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Rural e-Service Delivery: Status &


14th National Conference on e-Governance

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
10-11 February 2011
14th National Conference on e-Governance: Aurangabad [February 10-11, 2011]

The Conference
The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances,
Government of India is organizing the 14th National Conference on e-
Governance along with the Department of Information Technology,
Government of India and the State Government of Maharashtra to be held at
Aurangabad on February 10-11, 2011


The objective of the Conference is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform of

meaningful interaction to policy-makers, practitioners, industry leaders and
academicians to deliberate, discuss and recommend an actionable strategy for
good governance and to improve the standard of services rendered to the
common man.


Rural e-Service Delivery: Status & Challenges

Sub Themes:

• Enabling Business Environment for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

• e-Governance in promoting Rural Entrepreneurship
• Enabling Panchayats
• ICT in Agriculture (Focus Sector)
14th National Conference on e-Governance: Aurangabad [February 10-11, 2011]

Paper Evaluation Criteria

• Each Paper shall be evaluated by an expert panel.
• Decisions by the Compendium Committee shall be final and binding. Clarifications
shall not be entertained.
• The Compendium Committee has ownership rights for the papers submitted.
• Criteria for evaluation:
• Methodology – Papers shall be explicit on the methodology employed
• Relevance – Relevance shall be a very basic consideration for selection
• Importance – It shall be seen that the ideas are significant, timely and cutting
edge and make significant contributions to the theme chosen for the paper
• Exemplar – Includes examples of the application of concepts used in the paper
• Lessons – Key learning from the discussion/content in the paper
• Choices – Listing of alternatives considered with reasoning and explanation
• Content – Detailed listing of assumptions (including the implicit assumptions)
and premises on which the paper is based

Rules for Paper Submission

• Papers are invited from administration, academia and industry
• Papers should be original, unpublished and in English language only
• The page limit for each paper is 5-6 pages in the prescribed template and the theme
forming the basis for the paper should be mentioned clearly
• All papers should reach the Compendium Committee on or before the deadline below
• By submitting paper, the author makes a commitment to allow publication of his/her in
the compendium
• Names of author(s), communication address (postal and e-mail), and the phone/fax
numbers should also be indicated
• Papers that are not falling under one of the themes given, written in poor style, with
grammar problems or longer than 6 pages shall not be accepted
• Selected papers from those received will be published in the compendium
• The author(s) of select entry(s) would be invited as participant(s) to this conference
14th National Conference on e-Governance: Aurangabad [February 10-11, 2011]

Details on Paper Submission

Important Date
Paper Submission Deadline January 15, 2011

Mode of Submission
All papers should be submitted online by e-mail to and

Contact Information for any query/ clarification

Shri Akhil Saxena
Under Secretary (e-Governance)
Department of AR&PG
Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street
New Delhi – 110 001
Telephone: +91 11 23367966