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For Gilgamesh

Justin Kelly
Dr. Greenfield

(Sorry for the Spelling Errors in Advance, Dont have MS WORD atm)
00:00 Backround music: Jesper Kyd - Hitman 2 Theme

Location is a desert like city located in a barrens similar to modren

day iraq. Weather is fair but it's starting to darken.

Camera fly down over hills and lands to a city (shurrupak). As the
00:00 Camera gets closer the city grows in size, not only due to the
zooming but also physicaly although its not to noticeable. As the
00:12 Camera increases the city noise gets louder. City noise consists of
market babble, carts and crime noises as well as yelling, taunts and
just general converstaion.

00:17 Voices are heard comming for the city overtop the noise:
00:19 “The uproar of mankind is intolerable”
“Sleep is no longer possible”

00:22 “We must exterminate mankind”

00:23 Lights fly from the city in all directions but one remains hovering
at the city.

00:29 Camera starts in a mans house made of reeds, the camera pans to a man
dreaming and muffled voices from a god sounding person cry out to
tear down the house and build a boat over and over.

00:32 Camera now starts to fade in and out in 3 second bursts.

00:34 Camera shows a exodus of people from a building
00:37 Camera shows workers adding pitch and building parts of a large ark
like boat.
People Carring supplys, and planking and wedges being drove into the
ship. Cross fade, ship is being placed in the water.
Camera Quick Pan up and to the right to see the sky instantly darken
from the ark building area, a horse and a man is vistable in the
middle of the now massive and exspanding cloud.
Camera to wide shot of ark working area. Everyone is entering the
boat the man and horse pass overhead, the earth is ingulfed in a
torrent of rain. All visible people enter the boat.

00:56 Camera pan to over the boats stern - A Large Gods Rip from the earth
and appears. Rain is starting to accumilate.

00:58 Seven gods raise torches All the land is lit, and with a switft
01:00 The land is smashed 'like a cup'
01:01 The Storm Rages the boat is being rocked, and pushed the water level
is now drowning the earth.

01:24 Lights are seen accending higher in the sky as the water gets higher
and higher. No land is visible but water level is rising.
01:25 A Voice from the heavens says “I Commanded evil, Why did I command
this evil. I Commanded wars to destroy the people, but are they not my
people as I brought them forth?”

01:32 The Chattering in the heavens goes slient and the lights seperate and
01:41 Winds blow and batter the ship. Its at a state where its almost like
a armed conflict acted out with water. 7 days pass. This scene is 6
seconds of cuts of people and objects of on the boat interacting and
the storm.

01:47 Camera Pans out to see the sun rise on the 7th day, the waters clam
and the world is a flat sea, and all people are turned to clay.

01:51 A man is shown weaping, at the sight of such death. It looks around
franticly for some signs of land, he spots a moutian top Zoom with
Camera over the actors shoulder*

01:56 The boat is shown Ramming the moutian and being grounded.

02:02 Fade in from black, show Birds are being released (dove, swallow then
Camera Spins around Utnapishtium stopping at his face, he looks up
and the camera wips behind him showing the bit of mountan and
recediing flood. Leaves the viewer with the impression that he
survied and the world is his to conqure. Song and video ends

Backround music is Andrea Bocelli - "In Canto". Song Volume Varies.

This Scene covers the ending of the flood.

Camera pans over top of Utnapishtim's boat comes to rest on the top of

Mount Nimush. The boat stuck firmly into the mountain peak.

Camera Panning the deck of the boat comes over Utnapishtim. Camera

then repans this time at a very close distance so his sholder

fills the frame.

Utnapishtim stands up from kneeling and raises his hands in the air
*camera jolts back to fill the frame with Utnapishtim, from a back

lower shot* and all the living things (other then the human passangers

flee from the boat in every direction.

The camera flys around the fleeing chaos and then flys back to its

orginal position and zooms over Utnapishtim shoulder and shows him

sacrifing a sheep on the moutian.

Camera Pans wide and shows lights comming in all directions and surrounding

the boat.

Camera locks on to to a key orange light that slightly bigger then the

other and it speaks. (Enlil) The light starts shaking and says “Not one was

durvie the destrution!”. The light Pans to the left to a blue light and the

light shakes and a voice says “Who can devise without Ea? It is Ea alone

that knows all things? (Ninurta). Camera Quickly pops to Utnapishtim whom

is panicing but holding his ground on the boat top. Camera Swings back up

and locks on to a green light. The Green Light (Ea) speaks saying “Enlil

how could you so senselessy call down the flood?, it was not I whom

revealed the secret of the gods; the wise man learned it in a dream. Now be

done with you and descide his fate”

Enlil takes human form and brings Utnapishtim and his wife together *top

down camera* and blesses them saying:

“At one time Utnapishtim was mortal.

At this time let him be a god and immortal;

Let him live in the far away at the source of all the rivers”

Camera tilts to the sky and fades to black. Song fades out.

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