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22.03.2002 рік

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1. The 52-years woman suffering from *Excessive Hypersecretion of Poor aromatization The increased Supersecretion of
obesity, complaints to bloody discharges transformation of estrogens by tissues of preandrogens contents of FSH androgens by the
from sexual paths during 4 days. Last preandrogens from of the organism. owing to cortex of
normal menses was 2 years ago. fatty tissues. hypothyroidism paranephroses.
Histological investigation of biopsy of the
endometrium has revealed adenomatous
hyperplasia. Which reasons from listed
below promoted the development of
2. The data of a separate diagnostic curettage *Surgical Surgical treatment + Surgical treatments Radial therapy Surgical treatments
of the mucous of the uterus’s cervix and treatments and chemotherapy and radial therapy and
body made up in connection with bleeding hormonetherapy hormonetherapy
in a postmenopausal period: in the
scraping of the mucous of the cervical
canal no pathology is revealed, at
endometrium - the highly differentiated
adenocarcinoma is found. Metastasises
are not found. Which method of treatment
is the most correct?
3. The woman of 27 years complaints of the *Administration of Operative treatment Dispensary Anti-inflammatory Chemotherapeutic
disoders of menstrual function for 3 an estrogen– observation of the therapy treatment.
months, irregular pains in the abdomen. In gestogen patient
bimanual investigation: in the dextral complexes within 3
appendages range of a uterus there is an months with
elastic spherical formation, painless, repeated survey
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diameter of 7 sm. USI: in a right ovary –a

fluid formation, diameter of 4 sm,
unicameral, smooth. What method of
guiding is the most preferable?
4. The patient of 40 years complaints of *Operation: Hormonal Fase by fase Supravaginal Hysterectomy
colic pains in the lower abdomen and untwisting of the hemostasis vitamin therapy ablation of the without
abundant bloody discharge from sexual borning nodes uterus without appendages.
paths. Last 2 years she had menses for 15- appendages.
16 days, abundant, with clots, painful. In
anamnesis – 2 medical abortions. In
bimanual investigation: from the canal of
the cervix of uterus - a fibromatous
nodes, 3 sm in diameter, on the thin crus.
Discharges are bloody, moderate.Choose
correct tactics:
5. The patient of 40 years complains of *Treatment of Diathermocoagulati Specific treatment Cervixectomy Cryolysis of cervix
discharges from the vagina of yellow specific colpitis on of the cervix of of Trichomonas of the uterus.
colour. Bimanual investigation: without and with the the uterus colpitis
pathological variations. In smear – subsequent biopsy
Trichomonas vagynalis and blended flora.
Colposcopy: two hazy fields on the front
labium, with a negative Iodum
probing.Your tactics:
6. The 32 year old woman consulted a *Surgical treatment Hormonetherapy Phytotherapy Radial therapy Fase by fase
gynecologist concerning abundant long vitamin therapy
menses within 3 months. Bimanual
investigation: the body of the uterus is
enlarged according to about 12 weeks of
pregnancy, distorted, tuberous, of dense
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consistence. Appendages are not palpated.

Histological investigation of mucosa of
the body of the uterus: adenocystous
hyperplasia of endometrium.Optimum
medical tactics:
7. The woman complaints of slight dark *USI. Hysteroscopy. Hromogidrotubatio Colposcopy Cystoskopy.
bloody discharges and weak pains in the n
bottom of abdomen within several days.
Last menses were 7 weeks ago. The test
for pregnancy is positive. Bimanual
investigation: the body of the uterus is
about 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, of softish
consistence, painless. In the left
appendages - a retortlike formation,
7х5sm, mobile, painless. What it is
necessary to do to determinate the fetal
eggs localization .
8. The woman was hospitalised with full- *Premature Labor before term. Back occipital Acute hypoxia of a Hydramnion.
term pregnancy. In survey: the uterus is detachment of the presentation. fetus.
morbid, the abdomen is tense, cardiac normally posed
tones of the fetus are not auscultated. placenta.
What is the most probable complication
of pregnancy?
9. By the end of the 1st period of *Acute hypoxia of Labors before term. Premature Back occipital Hydramnion
physiological labor the clear amniotic the fetus. detachment of presentation
waters were given vent. Contractions normally posed
lasted 35-40 sec every 4-5min. Palpitation placenta.
of the fetus 100 beats per minute. The AP
is 140/90 mm Hg. Diagnosis.
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10. In the 40 weeks pregnant woman in *Laborstimulation Strict bed regimen Complex therapy Cesarian section Complex therapy
intrinsic obstetric investigation: the cervix after preparation for 1 month. of gestosis for 2 immediately. of gestosis for 7
of a uterus is undeveloped. The oxytocin days days
test is negative. Upon inspection at 32
weeks it is revealed: AP 140/90 mm. Hg,
proteinuria 1 g/l, peripheric edemas.
Reflexes are normal. Choose the most
correct tactics of guiding the pregnant.
11. The 26-year old woman had the second for *Atony of the Failure of cervix of Hysterorrhesis. Delay of the part of Hypotonia of the
the last 2 years labor with Oxytocin uterus. the uterus placenta. uterus
application.The the child’s weight - 4080
gr. After the placent birth there was a
massive bleeding, signs of hemorrhagic
shock.Despite the introduction of
contractive agents,good contraction of the
uterus and absence of any uterus cervix
and the vagina failures, the bleeding
proceeds.Choose the most probable cause
of bleeding.
12. The woman is admitted to the maternity *Hysterorrhesis. Presentation of the Placental Abjointing the Premature
home with discontinued patrimonial cord. presentation mucous fuse from expultion of the
activity and slight bloody discharges from cervix of the uterus amniotic waters.
the vagina. The condition is serious, the
skin is pale, consciousness is confused.
AP 80/40 mm Hg. The palpitation of the
fetus is not determined. In anamnesis
there was a Cesarian section a year ago.
Establish the diagnosis:
13. In the woman of the first day after labor *Metroendometritis Thrombophlebitis of Infected hematoma Infective Apostatis of
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the rise of temperature up to 39?С was veins of the pelvis contamination of junctures after the
registered. The breakage of the fetal the urinary system episiotomy.
membranes has taken place 36 hours prior
to labors. The investigation of the bacterial
flora of cervix of the uterus revealed –
hemocatheretic streptococcus of a group
A. The uterus body is soft, tender.
Discharges are bloody, with a mixing of
pus. Establish the most probable postnatal
14. The woman from a groop of risk (chronic *Infection Thrombophlebitis of Infected Endometritis. Apostatis of
pyelonephritis in anamnesis) had labor contamination of veins of the pelvis. hematoma. junctures after
through natural patrimonial pathes. In day the urinary system. episiotomy
after labors she complains of fever and
loin pains, often urodynia. Establish the
most probable complication.
15. The 24-years patient in 13 months after *Determination of USI of organs of a Progesteron assay Computer Determination of
the first labors has addressed with the the level of small pelvis tomography of the the contents of
complaint on amenorrhea. Pregnancy has Gonadotropins head Testosteron-
concluded by a Cesarian section Depotum in Serum
concerning to a premature detachment of of blood.
normally posed placenta hemorrhage has
made low fidelity 2000 ml owing to
breakdown of coagulability of blood.
Choose the most suitable investigation:
16. In the woman of 24 years about earlier *Computer Determination of USI of organs of a Progesteron assay. Determination of
normal menstrual function, cycles became tomography of the the level of small pelvis the contents of
irregular, according to tests of function head. Gonadotropins. Testosteron-
diagnostics- anovulatory. The contents of Depotum in Serum
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Prolactinum in blood is boosted. Choose of blood.

the most suitable investigation.
17. The primapara M., 20 years, is in in time *Prophylaxes of Laborinducing Prophylaxes of Antenatal Treatments of
-labors proceeding for 4 hours. Light delicacy of hypoxia of the preparation delicacy of
amniotic waters were given vent. The patrimonial fetus patrimonial activity
fetus’ head is pressed to the orifice in the activity.
small pelvis. Prospective mass of the
fetus 4000,0 ± 200,0. Palpitation of the
fetus is in norm. Intrinsic investigation:
cervix is absent, disclosure – 2 cm, the
fetal bladder is not present. The head is in
1-st plane of the pelvis, a sagittal juncture
is in the left slanting dimension. A
glucose-calcium-hormone - vitaminized
background was conducted with the
18. The Primapara of 22 years, was *Folliculinum Oxytocinum Partusistenum Prednisolonum. Zinci sulfas of
hospitalised for ante partum preparation magnesium
concerning the pelvic presentation. The
position of the fetus is longitudinal,
breeches are pressed to the orifice of a
small pelvis. Palpitation of the fetus is
clear, rhythmical, 140 impacts per minute.
Patrimonial activity is not present. What it
is necessary to include into antenatal
19. The 24 years old primapara, was *Antenatal Early expultion of The beginning of The end of the 1-st The pathological
hospitalised with complains on expultion expultion of the the amniotic waters. the 1-st term of the term of the labor preliminary term.
of the amniotic waters. The uterus during amniotic waters. labor
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palpation is tonic. The position of the

fetus is longitudinal, is pressed with the
head to an orifice in a small pelvis.
Palpitation of the fetus is rhythmical, 140
beats/min, auscultated at the left below a
belly-button. Intrinsic investigation: cervix
of the uterus is 2,5 cm long, dense, the
externum os is closed, leak light amniotic
waters. Point a correct component of the
20. The 29 year old patient has had a surgical *Hormonetherapy Antibacterial Lasertherapy and Magnitotherapy and Does not demand
treatment concerning the benign serous and proteolytic therapy and enzymetherapy vitamin therapy the further
epithelial tumour of the ovary. The enzymes. adaptogens observation
postoperative term has passed without
complications.What is it necessary to
prescribe in the rehabilitational term:
21. The 34-years old woman on the 10-th *The test for Determination of Bacteriological A USI of the fetus.
week of gestation /the second pregnancy / tolerance to the contents of ?? investigation of cardiophonography
has consulted the doctor of female glucose fetoproteinum discharge from the of fetus
consultation with the purpose of statement vagina
on the dyspensary record. In the previous
pregnancy there took place hydramnion,
the child was born with mass of yhe body
of 4086. What method of investigation is
necessary for carrying out, first of all?:
22. The puerpera is on the 4-th day after the *To appoint the Endometrial Supravaginal Tool revision of the HBO.
normal labor. The common state is agents stimulating instillation of ablation of the cavity of the uterus
satisfactory, there are no complaints. The reductions of the antiseptics uterus
body temperature 36,5 °С; sphygmus is of uterus solutions.
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80 beats / minutes, satisfactory properties,

rhythmical; AP of 120/80 mm.Hg on both
humeral arterias. Mammas are mild,
painless, papillas are safe. The uterus is
dense, painless, its bottom is 6-8 cm
higher than the bosom. The lochia is
serously-bloody. The diagnosis " a
subinvolution of the uterus " is made.It is
necessary to manufacture the following:
23. The 26 years old woman complaints of the *Broken tubal Apoplexy of the Acute right-hand Torsion of the leg Acute appendicitis
subitaneously arisen pains in the bottom of pregnancy ovary adnexitis of the tumour of the
the abdomen, irradiating to the anus, a ovary
nausea, giddiness, bloody dark discharge
from sexual tract within one week, the
delay of menses for 4 weeks. Signs of
boring of the peritoneum are positive.
Bimanual investigation: borders of the
body of the uterus and its appendages are
not determined because of sharp
morbidness. The diverticulum and
morbidness of the back and dextral vaults
of the vagina are marked.What is the most
probable diagnosis?:
24. At the gynecology department there is a * Surgical Antibiotics, Surgical Antibiotic therapy Antibiotics,
patient of 32years with the diagnosis: "the dissecting, a Sulfanilamidums dissection, detoxication and
acute bartholinitis".The body temperature drainage of an drainage of the biostimulants.
is 38,2 degrees, leucocytes = 10,4 Т/l, the abscess of the abscess of the
ESR = 24 mm / hour. In the area of big gland, antibiotics gland
gland of the vestibulum - a dermahemia,
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the sign of the fluctuation, sharp

morbidness.What is the most correct
tactics of the doctor?:
25. At the woman of 33 years during carrying * Suturing of a Suturing of a Hysterectomy Antibiotics Strict confinement
out tool revision of the uterus cavity punched foramen punched foramen reducing agents, to bed, observation.
concerning incomplete infected abortion after cutting of the observation
perforation of a wall of the uterus at a edges of the wound
bottom is made. What is the tactics of
26. The primagravida with pregnancy of 37- * Droperidolum of Dibazolum of 1 \% - A papaverine a Hexenalum of 1 \% Pentaminum of 5 \
38 weeks complaints of headache, nausea, 0,25 \% - 2,0 ml 6,0 ml hydrochloride of - 2,0 ml % - 4,0 ml.
pain in epigastriums. Objective: the skin is 2 \% - 4,0 ml
acyanotic. Face is hydropic, there are short
fibrillar bounces of blepharons, muscles of
the face and the inferior extremities.The
look is fixed. AP 200/110 mm.Hg;
sphygmus of 92 beats / minutes,
intense.Respiration frequency
32/min.Activity of the heart isrhythmical
Appreciable edemas of the inferior
extremities. Urine is cloudy.
27. In the primapara, 30 years, intensive *Perineotomy Epiziotomija. Protection of the Vacuum - Waiting tactics.
attempts with an interval of 1-2 min, perineum. extraction of the
duration 50 sec have begun. In time of fetus.
inclination of the head of the fetus in the
parturient woman complaints on the
severe pain in the perineum have
developed. The perineum, height= 4 sm,
has turned pale. What is it necessary to
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28. The pregnant woman of 29 years old has *Threat of Threat of Threat of bleeding Threat of delicacy Threat of
been suffering from urolithiasis, development of a patrimonial of patrimonial isosensibilisation
secondary-chronic pyelonephritis during gestosis traumatism activity
8 years. What group of risk the occured
complication of pregnancy should be
related to?
29. The patient of 23 years old has been *Hepatosis Early gestosis Spontaneous Anemia pregnant Dermatosis of
registered in female consultation with 4 pregnant abortion pregnant
years ago undergone contagious
hepatitis, chronic cholecystopancreatitis.
Point one of the most probable
complication of pregnancy in the first
30. The primagravida of 20 years old which *Hyperglycemic Spontaneous Hypoglycemic Bronchial asthma of Anemia of the
has diabetis for 8 years is hospitalised into coma abortion coma the pregnant pregnant woman
the gynaecology department with early woman
gestosis of average gravity. Point the most
probable complication.
31. Name a statistical observation unit for * The patient in a An amount of The analysis of a The patient who has The patient who
determination of influence amount of postoperative blood-sugar. blood. a wound surface. was discharge on
bloodsugar on the healing of wound's period. an after-care.
surface in a postoperative period:
32. What methods of the collecting of the *Questioning. Interviewing. Selecting of A method of the Statistical.
information is preferable for study of materials. directed selection.
housing conditions of students of medical
HIGH SCHOOL for a training period?
33. Define the observation unit, at study the *The patient with The patient who is Average duration Delivery times of The clinical form
average duration of hospitalization of appendectomy. entered in the of patient's stay the patient. of appendicitis.
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patients with appendectomy, depending on hospital. in a hospital.

delivery times in a hospital and the clinical
form of appendicitis.
34. Choose a method of a graphic *The linear The radial diagram. The sector The figured Curvilinear.
representation of monthly information diagram. diagram. diagram.
about number of the registered cases of
acute intestinal infection and their
comparisons to the average monthly
values, obtained for 5 previous years:
35. The parameter of infantile mortality for *Stylar. Linear. Intrastylar. Sector. Radial.
the last year was - 16,3, in present year -
15,7. Name a kind of the diagram that can
be used for a graphic representation of it.
36. The average body lenth of neonatal boys is *A coefficient of A sigma. A limit. An amplitude. A coefficient of
50,9 cm at a sigma 1,66; and average variation. association.
mass - 3432 at a sigma 5,00. What criteria
is correct to compare degree of variability
these signs?
37. What kind a method is correct to establish *A method of A correlation ratio. The quadrate The Indirect A method of
force of correlation connection between grade correlation method (Pirson). method (Stjudent). graduated
age of men and their mortality from a (Spirman). correlation
myocardial infarction? (Armler).
38. Indicate the registration medical document *The statistical The statistical The statistical It is necessary to fill The necessary
for the patient Н., that 21.02. was coupon is coupon for coupon to fill in it in the emergency registration form is
addressed to the doctor with diagnosis necessary to fill in registration of final is necessary, but a notice on a case of a not indicated.
ARVD the first time in this year: it and it is diagnoses is not sign + is not contagion.
necessary to deliver necessary. necessary to put in.
on a sign +.
39. Define the basic registration document at *A card of the "The Report on The leaf of A ambulatory The inpatient
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the profound study of a case rate with personal account of reasons of a disability. medical card. medical.
temporary lost labor ability at the a case rate. temporary lost labor
industrial enterprise: ability".
40. Head of department and a trade-union *To keep the To discharge from The leaf of A ambulatory To shift a solution
group have addressed to the head of worker on a post office the worker disability. medical card . of this problem on
hospital about dismissal of the senior with the prevention with, i.e. to satisfy other officials or
nurse that works during 17 years. The of dismissal in case demands of public
facts of charge were confirmed and of repeated collective. organizations.
recognized as the main nurse. This nurse violation of a labor
lives with a daughter (which does not discipline.
work, she is divorced) and 9 month
grandson. Make a solution from items of
41. On the basis of the application form of *To conduct To not accept any To discharge from To notify the chief To transmit the
parents and explanatory note from the service activity. office the senior of medical service official report og
senior nurse of reception department the investigation by sister. about excess by him chief of medical
chief of medical service sent the official results of which to the official duties . service to the chief
report to the head of hospital about realize the of a reception
granting for a money by the senior nurse administrative department for
of hospital the medicines from order according to acceptance of
humanitarian fundfor treatment the child . the revealed effective measures
What should make the head of hospital in circumstances. He for elimination
this situation from items of management? should to inform henceforth similar
the chief of practice.
medical service ,
and in case of
of the facts inform
the collective.
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42. 25 unorganized children in the age 2 -3 *50. 20. 40. 100. 200.
year will be observed on a pediatric
district it in the current year . What
scheduled number of initial visitations will
make to this group of children?
43. The child is 6 years old. For one year of *I-st. II-d. III (a). III (b). III (c).
observation he has URI duration 8 days.
Physical worked out satisfactory. Define
group of health:
44. The 9 years child with diagnosis “chronic *III (a). II-d. I-st. III (b). III (c).
tonsillitis” stands dispanserization control.
For 1 year of observation there was one
exacerbation of disease. Physical
condition is satisfactory. The general state
is not infringed. Define group of health:
45. The employee was invalid during 6 *MSEC. Head physician of DCC. DCC together with Deputy a head
months in connection with fracture of a the polyclinic. the head physician physician on a
hip. Who has the right to authorize for of a polyclinic. working capacity.
issue a leaf of disability for the last 2
46. The employee 6.03.2001 made abortion *For 12 days. For 3 days. For 4 days. For 10 days. For 11 days.
under medical signs and she was in a
hospital till 17.03.2001. On what term the
leaf of disability is issued to her?
47. The man of 38 years was admitted in the *Specialized DCC. The head Interdistrict general Regional MSEC.
hospital from a place of job in July 19, (trоumatologic) physician of a MSEC.
concerning fracture of a hip. He was MSEC. polyclinic.
invalid till November 19. Requires
prolongation of treatment. Who solves the
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problem on the further temporary

48. What is the maximum duration the leaf of *2 months. Week. 2 weeks. Month. 10 months
disability during tuberculosis?
49. The engineer - chemist in age of 47 years *DCC. A head physician. The attending The chief of shop. MSEC.
often and duratingly is sick of physician.
occupational disease of a skin. Who makes
a decision to transfer him to other job
50. The patient with high temperature was *The reference on The leaf of The leaf of The leaf of What document is
addressed on a medical assistant's health remission of job is disability for 1 day disability about 3 disability for 3 days not issued.
center in the evening . The fact of issued in a night is issued. days is issued. is issued.
temporary lost labour ability was fixed. duty, which in the
Indicate the order of examination in this subsequent is used
case? for issue of a
medical sertificate
by date of the
previous day.
51. They took the sample from 5 tons milk *sell but inform write off for animal technical sell without do product away
batch. In the lab analysis it was defined: customers about feeding utilization limitations
fat content 2\%, specific density 1,04 milk quality
g/cm3, acidity 21оТ, reductase probe –
weak positive. What way is the product to
be used in? Please advise.
52. The adolescent of 15 years old was *retinole deficit Thiamine deficit Biotin deficit Folic acid deficit Napthtochynones
brought to the hospital with complaints on deficit
poor night vision. Objectively: increased
darkness adaptation time, Bitot’s spots on
conjuctiva. The patient skin is dry, scales
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off, folliculitis signs of the face skin are

present. What is a cause of thedisease?
53. The student has devices: Geiger counter, *Krotov’s Ebert’s counter Geiger’s counter Mischuk’s device Ebert’s device
Ebert counter, Krotov’s apparatus, apparatus
Mischuk device, Ebert device. What
device can he use to assess air germ
54. The student has devices: Geiger counter, *Ebert’s device Ebert’s counter Geiger’s counter Mischuk’s device Krotov’s apparatus
Ebert counter, Krotov’s apparatus,
Mischuk device, Ebert device. What
device can he use to assess meat quality
55. The student has devices: Geiger counter, *Geiger’s counter Ebert’s counter Krotov’s apparatus Mischuk’s device Ebert’s device
Ebert counter, Krotov’s apparatus,
Mischuk device, Ebert device. What
device can he use to assess air
56. Patient with thyreotoxicisis is in the 2 beds *discomfortable non-effective poor lighting high level of noise all conditions are
hospital ward of therapeutic department. microclimate ventilation OK
The area of the ward is 18 m2, height 3 m,
ventilation rate 2,5 /hr. Air temperature -
20оС, relative humidity 45\%, air
movement velocity 0,3 m/s, light
coefficient 1/5, noise level 30 dB. Do
hygienic assessment of the conditions
57. Mrs. Т., 33 years old works as the *obesity schizophrenia paradontosis common cold uterine
secretary. Her diet contains 150 g of fibromyoma
protein (including 100 g of animal), 200 g
of fat, 600 g of carbohydrates. What
pathology can effect this diet?
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58. A girl 9 years old, has an average height *2nd group 1st group 3rd group 4th group 5th group
and harmonic growth development. She
was ill with acute respiratory infection for
five times. Define the group of her health.
59. An anestesiologist gives narcosis to the *air pollution with improper high level of noise mental overfatigue compelled working
patient, he uses a non-reversive contour. anesthetic occupational pose
Anesthetic is halothane. Air temperature microclimate
in the operation room is 21°С, humidity
50\%, level of noise 30 dB. What
occupational hazards is the principal one
in these conditions?
60. Student В. lives in the canalized house in *160-200 l 10-15 l 50-100 l 300-400 l 500 l
the flat with complete set of sanitary
equipment (WC, bath, shower, local water
heater). How much water consumption has
he got? А: 10-15 l В: 50-100 l
+С: 160-200 l D: 300-400 l Е:
500 l
61. What guarantees from the preconceived * Sanction of Draw up a statement Conduct an inquiry Utilisation copy of Conduct forensic
attitude to the physician in cases of public prosecutor, about forensic by preliminary medical documents medical
professional law violations do you know? conduct an inquiry medical investigator of examination by
by preliminary examination police department district forensic
investigator of medicine expert
prosecutor’s office,
committee of
62. All enumerated included all kinds of * Structure Primary Addition, repeated Committee Complex
forensic medical documents with the
exemption of:
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Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

63. Patient M., 37 years old. He came to the Laparotomy, Drainage of the Survey the wound Aseptic bandage. Suture the wound
clinic wounded after an hour.On the suevey organs of wound with rubber with canal probe.
abdominal skin there is pain around abdominal cavity. strip.
umbilicus due to prick and cut wound of Primary surgical
about 0,5 x 1 sm with slight bleeding. processing of the
What help would you provide to the wound.
64. The patient K. is 23 years old. He has Primary surgical Suture wound. Suture wound and Dry wound with Aseptic dressing of
wounded left arm due to the gunfire. The Processing with a dry it. towel gauzes. the wound.
bones of the arm are undamaged. What flowing suction.
appropriate surgical help must be provided
to such a patient?
65. If a chield has attached fingers in his right Synductylia Polyductilia Macroductilia Ectroductylia Ectromelia
hand, then what will be your diagnosis?
66. Patient K., 34 years old. A dog bit him 3 Wash wound with Aseptic bandage. Cream bandage. Complete suture of Incomplete suture
hours before. In the left arm there is detergent water and the wound. of the wound.
wound by the tooth of dog`s bitc without apply anti-septic.
bleeding . What surgical help would you
provide to such a patient?
67. Patient K., 37 years old complains of pain Phlebit Phlegmon Abscess Inflammation of Arizipeloid
in the right arm, which increases during lymph
motion, increase body temperature upto
39° C. In the right cubital fossa there is a
frace of injection, hyperemia and
thickening along the vein. Your diagnosis?
68. What developes most often after * Cardiac Cushing’s Kutling’s Deylads's Acute pancreatitis.
accidental intake of Hydrochloric acid: insufficiency. syndrome. syndrome. syndrome.
69. Purulent medisatinitis is diagnosed on a * Cervical Deep nech Perforation of the Perforation of the Iatrogenic injury of
63 year old patient. What of the below lymfadinitis. phlegmon. cervical part of the thoracic the the trachea.
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

listed diseases are not the cause of easophagus. easophagus.

purulent mediasdtinitis?
70. The diagnosis of Right sided *Surgical Antiinflammation Symptomatic Pleural puncture. Thoracotomy.
pnuemothorax is made to a 36 year old treatment: therapy. therapy.
patient. What method of treatment is Drainage of the
indicated to the patient? pleural cavity.
71. The diagnosis – melanoma was made to a * Peytz – Egers’s Chron’s disease. Tuberculosis of the Adolescent Hirschprung’s
16 year old patient after examination with polyposis. intestine. polyposis. disease.
complaints of frequent pain in the
abdomen, pigmentation of the mucosa and
skin, polyp in the stomach and large
intestine was found. It is know that the
mother of the patient analogous
pigmentation and was treated often for
anemia What disease is suspected?
72. What developes in cases with * Isotonic Hypertonic Hypotonic Intoxication. Renal
decompensated pyloric stenosis: dehydration. dehydration dehydration. insufficiency.
73. A 35 year old woman was admitted to * Abcsess of the Complication of Bronchectatic Actinomycosis of Tuberculosis of
thoracic surgery department with elevation lungs liver echinococcosis disease lungs lungs
of body temperature upto 40 0 C, onset of
pain with deep breath in the side, cough
with big quantity of purulent sputum and
blood with bad smell. What disease causes
these symptoms?
74. A 38 year old woman was hospitalized to * Acute Renal colic Acute enterocolitis Perforative gastric Acute appendicitis
the surgical unit with acute abdominal pancreatitis ulcer
pain irradiating to the spine and vomiting.
On laparocentesis hemmorhagic fluid is
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

obtained. What disease is suspected?

75. Which of the listed below opertion are not *Gastrostomy Resection of 2/3 - Vagotomy + Vagotomy + Suturing of the
done in cases of perforative duodenal 3/4 of the stomach Pyloroantrumecto resection of the ulcer
ulcers ? my ulcer
76. Classical X-ray image of intestinal *Gas and Filling defect High positioned Reactive pleuritis Pneumatosis
obstrustion is: horizontal levels diaphragm
77. Contraindications for operation in acute * Hemodynamic Functional Purulent and septic Peritonitis Erosive bleeding
pancreatitis are: unstability and insufficiency of the complications
pancreatogenic parenchymatous
shock organs
78. A 41 year old patient was admitted to the * Introduction of Intravenous Hemostatic Operation Administration of
intensive care unit with hemorrhagic obturator administration of therapy plasma
shock due to gastric bleeding. He has a nasogastric tube. pituitrin
history of hepatitis B during the last 5
years. The source of bleeding are
esophageal veins. What is the most
effective method for control of the
79. At the patient of 34 years of age you * Digital research Rectoromanoscopy Laparoscopy Percusion and R-scopy of
suspect an abscess of Douglas spaces. of rectum auscultation of a abdominal cavity
What method of research is preferable to stomach
80. What from the listed operations in * Sewing up Resection of Resection of Selective proximal Truncal vagotomy
treatment of ulcer of stomach and perforative ulcer stomach by Bilrot I stomach by Bilrot vagotomy with pyloroplastic
duodenum is carried out only under II
emergency indications?
81. With the restrained umbilateral hernia * Herniotomy by Herniotomy by Herniotomy by Herniotomy by Herniotomy by
which has become complicated by Meio-Sapegko Meio Sapegko Lekser Grenov
phlegmon hernial, it is necessary to make
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

for patient:
82. What treatment is shown for the patient of * Conservative Emergency Urgent operation Antifermental Laparoscopic
63 years of age with an attack of bilious treatment operation after cupping an therapy cholecystotomy
colic, caused by gall-bladder stones? attack
83. Choose correct tactics at the patient of 53 * Operative Only conservative Emergency Scheduled Nasogastral
years of age at the initial stage of treatment at an treatment operation operation intubation
obturative intestinal obstruction inefficiency of
84. 52-year-old man have recurrent transient * Ultrasound CT of the brain MRI of the brain. Cerebral Electroencephalogr
ischemic attacks. Auscultation of the dopplerography angiography aphy
carotid arteries detected murmur. What
diagnostic method is necessary to apply
the first?
85. On dispensary supervision at theraputist *Uterus body Gulet Liver External sexual Uterus neck
are the patients with diabetes mellitus, organs
hypertonic disease, obesity. The cancer
with what localizations in this group is
necessary to expect with a high degree of
86. For the persons who are taking place in a * Thyroid gland Skin. Reproduction Breast Lungs
zone of failure on nuclear object, the system organs
greatest risk of development within the
first decade is represented by cancer:
87. 40 year old a patient is diagnosed: 1. * Operation Operation on Krail’s operation Subtotal resection Vanach’s operation
Medular thyroid gland cancer. 2. concerning thyroid gland of thyroid gland and
Feochromatcitoma. What operation should feochromatcitoma fascicular resection
be made at first? of limphatic nodes
88. To the doctor 28 years old a woman has * Incision biopsy Yaks’s reaction Radioisotope Termography Glass-print
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

addressed with the complaints to increase diagnostics

of the size of pigment nevus which was
available from birth, get wetting, itch.
What method of research should not be
applied to diagnostics in this case?
89. A boy 10 years old complains on pain of *Staining test with X-rey examination Tonometria Gonioscopia Cornea sensation-
left eye and strong photophobia after 1\% fluorescein of orbit test
trauma his left eye by a pencil at the
school. Left eye examination :
blepharospasm, ciliary and conjunctival
congestion, cornea is transparent, other
parts of eyeball – without changes. Visus
0,9. Right eye is health, Visus 1,0. What
additional method do you choose first of
90. 27 years old woman complains on * Dexamethazon Tropicamid 1\% Laevomicetin Glucosa 40 \% Acyclovir 3\%
photophobia, watering and dimness of 0,1\% 0,25\%
vision on right eye. During examination of
this eye ciliary congestion and branch-like
infiltration of the cornea, which stains
with fluorescein, were observed. What
eye-drops are contra-indicated ?
91. Within three weeks a patient had violation *X-ray of paranasal Computer Bacteriology Punction of the General blood
of nasal respiration, mucopurulent sinuses tomography of a analysis of the maxillar sinus analises
discharges from a nose, headache. At skull nasal mucous
anterior rhinoscopy in middle nasal
meathus the stria of pus, edema,
hyperemia of the mucosa of the nose have
been determined. What diagnostic method
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Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

is necessary for assigning first of all?

92. The patient with an acute middle purulent *Mastoidotomy Paracentesis of the Radical operation Tympanoplasty Cateterization of
otitis complicated by mastoiditis has been drum on the middle ear the Eustachian tube
admitted to hospital. On roentgenogram of
mastoid processes the shading of the
cellular system on the lesion, absence of
bone septs have been marked. What are
medical actions in the second stage of
93. A woman, 35 years old, admitted to * РаСО2 and РаО2 Respiratory volume Respiratory Minute respiratory Determination of
reanimation department in asthmatic state. volume volume “dead” space
What is most trustworthy criterion of
breath effectively?
94. Increasing of central venous pressure is * Addition of Blood deposition in Shunting Hypervolemia Growth of bleeding
marked on the base of decreasing arterial cardiac venous channel speed
pressure during the dynamic investigation insufficiency
of it at victim with plural combined
injuries. What is this combination
evidence of?
95. What kind of injures is offen happened * Crash syndrome. C.F.T. [cranio-facial Fracture of upper Fracture of lower Abdominal traumas
while carthquakes? trauma]. extremities. extremities.
96. What kind of injures is often happened * Poisonind of CO Burns Fractures C.F.T. [cranio- Crash - sundrome
while explosions at mines [pits]? facial trauma]
97. The most available and informative *Retrograde Pelvic Cystography Sonography of the Palpation and
diagnostic methods for closed trauma of cystography artheriography urinary bladder percussion of
the urinary bladder: abdomen
98. In order to differentiate diagnosis of *Catheterisation of Analysis of urine Analysis of the Excretory None of the above]
anuria and ishuria you should accomplish: the urinary bladder blood urography
99. All undermentioned is correct with respect *Postoperative Hematuria and colic Tumor is often Men are ailing more Treatment –
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

to the tumors of renal pelvis and ureter radiation and take place multiple one frequently nephrurenerectomy
besides: chemotherapy [ with resection of
improve survival the urinary bladder]
100. Female-patient Z.,of 27 years old, was * Supination of the Load along the axis Direct blow. Pronation of the Load along the axis
admitted to the clinic with complaints of foot. with planter flexion foot. with dorsal flexion
pain in right ankle joint, non-bearable of foot. of foot.
extremity. On the clinical examination:
the patient had a fracture of anterior part
of distal metaepiphisis of tibia [Pott-
Desto`s fracture]. What is the mechanism
of such an injury?
101. Patient K.,of 22 years old, was admitted to * At right angle In position of In position of In position of In position of
trauma center with complaints of pain in with varus planter flexion of pronation supination. dorsal flexion of
left ankle joint, which increased while positioning of the foot. foot.
movements and weight bearing. On the foot.
clinical examination it was found, that the
patient had the closed fracture of medial
malleolus without displacement. In which
position the foot has to be fixed in plaster
102. Female-patient K, of 45 years old, was * At right angle In position of In position of In position of In position of
admitted to the traumatological ward with with varus planter flexion of pronation. supination. dorsal flexion of
the closed fracture of the medial positioning of the foot. foot.
malleolus with its displacement up to 3 foot.
mm. In which position the foot has to be
fixed with a plaster cast?
103. What wall of the inguinal canal is *Anterior Posterior Inferior Superior Posterior-inferior
strngthenel in case of indirect inguinal
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

104. Triangl Callot is orientation for exposure *Cystic artery Cystic duct Common bill duct Common hepatic Hepatic artery
of: duct
105. The 10 years old child has complaints on *Acute Acute Dysmetabolic Acute cystitis Urolithiasis
fever [39?], frequent painful urination pyelonephritis. glomerulonephritis nephropathy
[pollakiuria]. Urinalysis: proteinuria
[0,066 g/l], leukocytouria [entirely within
eyeshot], bacteriuria [105 colony forming
units/ml]. Which diagnosis is the most
106. The 8 years old boy has suffered from *Prednisone Cefazolin Delagil Diprazinum Erythromycin
angina. In 2 weeks he has complaints on
migratory joint pain, joint oedema and
restriction of movement, fever. After
examination there was diagnosed acute
rheumatic heart disease, activity of III-rd
degree, primary rheumo-carditis,
polyarthritis; acute course, cardio-vascular
insufficiency IIA. Which of medicines
should be prescribed?
107. The 10 years old boy suffered from angina *Acute rheumatic Systemic lupus Juvenile Reiter’s disease Reactive arthritis
2 weeks ago has complaints on joint pain heart disease erythematosus rheumatoid
and impossibility of movement in left arthritis
knee and right elbow. There was fever
[38,50] and ankle dysfunction,
enlargement of cardiac dullness on 2 cm,
tachycardia, weakness of 1st sound, gallop
rhythm, weak systolic murmur near apex.
Which diagnosis corresponds to such
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

108. The child is 1,5 years old. Symptoms: *Enzymes + Cholepoietic+adapt Н2-blockaders + Vitamins+antibiotic Vitamins +
chronic cough with purulent sputum, antibiotics ogenetic medicines hepatoprotectors s mucolytics
dyspnea, retardation of physical
development, large amount of stool. Sweat
chloride 150 mEq/l. The child has been ill
since 2nd month of age. Diagnosis: cystic
fibrosis. Choose the best therapy.
109. The 10 years old boy has complaints on *Pneumonia Intestinal infection Acute appendicitis Acute cholecystitis Flu
headache, weakness, fever [400С], croupousa
vomiting, expressed dyspnea, pale skin
with flush on right cheek, lag of right
hemithorax respiratory movement,
dullness on percussion over low lobe of
right lung, weakness of vesicular
respiration in this zone. The abdomen is
painless and soft under palpation. Which
disease lead to these symptoms and signs?
110. The patient with acute respiratory viral *Acute interstitial Acute renal failure Acute Acute cystitis Acute renal colic
infection [3rd day of disease] has nephritis glomerylonephritis
complaints on pain in lumbar region,
nausea, dysuria, oliguria. Urinalysis –
hematuria [100-200 RBC in eyeshot spot],
specific gravity – 1002. The blood
creatinin level is 0,18 mmol/l, potassium
level - 6,4 mmol/l. Make the diagnosis.
111. The baby boy was born at term from 1st * Hemolytic Jaundice due to Hepatitis Physiological Hemolytic disease
pregnancy. The jaundice was revealed at disease of newborn conjugation disorder jaundice of newborn [Rh -
2nd day of life, then it increased. The [АВО incompatibility]
adynamia, vomiting and hepatomegaly incompatibility],
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

were observed. The indirect bilirubin level icteric type

was 275 mcmol/l, the direct bilirubin level
-5 mcmol/l, Hb - 150 g/l.. Mother’s blood
group - 0[I], Rh+, child’s blood group-
A[II], Rh+. Make the diagnosis.
112. The 3 months old infant who is suffering *Respiratory Respiratory failure Respiratory failure Myocarditis Congenital heart
from acute segmental pneumonia reveals failure of III degree of I degree of I degree malformation
dyspnea [respiration rate – 80 per minute],
paradoxical breathing, tachicardia, total
cyanosis. Respiration / pulse ratio is 1:2.
The heart dullness under normal size.
Such signs characterise:
113. The 7 months old infant is suffering from *Ampiox+amicaci Macropen + Penicillin + Gentamycin + Ampiox +
acute pneumonia which was complicated n Penicillin Ampiox Macropen polymixin
by cardiovascular insufficiency and
respiratory failure of II degree. The
accompanied diagnosis is malnutrition of
II degree. Choose the best variant of
114. 3 – year – old child has had fever, cough, * Measles Allergic rash Rubella Scarlet fever Pseudotuberculosis
coryza, conjunctivitis for 4 days. It took
sulfadimethoxine. Today it has fever up to
39 C and maculopapular rash appears on
its face. The rash is on normal background
of the skin. What is your diagnosis?
115. 2 – year – old girl has been ill for 3 days. * Rubella Scarlet fever Measles Adenoviral Pseudotuberculosis
Today she has low – grade fever, severe infection
catarrhal signs, unabudant maculopapular
rash on her buttocks and enlarged
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

occipital lymph nodes. What is your

116. 3-year – old boy fell ill abruptly: fever up * Chloramphenicol Penicillin and Penicillin and Chloramphenicol Ampicillin and
to 39 C, weakness, vomitng.Haemorrhagic succinate and prednisone immunoglobulin succinate and immunoglobulin
rash of various size appear on his lower prednisone interferon
limbs in 5 hours.Meningococcemia with
infective – toxic shock of 1 degree was
diagnosed. What medications should be
117. 5 year old boy fell ill abruptly: fever up to * Purulent Serous meningitis Tuberculous Subarachnoidal Encephalitis
39,8 C, recurrent vomiting, severe meningitis meningitis hemorrhage
headache. Convulsions occur in 3 hours.
Physician found out positive meningeal
sign. Pleocytosis of 2500 cells chiefly
polymorphonuclear cells, elevated protein
concentration and normal glucosa
concentration was found in cerebrospinal
fluid examination. What is your
118. 7 –year – old girl has mild form of *Encephalitis Meningitis Meningoencephalit Myelitis Neurotoxic
varicella. Headache, weakness, is syndrome
vertigo,tremor of her limbs, ataxia, then
mental confusion occur on the 5th day of
illness. Meningeal signs are negative.
Cerebrospinal fluid examination is normal.
How can you explain these sings?
119. 7 year old girl fell ill abruptly: fever, * Scarlet fever Measles Rubella Pseudotuberculosis Enteroviral
headache, severe sore throat, vomiting. infection
Minute bright red rash appear in her
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

reddened skin in 3 hours. It is more

intensive in axillae and groin. Mucous
membrane of oropharynx is hyperemic.
Greyish patches is on the tonsills.
Submaxillary lymph nodes are enlarged
and painful. What is your diagnosis?
120. 8 year – old boy fell ill acutely: fever, * Dysentery Samonollosis Cholera Staphylococcal Escherichiosis
weakness, headache, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis
recurrent vomiting, then diarrhea and
tenesmus. Stools occur 12 times daily, are
scanty, contain a lot of mucus, pus, streaks
of blood. His sigmoid gut is tenderness
and hardened. What is your diagnosis?
121. The 3 months old infant who is suffering *Respiratory Respiratory failure Respiratory failure Myocarditis Congenital heart
from acute segmental pneumonia reveals failure of III degree of I degree of I degree malformation
dyspnea [respiration rate – 80 per minute],
paradoxical breathing, tachicardia, total
cyanosis. Respiration / pulse ratio is 1:2.
The heart dullness under normal size.
Such signs characterise:
122. The 7 months old infant is suffering from *Ampiox+amicaci Macropen + Penicillin + Gentamycin + Ampiox +
acute pneumonia which was complicated n Penicillin Ampiox Macropen polymixin
by cardiovascular insufficiency and
respiratory failure of II degree. The
accompanied diagnosis is malnutrition of
II degree. Choose the best variant of
123. A 14 year old patient. He complains of *Rheumatic Rheumatic Rheumatic Rheumatic Septic endocarditis
chest pain, temperature 38,5, pancarditis pericarditis myocarditis endocarditis
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

breathlessness. He had acute tonsillitis2

weeks ago. He is in a bad state. The skin is
pale. Heart borders are widened, the tones
are weakened. Above all heart area you
can hear pericardium friction sound.
Electrocardiogramm: the descent of
voltage QRS, the inversion T. The liver is
3 sm enlarged. ESR – 4mm/h, ASL – 0 –
1260, C-reaction protein +++. Your
124. The child has complains of the «night» *De-nol – De-nol Maalox-ranitidin Vicalinum-ranitidin Trichopolum
and «hungry» abdominal pains. At Trichopolum –
fibroscopy in area a bulbus ofa duodenum Claritromicin.
the ulcerrative defect a dia of 4 mms is
found, the floor is obtected with a fibrin,
[H.p +]. Administer the optimum schemes
of treatment:
125. The child was born from 5th pregnancy *Replacement Conservative Blood transfusion ( Symptomatic Antibiotics
and 1st delivery. Mother’s blood group - blood transfusion therapy conservative therapy
A[II] Rh-, newborn’s -A[II] Rh+. The ( conservative therapy
level of indirect bilirubin in umbilical therapy
blood was 58 mcmol/l, hemoglobin - 140
g/l, RBC-3,8 T/l. The level of indirect
bilirubin in 2 hours was 82 mcmol/l. The
hemolytic disease of newborn [icteric-
anemic type, Rh-incompatibility] was
diagnosed. Choose the therapeutic tactics.
126. Mother with infant visited the pediatrician *8 10 12 20 6
for expertise advice. Her baby was born
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

with body mass 3,2 kg and of length 50

cm. He is 1 year old now. How many teeth
the baby should has?
127. Mother visited the pediatric for expertise *10,5 kg 9,0 kg 11,0 kg 12,0 kg 15,0 kg
advice. Her son was born with body's
mass 3 kgs and length 48 cm. He's 1 year
old now. What is the required normal
mass ?
128. 6 months infant was born with body's *5 7 6 8 4
mass 3 kg and length 50 cm. He is given
natural feeding. How many times per day
the infant should be fed?
129. Infant is 6.5 months now and is given *2 3 1 0 4
natural feeding since birth. Body mass was
3.5 kg, with length 52 cm at birth. Now
many times per day the supplement [up
feeding] should be given?
130. A 2 months old healthy infant with good *4,0 months 1,5 months 2,0 months 3,0 months 1,0 months
appetite, is given artificial feeding since
1–st month. When is it advised to start the
corrective feeding [fruit juice]?
131. Infant was born with body mass 3 kg and *1 cm left from the 1 cm right from the Along the left 1 cm left from he 1 cm right from the
of length 50 cm. Now he is 3 years old. left left medioclavicular medioclavicular left parasternal line left parasternal line
His brother is 7 years, suffers from medioclavicular line line
rheumatic fever. Mother requested the line
doctor for a cardiac check up for the 3
years old son. Where is the left relative
heart border located?
132. A 7-year-old girl suffers from bronchial *Both types of Fine budding rales Sebelent dry rales Coarse bubling Crepitation rales
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

asthma. In spring, usually she has a rales rales

bronchial attack. What was the conclusion
after auscultation of the lungs?
133. Boy, 7 year old, had an attack of asphyxia *Epidermal Dust Pollen Itch mite Chemical
and distant whistling rale after playing
with a dog. In the anamnesis: atopic
dermatitis caused by eating eggs, chicken,
beef. What group of allergins is the reason
of the development of bronchial astma
134. A 14 year old boy has rheumatism. During *Prolonged Acute Subacute Latent Persistent-
2 years he has transfered 3 rheumatic Reccurent
attacks. What course of rheumatism does
the patient have?
135. The patient with aquired heart failure has *Aortal stenosis Mitral stenosis Aortal Mitral insufficiency Rheumatism
diastolic pressure 0 mm Hg. What heart insufficiency
failure does the child have?
136. Child [12 years old] has the ulcer disease Helicobacter *Intestinal bacillus Salmonella Lambliosis Influenza
of stomach. What is the etiology of this pylory
137. A nine year old child is in hospital with *Carbohydrates Salt Liquid Proteins Fats
acute glomerulonephritis. Clinical and
laboratory show the acute condition. What
food is not limited during the acute period
of glomerulonephritis?
138. An 18 month child, taken to hospital on *Segmentary Grippe Bronchitis Bronchiolitis Interstitial
the 4-th day of the disease. The disease pneumonia pneumonia
began acutely with temperature 39,
weakness, cough, breathlessness. He is
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

pale has cyanosis, febrile temperature for

more than 3 days. There are crepitative
fine bubbling rales at the auscultation.
Percussion sound is shortened in right
under scapula area. X-ray picture:
unhomogenius segment infiltration 8-10 in
the right, the increase of vascular picture,
unstructural rools. Your diagnosis:
139. 9 year old patient. She has fitlike *Biliary tracts Hepatocirrhosis Acute colitis Chronic duodenum Ulcer disease
abdominal pains after fried food. No fever. dyskinesia,
She has the pain in point Cera. The liver is hypotonic type.
not enlarged. Portion B [duodenal probe] -
5 ml. Your diagnosis:
140. A growth of the right side of the scrotum * palpation of the diaphanoscоpy palpation of the punction of the examination of the
was found at the examination of a 3- thickened cord, external inguinal scrotum formation in
month-old child. This formation has crossing the ring Trendelenburg’s
elastic consistency, its size decreases in pubical tubercule position
sleep and increases when the child is [ sign of the silk
crying. What investigation will be glove];
helpful for make a correct diagnosis?
141. A rounded shadow with well defined * Ganglionevroma Sympatoblastoma Ganglioneuroblast Sympatogonioma. Sarcoma of the
outlines was found at the costo-vertebral oma. vertebra .
angle on the chest X-ray roentgenogram of
the otherwise healthy 9-year-old girl .
Make a preliminary diagnosis.
142. A baby was born at 36 weeks of gestation. *erythrocytes intravascular disturbance of the condensing of bile mechanical
Delivery was normal, by natural way. The hemolisis hemolisis conjugative obstruction of the
baby has a large cefalohematoma. The function of the bile fall.
results of blood count are: Hb 120g\l, Er hepar
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

3,5T\l, total serum bilirubin 123mmol\l,

direct -11mmol\l, indirect - 112mmol\l.
What are causes of hyperbilirubinemya in
this case?
143. A 4-month-old girl with blond hair and *Positive urine High level of High level of High concentration Low level of
blue eyes has “mousy” odor of sweat and ferric chloride test oxyproline in urine glycosaminoglyca of chlorides in thyroid gland
urine, delayed psychomotoric nes in urine sweat hormones in blood
development. Mostly typical laboratory
data for this disorder is
144. A newborn girl has congenital *Shereshevsky- Klinefelter Down syndrome Edwards syndrome Patau syndrome
lymphedema of the hands and feet, short Turner syndrome syndrome
neck with loose skin, antimongoloid slant
of palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds. In
epithelial cells of buccal scrape X-
chromatin [Barr body] is absent.
Diagnosis is
145. A 52-year-old patient with previously * IHD. Unstable Cardialgia due to IHD. Functional Myocarditis Myocardial
functional Class П angina complains of 5 angina spine problem Class П angina. dystrophy
days of intensified and prolonged
retrosternal pains, decreased exercise
tolerance. Angina is less responsive to
Nitroglycerinum. Which of the following
diagnosis is most likely?
146. An ECG of postinfartional [a year ago] * Septal and Anterolateral Anterior Inferior Postrolateral
patient shows pathological QS waves in anterior
leads VI-V3, I, aVL. Determine the
location of old myocardial infarction.
147. A 52-year-old patient has hypervolaemic * Hypothiazid Dibazol Clophelin Kapoten Nifedipin
type of essential hypertension. Which of
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

the following is necessary to prescribe

either as monotherapy, or in a complex
with other antihypertensive remedies?
148. A 62-year-old patient complains of rest * CHF-2 B CHF- 1 CHF- 2 А CHF-0 CHF-3
dyspnea, heart pains. 3 years ago he had
myocardial infarction. Physical
examination: orthopnea, acrocyanosis,
swollen cervical veins. Pulse – 92, total
heart enlargement, the liver is enlarged
by 7 cm, shin edema. What is the stage of
chronic heart failure [CHF]?
149. A patient, aged 49, complains of fever of * Phonocardiography Ballistocardiogram Chest x-ray ECG
37,5 0С, heart pain, dyspnea. S1 is Echocardiography+
clapping; S2 is accentuated in the aortic Doppler-
area; opening snap, presystolic murmur Echocardiography
are auscultated. What is the most useful
investigation for valvular disorder
150. Physical examination of a person with * All of them Low diaphragm Hyperresonant Hyperinflated lungs Expansion of
chronic bronchitis reveals expansion of percussion note intercostal spaces
intercostal spaces, hyperresonant
percussion note, decreased whispered
voice sounds. Chest x-ray shows
hyperinflated lungs, low and flattened
diaphragm. Which of the signs is helpful
in diagnosing lung emphysema?
151. A patient with nosocomial pneumonia * Septic shock Exudative pleuritis Bronchial Toxic hepatitis Emphysema
presents signs of collapse. Which of the obstruction
following pneumonia complications is
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

most likely to be accompanied with

152. A 38-year-old patient has been treated in a * Cephalosporins Penicillin Erythromycin Tetracycline Streptomycin
hospital. A fever of 39 C, chest pain which of the Ш
is worsened by breathing, cough, brownish generation
sputum appeared on the 7th day of the
treatment. Chest x ray shows left lower
lobe infiltrate. Which of the following is
the treatment of choice for this patient?
153. A patient, aged 48, complains of heaviness * Liver cirrhosis Cancer of the liver Cancer of the head Gallstones Viral hepatitis B
in the right hypochondrium, itching of the of pancreas
skin. Repeatedly he had been treated in
infectious diseases hospital due to icterus
and itch. Objectively: meteorism, ascitis,
dilation of abdominal wall veins,
protruded navel, spleen enlargement.
Diagnosis is:
154. A 27-year-old man complains of pains in * Gastritis of type Gastritis of A type Reflux - gastritis Menetrier's gastritis Rigid antral
epigastrium which are relieved by food B gastritis
intake. EGDFS shows antral erosive
gastritis, biopsy of antral mucous presents
Hеlicobacter Pylori. Diagnosis is:
155. A man, aged 25, presents with facial * Acute Acute Cancer of the Urolithiasis Chronic
edema, moderate back pains, body glomerulonephritis pyelonephritis kidney glomerulonephritis
temperature of 37,5 С, BP 180/100
mmHg, hematuria [ up to 100 in v/f],
proteinuria [2,0 g/L], hyaline casts - 10 in
v/f., specific gravity -1020. The onset of
the disease is probably connected with
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

acute tonsillitis 2 weeks ago. The most

likely diagnosis is:
156. A patient had stomach resection a year * Iron-deficiency B12-deficiency Сhronic Aplastic anemia Chronic lymphoid
ago. He complains of general weakness, anemia anemia myeloleukosis leukosis
giddiness. Blood count: Er 2,6 g/L, Hb 80
g/L, C.ind 0.7, L – 3.7 g/L, reticulocytes
1\%, segm 56\%, lymp 34\%, mon. 6\%,
ESR 17 mm/hour. Erythrocytes are
hypochromic; there are anisocytosis &
poikilo-cytosis. Fe of serum 5 mkmol/L.
Diagnosis is:
157. A patient of 62 years with DM-2. Diabetes * Prescribe the Give Glurenorm in To continue with Prescribe the drugs Prescribe guanyl
is being compensated by diet and drugs of an insulin place of Maninilum. the current therapy of insulin of long guanidines
Maninilum. Pаtient has to undergo an of short activity activity
operation for inguinal hernia. What should
be tactics of hypoglycemic therapy?
158. A 33-year-old lady has been suffering * DM 1st type, DM 2nd type, DM 1st type, DM 2nd type, DM 1st type,
from DM for 5 years. The last 3 years she severe form, severe form, severe form, moderate form, severe form,
has taken more than 100 units of insulin decompensation, decompensation subcompensation, Zabrodi decompensation,
per day. Body weight has increased up to insulin resistant Somoji phenomenon allergic response
10 kg. Fasting blood glucose is 13 phenomenon on insulin
mmol /L, glucoseuria - 3\%. Generalized
microangiopathy. By increasing the dose
of insulin the parameters of glycemia do
not change. The diagnosis is:
159. A patient of 32 complains of severe * Diffuse toxic Diffuse euthyroid Chronic Chronic fibrous Toxiferous
weakness, tremor of extremities. Objective goiter of the 3rd goiter of the 3rd autoimmune thyroiditis adenoma of the
examination: body weight loss, wet & degree, degree. thyroiditis, thyroid gland
warm skin. The thyroid gland is enlarged thyrotoxicosis of hypertrophic type
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

up to the 3rd degree, painless, elastic. the average degree

Pulse: 108. BP- 160\55 mmHg.
Everything else is normal. The diagnosis
160. In the development of the inflammation * Phospholipase Arachidonic acid Lipoxygenasе Cyclooxygenase – 1 Cyclooxygenase –
processes glucocorticoids reduce the level A2 2
of a certain most important active enzyme.
It results also in the reducing of the
synthesis of prostaglandins and
leukotrienes which has a key-role in the
development of the inflammation
processes. Give the exact term of this
161. А patient is suffering of a chronic heart * Indomethacin Digoxin Furosemide Panangin Riboxinum
insufficiency [degree II; phase A]. The
patient has been given a proper therapeutic
treatment along with furosemide. Later the
patient developed a lumbosacral nerve
root syndrom. To reduce the acute pains
the doctor prescribed a certain agents,
which lowered the effect of furosemide.
Give the name of this medicine.
162. Which of the following is used for PPD-L standard ATK tuberculin PPD-L diluted in Dry pure tuberculin Tuberculin in the
tuberculin diagnosis in the masses dilution of 2 TU 5 TU in 0,1 ml form of ungutum
in 0,1 ml
163. Vaccination of BCG should be conducted 5 days 3 months 10 days 12 months 5 years
164. In a male aged 25 focal shadowings of Focal Disseminated Miliary Fibro-cavernous Tuberculoma
small and medium intensity with unequal
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

contours in the 1st and 2nd segments of

the right lung were revealed during
prophylactic photoroentgenography
investigation. Which clinical form can be
suspected in this patient?
165. Neonate of 5 days. What vaccination dose 0.05 мg 0.025 мg 0.075 мg 0.1 мg 0.2 мg
of BCG vaccine [in мg] is necessary for
vaccination of this child?
166. A 39-year-old woman applied to a doctor *Cytodiagnosis Test for LE-cells Detection of Detection of Detection of
with the complaints of monomorphous after Tzanck Lanhgerhans’ giant Meisner’s eosinophiles in the
eruption on the skin of the trunk and cells corpuscles contents of the
mouth mucosa. Pemphigus vulgaris has bullae
been diagnosed on the base of the clinical
picture. What cytological test verifies the
167. A 32-year-old man divorced, has an *Wasserman test, T. pallidum Detection of the Consultation of CBC
irregular sexual life. He complains of IFT Immobilization Test nasal mucouse for neuropathist
falling out of hair in the region of [TPI] Micobacterium
eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp. Objectively: Leprae Hansen
diffuse alopecia is observed, eyebrow
margin is absent, eyelashes are stair-like
[Pinkus’s sign].What investigation should
be carried out first of all?
168. A triad of symptoms [“stearing spot”, *Psoriasis Lichen ruber planus Vasculitis Seborrhea Ritter’s disease
“terminal film”, “blood dew”] have been
revealed in a patient. What disease should
yoe think about?
169. A woman 26 years old has abused alcohol * Treatment of Medical abortion Decrease of Participation in the Gyneacological
for 7 years. She has psychological alcoholism and full alcohol use A-ANON group observation
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

dependence on alcohol, but no withdrawal abstinance from

syndrome. Drinks almost every day alcohol during all
approximately 50 – 100 gr. of wine. Is at the period of
her 4-th week of pregnancy. Primary pregnancy
prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome
170. Patient N., 27 years old was hospitalized * Supportive Long-term Psychiatric Participation in a Psychoanalytic
to the psychiatric hospital for the 4-th time treatment with hospitalization observation self-help group treatment
during 2 years. Heard voices commenting neuroleptics of
on his actions, had delusions of prolonged action
persecution [was sure that the Mafia
wanted to kill him]. After a course of
treatment with neuroleptics was
discharged from hospital with the
diagnosis of schizophrenia, state of
remission. The secondary prevention of
the relapses of schizophrenia requires:
171. Patient K, male, 19 years old, has suffered * All the above Supervision of a Physical work Supervision of None of the above
moderate mental retardation since mentioned social worker under supervision relations [ if any] mentioned
childhood. Is illiterate, can take care of
himself, do simple household work and
other kinds of easy work under
supervision. His rehabilitation [tertiary
prevention] requires:
172. Patient F., male, 16 years old was behind * Chromosome Gene abnormality Maternal alcohol Pathological Infection in mother
other children in development since early abnormality abuse during delivery during pregnancy
childhood and still has moderate mental pregnancy
retardation. He is short, has dismorphic
body, his face is round, flattened, his eyes
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

are narrow and slanted, and there are

epicantial folds in the corners of his eyes.
There is only one transversal flexor line on
his palms. What is the probable etiology
of this state?
173. Patient A., male, 27 years old came to * Severe stress Adjustment disorder Environmental Patient’s Endogenic factors
consult a psychiatrist with the following factors personality features
complaints: after a bad car accident, the
victim of which he was and in which his
wife was killed, he suffered depression,
anxiety, flash-backs of the event, sleep
disorders and nightmares about the
accident. He also had emotional numbness
and fatigue. The cause of the disorder
174. A female patient 28 years old, became * Hypothalamus Frontal lobes Pituitary Hippocampus Corpus callosum
depressed, her mood is melancholic; this
state is associated with hypobulia,
hypokinesia, slow speed of thinking. Her
attitude towards her past present and
future is pessimistic. The pathogenetic
mechanism of this state is supposed to
involve dysfunction in the:
175. A patient, while making repairs at home, * Petit mal, Grand mal, epilepsy Jacksonian fit, Disphoria, epilepsy Twilight state,
suddenly stood quite still with the painting epilepsy epilepsy epilepsy
brush in his hand. This state lasted for a
few seconds. After that the patent was
rather confused, for some moments he
couldn’t understand what was happening.
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

He totally forgot the state he was in and

the events around him, occurring while he
was in that state. Name the disorder:
176. The observed patient’s movements are * Catatonic stupor, Depressive stupor, Apathetic stupor, Psychogenic stupor, Dissociative stupor,
retarded, she answers no questions. shizophrenia bipolar disorder shizophrenia stress disorder dissociative
Sometimes she spontaneously stays in psychosis
strange postures. It is possible to set
[form] her body and limbs into different
positions artificially. If the psychiatrist
lifts her arm or leg, so that she remains
standing on the other leg, the patient can
stay in such a position for quite a long
time. Name the probable disorder:
177. Patient T., female, 35 years old, suffers * All the above Individual approach Gradual beginning Continuous long- None of the above
from epileptic fits since she was 15 years mentioned term treatment mentioned
old. She has seizures during which she
loses consciousness, falls down and has
tonic and clonic convulsions. The fits
occur once a week. What are the main
principles of treetment in epilepsy?
178. What auscultative data are watched in * The clinical Bronchial breathing. Amphoric Dry whistling rales. Moist fine bubbling
bronchoectatic disease? picture depends on breathing. rales [non-
full or empty consonating].
bronchiectasia and
on caliber of
179. What from enumerated syndromes is main * Syndrome of Syndrome of Syndrome of Syndrome of Syndrome of
in acute diffuse bronchitis ? muco-ciliary bronchial respiratory pulmonary tissues pulmonary tissues
insufficiency. obstruction. insufficiency. insufficiency. augmented
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

180. The primary bronchopneumonia more * Complication of Complication of Complication of Complication of Complication of
often arises as … acute bronchitis. pneumorrhagia. stagnation of blood infarct of the lungs. pneumoconiosis.
in the lungs.
181. What auscultative data of the lungs does in * Bronchial Crepitation. Moist consonating Moist non- Increased vesicular
lobar pneumonia exist at stage of breathing. rales. consonating rales. breathing.
hepatization ?
182. What is the basic of crepitation ? * The separation of Existence of Existence of a Stenosis of a clear Friction of the
alveoli during bronchiectasis filled cavern containing space of bronchus. inflamed pleural
inspiration on walls by pus. liquid and air. layers during
of which the fibrin respiration.
has put.
183. Sputum “full mouth” [is more often in * Bronchoectatic Pulmonary Focal pneumonia. Acute bronchitis. Empyema of
morning time] is characteristic for: disease. tuberculosis. pleura.
184. What is auscultated in syndrome of * Pathological Intensified vesicular Decreased Harsh. Amphoric
infiltration of pulmonary tissue ? bronchial breathing. vesicular breathing.
breathing. breathing, dry
185. When can pulmonary bleeding arise ? * Bronchoectatic Diffuse catarrhal Bronchiolitis. Lobar pneumonia in Bronchopneumonia
disease. bronchitis. a stage of red .
186. What auscultative phenomenon arises at * Harsh. Moist fine bubbling Crepitation. Moist medium Vesiculo-bronchial
beginning of acute bronchitis ? rales. bubbling rales. breathing.
187. Symptoms of the effected pallidar system *Hemibalism Plastic hypertension Bradikinesia Hipomimia Micrografy
do not include?
188. What of the mentioned symptoms isn't *Disturbance of Hypotension Hyporeflexia Hypotrophy Torpid distal
characteristic of poliomyelitis? sensitiveness paralysis
189. Name the symptom of stretching of the *Lasseg's Lessage's Brudzinsky's Kernig's Vasserman's
ishiatic nerve?
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

190. Name the nuclei of the cranial nerves *Oculomotor Accessory Glossopharyngeal Vagus Hypoglossal
which are affected Weber's alternating
191. Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve is *Transient pain on Permanent pain in Loss of sensitivity Trophical Positives effect
characterized by? the face and trigger the area of on the face disturbances of from sponging by
areas innervation cornea and loss of 5\% solution of
corneal reflex cocaine on the
posterior surface of
the mucosa of the
middle turbinate
192. Central paresis of the mimic muscles is * Affection of Affection of Prolapse of Trophic disorders Affection of mimic
characterized by: mimic muscles of masticatory group papillary reflex muscles of half of
the lower half of of muscles the face
the face?
193. The patient H., aged 36,works as a * An acute Chronic arsenious An acute Carbone bisulfide Leaden
nightman during 12 years.He applied with intoxication intoxication from poisoning by OPS intoxication intoxication
complaints of the headache, loss of pesticides
appetite, syncopal conditions, metallic
taste in the mouth, sometimes
stomachache, dispeptical frustration,
diarrhea and constipation. Objective:
fragility of nails, hyperkeratosis of palms.
194. A diagnosis of chronic arsenious * Haemolytic Aplastic anemia Iron deficiency Hyper sideric Normochromic
intoxication was defined in a patient Y., a anemia anemia anemia anemia
nightman. What form of anemia is
characteristic in this disease?
195. The man, aged 42, applied to the * Silicosis Tuberculosis of Silicatosis Bronchiectatic Chronic bronchitis
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

therapeutist with complaints of pricking lungs disease

pains in scapulas area, dyspnea on
physical exertion, cough with discharge of
small amount of sputum. During 10 years
he works in coal mining. On percussion-
box-note sound in the lower parts, on
auscultation- a harsh breathing. There
were no changes in the heart. Possible
196. A sick man M., aged 52, a street cleaner. * Alkaline Broncholitics Oil inhalations Sulfonilamides Antibiotics
He was ill with pneumoconiosis during 2 inhalations
years. It’s nessesary to recommened for
the treatment of this disease:
197. The woman, aged 42, works at the factory *Unithiol Pentoxil Magnesium Sodium hydrate of Seduxen
on the fabrication of mercury sulphate carbon
thermometers, complains of the headache,
swoons, reduction of memory, small and
frequent flutter of fingers of drawn hands,
the eyelids and the tongue, bleeding gums,
gingivitis. What preparation is it nessesary
to use for the elimination of mercury from
the organism ?
198. A man,aged 37,working on the collective *Poisoning by Poisoning by lead. Poisoning by the Poisoning by Seduxen
farm on sowing,was admitted to the POC. Treatment: Treatment: tetacine methylic alcohol. vapours of mercury.
infectious hospital with the clinical atropine Calcii Treatment: ethylic Treatment:unithiol
symptoms: miosis,labored alcohol
breathing,sweating.What kind of
poisoning is it and what is the first aid?
199. A 4-year old child attends the *Worm invasion Lymphoprolipherati Hypoplastic Duodenal ulcer Atrophic gastritis
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

kindergarten. Complaints of the bad ve process anemia

appetite, fatigue. Objective examination:
skin and mucous membrane are pale, child
is asthenic. In the hemogram:
hypochromatic anemia 1st., leucomoide
reaction, of the eosinophile type. What
pathology must be excluded at first?
200. A woman of 36 years is on the 12-th week *Monitory of the Interruption of the Immune globulin Cyclovin Interferon
of the first pregnancy. We know from the specific Ig G Ig M pregnancy injection administration administration
history that she was treated for infertility. with the ELISA
She was in the guests and contacted with
child who developed rubella in 2 days
after meeting. Woman doesn’t know if she
has ever been infected with rubella. What
is the adequate tactics?
201. Patient L., 50-year old, has been admitted *B-12-deficiency Irondeficiency Hemolytic anemia Post-hemoragic Thalassaemia
to the clinics with atrophic gastritis. In the anemia anemia anemia
blood test: erythrocytes 3.8 T/L, Hb 68 g/l,
c.i. 1, macroanisocytosis, poikilocytosis.
There is a megaloblastic type of
haemopoesis. A number of leukocytes,
reticulocytes and thrombocytes is lowed.
Which pathology is suspected?i
202. A 32-year old woman developed the *Steroid Non-specific Specific immune Interferons Non-steroid
Laiel’s syndrome after taking the biceptol. immunodepressants immune modulators modulators immunedepressants
What immunotrope remedies are indicated
in this situation?
203. The disease began acutely. The frequent *Cholera Toxic food-borne Salmonellosis Dysentery Typhoid fever
watery stool developed 6 hours ago. The infection
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

body’s temperature is normal. Then the

vomiting was joined. On examination: his
voice is hoarse, eyes are deeply sunken in
the orbits. The pulse is frequent. Blood
pressure is low. There is no urine. What is
the preliminary diagnosis?
204. The patient 25-years-old was admitted on *Botulism Yersiniosis Leptospirosis Salmonellosis, Lambliasis
the 1st day of the disease with complaints gastrointestinal
of double vision in the eyes, difficult form
respiration. The day before the patient ate
home-made mushrooms. On objective
examination: paleness, widened pupils,
disorder of swallowing, bradycardia,
constipation are marked. What is the
205. The patient Н., of 28 years old, was *Typhoid fever. Leptospirosis. Brucellosis. Sepsis. Malaria.
admitted to the clinic with complaints of
the temperature increase up to 39,0(С,
headache, weakness, constipation on the
9th day of the disease. On examination:
single roseolas are on skin of the
abdomen. The pulse rate is 78 per
minute. The liver is enlarged by 2 cm.
What is the probable diagnosis?
206. The patient was admitted to the hospital *Leptospirosis Yersiniosis Salmonellosis Brucellosis Trichinellosis
on the 7th day of the disease with
complaints of high temperature, headache,
pain in the muscles, especially in calf
muscles. The dermal integuments and
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

scleras are icteric. There is hemorrhagic

rash on the skin. Urine is bloody. The
patient went fishing two weeks ago. What
is the diagnosis?
207. The patient has been in the hospital. The *Hepatic Meningitis Relapse of viral Cholangitis Infectious-toxic
beginning of the disease was gradual: encephlopathy hepatitis shock
nausea, vomiting, dark urine, аcholic
stools, yellowness of the skin and scleras.
The liver is protruded by 3 cm. Jaundice
was intensified on the 14th day of the
disease. The liver diminished in sizes. Due
to what complication of viral hepatitis,
has the patient’s condition worsened?
208. The patient, 18-years-old was admitted to *Infectious Acute lymphoid Diphtheria. Angina. Adenoviral
the hospital with complaints of headache, mononucleosis. leukosis. infection.
weakness, high temperature, pain in the
throat. Objectively: enlargement of all
groups of lymphatic nodules was revealed.
The liver is enlarged by 3 cm, spleen - by
1 cm. In the blood - leukocytosis, atypical
lymphocytes - 15\%. What is the probable
209. The patient 28-years-old was hospitalized *Epidemic typhus Measles Alcohol delirium Leptospirosis Typhoid fever
with preliminary diagnosis "influenza".
Roseolous-petechial rash appeared on the
5th days of disease on the trunk. The
temperature is 41(С. Hyperemia of the
face, reddening of scleras, tremor of the
tongue, tachycardia, splenomegaly are
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

marked. What is the most probable

diagnosis ?
210. The patient, 43-years-old was admitted to *Anthrax Carcinoma of skin Erysipelas Erysipeloid Eczema
the hospital with complaints of high
temperature of the body and severe
headache. On examination: carbuncle is
revealed on the forearm. There are intense
edema around it, insignificant pain,
regional lymphadenitis. The patient is a
worker of cattle-ranch. What disease is it
necessary to think about first ?
211. In the patient of 21 years old the disease *Meningococcal Meningococcal Secondary Serous meningitis. Infectious
began with increase of temperature to infection: purulent infection: serous purulent mononucleosis.
39,0(С, headache, chill, repeated meningitis. meningitis meningitis.
vomiting. Rigidity of occipital muscles is
determined. The analysis of liquor: cytosis
- 1237 in 1ml, of them: 84 \% of
neutrophils, 16 \% of lymphocytes. On
bacterioscopy gram-negative cocci, are
found in liquor. What is the most probable
212. The theory of self regulation of * Localization of Geno- and Mutability of the The phase The regulation role
epidemiological process by V.D. the parasite in the phenotypic biological selfreorganisation of social and
Belyakov includes all mentioned bellow host organism and heterogeneity of the properties of the of the parasite natural conditions
except the ways of populations of a parasite and the populations and a in the phase
discharging of the parasite and host host populations host reorganization of
parasite into the the epidemiological
environment process
213. The diagnosis of the AIDS epidemic * The The bacteriological The virological The viroscopic The serological
----- Материалы взяты с сайта
Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3 и КРОК-М

initially was made in the USA by means epidemiological method method method method
of method
214. The contagious hypothesis by D. Frocastro * The alive germs, The environmental The miasma of The pathological Invasion of the
and D. Samoylovich being considered as a which are factors cosmotelluric discharges of an body by the evil
causative agent of infectious diseases transmitted from origin organism spirits
one person to
215. A 70yr. Old alcoholic male with poor *Amoxycillin Vancomycin Tetracycline Co-trimoxazole Imipenem
dental hygiene is to have his remaining
teeth extracted for subsequent dentures.He
has mitral valve stenosis with mild cardiac
insuffiency and is being treated with
сaptopril,digoxin and furosemide.The
dentist decides that his medical history
warrants prophylactic antibiotic therapy
prior to the procedure and prescribes:
216. A 20 yr old woman with a 3-4 month *Ulcerative colitis Gastroenteritis Carcinoid Zollinger-Ellison Granulomatous
history of bloody diarrhoea; stool syndrome syndrome colitis
examination negative for ova and
parasites;stool cultures negative for
clostridium,campylobacter and
yersinia;normal small bowel
series;oedema,hyperemia and ulceration of
the rectum and sigmoid colon seen on
sigmoidoscopic examination.Select the
most likely Diagnosis:
217. A patient treated for springtime allergies *Erythromycin Ampicillin Cefactor Doxycycline Co-trimoxazole
with terefenadine develops an upper
respiratory tract problem.He receives an
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antibiotic and develops a cardiac

arrhythmia.What was the likely antibiotic?
218. A 75yr. Old man who had developed *Carcinoma of the Infectious hepatitis Haemolytic Malignant biliary Metastatic disease
diabetes within the last six months was head of the jaundice stricture of liver
found to be jaundiced.He was pancreas
asymptomatic except for weight loss of 10
pounds in 6 months.On physical
examination he is found to have a
nontender, globular, right upper quadrant
mass that moves with respiration. A CT
scan shows enlargement of the head of the
pancreas,with no filling defects in the
liver. Most likely diagnosis:
219. A 16yr. Old female presents with *Henoch Schonlein Haemolytic uraemic Thrombotic Heavy metal Sub acute bacterial
abdominal pain and purpuric spots on the purpura syndrome thrombocytopenic poisoning endocarditis
skin. Laboratory investigations reveals a purpura
normal platelet count,with haematuria and
proteinuria.The most likely diagnosis:
220. A 60yr. Old asthmatic man comes for a *Doxazosin Labetalol Phetolamine Propranolol Isoproterenol
check up and complains that he is having
some difficulty in “starting to urinate”.
Physical examination indicates that the
man has blood pressure of 160/100mmHg,
and a slight enlarged prostate. Which of
the following medications would be useful
in treating both of these conditions:
221. A 36yr. Old alcoholic patient has cirrhosis *Zinc Copper Selenium Chromium Manganese
and pancreatic insufficiency due to
recurrent pancreatitis. He complaints of
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nightblindness, decreased ability to taste

food, and dry skin with
hyperpigmentation. These complaints
suggest deficiency of:
222. A 47 year old man presents to his *Chronic Tuberculosis Cirrhosis with Hepatitis Alcoholic liver
physician with progressive abdominal Pancreatitis hepatocellular disease with
swelling.On examination he is found to carcinoma cirrhosis
have ascites and a tender,enlarged liver.If
the patient describes a chronic course
associated with wasting and low grade
fever,the diffrential diagnosis should
include everything EXCEPT:
223. A 60yr. Old man with unstable angina *Coronary artery Intravenous Excercise testing Oral aspirin Antihypertensive
pectoris fails to respond to heparin, bypass grafting strptokinase therapy
nitroglycerin, beta adrenegic blockers and
calcium channel antagonist. The best
management includes:
224. A 42yr. Old patient suffering from *Insufficient Bleeding Excessive diuretic Non compliance Spontaneous
alcoholism has advanced liver disease protien ingestion esophageal therapy with lactulose bacterial peritonitis
with ascites. He is hospitalised for therapy
agitation and bizarre behaviour.
Examination reveals asterixes on the
hands, ankle clonus, and spider angiomas
on the face and chest.Blood ammonia
level is twice its baseline.Precipitating
factors to look for include all of the
following EXCEPT:
225. A 45yr. Old man is admitted with his 3rd *Supression of A fasting gastrin Post operative Liver metastasis on A history of
episode of upper gastrointestinal hypergastrinaemia level of 450pg/ml. notes detailling CT scan diarrhoea
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haemorrhage. He had 2 prior ulcer by secretin given ulcers in the

operation. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is IV duodenum and
suspected. All the following would jejunum
support your suspicions EXCEPT:
226. A 60yr. Old woman, mother of 6 children, *Choledocholithias Benign biliary Malibnant biliary Carcinoma of the Choledochal cyst
developed sudden onset of upper is stricture stricture head of the
abdominal pain radiating to the back, pancreas
associated with nausea, vomitting, fever
and chills. Subsequently, she noticed
yellow discoloration of her sclera and
skin. On physical examination the patient
was found to be febrile with temp.of
38.9C, along with right upper quadrant
tenderness.Most likely Diagnosis:
227. A 30yr. Old man presents with a history of *Bronchoectasis Chronic bronchitis Disseminated Pulmonary Chronic obstructive
recurrent pneumonias and a chronic cough pulmonary neoplasm emphysema
production of foul smelling, tuberculosis
pirulentsputum, ocassionally glood
tinged,which is worse in the morning and
on lying down.on physical examination,
the patient appears chronically ill with
clubbing of fingers, wet inspiratory reils at
the base of lungs posteriorly. Most likely
228. The 30-years old patient with the * In the second In a first In a fourth In a third In a fifth
complications on a headache in a
nucha ,poor dream with nightmares has
addressed to policlinic. A BP was 150/95
Hg.An item. A boundary arterial
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hypertension was diagnosed. In what

dispensary group he mast be addresseed
for supervision on an arterial
229. 3.In the young patient at the reference to * Twice. Once. 3 times. 4 times. 5 times.
policlinic there was diagnosed the 1 stage
of hypertension. How many times during
the year it is necessary to examine him?
230. 11 Patient K.,52 years old, has sustained * 1.07.2001. 1.03.2001. 1.04.2001. 1.05.2001. 1.06.2001.
an acute myocardial infarction 2.01.2001.
State of health is satisfactory.After what
time according to the instruction he can be
send on sanatorium treatment to
specialized sanatorium?
231. 16 The family doctor diagnosed in a *The urgent To inject The urgent A day time hospital. A hospital at home.
patient an acute bleeding of an intestine. hospitalisation in
intravenously the hospitalization in
What is professional tactics of the doctor sergical aminocapronic acid. therapeutic
in this situation? departmewnt. department.
232. In the structure of death rate in Ukraine *Diseases of Oncological Disease of Disease of Disease of urinary
the major place is taken by the diseases cirkulatory sistem.
disease. digesstive sysstem. respiratory system. and endocrine
of? systems.
233. 68 The doctor of the city cardiological *200/110-240/120 140/90-160/100 90/60-120/80 160/90-180/90 180/110-90/60
center solves the problem of the patient
after the discharge from a hospital to the
balneal department of sanatorium:who
cannot be routed?
234. Woman age 40,ill on rheumatic disease *Mitral Conduction of Assiging of Assiging of venous
with composite mitral disease with comissurotomia. current bicilino- anticoagulants. vasodilatators .
prevalence of the stenosis of left venous prophilaxis.
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foramen.Complainse on the
palpitation,fatigability progressing
dyspnea,attacks of a dyspnea and
hemoptysis.Now she can not execute even
the mild activities.What tactics is the most
235. The man,42 years old, has died in a road *25-30\%. 6-9\%. 10-14\%. 15-20\%. 35-50\%.
accident after the hemorrhage on the place
,due to acute hemorrhagic anemia. What
minimum percent of all volume of blood
could result in death at acute hemorrhage?
236. In the woman of 42 years ,who suffers * Euphylinum Izardin. Corazolum. Morphinum Strophanthin
from bronchial asthma ,the acute attack of hydrochloride.. hydrochloride .
a bronchial asthma has developed. What
medication from listed below is
contraindicated at granting the first aid to
this woman?
237. Patient K., laboratory-assistant- * Chronic radiation Chronic radiation Acute radiation Acute radiation Acute radiation
radiograph; the amount of Gamma- disease of the disease of the third sickness of sickness of light sickness of severe
radiation per day is 0,65 R. Two years second degree of degree of severity. moderate degree degree degree
later with 60 Co while examining severity
irritability, head aches, poor appetite have
developed. Blood count is normal. While
examining 6 years later after cessation of
any contact with ionizing radiation she
complained of severe head - aches,
dizziness, cardiac pains, undue
fatigability, weakness; instability of
periphery blood indices [especially white]
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are being registered. Make up the