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Micro Systems Automation Group

Performance Review
Senior Business Analyst

Purpose: To establish clear expectations, realistic measures and a process to ensure continual
communications around performance issues.

Performance Period: from __________________ to ________________________

Employee Name: _______________________________

Position: _______________________________
Client: _______________________________
Manager: _______________________________


Senior Business Analyst: Responsible for design, development and implementation of new or enhanced
business processes in support of new or enhanced information systems and technology. The position
generally functions within a business area to provide the business expertise in support of business process
changes for information systems projects. The role also may involve identification of opportunities for
business process improvement without deploying information technology. In the case of a large project,
this position may be assigned to an implementation team as a departmental representative.

4/20/11 MSAG Company Confidential

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1. Assessment of Performance and Responsibilities
Responsibilities Comments and Accomplishments Rating
( from Position (circle
Description) or bold)

Business Analysis Outstanding

Needs Improvement

Project Planning, Outstanding

Management and Successful
Execution Needs Improvement

Communications Outstanding
Needs Improvement

Administration Outstanding
Needs Improvement

Business Strategy Outstanding

Needs Improvement

Outstanding: Performance is consistently and clearly above expected levels. It is obvious to everyone
who is knowledgeable of the employee’s performance.
Few employees should expect to receive this rating.

Successful: Performance is at an expected, acceptable level in critical job areas. Most employees
should expect to receive this rating.

Needs Improvement:Significant additional development and /or improved performance is required to

bring performance to an acceptable level within a specified time.

4/20/11 MSAG Company Confidential

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2. Assessment of Competencies

Competencies Resources/Training Rating

(from Competency Needed (circle
Dictionary) or bold)

Communications Deficient
Skills Competent

Interpersonal Deficient
Skills Competent

Listening Skills Deficient


Goal and Action Deficient

Oriented Skills Competent

Resource and Time Deficient

Management Skills Competent

Customer Deficient
Satisfaction Skills Competent

Problem Solving Deficient

Skills Competent

4/20/11 MSAG Company Confidential

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Manager Comments

Date Coaching/Summary

Employee’s Comments

Review of Assessment Results

Employee’s Signature* Date Manager Date

4/20/11 MSAG Company Confidential

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Next Level
*Indicates only that the employee has reviewed this Manager’s Signature
assessment document.

4/20/11 MSAG Company Confidential

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