework in Australia
• Legal Problems
• Legalization of Gay Marriages
• Lego Case Studies
• Liberal Democracy
• Library Exercise
• Life Essay
• Lifestyle Essay Samples
• Literacy
• Literature
• Literature Review Example on Greek Wine Industry
• Logistics Accounting
• Logistics Management
• London Marriott Hotels
• Long Term Equilibrium
• Loyalty Marketing for Airlines
• Loyalty Programs Literature Review
• Luxury Market of Australia
• LVMH Case Studies
• Lyle Golden Syrup
• Maersk Logistics Case Studies
• Mail Market Liberalization
• Maintenance Management Practices
• Major causes of the global financial crisis
• Malaysia Consumers Attitude and Behavior
• Malaysia Topics
• Malaysian Banking Industry
• Malaysian Consumer Behavior
• Managed Care
• Management Accounting
• Management Accounting Control Systems
• Management Accounting Report
• Management Case Studies
• Management Case Study Examples
• Management Communication
• Management Development Samples
• Management Essays
• Management in Co-Curricular
• Management of Change
• Management of Change Coursework Assignment
• Management of Firms
• Management of Organizational Strategic Plan
• Management Organisation and Society
• Management Process Mapping
• Management Research
• Management Samples
• Management Strategies Essays
• Management System and Strategy
• Management Theory
• Manager
• Manager Employee Relationship
• Managerial accounting
• Managerial and Interpersonal Skills
• Managerial Leadership Style
• Managerial Practices Essays
• Managing Change
• Managing Complexity
• Managing Employee Performance
• Managing Medical Schemes
• Managing People
• Manpower Management
• Manufacture and Assembly
• Manufacturing Automation
• Manufacturing Companies
• Manufacturing Industry Samples
• Manufacturing Industry Thesis Proposal
• Manufacturing Sector
• Margaret Olley
• Market Analysis
• Market Entry Strategy Research Proposal
• Market Research Essay
• Market Research Questions
• Market Situation Analysis
• Market Socialism
• Marketing
• Marketing Branding
• Marketing Concepts
• Marketing Core Values
• Marketing Heritage
• Marketing Management
• Marketing Papers
• Marketing Plan
• Marketing Planning Process Samples
• Marketing Plans Examples
• Marketing Practices of a Retail Business
• Marketing Strategies
• Marketing Strategy Direct Marketing
• Marxist
• Mass Media
• Masters Dissertation
• Masters Thesis Samples
• Material Control Practices
• Maternal Child Pathophysiology
• Math Lesson Plans
• Math Problems and Solutions
• Math Samples
• Math Work Sheets
• Mathematical Modeling
• Max Factor
• Max Factor Case Studies
• Max Weber
• MBA Case Analysis
• MBA Case Studies
• mba letter sample
• McDonald's
• Mcdonald's Strategic Business Analysis
• Mcdonalds Case Study
• Meaningful Quotes
• Med Soft
• Media
• Media Essay
• Media Essays
• Media United Kingdom
• Medical Anthropology
• Medical Case Study
• Medical Education
• Medical Ethics
• Medical Intensive Care Unit Hospital
• Medical Malpractice
• Medical Rights and Children
• Medical Social Work
• Medical Sociology
• Medicard and Medicaid
• Medicinal Plants
• Medicine
• Meeting and Convention Management
• Memo Samples
• Memoirs
• Memorization and Creativity
• Menopause
• Mental Health Nursing
• Mental Illness
• Mentoring in Health Care
• Mentorship
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Mergers & Takeovers
• Methamphetamine Use
• Methodology
• Methodology Chapter Dissertation
• Methodology Dissertation
• Michael Jackson
• Michael Jackson Videos
• Microfinance
• Microfinance Research Proposal Sample
• Microsoft
• Midwives
• Military
• Mining Industry
• Minor & Major Metaphor
• MNC's
• Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Computing
• Mobile Industry
• Mobile technology location based services
• Modern Civilization
• Modern Pedadogical Grammar
• Modern Study of Sociology
• Module assignment guidelines
• Module Reading Samples
• Monetary Policy
• Monetary Union
• Money Laundering
• Money Supply
• Montessori Method
• Moral Development
• Morbidity and Mortality
• Morphine Treatment
• Motivation Theories
• Motivational Strategies
• Motivational Tool for Employee Performance
• Movie Review Sample
• Multi-spectral Analysis
• Multicultural Perspective
• Multicultural Perspective in Organization
• Multidisciplinary Business Problems and Challenges
• Music
• Muslim Consumers
• Muslims of Australia
• Myers Briggs Indicator
• Narrative Essay
• National Health Service United Kingdom
• National Transport Standards Commission_
• Nestle Papers
• Network Losses
• Network Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages
• Networking and the Internet
• Neurophysiology
• New South Wales Funeral Industry
• New Zealand Tourism
• New Zealand White Papers
• News
• Nigerian manufacturing industry
• Nirvana Hotels and Resorts
• Nisa Local
• Nocturnal Enuresis
• Non-Direct Investments – Deposits and Money Markets
• Non-Direct Investments – Quoted Equities Example
• Non-Direct Investments – Structured Products Samples
• Nurse Patient Relationship
• Nursing
• Nursing Career
• Nursing Case Studies
• Nursing Conflict Resolutions
• Nursing Empowerment
• Nursing Essay Samples
• Nursing Ethics
• Nursing Homes
• Nursing Issues
• Nursing Literature Review
• Nursing Management and Shortage
• Nursing Paper
• Nursing Practice
• Nursing Profession
• Nursing Research Proposals
• Nursing Review of Related Literature
• Nursing Thesis Statements
• Obesity Management Interventions
• Objectives & Mission Statement
• Objectives of the Study Examples
• Occupational Safety and Health
• Ocean Park Hong Kong
• Ocean Park Papers
• OEM business
• Oil & Gas Pipelines in Libya
• Oil Industry Case Studies
• Oligopoly Samples
• One-on-one nurse patient relationship
• Online customization in fashion retailing
• Online Free Essays
• Operations Management
• Operations Management Assignment
• Opportunities and Threats
• Optical Capital Structure
• Organ Harvesting
• Organisation Structures
• Organisation Theory and Design
• Organisational Disaster
• Organization & People
• Organization Development and Change
• Organization Examples
• Organizational Behaviour
• Organizational Change
• Organizational Culture and Structure
• Organizational Goals
• Organizational Leadership
• Organizational Learning and Development Papers
• Organizational Management Examples
• Organizational Strategic Plan
• Orientation Study
• Outsource Maintenance Practices
• Outsourcing Samples
• Overview of Strategic Environment
• Pacific Rim
• PAIBOC principle
• Pain Examples
• Pain Management
• Palliative Care Nursing
• Paper Articles
• Paper Based Processes
• Partnerships
• Pathophysiology
• Patient Confidentiality
• Patient's Rights
• PCCW Case Studies
• PCCW Management Motivation
• PCCW Management Sample Papers
• Pediatric Medicine
• Pension Scheme of the United Kingdom
• Perception and Purchasing Behavior
• Perception of the Health and Safety in Organization
• Performance Appraisals
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May 04, 2009
The character and impact of globalization trends

The Character and Impact of Globalization Trends


Globalization of both the economy and the society has confronted the world

over the past decade. A shift of focus and interest from the local market to the

international setting has demanded innovation not just in corporate leadership as

new information; forms of communication and technology are being offered to be

utilized in encouraging and reinforcing interaction among individuals. (2003) stated

that globalization has invaded our consciousness in many forms. Basically, it is an

inclusive term for the emergence of a global society in which economic, political,

environmental, and cultural events in one part of the world quickly come to have

significance for people in other parts of the world (2004) and is often branded as the

triumph of capitalism (2000).

Globalization represents the shift of the main venue of capital accumulation

from the national to the supranational or global level (2000). In globalization, people

around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before. Information

and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of
the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is

more frequent. International communication is commonplace (2004). However, this

phenomenon has both positive and negative effects. Included in the negative

aspects are the rapid spread of diseases, illicit drugs, crime, terrorism, and

uncontrolled migration. On the other hand, globalization’s benefits are a sharing of

basic knowledge, technology, investments, resources, and ethical values (2004).

As such, this paper is an attempt to illustrate and discuss the characteristics

of globalization and the inherent impact of such trend.

Characteristics of Globalization

Globalization, has acquired considerable emotive force. Globalization has its

own meaning from different individuals. For some, globalization is a process that is

beneficial, i.e. a key to the future world economic development and also inevitable

and irreversible. Others regard it with hospitality even fear, believing that it

increases inequality within and between nations or organizations, threatens

employment and living standards and thwarts social progress.

Globalization (or globalization) in its literal sense is a social change, an

increase in connections among societies and their elements due to, among others,

the explosive evolution of transport and communication technologies. The term is

applied to many social, cultural, commercial and economic activities. Depending on

the context it can mean: (a)closer contact between different parts of the world

(globalization of the world, global village), with increasing possibilities of personal

exchange and mutual understanding between "world citizens", (b) or (economic

globalization), freer trade and increasing relations among members of an industry in

different parts of the world (globalization of an industry), (c) or some negative

exploitation aspects of economic globalization such as evasion of legal and moral

standards by moving manufacturing or mining and harvesting practices overseas

( 1998).

Globalization is a powerful real aspect of the new world system, and it

represents one of the most influential forces in determining the future course of the

planet. It has many dimensions: economic, political, social, cultural, environmental,

security, and others ( 2004). In popular discourse, globalization often functions as

little more than a synonym for one or more of the following phenomena: the pursuit

of classical liberal (or “free market”) policies in the world economy (“economic

liberalization”), the growing dominance of western (or even American) forms of

political, economic, and cultural life (“westernization” or “Americanization”), the

proliferation of new information technologies (the “Internet Revolution”), as well as

the notion that humanity stands at the threshold of realizing one single unified

community in which major sources of social conflict have vanished (“global

integration”) (2002).

Globalization has become identified with a number of trends, most of which

have developed since World War II. These include greater international movement of

commodities, money, information, and people; and the development of technology,

organizations, legal systems, and infrastructures to allow this movement. More

specifically, globalization refers to:

· An increase in international trade at a faster rate than the growth in the

world economy

· Increase in international flow of capital including foreign direct


· Greater transborder data flow, using such technologies such as the

Internet, Communication satellites and telephones

· Greater international cultural exchange, for example through the export

of Hollywood and Bollywood movies

· Reduction in global cultural diversity through assimilation,

hybridization, Westernization, Americanization or Sinosization of


· Erosion of national sovereignty and national borders through

international agreements leading to organizations like the WTO

· Greater international travel and tourism

· Greater immigration, including illegal immigration

· Development of global telecommunications infrastructure

· Development of a global financial systems

· Increase in the share of the world economy controlled by multinational


· Increased role of international organizations such as WTO, WIPO, IMF

that deal with international transactions

· An increase in the number of standards applied globally; e.g. copyright

Furthermore, globalization is an interdisciplinary concept used to mark the site

of struggles between local and global economies and experiences given the

contemporary transnationalization of capital, communication, and culture. In a

globalized world, fragmentation walks hand in hand with homogenization. To many

people all around the world, globalization has become synonymous to

Americanization. In fact, a simpler definition of globalization states that it is the

creation of a New World economic system (the American one). (2001) flatly used

the term "McDonaldization" of the world as a synonym for globalization.

Impacts of Globalization

Globalization has its own style of offering extensive opportunities for truly

worldwide development but it can be seen that it s not progressing evenly. Some

nations or organizations are becoming integrated into the global economy faster than

the others. Nations or organizations that have been able to integrate are seeing

advance growth and reduced poverty. With the undying influence of globalization to

the world, there are many organizations that are striving to adjust with these


Globalization broadly refers to the expansion of global linkages, the

organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of a global

consciousness, hence to the consolidation of world society. Globalization is

historically complex; definitions vary in the particular driving force they identify. The

meaning of the term is itself a topic in global discussion; it may refer to "real"

processes, to ideas that justify them, or to a way of thinking about them. The term is
not neutral; definitions express different assessments of global change. Among

critics of capitalism and global inequality, globalization now has an especially

pejorative ring ( 2001).

Economic "globalization" is a historical process, the result of human

innovation and technological progress. It refers to the increasing integration of

economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows. The term

sometimes also refers to the movement of people (labor) and knowledge

(technology) across international borders. There are also broader cultural, political

and environmental dimensions of globalization that are not covered here. At its most

basic, there is nothing mysterious about globalization. The term has come into

common usage since the 1980s, reflecting technological advances that have made it

easier and quicker to complete international transactions—both trade and financial

flows. It refers to an extension beyond national borders of the same market forces

that have operated for centuries at all levels of human economic activity—village

markets, urban industries, or financial centers (2002).

Among the aspects, in which globalization has significant implications, it is

that of culture that has implicit effects for such are abstract. Furthermore, the

economic and the political aspects contribute in shaping such effects in the cultural

dimension and vice-versa, as (1997) expounds, “Globalization has economic roots

and political consequences, but it also has brought into focus the power of culture in

this global environment - the power to bind and to divide in a time when the tensions

between integration and separation tug at every issue that is relevant to international

relations.” In this sense, globalization perpetuates the cultural dimension for the latter
plays an indispensable role in enhancing and in limiting the phenomenon itself.

Moreover, in relation to such merit of globalization, (1997) comments, “The

homogenizing influences of globalization that is most often condemned by the new

nationalists and by cultural romanticists is actually positive; globalization promotes

integration and the removal not only of cultural barriers but of many of the negative

dimensions of culture.” It could be deduced from this notion that globalization is

significant to culture for the former is a unifying factor of the borderless society,

which is an offshoot of the phenomena.

Fewer trade barriers and unprecedented technological advances have

accelerated the pace of globalization. The advances in communication technology

make it easier to enter the international market through the efficient marketing and

advertising strategies that a number of international business organizations invest in

by utilizing the services provided by the Worldwide Web (2001). Electronic data

communication (EDC) facilitates the exchange of data at tremendous speeds; it sorts

and integrates data with other information available to the recipients (businesses,

banks, capital markets) from other sources. Individual countries and trading and

currency blocs alike view the fast-moving e-business sector as having a direct

impact on the countries’ and blocs’ competitiveness in the global market (1999). The

tremendous growth of technological advancement has become the driving force of

contemporary industries.

Although there are many criticisms that were pointed out to globalization, it

cannot be denied that it has its own benefits. One of the benefits of globalization is it

describes the ongoing global trend toward the freer flow of trade and investment
across borders and the resulting integration of the international economy. Because it

expands economic freedom and spurs competition, globalization raises the

productivity and living standards of people in countries that open themselves to the

global marketplace. For less developed countries, the benefits of globalization is

obvious, globalization offers access to foreign capital, global export markets, and

advanced technology while breaking the monopoly of inefficient and protected

domestic producers. Faster growth, in turn, promotes poverty reduction,

democratization, and higher labor and environmental standards. Globalization has

produced enormous benefits for very large numbers of people (2004).

A mistake critics often make is to blame poverty and income inequality on

globalization. But, in the majority of cases, these are more the result of domestic

circumstances in individual countries. For years, industrialized countries put too

much emphasis on pressing developing countries to open up their capital markets,

and paid too little attention to helping them develop the domestic institutions required

to use resources more efficiently and to create economic and social progress.

Improving the legal and educational systems and social safety nets of developing

countries ought to be global priorities to help these countries cope with and take

greater advantage of globalization (2004).

Furthermore, the process of globalization is commonly recognized to be

characteristic of contemporary international developments. Contemporary processes

of globalization have several dimensions or faces: technological, cultural, religious,

economic and political. None of these is in itself good or bad. All should be

understood as ambiguous, with potential for good and evil, but in the current phase
of globalization it is important to distinguish the different faces of globalization and

identify with a potential to pursue the good. Globalization implies two distinct

phenomena. First, it suggests that political, economic and social activity is becoming

worldwide in scope. Secondly, it suggests that there has been an intensification of

levels of interaction and interconnectedness among the states and societies (1991).

Among these relations are those created by the progressive emergence of a global

economy, the expansion of transnational links which generate new forms of

collective decision-making, the development of intergovernmental and quasi-

supranational institutions, etc. (1990 ). Consequences of globalization are

controversial and not necessarily positive.

We often meet features of Americanization or globalization in our life. The

United States of America have great influence on world’s culture, on its customs,

values, and people. Some people want to look like Americans and they try to do

what Americans do, wear what Americans wear, and try to live how Americans live.

They believe that having acquired American lifestyle means they have an advantage

over those who are not Americanized. Although they do not learn the language, they

inherit the American customs and holidays, style of their life, their traditions.

American fashion is distributed internationally but is not made for international

markets: they are made for the US market, by, for, and about Americans. Thus, one

can conclude, to enjoy these easily accessible products one must be or become

American and the more one consumes, the more one becomes American, thereby

enabling increasing pleasure and ease in this consumption. Americanization is a

case in point of a basic process of acculturation. It results in sounding the alarms of

cultural imperialism and cultural alienation: one becomes what he/she consumes,

because in order to consume he/she must become the targeted consumer. This is

the equivalent of saying: because Science is a product of Western European

civilization, then to become a scientist one must become westernized, i.e. adopt

Western mores, values, and ways of thinking.

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