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Cultural Tour For Chol Hamoed and Beyond

By Richard McBee
Finally its Pesach and spring ushers it in with ther P. Zibell, “Jewish Life in Crown Heights and
blooming flowers, mild breezes and the relaxation of Elsewhere.” This survey (also at estherzibellsart.
chol hamoed and spring weekends. What a wonder- com) offers a sentimental, witty and intimate glimpse
ful time to take in some of the myriad cultural offer- of Orthodox life around the world. One of my favor-
ings New York (and other places) have to offer. The ite examples is Safed’s Cats depicting no less than
following is a somewhat random selection of galler- 13 black cats hungrily watching a Hasid barbequ-
ies and museums that explore Jewish art and cul- ing by the moonlight in his Safed backyard. Unique
ture in general. of its kind.
Perfect for the season is Archie Rand’s Had
Gadya, a radical series of ten large paintings on the
famous Passover song, envisioning the song as an
extended riff on Jewish art and faith, until May 8
at The Gershman Y, Philadelphia, Penn. (www.ger- Nearby the Philadelphia Museum of
Jewish Art (
seum – 215-627-6747) is featuring photographer Ah-
ron D. Weiner’s Next Year in Uman: A Journey to the
Ukraine. This selection from his six-year project of
documenting the annual Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage
to the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov expertly
captures the essence and grit of Jewish piety, fes-
tivities and communal experience (until August 15).
Closer to home the Chassidic Art Institute (718-
774-9149) is offering two exhibitions this spring.
A group show of Soviet émigré artists will run un-
til April 28. It features Hendel Lieberman, who be-
came the “grandfather” of the burgeoning chassid-
ic Art movement more than 35 years ago, and oth- Safed’s Cats (2010) oil on canvas by Esther Zibell
er emigre painters like Zalman Kleinman, Victor
Shaul, Samuel Rothbort, Michael Gleizer and M. Samuel Bak has been known for most of his long
Axelrod. From May 15 until June 22 the prominent career as a Holocaust artist, concentrating on his
artist Mark Bronshtein will show works at CHAI experiences as a child in the Vilna ghetto and post-
that reflect the hope and optimism found in daily war traumas. This exhibition at the QCC Art Gal-
Jewish life. lery (, Icons of Loss:
The Brooklyn Central Library, Youth Wing (718- The Art of Samuel Bak, explores two potent sym-
230-2100) is featuring a selection of the works of Es- bols of that history. The iconic photograph of a young
Jewish boy being led away with his hands up in the
Richard McBee is a painter and writer on Jewish Warsaw ghetto is contrasted with the somber medi-
Art. Contact him at A full color
version of this review is at Continued on p.S29
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Jamaica Bay Riding Academy
Touch A Shark At The
Maritime Aquarium
Take a heartwarming journey across the world to
cheer on orphaned orangutans and elephants – and
the people who rescue them – in “Born to Be Wild,”
a new family-friendly IMAX movie opening Friday, TRAIL RIDING & INDOOR RIDING ARENA -
April 8 in The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Con- FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY *EXPERT LESSONS*
And bravely – but safely – touch a live shark in a Accomodating Classroom, Snack Shop has some
special aquarium exhibit, open April 16-24. Field Trips Kosher selections
The IMAX movie “Born to Be Wild” journeys into *BIRTHDAY PARTIES
*Directions - Belt Parkway East Exit Riding Academy
the lush rain forests of Borneo with orangutan expert between exits 11 and 13
Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas and across the rugged Ke-
nyan savannah with elephant authority Dame Daph- 7000 Belt Parkway
ne Sheldrick. An inspiring story of love, dedication Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234
and the remarkable bond between humans and an- (718) 531-8949
imals, “Born to Be Wild” shows that these women’s
rescue and rehabilitation centers are places where en-
dangered species are being saved, one life at a time.
Show times April 8-15 are at noon and 1, 2, 3 and
6 p.m. daily. Show times April 16-24 are 1, 2, 3, 4 and
5 p.m. daily. For times beyond April 25, go to www.
Like human babies, orangutan and elephant ba-
bies need a lot of care. In Borneo, Galdikas and her
team act as surrogate orangutan parents, teaching
the orphans skills they will need to survive on their
own in the wild.


Open For Passover Starting April 17th

Parking Admission

In Africa, Sheldrick’s trainers each care for a sin-

gle baby elephant at a time, even to the point of sleep-
ing with their adopted orphan. As the elephants ma-
ture, they are greeted and accepted by a herd of adult
elephants, many of them once orphans themselves.
“Born to Be Wild” is 40 minutes long and is nar- PASSOVER
rated by Morgan Freeman.
Then there’s the special “Touch A Shark” exhib-
it, offered April 16-24. “Touch A Shark” will feature
live nurse sharks, a comparatively docile species that
tolerates having their backs gently touched by hu- Buy a book of
man fingers.
“You can look at shark pictures in a book. You can 60 tickets & SAVE!
thrill to watching the seven-foot sand tiger sharks
in our Open Ocean exhibit,” said Jack Schneider,
the aquarium’s animal curator and director of ed-
ucation. “But there’s nothing more memorable and
lasting than actually running your fingers down the
back of a live shark.”
Aquarium volunteers will be on-hand to make
sure the shark-human interactions are safe for both
parties. Interpretative graphics will provide details
about nurse sharks and how they hunt and eat their
prey, and also about how sharks sense their world.
Plus, be sure to bring your camera to “Touch A
Shark” for a shark dive-cage photo opportunity. A real
diving cage, used for safe approaches to large sharks
will be positioned next to the aquarium’s cast mod-
el of a 16-foot great white shark caught in the east-
ern end of Long Island Sound in the 1970s. Step in-
side the cage and pose to look like you’re having a
real underwater encounter with the largest species 1824 Shore Parkway
of predatory shark.
“Touch A Shark” and another special exhibit, Brooklyn, NY 11214
“Meerkats” are included with aquarium general ad-
mission, which is $12.95 for adults, $11.95 for seniors
and $9.95 for children 2-12. Directions: BQE 278 West to Belt P’kway Exit 5 Bay P’kwy. For more information please call :
Tickets for Maritime Aquarium admission plus
an IMAX screening of “Born to Be Wild” are $19.45
Continue straight until park (on your right). 718-975-2748
for adults, $17.95 for seniors and $14.45 for children. Bus: B6 to the park
View the film’s trailer, purchase tickets in advance
or get more information at www.MaritimeAquarium.
org, or call 203-852-0700.
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Getting Your Home Ready

For The Season
A great clean looks as good as on your list as time allows. Don’t let
it feels, and with warmer weather cleaning consume a whole day or
right around the corner, there’s noth- weekend.
ing better than the feeling that your • Don’t waste time. Efficiency
home is free of dirt, dust and grime. makes a huge difference. “Always
When you’re a busy mom, keeping clean from the top and work your way
your house clean can seem like a nev- down, otherwise you’ll be cleaning in
er-ending battle. Arm yourself with circles,” says Denay. It helps to fo-
the right mindset and a few simple cus on one area of the house at a time.
tips to conquer your cleaning chal- Keeping all your cleaning supplies in
lenges. a caddy can also prevent extra trips to
Jessica Denay has partnered with retrieve items you might have forgot-
Swiffer to offer these tips to help keep ten or couldn’t carry. Find shortcuts.
your home clean while also balancing Use products that can work on mul-
work and family: tiple messes like the Swiffer Sweeper
• Don’t try to do everything at that allows you to sweep and mop with
once. Divide chores into daily, week- one simple tool.
ly, monthly and even seasonal tasks. • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s
Do the dishes daily, and try to throw completely possible to maintain the
out old food in your fridge as part of appearance of a clean home even if
your weekly tasks. With spring upon the most out-of-the-way places aren’t
us, dust build-up will be your neme- cleaned regularly. Perception is re-
sis. By dedicating certain days this ality and even if that area behind
spring to seasonal chores like dust- your fridge is a little dusty, nobody
ing ceiling fans or sweeping out the will notice. Concentrate on the open
fireplace, you can help better man- areas of your home that see a lot of
age the upkeep of your home and do traffic. If these areas are clean, your
deep cleans less often. Denay recom- home will feel spotless and comfort-
mends Swiffer 360 Dusters, which able.
use thousands of fl uffy fi bers that Following these tips will allow
change shape to fit virtually any- you to balance chores among free
where to trap and lock dust, dirt and time. With just a little daily atten-
pet hair without spreading it around tion, you can make cleaning seem
your home. like less of a chore and more like a
• Know when to call it a day. refreshing activity. “Having a spar-
It’s easier to keep your home clean kling clean home gives me peace of
and keep a positive mindset if you mind and the actual cleaning process
set aside a few minutes each day to makes me feel like I’m doing some-
clean. If you have an overwhelming thing good for myself and my fami-
task list, attack each task in order of ly,” says Denay.
importance and get to the last ones (ARA)

new roc Funfuzion

n’ bowl mini golf
new roc new roc
funhouse speedway
rac n’ cue

4 hrs. of unlimited
funhouse rides,
per guest video games & lazer tag
unlimited mini golf
Redemption Games and food not included.
all facility restrictions apply.
all amusements based on availability.
Code: SBJP11 Limit one offer with this ad per guest per visit. Must present coupon. No cash value!

re s ent this coupon and receive

P Management reserves all rights to change
hours, pricing, promotions and all policies at
Offer Valid
4/18/2011 - 4/21/2011
off any time without notice. Redemption games
and food not included. All facility restrictions
apply. All amusements based on availability.

spring break mid - week package!

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The Book Shelf

Title: Festivals of Faith: Reflections on the Jewish Holidays
Author: Rabbi Norman Lamm
Publisher: OU Press with YU Press
Title: Go Forth and Learn: A Passover Haggadah
Author: Rabbi David Silber with Rachel Furst
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
Reviewed by Prof. Oscar Mohl
payment. This year the press has
published a full collection of Rabbi
Lamm’s reflections on all the Jew-
ish holidays, edited by Professor
David Shatz.
For decades, congregants at the
Jewish center were treated to Rab-
bi Lamm’s penetrating analyses of
the festivals, uncovering new in-
sights into human nature and the
challenges of living a Modern Or-
thodox religious life. Now all of
us can join with them in enjoying
Rabbi Lamm’s eloquent new inter-
pretations of ancient themes, in-
spired by his thought-provoking
Rabbi David Silber is well
known as the founder and dean of
Drisha, the first American institu-
tion to give Orthodox women the
opportunity to study Talmud at
an advanced level. But he is also
a well-known master and original
Bible teacher, although his lectures
have been primarily an oral Torah.
Now his shiurim on the Hagga-
Last year, the OU Press published dah have been gathered in two forms
the Royal Table, a Passover Haggadah – full essays and a below-the-line com-
based on the drashot of Rabbi Norman mentary. Both traditional and original,
Lamm, chancellor of Yeshiva Univer- his interpretations give us an oppor-
sity and rosh yeshiva of its RIETS rab- tunity to gain new insights to an ever-
binical school. But it was only a down current text.

This Chol Hamoed

visit the
ren’s Mu seum
Jewish Child
General Admission: $10
Children under 2 yrs. - FREE
Show Admission: $13
Includes museum admission
To purchase tickets call or visit
The Parrot Rebbe!
A unique and interactive show for all ages.
A dozen parrots of all sizes and colors from around the world!
Bird races and stunts! Plus a chance to win a free parrot to take home!
Show Times: Thursday, April 21: 1:00, 3:00 pm
Sunday, April 24: 12:30
Jewish Children’s Museum,
792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY
Ray Grins World-Famous Juggler! Take the 3 train to Kingston Ave Station
Fire! Comedy! Balancing Acts!
One Time Only
Friday, April 22: 12:30 pm
ow s, Miniature Golf & Craft Workshops.
i bits, G a me S h
Museum n Exh
Activities: Hands-O Chol Hamoed Schedule:
April 21: 11–6
WWW.JCM.MUSEUM • 718.467.0600 April 22&24: 10–2:30
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The Story Of Passover

Before Joseph died, he made his upon the Egyptians, He first smote
brothers promise him that when the their god – the Nile – turning it into
time would come for the departure of blood, and afterwards smote the Egyp-
Israel from Egypt, his coffin would be tians themselves.
taken with them to the Land of Isra- When the day of the departure from
el and buried there. This promise was Egypt came, Moses went to the bank of
handed down to the children of Israel the river and called: “Joseph, Joseph!
from generation to generation, until Your brethren are about to be freed
the time came for the children of Isra- from exile, and they want to keep their
el to leave Egypt. oath. Come up to the surface!”
But where was Joseph’s coffin? The Immediately the coffin rose to the
Egyptians had placed it in the Nile and surface, and the children of Israel car-
let it sink to the bottom. ried it with them to the Land of Israel.
Why did they do it? For two reasons.
First, they had hoped that Joseph’s cof- Between Pharaoh And
fin lying at the bottom of the Nile would The Deep Red Sea
bring them great fortune. In Egypt On the seventh day after the chil-
there is almost no rain during the year, dren of Israel left Egypt they reached
and it would surely have been a desert the Red Sea.
like the Sahara, were it not for the Nile It was a moment of great suspense.
River which waters irrigated the land. The children of Israel stopped at the
Even in those days, the Egyptians knew waters of the Red Sea while Pharaoh
how to make use of this blessing. They with his huge army was sweeping
dug canals that guided the waters of across the desert in hot pursuit.
the river to their fields and orchards. A terrible cry arose from thou-
Their whole country depended upon the sands of women and children, and the
Nile, as it still does nowadays. No won- men turned their faces to heaven and
der that the people of Egypt regarded prayed fervently.
the Nile as their god, and prayed to the Many voices rose in anger against
river and worshipped it. Moses. There were men who had joined
The other reason that they placed the Israelites in the hour of their tri-
Joseph’s coffin at the bottom of the Nile umph, but now that everything seemed
was because they knew that so long as lost, they were panic stricken. “Are
the coffin remained there, the children there no graves in Egypt that thou
of Israel could not leave Egypt, because hast taken us away to die in the wil-
they had promised that they would not derness?” they cried to Moses.
leave without Joseph.
When G-d brought punishment Continued on p.S25
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Making Pesach More Frugal: WHAT TO EAT

Kosher Bloggers Weigh In might normally eat during the year, from cranber-
By Rachel Wizenfeld ry sauce to chocolate syrup.
Rule #2 – Arm yourself with a solid knowledge of
Frugal is the new black, so stop shelling out your items you have that may be kosher for Passover. Pesach-related halacha.
green and reign in your Pesach spending with these valu- “Canned goods, closed paper goods, clean them “Make sure you know what needs a special KLP
able tips from kosher bloggers. With a little forethought, off and it’s all ready. You’ll be surprised what’s al- hechsher and what doesn’t,” says Scharf, which she
you can eat healthfully and celebrate fantastically with- ready KFP,” she says. says can slice your Pesach spending in half. Some
out running up a bill in the thousands of dollars. Geller also recommends planning your meals items, like extra-virgin olive oil and OU certified alu-
around what you already have, or if you see great sales. minum foil may not need special Passover certification.
Understand the Expense “Try to go with an open mind and flexibility, “Pesach is a wonderful opportunity to eat more fresh
“It’s twofold,” says Mara Strom, blogger at Ko- and plan around the sales that are offered by man- fruits and vegetables, which are much cheaper and, on why Pesach is so expen- ufacturers,” she says. “And it’s so easy these days healthier than packaged,” says Jamie Geller. “Nine-
sive: “There’s a markup on things that are sold as to plug in an ingredient online to find a recipe and ty-five percent of stuff that I cook during the year is
kosher for Pesach, even if they’re sold year round… work backwards.” inherently KFP. I don’t want people to taste my food
like meat, even though most meat is commonly ex- Strom of says stocking and say ‘that’s delicious...for Pesach.’ You just need in-
pected to be kosher for Pesach. up on goods early is another great way to save mon- teresting combinations and to think creatively.”
“Then there’s this panic mode – I go to the ko- ey. Buy chickens and brisket around Purim time and Geller also mentions that people usually go over-
sher for Pesach section, see all these products that you’ll avoid the pre-Pesach mark-ups, she advises. board on yom tov, preparing way too many dishes
I would never buy, like a cake mix that makes cake Shopping in bulk and splitting with friends is an- than necessary.
for four people and costs $6,” and suddenly people other approach; check out Costco for huge contain- “It’s not healthy to have three mains and four
are tempted to buy these things. ers of grape juice and try to find a local co-op or ko- starchy sides,” she says. “You don’t need a dessert
And of course yom tov is expensive in gener- sher grocery that will let you buy things by the case. buffet; you’re not organizing a tea room for a Pesach
al, she notes. “It’s expensive to make a four-course If you really want to plan ahead, Strom says, hit program. An all-you-can-eat buffet is actually con-
meal times six!” the grocery store and supermarket the day after sidered a less fine way of dining!”
A recent thread on, an online Pesach for 50-75 percent markdowns on items like
forum for frum women, asked moms to write about matzah meal, salad dressing, ketchup and more, Resource Ideas
their Pesach expenses. One woman wrote: “We spend “just check the expiration dates.” People should look for gluten-free blogs for reci-
a lot on Pesach, but I am including cleaning help... “Last year I got 10 1-pound boxes of matzah for pe ideas and substitutions, says Strom, while Geller
lots of hand shmurah matzah, professional uphol- 75 cents each and stored them all year. Normally a recommends checking kosher foodie blogs during
stery cleaning...two roasts, chicken breasts...organ- pound is $3-4. The expiration date is 3 years. I also the weeks leading up to Pesach for kosher coupons
ic eggs, bagged pre-checked lettuce...we could easily got a bottle of salad dressing for 50 cents.” and giveaways.
spend $1,000 for a family of six with a couple guests.” Stockpiling is not just for groceries, Strom stress- is another resource for Pesach
Another wrote that she expects to spend less than es. You should also be scanning clearance and sale recipes and cost-cutting ideas for frum homemakers,
$500, but “that’s because I’m still young enough items for dishes, paper goods and appliances long according to administrator Yael Cozocaru.
that I spend Pesach at my parents and in-laws and before April hits. And don’t forget to clip those coupons! Susan
only make chol hamoed at home.” She adds that, “I Scharf says that many kosher manufacturers, like
spend a little over $100 on making my house pesa- Think Creatively Osem, A&B gefilte fish and Manischewitz, offer
chdik (contact paper, silver foil, toothbrushes, etc.) Susan Scharf, another kosher frugalista who printable coupons on their websites.
and buying the basic necessities for food.” blogs at, gives some gen- So with a little planning, creativity and sweat,
eral guidelines to keeping Pesach costs down: you can make Pesach without busting your bud-
Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead Rule #1 – It’s only eight days. You can do without, get. Let this year be the year of frugal Pesachs – and
Jamie Geller, popular cookbook author and blog- she says. “If KLP tuna fish is going for $4 a can, you next year in Jerusalem.
ger for, recommends looking through your and your family can go for eight days without tuna Rachel Wizenfeld lives in Los Angeles where she
cabinets before Pesach starts to check what unopened fish.” Same thing for anything else that your family does writing, marketing and Jewish outreach.

Everything you need for Passover.

Mr. Eizik has spent more than
thirty years in the kosher food
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Advertised Prices Effective April 8, 2011 thru April 21, 2011
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Give Peas A Chance?

By Barry Katz
“Potatoes? Again?” he says, the origins of the ban are dubious. Second, the
If this Pesach-time refrain sounds familiar, chanc- ban was not universally accepted at first. “The Tur,
es are you are of Ashkenazic-European descent. In- Rabbeinu Yaakov, son of the Rosh, who was original-
asmuch as the biblical prohibition of eating leavened ly from Germany, related this custom and said it’s an
foods made of wheat, barley, oat, rye, and spelt de- unnecessary and extreme chumrah, and this is not our
creases our menu options, the European rabbis pro- custom,” explains Rabbi Bar-Hayim. He further spec-
hibited many other foods throughout the generations. ulates that the custom is perhaps of Karaite origin. Fi-
These foods are known as kitniyos, which literally nally, says Rabbi Bar-Hayim, it has gotten out of con-
means “little things.” Among foods considered kitni- trol: “As recently as 40-45 years ago, everybody was
yos are beans, corn, rice, soy, and peanuts, along with using peanut oil on Pesach. Now nobody does.” Other
any derivatives of these foods, such as corn syrup. foods, he says, have been added on as well.
(It is interesting to note that Rabbi Avraham Dan- With his pro-kitniyos arguments at hand, the
zig, an 18th Century halachic authority who wrote question is whether Rabbi Bar-Hayim and his fol-
Chayei Adam, originally considered potatoes to be lowers have any chance of their rice-eating cam-
kitniyos as well, but he later retracted this opinion.) paign picking up any steam. Will the general Ash-
While the exact year the kitniyos decree went into kenazic public go along, or is the idea of eating kit-
effect is unknown, according to the Orthodox Union’s niyos just plain nuts?
website, the earliest known source is from about the Rabbi Kenneth Auman, spiritual leader of the
1220’s. Two main reasons are given for the ban: (a) Kit- Young Israel of Flatbush, believes that the move-
niyos were often grown near the other grains, so the ment won’t win many supporters. “There is no com-
mixing of kitniyos and chametz was commonplace; (b) pelling reason to change the minhag,” he says. “These
When kitniyos are ground into flour, they often appear days nobody starves over Pesach. During World War
interchangeable with their chametz counterparts, thus I, when starvation was rampant, they allowed cer-
possibly leading one to accidentally use the wrong flour. tain kitniyos items.”
While the overwhelming majority of Ashkenazic Furthermore, Rabbi Auman adds, even had the
Jewry has accepted their kitniyos-less fate, Rabbi Da- custom started on flimsy grounds, by now it has be-
vid Bar-Hayim of Machon Shilo in Jerusalem is fight- come accepted, and the point of the minhag is to pre-
ing the tide. In 2007, Rabbi Bar-Hayim formally lifted
the ban of kitniyos. His reasons are numerous. First, Continued on p.S28

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Beyond ‘Poor Man’s Bread’

By Sara Ireland-Cooperman
For starters, there are cheese blin- luxurious and chametz-like foods on
tzes, an apple soufflé, and potato and Pesach is sacrilege, missing the whole
onion pierogies. For your entree, can point of the holiday. These people can
I offer you some baked ziti with cous- also argue that there are sources in
cous? Or an encrusted fish fillet with Rabbinic literature that liken yeast
a side of cheese lasagna? How about to one’s yetzer hara for haughtiness,
manicotti with a side of spinach pan- because of its properties of rising
cakes? All of the above? Excellent and expanding. Therefore, Passover,
choice. And for dessert, you have your eight days without yeast, should be a
choice of lemon meringue pie, chocolate holiday of reflection and working on
lace cookies, or fancy seven-layer Cake. our humility – a difficult task while
Take your time. feasting on all sorts of delicacies that
While these may sound like the look and taste just like soft and puffy
menu options at an upscale, indul- chametz!
gent restaurant, it is actually Pass- It is important to note that con-
over food; food that is completely ko- troversies regarding using these “hy-
sher for Passover, but made to imitate brids” of permissible versions of pro-
our leavened favorites. More and more, hibited items are not new to Jewish
kosher distributors have been market- observance. Parve cheese, imitation
ing these items, giving Passover a dif- bacon and wigs with scalps have all
ferent epicurean reputation than that been scrutinized when they first en-
of being the holiday of your Bubby’s tered the market, and some still do ob-
famous matzah balls. While some em- ject on the premise that we are skirt-
brace these foods, and claim it is high ing the letter of law, that we should
time we had some edible Pesach food, not always be in pursuit of trying to
others object, asserting that it is not in have it all and not be lacking in any
the spirit of the holiday to indulge in pleasure, and that it undercuts a fun-
such delicacies. damental tenet of Judaism – sacrifice
The machloket regarding Passover for a greater cause.
foods is as basic as the dichotomy of On the other hand, some are quick
the Seder itself – partly free men, part- to point out another vital part of Pass-
ly still in servitude. So it is no surprise over: freedom. There is a gemara that
that Passover food straddles this par- says that on Passover we must act
adox, as well. like the generation of Jews who actu-
Some argue that Passover is and ally were taken out of Egypt, and ex-
should be synonymous with simplic- perience freedom on a personal level,
ity. Do Jews not explicitly declare at not to mention the commandment to
the Seder that matzah is “the bread rejoice in the holiday (Deut. 16:14).
of affliction, that our forefathers ate
in Egypt?” To these people, eating Continued on p.S30

Happy Passover
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Pesach Preparations
For The Gluten-Free
By Daniela Weiss-Bronstein
People suffering from Celiac dis- zah, Korech, and Tzafun (the afikom-
ease in the United States, according an). There are oat matzahs on the mar-
to some estimates, outnumber people ket which test as gluten-free, although
suffering from Alzheimers, yet many people with gluten allergies should not
Americans don’t know what Celiac dis- eat them. People suffering from Celi-
ease is. An autoimmune disorder, Celi- ac disease could react to them as well.
ac disease occurs when the body loses There is an ongoing discussion in
the ability to process gluten, which is The Journal of Halacha and Contem-
found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and porary Society regarding matzah con-
oats. If that list of grains sounds fa- sumption during the Seder for peo-
miliar, it’s because those are also the ple with gluten allergies or sensitiv-
five grains which can become chametz ities. Many rabbis currently recom-
and matzah. mend eating oat matzah. Some rab-
bis recommend eating mat-
zah that is either 1/6 or 1/8
wheat, and the remainder
rice. There is also a machlo-
ket as to whether one would
need a k’zayit of that mat-
(Photo credit: Tovah Gidseg zah, or enough of that mat-
zah to have a full k’zayit of
wheat. Rabbi Eli Gersten
of the OU points out that
because we have no meso-
rah regarding the prepara-
tion of non-wheat matzahs,
some authorities are hes-
itant to recommend using
them on Pesach. However
the standard that has been
applied is the same 18-min-
Because people with Celiac disease, ute limit used for wheat matzah.
wheat allergies, and gluten intolerance Rabbi Jeremy Wieder of Yeshiva
mostly eat foods that would be classi- University recommends that “if you
fied as kitniyot on Pesach, having a eat oat matzah you shouldn’t make the
proper diet for those eight days can be brachah of ‘al achilat matzah’ yourself,
a challenge. Different approaches are but answer amen to someone else’s bra-
taken by different people. The biggest chah. It would be better, in my opin-
challenge is fulfilling the mitzvah to ion, to eat a minimal shiur of a k’zayit
eat matzah. Minimally, one has to eat
a k’zayit for the Seder sections of Mat- Continued on p.S22
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Eat, Drink And Focus On The Essentials

By Ziona Greenwald
Pesach has always been the “diffi- drop of sweetness or fat, so too the rest
cult” holiday. This is mostly because of of our grandparents’ food intake was ex-
the rigorous household overhaul we un- ceedingly simple. Not lacking in taste,
dertake in preparation – vacuuming in per se, but in variety and complexity.
crevices where crumbs fester the rest of These days, few dishes are out of
the year, purging the pantry and medi- reach on Pesach. Even for the non-ge-
cine cabinets, scouring shelves, and un- brokts crowd, the eating is good. I’ve
loading boxed-up Pesach kitchenware. been to hotel programs that I knew
To some degree, Pesach’s associa- were non-gebrokts only because their
tion with manual labor is justified. But ads said so – you’d never have guessed
many Jewish homemakers use the hol- it from the buffet tables.
iday as their impetus to do what the Is there anything wrong with eating
rest of the population would call spring mac n’ cheese on Pesach? Does eating
cleaning – washing the drapes, polish- a creation resembling bread somehow

+DSS\3DVVRYHU ing the chandelier, reorganizing the

closets, and removing dirt and dust from
places where food would never reach.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with
violate the spirit of Chag HaMatzos,
even if it is halachically sound?
There has always been a stream of
thinking in Jewish life that equates
 wanting a clean house. The problem is that
using Pesach as an excuse to tackle joyless
cleaning tasks places an unfair burden on
hardship with piety, stringency with ho-
liness, and innovation with insurrection.
Yet no matter what your lot in life,
 the way we view the holiday itself.
What does any of this have to do
with food? In recent years, frum con-
“iz shver tzu zein a Yid” – being a Jew
is not easy. And not just because of an-
ti-Semitism. We have 613 mitzvot to ob-
sumers have witnessed an explosion serve, each with its own intricacies and
in kosher for Pesach products. Menus sub-regulations. It’s enough to keep any
that were once dull with repetition are good Jew hard at work for a lifetime.
:WK6WUHHWr now chock-full of possibilities. Dishes So why make things harder on our-
that only the most hard-core balabusta selves?
FOXEKRXVHFDIHQHW could prepare from scratch – I’m think- Of course, you should not consume
ing here of my grandmother’s hand-cut anything that makes you uncomfortable.
Pesach lokshen made from flawless pa- But let’s frame it as a matter of person-
per-thin omelets – are now no further al preference rather than religious con-
away than a pot of boiling water or a viction. And why not consider the ever-
few minutes in the microwave. Maca- growing crop of new Pesach products a
roni and cheese. Cereal. Pizza. When it testament to Jewish brainpower, cre-
comes to cooking (and eating), at least, ativity, and entrepreneurship?
Pesach is not as hard as it used to be. If they can make pancakes kosher
That’s not to minimize the job of pre- for Pesach (“they” being the mysteri-
paring some dozen yom tov meals, in- ous geniuses who create the foods that
cluding Seders, for your family plus magically appear in my local grocery),
guests. But it does take you well be- I say, pass the syrup!
yond 27-Ways-to-Use-Potatoes. Pesach is about many things: the
For generations, observing Pesach meaning of liberation, the dawn of Jew-
meant resigning yourself to a certain ish peoplehood, the awesome might of
level of deprivation. Just as matzah Hashem’s hand…So much to focus on, so
consists of flour and water, sans even a much to eat while we do so. Let’s get to it!
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Wine Guide
5 7 71

Let’s start with the all-new Odem

‘Tigress’ from the Volcanic Series.
it’s a semi-dry tasty smooth pleasure.

Ah! The Or Haganuz Namura Select

is a great aged wine with special
aromas of delicious varieties.

We’ll Bentch on the prime Bravdo

edition, the Coupage. It’s a deep
and unique tasty experience.

For Hallel, here’s something

exclusive. The Odem Limited,
a special prestige full bodied wine.
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Innovative technology
allows this special wine
to be produced with
absolutely no added sulfites,
while maintaining a rich
and tasty flavor with unique
benefits and properties.

Dr. Arkadi Papikian


ELIMA 2009
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By Teaching Winemakers

Professors Ben Ami Bravdo - Winemaker Rated by Daniel Rogov : 91-93

A faculty member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one of the
leading scientists of modern viticulture in the world. Prof. Bravdo is the
chairman of the expert committee for viticulture of the O.I.V.
His research on the relationship between vine canopy growth and the wine
quality granted him international reputation and prestigious awards.

Professor Oded Shoseyov - Winemaker

Prof. Shoseyov is a former student of Professor Bravdo and a faculty
member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In his PhD thesis he studied
His current research is in biotechnology and processes in the vineyard and
the winery that affect wine quality.

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At odem we aim on reaching higher.

This year we did! We won the

enjoy our complete series of
great rich and tasty high-ranked
delicious wines. Every Odem
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