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An Overview Of The Mint Jubilee

The Beginnings Of The Foundation

Determined that other cancer patients and their families should not suffer, Chris Thieneman, Tom
Thieneman, Jr., and Matt Battaglia created The Mint Jubilee, whose mission is to provide
resources to non-profit organizations committed to finding cures and controls for cancer and
other relevant non-profit organizations.

In 1993, Matt’s mother, Nancy Van Cleve Battaglia, lost her fight with lung cancer after fighting
the disease, which spread to her brain and liver immobilizing her and impeding her ability to
communicate. Affected by that experience, the three established a gala event that would increase
awareness and funding for cancer treatment and research while simultaneously showcasing
Louisville to Hollywood and the world during the Kentucky Derby celebration.

New Ideas & New Events

During the Fall of 1995, Chris Thieneman, Matt Battaglia, and Tommy Thieneman began
thinking of creative ways that they could use their talents to make an impact on cancer research.
They wanted to create an event that would raise awareness of the struggles of cancer patients and
at the same time honor Matt’s mother.

Matt and Chris had been All-American football players at the University of Louisville during the
Schnellenberger era and knew that they could pull together to create an extraordinary event that
would increase awareness and funding for cancer research. Along with Chris’ brother Tommy,
they created the inaugural Mint Jubilee Derby Eve in 1996. Since that time, the Mint Jubilee has
raised more than $1,000,000 for the treatment of cancer patients and research towards finding a
cure and resulted in The Mint Jubilee Cancer Resource Center at a local hospital.

Promoting Awareness In Louisville, Kentucky, and Beyond

Occurring in Louisville, Kentucky the night before the Kentucky Derby, The Mint Jubilee has
become one of the most prestigious charity events in the world and attracts high profile
international celebrities, entertainers and dignitaries. The event has been televised worldwide in
over 130 countries and more than 200 million homes.

The Details About The Foundation

The Mint Jubilee Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to helping cancer
patients in the region. Led by compassionate advocates whose lives have been touched by the
disease, The Mint Jubilee Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of
cancer patients by increasing awareness, expanding resources and ultimately helping find a cure
for cancer.
The vision is funded primarily by the proceeds from the Mint Jubilee Gala, and the Foundation
gives various annual grants to cancer affiliated organizations who address the ongoing needs of
cancer care in our community. The Mint Jubilee pro-actively seeks organizations who tackle
cancer care in new and creative ways to have a profound impact on the journey to find a cure.