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Non Renewitee

Ehbntdhedl bey: Kewrecly oiphei

Class :12 te-3
Relln 31
bithd o: Miss Chari

. oehnewtdgemenk
2 bredudien
3 What aru on- Arovable Aesowres
p hn-Rerauabli Rusoura
5. Nen-Rinwabl Kesawrcs Statiltes
dnartagu anddiadvantags ef Ner-Renwabl Rsowrces.
7. erserwatien rf Abn Reruuenbll
8. Lenclesion

9 Bbliogrnoply

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ard ime de conpáá this pnaject aviH succssHon Suuld
k to Ahark my Eminnental Stades tackor liss
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Den-Rrnwable dAsasices?

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6 l suggesdtns arid guikanct Aas beon belpfel in varnioes

28/12/202o 12sp'B
heseeru is a ery brond tm, Ha Aesieally onydhinrg
hat onn ke cmillorud a sralua6le addtben. nythirg rom air h
geldis all sesources.
PRsource s a pkpsicalrinbrial that humans need
ard vabre such as land, an, and avde h n t i t SKatts
lagical Sovey USGS) defnitien ofssuru'i a eenasntra-
tion atoral occuming solit, liul, gaueus mairual
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memic erctraitien a senmedity oem cencentrction
uuounliy fotriially heasible.
Keeneus can benlh & elassifted pen their availabi-
ity- tkey an lassifiedinto enewabll and nen- rorswable
Kenevonble sessowrnus ann dhose sesgwres hat can be s«ple-
nisAod NnLved matorally eun ine. o , anttr, wind
4elan onugg, i t . aru all suncwaili rusarces. Aenauaal rassors
can be eanily senecued by ratre. dlan- runsuwalble sresamces are
thou nadiral sussurcs hat are avnilale in hmihl gzarte
Kese pesovcs cannet b Aeravek or neplnkshed in sskt dra-
ionerufou, Key an akso Anavn as eckausible sceseurces.
rampls- Coal, rngleum, nálknal gas, cte.

Rebources are
imyotant ferthe coulepnend ang
emd berirdatuak drudapmont e guiu vmineral ruseuras
hervwable u s r s t k an, tvatn, soler eneray, at. are
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loueuan, cordirnuet Auunan populatin greuh Ras
edde unustainablh stales z censumslion owr natiur al
pesaores, #cohulirg a los v varth s aeisdicnsity .Bra-
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hat ae Non-Aenwabl_Resauces 3
mon-enwalli gussuwrce svfers doa matiwral Lassuwnu
hatis geund beneadh ili earth, whick whan corssncd olous n
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, en- urva6ls arn susaures oh economic vabe ddatcornsd
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M Psowrcs ypically take vmillions yors fo ouulep. Key are
akso callid a f n i é sne8ouwre Ke vmain ercamplés h nen- Uruwabe
eesewres ane carben- based fossilfalh such cs crudeoil, cal
and natnal gas, whih Kumans segulerly draw phodiuce
h Unitid stath enargg Srfermtion Adminstratisn
SEIA) descrites an -renuwable resscrces as Sourrces hatde net
|epentl rithin a shot ime is kep vp vilk hiin constmyion.
e esowncs anu
femd fon oganie vnatorial frenplantand
animal smains tdat vrótd millions y a r s ego. Sine dh
matinialk ook vnillons afyars to f ,
hiy abo suuie
mitlons fzrars to aplonik.

Carth minvrale and mutel srs lika gold, silwn, and

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tocgh fodable, hay can b barafalteth_enuórennont
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I h irp erwad cahgoris nen- serswable susownces
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sefaceIh gni mater mainly conpréses a plant
|animal sunaira dat haue deconpoud, Keatid, anelcorprussed{|
|me vnillions ofears t forur fossil daposiá
Ih depait are ercteactid hrsgk doilling o* mining,
ndahey can k án lgue, zas, solid form s s i t fels aru
zhly combusdBk, vmaking thom a rich souwru f energy
f a p i s fossil fuuli ineluds cude oid, caal and'nalenal
k pouent, he main energy sewcc Tsud &y Auans
|-3 non-9wrewabb fossil feats. Sinu the daun efintrnal
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a Pselt, cenventioral irfrastuctore and &ransyport systims,
kich are pittclto comkusion engines, unain fareminent

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nsnersabli reserce tdat i entiactik in liapid foerm. f á
e n d betuen tK layers th earth's crest on bteueen
recks, and itá sutienued by drilling a entital wellintio
hground and eceam ploot.
r u d sil á hen pempal stto thi suarfaa deden
e g h a tfinary, and din-sed to oreat cliffrent protuiáa
sdto A protuce gasoline and disel t poiuen umstin
uehicls and mamfrchre plastis, Kating ol fropare,
n d j t feul, as well as antficial food flnves
rlitk otPisends boing used p more quichl hon
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R1 Santwry.
6) atural yas-
Uativral gas ë a gaseos vnen- rertuwabli sesawnce that3
Hound kclow e earh's cruust but nean crud sil dipaiá n
subsoface. hboral gas orimarib consist 7mathane,
|eat cmay alse rontain vtherppruns nahral gos sueh
aparne, ethane, and btane.
Mahane odorles, and &imiced witha apecial
additiv togie il an edo pra easy detectlon in case éhere is
ges leakage. nce matiral gas is ertiaetid, tii
sert to pocessirg
elonts ts emeue prepane and btane, which ane Tsed as
lizueficd ptireltn gas(LPG: Ahtavral gasiå uad fo
|Keatirg Rens, as well as fos cosking n ga enens, slors,
oal is ouatid by
comfprussed organit natter, and
contains cortben andhydocarbon vmatin Há tormed frem
plant- hlld sar amps dhat hau been coverud ey sidimenti
fon millons ars koal ó ercbractid by olggrg p h
r u n d and taking ont coal solis forprwcssig ante
erungy. mah coal au atdnacte, lgie, bi
minsAs and oud- Bilhuninoes coal.
Arhnaih Kas tk hihest heatrg abe and contains
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Atoninas csal sontaius 45- 36yn aent carbn andá
| vmst ab1ndant ye f coal frmdin l rlnithd Habs;
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and Aas he kowst Aalirg rabu amerg kfe fon
igaitt cerlains 25 35 pur cent carbor and kasLh
Konust érergy contint amorg Jowr typs vf coal as well
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t fren fossil fuuk, ztlen eatgory ron
eresabé ribrurcs vuekan fulh.Ss primarily oétairad
Zhnegk e mining and sufining faniun , a natnall
Pradioatine element belou th earlh's srrface.
antum s pornd in small uarktiis, andminers
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h mineral generala pouuen dirousk a process Anaun as
nuclia fusion, udhick eruatas enccgh pressore Le mun br
binas and genvrati uelan peur

Aen-Reneovable Rsunes Stalislis

a)cerdirg e lk USEIA, K glrbal surply h eudh oil e
nby sficint s umut human derrand kAnongk h ypar 2050.
CA)sid foels formel araurd 30-300 millon gears aga,drirgd
h Canbenithergs faerisod.
e) n ut ssolil negtaltin comprassed and Aahd swr
milllons a s cualisgust one fort ef coal.
6 e i sö per cont h roel el indh aevilä emertil
Anb gaseli'ae.
akeral gassn rock frnatisrs mdirground s
miltion, Ulon, or billton eutiic vmeks
66 centrh hworlt's ensrgy zereradid fren fessil
1ult, u k 8 per enti zersratd fpren vnuclar ere'gg.

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men- rwable susourcess

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(a) Abn-erouabh s e s a r a s higk in sergy.
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a) on- renuvablk srusowms arn zisually bad forhe onuire
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6) scarding ptoyclable vmdirials profwrby so tey can be
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made of plastic, zlas, cwmam, vmetl
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to each hokehold.
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Oun society is diperdent-en nen-runuabh rwsaures that
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Ternbibulers eh carben diorilh and ather hazarcdleus gases zhat
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Aon-Aenvnble teroy-ddrantges and Dindvontages
edant-Btps //oa dandu com/pdyisfmenosunanvabheanoy

.hhats a Alen- Renwuable Aesource?

w n t Selan- a umun
Atas://www. nisntiolan. com/sleann-rerwakh-sesowrws

h a t aru Aen- Reruabl Resours and THeo o tule orwet

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By euit Rackebssn, ckif Sustauirnbit ethan.
April 24, 2019
Ktas i}/www.ubicen. comn/6le4|nonrentuable- resownces
4. Non- Aenwabl Ruource
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Atpps //8ciercirg. com/trree- eays- conseruiry
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