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Visual Arts Club Post Issue 1

VA Visual Arts Club Bi-Monthly Newsletter

February - March 2011
G.T. (Ellen Yueng) College (Secondary Section)

New Beginnings!
Welcome to the first issue of Visual Arts Club newsletter! On the behalf of the Visual Arts department, we
will publish a bi-monthly newsletter reporting activities we did over the months. We hope to share the joy
of learning Visual Arts with everyone in our school and further promote the atmosphere of appreciating
our surroundings through our eyes. Everyone is welcomed to join the fun!
Joseph Liu G12A

Our First Photography Exhibition By: Ruby Lau G9B

During term two, we joined “Through Our Eyes” Photography

Program. We had our own exhibition boards to show our
work in Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Every student had their
own topic for this exhibition and my topic was about the Blue
House in Wan Chai. I used the Blue House to
create a photo collage, and I took photos of it
with other buildings in Hong Kong.

This is a very treasurable experience for me to Photo of students who joined

learn how to make a 3D work out of common the opening ceremony.
2D photos. It was a fresh and different media
for my audiences and me too.
Photo of Ruby and her
displayed work.

By: Krystal Fu G9C Darkest Exhibition- Power Plant

Picture of
After our exams, we went to Kowloon Walled City park
the Dream to visit an exhibition called “Power Plant”. This
Vortex exhibition displayed works of various types including
installations, videos and sounds. Many unique materials
like snails, fire, light bulbs, filter funnel, lamp and
vacuum cleaners were used to present the different
types of art pieces.
In this exhibition, I think that the artwork, “Dream
Vortex” was the most memorable. The Dream Vortex
cylinder had flickering flames rising inside it. The
cylinder spanned as the fire lilted up. A repeated
rhythms and image was being presented by this
installation. I think the vortex was really amazing as the
Pictures of flames actually moves itself and it looked as if they were
other installations dancing inside the tube. 1
By: Adwin Keung G9A Experimenting on Video Art

On 27th of March, we have joined the digital art workshop which was held by the famous digital art artist,
Ellen Pau. Through this program, we learnt about the different types of art video and new media. We learnt
that the definition of art is not very clear as it overlaps with technology and other different forms. Art
nowadays has various forms and we do need to learn how to identity them. In this program, we needed to
make a video art which was to create a sound track by sounds in our daily lives. We learnt how to express
our feelings by the sounds and support it with images. This was really good as this was my first time to
work on video art. It was exciting for us to play and explore around the school campus. And we would like
to join more similar programs in the future.

My C.E. Visual Arts Experience By: Kitty Chan 12A

It was a precious experience to study art in F.5, I learnt how to

express myself with various colours, shapes, pattern etc. With
the one and a half year of training, I explored myself deeper
and wider, which I found that I am an extremely emotional
person, and planning never work for me. So, I learnt to better
manage my own time, and make better use of my 24 hours.
My projects were mainly about happiness and nature, I suggest
people in the world to see their surroundings in a different
perspective, and also treasure what you’ve got, and to live it
with glamour. Although I finished my works within the last few
months before the deadline, I really tried my best, and I tried to
make the world a better place.
Photo of Kitty in one of the Visual
Arts Workshop

G.T. Student’s Up Coming Exhibitions

Travel to Learn Video Exhibition British Council Arts Exhibition TOE Photography Exhibition
Time: 16-24.04.11 Time: May 2011 Time: May 2011 2
Venue: 1a Space Venue: G.T. College Venue: G.T. College
Cattle Depot Artist Village

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