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WHEREAS the LICENSOR is the owner of the possessed flat

of Room no: __________on the ____ floor of the building

known as __________________ situated at ________________,
more particularly described in the schedule hereunder Written
(hereinafter called “THE SAID FLAT”) Subject To The Rules
And Byelaws Of Said Society is the absolute owner there of.

AND WHEREAS the LICENSEE being in need of premises for

residential use have approached the LICENSOR with the
request to allow the LICENSEE to use and occupy the said
premises on leave and license basis for a minimum period of
______ months, which the LICENSOR has agreed has agreed
to do for the same period, at the monthly compensation and on
the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned.



1. The LICENSOR hereby grants to the LICENSEE and

the hereby accepts from the LICENSOR the license to
occupy and use the said premises for residence purpose
only. The License will be for a period of (____) months
commencing from _ _ to with
minimum 6 months Lock – In Period.

2. The compensation for the occupation and use said

premises shall be Rs. /- per month for License
Period. LICENSEE shall pay the monthly compensation
on or before ____ day of every month in advance.
3. The LICENSEE shall, throughout the terms of the
License hereby crated, deposit and keep deposited with
the LICENSOR a sum of Rs. as by way of
Interest free security deposit for the faithful performance
and observance of the terms and condition of this
agreement, which shall be refunded by the LICENSOR
to the LICENSEE on the expiry or sooner termination /
determination of this LICENSEE as the case may be, but
after adjusting there from any costs charge and use of the
said premises by LICENSEE.

4. In additions to monthly compensation as stipulated above

the LICENSEE shall pay for the electricity used in
licensed premises as shown by separate meter. The
LICENSEE shall also pay T.V. Cable, Phone, Internet &
Bharat Gas Charges. The LICENSOR shall be liable to
pay the society outgoing municipal taxes and non
occupancy charges in respect to the said premises.

5. It is hereby specifically recorded that the LICENSEE is

not and will not be deemed to be in full or exclusive
possession of the said premises and the use and
occupation of the LICENSEE will be premises as bare
LICENSEE ONLY and this agreement shall not in any
manner be considered as any lease, sub lease, tenancy or
confer any right title or interest whether legal or equitable
or beneficial or of whatsoever nature in the said
6. The LICENSEE shall use the premises, with due care
and caution and shall keep and maintain the same in good
order and condition.