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M.VL Rashid'

1. JamanuaFertilizerCo.Ltd. (JFCL),BCIC,Tarakandi,Jamalpur-2055,Bangladesh.


JamunaFertilizer CompanyLimited (JFCL) is facilitatedthe agriculturalgrowth of Bangladesh.Duringthe leanseason(April-July)of 2001only two bagginglineswerenrming amongsix lines.If it wassavedfrom shutdownthe factorythe onemorebaggingline will must be startedup. Programmingkeyboardsaremustbe neededto run the bagginglines.Therewas no stockof programmingkeyboard.It wasout our local marketandevenlocal industrycould not makeit. Moreoverthe EuropeanmanufacturerCronasRichardsonwas delayingto supply the programmingkeyboard.In this circumstance,a programmingkeyboardwas invented applyingourlocaltechnologywithoutdependinguponforeigntechnology.

KEYWORDS : Microprocessor,CircuitandSwitch.



Bangladeshha-san agrarian economy. BangladeshChemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) is one of the biggest industrial organizationsin the public sector under Ministry of Industries, Governmentof the peoples'Republic of Bangladesh.Fertilizer sectoris the biggest sectortrnder BCIC. It has six urea fertilizer factories. ,{mong them Jamuna fertiTrzerCompany Limited (JFCL) is the biggest.It is establishedto facilitate the agrioulfural growth of Bangladesh which producesgranularurea. In this factory, the amount of sales of urea fertilizer was decreaseddue to lsan seasonand governmentpolicy. In such caseurea bags were pilled up in open spacesand even urea bulk housewas over filed. In suchsifuation if production of bagging is not inue ased,the factory will facedto shutdown only for shortageof bulk storagecapacityof urea.


In this circumstance,only nro bagging lines were running among six lines. If it was savedfrom shutdown the factory, one more bagging line will must be startedup. A programmingkeyboard was needed to run the other line. But there rvas no stock of programming keyboard. The manufacturingEuropeaninstitution, CronusRichardsonwas delaying to supply the programing keyboard. So in any way one more bagging line was not possible to start up. ln this risky condition. therewas no alternativeway without invention of programmingkeyboard.


The programming keyboard is used as'a weigher of accurate amount of urea bagging by

programrning of

automatic microprocessor based machine,




maintenancetools. Thereremainsa programmingkeyboardin eachbaggingline.

ln the frst step an old rejected programming keyboard was broken altogether and then it's intemal PCB's (Printed Circuit Board) drawing and ths figure of push button of switch was used in the programmingkeyboardwas obserwedandexamined. fhen a new progranrming keyboard was made by using thhty fwo push button switches of rejectedtelephoneset, flexible cable, form of rejectedprogramming board and in the basis of existing circuit diagram. We tested experimentally and became successful. Then another baggingline was startedby permanentlyplacing the newly inventedkeyboard.For this purpose, no excessexpendifurewas needed.


Imported programmingkeyboardfrom Europe was disposable.About six programming keyboardshaveto import in a yearandthe costof eachof oneis aboutTK 30,000/:. ln or.u inventedprogrammingkeyboard,we shall reuseby replacing only one or two push button switches.Its maintenancecost is only Tk.l00/=. After installing the newly invented programmingkeyboardin thebaglngline it is servicingwithout anyproblem.


We are successfullyable to invent programmingkeyboardwithout dependingupon foreign tecirnology.This specialtype of programmingkeyboardis out of our local market wen local industrycannotmakeit. For this success,our factory was protectedfrom shutdown.In future every year, millions of foreignexchangecanbesavedfor purchaseof programmingkeyboard.


The author is highly

JFCL, for his kind consEnt. The author is also highly grateful to Engr. M J I salah DirU Managing Dilector, KRC, (Past GN{IMTS, JFCL) for his continuous inspiratiorg unceasing encouragement,invaluable suggestions,and urtiring support throughout the work. The author is also grateful to Engr. S.N4Harunar Rashid,DCE, Engr. Md \[oazzem Hossain,XEN and Mr. Gour ChandraDas,MT for providing assistanceat different stagesof the work.

grateful and indebted to Engr. Mohamrnad Enayet Ali, Managing Director,