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1 ability a skill (n.

) Err:508
1 accept to take what is offered (v.) Err:508
1 accord to give (v.) Err:508
1 account a business record (n.) Err:508
1 activity a specific thing to do (n.) Err:508
1 admit to allow to enter (v.) Err:508
1 adopt to take as one's own (v.) Err:508
1 advance to move ahead (v.) Err:508
1 agency a business with the power (n.)
to act forErr:508
1 agent a business helper (n.) Err:508
1 agree to have the same opinion (v.) Err:508
1 agreeable pleasant (adj.) menyenangkan
1 air the invisible combination of(n.)
gases that
surround the earth
1 amount the total sum; quantity of something
(n.) Err:508
1 ancient very old (adj.) Err:508
1 another one more (adj.) Err:508
1 answer to speak or write a response (v.) Err:508
1 appoint to name to an office or position
(v.) Err:508
1 associate to connect with (v.) Err:508
1 attack to begin a fight (v.) Err:508
1 base low; mean (adj.) Err:508
1 basis foundation (n.) Err:508
1 battle a large-scale fight, usually (n.)
in war Err:508
1 beauty something that is pleasing (n.)
to look at
1 begin to start (v.) Err:508
1 believe to think that something is true
(v.) Err:508
1 bore a dull and uninteresting person
(n.) Err:508
1 brief not lasting for very long (adj.) Err:508
1 broad wide; large; extensive (adj.) Err:508
1 building the process of making a house(v.) or structure
1 capital punishable by death (adj.) Err:508
1 certain sure; without any doubt (adj.) Err:508
1 childhood the time or condition of being
(n.)a child
1 choose to pick from a group (v.) Err:508
1 circular round in shape (adj.) Err:508
1 circular in the shape of a circle (adj.) Err:508
1 claim to say that something belongs(v.) to one
1 committee a group of people chosen for (n.)a taskErr:508
1 common often heard or seen (adj.) Err:508
1 complete having no parts missing (adj.) Err:508
1 contain to have inside (v.) Err:508
1 contentment satisfaction (n.) kepuasan
1 court a playing area (n.) Err:508
1 current at the present time (adj.) Err:508
1 current of the present time; latest; (adj.)
1 daily every day (adj.) Err:508
1 danger a risk (n.) Err:508
1 defeat to overcome; to beat (v.) Err:508
1 depend to rely on (v.) Err:508
1 describe to tell about in detail (v.) Err:508
1 desire to wish (v.) Err:508
1 destroy to ruin; to put an end to (v.) Err:508
1 determine to ascertain; to find out exactly
(v.) Err:508
1 difficult hard to do (adj.) Err:508
1 direct to be in charge of (v.) Err:508
1 disadvantage an unfavorable condition (n.) Err:508
1 disagree to differ (v.) Err:508
1 disappear to pass out of sight (v.) Err:508
1 disappear to move out of sight (v.) Err:508
1 discover to find for the first time (v.) Err:508
1 disregard to pay no attention to (v.) mengabaikan
1 distant far away (adj.) Err:508
1 down soft fluffy feathers or hair (n.) Err:508
1 earthquake a sudden movement of the(n.) groundErr:508
1 earthy coarse; unrefined (adj.) kasar, tidak sopan
1 effective able to cause some desired (adj.)
result Err:508
1 efficient working well (adj.) Err:508
1 effort an attempt to achieve (n.) Err:508
1 employ to hire (v.) Err:508
1 endless seeming to go on forever (adj.) Err:508
1 enjoy to get pleasure from (v.) Err:508
1 enjoyable pleasant (adj.) Err:508
1 equal being the same in some quality
(adj.) Err:508
1 escape to become free (v.) Err:508
1 escape to get free (v.) Err:508
1 even flat; smooth; equal (adj.) Err:508
1 exceptional out of the ordinary; unusual(adj.) Err:508
1 expensive costing a lot of money (adj.) Err:508
1 extend to enlarge; to make longer(v.) Err:508
1 extend strech out; give (v.) Err:508
1 extensive far-reaching; large in amount(adj.) Err:508
1 factory a building where things are(n.)made Err:508
1 fail to not succeed (v.) Err:508
1 fair light in color; blonde (adj.) Err:508
1 faithful loyal; trustworthy; devoted(adj.) Err:508
1 familiar well-known; common; everyday (adj.) Err:508
1 famous very well-known (adj.) Err:508
1 favor a kind act (n.) Err:508
1 fearful afraid (adj.) Err:508
1 foreign of another country (adj.) Err:508
1 gain to increase (v.) Err:508
1 gather to collect; to bring together(v.) Err:508
1 gifted having natural talent or special
1 grow to become larger (v.) Err:508
1 handful as much as can be held in(n.) the hand Err:508
1 historic important in history (adj.) Err:508
1 history a record of past events (n.) Err:508
1 honorable honest (adj.) jujur
1 hope to expect that a wish will come
(v.) trueErr:508
1 idea a plan (n.) Err:508
1 inch to move very slowly (v.) Err:508
1 include to take in as part of the whole
(v.) Err:508
1 ineffective not productive (adj.) tidak efektif
1 interest a desire to know, see, or do (n.) Err:508
1 iron a device used to smooth the (n.)wrinkles
in cloth
1 join to bring together; become (v.)
a part ofErr:508
1 joint united; combined (adj.) Err:508
1 judgment opinion (n.) Err:508
1 just fair (adj.) Err:508
1 land ground (n.) Err:508
1 language spoken or written speech (n.) Err:508
1 lasting enduring; permanent; continuing
(adj.) permanen, kekal
1 latter nearer the end; the last part (adj.) Err:508
1 leadership the ability to guide (n.) Err:508
1 lie to say something that is not (v.)
true Err:508
1 local nearby; close; neighboring(adj.) Err:508
1 lost unable to find (v.) Err:508
1 machine a device with moving parts(n.) Err:508
1 master become skillful at (v.) Err:508
1 meaningless not making sense; worthless (adj.) tidak berguna
1 mere nothing else than; only (adj.) Err:508
1 midnight twelve o'clock at night (n.) Err:508
1 minute very small (adj.) Err:508
1 modern current; up-to-date (adj.) Err:508
1 money coins and bills issued by a (n.)
Err:508to use when making purchases
1 morning the first part of the day (n.) Err:508
1 natural produced by nature; ordinary (adj.) Err:508
1 nearby close at hand (adj.) Err:508
1 notable outstanding (adj.) Err:508
1 note to observe (v.) Err:508
1 noticeable obvious (adj.) Err:508
1 numerous very many (adj.) Err:508
1 object a thing that can be seen or(n.)touchedErr:508
1 objectionable disagreeable; offensive (adj.) tidak dapat diterima
1 observable noticeable (adj.) mudah dilihat
1 observe to look at closely (v.) Err:508
1 occasion a special event (n.) Err:508
1 occasional happening now and then (adj.) Err:508
1 operative in working order (adj.) menyala, bekerja lagi
1 opinion a belief (n.) Err:508
1 order to tell what to do (v.) Err:508
1 ordinary common; usual (adj.) Err:508
1 outlook an attitude; a point of view(n.) Err:508
1 outstanding remarkable; noticeably better (adj.) Err:508
1 part to separate (v.) Err:508
1 partial not complete; not total (adj.) Err:508
1 pass give or hand over (v.) Err:508
1 past time gone by (n.) Err:508
1 peace absence of war (n.) Err:508
1 permit to allow (v.) Err:508
1 personal private; individual (adj.) Err:508
1 power strength (n.) Err:508
1 prepare to make ready (v.) Err:508
1 private secret; personal (adj.) Err:508
1 profit a gain of money (n.) Err:508
1 progress to go ahead (v.) Err:508
1 proof something that shows the truth(n.) Err:508
1 propose to suggest; to offer (v.) Err:508
1 protect to keep safe (v.) Err:508
1 protect to keep from harm (v.) Err:508
1 public all the people (n.) Err:508
1 rather prefer (adj.) Err:508
1 real actual; true (adj.) Err:508
1 reason to think clearly; to influence(v.)
1 recent new (adj.) Err:508
1 recognition favorable notice or attention
(n.) Err:508
1 recognize to know because of seeing(v.) before Err:508
1 reconsider to think over again (v.) mempertimbangkan lagi
1 reduce to make smaller (v.) Err:508
1 refuse to turn down (v.) Err:508
1 relate to tell about (v.) Err:508
1 remain to stay while others go (v.) Err:508
1 remark to say something; to make(v.)a comment
1 reserve to keep back (v.) Err:508
1 respect honor (v.) Err:508
1 road a way made for traveling (n.) Err:508
1 royal having to do with a king or(adj.)
queen Err:508
1 rule a law that tells one what to(n.)
do Err:508
1 ruling a decision (n.) Err:508
1 scarce not plentiful or abundant (adj.) Err:508
1 season one of the four divisions of(n.)
the yearErr:508
1 secrecy concealment from others (n.) kerahasiaan
1 secret something hidden, not known (n.) Err:508
1 separate not together (adj.) Err:508
1 serious important (adj.) Err:508
1 settler a person who lives in a new (n.)
land pendatang
1 shine to give out light (v.) Err:508
1 ship a large boat; an aircraft (n.) Err:508
1 shorten to make shorter (v.) Err:508
1 show to point out (v.) Err:508
1 sign to write one's name (v.) Err:508
1 simplify to make easier (v.) menyederhanakan
1 subject something discussed or studied
(n.) Err:508
1 substantial significant; sizable; considerable
(adj.) Err:508
1 substantial significant; sizable; considerable
(adj.) Err:508
1 suggestion a possible idea (n.) Err:508
1 surround to shut in on all sides (v.) Err:508
1 teach to help a person to learn something
(v.) Err:508
1 temple a building for worship (n.) Err:508
1 trust to have confidence in (v.) Err:508
1 type to write with a typewriter (v.) Err:508
1 unconcerned not concerned; not worried(adj.) tidak mempedulikan
1 unfamiliar not well-known (adj.) tidak dikenali, tidak teringat
1 unusual not common; out of the ordinary
(adj.) Err:508
1 valuable worth a lot of money (adj.) Err:508
1 vessel a hollow container (n.) Err:508
1 victorious successful in any contest or(adj.)
1 victorious successful in any contest or(adj.)
1 view to look at (v.) Err:508
1 visitor guest (n.) Err:508
1 vote to give or cast a decision (v.) Err:508
1 wealthy rich (adj.) Err:508
1 weekend the period of time from Friday
(n.) evening
through Sunday evening
1 welcome to kindly greet (v.) Err:508
1 wife a married woman (n.) Err:508
1 willing ready; agreeing; consenting (adj.) Err:508
1 wisdom great learning (n.) Err:508
1 wise smart; intelligent (adj.) Err:508
1 wonderful marvelous; excellent (adj.) Err:508
1 worthless good-for-nothing; useless (adj.) Err:508
1 worthy deserving (adj.) Err:508
1 wounded hurt; injured (adj.) terluka
1 yield to surrender (v.) Err:508
1 youth the time between childhood (n.)
and adulthood
2 absent away; missing (adj.) Err:508
2 absolute complete (adj.) Err:508
2 accident an unplanned or harmful event
(n.) Err:508
2 accidental happening by chance; not (adj.)
2 accustomed usual (adj.) kebiasaan
2 admire to like (v.) Err:508
2 advice helpful guidance (n.) Err:508
2 advise to give advice (v.) Err:508
2 afford to have the money required (v.) Err:508
2 aimless without direction (adj.) Err:508
2 ambition a desire for success (n.) Err:508
2 ambitious eager; desiring strongly (adj.) Err:508
2 amuse to make smile (v.) Err:508
2 annoy to irritate (v.) Err:508
2 anxious worried (adj.) Err:508
2 approve to agree to (v.) Err:508
2 arched curved (adj.) melengkung
2 argue to discuss with someone who (v.) disagrees
2 arrest to take to jail (v.) Err:508
2 artificial not occurring naturally (adj.) Err:508
2 ashamed feeling embarrassed or disgraced
(adj.) Err:508
2 asleep sleeping (adj.) Err:508
2 astonished greatly surprised (adj.) sangat kaget/terperanjat
2 attention mental concentration (n.) Err:508
2 attract to draw interest (v.) Err:508
2 attractive pretty; charming; full of appeal
(adj.) Err:508
2 autumn the season of the year between
(n.) summer
Err:508and winter; fall
2 avoid to keep away from (v.) Err:508
2 awaken to wake up (v.) membangunkan
2 awkward clumsy (adj.) Err:508
2 baggage suitcases (n.) Err:508
2 bargain to try to buy something for (v.)
a good price
2 bathe to wash (v.) Err:508
2 beam a wooden support (n.) Err:508
2 beggar a person who asks others (n.)
for moneyErr:508
2 behave to act (v.) Err:508
2 bend to curve (v.) Err:508
2 bicycle a vehicle with two wheels, (n.)
and a seat
2 bind to tie together (v.) Err:508
2 birthday the anniversary of the day (n.)
a personErr:508
was born
2 bit a mouthpiece used to control(n.)horses
2 bitter having a sharp, harsh taste(adj.) Err:508
2 boast to praise oneself; to brag (v.) Err:508
2 boldness courage (n.) keberanian
2 border a dividing line (n.) Err:508
2 bound to leap (v.) Err:508
2 bribe to influence with a reward (v.) Err:508
2 burst to suddenly break open; explode
(v.) Err:508
2 busy active (adj.) Err:508
2 calculate to figure out (v.) Err:508
2 calm settle down; relax (v.) Err:508
2 camera a machine for taking pictures
(n.) Err:508
2 canal a large ditch to carry water(n.) Err:508
2 cautious careful (adj.) Err:508
2 ceremony A formal way to celebrate an(n.)important
2 coarse heavy or rough in looks or (adj.)
texture Err:508
2 coffee a drink made from the roasted,
(n.) ground
seeds of a tropical shrub
2 collect to gather together (v.) Err:508
2 combine to join together (v.) Err:508
2 comfort to soothe (v.) Err:508
2 companion a person who goes along (n.) Err:508
2 complicate to make more difficult (v.) Err:508
2 confess to admit one's guilt (v.) Err:508
2 confident sure of oneself and one's ability
(adj.) Err:508
2 confuse to mix up (v.) Err:508
2 cowardly without courage; fearful; scared
(adj.) secara pengecut
2 crop anything grown or harvested (n.) Err:508
2 cruel causing pain (adj.) Err:508
2 cruelty unkind treatment (n.) kekejaman
2 cultivate to prepare land and grow crops
(v.) Err:508
2 cure to make well (v.) Err:508
2 customary usual; conventional; common (adj.) kebiasaan, konvensional
2 damage harm or injury that lessens(n.)
value Err:508
2 damage to hurt or break (v.) Err:508
2 damp slightly wet (adj.) Err:508
2 daring bold; fearless; courageous(adj.) berani
2 debt something owed to someone (n.)else Err:508
2 decay to become rotten (v.) Err:508
2 deceive to lie (v.) Err:508
2 decrease to become less (v.) Err:508
2 defend to guard against attack (v.) Err:508
2 delay to make late (v.) Err:508
2 delicate requiring careful handling (adj.) Err:508
2 deliver to carry and hand over (v.) Err:508
2 descend to move down (v.) Err:508
2 deserve to be worthy of (v.) Err:508
2 despair a feeling of hopelessness (n.) Err:508
2 despair to lose hope (v.) Err:508
2 discipline to punish (v.) Err:508
2 disturb to upset or interrupt (v.) Err:508
2 double twice as much; twice as many(adj.) Err:508
2 eager very willing (adj.) Err:508
2 earnest not joking; serious (adj.) Err:508
2 elderly old; mature (adj.) Err:508
2 enclosure a closed-in place (n.) sangkar
2 encourage to help someone feel more(v.)confident
2 entire including all the parts; complete
(adj.) Err:508
2 envious wanting what others have (adj.) iri
2 essential absolutely necessary (adj.) Err:508
2 exact to demand and get (v.) Err:508
2 examination an investigation (n.) Err:508
2 excessive extreme; overdone; unreasonable
(adj.) Err:508
2 excessive extreme; overdone; unreasonable
(adj.) Err:508
2 excuse to forgive (v.) Err:508
2 extraordinary very unusual or remarkable(adj.) Err:508
2 faint weak; dizzy; very light (adj.) Err:508
2 false not true; wrong (adj.) Err:508
2 fan to cool oneself with a fan (v.) Err:508
2 fancy not plain; decorated (adj.) Err:508
2 feast to eat a special meal (v.) Err:508
2 fierce wild or cruel; violent (adj.) Err:508
2 flood to fill to overflowing (v.) Err:508
2 fold to bend upon itself (v.) Err:508
2 fond loving (adj.) Err:508
2 forbidden not allowed (adj.) Err:508
2 frequent to occur or appear often (v.) Err:508
2 fright a sudden fear (n.) Err:508
2 frightful dreadful (adj.) mengerikan, menakutkan
2 generosity a willingness to share (n.) kemurahan hati
2 govern to rule (v.) Err:508
2 gradual taking place little by little (adj.) Err:508
2 greasy having grease on it (adj.) berlemak, licin
2 greedy wanting too much (adj.) Err:508
2 guard to keep safe (v.) Err:508
2 guest a person who visits another (n.) Err:508
2 habit something done over and over (n.) again
2 habitual often done; customary (adj.) kebiasaan
2 harbor a safe place for ships to stay(n.) Err:508
2 harvest to gather crops when they (v.)are ripe Err:508
2 hate to dislike (v.) Err:508
2 healthy having or relating to good health
(adj.) Err:508
2 hesitate to wait; to be undecided (v.) Err:508
2 hinder to get in the way of; to hold(v.)
back Err:508
2 hire to employ (v.) Err:508
2 hollow empty inside (adj.) Err:508
2 honest trustworthy; not cheating or(adj.)
lying Err:508
2 host a person who has guests (n.) Err:508
2 humble not proud or bold; modest (adj.) Err:508
2 hurry to act or move quickly (v.) Err:508
2 ideal the best possible (adj.) Err:508
2 idle lazy (adj.) Err:508
2 imagine to picture in your mind (v.) Err:508
2 imitate to copy (v.) Err:508
2 immediate at once; without delay (adj.) Err:508
2 immense very large (adj.) Err:508
2 improbable not likely (adj.) tidak mungkin
2 improve to make better (v.) Err:508
2 inn a small hotel (n.) Err:508
2 inquire to ask (v.) Err:508
2 inquire to ask a question (v.) Err:508
2 instant a specific moment (n.) Err:508
2 intend to have in mind (v.) Err:508
2 interfere to come between; meddle (v.) Err:508
2 invent to think up for the first time(v.) Err:508
2 inviting tempting (adj.) mengundang, menggoda
2 jealous resentful; envious (adj.) Err:508
2 journey a trip (n.) Err:508
2 key an item that locks and unlocks(n.) something
2 limb arm or leg (n.) Err:508
2 list to tilt to one side (v.) Err:508
2 lock an enclosed part of a canal(n.) Err:508
2 lone alone (adj.) Err:508
2 loose not fastened or firmly held (adj.) Err:508
2 loyal devoted (adj.) Err:508
2 loyalty faithfulness (n.) Err:508
2 mail send and deliver an item by (v.)
the post
2 merchant a person who sells things (n.) Err:508
2 merciful kind; forgiving (adj.) berbaik hati, memaafkan
2 messenger a person who carries news(n.) Err:508
2 mild gentle; not harsh (adj.) Err:508
2 miserable unhappy; sad (adj.) Err:508
2 mistake error (n.) Err:508
2 motionless not moving; still (adj.) tidak bergerak
2 narrow not wide (adj.) Err:508
2 neglect to fail to take care of (v.) Err:508
2 niece the daughter of one's brother,
(n.) sister,
brother-in-law, or sister-in-law
2 nuisance something that annoys (n.) Err:508
2 oar a pole used to row or steer(n.)a boat Err:508
2 obedient doing as one is told (adj.) taat
2 offend to hurt the feelings of (v.) Err:508
2 offense a crime (n.) kejahatan
2 offensive unpleasant (adj.) tidak menyenangkan
2 omit to leave out (v.) Err:508
2 outline a brief report of the main points
(n.) Err:508
2 pardon forgive (v.) Err:508
2 passage a piece from a speech or writing
(n.) Err:508
2 patient enduring trouble without complaint
(adj.) Err:508
2 patriotic having or showing love for(adj.)
one's country
2 peculiar odd or strange (adj.) Err:508
2 perfect having no errors or flaws (adj.) Err:508
2 permanent lasting for a long time (adj.) Err:508
2 persuade to win over (v.) Err:508
2 plane a flat surface (n.) Err:508
2 plentiful more than enough (adj.) banyak, lebih dari cukup
2 polish to rub and brighten (v.) Err:508
2 postpone to put off until later (v.) Err:508
2 praise to speak well of (v.) Err:508
2 precious valuable (adj.) Err:508
2 prefer to like better; to choose first
(v.) Err:508
2 preserve to save (v.) Err:508
2 pretend to make believe (v.) Err:508
2 prompt immediate; punctual (adj.) Err:508
2 punctual on time; not late (adj.) Err:508
2 punish to cause to suffer for a crime
(v.)or misbehavior
2 rapid very fast; quick (adj.) Err:508
2 rare uncommon; hard to find (adj.) Err:508
2 reflect to be thrown back from a surface
(v.) Err:508
2 refresh to make fresh again (v.) Err:508
2 relieve to make easier (v.) Err:508
2 repair to fix (v.) Err:508
2 repeat to say or do again (v.) Err:508
2 replacement a substitute (n.) Err:508
2 request to ask for (v.) Err:508
2 rescue to save from danger (v.) Err:508
2 responsible accountable for (adj.) Err:508
2 retire to stop working because of(v.) age Err:508
2 review to go over or study again (v.) Err:508
2 reward something given for something (n.) done Err:508
2 rival a person who tries to get the (n.)sameErr:508
thing as another
2 rivalry a contest (n.) suatu persaingan
2 root the underground part of a plant
(n.) Err:508
2 ruin to destroy, or harm greatly(v.) Err:508
2 rush to hurry (v.) Err:508
2 rust a reddish-brown coating that (n.)formsErr:508
on metal
2 sacred holy (adj.) Err:508
2 salary money paid to a worker (n.) Err:508
2 satisfactory enough; pleasing; sufficient(adj.) Err:508
2 scatter to throw in all directions (v.) Err:508
2 scent a smell (n.) Err:508
2 scented pleasant smelling (adj.) berbau harum
2 scorn contempt; bad feelings (n.) Err:508
2 scrape to clean or remove material(v.) by rubbing
2 seed the part of a plant from which(n.) a newErr:508
plant can grow
2 seize to take by force (v.) Err:508
2 severe harsh (adj.) Err:508
2 shallow not deep (adj.) Err:508
2 shelter a place or thing that protects(n.) Err:508
2 skill ability (n.) Err:508
2 solid keeping its shape; hard; firm (adj.) Err:508
2 solution an answer (n.) Err:508
2 sore in pain (adj.) Err:508
2 sow to plant seeds (v.) Err:508
2 splendid very beautiful; striking (adj.) Err:508
2 stain to discolor (v.) Err:508
2 steal to take without permission(v.) Err:508
2 steer to guide (v.) Err:508
2 strict stern (adj.) Err:508
2 stupidity a lack of intelligence (n.) kebodohan
2 sudden happening quickly (adj.) Err:508
2 suitable right for the purpose (adj.) Err:508
2 suspect to distrust (v.) Err:508
2 tame to change from wild to gentle (v.) Err:508
2 telephone a device that sends and receives
(n.) sound
over wires
2 tend to take care of (v.) Err:508
2 terrible awful; severe (adj.) Err:508
2 thorough carried through to completion;(adj.)marked
by full detail
2 thread a thin length of cotton used(n.)for sewing
2 threat possible harm (n.) Err:508
2 ticket a printed card that allows one(n.) to participate
Err:508 in an event
2 tidy to make neat (v.) Err:508
2 tight fitting so close that it is uncomfortable
(adj.) Err:508
2 tooth a hard, bony part in the mouth(n.) used Err:508
to chew and bite
2 tremble to shake (v.) Err:508
2 typical representative (adj.) Err:508
2 unavoidable inevitable (adj.) tidak terhindarkan
2 uneasy worried; not at ease (adj.) khawatir, tidak nyaman
2 universal existing everywhere (adj.) Err:508
2 unlucky having bad luck; unfortunate (adj.) Err:508
2 upright standing or pointing straight (adj.)
up Err:508
2 vain having too high a self-opinion(adj.) Err:508
2 violent of great force or strength (adj.) Err:508
2 voyage a long journey (n.) Err:508
2 wasteful non-productive; squandering;(adj.)
sia-sia, tidak produktif
2 weigh to find out how heavy something
(v.) isErr:508
2 witness to be present at; to see (v.) Err:508
2 wreck to destroy (v.) Err:508
3 abandon to leave or desert (v.) Err:508
3 abnormal unusual (adj.) aneh, tidak normal
3 accommodating helpful (adj.) membantu
3 accompany to go along with (v.) Err:508
3 accumulate to pile up; to collect (v.) Err:508
3 accurate correct; free from errors (adj.) Err:508
3 achieve to succeed in doing; to accomplish
(v.) Err:508
3 achieve to do (v.) Err:508
3 acknowledge to admit (v.) Err:508
3 adaptable able to adjust (adj.) dapat menyesuaikan
3 adaptation a change (n.) Err:508
3 adequate enough for what is needed(adj.) Err:508
3 advocate to recommend publicly; to (v.)
support Err:508
3 aid to help or assist (v.) Err:508
3 alter to change (v.) Err:508
3 altered changed; different (adj.) telah dimodifikasi
3 alternate to occur by turns (v.) memakai secara berganti-ganti, menggilir
3 ambiguous having more than one meaning(adj.) Err:508
3 amends something to make up for a(n.)wrong merubah, mengubah
3 annual yearly (adj.) Err:508
3 appreciate to rise in value (v.) Err:508
3 approach to come closer to (v.) Err:508
3 approximate nearly (adj.) Err:508
3 arbitrary based on personal whim (adj.) Err:508
3 assemble to fit together (v.) Err:508
3 assistant one who helps (n.) Err:508
3 assume to suppose; to take for granted
(v.) Err:508
3 assure to guarantee (v.) Err:508
3 attain to achieve; to win (v.) Err:508
3 attain to achieve (v.) Err:508
3 authority the power to make decision (n.) Err:508
3 bulky taking up too much space (adj.) banyak sekali
3 capable skilled; able to do things well
(adj.) Err:508
3 capacity the maximum that can be contained
(n.) Err:508
3 cease to stop (v.) Err:508
3 chemical a substance used in or created
(n.) by Err:508
a chemical process
3 citation a commendation for bravery (n.) tanda penghargaan
3 civil polite; courteous (adj.) Err:508
3 clarify to explain (v.) Err:508
3 clarity clearness (n.) Err:508
3 code a set of symbols used to send
(n.) a secret
3 coherent logically connected; consistent
(adj.) Err:508
3 coincide to occur at the same time (v.) Err:508
3 coincidence chance happenings at the (n.)
same time kejadian bersamaan secara tidak sengaja
3 colleague a fellow worker in an office(n.) Err:508
3 commence to begin (v.) Err:508
3 commentator one who reports or comments (n.) on news
3 commit to do something wrong (v.) Err:508
3 communicate to talk; to exchange information
(v.) Err:508
3 compensate to pay; to make up for (v.) Err:508
3 concentrate to bring together; to intensify
(v.) Err:508
3 conclude to bring to an end; to terminate
(v.) Err:508
3 conduct behavior (n.) Err:508
3 conduct to guide (v.) Err:508
3 confer to talk things over or consult
(v.)with Err:508
3 consent to give permission (v.) Err:508
3 consequent following as a result (adj.) Err:508
3 constant not changing (adj.) Err:508
3 constructive contributing helpfully; not destructive
(adj.) membangun
3 constructive contributing helpfully; not destructive
(adj.) membangun
3 consult to ask advice (v.) Err:508
3 consume to use up (v.) Err:508
3 consumer a user (n.) Err:508
3 contemporary belonging to the same time(adj.)
period Err:508
3 contradict to assert the opposite (v.) Err:508
3 contrast to show the differences (v.) Err:508
3 converse to talk with someone (v.) Err:508
3 convert to change (v.) Err:508
3 core the innermost part (n.) Err:508
3 create to bring into being (v.) Err:508
3 creative imaginative; artistic; inventive
(adj.) Err:508
3 creditor a person to whom a debt is(n.) owed Err:508
3 crucial of supreme importance; critical
(adj.) Err:508
3 data information; facts (n.) data
3 decline to politely say no (v.) Err:508
3 define to state the meaning of (v.) Err:508
3 definitive final; conclusive (adj.) definitif, jelas, final, pasti
3 demonstrate to show how to (v.) Err:508
3 depress to press down or to sadden(v.) menekan
3 design to plan or arrange (v.) Err:508
3 deviate to turn aside from the expected
(v.) way menyimpang
3 diminish to make or become smaller(v.) Err:508
3 discretion good judgment; wise caution (n.) penilaian yang bijak
3 distinctive having a special quality (adj.) Err:508
3 distort to twist out of shape (v.) mendistorsi, mengacaukan
3 diversity a variety (n.) Err:508
3 domestic of the home, household, or(adj.)
family Err:508
3 dominant most influential; strongest (adj.) Err:508
3 dominate to control (v.) Err:508
3 dramatize to act out (v.) mendramatisir
3 dynamic energetic; forceful (adj.) Err:508
3 economical avoiding waste; thrifty (adj.) menghemat
3 edit to check facts, correct errors;
(v.) to review
and refine
3 eliminate to get rid of; to remove (v.) Err:508
3 emerge to appear (v.) Err:508
3 emergent coming into existence or view(adj.) mulai kelihatan, muncul
3 emphasis special importance given to(n.) something
penekanan, hal yang ditekankan
3 emphatic very strong; definite (adj.) sangat kuat, tentu
3 encounter to meet unexpectedly (v.) Err:508
3 encounter an unexpected meeting (n.) Err:508
3 enhance to make better (v.) Err:508
3 enormous very large (adj.) Err:508
3 equip to supply (v.) Err:508
3 erode to wear away (v.) mengikis, melongsorkan
3 erroneous wrong; incorrect (adj.) salah
3 error a mistake (n.) Err:508
3 establish to set up (v.) Err:508
3 estimate to judge approximately (v.) Err:508
3 ethical right or correct; moral (adj.) Err:508
3 evident easy to see or understand(adj.) Err:508
3 exceed to be greater than (v.) Err:508
3 exclude to leave out (v.) Err:508
3 exhibit a public display of articles (n.) Err:508
3 expand to make larger (v.) Err:508
3 expansive extensive; broad or spreading(adj.) luas
3 expert highly skilled (adj.) Err:508
3 explicit clear and detailed (adj.) Err:508
3 exploit a daring deed (n.) Err:508
3 exploit to make unethical use of (v.) Err:508
3 export to sell goods in another country
(v.) Err:508
3 expose to uncover; to make known(v.) Err:508
3 fee an admission charge (n.) Err:508
3 final coming at the end; last (adj.) Err:508
3 finance to provide money for (v.) Err:508
3 flexible able to change or bend (adj.) Err:508
3 flexible easily bent (adj.) Err:508
3 fluctuate to rise and fall irregularly (v.) berfluktuasi / naik-turun
3 format a design or arrangement (n.) Err:508
3 formula a recipe or method (n.) Err:508
3 functional capable of performing; working
(adj.) Err:508
3 functional capable of performing; working
(adj.) Err:508
3 generate to produce; to bring into being
(v.) Err:508
3 globe a round model of the earth(n.) tiruan bola dunia, globe
3 grade to make the ground level (v.) Err:508
3 grant to give (v.) Err:508
3 hypothetical supposed for the sake of argument
(adj.) hipotetis, dugaan
3 identical exactly alike; the same (adj.) Err:508
3 identify to recognize (v.) Err:508
3 identify to point out a person (v.) Err:508
3 ignore to pay no attention to (v.) Err:508
3 illustrated with pictures or examples (adj.) berilustrasi / bergambar / dengan contoh-contoh
3 immigrant a person who moves into a(n.) new country
3 imply to hint (v.) Err:508
3 impose to place on (v.) Err:508
3 incident something that happened (n.) Err:508
3 inclination a preference or liking (n.) kecenderungan
3 incline to lean or slope (v.) sandarkan
3 induce to persuade (v.) Err:508
3 initiate to start; to originate (v.) Err:508
3 initiative the active part in taking the(n.)
lead inisiatif
3 injure to do harm to (v.) Err:508
3 insert to fit into something else (v.) Err:508
3 insight the wise viewing with understanding
(n.) Err:508
3 insignificant lacking meaning; unimportant (adj.) kurang penting
3 instruct to teach or train (v.) Err:508
3 integrate to bring parts together to make
(v.) a whole
3 intense very strong (adj.) Err:508
3 intensify to make stronger (v.) menambah intensitas / memperkuat
3 intensive thorough (adj.) Err:508
3 interval the time between (n.) interval, jeda
3 irrational unreasonable; senseless (adj.) tidak rasional
3 irrelevant not related to the subject (adj.) Err:508
3 isolate to separate from others (v.) Err:508
3 isolated away from everything; alone (adj.) Err:508
3 issue a problem that's being talked(n.)aboutErr:508
3 justify to show to be right (v.) Err:508
3 labor to do work (v.) Err:508
3 lecture a talk about a specific subject
(n.) Err:508
3 legal having to do with the law; lawful
(adj.) Err:508
3 legality lawfulness (n.) legalitas
3 liberate to release (v.) membebaskan
3 link to join together; to connect(v.) Err:508
3 locate to establish in a place; to settle
(v.) Err:508
3 location a place (n.) tempat
3 maintain to continue (v.) Err:508
3 majority the greater part (n.) Err:508
3 manual by hand (adj.) Err:508
3 mediate to settle differences (v.) menengahi perbedaan
3 migrate to move to another place (v.) pindah ke tempat / negara lain
3 migratory moving from place to place(adj.) yang berpindah-pindah
3 minimum the smallest amount (adj.) Err:508
3 minor a person who is not yet an(n.)adult Err:508
3 minor less important (adj.) Err:508
3 misinterpret to understand wrongly (v.) salah mengerti
3 mutual each to the other; common; (adj.)
3 neutral on neither side (adj.) Err:508
3 normal natural; usual (adj.) Err:508
3 obtain to get; to achieve (v.) Err:508
3 obvious easy to understand; plain (adj.) Err:508
3 occupation a job (n.) pekerjaan
3 occupy to live in (v.) Err:508
3 option choice or the act of choosing(n.) Err:508
3 participate to have a share; to take part(v.) Err:508
3 passive not participating (adj.) Err:508
3 percentage a given part of a hundred (n.) persentase, per seratus
3 persistent continuing; enduring (adj.) Err:508
3 phase a stage or cycle (n.) fase
3 portion to divide into shares (v.) Err:508
3 pose to pretend to be (v.) Err:508
3 potential possible, but not yet realized
(adj.) Err:508
3 potential possible, but not yet realized
(adj.) Err:508
3 predict to tell about before it happens
(v.) Err:508
3 preliminary coming before the main business
(adj.) Err:508
3 primary first; main; chief (adj.) Err:508
3 principal the head of a school (n.) Err:508
3 principle a rule of action or conduct (n.) Err:508
3 priority something that comes first(n.) prioritas
3 proceed to move ahead (v.) Err:508
3 prohibit to stop or prevent (v.) Err:508
3 project a plan that is being carried(n.)
out Err:508
3 purchase to buy (v.) Err:508
3 pursue to chase after (v.) Err:508
3 quote to repeat words exactly (v.) Err:508
3 random by chance (adj.) Err:508
3 ratio the relation between two quantities
(n.) Err:508
3 react to respond to (v.) Err:508
3 recover to get back something that(v.)was gone Err:508
3 refine to make more pure (v.) memurnikan
3 reinforce to make stronger (v.) Err:508
3 reluctant showing unwillingness (adj.) Err:508
3 resolve to decide (v.) Err:508
3 response an answer (n.) Err:508
3 restore to rebuild (v.) Err:508
3 restrain to control (v.) mengendalikan / mengontrol
3 retain to hold on to; to keep (v.) Err:508
3 reveal to show; to make known (v.) Err:508
3 revise to make necessary changes (v.) Err:508
3 revision a change (n.) Err:508
3 revolutionize to make a drastic change (v.) merevolusi
3 rigid stiff and firm (adj.) Err:508
3 role an actor's part (n.) Err:508
3 route a road or course to travel (n.) Err:508
3 scheme a plan of action (n.) Err:508
3 secure safe; protected; unthreatened(adj.) Err:508
3 seek to look for (v.) Err:508
3 sequence a connected series (n.) seri
3 similar alike (adj.) Err:508
3 site a location (n.) Err:508
3 sole the bottom of the foot or shoe
(n.) Err:508
3 specific definite (adj.) Err:508
3 stabilize to keep from changing; to make
(v.) firm menstabilkan
3 stable steady; not likely to give way
(adj.) Err:508
3 strategy a plan to achieve some goal (n.) Err:508
3 subsequent following in order or succession
(adj.) Err:508
3 successive following each other without (adj.)
3 sufficient enough; adequate; satisfactory
(adj.) Err:508
3 supplement to add to (v.) Err:508
3 survey to examine (v.) Err:508
3 suspend to keep out as punishment(v.) Err:508
3 symbol an emblem or sign (n.) simbol
3 task a job (n.) Err:508
3 technique a method of performing; a (n.)
skill Err:508
3 tense stretched tight; strained (adj.) tekanan, penekanan
3 terminate to end; fire (v.) Err:508
3 thesis a report written to earn a degree
(n.) Err:508
3 trace to follow the course of; to find
(v.) Err:508
3 tradition a custom or belief handed (n.)down Err:508
3 traditional handed down for generations (adj.) tradisional
3 transform to change (v.) Err:508
3 transmit to send (v.) Err:508
3 transport to carry from one place to another
(v.) Err:508
3 unaware not conscious of (adj.) Err:508
3 undefined not clear or specific (adj.) tidak tertentu / tidak spesifik
3 undertake to try to do (v.) Err:508
3 uniform all the same; not changing(adj.) Err:508
3 unique being the only one; sole (adj.) Err:508
3 utility usefulness (n.) Err:508
3 valid sound; justifiable; well-founded
(adj.) Err:508
3 variable changeable (adj.) Err:508
3 vary to change (v.) Err:508
3 vehicle a means of transportation (n.) Err:508
3 violate to break a law (v.) melanggar (hukum)
3 visible easily seen (adj.) Err:508
3 visual having to do with sight (adj.) Err:508
3 volume a quantity or amount (n.) Err:508
x 4 abate to lessen; to diminish (v.) mengurangi
4 abbreviate to shorten (v.) menyingkat
x 4 abduct to kidnap (v.) menculik
x 4 abhor to detest (v.) membenci
4 abide to live in a place (v.) Err:508
x 4 ablaze burning; flaming (adj.) terbakar
x 4 abode a place where one lives; home(n.) Err:508
4 abolish to do away with (v.) Err:508
x 4 abominable detestable; atrocious; contemptible
(adj.) ugal-ugalan
4 abound to be plentiful or numerous(v.) berlimpah
x 4 abrasive rough; scratchy (adj.) kasar
4 abridged shortened (adj.) dipersingkat
4 abrupt showing sudden change; hasty;(adj.) unexpected
x 4 abscess an infected area of body tissue
(n.) bengkak, infeksi, abses
4 absorb to soak up (v.) Err:508
4 absorbing very interesting (adj.) sangat menarik
4 abundant more than enough; in good(adj.)supply berlimpah-limpah
4 abuse to treat badly (v.) Err:508
x 4 abysmal extremely bad; miserable (adj.) sangat buruk
x 4 accede to agree to (v.) menyetujui
4 accelerate to go faster (v.) Err:508
4 acclaim a show of approval; applause (n.) menyetujui
x 4 acclimate to become accustomed (v.) menjadi terbiasa
x 4 accomplice a person who helps to break (n.)the law
teman yang membantu berbuat jahat
4 accomplish to finish (v.) menyelesaikan
x 4 accrue to periodically increase (v.) bertambah secara periodik
4 acid a chemical compound that(n.) tastes sour
4 acme the highest point (n.) puncak tertinggi
x 4 acquaint to inform (v.) menginformasikan
x 4 acquit to clear a person of a charge(v.) membebaskan dari tuduhan
4 acre a measure of land (n.) Err:508
x 4 acreage total number of acres of land(n.) total luas tanah
x 4 acrid irritating to the taste or smell
(adj.) teriritasi dengan rasa atau bau
4 activate to put to work (v.) Err:508
x 4 activism action for a political or social
aksi bertujuan politik atau sosial
x 4 adept skillful (adj.) berkeahlian
4 adhere to stick to something (v.) lengket
4 adjoining next to; side-by-side (adj.) bersebelahan
x 4 adjourn to end (v.) mengakhiri
4 administer to manage (v.) Err:508
x 4 adorn to decorate; to add beauty(v.) menghias
x 4 adulation too much praise or flattery(n.) terlalu memuji
x 4 adversarial relating to opponents (adj.) berkenaan dengan musuh
4 advisable wise or proper (adj.) bijaksana atau tepat
x 4 aerie an eagle's nest (n.) sarang rajwali
4 affirm to say positively or declare(v.)
firmly 1. bicara positif 2. menegaskan
x 4 affluent wealthy (adj.) kaya
x 4 affray a noisy brawl (n.) 1. keributan 2. percekcokan
x 4 aft near the back of a boat (adj.) buritan kapal
x 4 aggravate to make worse; to intensify(v.) memperburuk
x 4 aghast filled with shocked amazement(adj.) penuh dengan kekaguman
x 4 agile moving easily and quickly (adj.) lincah, tangkas, gesit
x 4 agitate to move or shake vigorously (v.) menggetarkan / menggerakkan
4 agony great pain (n.) Err:508
x 4 agrarian pertaining to the farming and(adj.)
agrarisof land
x 4 aide a helper or assistant (n.) pembantu, asisten
4 ailing sick (adj.) sakit
4 ailment a minor illness (n.) sedikit penyakit
x 4 ajar slightly open (adj.) sedikit terbuka
4 alarm a warning signal (n.) Err:508
4 alert watchful and ready (adj.) Err:508
4 alibi an excuse (n.) alibi, bukti ada di tempat lain drpd berada di tempat kejahatan
4 alien foreign; strange (adj.) makhluk asing
4 alien a resident foreigner (n.) warga negara lain
4 alley a narrow street or passageway(n.) gang
4 allowable permissible (adj.) tidak diperbolehkan
x 4 alloy a mixture of metals (n.) logam campuran
4 ally a person or country that supports
(n.) another
sekutu for a specific purpose
x 4 aloof withdrawn; reserved and cool (adj.) sikap menyendiri
4 altar a table used in religious services
(n.) altar
x 4 alto singing voice lower than soprano
(n.) nada suara wanita yang terendah
4 alumni graduates of a school (n.) lulusan
x 4 amass to pile up; to collect (v.) mengumpulkan, menghimpun
x 4 amble to stroll (v.) berjalan seenaknya, tanpa tergesa-gesa
4 amnesia partial or complete loss of (n.)
memoryamnesia, hilang ingatan sebagian / seluruhnya
x 4 ample plentiful; more than adequate(adj.) lebih dari cukup
4 amputate to cut off limbs (v.) mengamputasi, memotong
x 4 amuck in a wild rage (adj.) dalam amarah
4 anatomy study of plant or animal structure
(n.) anatomi, ilmu urai tubuh
x 4 anchor to hold in place (v.) Err:508
4 anecdote a short, amusing story (n.) cerita singkat lucu
4 angel a helpful, spiritual being (n.) Err:508
4 animate to make lively or vigorous (v.) menghidupkan, menggelorakan
4 animated lively and spirited (adj.) yang mengasyikkan
x 4 annex to attach to a larger area (v.) 1. menambahkan 2 ruang tambahan / pavilyun
x 4 annihilate to destroy completely; to wipe
(v.) out membasmi, menghapus
4 announce to state publicly (v.) Err:508
x 4 annul to cancel; to do away with (v.) membatalkan,
4 anonymous unknown (adj.) Err:508
4 antecedent the word to which a pron. refers
(n.) kata atau bagian kalimat yang mendahului kata pengganti
4 antenna a device used to send and(n.) receive antena
radio or television signals.
4 anthem a song of praise (n.) lagu kebangsaan, lagu pujian gereja
4 antidote a remedy (n.) obat, penangkal (racun)
4 antique very old; ancient (adj.) barang antik
4 antiseptic germ-killing (adj.) antiseptik, penangkal infeksi
x 4 antlers bony, branched horns (n.) angga, tanduk rusa
4 apathy lack of interest; indifference
(n.) apati, kelesuan
x 4 aperture an opening (n.) lobang, celah
4 appetite desire for food (n.) Err:508
x 4 apportion to distribute in shares (v.) membagi secara adil
4 appraise to estimate the worth of (v.) menilai, menghargai
4 apprehend to catch (v.) menahan, menawan
4 apprehensive feeling alarm; anxious or worried
(adj.) kuatir, takut
4 apprentice one who learns a trade from (n.)another
magang, murid
x 4 apron item worn over the front part(n.)of thecelemek,
body to protect
rok kerja
4 aptitude an ability (n.) bakat, kecerdasan
x 4 arable suitable for plowing (adj.) baik untuk ditanami
x 4 arcane secret; mysterious (adj.) rahasia, misterius
4 archery shooting with a bow and arrow(n.) panahan
4 architect person who designs buildings (n.) Err:508
x 4 ardor warmth of emotion; great enthusiasm
(n.) semangat
4 arena a space surrounded by seats (n.) gelanggang
x 4 aria a song in an opera (n.) nyanyian tunggal di opera
x 4 arid very dry (adj.) kersang, kering
4 armada a fleet of warships or planes(n.) armada
4 armor a protective covering (n.) Err:508
4 aroma a pleasant smell (n.) bau harum
x 4 arraign to bring before court for a verdict
(v.) mendakwa, menuduh
x 4 arson the crime of burning property(n.) pembakaran rumah dengan sengaja
x 4 artery a blood vessel that carries(n.)
blood from
the heart
to the rest of the body
x 4 articulate to speak distinctly (v.) mengucapkan, melafalkan
x 4 artisan a skilled workman (n.) pekerja tangan yang ahli
4 ascend to move upward (v.) naik, bergerak ke atas
4 ascent the act of moving upwards(n.) pendakian, kenaikan
4 ascertain to make certain; to be sure(v.)
of mengetahui dengan pasti, memastikan
x 4 ashen quite pale (adj.) kelabu, lesi, pucat, lesu
x 4 askew out of line; crooked (adj.) miring, serong
4 asphalt a thick, sticky mixture used(n.)
in paving,
roofing, and waterproofing
x 4 asphyxiation suffocation due to lack of oxygen
(n.) sesak nafas karena kurang oksigen di darah
x 4 assail to attack (v.) membantah, menyerang
4 assassin killer of a political leader (n.) pembunuh
x 4 assay to find the value of an ore (v.) pengujian kadar logam
x 4 assent to agree (v.) menyetujui, persetujuan
4 asset something of value; an advantage
(n.) Err:508
x 4 assimilate to absorb and incorporate (v.) memahamkan, mengerti
x 4 astir awake; out of bed (adj.) bergerak
4 astound to greatly amaze (v.) sangat mengherankan, mengejutkan
4 asylum a place of safety; protection(n.)
given Err:508
4 athletic having to do with sports (adj.) atletik, keolahragaan
4 attorney a lawyer (n.) pengacara
4 atypical irregular; unusual (adj.) tidak khas, tidak teratur
4 audacious daring (adj.) berani
4 audible able to be heard (adj.) dapat didengar
4 aura a special quality around a person
(n.) pancaran, lingkaran cahaya
4 aural having to do with hearing (adj.) yg berhubungan dengan pendengaran
4 austere harsh, or plain and unadorned(adj.) keras, tegang, cermat
4 authentic genuine; real (adj.) otentik, asli
4 autobiography story of one's own life (n.) otobiografi
4 autograph to sign one's name (v.) tanda tangan
4 autonomous independent (adj.) Err:508
4 autopsy tests done to find cause of(n.)
death otopsi, bedah/pemeriksaan mayat
4 averse being opposed to something (adj.) menolak, menentang
4 avert to turn aside; to prevent (v.) menghindar, mencegah
4 aviary a large cage for many birds(n.) kandang burung yang besar
4 avid very eager; greedy (adj.) keranjingan, gemar sekali
4 await to wait for; to be ready for (v.) Err:508
4 awe a feeling of wonder or reverance
(n.) perasaan terpesona, kagum
4 awl a pointed tool for making holes
(n.) jarum penggerek, penusuk
4 awning a canvas shade over a window (n.) tenda rumah, kajang, kere
4 azure sky-blue colored (adj.) biru (langit)
4 babble to talk foolishly or too much(v.) omongan, ocehan
4 bachelor an unmarried man (n.) jejaka, bujangan
4 backache a pain in the back (n.) sakit pinggang
4 bacon the salted, smoked meat from (n.) the back
daging and
of a pig
4 baffle to confuse (v.) mengherankan, membingungkan
4 bagpipe a Scottish musical instrument (n.) Alat musik tiup / seruling (ditaruh dalam tas) khas Skotlandia
4 balk to stubbornly refuse (v.) menolak keras
4 balmy mild (adj.) sejuk-segar (untuk cuaca udara)
4 bamboozle to trick; cheat (v.) memperdayakan
4 ban to forbid by law; to prohibit(v.) Err:508
4 bandage to cover an injury with cloth(v.) Err:508
4 banish to send away (v.) membuang
4 banner a piece of cloth with a sign(n.)
on it bendera, spanduk, pataka
4 banter to tease or joke (v.) olok-olok, kelakar, senda-gurau
4 barb a hooked point, as on a fishhook
(n.) 1. mata kail 2. harpun/piarit 3. kait, duri
4 barbaric wild; primitive (adj.) bersifat bar-bar, primitif
4 barley a grass whose seeds are a(n.) kind of gandum
grain yang dibuat untuk bir
4 barrage a prolonged attack (n.) serangan (baik kata-kata atau dengan senjata) berkepanjangan
4 barren unproductive (adj.) tandus, gundul
4 barrier something that stands in the (n.)way rintangan
4 bashful shy; timid (adj.) malu, segan
4 basketball a team game played with a(n.) round ball,
on a court
a raised basket at each end
4 baste to stitch temporarily (v.) memerciki
4 baton the stick used by a music director
(n.) tongkat kecil / stik yang dipakai komandan/panglima atau pemi
4 beacon a light used as a guide or warning
(n.) suar, menara laut
4 beastly unpleasant; brutal; disgusting(adj.) brutal, hewani
4 bedlam a condition of great confusion(n.) hiruk-pikuk, ribut, gempar
4 beeswax wax made by bees (n.) lilin tawon lebah
4 behold to see (v.) Err:508
4 belated delayed (adj.) terlambat
4 belligerent hostile; fond of fighting (adj.) negara yang berperang
4 bellow to shout loudly with anger or (v.)pain lenguh (sapi)
4 benevolent kindly and generous (adj.) kebajikan, perbuatan baik
4 beret a soft, round cap (n.) topi baret
4 berth a place for sleeping on ship (n.) tempat berlabuh
4 beseech to beg (v.) Err:508
4 beset to surround or attack from (v.)
all sidesmenimpa, menyerang
4 besiege to surround to capture (v.) mengepung
4 bevy a flock of birds; a group of (n.)
people rombongan, grup
4 bewitch to put under a spell (v.) mempesonakan, memantrai
4 biannual semiannual; twice a year (adj.) dua kali setahun
4 bicker to quarrel (v.) bercekcok
4 bigamy having two spouses at the (n.) same time beristri/bersuami dua pada saat yang sama
4 billboard a large advertising sign (n.) papan pengumuman/iklan
4 billow to surge or undulate; to bulge(v.) 1. menggelembung, 2. ombak yang besar
4 bizarre very strange; odd (adj.) Err:508
4 blackmail to demand money by threatening(v.) topemerasan
reveal embarassing information
4 blacksmith a horseshoer; one who works (n.) with pandai
iron besi
4 bland mild; soothing; not irritating(adj.) lunak
4 blank empty; not written on (adj.) Err:508
4 blast a strong rush of air (n.) Err:508
4 blazer a sport jacket (n.) jaket sport
4 bleach to remove color or stains from(v.) obat pengelantang / peluntur
4 bleak cold and harsh; not hopeful(adj.) 1. dingin atau keras 2. suram
4 blindfold to cover the eyes (v.) kain penutup mata / maskara
4 bliss perfect joy (n.) kebahagiaan
4 blissful joyful (adj.) penuh bahagia
4 blizzard a long, powerful, windy snowstorm
(n.) badai salju
4 blockade the closing off of an area (n.) blokade, penutupan suatu area
4 bloom a flower or blossom (n.) 1. bunga 2. berkembang
4 blueprint a photographic copy of a building
(n.) plan
cetakan biru / rencana operasi
4 blueprint a building plan (n.) rencana pembangunan
4 blunder a stupid mistake (n.) kesalahan besar
4 blunder to move in a clumsy way (v.) bergerak dengan canggung / kaku
4 blunt to make less sharp (v.) Err:508
4 bluster to blow hard and loud (v.) angin yang keras
4 bog an area of soft wet ground(n.) tanah berlumpur
4 boisterous rowdy; noisy (adj.) riuh, ramai
4 bondage lack of freedom; slavery (n.) perbudakan, perhambaan
4 bookcase a piece of furniture with shelves
(n.) forlemari
4 bookmark something put between the(n.) pages penunjuk
of a book halaman
to mark abuku
4 boorish rude or unpolished in manners
(adj.) kasar, tidak tahu adat, tidak sopan
4 botanist one who studies plants (n.) ilmuwan ahli tanaman
4 bother annoy (v.) Err:508
4 boulder a large rock (n.) karang besar
4 boulevard a wide street (n.) jalan besar
4 bounteous plentiful (adj.) 1. pemurah, 2. berlimpah
4 bouquet a bunch of flowers (n.) buket, karangan bunga
4 boycott a refusal to buy (n.) menolak membeli
4 brash hasty and reckless (adj.) tergesa-gesa, kasar
4 brawl a noisy fight (n.) pertempuran seru
4 breach to make a hole in (v.) Err:508
4 breezy swept by light gentle winds(adj.) sepoi-sepoi
4 brew to make a drink by boiling (v.) membuat minuman bir dengan merebus
4 briar a thorny bush (n.) semak berduri
4 bridal related to a wedding (adj.) yang berhubungan dengan pengantin
4 bridle part of a horse's harness (n.) bagian dari kekang
4 brilliant very bright (adj.) Err:508
4 brine salt water (n.) air asin
4 brisk quick and active; lively; energetic
(adj.) cepat
4 brittle easily broken (adj.) gampang pecah, rapuh
4 broach to bring up a subject to discuss
(v.) bros, peniti
4 brocade a fabric woven with raised (n.)
designs kain brokat
4 brochure a pamphlet (n.) Err:508
4 brook a small stream (n.) selokan, alur(an)
4 browse to casually look through (v.) melihat-lihat
4 brutal cruel (adj.) brutal, kejam
4 bud an unopened flower (n.) kuntum (bunga), kuncup
4 budget to plan to use carefully (v.) Err:508
4 buffet a meal at which guests serve(n.)themselves
makan fromsepuasnya,
of food para tamu mengambil sendiri dari m
4 bulb a rounded part or object (n.) Err:508
4 bully a person who is unkind to weaker
(n.) people
penggertak, orang yang mengganggu orang lemah
4 buoyant capable of floating (adj.) ringan, bisa mengapung
4 burden anything carried that is too(n.)
heavy beban
4 burly strong and heavily built (adj.) besar, tegap kuat
4 burnish to shine or polish (v.) mengkilapkan, mempolitur
4 burrow to dig a hole in the ground(v.) liang
4 cable a thick rope, made of wire (n.)
strands Err:508
4 cadet a person receiving training(n.) orang dalam masa training
4 cairn a heap of stones used as a(n.)landmark
batu tanda (batas, peringatan dsb)
4 calamity a great misfortune (n.) malapetaka
4 calcium a chemical element found (n.)in milk, bone,
Err:508and shells
4 caldron a large kettle or vat (n.) ketel besar, kawah, kancah
4 camouflage to give a false appearance(v.) kamuflase
4 campaign a political contest (n.) Err:508
4 campground a place to set up camp (n.) tempat berkemah
4 camphor a strong-smelling chemical(n.)sometimes
in medicines
kimia berbau tajam
4 cancel to stop (v.) membatalkan
4 canny shrewd; wise (adj.) cerdik, licik, lihai.
4 cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome (adj.) bantahan, suka membantah
4 capsize to overturn (v.) terbalik
4 captivity being held against one's will(n.) tahanan, tawanan kurungan
4 captor a person who captures another(n.) creature
penawan, penahan, orang yang menahan
4 capture to take as a prisoner (v.) Err:508
4 caravan any similar group of travelers
(n.) Err:508
4 carcass the dead body of an animal(n.) bangkai. 2 kerangka sesuatu yang sudah mati
4 carefree without worry (adj.) riang, tiada yang dipikirkan sama sekali.
4 caress to touch lovingly (v.) usapan, pelukan, cumbuan, elusan
4 cargo the load carried by a plane(n.)
or ship Err:508
4 caricature an exaggerated drawing (n.) karikatur
4 carpet a fabric for covering the floor
(n.) Err:508
4 carve to cut into slices (v.) Err:508
4 cascade a small waterfall (n.) air terjun kecil, riam, jeram
4 cashier an employee who accepts (n.) money for
pemegang ka
4 cask a barrel for holding liquids (n.) cask
4 casual informal (adj.) Err:508
4 casualty anyone injured from an accident
(n.) Err:508
4 catastrophe a terrible misfortune (n.) malapetaka, bencana alam
4 cater to provide food for parties (v.) Err:508
4 cathedral a large and important church (n.) Err:508
4 cavity a hollow space or hole (n.) rongga, ruang.
4 celebrate to rejoice; to honor; to observe
(v.) a holiday
4 cello a bass violin (n.) selo, biola bass
4 cellophane a thin, transparent, wrapping(n.)material
kertas kaca
4 census an official count of people (n.) Err:508
4 cereal a grain used for food, such(n.)
as wheat,
oats, or
corn rumput yang menghasilkan biji-bijian untuk dim
4 chalet a Swiss hut with overhanging (n.) eaves
villa kecil di pegunungan
4 chamber a large room (n.) Err:508
4 chapel a small church (n.) Err:508
4 charades game of acting out words or (n.)
permainan menebak kata atau ucapan dengan menggambarka
4 charitable generous to the needy (adj.) murah hati.
4 chasm a deep gap or gorge (n.) jurang
4 chat to talk (v.) berbicara
4 chatter to talk foolishly without stopping
(v.) mengobrol, mengomong
4 chauffeur a person whose job is to drive
(n.) an automobile
4 chauvinistic partial or attached to a group
to which
one patriotic
belongs yang berlebih-lebihan.
4 cherish to treat with love (v.) menghargai
4 chew to grind with the teeth (v.) Err:508
4 chide to scold (v.) Err:508
4 chill coldness; lack of heat (n.) udara dingin
4 choir a group of singers (n.) Err:508
4 choral sung by a choir or chorus (adj.) yang berhubungan dengan paduan suara
4 chord three or more notes played(n.) together
4 chore a small job (n.) pekerjaan, tugas
4 chronic never stopping; continuous(adj.) Err:508
4 chuckle to laugh softly (v.) ketawa tertekan, ketawa-ketawa kecil.
4 circulate to move through a circuit (v.) Err:508
4 cistern a large container for storing(n.)
water waduk, bak/tangki air
4 citadel a fortress (n.) benteng (biasanya untuk penjagaan dan pertahanan kota).
4 civic related to a city (adj.) bersifat kewarganegaraan.
4 clamber to climb (v.) naik dengan merangkak
4 clamor noise (n.) kegegeran, teriakan
4 clan a group of related families (n.) kaum, suku, marga.
4 classmate a member of the same class (n.)in school
teman sekelas
4 claustrophobic having an abnormal fear of(adj.)
(abnormal) bila berada di tempat tertutup
4 cleanser a substance used for cleaning(n.) obat/ bahan pembersih
4 cleaver a butcher's heavy knife (n.) pisau daging besar, golok.
4 client a customer (n.) Err:508
4 cling to hold on tightly (v.) Err:508
4 clique a small, exclusive group (n.) klik, kelompok, golongan kecil.
4 cloak a loose outer garment (n.) Err:508
4 clue information that helps solve (n.)
a mystery
or problem
4 clumsy awkward in moving; not graceful
(adj.) janggal, kagok, kikuk
4 cluster a bunch (n.) Err:508
4 clutch to hold tightly (v.) Err:508
4 coastal relating to the land alongside
the sea
4 cochlea part of the inner ear (n.) ruang tempat selaput telinga, rumah siput
4 coddle to treat tenderly (v.) memanjakan
4 cog one of the teeth on a cogwheel
(n.) gigi roda penggerak
4 cogitate to consider with care; to ponder
(v.) merenungkan.
4 coil to wind around into a pile (v.) menggulung
4 collaborate to work together (v.) bekerjasama.
4 collision a hitting together (n.) tubrukan, bentrokan, tabrakan
4 colossal gigantic; vast (adj.) besar sekali, luar biasa besarnya
4 colt a young male horse (n.) anak kuda jantan
4 column a pillar or post (n.) Err:508
4 coma a deep, prolonged unconsciousness
(n.) koma
4 combat to fight (v.) memerangi
4 comedy a funny performance (n.) Err:508
4 commandeer to seize for military or public
(v.)use menyita.
4 commend to praise (v.) Err:508
4 commodious spacious (adj.) luas, lapang
4 commotion a noisy confusion (n.) keributan, huru hara, kegemparan.
4 compact taking little space (adj.) Err:508
4 compassion pity or sympathy for another (n.) keharuan, perasaan kasihan/terharu
4 compel to force (v.) memaksa
4 complexion appearance of the skin (n.) corak kulit.
4 compliant submissive; obliging; agreeable
(adj.) elalu mengalah/tunduk, rela.
4 compliment a flattering remark (n.) 1 pujian. 2 salam
4 comply to obey a request or rule (v.) Err:508
4 comprehend to understand fully (v.) memahami, mengerti.
4 compress to squeeze together (v.) memadatkan, memampatkan.
4 compromise to make an agreement in which(v.) both membuat
parties lessen
their requests
4 conceal to hide (v.) Err:508
4 conceited being too proud of oneself(adj.) sombong
4 concerto a musical composition for a(n.) solo instrument
konserto and an orchestra
4 concise brief, but to the point (adj.) ringkas, langsung pada masalah
4 concise brief but full of meaning (adj.) ringkas, tapi penuh makna
4 concrete direct; actual; conclusive (adj.) Err:508
4 concrete direct; actual; conclusive (adj.) Err:508
4 concur to be of the same opinion; (v.)
to agreesetuju
4 condemnation the act of pron.cing unsound (n.) penghukuman
4 condescend to lower oneself (v.) berkenan merendahkan diri.
4 conductor the person in charge of the(n.) passengers
on a train
4 confide to tell as a secret (v.) menceritakan sebagai rahasia, mempercayakan
4 confront to face boldly (v.) Err:508
4 congested blocked; crowded (adj.) padat, ramai sekali
4 congregate to assemble (v.) berkumpul, berkerumun
4 conscientious showing care and precision(adj.) 1. berhati-hati, bersungguh. 2 teliti.
4 consecutive following in regular order (adj.) 1 berturutan. 2 bertalian
4 conserve to preserve; to save (v.) 1 mengawetkan, 2 menghemat
4 conspicuous easily seen; obvious (adj.) menyolok mata
4 conspire to plan together secretly (v.) bersekongkol, berkomplot.
4 constrict to make smaller or narrower (v.) mengerut, menarik.
4 contagious spreading rapidly (adj.) 1 menular, penyakit menular. 2 mudah menjalar.
4 contemplate to intently look at or think about
(v.) Err:508
4 contempt scorn; disgrace (n.) Err:508
4 contend to struggle (v.) berjuang
4 contingent dependent on something happening;
(adj.) bergantung,
4 contort to twist out of shape (v.) merubah bentuk
4 contraband smuggled goods (n.) barang gelap, (barang) selundupan.
4 contraption a gadget (n.) alat atau pesawat yang aneh
4 conversant familiar by use; proficient (adj.) mengenal, biasa, mempunyai pengetahuan
4 convex curving outward (adj.) cembung
4 convey to carry (v.) Err:508
4 convulsions violent muscle spasms (n.) 1 sawan. 2 ledakan. 3 ketawa yang terbahak-bahak
4 cordial friendly; gracious; sociable(adj.) peramah
4 corral to drive cattle or horses into(v.)
a fenced-in
area hewan
4 correspondent person who exchanges letters (n.) or information
penulis surat.
with another
4 corrode to gradually wear away (v.) berkarat / rusak
4 corrupt dishonest; morally bad; wicked(adj.) korup
4 corsage a bouquet of flowers worn (n.)by a womankorsase, bunga-bungaan yang dipakai wanita di pinggang atau
4 counsel to give advice (v.) memberi saran
4 counterfeit false (adj.) palsu
4 coupon a printed certificate entitling
one tokupon
a discount
4 courteous polite (adj.) Err:508
4 courtyard an open space that is enclosed(n.) by halaman
walls gedung yang dikelilingi tembok.
4 covert secret; concealed (adj.) tersembunyi, samar.
4 covetous eagerly or wrongly desirous (adj.) bersifat iri hati / tamak
4 cower to hide in fear (v.) gemetar ketakutan.
4 cowl a hood (n.) topi runcing
4 craft a job for which training is needed
(n.) Err:508
4 crafty skillful at deceiving others;(adj.)
sly; tricky
pandai mengelabuhi orang lain
4 crag a steep and sharp pointed (n.) rock tebing batu yang terjal
4 cranny a crack (n.) sela-sela
4 crass grossly ignorant; stupid (adj.) masa bodoh, bodoh
4 creak a high squeaking sound (n.) berbunyi k(er)iat-k(er)iut.
4 credulous willing to believe; easily fooled
(adj.) mau percaya, mudah ditipu
4 crescendo to increase in loudness (v.) lambat laun menjadi keras.
4 crevice a narrow opening (n.) retak, celah.
4 crew people who run a ship or plane(n.) 1. awak kapal. 2 regu dayung. 3 pekerja-pekerja, pegawai-pega
4 cruise a pleasure trip on a ship (n.) pesiar
4 cub a baby wolf or bear (n.) 1 anak beruang / serigala. 2 muda, baru.
4 cudgel a short, thick club (n.) gada, pentung.
4 culprit a person having done wrong (n.) orang yang telah melakukan kejahatan.
4 cumbersome burdensome; awkward (adj.) tidak praktis, susah untuk dipakai.
4 cunning clever; sly and untrustworthy (adj.) Err:508
4 cupcake a small cake (n.) kue yang dimasak didalam cetakan kue berbentuk mangkok.
4 curb to hold in check; to restrain(v.) mengekang (lidah)
4 curdle to coagulate or thicken (v.) membeku
4 curfew the time by which people have (n.) to bejamoffmalam
the streets
4 curio an unusual object (n.) barang ajaib/suvenir.
4 curry a spicy yellow powder (n.) Err:508
4 cursory hastily or superficially done(adj.) sambil/sepintas lalu
4 curtail to cut short; to make less of (v.) memotong, mengurangi
4 dainty delicately pretty (adj.) cantik, pandai bersolek
4 dank wet (adj.) lembab, basah.
4 daunt to frighten or discourage (v.) menakut-nakuti
4 dauntless brave (adj.) berani
4 dawdle to waste time (v.) berlengah-lengah,membuang-buang waktu, menggeluyur
4 deadline a time limit (n.) Err:508
4 deadly likely to cause death; fatal (adj.) dapat menyebabkan kematian
4 dearth a shortage; a scarcity (n.) kekurangan
4 debilitating weakening; enfeebling (adj.) melemahkan
4 debtor a person who owes something (n.) to another
4 debunk to expose false claims (v.) 1 menghilangkan prasangka terhadap seseorang. 2 menolak
4 debutante a girl being formally introduced
(n.) intowanita
societyyang baru membuat debutnya.
4 decagon a ten-sided figure (n.) benda segi sepuluh
4 deceit a dishonest trick (n.) penipuan, kebohongan, ketidakjujuran.
4 decelerate to slow down (v.) membuat jadi pelan
4 decent proper (adj.) Err:508
4 deciduous falling off during a specific (adj.)
season yang berganti daun, yang rontok
4 decipher to figure out (v.) menguraikan (codes)
4 deck one of the main floors of a (n.)
ship Err:508
4 decorate to make pretty (v.) Err:508
4 decoration a medal (n.) Err:508
4 dedicate to set apart for a special purpose
(v.) Err:508
4 deem to think; to judge (v.) Err:508
4 deface to damage the appearance(v.) of mencacati, merusakkan, menodai, mengotori (a monument).
4 defect a fault; an imperfection (n.) Err:508
4 defective not working properly (adj.) rusak, tidak dapat digunakan dengan baik
4 defiance open resistance (n.) tentangan, tantangan
4 defiant disobedient; openly resisting (adj.) bersifat menentang/menantang.
4 deficient lacking; incomplete (adj.) kekurangan
4 deft quick and skillful (adj.) tangkas, terampil, cekatan.
4 defy to openly resist (v.) menentang
4 deign to lower oneself (v.) berkenan
4 dejected downhearted, depressed (adj.) kesal, sedih, patah hati, depresi
4 delectable delicious (adj.) lezat
4 delete to cross out or remove (v.) menghapus
4 deliberate to think over carefully or consider
(v.) Err:508
4 deluxe of exceptionally good quality;(adj.)
4 demeanor behavior; manner; conduct(n.) cara bertindak, sikap, kelakuan
4 demise death (n.) kematian.
4 demolish to destroy (v.) Err:508
4 den a small cozy room (n.) 1 liang, gua. 2 sarang. 3 ruang kecil yang dipakai untuk memba
4 denounce to speak against; to censure (v.) 1 mencela. 2 melaporkan. 3 mengadukan.
4 dense thick; crowded (adj.) tebal.
4 depart to leave (v.) Err:508
4 deplore to regret deeply (v.) menyesalkan.
4 depose to put out of office (v.) memecat, memperhentikan.
4 deposit to put in the bank; to place(v.) Err:508
4 deprive to take away from by force(v.) Err:508
4 descendant an offspring (n.) keturunan
4 designate to indicate; to specify (v.) Err:508
4 desolate not producing anything; barren(adj.) 1 terpencil. 2 sepi, sunyi. 3 sedih, muram. 4 tandus, gersang
4 despicable comtemptible (adj.) tercela, hina, keji.
4 destitute extremely poor (adj.) sangat miskin
4 detour an alternate way to travel (n.) jalan memutar, pemutaran.
4 detract to take away quality or worth (v.) mengurangi kualitas / harga
4 detrimental causing damage or harm (adj.) yang merusak/mengganggu.
4 devilment mischief (n.) 1 perbuatan yang jahat. 2 kenekatan
4 devious tricky; underhanded (adj.) berliku-liku.
4 devise to invent (v.) Err:508
4 devotee an enthusiast (n.) penggemar (yang taat kepada sesuatu).
4 devour to eat hungrily (v.) menggayang, melahap
4 dexterous expert in performing some (adj.)
skill tangkas, cekatan.
4 diagnose to find out what is wrong (v.) Err:508
4 diagnosis deciding the nature of a disease
(n.) Err:508
4 dialect a distinct variation of a language
(n.) dialek, logat
4 dialogue a conversation in a play or(n.)story Err:508
4 diction a manner of pronouncing words (n.) 1 gaya menulis atau berbicara. 2 artikulasi.
4 digestion the process of breaking food (n.)downmencerna
into a form that is easily used by the body
4 dignity degree of worth (n.) Err:508
4 dilapidated in very bad condition (adj.) bobrok
4 diligent hard-working (adj.) suka bekerja keras
4 dilute to make weaker by adding(v.) water mencairkan, menipiskan
4 dim dark; shadowy (adj.) suram.
4 diminutive very small; tiny (adj.) Gram.: kata pengecil. -ks. kecil. d. replica of the original tiruan y
4 dinghy a small rowboat (n.) boat kecil
4 dingy dirty-looking; dull; gloomy (adj.) kumal
4 diphtheria a dangerous disease of the(n.) throat, difteri,
marked depteri.
by high fever and difficulty breathing
4 dire dreadful; causing fear or suffering
(adj.) yang mengerikan/menakutkan.
4 disable to restrict, limit, or incapacitate
(v.) mencacatkan, melumpuhkan.
4 disaster an event causing great misfortune
(n.) Err:508
4 discard to throw aside (v.) barang-barang yang dibuang
4 discordant unpleasant to listen to (adj.) tidak enak didengar
4 discourage to lessen hope (v.) Err:508
4 disengage to unfasten; to release (v.) melepaskan
4 disguise to change the looks of something
(v.) menyembunyikan, menyamarkan
4 disheartened discouraged; depressed (adj.) mengecilkan hati.
4 disintegrate to break into parts (v.) menghancurkan.
4 diskette a thin, flat plate used for storing
(n.) computer
disket data
4 dismal gloomy and miserable (adj.) muram, sedih
4 dismantle to take apart (v.) membongkar.
4 dismayed worried; discouraged (adj.) cemas, khawatir
4 dismissal a sending away (n.) Err:508
4 disrupt to break up; to split (v.) mengacaukan, mengganggu.
4 dissuade to persuade not to do (v.) meminta supaya jangan mengerjakan sesuatu.
4 distract to draw one's attention away (v.) mengalihkan.
4 distress trouble (n.) Err:508
4 distrust to have no trust in (v.) tidak mempercayai
4 divulge to make known; to reveal (v.) membuka rahasia, membocorkan, memberitahukan
4 dock a place for boats to tie up (n.) Err:508
4 doe a female deer (n.) rusa betina
4 dogmatic arrogant in stating opinions(adj.) dogmatis
4 dolphin an intelligent sea mammal(n.) Err:508
4 donor a person who donates (n.) Err:508
4 doughty brave (adj.) berani
4 douse to put out by pouring water(v.)on menyiramkan air
4 dowager an elderly, wealthy woman(n.) 1 janda permaisuri. 2 janda yang berhak menerima warisan.
4 downhearted discouraged (adj.) sedih, putus asa, murung.
4 doze to sleep lightly (v.) tidur sebentar/sejenak, tidur-tiduran, tidur ayam, mengantuk
4 drab dull; not attractive (adj.) membosankan, tidak menarik
4 drake a male duck (n.) bebek jantan
4 drastic harsh or extreme (adj.) drastis
4 dread to fear greatly (v.) sangat takut
4 dreary dull; not lively (adj.) membosankan, kurang hidup
4 drench to soak with water (v.) membuat basah kuyup
4 drill to train with repeated exercises
(v.) Err:508
4 drowsy sleepy (adj.) mengantuk
4 drudgery hard, tedious work (n.) kerja keras
4 dubious doubtful (adj.) meragukan
4 dump to unload (v.) Err:508
4 dungeon an underground prison (n.) penjara bawah tanah
4 duplicate to copy (v.) menggandakan
4 durable able to withstand wear or decay;
(adj.) strong
tahan lama, awet
4 duress the use of force; compulsion (n.) menggunakan kekerasan
4 dusk the time just before night (n.) petang, menjelang petang
4 dwindle to become smaller or less (v.) menjadi kecil atau berkurang
4 dynamite a powerful explosive (n.) dinamit
4 dynasty a ruling family (n.) dinasti
4 earmark to set aside for a special purpose
(v.) ciri-ciri.
4 easel an upright frame used to hold (n.) up an
artist's work
4 eaves the overhanging edges of a(n.) roof lis/bagian atap.
4 ebb to recede or lessen (v.) surut.
4 ebony a hard black wood (n.) kayu hitam
4 eccentric not usual; peculiar (adj.) aneh, sinting
4 echo to repeat a sound (v.) Err:508
4 eclectic diverse; broad (adj.) bersifat memilih dari berbagai-bagai sumber.
4 eclipse a cutting off of light (n.) gerhana
4 ecstatic extremely delighted; overjoyed(adj.) gembira luar biasa.
4 edible fit to eat (adj.) dapat dimakan
4 eel a snakelike animal living in(n.)
water belut
4 eerie causing fear; strange (adj.) menakutkan, aneh
4 effectual able to produce the desired(adj.)
effect dapat berpengaruh
4 effervescent giving off bubbles of gas (adj.) berbuih, berbusa, membuih.
4 elaborate very complicated (adj.) Err:508
4 elaborate to add more details (v.) Err:508
4 elated high-spirited; joyful; proud (adj.) sangat gembira
4 elegant showing good taste; refined; (adj.)
4 elegy a poem of mourning (n.) elegi, syair ratapan
4 eligible fit to be chosen; qualified (adj.) Err:508
4 eligible fit to be chosen; qualified (adj.) Err:508
4 elitist specially chosen; superior (adj.) khusus pilihan
4 elongate to lengthen (v.) memperpanjang
4 eloquence fine speaking (n.) kefasihan bicara
4 eloquent skillful in speaking or writing
(adj.) Err:508
4 elude to escape; to get away from (v.) mengelakkan, menghindarkan diri dari.
4 elusive evasive; slippery; fleeting (adj.) sukar untuk dipahami.
4 emaciated extremely thin (adj.) sangat kurus
4 emancipate to free (v.) memerdekakan, membebaskan.
4 embark to begin a journey (v.) Err:508
4 embarrass to make uncomfortable (v.) mempermalukan
4 embellish to add beauty to; to decorate
(v.) menambah kecantikan
4 emblem a symbol; a badge (n.) simbol
4 emboss to make stand out from the(v.)
surfacemenghiasi dengan hiasan timbul.
4 embrace to hug (v.) Err:508
4 emetic a substance that causes vomiting
(n.) obat emesis, pembuat muntah.
4 emigrate to move from one country to (v.)another
4 eminent distinguished (adj.) ulung, unggul, terkenal.
4 emit to give off; to send out (v.) memancarkan
4 enchanting delightful; charming (adj.) mempesonakan, memikat, menawan hati.
4 encircle to surround (v.) mengelilingi
4 encompass to surround; to include (v.) meliputi, mencakup.
4 endear to win affection (v.) membuat supaya disayangi.
4 endeavor to try hard and earnestly (v.) berusaha (keras).
4 endorse to approve (v.) Err:508
4 endorse to sign the back of a check(v.) Err:508
4 endure to put up with; to last (v.) Err:508
4 engage to become involved (v.) Err:508
4 engrave to cut or carve in (v.) mengukir
4 engulf to swallow up (v.) menelan
4 enlighten to inform (v.) menerangkan, menginformasikan
4 enliven to make cheerful (v.) memeriahkan.
4 enmity hatred (n.) rasa benci
4 enrage to anger (v.) membuat marah sekali.
4 enraged terribly angry (adj.) marah sekali
4 enrich to make better; to add to (v.) memperkaya, membuat lebih baik
4 ensue to come afterward (v.) sesuatu yang berikut, atau mengikuti
4 enthrall to fascinate; to charm (v.) mempesonakan
4 entice to tempt (v.) menggoda
4 entreat to beg (v.) memohon, mengemis
4 entree the main course (n.) makanan utama
4 envelop to surround (v.) mengelilingi
4 envisage to form a mental picture (v.) Err:508
4 epigram a short, witty saying (n.) epigram, kata-kata bijak
4 episode an experience that stands (n.)
out; oneErr:508
of a series
4 epistle a long, instructive letter (n.) 1 surat. 2 surat yang ditulis oleh salah seorang sahabat Isa Alm
4 epitaph a short statement on a gravestone
(n.) tulisan di batu nisan.
4 epithet a name that fits a person (n.) julukan.
4 epoch a period of time; an era (n.) jaman, masa.
4 era a period in history (n.) Err:508
4 err to make a mistake (v.) berbuat salah, keliru, khilaf.
4 erratic uncertain; irregular (adj.) 1 tak menentu. 2 aneh. 3 berpindah-pindah, tak teratur.
4 escapade mischievous adventure or (n.)
prank perbuatan, gila-gilaan. petualangan.
4 espionage the use of spies; spying (n.) spionase, pengintaian, soal memata-matai.
4 essay a short piece of writing (n.) karangan, esei (sastra)
4 esteem a favorable opinion; high regard
(n.) menjunjung seseorang.
4 eternal lasting forever (adj.) Err:508
4 eternity a period of time without end(n.) kekekalan
4 ethereal light and airy; heavenly (adj.) sangat halus/ringan.
4 etiquette rules for polite behavior (n.) etiket, sopan santun
4 euphoria a feeling of intense well-being
(n.) perasaan senang dan bahagia rohani dan jasmani.
4 evacuate to make empty (v.) mengungsikan
4 evade to avoid (v.) menghindari
4 evasive indirect; tricky (adj.) bersifat mengelakkan, mengelak- elak
4 evict to force a person to move (v.) mengusir, mengeluarkan
4 evince to show clearly; to exhibit (v.) menunjukkan dengan jelas
4 evoke to call forth (v.) Err:508
4 ewe a female sheep (n.) biri-biri betina.
4 ewer a large, wide-mouthed water (n.)pitcher
tempat air bermulut lebar
4 exaggerate to overstate; to magnify (v.) melebih-lebihkan
4 exalt to lift up (v.) meninggikan
4 exasperate to make angry (v.) membuat marah
4 excavate to dig out (v.) menggali
4 excel to be better; to surpass (v.) menjadi baik, melebihi
4 excruciating terribly painful (adj.) sangat menyakirkan
4 execute to carry out (v.) Err:508
4 exemplary serving as an example; deserving
(adj.) imitation
menjadi contoh
4 exemplify to be an example (v.) meneladani
4 exempt free from a usual rule (adj.) bebas dari aturan biasa
4 exert to make an effort; to try hard
(v.) Err:508
4 exhale to breathe out (v.) mengeluarkan nafas
4 exhausted tired out (adj.) capai
4 exhaustive thorough; complete (adj.) melelahkan
4 exhilarating invigorating (adj.) yang menyegarkan, yang meriangkan.
4 exhort to urge; to advise strongly (v.) mendesak
4 expletive an oath or exclamation (n.) kata seru/lontaran.
4 exquisite very lovely (adj.) indah sekali, sangat elok.
4 exterminate to destroy completely (v.) membasmi, memusnahkan.
4 extinguish to put out (v.) memadamkan
4 extol to praise (v.) memuji
4 extrovert an outgoing, sociable person(n.) orang yang mementingkan hal-hal lahir.
4 exuberant lively; spirited (adj.) gembira sekali.
4 exude to give off (v.) memancarkan, meneteskan
4 exultant filled with great joy (adj.) gembira, yang menunjukkan kegembiraan
4 eyebrow the arch of hair growing above
(n.) the Err:508
4 dongeng perumpamaan.
a short story that teaches a(n.)
lessondongeng perumpamaan.
4 fabricate to make; invent (v.) membuat, membangun
4 fallible liable to make mistakes (adj.) dapat berbuat keliru/salah.
4 fallow left unplanted or unused (adj.) kosong, belum ditanami.
4 falter to hesitate (v.) 1 bimbang. 2 terputus-putus.
4 famished very hungry (adj.) sangat lapar.
4 fanatic an unreasonably enthusiatic (n.)person
4 fanciful quaint; imaginative (adj.) 1 fantastis, 2 khayal
4 fantastic hard to believe (adj.) Err:508
4 fantasy a product of the imagination(n.) Err:508
4 farce a comical play (n.) 1 pertunjukan jenaka. 2 sandiwara pelawak/lelucon.
4 fare money paid for a trip (n.) Err:508
4 fascinating intensely interesting (adj.) Err:508
4 fastidious difficult to please (adj.) terlalu berpilih-pilih, tidak mudah puas, sangat kritis, cerewet, re
4 fatal causing death (adj.) Err:508
4 fatality a death (n.) kematian
4 fateful controlled by fate (adj.) dikontrol oleh nasib
4 fatigue the condition of being tired(n.) kondisi capai
4 faultless perfect (adj.) sempurna
4 fealty loyalty (n.) kesetiaan
4 feasible practical; possible (adj.) layak
4 feeble physically weak (adj.) Err:508
4 feint to pretend to attack (v.) membuat gerakan pura-pura.
4 feline like a cat (adj.) seperti kucing
4 felon a criminal (n.) penjahat, narapidana.
4 ferment chemically change sugar to(v.) alcoholmeragi, memberi ragi
4 ferocious cruel or fierce (adj.) ganas, buas, garang.
4 ferry a boat or other means of taking
(n.) cars Err:508
or people across water
4 fervent very earnest (adj.) kuat, keras, sungguh-sungguh
4 fervor intense emotion; enthusiasm (n.) kegairahan, semangat.
4 festive joyous and happy (adj.) dari atau berhubungan dengan pesta
4 fete to entertain; to honor (v.) menghibur; menghormati
4 fiancee an engaged woman (n.) wanita yang telah bertunangan
4 fickle changeable; unstable (adj.) berubah-ubah, tidak tetap, plin-plan
4 fiction made-up story (n.) Err:508
4 fictitious not real; imaginary (adj.) tidak real, imaginer
4 fiend an evil or wicked person (n.) penjahat
4 figurative not literal; symbolic (adj.) simbolis
4 fillet a lean piece of meat or fish(n.) sepotong tipis ikan atau daging
4 filthy very dirty (adj.) sangat jorok
4 finicky fussy; picky (adj.) rewel
4 flagging weak or tired (adj.) lemah, lelah
4 flail to move one's arms wildly (v.) memukuli, mencambuk.
4 flamingo a tropical wading bird with (n.)
long legs burung
and pink
or red
panjang dengan bulu pink atau merah
4 flare to briefly flame up (v.) cepat menyala, mudah terbakar
4 flashlight a small lamp that is powered (n.)by batteries
lampu sorot / baterai
4 flatter to praise without meaning (v.)it merayu
4 flaunt to show off (v.) melagak, menjual tampang, memamerkan
4 fleck a tiny spot (n.) titik hitam
4 flee to run away from (v.) Err:508
4 fleet a group of ships, cars, or trucks
(n.) Err:508
4 flippant not respectful; impertinent (adj.) sembrono, tidak hormat
4 flock a group of one kind of animal (n.) livingErr:508
or feeding together
4 floral of or suggesting flowers (adj.) berhubungan dengan bunga
4 flounce a wide ruffle (n.) lipatan (rok)
4 flounder to struggle awkwardly (v.) menggelepar.
4 fluent able to speak easily (adj.) fasih
4 fluid a liquid; a substance that flows
(n.) cairan
4 foil to keep from success (v.) menggagalkan
4 foolhardy rash; unwise (adj.) gila-gilaan, membabi-buta
4 fop an overdressed person; a man (n.) vainpesolek.
about his appearance
4 forbearance patience; self-control (n.) kesabaran, penahanan (nafsu).
4 ford to cross a river at a shallow(v.)place mengarungi/menyebrangi (a river).
4 foresight the ability to look ahead (n.) tinjauan ke masa depan.
4 foretell to predict or prophesy (v.) meramalkan, menubuatkan
4 forfeit to lose as a penalty (v.) Err:508
4 forge to falsify; to sign another's (v.)
name memalsukan namanya
4 forgetful apt to forget; having a poor(adj.)
memory pelupa
4 forgiveness act of excusing; a pardon (n.) Err:508
4 forgo to do without (v.) tidak lagi melakukan sesuatu
4 foundling a deserted child (n.) bayi terlantar, bayi yg diketemukan.
4 foyer an entrance hall (n.) serambi, tempat menunggu.
4 fracture a break or crack (n.) patah, retak
4 fragile not strong; delicate (adj.) tidak kuat, lembut
4 fragile easily broken or damaged (adj.) mudah pecah
4 fragment a broken part (n.) Err:508
4 fragrant having a sweet or pleasant(adj.) smell berbau harum
4 frail weak; easily broken (adj.) lemah, gampang rusak
4 frantic worried; frightened; terribly(adj.)
upset cemas, khawatir
4 freeway a wide highway on which vehicles
(n.) may
4 freighter a ship that moves items from (n.)on place
4 fret to become worried or annoyed (v.) menjadi khawatir
4 fritter to waste (v.) memboroskan
4 frolic to play (v.) pesiar, bersenang-senang
4 frontier a remote area (n.) Err:508
4 frost a layer of small ice particles
(n.) lapisan es
4 frugal very careful with money (adj.) hermat, cermat, ugahari.
4 frustrated dissatisfied; unfulfilled (adj.) frustasi, tidak tercapai angan2nya
4 fugitive a person on the run (n.) buron
4 furious very angry (adj.) Err:508
4 furnace a machine that produces heat (n.) furnace
4 furor an outburst of enthusiasm (n.)
or rage 1 kehebohan. 2 kemarahan.
4 furtive done in a sneaky way (adj.) secara sembunyi.
4 fury violent anger (n.) Err:508
4 fuselage the body of the airplane (n.) badan pesawat terbang.
4 gabardine a kind of cloth (n.) kain gabardin.
4 gainsay to deny; contradict (v.) menyangkal
4 galaxy a large grouping of stars (n.) galaksi, sekelompok besar bintang
4 gale a strong wind (n.) angin kencang
4 gall ov.oldness or impudence (n.) empedu.-kkt. menyakitkan hati.
4 gallant brave, heroic, courageous(adj.) berani, gagah (berani).2 sopan (terutama thd wanita).
4 gallop a horse's fastest speed (n.) lari kuda tercepatnya
4 gamut the entire range (n.) 1 tangga nada. 2 keseluruhan (nya).
4 garbage trash (n.) sampah
4 garbled confused or distorted (adj.) kacau, tercampur
4 garment a piece of clothing (n.) Err:508
4 garret an attic (n.) loteng (dibawah atap).
4 garrulous talkative; rambling (adj.) cerewet, banyak mulut
4 gash a long deep cut (n.) menetakkan
4 gaudy showy and cheap-looking (adj.) terlalu menyolok.
4 gauge to measure the size or amount(v.) of 1 mengukur (distance). 2 menaksir/mengukur.
4 gavel a mallet used for calling to (n.)
order palu, martil (dipergunakan oleh hakim, ketua rapat atau tukang
4 gawk to stare at (v.) menganga, melongo.
4 generic general; not specific or special
(adj.) umum
4 genteel polite and well-bred (adj.) sopan, dari keluarga baik
4 gentrify to remodel and improve an(v.) aging neighborhood
meningkatkan hubungan baik dengan tetangga lama
4 genuine real; true; authentic (adj.) Err:508
4 germane relevant (adj.) relevan
4 gesticulate to make gestures (v.) membuat isyarat
4 gesture to move the hand or the arm (v.) Err:508
4 gild to coat with gold color (v.) Err:508
4 glamorous fascinating (adj.) glamor, sangat menarik
4 glare to look angrily (v.) Err:508
4 gleam to shine (v.) bersinar
4 glee great joy (n.) sukacita besar
4 glib speaking smoothly and easily (adj.) lincir mulut/lidah, fasih.
4 glide to move smoothly and easily (v.) meluncur.
4 glimpse to get a brief look (v.) Err:508
4 glint to shine or gleam (v.) bercahaya menyilaukan mata.
4 gloat to show pleasure unkindly (v.) melihat dengan tamak.
4 gloomy dimly lighted; sad (adj.) muram, sedih
4 glorify to honor (v.) mengagungkan
4 glower to stare angrily or crossly (v.) memandang,menatap dgn tajam
4 glucose a kind of sugar (n.) glukosa
4 gnarled knotted; twisted; crooked (adj.) monggol, berkenjal-kenjal.
4 gnaw to bite at and wear away (v.) menggerogoti.
4 gore to puncture with an animal's (v.)horn ormelukai
tusk dengan tanduk.
4 gorge to eat greedily (v.) makan dengan rakus
4 gory full of blood; horrible to see(adj.) yang penuh dengan lumuran darah, berdarah.
4 gossip to talk about others (v.) menggosip, membicarakan orang lain
4 granular having grains or granules (adj.) terjadi dari atau berisi butir-butiran yang kecil.
4 graphic vividly described (adj.) grafis
4 grasp to take hold of (v.) Err:508
4 gratify to please or satisfy (v.) menyenangkan, memuaskan
4 gratitude thankfulness (n.) rasa terimakasih
4 gratuitous being without reason, cause, (adj.)
or justification
tanpa alasan
4 gravel a loose mixture of small pieces(n.) of rock
4 graze to feed on grass or other plants
(v.) memakan rumput
4 grief sorrow (n.) Err:508
4 grievous sorrowful (adj.) sedih
4 grimace to contort the face (v.) meringis, menyeringai.
4 grime a layer of dirt (n.) lapisan debu
4 grisly inspiring disgust or distaste; (adj.)
yang mengerikan
4 groan a deep sound expressing distress
(v.) Err:508
4 groom to make neat and tidy (v.) merapikan
4 groove a long narrow cut or worn place(n.) alur, galur, lekuk
4 grope to search blindly (v.) meraba-raba.
4 grouchy bad-tempered (adj.) bersungut-sungut, yang menggerutu.
4 grouse to complain (v.) mengeluh
4 grueling extremely difficult; harsh (adj.) luar biasa sulit
4 gruff rough or harsh, especially (adj.)
in voice (suara) keras / kasar
4 gullible easily deceived or fooled (adj.) mudah dikecoh
4 gusto great enjoyment (n.) nafsu, semangat
4 habituate to get used to (v.) membiasakan
4 haggle to argue (v.) mendebat
4 hail to welcome or greet loudly(v.) memberi salam
4 hallowed holy (adj.) suci
4 hallucinate to perceive sights and sounds (v.) that halusinasi,
are not there
melihat atau mendengar yang tidak ada
4 halt to stop (v.) berhenti
4 hamper to get in the way; to hinder(v.) menghambat
4 handicap an added hindrance (n.) Err:508
4 handsome pleasing in appearance (adj.) Err:508
4 harass to torment (v.) menggoda, menggangu, mengusik
4 hare a large rabbit-like animal (n.) kelinci
4 harmony a pleasing combination of parts(n.) Err:508
4 harness a set of controlling straps (n.) kekang + pakaian kuda.
4 harpoon a spear with a line attached (n.)
to it tombak
4 harsh rough, unpleasant, or cruel(adj.) Err:508
4 hasty done in a hurry (adj.) tergesa-gesa
4 hatch to produce young birds from (v.)eggs menetas
4 haul to carry or move (v.) Err:508
4 hazard danger (n.) Err:508
4 hazardous marked by danger; risky (adj.) ditandai bahaya, beresiko
4 hazy foggy; cloudy; misty (adj.) berkabut
4 hearth a stone or brick fireplace (n.) tempat perapian dari batu atau bata
4 hearty large and satisfying (adj.) luas dan memuaskan
4 heave to lift, pull, or throw with effort
(v.) Err:508
4 hectic very busy and confused (adj.) sangat sibuk
4 heed to pay attention to (v.) memberi perhatian
4 heighten to make higher; to increase(v.) menambah tinggi
4 heir a person who inherits property(n.) or aErr:508
4 heirloom an old family keepsake (n.) warisan, pusaka
4 helium a very light gas used in balloons
(n.) gas helium
4 helm a wheel on a ship used for(n.) steeringroda setir kapal
4 helmet a hard protective hat (n.) helm
4 hemisphere a half sphere or globe (n.) Err:508
4 heritage inheritance; something handed (n.) down Err:508
4 hermit a person who lives alone and (n.) far away
from other people
4 heroic very brave (adj.) heroik, bersifat pahlawan
4 hew to chop or cut with an ax (v.) Err:508
4 hideous very ugly (adj.) Err:508
4 hilarious very funny (adj.) sangat lucu
4 hinge a joint on which a door swings(n.) open engsel
4 hint an indirect suggestion (n.) Err:508
4 hive a shelter for a swarm of bees (n.) rumah lebah
4 hoard to store up secretly (v.) menimbun secara diam-diam
4 hoard to gather and store (v.) mengumpulkan dan menyimpan
4 hoarse sounding rough and deep (adj.) bersuara kasar dan berat
4 hoax a plot to trick someone (n.) rencana penipuan
4 hobby something a person likes to (n.)
do Err:508
4 hobnob to have a relationship (v.) menjalin hubungan
4 hockey a team game played on ice(n.) olahraga hoki
4 hodgepodge a disorderly mixture (n.) campur-aduk, gado-gado.
4 hoe a garden tool used to remove (n.) weedsErr:508
4 hogshead a large barrel or cask (n.) tong atau wadah besar
4 hoist to lift (v.) mengangkat
4 holster a holder for a pistol (n.) pemegang pistol
4 hoodoo bad luck (n.) nasib jelek
4 hoodwink to trick or deceive (v.) menipu, memperdaya
4 hoof the foot of a horse or cow (n.) kuku (binatang).
4 horde a large group (n.) sekelompok besar
4 horizontal parallel to the horizon; level;
flat Err:508
4 horrible terrible to look at or think about
(adj.) Err:508
4 hose a thick tube of rubber (n.) selang
4 hostile unfriendly (adj.) Err:508
4 hound a hunting dog (n.) anjing pelacak
4 hovel a small, crude, miserable dwelling
(n.) pondok, gubuk.
4 hover to stay in one place in the air
(v.) melayang-layang (of a bird, helicopter).
4 howl to cry out (v.) melolong
4 hubbub a loud, confused noise (n.) keributan, kebisingan, keriuhan.
4 huge very large; enormous (adj.) Err:508
4 hulking big and clumsy (adj.) bagur, besar dan canggung
4 hull the outer covering of a seed (n.) badan bahara, lambung kapal
4 humane merciful; kind (adj.) peramah, orang yang penyayang
4 humbleness modesty (n.) kerendahan hati
4 humdrum boring; monotonous (adj.) membosankan, monoton
4 humid damp (adj.) lembab
4 humiliate to make ashamed (v.) menghina
4 hurdle to jump over (v.) melompati (a fence)
4 hurl to throw forcefully (v.) melontarkan
4 hurricane a powerful, windy rainstorm (n.) hujan badai
4 hybrid anything of mixed origin (n.) bastar, cangkokan
4 hyphen a mark used to connect words(n.) bastar, cangkokan
4 hypochondriac a person with imaginary illnesses
(n.) tanda sengkang/penghubung.
4 hypocrite one who pretends virtue (n.) seorang munafik
4 hysterical wildly anxious or excited (adj.) histeris
4 idiot a very stupid or foolish person
(n.) idiot
4 idol a statue of a god that is worshiped
(n.) idola
4 ignite to set on fire (v.) menyalakan
4 ignoble shameful (adj.) memalukan
4 illicit unlawful; improper (adj.) gelap, haram
4 illiterate unable to read or write (adj.) buta huruf
4 illusion a false idea (n.) Err:508
4 illustrious very famous (adj.) sangat terkenal
4 immaculate clean; spotless (adj.) bersih, tak bernoda
4 immerse to plunge into a liquid (v.) membenamkan, mencelupkan.
4 imminent about to occur (adj.) dekat, sebentar lagi.
4 immobile not movable; firmly fixed (adj.) tak bergerak/berobah-obah
4 immortal having fame that will last (adj.) abadi.
4 impair to damage; to make worse(v.) merusak
4 impart to give; to tell (v.) memberi, menanamkan (knowledge, a certain air).
4 impasse a way closed at one end (n.) jalan buntu, kebuntuan.
4 impatience an unwillingness to wait (n.) ketidaksabaran.
4 impeccable flawless; immaculate (adj.) tdk tercela, tertib, tanpa cela
4 imperceptible extremely slight; subtle (adj.) tdk kelihatan/ terasa.
4 imperfect having faults (adj.) tidak sempurna
4 imperil to put in danger (v.) membahayakan.
4 impersonate to pretend to be (v.) menyamar sebagai orang lain
4 impertinent rudely bold; impudent (adj.) 1 kurang ajar/sopan, tidak sopan. 2 tak ada hubungannya, tida
4 impetuous hasty (adj.) tidak sabar, bergerak dengan kekuatan dan kecepatan yang be
4 impish mischievous (adj.) nakal, tidak baik.
4 implore to beg (v.) memohon dgn sangat
4 imposter one who imitates for deception
(n.) orang menyamar untuk menipu
4 impound to seize and confine within(v.)
limits menyita.
4 impregnable unconquerable (adj.) dpt menahan serangan-serangan, tdk terkalahkan
4 improvise to do on the spur of the moment
(v.) membuat dgn seada-adanya, mengarang
4 impudent insulting; rude (adj.) menghina, kasar
4 impulsive done without thinking (adj.) impulsif, tanpa dipikir, bersifat menurutkan kata hati
4 impunity freedom from punishment (n.) bebas dari hukuman
4 inarticulate unable to speak easily and(adj.)
clearly tidak jelas, sukar berbicara.
4 inaudible incapable of being heard (adj.) tidak terdengar
4 inaugurate to formally start (v.) membuka secara resmi
4 incinerate to burn (v.) membakar
4 incinerator a waste burner (n.) tempat pembakaran (sampah).
4 incision a cut made in something (n.) torehan, irisan, bedelan.
4 incredible hard to believe; beyond belief
(adj.) Err:508
4 incriminate to cause to appear guilty (v.) melibatkan, memberatkan.
4 indictment a legal accusation (n.) tuduhan hukum, dakwaan
4 indifference not caring (n.) pengabaian, kelalaian
4 indifferent not caring (adj.) tidak perhatian
4 indolent lazy (adj.) malas
4 industrious hard-working (adj.) pekerja keras
4 inebriated drunk (adj.) mabuk
4 inedible unfit to eat (adj.) tidak dapat dimakan
4 ineligible not qualified (adj.) tidak dapat dipilih
4 inept awkward; clumsy (adj.) 1 tidak layak, tidak pada tempatnya. 2 janggal.
4 inert inactive (adj.) tidak aktif
4 inexplicable not explainable; mysterious(adj.) tidak dapat diterangkan, misterius
4 infallible free from error; reliable (adj.) sempurna, bebas dari salah; dpt diandalkan
4 infamous famous for wrongdoing (adj.) terkenal berlaku keliru
4 infant a baby or very young child(n.) Err:508
4 infectious likely to spread; communicable(adj.) dapat menyebar
4 inferior of less importance; not very (adj.)
good rendah mutunya
4 infinity endlessness; an immeasurable (n.) amount
4 inflate to fill and expand (v.) meniup, menggembungkan
4 infuriate to make angry (v.) membuat marah
4 ingenious clever; resourceful (adj.) pandai, berpengetahuan
4 ingratitude thanklessness; being ungrateful
(n.) tidak tahu berterimakasih
4 inhale to breathe in (v.) menarik nafas
4 inherit to get from one's parents (v.) Err:508
4 injurious harmful (adj.) yang merugikan, berbahaya.
4 inoculate to vaccinate (v.) menyuntik
4 inscribe to engrave words on a surface (v.) menuliskan, menorehkan
4 inseparable unable to be parted (adj.) tidak terpisahkan
4 insignia a badge of rank (n.) lencana.
4 insolent not showing respect; rude (adj.) tidak menunjukkan hormat
4 insolent boldly disrespectful; insulting
(adj.) dengan tegar tengkuk memandang rendah / menghina
4 insolvent unable to pay debts; bankrupt (adj.) tidak dapat membayar hutang
4 inspire to fill with a thought or feeling
(v.) Err:508
4 install to put in (v.) Err:508
4 instigate to encourage an action (v.) menghasut.
4 insulate to cover to prevent the escape(v.) of sound,
or heat
4 intellect the ability to think (n.) kemampuan berpikir
4 intelligible capable of being understood (adj.) mampu atau dapat dimengerti
4 intercept to stop something on its way (v.) mencegat, menangkap
4 interior the inside part of something (n.) Err:508
4 interloper a person who interferes (n.) penyelundup, penyelang yang tak berhak.
4 interminable never stopping; endless (adj.) tanpa henti
4 intermittent stopping and beginning again (adj.) tersendat-sendat
4 interrogate to question thoroughly (v.) menanya dengan teliti, menginterogasi
4 intricate entangled or complicated (adj.) ruwet, berbelit-belit, berseluk-beluk.
4 introvert a shy and reserved person(n.) pemalu
4 invincible unconquerable (adj.) tak terkalahkan
4 irate very angry (adj.) sangat marah
4 ire anger (n.) Err:508
4 irony an outcome opposite what(n.) is meantErr:508
4 irrevocable that which cannot be undone (adj.) irrevocable
4 irrigate to bring water to the land (v.) mengairi
4 jagged uneven (adj.) timpang
4 jaunty sprightly in manner or appearance;
(adj.) periang,
lively mudah bergaul
4 javelin a hand spear (n.) lembing, tombak.
4 jeer to make fun of (v.) memperolok-olokkan, mengejek.
4 jeopardy danger (n.) bahaya
4 jest to joke; to make fun of (v.) bersendau-gurau, berolok-olok
4 jibe to change the course of a ship(v.) bersesuaian, cocok
4 jittery nervous and fidgety (adj.) gelisah, gugup.
4 jostle to push roughly against (v.) berdesak-desakan.
4 journalist a person who writes for a newspaper
(n.) Err:508
4 jubilant joyful (adj.) bersorak kegirangan,
4 judicious having good judgement (adj.) mempunyai pertimbangan yang baik
4 judicious wise; sensible; well-advised (adj.) bijaksana.
4 jumbo oversized; huge; immense(adj.) jumbo, berukuran besar
4 junction a crossing place (n.) persimpangan
4 juncture a place of joining; an important
(n.) time tempat bertemunya; waktu penting
4 juror a member of a jury (n.) juri
4 jury a group of people who listen(n.)to evidence
dewaninjuria court of law
4 keel a beam on the bottom of a(n.) boat lampu di bawah kapal
4 keen having a sharp edge (adj.) Err:508
4 keg a small barrel (n.) tong atau wadah kecil
4 kennel a shelter for one or more dogs
(n.) kandang (anjing).
4 kernel a grain; a whole seed (n.) biji (utuh)
4 kerosene a thin oil used as a fuel (v.) minyak tanah
4 kid a young goat (n.) Err:508
4 kidney one part of a pair of organs(n.)
that separate
ginjal waste from the blood and remove it as urine
4 kiln an oven used for baking pottery
(n.) oven pengering
4 kimono a long, loose, Japanese robe(n.)with long
kimono sleeves and a sash
4 kin relatives or family (n.) saudara atau keluarga
4 kindling firewood (n.) kayu bakar.
4 kleptomaniac a person with a persistent (n.)
desire tokleptomani,
steal orang yang selalu ingin mencuri
4 knave a dishonest person (n.) orang yang tidak jujur
4 knit to make with yarn (v.) Err:508
4 knoll a little round hill (n.) bukit kecil, busut
4 laborious difficult and slow (adj.) sulit dan lamban
4 lair the home of a wild animal (n.) liang, sarang hewan, jerumun
4 landscape scenery (n.) pemandangan (alam)
4 languish to become weak (v.) kendor
4 lariat lasso (n.) laso
4 larva a newly hatched insect (n.) serangga yang baru menetas
4 lateral sideways (adj.) secara menyamping, arah ke samping, disamping, sampingan.
4 lathe a machine for turning and cutting
(n.) mesin bubut.
4 lava hot melted rock (n.) lahar, karang meleleh karena panas
4 lawsuit a court case (n.) perkara pengadilan
4 lax not strict; relaxed (adj.) longgar, relax
4 league an association of competitive
asosiasi pertandingan sport
4 leash a chain or line for leading an
(n.)animalpengikat binatang
4 ledge a shelf (n.) 1 birai (of window). 2 langkan ( of a building).
4 leeway an extra space; a margin of(n.)safety waktu ekstra, peluang.
4 legalize to make legal (v.) mengesahkan, melegalkan
4 legend a story handed down from (n.)the pastErr:508
4 legendary famous; having to do with a (adj.)
legendlegendaris, terkenal
4 legible easy to read (adj.) mudah dibaca
4 legitimate lawful (adj.) Err:508
4 leisure free, resting (adj.) Err:508
4 lenient not strict (adj.) lunak
4 lethargic unusually drowsy (adj.) lesu, kelesa, malas(-malas)
4 liable legally responsible (adj.) Err:508
4 ligament a strong band of tissues that
(n.)holds bones
into place
4 limber bending or moving easily; flexible
(adj.) lentur, lemah gemulai/lentur.
4 limp to walk in a lopsided way (v.) berjalan pincang, timpang.
4 linger to stay on (v.) tetap/seakan-akan tidak mau pergi
4 liquefy to turn into a liquid (v.) mencairkan
4 liqueur a sweetened alcoholic drink (n.) minuman beralkohol
4 lissome bending easily, gracefully (adj.) mudah ditekuk, lentur
4 listless too tired to care (adj.) terlalu capai untuk memperhatikan
4 literate able to read and write (adj.) dapat membaca dan menulis
4 lithe flexible; supple (adj.) fleksibel, gemulai
4 litter untidy scraps of trash left around
(n.) sampah tercecer
4 livestock animals for use or sale that(n.) are raised
on a farm or ranch
4 livid very pale; ashen (adj.) sangat pucat
4 lodge an inn; a resort hotel (n.) Err:508
4 loiter to spend time idly standing(v.) aroundbergelandangan, nongkrong sana-sini
4 loom a machine to weave yarn into (n.) clothperkakas tenun
4 loot to rob; to carry off illegally (v.) Err:508
4 lucid clear (adj.) jelas
4 lucrative profitable (adj.) menguntungkan
4 lull to calm by gentle sounds or (v.)
motionmenenangkan dengan suara pelan
4 lullaby a song for a baby (n.) lagu untuk anak kecil
4 luminous radiating or reflecting light;(adj.)
shining beradiasi, memendarkan atau memantulkan cahaya
4 lurid terrible; startling; ghastly (adj.) seram, mengerikan.
4 lurk to hide and lie in wait (v.) bersembunyi.
4 luscious delicious (adj.) lezat
4 lush growing thickly (adj.) lebat (of underbrush, jungle).
4 magical mysterious (adj.) magis, secara misterius
4 magistrate a judge (n.) Err:508
4 magnificence splendor (n.) kecemerlangan.
4 magnificent fine; beautiful; splendid (adj.) Err:508
4 maim to injure; to harm badly (v.) memuntungkan.
4 malady an illness (n.) penyakit.
4 malevolent wishing evil to others (adj.) yang berhati dengki, ingin orang lain celaka
4 malice ill will (n.) maksud jahat
4 mammal an animal that is warm-blooded,(n.) has Err:508
a backbone, and nurses its young
4 manageable easily controlled or handled (adj.) dapat dikontrol
4 maneuver to handle skillfully (v.) menangani dengan ahli / piawai
4 mangy with hair falling out (adj.) rontok bulunya, berkudis, kotor.
4 mannerism an odd habit; peculiarity (n.) kelakuan, perangai, lagak.
4 manor a large estate (n.) Err:508
4 mansion a large stately residence (n.) rumah yang besar.
4 mar to damage (v.) 1 merusak. 2 mengotori (a wall with crayon).
4 marathon a foot race of 26 miles, 385(n.) yards maraton
4 marsh land that is always soft and(n.) wet rawa, paya.
4 marvelous fine; wonderful (adj.) Err:508
4 massage to rub firmly (v.) memijit, mengurut.
4 massive very large (adj.) Err:508
4 mate one of a pair (n.) Err:508
4 maze any complicated arrangement (n.) sesuatu yang simpang siur
4 meadow a grassy place (n.) padang rumput hijau
4 meager of poor quality; not enough(adj.) bermutu rendah, tidak memadai
4 mechanize to replace people by machinery (v.) mengganti dengan mesin
4 meddlesome interfering (adj.) suka mencampuri urusan orang lain.
4 mediocre ordinary; not good enough(adj.) biasa-biasa, tidak cukup baik
4 meditate to think quietly (v.) berpikir dengan tenang, bermeditasi
4 meditation quiet thinking (n.) meditasi
4 meek timid; quiet (adj.) lembut, tenang
4 melancholy sad and gloomy (adj.) melankolis, sendu
4 memento a souvenir (n.) suvenir
4 memorable worth remembering (adj.) berharga untuk diingat
4 mentor a wise and trusted adviser(n.) mentor
4 merchandise goods for sale (n.) barang dagangan.
4 mercurial flighty; fickle; changeable (adj.) tak berpendirian, gampang berubah
4 merge to absorb; to combine (v.) Err:508
4 meticulous thorough; careful (adj.) sangat teliti, cermat sekali.
4 metropolitan belonging to large cities (adj.) Err:508
4 mimic to imitate (v.) menirukan mimik wajah
4 mint a place where coins are made(n.) arta yasa, percetakan uang logam.
4 minuscule very small (adj.) sangat kecil
4 mire soft, deep mud; wet, swampy (n.) ground
lumpur (yang lembut dan dalam).
4 mirth laughter; fun (n.) keriangan, kegembiraan.
4 mischance bad luck (n.) nasib buruk, kesialan.
4 miser a greedy person who saves (n.)
moneyorang kikir/pelit.
4 miserly ungenerous; stingy (adj.) kikir, pelit.
4 misfit a maladjusted individual (n.) orang yang canggung, orang yang tak dapat mencocokkan diri
4 mishap an unlucky accident (n.) kecelakaan.
4 misnomer a name that describes wrongly
(n.) salah nomor
4 misshapen deformed (adj.) cacat bentuk
4 missile an object that is thrown or (n.)
shot peluru
4 moccasins soft leather shoes (n.) sepatu sandal (Indian, terbuat dari kulit)
4 moist damp; slightly wet (adj.) lembab, agak berair
4 mole a small brown mark on the(n.)skin tahi lalat.
4 molten made liquid by heat; melted (adj.) mencair karena panas; meleleh
4 momentous important (adj.) momentum / berarti
4 monastery a place where monks live (n.) biara
4 monopolize to control exclusively (v.) memonopoli
4 monotone a sameness of tone or pitch (n.) monoton, sama bunyinya/nadanya
4 monotonous unchanging; boring (adj.) monoton, tidak berubah; membosankan
4 morale a mental attitude (n.) Err:508
4 morose gloomy (adj.) kelabu
4 morphine a pain medication that is made
(n.) frommorfin
4 mosque a Muslim place of worship (n.) Err:508
4 motorize to add a motor (v.) menambah motor/mesin
4 motto a brief expression of an ideal
(n.) semboyan / motto
4 mount to climb or go up (v.) Err:508
4 mournful sorrowful (adj.) sangat menyedihkan / memilukan
4 mulish stubborn (adj.) keras kepala
4 municipal concerning a city (adj.) berkenaan dengan kota
4 mutilate to disfigure (v.) memuntungkan, mengudungkan (a person).
4 mutiny rebellion (n.) pemberontakan
4 mutter to speak in a low voice (v.) Err:508
4 myriad countless (adj.) tak terhitung
4 mystify to bewilder (v.) 1 membingungkan. 2 menakjubkan, mempesonakan (of a mag
4 myth an old, imaginary story (n.) Err:508
4 nag to annoy by always complaining
(v.) mengomeli
4 naked uncovered; plain (adj.) Err:508
4 nape the back of the neck (n.) bagian belakang leher
4 narrate to tell the story of (v.) mengisahkan
4 narrative a story (n.) Err:508
4 nasal having to do with the nose(adj.) berkaitan dengan hidung
4 nausea a feeling of sickness (n.) perasaan sakit
4 nautical having to do with sailors or(adj.)
ships berkenaan dengan pelaut / kapal
4 nave part of a church where people
(n.) sit bagian tengah dari ruang gereja.
4 navigate to guide a ship (v.) menavigasi / menuntun kapal
4 necessitate to cause to be needed (v.) membuat dibutuhkan
4 negation a denial (n.) penyangkalan
4 negligent careless; showing neglect (adj.) ceroboh
4 negotiate to talk over and arrange terms
(v.) Err:508
4 nervous tense (adj.) Err:508
4 nettle to annoy (v.) membakar/melukai hati.
4 nibble to eat with small bites (v.) menggerumis, memakan sedikit demi sedikit
4 nick to make a small cut (v.) menakik, membuat torehan
4 nil nothing; zero (n.) nihil, nol
4 nimble quick-moving (adj.) gesit, tangkas
4 nocturnal of the night (adj.) berkenaan dengan malam
4 nomad a seasonal wanderer; a member(n.) ofpengembara
a wandering rural people
4 nominal too small to be considered(adj.) terlalu kecil untuk dianggap
4 nominate to propose as a candidate (v.) Err:508
4 nonchalant casually indifferent (adj.) tak perduli, tak ambil pusing, teledor, acuh-tak-acuh.
4 noncommittal giving no clear indication (adj.) indikasinya tidak jelas
4 nosegay a bunch of flowers (n.) seikat bunga
4 nostalgic sentimental about the past(adj.) bersifat kenangan
4 notify to tell (v.) memberitahu
4 nourish to feed (v.) memberi makan
4 novel new (adj.) Err:508
4 novelty newness (n.) sesuatu yang baru.
4 novice a beginner (n.) pemula
4 noxious harmful; poisonous (adj.) beracun
4 nozzle a small spout at the end of(n.)
a hose 1 mulut pipa. 2 pipa semprot, alat pemercik.
4 nucleus the central part; core (n.) inti
4 numb deadened; without any feeling(adj.) 1 mati rasa, kebas (of hands). 2 kaku. n. with fear kaku karena
4 nutrient a nourishing substance (n.) nutrisi / makanan
4 nutritious nourishing; healthful (adj.) bergizi; menyehatkan
4 oaf a stupid or clumsy person (n.) seorang yang bodoh atau kikuk
4 oasis a fertile spot in a barren land
(n.) oasis, tempat yang subur di padang gurun
4 oath a promise to speak the truth (n.) sumpah
4 obese greatly overweight (adj.) sangat gemuk
4 obituary a death notice (n.) berita kematian.
4 oblige to morally, legally, or physically
(v.) force
4 oblique slanting; inclined; indirect (adj.) miring, mencong.
4 obliterate to wipe out (v.) menghapuskan, melenyapkan.
4 obscene offending decency; vile (adj.) cabul, carut.
4 obsolete out-of-date (adj.) kadaluarsa
4 obstinate stubborn (adj.) keras kepala
4 obstreperous noisy; unruly (adj.) gaduh, ribut
4 obstruct to block or hinder (v.) menghalangi, merintangi (a view, a street, traffic).
4 octogenarian a person between 80 and 89 (n.) seorang berusia 80-90 (kepala 8)
4 oddity a strange or unusual thing(n.) hal aneh
4 odometer an instrument that measures (n.)vehicle
travel distance
jarak tempuh kendaraan
4 odorous giving forth fragrance (adj.) memberi bau harum
4 offspring a child (n.) anak
4 omelet beaten eggs, cooked and folded
(n.) overtelur dadar
4 ominous suggesting danger (adj.) tak menyenangkan, berbahaya
4 onslaught a vigorous attack (n.) serangan gencar.
4 ooze to leak out slowly (v.) mengeluarkan (blood darah).
4 opaque not transparent (adj.) tak tembus cahaya, buram.
4 opponent a person against one in a game
(n.) lawan
4 opportune fortunate or well-chosen (adj.) yang beruntung / terpilih
4 optician a person who sells or make (n.)
orang yang menjual atau membuat kacamata
4 optimist one who looks on the bright (n.)
side optimis
4 oral spoken rather than written(adj.) Err:508
4 orator a public speaker (n.) orator, penceramah
4 orbit the path of a planet (n.) orbit, jalur lintas planet
4 orchard a planted area of fruit or nut
trees kebun buah-buahan.
4 ordeal a painful experience (n.) 1 cobaan berat. 2 siksaan.
4 ore rock from which metals are(n.)obtainedmineral/karang/biji besi
4 originate to cause to be (v.) Err:508
4 ornate highly decorated; fancy (adj.) banyak hiasan, terhias banyak
4 orphan a child whose parents are (n.)
dead yatim piatu
4 outing a short pleasure trip (n.) piknik sebentar
4 outlaw a lawbreaker (n.) pelanggar hukum
4 outrage an offense; an insult (n.) penghinaan
4 outspoken direct; honest; blunt (adj.) terus terang
4 overhaul to repair completely (v.) mereparasi total
4 overjoyed delighted; extremely happy(adj.) sangat bahagia
4 overt open (adj.) open, terbuka
4 overwhelm to completely defeat (v.) benar-benar mengalahkan
4 pacify to make calm; to quiet down (v.) membuat tenang
4 pact an agreement (n.) perjanjian
4 paddle to row a boat (v.) mendayung perahu
4 pallid lacking color; pale (adj.) pucat, pudar
4 pamper to allow too many privileges (v.)
to memanjakan
4 pandemonium wild disorder or lawless confusion
(n.) kekacauan yang sangat, gara-gara, hiruk-pikuk.
4 pang a sudden, short, sharp pain(n.) rasa (sakit) yang tiba-tiba datangnya, kepedihan.
4 panic uncontrolled fear (n.) Err:508
4 panic to feel unreasoning fear (v.) Err:508
4 panorama a view over a wide area (n.) pemandangan
4 pantry a small storage room off a (n.)
kitchen sepen, ruang khusus untuk penyimpanan dari ruang dapur
4 parable story used to teach a moral(n.)lesson ibarat, cerita perumpamaan
4 parade a procession (n.) Err:508
4 paramount most important (adj.) terpenting
4 paranoid having an inappropriate belief
(adj.)that rasa
cause one harm
4 parched very dry (adj.) sangat kering
4 parentheses a pair of curved lines used(n.)
to enclosetanda
a word
or phrase
(untuk kata)
4 passion a strong feeling (n.) Err:508
4 pasture a grassy field where animals (n.)eat padang rumput
4 peak the top of a hill or mountain(n.) Err:508
4 peasant a poor person who works as (n.)a farmer
4 pedal to move a lever with the foot(v.) pedal
4 peddle to sell small articles (v.) menjual pernak-pernik, asongan
4 pedestrian a person who walks (n.) pejalan kaki
4 peek to take a quick look (v.) cepat melihat
4 peek look quickly (v.) melihat dengan cepat
4 peer an equal (n.) Err:508
4 penalize to punish (v.) menghukum
4 penalty a punishment (n.) Err:508
4 penance a punishment borne to obtain (n.) pardonhukuman penebusan dosa
4 penitent sorry for having done wrong (adj.) menyesal telah salah berbuat
4 pennant a flag used as a school banner
(n.) panji, bendera
4 perch a freshwater fish (n.) ikan air tawar
4 peril danger (n.) atas resiko sendiri, bahaya
4 perilous extremely dangerous (adj.) sangat berbahaya
4 perpetual enduring; constant (adj.) terus-menerus, tak henti-henti
4 perpetuate to cause to continue (v.) meneruskan
4 perplexed puzzled (adj.) membingungkan
4 pertinent related to the material (adj.) berhubungan/bersangkutan dengan.
4 pessimistic gloomy (adj.) pesimistis
4 petrified turned to stone (adj.) membatu
4 petrify to turn into stone (v.) merubah jadi batu
4 petty of little importance (adj.) kurang penting
4 physique the form of the body (n.) bentuk fisik / tubuh
4 pickle to preserve (v.) mengacar, mengawetkan
4 piebald having patches of black and (adj.)
white belang
or other(of
a horse).
4 pier a walkway built out over water(n.) Err:508
4 pierce to make a hole or opening (v.) in or through
menembus (of a needle, screams). 2 menyerbu. 3 menusuk.
4 pigment a coloring substance (n.) pigmen, zat warna
4 pilot a person who flies an airplane(n.) Err:508
4 pine an evergreen tree (n.) Err:508
4 pious extremely religious (adj.) alim, sangat saleh
4 piquant savory; appetizing (adj.) 1 menarik. 2 (of food) pedas.
4 piracy robbery at sea (n.) pembajakan, perompakan.
4 pitcher one who pitches baseball to (n.)batterspelempar bola dalam baseball
4 piteous to be pitied (adj.) menimbulkan rasa kasihan
4 placid pleasantly calm or peaceful(adj.) tenang.
4 plague a deadly, contagious disease (n.) wabah.
4 planetarium a building in which people (n.)
can study tempat
of the sun,jalan
planets, and stars
4 plausible appearing true; reasonable(adj.) masuk akal.
4 plead to beg; to argue a case (v.) Err:508
4 pledge to promise (v.) Err:508
4 pliable easily bent (adj.) 1 lembut, lunak (of character). 2 suka melentur (of leather).
4 plight a bad condition or situation(n.) situasi buruk
4 plow a tool used for turning soil (n.) meluku, menenggala, membajak
4 plume a feather or group of feathers(n.) bulu-bulu / sebuah bulu
4 plummet to fall straight down (v.) jatuh terjerembab, terjungkir-jungkir.
4 plump well-rounded; fat (adj.) Err:508
4 plunder to rob; to take by force (v.) merampok
4 ply to work at (v.) menjalankan, melakukan
4 plywood a board made of thin layers(n.) kayu tripleks/lapis.
4 pod a shell containing the plant(n.)seed (buah) polong, kelopak. pen p. kulit kacang polong
4 podium a small platform (n.) mimbar.
4 pompous self-important; arrogant (adj.) muluk, bermegah diri, sombong, angkuh.
4 populous with many people (adj.) dengan banyak orang
4 pore to read closely (v.) membaca dengan rajin
4 porous letting fluid or air pass through
(adj.) menyerap, berliang renik, keropos
4 portable easily carried (adj.) gampang dibawa
4 posterity generations of the future (n.) generasi mendatang
4 powerless weak (adj.) tidak berdaya
4 prank a playful trick (n.) kelakar, olok-olok, seloroh, sendagurau.
4 precipice a steep cliff (n.) ngarai, tebing yang curam.
4 predatory preying upon other animals(adj.) ganas, buas.
4 predicament a difficult or unpleasant situation
(n.) 1 keadaan sulit. 2 keadaan berbahaya
4 preen to fuss with one's appearance (v.) 1 bersolek (of a girl). 2 menjilat-jilat (of a cat).
4 premature too early (adj.) terlalu dini
4 premier first in importance (adj.) Err:508
4 preoccupied absorbed in thought (adj.) asyik, khusuk.
4 preside to be in charge of (v.) mengetuai, memimpin.
4 pretentious self-important (adj.) megah, mewah.
4 prevalent widespread (adj.) 1 umum, merata. 2 lazim.
4 prey an animal hunted by others(n.) as foodErr:508
4 priceless too valuable to measure (adj.) tak ternilai
4 primitive of early times; very simple (adj.) Err:508
4 probe to search into; to investigate(v.) Err:508
4 proclaim to publicly ann.ce (v.) Err:508
4 procrastinate to put off; to delay (v.) menunda
4 proficient competent; skillful; expert (adj.) pandai, cakap.
4 prolong to extend (v.) memperpanjang
4 prominent well-known or important (adj.) Err:508
4 prop a pole used to support something
(n.) 1 sangga, tiang. 2 alat-alat atau barang-barang yang diperlukan
4 prophetic able to tell the future (adj.) profetis, dapat mengatakan yang akan terjadi
4 protest to speak out against (v.) Err:508
4 provisional for the time being; temporary (adj.) untuk sementara ini
4 prudent wise; careful (adj.) bijaksana, hati-hati.
4 pry to be curious; to snoop (v.) 1 mencampur-campuri (other's affairs). 2 menyelidiki (a matter)
4 puff a short burst of air or smoke (n.) embusan (of smoke).
4 punch to hit with the fist (v.) Err:508
4 punctuate to use marks to clarify meaning
(v.) of written
memberi material
tanda baca
4 pungent having a sharp, biting taste(adj.)
or smelltajam, pedas (of odor, remarks).
4 puny small and weak (adj.) kecil dan lemah
4 purify to make clean (v.) memurnikan
4 putrid rotten and smelly (adj.) busuk dan bau
4 quail to lose courage (v.) hilang semangat
4 quaint unusual; pleasingly odd (adj.) 1 pelik, aneh. q. style gaya yang aneh. 2 tua tetapi menarik.
4 quash to put an end to (v.) membatalkan
4 quay a landing place where ships (n.)are loaded
and unloaded
4 queasy suffering from nausea; squeamish
(adj.) mual, muak, mau muntah, loya.
4 quench to put out, as a fire, or thirst
(v.) memadamkan (api)
4 query a question (n.) Err:508
4 quibble to argue pointlessly (v.) berdalih, cekcok (over the price).
4 quicksand a soft, wet, deep sand area(n.) that covers
pasir up
items resting on it
4 quiver to shake (v.) gemetar, menggigil.
4 quivering shaking; trembling (adj.) gemetaran
4 quorum the minimum members necessary (n.) quorum, jumlah minimal yang diperlukan
4 racket a loud noise (n.) Err:508
4 radar a radio wave locater (n.) radar
4 radiant shining; bright and beaming (adj.) bersinar, bercahaya
4 radiate to give out; to send forth (v.) memancarkan
4 rage violent anger or fury (n.) Err:508
4 raid a sudden attack (n.) Err:508
4 rally a gathering of people for a(n.)purposeErr:508
4 ram a male sheep (n.) Err:508
4 ramble to wander (v.) berkeliling-keliling
4 ramshackle shaky; rickety (adj.) bobrok, buruk.
4 ransack to search thoroughly; to steal(v.) merampok, menggedor.
4 ransom the amount of money demanded (n.) for
the release
(uang)of tebusan
a prisoner
yang diperlukan
4 rap to strike sharply; to talk with
(v.)music 1inmengetok
rhyme (on a door, desk). 2 berbicara diiringi irama musik
4 rapt completely interested (adj.) benar-benar tertarik
4 rascal a scoundrel; a mischievous(n.) child bajingan / penjahat
4 rash too hasty (adj.) Err:508
4 rash hasty; reckless (adj.) Err:508
4 rations food issued (n.) jatah makanan
4 rattle a toy that makes noise when (n.)it is shaken
1 kertak-kertuk (of a window in the wind). 2 mainan bayi yang k
4 raze to tear down completely (v.) Err:508
4 realm a kingdom (n.) Err:508
4 reap to gather in crops; to earn (v.) Err:508
4 rearrange to place in a different way (v.) menata kembali
4 rebel a person who refuses to obey (n.) orders Err:508
4 rebellious refusing to obey (adj.) berontak
4 rebuttal opposing evidence in an argument
(n.) bantahan, tangkisan.
4 recall to remember (v.) Err:508
4 recede to move or slope backward(v.) 1 surut (of floodwaters). 2 menyusut (of o's hairline).
4 receptacle a container (n.) wadah, kontainer
4 recess a break from work (n.) 1 istirahat, turun main (between school periods). 2 reses (of Co
4 recite to say aloud, usually from memory
(v.) Err:508
4 reckless not careful enough (adj.) sembrono, koboi-koboian.
4 recline to lie back (v.) menyandarkan/membaringkan
4 recoil to spring back suddenly (v.) mundur, berkecut hati
4 recollect to recall or remember (v.) ingat, mengingat
4 recount to tell in detail (v.) menyebut secara detail
4 recoup to make up for (v.) mengganti, menutup (o's losses kerugian-kerugiannya).
4 rectify to correct (v.) meralat (a mistake).
4 recuperate to recover; to regain (v.) menguatkan diri kembali, sembuh.
4 recurrence a repetition; a repeated happening
(n.) keadaan yang terulang
4 redeem to buy back (v.) menebus
4 reel a frame on which something (n.)is wound
gulung, rol (of film)
4 refrain to hold oneself back (v.) menahan diri (from supaya jangan).
4 regal royal; magnificent (adj.) agung, seperti raja
4 regatta a boat race (n.) perlombaan perahu-layar.
4 regimen a set of rules (n.) cara/aturan hidup.
4 reimburse to pay back (v.) membayar kembali, mengganti uang
4 reiterate to repeat (v.) mengulangi pertanyaan.
4 relic an object from the past (n.) barang peninggalan.
4 relinquish to give up; to let go of (v.) melepaskan.
4 relish to enjoy (v.) menikmati, menyukai (food, warm weather).
x 4 remnant a part left over (n.) sisa, bekas.
x 4 remorse deep regret (n.) penyesalan yang dalam.
x 4 remuneration a reward; a payment (n.) upah, gaji.
x 4 render to perform; to do (v.) Err:508
x 4 rendezvous an appointment; a place for(n.)meetingmengadakan pertemuan (di tempat tertentu), mengadakan rend
4 renegade a deserter (n.) pembelot.
x 4 renowned well-known (adj.) terkenal, termasyhur.
x 4 replenish to resupply (v.) mengisi/melengkapi lagi.
x 4 reprehensible deserving of blame (adj.) patut dicela
x 4 reprieve to delay the punishment (v.) menangguhkan hukuman (mati).
x 4 reprisal an injury done in return (n.) pembalasan (dendam), tindakan balasan
x 4 repulsive very unpleasant (adj.) menjijikkan.
x 4 reputable respectable; honorable (adj.) mempunyai nama baik
4 resemble to look like; to be similar (v.) Err:508
4 resume to continue (v.) Err:508
x 4 retaliate to pay back a wrong or injury(v.) membalas (dendam).
x 4 retard to slow down (v.) memperlambat.
x 4 retort to answer in a sharp way (v.) menjawab dengan pedas.
x 4 retract to draw back; to withdraw (v.) menarik kembali (a statement, the tongue, an animal's claws)
4 retreat withdraw (v.) Err:508
4 retrieve to get back (v.) mendapat kembali.
x 4 reverent solemnly respectful (adj.) hormat, ta'zim.
x 4 revert to return to a former condition
(v.) kembali pada
x 4 revile to scold; to subject to abuse
(v.) mencerca, mencaci-maki.
4 revolve to turn around in a circle (v.) memutar, mengelilingi
4 revolving going around in a circle (adj.) 1 berputar. 2 beredar mengelilingi
4 rhetoric mere display in the use of (n.)
language 1 retorik. 2 kepandaian berbicara/berpidato.
4 ridiculous laughable (adj.) Err:508
x 4 rift fissure; break; crack (n.) 1 celah, renggang (in the clouds). 2 keretakan (between two pe
x 4 rigamarole nonsense (n.) omong kosong
4 rigor a hardship (n.) kekerasan (of physical exercise, of a law).
4 rigorous very strict; rigidly precise (adj.) 1 keras. 2 dengan teliti, setepat-tepatnya.
4 riot a noisy disorder (n.) Err:508
x 4 rite a ceremony or observance(n.) upacara, tatacara.
4 roam to travel with no plan (v.) mengembara, berkelana.
x 4 robust strong and healthy (adj.) tegap, sehat dan kuat, berdegap.
x 4 rodent a kind of mammal that gnaws (n.) binatang mengerat/kerikit, hewan pengerat.
x 4 rouse to awaken (v.) membangunkan
x 4 rout a total defeat (n.) kekalahan total
4 routine ordinary (adj.) Err:508
x 4 rubble rough, broken stones or bricks
(n.) (re)runtuhan, puing.
x 4 rudimentary undeveloped; fundamental;(adj.)
basic 1 bersifat elementer. 2 belum sempurna.
x 4 ruffle a pleated or gathered strip(n.)
of cloth kerut (in a skirt).
x 4 ruffle to annoy (v.) mengganggu, membuat bingung (a person).
x 4 rumble to make a low noise (v.) 1 gemuruh (of thunder). 2 bunyi gerabak-gerubuk (of a cart).
x 4 rummage to search thoroughly (v.) menggeledah
x 4 rummage to search in a disorderly way
(v.) mengubrak-abrik
4 rural having to do with the country
(adj.) Err:508
x 4 rustic pertaining to the country; rural
(adj.) 1 pedusunan. 2 kasar. 3 kedusun-dusunan (of manner of speak
x 4 rustle to make a whispering sound (v.) berderik, bunyi daun-daun beradu satu dengan yang lain
4 ruthless without pity (adj.) tanpa belas kasihan
4 safeguard to keep safe (v.) menjaga keamanan
x 4 saga a long story about heroic actions
(n.) sage, cerita panjang tentang kepahlawanan
x 4 sallow of a pale yellowish color (adj.) warna pucat atau kekuningan
4 salute to show respect by raising (v.)
the rightmenunjukkan
hand stiffly tohormat
the forehead
dengan mengangkat tangan di depan dah
x 4 salvage to save from loss (v.) menyelamatkan dari hilang
x 4 salve an ointment used to heal burns
(n.) salep untuk luka bakar
x 4 sanction to authorize (v.) Err:508
x 4 sanctuary a place of safety (n.) tempat yang aman
4 sane mentally healthy; sensible (adj.) waras, sehat jiwanya
x 4 sanitary germ-free (adj.) bebas kuman
4 sarcastic not sincere; taunting; cynical
(adj.) sarkatis, kasar, sinis, menyindir
x 4 saturate to soak (v.) mencelup
4 savage untamed (adj.) liar
x 4 scandalous disgraceful (adj.) aib atau memalukan
4 scar a mark left after a wound heals
(n.) bekas luka benda tajam
4 scholar a student (n.) Err:508
x 4 scoff to mock or jeer (v.) mengejek
x 4 scorch to burn slightly (v.) menghanguskan
x 4 scorching very hot and dry (adj.) sangat panas dan kering
x 4 scoundrel a mean or wicked person (n.) orang jahat atau bajingan
x 4 scour to clean by rubbing (v.) menggosok (a floor, a pan)
x 4 scowl to look angry or displeased(v.) mengerutkan dahi, membersut, memberungut.
x 4 scraggly ragged (adj.) tidak rata, kasar, jarang (of hair, grass).
x 4 scramble to move by crawling or climbing
(v.) bergerak maju dengan lutut atau mendaki
x 4 scrawny lean; skinny; scraggly (adj.) langsing, ramping
x 4 scruples feelings of doubt or hesitation
(n.) ragu-ragu
x 4 scrupulous careful; conscientious (adj.) 1 cermat (house-keeper). 2 teliti, seksama (in o's dealings).
x 4 secluded hidden from view (adj.) terpisah
x 4 sedate calm; composed; unemotional (adj.) tenang; tidak emosi
x 4 sedentary used to sitting; inactive (adj.) 1 yang menetap, duduk terus-terus (of a job). 2 tak berpindah-p
4 segment a piece or part (n.) Err:508
x 4 senile deteriorating from old age (adj.) uzur, pikun. s. decay lemah ketuaan.
4 sentimental resulting from feeling rather
than reason
4 serene calm and peaceful (adj.) tenang dan damai
4 sermon a speech on religion or duty(n.) khotbah
4 serpent a snake (n.) ular
x 4 shabby worn-out (adj.) jorok, jembel
x 4 shatter to break into pieces (v.) hancur, pecah.
x 4 shear to cut with shears or scissors(v.) Err:508
4 shed a small storage building (n.) Err:508
x 4 sheepish embarrassed (adj.) malu(-malu).
x 4 sheer very thin; almost transparent (adj.) Err:508
x 4 shirk to get out of doing work (v.) melalaikan, mengelakkan (o's duty, responsibility).
4 shiver to shake when feeling cold(v.) or afraidErr:508
x 4 shoddy of inferior quality; shabby (adj.) 1 buruk, bobrok (of a neighborhood, house). 2 jelek, brengsek (
x 4 shovel to pick up or move with a shovel
(v.) menyekop (salju/tanah). to s. in food menyorong makanan.
x 4 shun to avoid (v.) mengelakkan, menjauhkan diri
4 sigh to make a long, deep breath (v.) Err:508
4 simultaneous happening at the same time (adj.) simultan, bersamaan
x 4 singe to burn slightly (v.) menghanguskan, menggosongkan.
x 4 skid to slide out of control (v.) tergelincir (on wet pavement).
4 skim to read quickly over (v.) membaca cepat
x 4 skirmish a brief battle (n.) pertempuran kecil
x 4 skulk to move in a sneaky or threatening
(v.) bersembunyi,
way menyelinap, mengendap-endap.
x 4 slake to satisfy; to assuage (v.) 1 memuaskan (thirst). 2 memadamkan (fire)
x 4 slander a false oral statement (n.) fitnah, umpat, hujat.
x 4 sleet a mixture of rain and snow(n.) hujan bercampur es dan salju.
x 4 sleeve the part of clothing that covers
(n.) the Err:508
4 slender slim; small (adj.) ramping, kecil
4 slim slender (adj.) Err:508
4 slogan a motto; catchy phrase (n.) slogan, motto
x 4 slovenly careless in dress, habits, or (adj.)
work 1 jorok, ceroboh (in appearance). 2 teledor (in speech).
4 slum a part of a city that is poor (n.) perkampungan yang miskin dan kotor
x 4 slumber to sleep deeply (v.) tidur lelap
x 4 sly tricky (adj.) lihay/licik.
x 4 smear to cover with something sticky(v.) mengoles(i)
x 4 smolder to burn slowly (v.) menyala kecil (fire).
x 4 smother to suffocate from lack of air(v.) 1 mencekik (s.o). 2 melimpahi (s.o. with love). 3 menahan, men
x 4 smug highly self-satisfied (adj.) puas dengan diri sendiri.
x 4 snare a trap for catching animals(n.) jerat, perangkap.
x 4 snatch to grab (v.) Err:508
x 4 snip to cut with a quick stroke (v.) menggunting.
x 4 snout the long nose of certain animals
(n.) 1 moncong. 2 hidung.
4 snowman a person made of snow (n.) orang-orangan (dari) salju.
4 soar to fly high into the air (v.) membumbung tinggi.
x 4 sober serious (adj.) serius
4 sociable liking company; friendly (adj.) suka bergaul, bersahabat
x 4 sojourn to visit briefly (v.) mengunjungi singkat
4 solitary living or being alone (adj.) hidup sendirian / menyendiri
4 sonic having to do with sound (adj.) berkenaan dengan suara
4 soothe to comfort (v.) menenangkan
4 soothing comforting (adj.) menyejukkan.
4 sorrowful sad (adj.) menyedihkan
4 spa a health or exercise resort(n.) tempat pemandian air panas.
x 4 spar to box as an exercise (v.) bertinju sebagai olahraga
4 sparkle shine (v.) gemerlap, bersinar
x 4 spasm a sudden contraction of a muscle
(n.) kejang urat
x 4 spasmodic fitful; occasional (adj.) tak teratur
4 spear a long, sharp pole used as(n.) a weapon Err:508
x 4 speck a very small amount (n.) noda (of dirt)
x 4 spectacle a remarkable public show (n.) Err:508
4 spectator a person who watches (n.) Err:508
x 4 spigot a faucet (n.) keran, klep.
x 4 spine the backbone (n.) Err:508
4 spontaneous not planned (adj.) Err:508
x 4 sprawl to stretch out in an untidy way
(v.) terlentang, menggeletak (on the grass).
x 4 spurt to squirt (v.) menyemburkan, menyemprotkan (blood).
x 4 squalid filthy; dirty (adj.) jorok, jembel
x 4 squash to crush (v.) melumatkan
x 4 squatter an illegal settler (n.) penghuni liar
4 stagger to walk unsteadily (v.) Err:508
x 4 staggering amazingly large (adj.) amat luas
4 stagnant lacking motion; stationary; (adj.)
stale mandek, tidak bergerak
x 4 stalk to walk in a stiff manner (v.) berjalan dengan mengendap
x 4 stalk to move in a careful, quiet (v.)
way as ifmengendap
tracking preydi belakang binatang buruan
x 4 stall a booth for selling goods (n.) Err:508
x 4 stalwart fearless and sturdy; strong(adj.) tanpa takut, tegas.
x 4 stark hard and rigid in appearance (adj.) 1 yang sebenarnya. 2 dingin, kejam sekali (climate, weather).
4 startle to take by surprise (v.) menakutkan seseorang sampai kehilangan akal.
4 stationary not moving (adj.) stasioner, tetap
x 4 stature the height or tallness of a person
(n.) tinggi seseorang.
x 4 statute a law; a formally established(n.)rule Err:508
4 stern strict (adj.) 1 keras. 2 jahat, buruk (climate). 3 tegang (look).
4 stigma a bad mark on one's record(n.) noda, cacad.
x 4 stilted formal; stiff (adj.) formal, resmi
4 stingy unwilling to spend money (adj.) kikir
x 4 stoic not showing passion or feeling;
(adj.) long-suffering
pandai menahan hawa nafsunya.
x 4 stolid not easily excited (adj.) pendiam.
x 4 stoop to bend forward from the waist
(v.) membungkuk
x 4 stout strong, sturdy; full-bodied (adj.) kokoh, kuat, kekar
x 4 strew to scatter; to spread about(v.) Err:508
x 4 strident having a harsh sound; piercing
(adj.) lengking (voice).
x 4 stripling a youth; a lad (n.) pemuda (tanggung), teruna, remaja.
4 stubborn unwilling to change one's mind
(adj.) keras kepala
x 4 stump to puzzle with a question (v.) membingungkan (s.o.).
x 4 stunt something done to get attention
(n.) pertunjukan ketangkasan, akrobatik
x 4 stupefy to overwhelm with amazement (v.) membuat seperti kena bius
x 4 sturdy strong; solidly built (adj.) 1 kokoh, kuat (of a chair). 2 tegap, begap, kekar (of a person).
x 4 suave smoothly but often superficially
charmingsopan, ramah.
x 4 subliminal existing outside the area of(adj.)
di luar
x 4 subsist to continue to live (v.) hidup, mendapatkan nafkah (on dari).
4 subtle so fine as to elude analysis(adj.) Err:508
x 4 sulk to be silent, distant, and glum
(v.) merajuk, mendongkol, merongseng.
x 4 sultry hot and damp; without a breeze
(adj.) panas dan pengap, panas dan lembah, gerah (of weather)
4 summit the top (n.) Err:508
4 summon to call with authority; to send
(v.)for Err:508
4 sunrise the morning appearance of(n.) the sunterbitnya
as it rises
above the eastern horizon
4 superficial on or at the surface; shallow(adj.) hanya di permukaan / kulitnya saja
x 4 superfluous unnecessary; excessive (adj.) tidak perlu, berlebihan
4 superlative above all others (adj.) di atas semua yang lain
x 4 supple bending or folding easily; pliable
(adj.) gemulai, lemas (of a body).
4 supreme highest (adj.) Err:508
x 4 surly unfriendly; rude (adj.) merengut, memberengut, bermuka masam.
4 surplus an extra quantity (n.) Err:508
x 4 susceptible easily affected; sensitive (adj.) mudah kena, rentan
4 suspense uncertainty (n.) Err:508
x 4 swathe to wrap up fully (v.) menggosok, menyapu (with oil).
x 4 sway to bend from side to side (v.) menggoyang
4 sympathize to share another's feelings(v.) bersimpati
4 synthesis a combination of parts into(n.)
a wholeErr:508
4 synthetic made by humans; not natural (adj.) sintetis
x 4 tableau a picture or scene (n.) tablo, gambar atau pemandangan
4 tackle try to deal with (v.) Err:508
x 4 tact handling with diplomacy (n.) kebijaksanaan
4 tangible real; material; actual (adj.) nyata.
x 4 tantrum a fit of bad temper (n.) kemarahan, kemurkaan.
x 4 taper a thin candle (n.) lilin yang meruncing ke ujung
x 4 tardy not on time; late (adj.) tidak tepat waktu, terlambat
4 tariff a tax on imports (n.) Err:508
x 4 tarnish a stain or discoloration (n.) memudarkan
x 4 tattered ragged, torn, shabby (adj.) compang-camping.
x 4 tawdry showy and cheap; gaudy (adj.) mentereng tetapi tidak berharga.
4 tedious long and boring; tiresome (adj.) boyak, membosankan.
x 4 telethon a long, television program (n.)
to raiseTV
yang for
a cause
4 temperament one's nature or disposition(n.) temperamen
x 4 temperance the state of being moderate (n.) kesederhanaan.
x 4 tempest a violent storm (n.) badai yang dahsyat
4 tempo a rate of speed (n.) kecepatan
4 temporal nonspiritual; worldly (adj.) fana, sementara
4 temptation an attraction (n.) Err:508
4 tenant a person who pays rent for(n.)the useErr:508
of land or a building
x 4 tenement an apartment building (n.) rumah petak (yang jembel).
x 4 tepid lukewarm (adj.) hangat kuku
4 terrify to scare greatly (v.) menakut-nakuti dengan sangat
4 testify to give evidence (v.) memberi bukti
4 testimony a statement used for evidence
(n.) kesaksian
x 4 tether to tie up (v.) menambatkan.
x 4 thaw to melt; become less cold (v.) mencair, kurang beku
x 4 thong a strip of leather; a lace (n.) tali kulit.
x 4 thrifty not wasteful (adj.) hemat
x 4 thrive to grow strong and healthy(v.) 1 tumbuh dengan subur (of plants and animals). 2 maju dengan
x 4 thriving succeeding; prospering; flourishing
(adj.) sedang berkembang
x 4 throng people crowded together (n.) bondong, gerombolan orang.
x 4 thump a dull sound (n.) bunyi gedebuk.
4 timid feeling fear; showing shyness
(adj.) penakut, malu-malu
4 timidity shyness; fearfulness (n.) sifat takut-takut/malu-malu.
x 4 tiptoe to walk softly (v.) berjingkat, berjalan pelan
4 tolerant easygoing; accepting of others
(adj.) toleran
4 tolerate to put up with (v.) Err:508
x 4 toll a charge made for the use(n.)of a road
bea (cukai).
4 tomato a reddish fruit that grows on
a plantErr:508
4 tonic a medicine or remedy (n.) obat
x 4 torrent a swift flow of water (n.) aliran air yang deras
x 4 touchy sensitive; controversial; delicate
(adj.) sensitif
x 4 tow to pull by a rope or chain (v.) menyeret, menarik
4 toxic poisonous (adj.) Err:508
4 tragic causing sorrow; extremely (adj.)
sad Err:508
4 trait a quality of mind or character
(n.) Err:508
x 4 trample to crush by walking heavily(v.) menginjak-injak
4 tranquil calm and peaceful (adj.) tenang dan damai
x 4 transient moving often (adj.) sering bepergian
x 4 translucent letting light pass through (adj.) tembus cahaya
4 transplant to dig up and plant elsewhere
(v.) mencangkok
4 trash anything thrown away as worthless
(n.) sampah
4 traumatic causing or having a physical(adj.)
or emotional
x 4 tread to walk on (v.) 1 menempuh (a path). 2 menginjak-injak (grapes, water).
4 treaty an agreement between countries
(n.) perjanjian
x 4 trek a journey (n.) perjalanan.
4 trespass to enter someone's property (v.)without
tanpa izin.
x 4 tributary a stream that empties into (n.)
another anak sungai.
4 trifling of no importance (adj.) kurang berarti
4 trio three musicians playing together
(n.) bertiga, trio
4 tripod a three-legged stand (n.) tripod, (standar) kaki tiga, tumpuan kaki-tiga.
x 4 trite no longer new or interesting(adj.) basi, hambar, boyak, biasa, usang.
4 triumph a success or win (n.) kemenangan / kesuksesan
4 trivial not important (adj.) tidak penting
4 troop an organized group of people(n.) Err:508
4 trophy something given for victory(n.) Err:508
x 4 troupe a group of entertainers (n.) kelompok penghibur
x 4 tug to pull with some force (v.) menarik
x 4 tumble to fall; to roll about (v.) jatuh terguling-guling
x 4 turnpike a highway that drivers must (n.)
pay to jalan-raya
use yang menarik bayaran, jalan raya kilat/ekspres.
x 4 turnstile a movable post with bars that
(n.) turn pagar
let oneputar,
or exit at a time
x 4 tussle a short struggle or fight (n.) pergumulan, perkelahian pendek
x 4 twinge a sharp, pinching pain (n.) rasa sakit yang menusuk
4 tyranny cruel or unjust use of power(n.) tirani
4 tyrant a ruler with complete power (n.) tiran
x 4 ulterior further; undeclared; additional
(adj.) selanjutnya
x 4 umpire a person who enforces the(n.)rules ofwasit.
a game
4 unanimous with complete agreement (adj.) aklamasi
x 4 unassuming modest; quiet (adj.) tak berlagak, sederhana (manner).
x 4 uncanny mysterious; weird; unnatural(adj.) 1 aneh, gaib (atmosphere, appearance). 2 luar biasa (ability).
x 4 undaunted not discouraged (adj.) tak takut/gentar, berani.
4 unexpected coming as a surprise; not expected
(adj.) Err:508
4 unfasten to disconnect (v.) membuka.
4 unforeseen not predicted (adj.) tidak terduga
4 ungrateful not appreciative (adj.) Err:508
4 unilateral affecting one side only (adj.) unilateral, mempengaruhi satu sisi saja
4 uninhabited not lived in (adj.) tidak didiami / dihuni
4 uninvited not asked to attend (adj.) tidak diundang
4 unmoved not having one's feelings affected
(adj.) tidak tergerak
4 unpack to remove items from a container
(v.) membongkar
x 4 unruly hard to control (adj.) susah diatur
4 unsafe not safe; dangerous (adj.) tidak aman
4 unsatisfying not fulfilling needs, expectations
(adj.) tidak memuaskan
x 4 unscathed not harmed; uninjured (adj.) tanpa cedera.
x 4 unseemly unbecoming; improper (adj.) tidak bakal, tak pantas/layak (of behavior).
x 4 unsung not honored (adj.) tidak dihormati
x 4 untimely not coming at the right time(adj.) tidak tepat waktu
x 4 unveil to uncover (v.) membuka
x 4 unwieldy hard to manage or keep in(adj.)
order susah diatur
4 upcoming approaching; nearing; momentary
(adj.) segera muncul, mendekati
4 uphold to support (v.) mendukung
x 4 uproot to tear up by the roots (v.) 1 menumbangkan (trees) 2 diambil dari rumahnya.
4 urban having to do with cities (adj.) Err:508
4 urgent demanding immediate attention
(adj.) Err:508
x 4 usury lending money at an unlawful(n.) rate merentekan uang dengan bunga tinggi
4 utensil a kitchen tool (n.) alat dapur
x 4 utmost of the greatest or highest degree
(adj.) yang ter- / paling
4 utter to speak (v.) berbicara
4 vacant unoccupied; open; empty (adj.) kosong
x 4 vacate to leave empty (v.) mengosongkan
4 vagabond a wanderer (n.) pengembara
4 vague not definite; not clearly expressed
(adj.) Err:508
x 4 valiant full of courage (adj.) gagah berani
4 vandal a person who destroys property
(n.) orang yang melakukan vandalisme atau perusakan benda-ben
4 vandalize to destroy willfully or senselessly
(v.) merusak dengan sengaja, atau tanpa perasaan
4 vanish to disappear (v.) Err:508
x 4 vanity excess pride or conceit (n.) kesombongan
4 vast very large (adj.) Err:508
x 4 vault to leap over (v.) melompati
x 4 veer to change in direction (v.) berganti arah
x 4 vehement strong; intense (adj.) kuat
4 vein a blood vessel (n.) Err:508
x 4 velocity rate of motion; speed (n.) Err:508
x 4 vendetta a quarrel between families(n.) perselisihan keluarga
4 vengeance revenge; punishment in return(n.) balas dendam
4 venom the poison of snakes (n.) bisa ular
4 venomous poisonous; mean (adj.) berbisa
x 4 venture to dare (v.) Err:508
4 verbal spoken; by means of words (adj.) Err:508
4 veto to reject (v.) menolak
x 4 vex to disturb in a minor way (v.) mengganggu
x 4 vicinity a region nearby (n.) daerah sekitar
x 4 vicious savage; violent; ferocious (adj.) liar, mengganggu
4 victim a person who suffers, or is(n.)
killed Err:508
x 4 vie to compete (v.) berkompetisi
x 4 vindictive wanting revenge; bearing a(adj.)
grudgeingin membalas dendam
x 4 virtuoso a highly skilled musician (n.) pemain musik ahli
x 4 virulent extremely harmful or poisonous
(adj.) sangat berbahaya / beracun
4 vital necessary for life; essential(adj.) Err:508
4 vivid bright (adj.) Err:508
x 4 void being without (adj.) tanpa
x 4 volition decision or choice (n.) keputusan
x 4 voracious eager to devour food (adj.) kelaparan
x 4 vouch to guarantee (v.) menjamin, menggaransi
4 vow to promise seriously (v.) berjanji secara serius
4 vow a solemn promise (n.) janji suci / sumpah
x 4 waft to float gently through the air
(v.)or water
x 4 wardrobe a supply of clothing; a place(n.)
to store
x 4 warrant to justify (v.) Err:508
x 4 wary cautious; suspicious; guarded(adj.) curiga
4 weary very tired (adj.) sangat capai
4 weird very strange or unusual (adj.) Err:508
x 4 weld to join together (v.) menyambung / mengelas
x 4 welt a streak or ridge made on (n.)
the skin bilur
x 4 wend to proceed or go on; to travel
(v.) melanjutkan perjalanan
x 4 wheedle to keep on coaxing (v.) mengiba-iba, memohon terus
x 4 whim a sudden notion or desire (n.) pemikiran atau keinginan mendadak
4 wholesome healthful (adj.) menyehatkan
x 4 wince to draw back in pain (v.) 1. kejap, kedip 2. mengerenyit
x 4 wiry athletic; lean; sinewy (adj.) atletis, ramping, berotot
4 withdraw to move away (v.) Err:508
4 wither to dry up; to shrivel (v.) melayukan
x 4 witty clever; amusing (adj.) pintar, menghibur
4 wordy long-winded, rambling, redundant
(adj.) kata sia-sia
4 worthwhile of value or importance; beneficial
(adj.) Err:508
x 4 wreak to release anger; to bring about
(v.) melampiaskan amarah
x 4 wrench to twist or jerk suddenly (v.) tiba-tiba menarik / menghentak
x 4 wretch a bad person (n.) seorang penjahat / bajingan
x 4 wretched miserable; unhappy (adj.) sedih
x 4 wring to twist or squeeze to remove(v.) liquidErr:508
x 4 writhe to twist and turn; to twist about
(v.) melepaskan
x 4 wry sarcastic; cynical; dry (adj.) sarkatik, sinis, kering
4 yacht a ship used for pleasure trips
(n.) Err:508
x 4 yarn a story that is made up (n.) Err:508
4 yearn to desire something very much(v.) sangat menginginkan
4 yell to shout loudly (v.) Err:508
x 4 zeal great enthusiasm (n.) antusiasme yang besar
x 4 zealous very eager and enthusiastic (adj.) sangat ingin dan antusias
x 4 zest hearty enjoyment (n.) semangat
x 4 zip to close with a zipper (v.) menutup resleting
4 zone a definite area or space (n.) Err:508
4 zoology the study of animals (n.) ilmu tentang binatang
You have the ability to do well if you work
Alvin hard.
has the ability to learn new words quickly.
Our class president will accept an award Alvinatsometimes
the assembly findstomorrow.
it hard to accept a compliment.
The general will accord the medal to the Pleasesoldier.accord our speaker the courtesy of listening to his opinion.
Adelia deposited all of her birthday moneyThe bank in her made
mistake and put extra money in my savings account.
Have you thought of an interesting activity
If you to are dobored,
this weekend?
I can find a helpful activity for you to do around the house.
The amusement park will only admit people The college who buy will admit
tickets.students who have good grades.
The childless couple wants to adopt aThe baby. family agreed to adopt the abandoned puppy.
The teacher would not advance the studentsYou will to advance
the next ingrade
your school
until they
work learned
if you have
how toa read.
good vocabulary.
The band was sent to the audition byThe a talent
agency. agency sent a new secretary to the accounting firm.
Will you call the real estate agent andThe seeactor
if thecalledpropertythe isagent
for sale?
about a part in the movie.
Do you agree with the author's opinion? Mark and I agree that you should accept the trophy for the entire team.
The agreeable new doctor was well-liked The by teacher
his patients.
had an agreeable manner.
Clean air and water are important to all Weliving
breathing the clean air in the mountains.
He saved the amount of money needed Everyto buynight thethenew
suit. report tells us the amount of rainfall we received.
In ancient times people lived in caves.There is an ancient 3,000-year-old coin in the museum.
The hard-working ballerina wore out another
Please pass pair of meballet
helping of mashed potatoes.
I do not have enough information to answerPlease your answer question.
your teacher's question.
The teacher will appoint someone to count The president
the ballots. will appoint a budget committee.
The children are learning to associateThe good classfoodis with
learning associate words with their correct meanings.
We should not attack them unless they The threaten
first. the soldiers not to attack the island.
The bully was punished for his base behavior.
To lie to a friend is a base action.
A good education is the basis for a successful
What is the career.
basis for your point of view?
Many soldiers were killed during the long The battle.
soldiers fought an important battle on the hillside.
I enjoy looking at the beauty of this mountain
I enjoy the of a colorful sunset.
It is time to go to the starting line andYou
get ready
may pick to begin
up your thepencil
race. and begin the test.
Do you believe that this is a true story? People used to believe that the earth was flat.
If you talk about yourself too much, people
I read willall about
think you
the current
are a bore. teams so I wouldn't be a bore at the pregame party.
My parents say my phone calls should Alvin
be brief.
went on a brief tour of the courthouse.
Our coach has a broad range of skillsThe because
broad,he newhasfreeway
played can a variety
handle of six
lanes of traffic.
The construction workers are buildingMarcus a new shopping
likes to pretendmall. he is building a real house with his wooden blocks.
That crime is considered so serious that Murderit is aiscapital
a capital offense.
Are you certain of the answer? I am certain that it will rain today.
I spent many happy childhood days playing Mary has in the wonderful
woods and memories
Mom said I may choose one friend toYou takemay withchooseme to Disneyland.
one candy bar from the bag.
Is that pattern circular, triangular, or square?
The island of Kauai is almost circular in shape.
The sun has a circular shape. The circular motion of the carnival ride made her dizzy.
We claim ownership of the lottery ticket. Do you claim to own this cute puppy?
The president will appoint a committee Alvin
to study
was chosen the chairperson of the nominating committee.
Palm trees are common in southern California.
Going to the pool is a common summer activity.
After I put in the last piece, the puzzleDo was you complete.
have a complete set of dishes?
This crate should contain twenty boxes How of cereal.
much punch does that bowl contain ?
When people retire, they usually lookThe for peace
contentment and contentment.
that the parents felt was expressed in their smiles.
The player sprinted the full length of theAlicebasketball
came onto court.
the court for the tennis match.
The current temperature is 78 degrees. What is the current price of gold?
When you write your report, be sure to We use often
the discuss
most current current issue
of the
in our
social studies class.
Are you finished with your daily homework Alvin likes
to read the daily newspaper.
The wind blew strongly, but lightning Although
was the only the danger.
shark was large, we were in no danger.
You will have to practice more in order If we
to defeat
play a me strong
at chess.
game, we will defeat our rivals in football.
You can depend on me to help raise Imoney depend foron themyschool.
family to cheer me up when I am sad.
Are you able to describe the appearance Can of you thedescribe
carjacker? just what happened in the store today?
What kind of shoes do you desire to buy I desire
for school?
to play the "Word Attack 3" game.
Let's take a picture of our sand castleI before
hope the thestorm
waves won't
come destroy
in andthedestroy
fruit crop
it. this year.
The surveyors wanted to determine the Alvinexact
triedsize to determine
of the landthe area.exact distance between home and school.
The band is practicing a very difficult Alvin
pieceisoftaking music.difficult classes this semester.
Tanya has been chosen to direct the Would school you to have a chance to direct the band?
Despite the disadvantage of rain, we My went shyness
for a bicycle
was not ridea anyway.
disadvantage at the party because my friends made me feel welco
I do not like to disagree or argue withMy myfather
best friend.
and I disagree about who to vote for in the next election.
Please do not disappear when it is time Whenever
to cleanChris the kitchen.makes chocolate chip cookies, they disappear quickly.
Do not disappear when I ask you to help The me shipwithseemedthe housework.
to disappear as it sailed into the distance.
Many people have tried to discover the Scientists
fountainare of youth.
hoping to discover a cure for the disease.
Be sure not to disregard those caution Please
signs.disregard the instructions on the first page, Alvin.
My friend has lived in many distant countries.
Would you like to take a trip to a distant country?
The comforter on my bed is filled withHer ski jacket is very warm because it is filled with down.
The earthquake shook the house so hard Our willow
that our tree dishes
fell during
fell outthe
of last
the earthquake.
That kind of earthy humor is not appropriate
They were at the
office. earthy people with simple tastes.
The medicine was effective and I felt The better posters
advertising the book sale were very effective.
Miya is an efficient worker. My efficient sister completed all her chores before school.
Rosa was praised because she madeThe a great
to study to doforwell.the test paid off; I got a good grade.
My business is growing so quickly I need This to busyemploy
a full-time needsbookkeeper.
to employ more waiters.
The drive through the desert seemedWe endless.
had to listen to an endless story today in class.
I really enjoy getting letters from friends.
Laura will enjoy her vacation in Hawaii.
Thank you for an enjoyable time at your Alvin birthday
and I had party. an enjoyable time playing at the park together.
Mark and John had equal times in theA100 triangleyardhas dash. three equal sides.
The children tried to escape doing dishes Manybecause prisoners they tried wanted
to escape
to gofrom
to the
prison on Alcatraz Island.
The lucky raccoon was able to escape Thefrom criminal
the brokenwas unable trap. to escape from the prison.
Let's divide the pie into six even pieces.Trim off these ragged edges so that they are even.
Warm weather is exceptional in January. Alvin is an exceptional student.
I would like to buy this car but it's too Our
new car was quite expensive.
Because of the assembly, the principal Wewill willextend
extendthe theschool
day one hour because of the assembly.
If you will extend me the courtesy of listening,
I extend my I willwarmest
tell you greetings
the truth. to you and your family.
We had to make extensive repairs onAlvin our house
is making afterextensive
the earthquake.
travel plans for next summer.
Many of the people in my town work at Mythe new toybicycle
factory.was made in a large factory.
You will not fail this exam if you read Dothe not
book. worry if you fail the first time you try something new.
My complexion is very fair, so I sunburn Theeasily.
child was very fair and freckled.
The faithful dog stayed with his injured Because
master he untilwas help a faithful
arrived.friend, Mark kept his promise to return the borrowed money.
The closer we came to my house, theThe more womanfamiliar was theshocked
to see abegan
to look.
face when she was traveling in Europe.
The talented girl wants to be a famous Jessie
movieOwens star. was a famous athlete.
I will be very grateful if you do this favor
for me. do me a favor and mow the yard.
I was fearful when the plane made anThe emergency
little boy landing.
was very fearful of the dark.
Is your new car American made, or isAlvin it a foreign
enjoysimport?eating a variety of foreign foods.
Many people gain weight from eatingOur too many
football sweets
team will duringgainthesixholiday
points season.
if they get another touchdown.
We must gather our clothes together The and students
pack for the in the trip.class will gather food for needy families.
The gifted astronomer dreamed of discovering
Although he a new wasplanet very young,
some day.the gifted musician was invited to play at Carnagie Hall.
The cute, playful, lion cub will grow and Thebecome
pumpkin a dangerous
plants will grow animal.very quickly in my garden.
The child took a handful of clay and molded
The bread an animal.
dough is too sticky; add another handful of flour.
We spent a day touring historic Mt. Vernon,
The Declaration
Washington's of Independence
home. is a historic document.
Your grandparents can tell you a lot aboutIt is interesting
the historytooflearn yourabout
family.the history of our country.
We expect our court judges to be honorableWhen you menfind and lost women.
money, the honorable thing to do is return it.
We hope that you enjoy playing soccer I hope
in thethat Olympics.
we all have a wonderful summer vacation.
Do you have an idea about where youI have want an to go
idea forfor youra fun,
family activity.
The tightrope walker would inch the entireThe freeway
way across was the so crowded
wire. that we had to inch our way along.
Did you include a card with your gift? Alvin, we want to include you in the discussion.
It is ineffective to study when you areFad tired. diets are usually ineffective for lasting weight loss.
I have always had an interest in learning Do you to playhave theanpiano.interest in learning about Native Americans?
Mom forgot to unplug the hot iron after Usesheanpressed
iron to remove
your party wrinkles
dress.from clothing.
Do you want to join the tennis team? Please help me join this new leg to the broken chair.
It took the joint effort of all the students
The to joint
the projectof all theon countries
time. involved was necessary to bring peace to the region.
The judge will issue his judgment in the Themorning.
wise man generally has very good judgment.
The baseball umpire must be just, and Themay Supreme
not favor Court's
either decision
side. was just and wise.
The sailors were happy when they sighted My family land.owns 100 acres of land in the nearby mountains.
The young baby is learning to understand It is fun andtospeak
learn the his parent's
spoken in a foreign country.
Although Lynn was sad to see Mary move As they away,signedshethe hoped
they would the have
a lasting
hoped for a lasting peace.
Martina enjoys both baseball and soccer, We are butespecially
prefers thebusy latter.
during the latter part of the week.
I think leadership is an important quality
Thefor leadership
a team captain. demonstrated by Alvin was impressive.
Do not lie to your mother and father about
The honestthe accident.
man would not lie for any reason.
Instead of driving across town, let's just
Can walkI buyto the
the meat
local park.
at the local market, or do I have to go into the city?
Jake lost his homework on the way toI school.
lost my new bucket and shovel at the park.
That machine is used to sort letters atThe theinventor
post office. built a machine that can pick apples from a tree.
Deanna is determined to quickly master Youdriving
will master
a car.rollerblading if you practice everyday.
Arguing with Mom about her decisionThese is a meaningless
diagrams are waste
of time. without the directions.
The pianist began a concert career asThe a mere
merechild.sight of a cat makes her sneeze.
Cinderella lost her glass slipper as the We clock
stayedstruckup midnight.
until midnight last night.
A minute speck of dust in the eye canThat cause project
greatwas pain. a lot of work, but our profits were minute.
The home computer is a modern device. Alvin wore only the most modern, up-to-date clothes.
The customer gave the money to the The cashier.
angry customer withdrew his money from the bank.
Carl doesn't get dressed until after heBefore
drinks she his morning
goes to school,
cup of coffee.
Jackie jogs five miles every morning.
It is natural for young children to ask aDolotyou of questions.
think that my curls are natural ?
I enjoy living nearby my sister and herWhen family. we realized we were low on gas, we hoped there was a gas station nearby.
Your higher score on this latest test wasNobel a notable
Prize winners
improvementare chosenover the
for their
last one.
notable contributions to society.
Please note the strength and flexibilityMrs.of theKorman
ballet told
the class to note the beautiful color of the rare bird.
Those red and purple pants were quite Keshia's
noticeable.skill with computers was noticeable to everyone in the class.
The Smith family has numerous pets.There are numerous mistakes on this paper.
A globe is a round object. Mrs. Strauss looked at the beautiful object in the store window.
Did you see anything objectionable about My parents
that speech?
find that movie objectionable; they won't let me see it.
The billboard was easily observable from The patient's
the freeway. symptoms were readily observable to the doctor.
The class will observe the science demonstration
The doctor will today.
observe you carefully until your high fever comes down.
We will celebrate the occasion with a The parade.big dinner was to mark the occasion of my mother's birthday.
We still have occasional visits from our Weold willneighbors.
have occasional rain showers today.
The phone lines are down; I won't be Take able to thecall
him until
wagon; theyit are
is the
only operative
again. car in the garage.
In my opinion, school recesses should Let's
be longer.
ask Alvin for an opinion about which tennis racquet to purchase.
The commander will order his troops Itoorder march. you to clean up your room.
Lettuce, carrots, and celery are ordinaryOn salad
an ordinary
day, Alvin comes home from school to do chores and homework.
Even when times are bad, try to maintain My grandmother
a cheerful outlook. has a cheerful outlook on life.
Vanessa is an outstanding girl because Alvin of is
hertheverymosthigh outstanding
level of intelligence.
player in the whole soccer league.
Please try to part your hair straight this
Wetime.should part the dogs before they fight.
Gina was awarded a partial scholarship Wetoare helplooking
pay for forward
her college
to witnessing
tuition. a partial eclipse of the sun.
Austin likes to help pass out the homework.
Please pass me the salt.
Grandma likes to tell us stories aboutHistory
her past. is the study of the past.
The citizens of the war-torn country hopeThe weary
for peace. soldiers were glad when peace was declared.
Will your parents permit you to have aDavid frienddoesn't
stay overnight?
permit anyone to read his diary.
Each student will have a personal conference
My diary is with
verya counselor
personal; to I don't
chooselet anyone
new classes.
read it.
The batter hit the pitch with all of his power
The exhausted
and knocked runnerthedid
of thethepark.
power to complete the race.
Did you prepare for tomorrow's bicycle Mrs.race?Feldman reminded her students to prepare for the test.
Please do not share this private information
Terri does withnot anyone
let anyone
else. read the private thoughts written in her diary.
The store sold more merchandise andWe had hopea higher
to make profit
a big
year.from our investments.
To progress in school, one must study It hard.
is your turn to roll the dice and progress the correct number of spaces.
Do you have any proof that the suspect Thecommitted
fingerprints thewere
crime?proof that the burglar had been in the house.
We all stood to propose a toast to theAlvinbridehas anda groom.
brilliant plan to propose at our next meeting.
A coat of wax will protect the paint onOne yourofcar. the main duties of parents is to protect their children from harm.
The umbrella will protect you from theWear rain. the heavy gloves to protect your hands.
The public may purchase tickets to tour Thethe library
White is House.
open to the public.
Would you rather have a hamburger or I would
pizza rather
for dinner?
go to the beach than the shopping mall.
I touched a real moon rock when I visitedThe artificial
the museum. plant looked surprisingly real.
You can reason out this problem andIcome tried to upreason
with a withsolution.
my friend, but she quit the team anyway.
The new baby is the most recent addition Recent to our
rains have caused flooding problems in many areas.
Cheryl received the highest form of recognition
Students who fromwon her prizes the art festival will receive recognition at the assembly today.
Did you recognize any of the actors inI recognize
that movie? that boy; he was in my homeroom last year.
I urge you to reconsider your decision. Because it is so rainy, we will have to reconsider our weekend plans.
The government will try to reduce theIfsize youof reduce
the national
the size debt.
of this picture, we can use it on the program cover.
I hope that you will not refuse my requestI cannot for help.
refuse to help my neighbor during this difficult time.
Can you relate the details of the story? The witness tried to relate exactly what had happened.
Mei will remain at home when her family Alvingoes will remain
on vacation. after class to talk to the teacher.
The teacher will remark about the high I'mtestsure scores.
that my friend will remark about my new bicycle.
We always try to reserve the same table We at willour
favorite somerestaurant.
wood for winter.
I respect your decision to find a betterWe job.should respect the feelings of others.
Denise slowly drove her truck up the The steep, snowplow
mountaincleared road. the snow from the road.
The papers were full of royal gossip aboutThe royal the future
palaceheir was toindeed
the throne.beautiful.
The school has a rule against throwing This foodrulein will
the help
protect all of the people at the beach.
The high court's ruling will affect all ofThe
us. judge's ruling was to have the reckless driver fined.
Because water is scarce in the desert, The notRedmany Cross
plants helps
grow manythere.countries where food and medicine are scarce.
Autumn is the season when the leaves Whichchange seasoncolorisand yourfall
to the time
of the year?
We must make the plans for the surprise The party
spiesin held
their meeting in secrecy.
Please don't tell anyone my story; it isAlvin
a secret.
is very good at keeping a secret.
You must fill out two separate forms to Our enter
garagethe contest.
is separate from our house.
The serious issue was discussed at the Theboardbus driver's
meeting. injury was very serious.
The settler built the first log cabin in the
A settler
valley.on the plains of Nebraska had to be very hardy.
We expect the sun to shine brightly tomorrow.
Please shine the flashlight on the pathway.
We went to see the beautiful ship in the Alvin harbor.
took an ocean cruise on a ship last summer.
Can you shorten this poem so that it fits My on mother
one page?
will shorten these pants so they fit properly.
The teacher will show you how to do The the difficult
waitress math
will problems.
show you to your table.
Remember to sign your name on bothPlease lines of sign at the bottom of the letter.
The professor had to simplify her vocabulary
The math soteacher
that theshowed kindergartners
the students
to simplify
her.the problem.
We should discuss this subject after IEnrique's
have calmed favoritedown. school subject is math.
Be sure to eat a substantial breakfastUnlessbefore Ibeginning
was offered theamorning
subtantial hike.
raise in my salary, I would not consider quitting this job.
Be sure to eat a substantial breakfastUnlessbefore Ibeginning
was offered theamorning
subtantial hike.
raise in my salary, I would not consider quitting this job.
I have no idea where to find a job; doAlvin's
you have suggestion
a suggestion? to include everyone in the game is a very good idea.
Let's surround the garden with a fence The to players
keep thewill animals
surround out.the quarterback during the huddle.
The college student wants to teach third-grade
Mr. Alexander afterwillsheteach
the class
new song.
The temple was not only a place of worship,
The people but also
worship the center
in the temple
of community
every day.
I trust you to follow the rules even when I trust
at home towill watch
good care of the children.
Do you know how to type quickly on this Will type
you please
writer? help me type my report?
The camper dressed for comfort, andAlvin was unconcerned
was unconcerned with fashion.
with state politics.
Everyone says that I have met her before, This neighborhood
but her face islooks unfamiliar
to me.are you sure we aren't lost?
That bird is most unusual; I've never seenAlvin one shows likeunusual
it. athletic ability.
We sold our valuable collection of rare Thatcoins.
famous oil painting is very valuable.
Let's pour the water into this empty vessel.
Could this bowl be used as a serving vessel for food?
The senator hosted a party to celebrate Thehis victorious
victorious team
was greetedin the at
airport by a crowd of screaming fans.
The senator hosted a party to celebrate Thehis victorious
victorious team
was greetedin the at
airport by a crowd of screaming fans.
Would you like to view the baseball game You can throughviewthesethe dolphins
binoculars?through this telescope.
We are going to take our visitor to theWe beach are having
tomorrow. a dinner party for the important visitor.
Be sure you register to vote before the Who nextwill election.
you vote for in the next election?
Are they wealthy enough to buy that expensive
The wealthy house?
family gave a large donation to the college.
My father does not have to go to the office
Are you thisgoing the mountains this weekend ?
I will welcome our new neighbors withWe a plate
are happy
of homemadeto welcome cookies.
you to our home.
Jason gave his girlfriend a ring and askedMr. Ellis hertook
to become
his wifehis and wife.
children out to dinner.
Because he was a willing accompliceI to amthe verycrime,
man my wastime
help such with
excellent cause.
The older person had acquired muchThe wisdom teacherduring spoke a longof the
life.wisdom of Plato.
The wise student studied hard every night.The wise, old woman gave the prince some good advice.
Bonnie had a wonderful vacation in New The Zealand.
students had a wonderful time at the zoo.
The garage was filled with worthless old Those furniture
tools are andworthless;
trash. throw them away.
The Nobel Prize winners were worthyGood of thejob, honor Alvin!given A jobthem.well done is worthy of praise.
The wounded deer was nursed back The to health.
wounded soldier recovered quickly.
The car on the left should yield the right-of-way
I think I willtoyield the carto temptation
on the right. and eat another taco.
The future concerns of adulthood should Enjoy notyour lessen youth, thebut enjoyment
prepare of foryour
the future.
My best friend picked up my assignments I do not for want
me becauseto be absent I was from
absent school
fromon school.
the day of the awards ceremony.
The cruel, ruler of the country is an absolute
Tell the terror.judge the absolute truth.
You must apologize for breaking her toy, Neil evenhad athough bike accident
it was an andaccident.
broke his arm.
Breaking the window was accidental; Many I did not important
mean to scientific
do it. discoveries are accidental.
It was our accustomed practice to eatWarming
dinner atup mybefore
a track meethouse is an
Sunday. practice.
You must admire him because you often I respect
mention andhis admire
goodmy manners.
parents a great deal.
Carla sometimes asks her friend for advice
I need to yourgetadvice
a second about opinion.
what I should wear to the costume party.
I advise you to get in line early if you Mr.
to buy a will ticket advise
to theyouconcert.
to study harder if you want to earn good grades.
Can you afford to buy this expensive We newsaved car? money for ten years so that we could afford to buy a house.
The student would get better grades ifThe he hikers
stopped spent
his aimless
too much daydreaming.
time in aimless wandering.
The young woman's ambition is to beJulio a brain hassurgeon.
a lot of ambition; he wants to be the best architect in the United States.
The ambitious student tried very hardThe to get ambitious
good grades. team wanted very much to win the race.
I will amuse you by telling a very funny Alvin
jokecan I justamuse
heard. us for hours by telling stories.
It will annoy me if you do not turn in your
Will homework.
it annoy you if I watch television while you study?
Don't be anxious; there is no reason to Myworry.parents become very anxious if I don't call them when I'm going to be late.
The senate voted to approve the newI law. hope your parents will approve our plans to go to the game on Friday.
The temple had a high arched ceiling.We entered the living room through an arched doorway.
It is rude to argue with your grandmother,
You may evenget if you
thrown disagree
out ofwith
the her
game opinion.
if you argue with the umpire.
The police officer will arrest anyone whoThedoes policenot officer
followwill thearrest
law. the suspect.
Her laugh sounded forced and artificial. Are those flowers artificial or real?
The teacher hoped her students would Janenever wasbeashamedashamedtototell askherquestions
mother that in class.
she had done poorly on the spelling test.
Many people were asleep when the earthquake
The newspaper struck. is delivered while most people are asleep.
I am astonished that you would think II was told aastonished
lie. at the results of the class election.
The interested students gave their attention
Pay close to the attention
talented to storyteller.
the directions that are written on your test.
I hope the large signs attract many customers
The new bird to my feeder
garage willsale.
attract more birds to your backyard.
Your big smile looks attractive in the school
The ripe picture.
fruit on the trees looked very attractive to the birds.
The leaves turn beautiful colors and fallMany from children
the trees returnduringto school
autumn. in autumn.
The driver tried to avoid the pothole inWe thetried
road. to avoid getting wet in the rain by using umbrellas.
Don't be so noisy; you'll awaken the neighbors.
Alvin must awaken early each morning to get ready for school.
Sometimes I feel awkward when I have Most to speak
peopleinfeel frontawkward
of the class.
when they begin to learn a new sport.
Can you carry all that baggage onto the I had airplane?
all of my baggage sent ahead of me to London.
If I bargain with the owner I may be ableI liketotopurchase
bargain with this hatthe for
a lower
of this
I am going to bathe my dirty feet before Be Ivery come gentle
into the when house.
you bathe the baby.
Is the beam heavy enough to supportLet's the building?
hang the plant from that large open beam in the ceiling.
We gave the beggar some money. Alvin saw a beggar on the street in the city.
You must be kind to your classmatesIand expect behave you to properly
behaveatpolitely the restaurant.
Please help me bend the ends of thisThe straight
strong was able to bend the metal bar.
My friend walked to the store, but I rodeEvery myMonday,
bicycle. I ride my bicycle to school.
When the children have a three- legged Please race,bind we bind
thesetheir sticks legs
together. in groups of ten.
After we ate cake and ice cream, I openedOn Lincoln'smy birthday birthday, presents.
the United States remembers it sixteenth President.
Please get the bit and the saddle from Thethetrainer
barn for gently
the riding
put the lesson.
bit in the horse's mouth.
My grandfather thinks black coffee is Children
too bitter,often so he dislike
adds brussels
cream and sprouts
sugar.because of their bitter taste.
Although the team nearly always came If you
in first,
boast theytoodid much,
not boast
people about
will not
ability sports.
The girl's boldness is obvious; she is Alexander
never afraid thetoGreat
speakwas up infamous
class. for his boldness.
The river marked the border betweenWhen the two traveling,
states. you must show your passport when you cross the border into a new coun
The track coach taught us to bound over The hurdles.
frog was able to bound over the pond quite easily.
Did you really think you could bribe me The to convict
do yourtried chores? to bribe the jailer.
We watched the fireworks burst in a grandThe water display. balloon sailed through the air and burst on a tree.
I am sorry, but I am very busy with work Betsy andkept am very unable busy to with
attend school
the dinner
and church
party. activities.
Julie was always stuck with the choreWill of having
you calculate to calculate what the I owewaiter's
you? tip.
The only thing that will calm the worriedThechild doctor'sis a phone
good news call from
will calm
his mother.
the worried patient.
Please put some film in the camera so Smile
I canattake the more
camera pictures.
when I take your picture.
The canal is full of water at this time of
Beyear.sure to warn the children not to swim in the irrigation canal.
I will be cautious with your new car. Be cautious when you cross the street.
Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic torch duringThe couple the opening
planned ceremony.
a lovely ceremony to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
My father's coarse beard tickles my chin Thewhen sand he paper
kissesfeels me.very coarse when it rubs against my hand.
The student drank coffee while studying Many forpeople
his finaldrink in the morning.
I like to collect shells when I go to thePlease
beach.collect all of your toys and put them in the toy box.
You must combine all the ingredientsThe carefully
terroristto make
planned a moist
to combine
cake. the chemicals to create an explosion.
The warm blankets will comfort the cold I hope children.
this letter will help comfort you during this difficult time.
Have you found a companion for yourI enjoyedtrip to Disneyland?
the trip with my aunt; she is a good travel companion.
By taking on so many projects, you will You onlywillcomplicate
complicateyour matters
life. if you try to solve the problem that way.
Is the suspect ready to confess to theSometimes
crime? you feel better after you tell the truth and confess what you did.
I was confident that I would succeed.Alvin is a happy and confident person.
If you give the wrong signals, you willDon't
confuse confuse
the other
me by drivers.
giving me another set of directions.
In "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," theIcowardly
was too cowardly lion asks to theadmit
accident had been my fault.
What is the main crop grown in your state?
The main crop in our vegetable garden is tomatoes.
The angry man was cruel to his dog. The cruel pirate made his prisoners walk the plank.
This is not cruelty or bad treatment; I Their
am just cruelty
teach you needsa lesson.
to be corrected; help them learn to be kind.
If you cultivate the orchard, you will have
The delicious
farmer's familyfruit. worked together to cultivate the land.
This medicine will cure your infection.Doctors are trying very hard to cure the fatal disease.
It is customary to tip a waitress who hasTheoffered
coach insisted
good sevice. that his team follow the customary practice of congratulating the oppo
The tornado caused a lot of serious damage.
Aside from a few scratches, there was little damage to my toy truck.
Your baseball cleats will damage the The surface hurricane
of the willfloor.damage most of the buildings along the coast.
We explored the dark and damp cave. The beach chair felt damp.
When she realized the bridge was unstable,
The young my sister
man was made given
a daring
an award
leap for
his daring
the rushing
of the two children trapped in th
Sally earned the money to repay a huge Malcolm debt. owes his parents a huge debt because they put him through school.
Brush your teeth so that they will not Ifdecay.
you leave the ripe fruit out too long, it will decay.
The students tried to deceive the substitute
You cannot teacher. deceive Alvin and get away with it.
The doctor urged us to decrease our Ifintake you peekof fatty ahead
foods. at the last page, it will decrease your pleasure in reading the book.
The hen tried to defend her eggs by pecking
The cavalry the farmer's
was trained hand. to defend the fort against attack.
The president decided to delay the meeting
Don't delay for half me;anI have
hour so to catch
a planecould
in attend.
one hour.
I got a delicate gold chain necklace for The mydelicate
birthday. plate must be washed by hand.
The mailman will deliver this packageThe to my restaurant
friend. will deliver the pizzas to my house.
Do your ears pop when the plane begins The to model
descend worked for hard
the landing?
to learn to descend the stairs gracefully.
You deserve to be president of our club Youbecause
deserveyou a treat
studying so sodiligently
hard. for the past two years.
At first the survivors of the earthquakeDon'tfelt despair;
give intoslowlydespair; theyit'sbegan
not astobad rebuild.
as you think.
The successful swimmer did not despair Do not when despair,
she lost because
the firstyourace.will eventually succeed.
The children had a difficult time tryingTheto discipline
parents found the dog. it necessary to discipline the child who broke the windows.
I do not want to disturb my father while This heterrible
is will disturb my sister.
The twins buy a double amount of school Alvinsupplies
had a double each year.order of French fries for dinner.
Anne is eager to get a good grade in Alvin
English. is eager for the start of baseball season.
It was obvious that the earnest youngAlthough
student was Jesse seriously
loves toconcerned
tease, thisabout
time hetheisproblem.
speaking in earnest.
The usher realized that the elderly gentleman
The elderly needed
woman some
andhelpher grandson
climbing the visited
steep the
The animals escaped from the enclosure The during
corral isthe annight.
enclosure for horses.
If you encourage your brother to keepPlease trying,try I'mtosure encourage
he will succeed.
your sister about her ice skating lessons.
The detectives searched the entire building.
Be sure to clean the entire room; don't forget the closet.
Everyone was envious of my getting to Are jog you
the President.
because your friend has moved into a lovely new house?
Protein is essential for a complete diet.It is essential that we buy the tickets by Friday.
If you try to exact payment for work you If theyneverdoperformed,
the work, they I willcan
pay. payment for it.
The doctor made a complete examination After of anthe examination
new patient. of the evidence, the case was dropped.
His excessive spending eventually forced Try not himtotolavish
declare excessive
bankruptcy.praise on your students; it can lead to disappointments in the
His excessive spending eventually forced Try not himtotolavish
declare excessive
bankruptcy.praise on your students; it can lead to disappointments in the
I hope you can excuse me for missingPlease class yesterday.
excuse me for being late to dinner.
Being able to see a total solar eclipseAlvin
is anhas extraordinary
extraordinary event.
math and skills.
This writing is so faint I can barely read
I think
it. I should sit down; I feel very faint.
If the answer is not true, it is false. That report contains false information.
The students don't need to fan themselves Ramona while caninfan theherself
with this paper
while we watch the baseball game.
That jacket is too fancy for my taste. We have ordered a fancy cake for the party Saturday night.
There is so much food at the party weAtcan Thanksgiving
feast for a week. we will feast on turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings.
The winds of that hurricane were so fierce The fierce that many winterhousesstorm brought
were totally
much destroyed.
damage to the beach area.
The low price on meat will cause shoppers The rain to flood
caused thethemarket.
river to flood the banks.
We need to fold the letters and put them Please in the help envelopes.
me fold and put away the clean laundry.
I have many fond memories of our last Mrs.tripSuarez
to Chicago. gave her husband a fond look.
Driving over the speed limit is forbidden Gum bychewing
law. in the classroom is forbidden.
I like to frequent the ice cream parlor.Swallows frequent Mission San Juan Capistrano in California.
The face at the window gave me a fright, Renebut jumped
then I with realized
frightit when
was just
the loud noise in the attic.
The city was seriously damaged by aAfrightful frightfulearthquake.
explosion destroyed the island.
Your generosity is one of your finest qualities.
Alvin's generosity to the school was praised by the principal.
The popular leader was able to govern It is
wise to obey the laws that govern our society.
A gradual change in Felipe's scores made The change a big difference
in the weather by thewas endsoof gradual
the year.that we hardly noticed it.
This lotion makes my skin feel too greasy. Please wash your hands after working on the greasy, car engine.
The little squirrel is very greedy; it tries
The to greedy
gather more child keptnuts reaching
even though for another
its cheeks
are full.
Please stay awake and carefully guard It is
the yourdoor turn
to toourguard
secret the hiding
It is good manners for the guest to thank Alvinthe invited
host.a guest to dinner Friday night.
Dan is trying to break the habit of being Alvin latehas to a class.
habit of reading at least one hour each evening.
His habitual optimism makes him a pleasure Habitualtocourtesy be around. is pleasing to others.
The family went down to the harbor toShall watch wethe dockships.our ship in this harbor overnight?
When are we going to harvest the pumpkins? Alvin will help to harvest the sweet corn.
I hate to think about moving away from Hemy feltfriends.
hate for his enemies.
The healthy man eats right and exercises Walking everyday.
is a healthy form of exercise.
If you hesitate, you may miss your chance. Alvin did not hesitate when called upon to answer.
Please don't hinder my pursuit of my This goal.constant rain will hinder our progress on building the house.
We will hire someone to mow our lawn The whilecompanywe arewill away.
hire three new salespeople this month.
Beat the drum and you will hear that itThe is hollow.
animal hid inside the hollow tree.
The candidates got a lot of votes because The students
they were in honest
the class andwere
honest when they graded their own papers.
Holly was a host on the television talkEduardo
show. loves to entertain; he is an excellent host.
He was a humble man, not arrogant or The taught the team to be humble in victory.
We must hurry or we'll be late for the The wedding.ambulance will hurry the injured man to the hospital.
Marissa planned every detail of her ideal It is an wedding
ideal day day.for a picnic at the beach.
An idle person may never accomplishIfmuch. you are idle, you won't get any of your homework done.
I can't imagine why you don't want to Try go to to the
imagineparty.what dinosaurs looked like when they roamed the earth.
Young children often try to imitate their Don't
big try brothers
to imitate and anyone
sisters. else; be yourself.
That important letter needs an immediate That answer.
is a serious wound, requiring immediate attention.
Chicago is an immense city. At first the immense dog frightened the small child, but soon they were friends.
It is improbable that I will win the million
It isdollar
improbable prize. that anyone will fail this course.
My tutor will help me improve my grades. Practice will improve your performance.
Are you going to stay at the inn whileThe you family
are in made the mountains?
a weekend reservation at the inn.
You must inquire at the desk about the They timewill of inquire
the nextabout tour. the price of admission.
Please find a salesperson and inquireMay if this I inquire
dress is why onyousale.are qualified for this job?
I pulled my friend out of the street, thePlease
instantstop thatjumping
I saw the oncar thecoming.
furniture this instant.
I intend to have my science project done If you byintend
Thursday. to go with us, be ready at nine o'clock.
Nothing could interfere with the surfer's The plan
littletogirlgo asked
to the her beach. brother not to interfere with the tea party.
Let's try to invent an automatic bed-makingTo finish machine.
the project, she had to invent a new tool.
The cool waves looked inviting from the Theblazing
buffet table hot beach.was very inviting with its display of delicious food.
The struggling student was jealous ofWhen his older my brother's
sister sees excellent
our grandmother
grades. holding the new baby, she becomes jealous.
Grandma invited me to join her on a journeyAunt Rose to Canada.
is planning a journey around the world.
I gave a door key to my new roommate. Use your key to unlock the front door.
After going up and down the cliff, each Whenlimb you of the goclimb
skiing, erbe was careful
not to break a limb.
The sailor will list his boat and try to catch
As themore shipwindtook in onitswater, began to list to one side.
The Panama Canal allows each boatWater through rushed
one lock in toatfilla the
time.lock, and the ship was raised to a higher level.
The lone elephant played by himself in The thelonemudtree hole.was visible for many miles in the barren wilderness.
Tighten that loose screw before the handle
This button falls very loose; it's about to fall off my coat.
I am very patriotic and loyal to my country.
Roberto is a very loyal father; he spends a lot of time with his children.
Senators must pledge loyalty to our Constitution.
The soldiers pledged their loyalty to their country.
Aunt Kay will sew the new dress and Imail will mail
it to Colleen.
another letter to my pen pal.
The merchant made millions of dollars The buying
friendly andmerchant
selling diamonds.
sold us the shoes at a special discount price.
When we offered to pay for the broken The window,
merciful wejudge
hoped pron.ced
the ownera light
be merciful.
on the first-time car thief.
The messenger was able to deliver the The letter
teacheracross needed
town in a messenger
only 20 minutes.
to carry a note to the principal.
The weather has been mild and pleasant Use all a mild
week. soap to wash your face.
Joe felt miserable because he had the We flu.all were miserable when we heard the bad news.
Do you think it was a mistake to hire the
I made clumsy onlywaitress?
one mistake on the spelling test.
It is quite hard to remain motionless for
The andeer
hour. stood motionless in the woods.
The sidewalk is so narrow that we must Alvin walkdoesn't
singlelike file.driving on narrow, winding mountain roads.
You should never neglect to check the If you
oil inneglect
the carthe regularly.
lawn in hot weather it will turn brown.
My sister, Sara, and her husband Ralph, My oldest
are theniece parents is theof daughter
my only niece.
of my sister, Kathy, and her husband, Greg.
Mosquitoes and flies are a nuisance at Younger
a picnic. brothers and sisters can be a nuisance at times.
The clumsy sailor dropped his oar in theMartin rowboat.
moved his oar quickly through the water during the boat race.
The dog was learning to be obedient Alvin
to its is trainer.
obedient and hard working.
I always try not to offend people; I dislike
You hurting
will not otheroffendpeoples'
me by telling
the truth.
The robber will be tried for the offense.
That offense is punishable by law.
Rudeness is offensive to most people. The moldy cheese gave off an offensive odor.
Do the test carefully; don't omit anything.
When copying the letter, please omit the second paragraph.
Will you please give us a brief outlineAlvin
of your was plan?
assigned to make an outline of the science chapter.
If you pardon this criminal he will be released
Please pardon for making that rude comment.
Read the passage carefully before attempting
The student to answer
was asked the questions.
to translate the passage into Spanish for the class.
When teaching someone a new skill, Alvin you must is very bepatient,
patient.and works well with children.
The audience cheered and waved flags Theatchildren
the endsang of thea patriotic
patriotic speech.
The peculiar smell of the leftovers warned
Thereus is that
they weren'tpeculiarsafeabout
to eat.
the way that person is dressed.
Don't be so hard on yourself; no one Alvin
is perfect.
turned in a perfect science paper.
The storm damage was not permanent; Pleasewe were understand
able to thatfix thethis
is not
in aaweek.
permanent job.
I can always persuade my cousin to driveLet's me persuade
to the library.
the teacher not to give us any homework.
The ocean is very calm and looks likeOlympic
a vast blue regulations
plane. specify that the 100-meter dash must be run on a smooth plane.
We had such a plentiful crop of zucchiniThethat squirrels
we gave gathered
a lot away.
a plentiful supply of nuts for winter.
Please dust and polish the furniture. We polish the silverware to make it sparkle and shine.
You must try not to postpone your work Because
because thereyouismight
a testrun tomorrow,
out of time.
Alvin will have to postpone going to the movies.
Your family will praise you when theyWe seeheard
how much the coachyour praise
gradeshis have
improved. players.
The gold locket was a precious familyPrecious
heirloom.stones are worth lots of money.
Do you prefer to play basketball or baseball?
I prefer brownies to angel food cake.
I will preserve this wedding dress for The
my future
new law daughter
will preserve
to wear. this forest for future generations.
When I roller skate I pretend that I amI like
skiing to run
down around
a steep themountain.
backyard and pretend that I can fly.
Be prompt; the meeting starts exactlyThis at eight
urgent o'clock.
call requires your prompt attention.
She is always punctual, and never late Please
for anbe appointment.
punctual; the bus leaves at noon.
My parents will punish me if I stay outThetoo wise
late at judge
night. will punish the criminal.
Rosetta likes video games with rapid Alvin
action. is a rapid reader.
Protecting their habitat will help save That
rare andflower endangered
is rare, species.
and difficult to grow.
White walls reflect more light than darkThe walls.
snow will reflect the sunlight into our eyes when we ski.
The horses will refresh themselves atYou the cancool refresh
stream.yourself with a cool drink of water on a hot day.
You can relieve your guilt by repairingAn the aspirin
damage. will relieve your painful headache.
It won't be hard to repair the lawnmower;
Can ityou justrepair
needsmy newcarplugs.
by Thursday?
Please repeat the funny joke so my friend
The teacher
can hear asked
it to repeat the question.
The company will never be able to find Masako
a replacement
wanted to whotake works
time as
off well
work, asbut
youshedid.could not find a replacement.
Are you going to request that the band Alvin
playwill yourrequest
favorite permission
song? to leave class early today.
In water safety class you will learn to The
rescue firefighters
someone will
is drowning.
the children from the burning building.
The teacher is responsible for the well-being
The students of herare students.
responsible for their own lunches.
My uncle seems too young to retire. Mrs. Chang will retire from herjob at the newspaper this month.
Can you review the directions once more Alvinbeforewill review
we begin?
the history lesson before the test.
What is your reward for winning the contest?
There is a reward offered for information about the crime.
I was glad to compete against such aI worthyreached rival.
the finish line ahead of my rival.
There was a great deal of good-natured There sibling
a long-standing
among therivalry brothers between
and sisters.
the two schools.
The plant will die if its root is damaged.
We eat the root of plants such as the carrot and potato.
You'll ruin your coat if you spill paint on
A rainstorm
it. would ruin the parade.
The firefighters will rush to the burningDon't
rush into this important decision.
Your new bicycle will rust if you leaveWe it outside
could not in the
removerain. the rust from the old swingset.
The Koran is sacred scripture for the The Muslims.cemetery is sacred ground.
After a year, the worker earned a larger Almostsalary. everyone wants to get a job with a high salary.
Although her grades in science were The satisfactory,
waiter asked Mariehis hoped
to improve
if thethem
meal by was
Please don't scatter crumbs all over the Scatter
floor.the grass seed over the lawn.
Do you like the scent of that perfume?The flowers had a nice scent.
Many scented cleaning products smell Alvin,
like fresh
have lemons.
you ever gotten a letter written on scented stationery?
We have nothing but scorn for the thief. There was a look of scorn on his face when I told him what I had done.
Please scrape the dried glue off of your Jason desk. will help you scrape the old paint from the wall.
Darren planted a sunflower seed in the Even garden.
the large oak tree once began as a tiny seed.
Be careful, or I will seize the football right
My opponent
out of your triedarms.
to seize the basketball from my hands.
Because the crime was small, the punishment
The teacher's was notsevere severe.
expression showed anger and disapproval at the vandalism.
The brownies should be baked in a shallowDon't dive panintofor 30thisminutes.
end of the pool; the water is too shallow.
The purpose of a garage is to provideThe shelter
hikers forlooked
a car. for shelter from the sudden rainstorm.
The famous dancer developed his skill It takes
by practicing
skill to play
hardthe for violin
How solid are the walls of this house?That head of cabbage is firm and solid.
No matter how hard they worked, theThe students
solution in the
to themath problem
class could
was easynot find
for Alvin
a solution
to find.
to the problem.
Mr. Fox can't carry the groceries to his The carpitcher's
becausearm he washas asoresoreafter
back. he pitched the long baseball game.
The youth group will sow flower seeds Alvin
on the will hillsides.
sow grass seeds in the front yard.
The Grand Canyon is a splendid sight. Wasn't that a splendid sunset?
Did the pizza sauce stain your white shirt?
I hope the chocolate ice cream does not stain your new blouse.
People who steal are called thieves. The thief planned to steal the famous painting from the museum.
Please look over the other side of theThe boatchildandhad tell me
onlywhenbeenit's riding
safetheto steer
new bike
for athese
and still needed to learn to steer.
The entrance requirements for the school A strict areteacher
very strict.tries to change lazy students into industrious ones.
The stupidity of that new rule makes me Theangry.stupidity of speeding drivers threatens us all.
I don't understand this sudden change The of plans.
sudden rainstorm caught us by surprise.
The clothes you wear on the job don'tWhen need you to begoexpensive,
on your job butinterview,
they should be sure
be suitable.
to wear suitable clothes.
Store detectives may suspect anyoneDon't with suspect
a large shopping
me; I'm innocent.
The animal trainer is trying to tame the The wildcowboy
leopard. wants to tame this wild horse.
The telephone always rings when weMrs. are eating
Nomiya dinner.
spoke to her mother on the telephone.
They used to tend horses on their grandparents'
I have promised ranch. to tend the vegetable garden this summer.
The terrible monster in the story frightened
The terriblethe youngstormchild.destroyed many homes.
Make sure you do a thorough job of washing
After a thorough
the car, or search
Dad willof themakecrimeyouscene
do it again.
was finished, the detective was able to arrest
I need to find thread that will match theThe fabric
I've chosen
seamstress for my sewspromwith dress.
a needle and thread.
The new candidate is a threat to the incumbent's
The neighborhood chanceisofvery being safe;
thereto is office
no threat
again.of danger.
David bought a ticket to the movie. Will you please buy a raffle ticket from me?
Please tidy your desk before going toMr. recess.
Roberts hired a maid to tidy up the house.
Eva took off her shoes at the dance because
The tightthey skirtfelt
was tootootight.
small for Myra.
Mike lost his first baby tooth today. Beth chipped her tooth when she bit into an ice cube.
When the wind started to blow, the aspen Do your leaveshands begantrembleto tremble.
when you are frightened?
On a typical weekday I go to school, eat,A typical
and do Thanksgiving
my homework. dinner usually includes turkey.
The driver claimed that the collision with
the other
between car was management
unavoidable. and labor is sometimes unavoidable.
Are you uneasy about the science test I have
tomorrow?an uneasy feeling that someone is outside the window.
It has been said that love is a universalAcross
language.the entire United States, green is a universal signal that means "go."
Some people think it is unlucky to walk The underneath
unlucky girl a ladder.
broke her arm while playing handball.
Make sure all the poles are upright. We are buying a new upright piano.
Don't be so vain that you think you are The thesinger
only gooddid not player
becomeon the vain
even after hearing the fans' screams night after night.
He had a sudden violent pain in his stomach.
The violent storm hit the Gulf coastline.
The astronauts are planning a three-week Alvin voyage
would like on tothe takespace
a voyage
to repairthea world.
Our natural resources will not last forever,
It is wasteful
so we must to throwtry not awayto begoodwasteful.
food when so many people in the world are hungry.
We must weigh that package to see how Alvinmuch couldithardly
will cost gettothe mailstubborn
it. dog on the scale to weigh it.
Did you witness the accident? Would you please witness my signing of this paper?
You will wreck your new shoes if you My wear dog themwill in
the rain.
your garden if we leave him in the backyard.
The parents would never abandon their Don'tchildren.
abandon me in the middle of this project.
Purple is an abnormal color for hair. The winter was abnormal because the southern states had unusually cold weather.
The patrol officer was very accommodatingI preferwhen to shopI asked
in a store
for directions
where the to clerks
my friend's
are friendly
house.and accommodating.
Our coach will accompany us to the baseball
Would you game.
like to accompany me to the party?
With this new storm, the snow will probably
We want accumulate
to accumulate to a depth
lots ofofnewspapers
five feet. before we make a trip to the recycling center.
If you turn in an accurate math paper,Alvin's
you will newgetwatch
an €A€. is very accurate; it keeps good time.
Hard work is necessary to achieve good Alvin grades.
is working hard to achieve a better vocabulary.
Yasmine will achieve her goal of getting If youintoworkcollege.
hard you will achieve your goals.
Will you acknowledge that I am right on I acknowledge
this issue? having made a mistake.
Human beings are adaptable to several Changing
differentschoolstypes of is environments.
easier if you are an adaptable person.
This play is an adaptation of a novel that
The was chameleon's
written years ability ago.
to change colors is an example of adaptation to a different enviro
The food you brought should be adequate Be sure for to ourallow
needs.adequate time to do your homework, Alvin.
We did not wish to advocate a plan that All the
might council
lose money
members for advocate
the company. improving the roads.
Please do whatever you can to aid the Youaccident
can aidvictims.
your family by doing your daily chores without being told.
If I gain any more weight, I will have toIt is
my clothing. to alter my class schedule.
That altered suit fits you perfectly now.The altered plan will suit our needs better.
The three children liked to alternate their
Night household
and day alternate.
chores each week.
The sentence was ambiguous and could Thathave ambiguousbeen interpreted
answer lefttwo medifferent
confused. ways.
The state will make amends for imprisoning
If you take him more
unjustly.than your share, you should make amends by returning the extra amoun
We usually take our annual vacation in The July.
annual dance is held every December.
It was not unusual for beach propertyWhen to appreciate
you purchase in value a home,
very rapidly.
you cannot assume that its value will appreciate every year
As we approach winter, the days get As shorter.
you approach the house, you will see four large maple trees.
Janet earned approximate $500 this summerIn approximate lookinglyafter oneyardshour, and
for will
be finished.
Ruben was upset with his parents' arbitrary
The presidentrule thatmade he bean home
by ten decision
o'clockto every
the regular club meeting.
Do you like to assemble the pieces ofSean a jigsaw helped puzzle?
his mother to assemble the parts of the new bicycle.
Who will volunteer to be my assistantThe in thismagician
hired a young student to be an assistant on stage.
Can we assume that these two lines are I assume
equal?that Alvin will go home right after school.
Can you assure me that you will attend I assure
every you practice
that session?
the package will be delivered on time.
If you do well on this test, you will attain
Alvin a good
is working
gradehard in the to class.
attain a physical fitness award.
To attain your goals you must keep trying.
Alvin will attain high grades by studying hard.
People paid attention because the leader Doesspoke the student
with authority.
council have the authority to make that rule?
Mr. Hampton tied the bulky purchase The to the bulkytop package
of his car.could not fit in the trunk of my car.
My friend could be a capable studentAlvin by studying
is a very morecapable
This container has a capacity of ten gallons.
What is the seating capacity of this auditorium?
Do not cease learning about new things, Please when cease
you fighting
graduateand fromdiscuss
school. a peace agreement.
Always wear laboratory goggles whenThe pouring
dangerous a chemicalchemical into may
your cause
test tube.a fire.
Misa received a special citation from Gabriel
the city for received
her heroica specialrescue citation
of theforchild.
bravery in addition to the Congressional Medal of H
Although the two workers were not friends,
I expect theya civil
were answer
civil towhen one another.
I speak to you.
I will do everything I can to clarify my Alvin
standtried on thisto clarify
issue.the answer so we could understand it.
My instructor was pleased with the clarity
Alvin's of writing
my answers has great to the clarity
essay ofquestions
style. on the test.
The submarine captain was the only memberThe spy wrote of the her crewimportant
who could message
understand in a secret
the secret
A coherent sentence is easy to understand.
The drivers were so upset that they could not give coherent accounts of the accident.
I will have a difficult decision to makeIifhope
the two thatparties
my night coincide
to workwith doesn't
one another.
coincide with the birthday party.
It was a coincidence that we both arrivedMy mother
home at and exactly
fatherthe weresameboth moment.
born on the same day in the same year; isn't that a coinc
A colleague will fill in for Mr. Donner while
Dr. Irwinhe isaskedon vacation.
her colleague for a second opinion.
Our company's fiscal year will commence The school
July 1. year will commence in September.
The famous basketball star became aThe successful
television sports
commentator described
when thehe retired.
brush fire in vivid detail.
If you commit too many errors, you will If you
fail the
committest. a crime, you will be punished.
It is easy for me to communicate withItcloseis important
friends. to be able to communicate your ideas clearly.
The company will compensate the worker The hunter
for thehad extra towork.
compensate the farmers for the loss of their cow when it was accidenta
The population in Japan tends to concentrate
If we all concentrate
around Tokyo. our efforts on this project, we can complete it within a week.
The meeting is supposed to concludeWe at tenwill o'clock.
conclude the service with a silent prayer for world peace.
Joel's conduct has been much better The lately. conduct of the class was very good so the teacher did not give them any homework.
I would like to conduct tours at the museum.
Alvin will conduct the meeting.
The teacher wants to confer with my parents
The President about my will progress
often consult in school.
with advisers.
If your parents consent, then you mayJack's go campingparentswith would my notfamily.
consent to his plan to join the circus.
Jared's bad behavior and consequentCarolyn'ssuspension hardfrom work school
and consequent
made his parents good grades
very unhappy.
caused her to earn a scholarship.
The drummer did not stop; the constant Theplayingconstant continued
rain made throughout
the day very the afternoon.
If you cannot make any constructive comments
Although the aboutcoach's
your criticism
classmate's was project,
then don't
the catcher
say anything
found at
it hard
all. to listen politely
If you cannot make any constructive comments
Although the aboutcoach's
your criticism
classmate's was project,
then don't
the catcher
say anything
found at
it hard
all. to listen politely
I always consult my doctor before giving Youany mightmedicine
want totoconsult my children.
your teacher about where to find a good tutor.
We Americans consume more than our After share a long
of thedayworld's
of skiing, resources.
we can consume all the food on the table.
The consumer often bears the cost ofThe shipping
abundancecharges of when
the wheat ordering
should result by in lower
mail. prices for the consumer.
The telephone and the phonograph were J. S.contemporary
Bach and Handel inventions.
were contemporary composers.
Molly could contradict the bully's statements
Please don't because contradict
she knew what they
I just
you know that it is true.
Can you contrast and compare the two The mainteacher
assigned in thean novel?
essay to contrast good and evil.
Is it hard for you to converse with strangers?
Having a good vocabulary makes it easier to converse with people.
The caterpillar will soon convert itself The
into chemistry
a butterfly.teacher showed us how to convert baking soda into carbon dioxide.
Before you bake the apple, remove the The core.
core of the problem is that the student had difficulty reading.
The engineers plan to create a solar-powered
The scientist transportation
hopes to create system. a cure for the common cold.
In my creative writing class, we write The
and creative
perform original
child is able plays. to amuse himself for hours by making up stories.
Samuel made monthly payments to his Mycreditor
creditoruntil is demanding
the debt was payment full at the end of the month.
The meeting tomorrow is crucial; you Itmust was be crucial
there. to perform the operation on the injured person immediately.
George did not have enough data to finishThe data his report.
concerning the rocket was stored in the computer.
I have decided to decline the job offerWe andmust returndecline
to schoolyour instead.
invitation to the party.
My teacher told us to define twenty-five Can new youvocabulary
define the words. meaning of this foreign word?
This videotape offers definitive proof that
The the caterer
money needs wasastolen
definitiveby acount
of guests
woma by Monday.
The athletes will demonstrate how to Ask exercise the salesperson
properly. to demonstrate the new television set.
If you depress that button, you will alert
You the depress
securityme guard.
with your sad stories.
Mario was helping to design his family's Rebecca new going to be an engineer so she can design a better subway system.
If you deviate from the planned course, Doyou not maydeviateget from
lost. the assignment as given.
Hard work does not diminish my desire A small
to be mistake
an Olympic will athlete.
not diminish your standing in school.
To criticize someone without hurting feelings
The small requires
child rushed
a greatindeal frontofofdiscretion.
the car without discretion.
The artist has a very distinctive way of Thatpainting.
piece of jewelry is unusual and distinctive.
They have been known to distort the The truthwavy occasionally.
mirrors at the fun house distort your reflection.
Our school is noted for the diversity ofCalifornia
its student offers
body. a great diversity of landscapes for the tourist.
Things run more smoothly when the domestic
Each person duties in our
are family
not lefthas to one
a fewperson.
domestic chores.
The most dominant players stand theHis best dominant
chance of personality
making the helped
him team.
become an effective leader.
Our talented basketball team will dominate
The powerful the competition.
businessman wants to dominate the auto industry.
These three actors are so talented that Alvin they will
dramatize several
any scene.of Shakespeare's comedies.
You will make a great speaker because Theyou new are
so inspiring of the and college a dynamic leader.
It is more economical to bring a lunchWe from musthome findthanan economical
to buy it at ameans restaurant.
of providing energy.
The committee wants to edit my storyWe beforemustI enter
edit our it inownthepapers
contest.before we hand them in.
We must eliminate all wasteful spending We from tried the
to eliminate
budget. all of the unclear questions from the test.
The parents waited for the small childrenWhen to spring
emerge comes,
from the blossoms
school. emerge on the trees.
The desert traveler was overjoyed asThe the emergent oasis chick pecked
slowly came awayintoat the
surrounding eggshell.
The main emphasis of the counselor'sMy speech
parents was putthata strong
students emphasis
should on studydoing
a wide
variety service.
of subjects.
Melissa was quite emphatic when sheMy saidfriend's
that sheanswer didn'ttowantmy request
a cigarette.was an emphatic "NO!"
We hope you do not encounter any problemsI went to on theyourmall,trip.hoping to encounter my friend.
My encounter with the great sculptor Alvin's
was brief, encounter
but made with a lasting
the bear impression
was sudden on and
me. terrifying.
Making friends is a good way to enhance These yourlovely
life. lamps will enhance the beauty of the room.
The enormous house had seven bedrooms. The elephant is an enormous animal.
You need to equip yourself with a strong I willrope,equipspecial
you with shoes,
a new andsetaof helmet
luggage before
for your
you go
rock climbing.
Eventually the rushing water will erode The theheavy
face of rainthewillmountains.
erode the land and wash it away.
Long ago people had the erroneous belief What that gavethe you earth
the erroneous
was flat. idea that I was paying for your lunch?
There is an error on that poster; the dateDid you is wrong.make a subtraction error in that math problem?
The student group attempted to establish Alvinawill new establish
traditionaof new sponsoring
procedure a fund-raising
for our for charity.
The mechanic will estimate the the cost Alvin of estimate
fixing thescar. the height of the mountain to be 8,000 feet.
The student was proud to have madeAs thea ethical
jury member, decision Alvin
not wasto cheat
faced onwith
the antest.
ethical decision.
It is evident that most people enjoy eating
After ice youcream.
have done these two steps, the answer to the math problem is evident.
I knew this winning performance would The exceed
party will all others.
exceed your highest expectations.
Let's invite all the neighbors; don't exclude
It would anyone.
not be nice to exclude only one classmate from your party.
The dinosaur exhibit at the museum was I think very that popular.
Alvin would enjoy the new exhibit at the art center.
Metal will expand when it is warm andThe contract
balloon when will expand
it is cool.if you blow air into it.
The mansion on the large estate wasThe surrounded
expansive by lake
stretched lawnsfor and
Kim worked hard to become an expert Alvin
is an expert skier.
The teacher gave explicit instructionsThe for the directions
homework that assignment
Alvin gave me duewere
quite explicit.
My most remarkable exploit was climbing That Mount ArnoldEverest.Schwarzenegger movie features his most exciting exploit ever.
Don't try to exploit your friendship withThe themanager
principal.had a tendency to exploit the workers.
We export large amounts of wheat toAre planning to export your products overseas?
We cannot expose our plans to the enemy. We hope the excavation will expose some ancient ruins.
There will be a fee of five dollars for the
There no admission fee to the school play.
What is the final consonant in that word? The final chapter is the most exciting part of the book.
The business firm will finance the series Theoffamily concerts.will finance the children's education.
A garden hose is flexible so that it canThe go company
around the offers
corner flexible
of thework
house. hours so employees can choose to come in early.
The gymnast has such a flexible bodyGold that is shea flexible
can bend metalintothatall sorts
can be of bent
into many different shapes.
The price of vegetables seems to fluctuateThe prices weekly. in the stock market fluctuate from day to day.
The format for tonight's meeting needs The to format
be changed. of the program was laid out well in advance.
The pharmacist followed the formula The for making
mad scientist the cough lostmedicine.
the formula needed to create a time machine.
The elevators in the new office building Weare willnot notyet befunctional,
able to take soany
we pictures
will needattotheusebirthday
the stairs.
party because the camera is not fu
The elevators in the new office building Weare willnot notyet befunctional,
able to take soany
we pictures
will needattotheusebirthday
the stairs.
party because the camera is not fu
The battery will generate enough power Let's to try operate
to generate
the portablesome enthusiasm
computer. for this project.
Can you find Africa on the globe? The teacher used a globe to explain the geography lesson.
We watched the construction workersItgrade was necessary
the groundtofor gradethe newthe mountain
apartmenttop building.
before building a new museum.
Please grant me this one favor. If my parents grant me my wish, I will get to go to the party.
Is this a true story, or a hypothetical situation?
The law book contains a number of hypothetical cases to illustrate its points.
Because she received two identical books The identical
for her birthday,
twins often shepretend
exchanged to beoneoneofanother
them forsoathey
can fool
their teachers.
I will wear bright green pants and an orange
Would you hat be to make
able to it easy
identify to him
in ame.
large crowd?
The teacher was asked to identify theCan top you mathidentify
students. the person who stole your car?
Please ignore my messy room and help Do me not study
ignorefor thethisfireexam.
The illustrated chapters are much more Theinteresting
illustratedand book enjoyable.
has beautiful pictures of Hawaii in it.
The hard-working immigrant created a The good immigrant
life for himself
learnedintohis speak
new English
country.very quickly.
Did Mrs. Schultz imply that we will receive
I did not extra mean points to imply
if we turnthat our
you homework
were not welcome
in early?to join our club.
I will not impose any more duties on your The library
busy day. will impose a fine on all late books.
Did you witness the unfortunate incident What that is the
occurredmost embarrassing
after the football incident
game? that has ever happened to you?
Many students have an inclination forAlvin sports. has an inclination to sleep in on Saturday mornings.
Please incline the slant board so thatThe you hill canwill doincline
your exercises.
more steeply as we continue climbing.
Let's induce our teacher to take us onAlvin, a field can trip.
I induce you to go to lunch with me today?
This year we plan to initiate a series of Thissummeryear we jazz willconcerts.
initiate a series of free community concerts.
My grandfather took up painting entirely A shy on person
his owndoes initiative;
not takeno onethe suggested
initiative in itmaking
to him.friends.
That tight chain might injure your dog;Alvin,please don'ttake injure
it off.yourself with that hammer.
After you insert this bolt, firmly tightenPlease
it down. insert this piece into the jigsaw puzzle.
Good teachers have insight into the problems
We studyofscience their students.
to gain insight into the world we live in.
I felt small and insignificant when I stared
My score into the on depths
the practice of thetest Grand
is insignificant
Canyon. because it will not be averaged into my f
Please instruct the children what to do The in case
teacher of awillfire.
instruct us in math and science.
The company will integrate the wings,The tail,editor
and fuselage
will integrate to make the a many
whole separate
airplane. reels of film into one, complete movie.
The summer heat is intense in the desert. Alvin had an intense desire to win the race.
The painter added a darker shade of The purple rock to musician
intensify the turnedcolor onofanother
the violets
in thetopainting.
intensify the sound.
An intensive search was made to findI the needed lost children.
an intensive physical exam to qualify for the insurance policy.
There is an interval of a week between At Christmas
our schooland we haveNew Year's
an interval
Day.of ten minutes between classes.
The witness was not believable because As the of such
disease irrational
testimony. the patient became more and more irrational.
Don't interrupt the discussion with irrelevant
Alvin enjoyedquestions. the speech, but found it irrelevant to the issue.
The doctor had to isolate the patient who If wehad isolate
the the
contagious we can disease.
solve it.
Have you ever felt isolated even in the We'remiddle goingof atocrowd?
spend our vacation at an isolated mountain cabin.
Which election issue seems most important During to thethe club
meeting, Alvin brought up the issue of raising the dues.
You will have to justify your actions toThe the facts
of the case will justify my opinion.
If you labor hard, you will succeed. The farmers will labor into the night to finish harvesting their crops.
The adventurer will present a lecture Iand do not
want to aboutlisten to hisatrip
to theabout
the eating habits of snakes.
Is it legal to cross the street at this location?
I need some legal advice from my attorney.
I think you should check with a lawyerThe aboutlegality
the legality
of their of actions
that scheme.
is questionable.
At half-time we will liberate three-thousand
President balloons.
Abraham Lincoln wanted to liberate all of the slaves.
After the game, we always link arms and The singPanama the school
Canal song.serves to link the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean.
Where will you locate your new business? A new market plans to locate across the street from us.
This is a lovely location to take pictures.
Have you found a location to build your new home?
I must study tonight if I want to maintainIt's mydifficult
hightogrademaintainpointmy average.
balance while hopping on one foot.
The majority of the state senators were The Democrats.
majority of the students voted for recess.
New technology has made many forms Chopping
of manual woodlaboris heavy
unnecessary.manual labor.
The teacher had to mediate many quarrels Alvin was on the sentplayground.
to mediate the dispute between the two parties.
The Gold Rush caused thousands to Whales migrate migrate
to California.
from the Bering Sea to Baja California.
These migratory workers travel from place Wild geese to place arepicking
migratory fruit.birds and travel south as winter approaches.
The minimum amount you may pay the The credit
card company
owner pays is twenty-five
his employees dollars.
the minimum wage.
Because you are a minor, you are notOscar allowed cannot
to see vote theyetmovie
because without
he anis aadult.
That is a minor problem; we can solveAlvin it quickly.
tried out for a minor part, but was given the leading role.
How could you possibly misinterpret what Don'tthe misinterpret
teacher said? my words; I meant exactly what I said.
A team on which each member likes the We other
discoveredand isthat likedwe byshare
them ahas mutual
in mountain biking.
Switzerland remained neutral during World The mayor War II. maintained a neutral position during the election.
Is it normal for this area to get so much It israin?
normal for young children to grow quite rapidly.
I want to obtain a good score on that Alvintest. would like to obtain a camping permit.
It was obvious that it was going to rain The because
answeroftothe that heavy
mathcloudsproblem thatshould
were rolling
be obvious
in. to you.
You must list your former occupation Ion amthisvery jobproud
of my hard-working son's occupation.
We will occupy the house after December The family1. will occupy the apartment all summer.
Do you have an option or are you required Alvin has to attend
the option
taking either band or orchestra next year.
The teacher liked to participate in theAlvinchildren's
likes to games.
participate in class discussions.
The passive child felt more comfortable Mywatching
mother isher a passive
classmates person playwhothan enjoys
she didobserving
joining them.
people from a distance.
A large percentage of the population A votedsmallinpercentage
the last election. of the class was absent.
Erica was persistent in saving moneyAlvin for a is newmakingbike. a persistent effort to build a better vocabulary.
Some teenagers do not go through a His rebellious
voice isphase.changing; that is a phase all boys go through.
The surveyor had to portion the land into Please equalportion
the inheritance so that each child gets an equal share of the money.
An actor must be able to pose as another Spiescharacter.
often pose as government agents.
We need to convince our investors ofThe the potential danger successofofthe oursituation
product.worried the commander of the bomb squad.
We need to convince our investors ofThe the potential danger successofofthe oursituation
product.worried the commander of the bomb squad.
Scientists are working hard to predictThe earthquakes
fortune teller before cannot
they really
occur.predict the future.
After the preliminary business was finished,
After a we preliminary
began working introductionon theofnewall the
of the the
day.tournament began.
Helping her students understand the The moral primary
of the goal
storyof is the
the team
is to primary
for the upcoming championship.
Our school principal knows each student The in principal
the school dismissed
by name. school early during the heavy snowstorm.
I make it a principle to save some money A good each business
week. owner maintains a principle of honesty in all business dealings.
Getting into a good college is a high priority
Gettingfor goodmany grades
is Alvin's first priority.
You are ready to proceed to the next Check chapter. with the teacher before you proceed to the next assignment.
What do you think about the law that The would new prohibit
rule will
restaurants?from leaving the campus during lunch hour.
During March, the club worked on a money-raising
Alvin, have you project.
finished your history project ?
I have to purchase the ticket with my Alvinown money.
is going to purchase school supplies today.
Maria could not pursue her friend through The police
the crowd. officer's car was not fast enough to pursue the Porsche.
I told the writer he could quote me in Mayhis article.
I quote you in my newspaper article?
Because he didn't know the answer, he Wemade took aa random
random sample guess. of opinions from the group.
We are doing problems involving ratioThe andratioproportion
of boysintomath girls this
in ourweek.
class is nearly even.
I can never predict how my friend willAlvin react.will always react to a compliment by blushing.
We tried to recover the time we had lost. I hope that the police will recover Alvin's stolen bicycle.
Before you can make jewelry, you must They refine
must therefine
silverthe fromcrudethe oilore.
before we can use it.
reinforce your knowledge of the spelling They words
will reinforce
by studying the them
concrete with steel.
We were reluctant to walk to school because The reluctant it waslittle
child walked slowly up the stairs to take a bath.
I resolve to get more sleep so I can stay Ourawake family in must
class.resolve to save money for our vacation.
What was your response when the teacher I must asked have ayou response
a question? to the letter by next week.
The family wanted to restore the old home The owners and make plannedit a showplace.
to restore the old building and then rent it.
Sometimes it is necessary to restrain Security
toddlers guards for theirwere own hiredprotection.
to restrain the crowd at the concert.
Can you retain the information that you How justwellread? does this oven retain heat?
If you reveal my secret I probably won't They tellwill
another of the winner on Tuesday.
Our teacher will revise the seating chart Wenext will revise our plans if we have ten more guests.
We need to make a revision in our agenda The publishers
for the meeting.made a revision in the new book.
Once in a while an idea comes alongThis to revolutionize
invention could people'srevolutionize
lives. the computer industry.
The steel pole did not bend; it remained Ourrigid spinal throughout
cords arethe nothurricane.
perfectly rigid.
The young actor tried out for a small role The in actorthe became
new TV series. famous after playing the supporting role in the movie.
The coastal route is more beautiful than Which the route
inlandwill take on your trip, Alvin?
The secret agent learned of the enemy's We planned
scheme to carefully
destroysothe nobody
bridge.would guess our scheme.
As long as he was holding his older sister'sAfter the hand,alarm Benny
system felt was
secure installed,
felt more secure.
The youths left home after graduationAlvin to seek will their
seek fortunes.
out all the clues to solve the mystery.
The newspaper did a sequence of articles The Civil on the Warcomputer
was caused industry.
by a long sequence of events in American history.
The two friends are very similar; they All both thelike children
to swim, in theridefamily
horses, hadanda similar
play tennis.
Have they chosen a site for the new school? The house was built on a hilly site.
That nail made a hole in the sole of your I have shoe. a blister on the sole of my foot.
Please give me the specific details ofYou yoursaid plan. you would see me next week; can you be more specific ?
The ballast in the hull will help to stabilize
The President
the ship. has proposed a program to stabilize the economy.
We repaired the crack in the leg of the Concrete
chair and reinforced
made it more with steel
stable. is very stable.
Our team's strategy was faultless; weChess won easily. is a game that involves strategy.
Her fiancee hand delivered his first letter,Afterbut thethe parade
is over, letters
subsequentall arrived
events in will be held in the town square.
Our basement flooded because we had Theten child successive
was absent days fromof rain.
school for three successive days.
Will ten dollars be a sufficient amountDo of you
money, haveorsufficient
do you need time more?
to finish the job?
I started taking vitamins to supplement Looking
my inadequate
up and learning diet. new words will greatly supplement your vocabulary.
The newspaper will survey the members The of government
the committee will survey
to determinethe landtheir
it is offered for sale.
The students voted to request that the The principal
principal automatically
will suspend suspend
the three anyone
a weapon
because to school.
of their vandalism.
The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good Theluck liontois somea symbol people.of courage.
The monkey could easily complete the You taskshould
the humando oneresearcher
task at a time. gave him.
The pianist's technique was good, butAlvin the interpretation
has developed lacked
a newcolor. technique for refinishing wood.
If you are too tense, you need to learn The to relax.
writer's muscles were very tense after sitting long hours at the desk.
Because I do not agree with your club's Mr.actions,
McKee Ihas must to terminate my ten membership.
employees because the company is not earning a profit.
I am going to celebrate when I finally A finish
lot ofmy research
master's goesthesis.
into the writing of a thesis.
The book attempts to trace the eventsCan of World
you trace Warthe II. Mississippi River to its source, Alvin?
It is a tradition in our family to light theBowing
candles instead
at sundown
of shaking on special
is a tradition in some countries.
We know many traditional folk songs.What is your family's traditional holiday dinner, Alvin?
In ancient times, people tried to transform Computers lead into willgold.
continue to transform our daily lives.
You can transmit the latest information Lee to wants
me onto the
fax machine.
how to transmit messages in Morse code.
Huge trucks are used to transport produce Alvin'sfrom moving farms van towill
transport our furniture to the new house.
We were unaware of the approachingAlvin storm was when unaware
we leftthat on ourthe math
trip. test was to be given on Friday.
The western boundary of our propertyThe is undefined.
terms of the treaty were vague and undefined.
My mother wants me to undertake theLearning job of paintingall these thevocabulary
house trim. words is a big task to undertake.
The prices in those three stores are not Theuniform.
cookies were so uniform that they didn't look homemade.
Every person has his own unique fingerprint.Try not to compare your children; each one has a unique personality.
Whistling is a skill of amazing utility; once
Whatyou is the knowutility
how of to
a gadget
do it, you that
always 20bedifferent
able totypes
get a of
The child presented a valid argumentI for hope increasing
you haveher a valid
reason for being so late to rehearsal.
Your moods are so variable; one minute Theyou'reweather happy
and thepredicted
next minute that you're
there would
sad. be variable clouds and sunshine today
The starting time will not remain constant; Your itscores will varywillfrom
vary weekfrom testto week.
to test.
The car is a common type of vehicle. The transit vehicle took us downtown.
The judge urged the prisoners never You to violate
will get theintolawtrouble
again. if you violate your curfew.
Is the sun still visible on the horizon? The port became gradually visible through the fog.
The new movie has some great visualThe effects.
teacher uses visual aids to help the students learn.
There was a huge volume of snow onItthe takes
ski aslopes
great thisvolume winter.
of water to fill the swimming pool.
If the heavy surf does not abate, highThe wavesweatherwill destroy
forecaster the pier.
predicts that the storm will abate by tomorrow.
We will abbreviate this lesson and have Please
any early
lunch.your state's name when filling out the information sheet.
To abduct a child is a horrible crime. The criminals planned to abduct the executive for ransom.
I abhor scary films because they giveI me abhor
violence in any form.
Where do you plan to abide when youI want graduateto abide
a peaceful, friendly town.
From his seat in the rescue helicopter, Before
the firefighter
anyone realizedcould see whatthatwas
the happening,
hillside wasthetotally
was completely ablaze.
A tent became the ranger's abode forAn theapartment
summer. is a common abode in the city.
The mayor wants to abolish all smoking Theinworld
city buildings.
would be a better place if we could abolish wars.
You need to apologize to the hostessMy for sister
your abominable
has an abominable behaviorhabit at theof party.
eavesdropping on other people's conversations.
I like to fish in a lake where the fish abound.
Fish abound in the ocean.
That cleanser you are using is too abrasive;
Sandpaper it may is anscratch
abrasivethe sink.
The small pocket dictionary is an abridgedThe abridged
edition. version of the novel is only about 200 pages long.
The teacher's abrupt decision to give My hermother
students made a math an abrupt
quiz was turna so
she could
to everyone.
avoid hitting the cat in the road.
The wound looks infected; I think an abscess
The toothache has formed.was caused by an abscess in the gum.
That sponge should absorb all of the Ifmilk youyou read just
the spilled.
book carefully, you can absorb a lot of facts.
Amelia lost track of time because sheAlvin was told
reading the children
an absorbingan absorbing
book. ghost story.
The skiers are happy because good snow The farmers
is abundant are excited
this season.
because their crops are abundant this year.
If you abuse your pet, you should notIthave is unkind
one. to abuse an animal.
Despite abysmal failures, they kept tryingTheytotried succeed.
to improve their abysmal living conditions.
The union workers were hopeful that Both management
countrieswould must accede to their the terms
of the treaty.
The swimmer must accelerate her stroke The ifpowerful
she hopes engines
to winaccelerate
the race. the rocket to very high speeds.
The actor received enthusiastic acclaim Thefrom
leader thereceived
audiencehigh afteracclaim
the performance.
for the way the crisis was handled.
Six months after moving to Phoenix, Raymond
If you move wasto able
Denver, to acclimate
your bodytowill theacclimate
heat. itself to the higher altitude.
Did the burglar have an accomplice when Jeff was
breakingarrested intoas theanstore?
accomplice in the bank robbery; he shouldn't have driven the car
You will not accomplish anything unless I hope
youtoset accomplish
your mind all to my
it. work by the end of next week.
I hope to accrue a large collection of autographed
Your investment baseball
will accrue
cards interest every month.
The chemist poured the sour tasting acid The into
strong a test
acidtube.burned a hole through the glass jar.
The acme of the development of space A football
travel lies player
in the usually
future.reaches the acme of his skill before he is 30.
This map and book will help acquaintThese visitorsinstructions
with our country. will acquaint you with the new appliance.
The attorney presented evidence thatThe would
help to acquit were thehopingclient.
that the jury would acquit them.
What is the price for one acre of land? The community vegetable garden was large; it covered an entire acre.
The struggling farmer sold his entire acreage
The farmer to aplanted
large corporation.
corn on most of his acreage.
The heavy, acrid smoke in the room made The acridit hardsmoketo breathe.
filled the room.
The pilot will activate his radio beforePush
we take thisoff.
button to activate the tape player.
Social activism is one method of causing Protesting
changeisinone a society.
form of political activism.
A good leader is adept at getting people'sMia iscooperation.
quite adept at playing the piano by ear.
The burned lasagna will adhere to theThe pan.
sticky mud will adhere to your shoes.
The team sat in adjoining booths at the Myfast-food
best friend place.
and I built houses on adjoining lots.
If Joan has to be back by 6:00 p.m., the Themeeting
meetinghad willbetter
adjourn adjourn
at eight at o'clock.
5:30 p.m.
It is difficult for a parent to administerPart
bothofa ahousehold
teacher's and responsibility
an office. is to administer the classroom well.
Snow will adorn the mountain peaks this Let'swinter.
adorn the dining table with a centerpiece of flowers.
Star athletes often receive adulation fromThe rapyoungerstar was players.
embarrassed by all the adulation received from the fans.
I do not want to have an adversarial relationship
The adversarial with lawyers
my neighbor. argued both in and out of the courtroom.
Doctors say it is advisable for childrenIt tois get
10 to 12 to hours
save yourof sleep
money. each night.
The eagle built its aerie high in the mountains.
The eagle returned to its aerie with food for its young.
I'm sure the higher court will affirm theThe decision
prisoner of the
to affirm total innocence.
Ron is so affluent that he can travel whenever
The familyand waswherever
affluent enough
he pleases. to own a summer home.
After the close soccer game, some ofThe the police
opposing were fans
to breakinvolved
up the inaffray
a nastyat affray.
the rock concert.
Do you prefer a fore or an aft cabin? When we went on our cruise, we asked for an aft cabin.
Telling a lie will only aggravate your guilt.
Getting angry will only aggravate your headache.
Our teacher was aghast at the idea ofAtskippingfirst, mythe parents
final exam.
were aghast at the idea of my learning to fly a plane.
The agile skateboarder made quick, sharp The soccer turns. player was agile and fast.
The slightest wind will agitate the leavesTheon washing
the tree machine
outsidewill my agitate
window. the clothes to clean them.
Marie was in agony because of her sunburn.The agony of a broken leg is hard to bear.
The farmers hoped to form an agrarian The political
outdated party agrarian
because lawsthey had feltnot
updated since the turn of the century.
The soldier was chosen to be an aideThe to General
teacher Grant. is lucky to have an aide working in the class this year.
The ailing teacher had to miss schoolThe untilailing
the illness
child had wastoover.stay in bed until he was well.
Your minor ailment does not require aThe doctor's
runner treatment.
won the race despite her annoying ailment.
That door is ajar; could you please close Please it tightly?
leave the kitchen window ajar.
Jenny and Chad burned the popcorn Did andyou set hear
off the the smoke
fire alarm
alarm. ring at school today?
The security guard had to be alert during There theare entire
runners shift.on first and second; be alert for the double play.
You had better have a good alibi for losing
The police that library
will check book. the defendant's alibi to see if it is the truth.
Some people believe in alien creatures When and Denaflying wentsaucers.abroad this summer, many things in the alien culture seemed fascinatin
If you are an alien, you may choose to Anbecome
alien is anot citizen
a citizen
of the of country
the country where in which
you now he live.
or she lives.
The stray cat slept under a dumpster The in the thief
parked his getaway car in the alley behind the store.
Use of the hands is not allowable in soccer.
Gum chewing is not allowable in Ms. Marino's classroom.
The ring is not pure gold; there is some Brassalloyis in anit.alloy of copper and zinc.
I will be your ally in the effort to develop
better science
States islaboratory.
Great Britain's ally.
Extreme shyness may make a personThe seem aloof distant
manner andofaloof.
the new student masked nervousness.
Everyone in the church stood facing the Light altar.
the candles on the altar before the service begins.
The choir leader told me that I was not The a soprano
alto in the butquartet
an alto. had a very lovely voice.
Many alumni enjoy attending their college's
Alvin's football
sisters and games.
brothers are alumni of the same university.
Can you amass more baseball cards The thanyoung your friend?
student was hoping to amass a million dollars by the age of 30.
The children amble slowly home fromAlvin school, likes often
to amble stoppingdown ontothe office to pick up the mail.
Head injury victims often suffer a mildEd's formtemporary
of amnesia. amnesia caused him to forget his name.
My parents refuse to buy me any more I will
invite theymy friends
say I haveto stay an toample
since we have ample food.
The injury was not serious, so it was not Thenecessary
doctor hadtotoamputate. amputate the damaged leg.
We cannot release dangerous criminals Theand wildhaveanimals themran runamuck
amuckwhen in society.
they escaped from the zoo.
Doctors must study human anatomy. Our class will study the anatomy of the shark next week.
Please anchor the boat here so that we Thecan captain
dive fromwill anchor
it. the ship in port overnight.
Please don't tell that anecdote about The the timespeaker I ended began up the
in thetalkwrong
with aclasscleveronanecdote
the first day
of school.
the guest of honor.
The lost child believed that his guardian Theangelhelpful would
woman helpwas himas findkindtheas way
an home.
I hope their arrival will animate this dull
Our party.
teacher is able to animate a lecture on a dull subject with witty remarks.
The children's faces were animated as The theystudents
told about weretheir having
trip to
anthe animated
dinosaur discussion
museum.about their favorite movies.
Controversy sometimes surrounded the Theplanscity istoplanning
annex a to new annex
statethat to the
unincorporated area near the park.
An avalanche would annihilate the entire The village.
people were afraid that an avalanche would annihilate their entire village.
The teacher will ann.ce our quiz grades Alvin today.
will ann.ce the results of the election.
The court will annul the petition because The one young of thecouple signers
sought wastonot annula registered
their marriage.
I cannot tell you who wrote this novel;The the author
author of is that
book is anonymous.
I'm not sure what the antecedent of that Every pron. pron.
is. must have a clear antecedent.
Adjust the television antenna to get aMy clearer
antenna broke in the car wash.
At baseball games we always sing the The national
choir practiced
anthem, "`The their anthem
Star-Spangled for the service.
If you are feeling down, sometimes exercise
What is in thethe antidote
fresh air forcan
a good antidote.
When we went to the museum, we were My parents
surrounded havewith chosen
antique many treasures
pieces from
of antique
another furniture
era. for our home.
Bacteria can be killed by an antisepticThe lotion.
nurse applied an antiseptic medicine to my cut.
The deer grew a new set of antlers each The year.
old buck had huge antlers on its head.
The apathy of the workers resulted inApathy careless onand the shoddy
part of citizens
work. results in poor government.
The only aperture was a tiny window Light aboutenters eight feet the camera
from thethrough aperture behind the lens.
If you eat too many snacks, you will not It took
havefour an hamburgers,
appetite whentwo it isbags
fries, and a chocolate malt to satisfy the hung
The teacher will apportion the supplies The sostate
that eachlegislatureof the will
apportion getssome
a fair of
our tax money for schools.
The editor's job was to appraise the quality
The bank of themust novelsappraise
the house for publication.
before we can obtain a mortgage on it.
The man made an unsuccessful attempt Theto police
are working his assailant.
to apprehend the criminal.
The captain felt apprehensive for the Alvinsafetywas of the
quite passengers
apprehensive during about
the the
at test.
You can learn to be a fine carpenter ifAlvin you worked
first work asas anan apprentice
apprentice. to the weaver.
May I borrow an apron to wear while The I helpcook you wore
in thean kitchen?
apron so she would not ruin her clothing.
Deborah has an extraordinary aptitude Steffi
for writing
Graf has and a special
should consider
aptitude forbecoming
playing antennis.
The country was small, and all arableWe land cannot
was used growfor crops
foodon production.
that land; it is not arable.
For security purposes, only two people Aftercanyears
haveof access
research to theandarcane
the scientist
for thefinally
a understood the arcane theory.
After I scored a bull's-eye, archery became
In our classmy favorite
on archery sport!we learned to hit the target most of the time.
We met with an architect to discuss the Thedesign
architect of our designed
new home. a large office building.
The candidate delivered the speech with The patriotic
enthusiastic ardor. fans cheered their team with great ardor.
The wrestler was thrown out of the arenaThe boxers
and intoclimbed the seats. into the arena.
The winner of the talent show sang an heard the famous soprano aria from "`Madame Butterfly`"?
That area receives only seven inchesThe of rain
MojaveeachDesertyear; itisisan considered
arid regionarid.
of California.
Admiral Halsey was the commander of The theSpanish
largest Armada
armada of waswarships
a powerfuleverfighting
The porcupine's quills provide it with aThe typesuitof ofarmor.
armor stood in the entryway of the prince's castle.
I love to smell the pleasing aroma of freshly
When the cut kitchen
grass. door was opened, Alvin smelled the wonderful aroma of freshly baked b
After they arraign the defendants, they They will will
be returned
arraign the to their
cells. on criminal charges.
The owners were on trial for arson because
The cause theyofmay thehavehotelset firefire
is not
to their
ownbut house.
arson is suspected.
The patient lost a lot of blood throughThethe hospital
damaged patient's
artery. clogged artery caused his heart attack.
A good speaker will articulate well so Please
that everyonearticulate can clearly
so that everyone can understand you.
We hired a reknowned artisan to do the It takes
masonry a true workartisan
on our to dohouse.
such beautiful work with wood.
I plan to ascend to the top level of management
Hold the handrail in this whencompany. you ascend the staircase.
We watched the rapid ascent of the spaceThe mountains
shuttle. climbers were injured during their ascent of Mt. Everest.
The detective needed more evidenceHow to ascertain
can we ascertain
the motivewhat for the
people really want?
The accident victim had a weak pulse, One andglimpse
his skinofwas theirashen.
ashen faces told me that something was wrong.
Proud that she had dressed herself, Laura
Mant street
was unawaresigns were thataskew
her hatafter
her d
The damaged road is going to receiveThe a new
layer of asphalt.
workers put more asphalt on the new road.
The gas leak was so severe that we feared
Asphyxiationwe would causeddie ofthe asphyxiation.
death of the miners trapped in the cave-in.
As I worked on the secret project, doubts
As soon began as totheassail
witness me.was sworn in, the lawyer began to assail him with questions.
An assassin killed President Kennedy. An assassin murdered Abraham Lincoln.
Will you assay this ore to see if it contains
Alvin purewill assay
silver? the gold we have mined to see if it is of good quality.
Both countries must assent to the terms Chuck of thewillpeace
to washing the dishes if Elena dries them.
An outgoing personality is truly an asset
salestowork. get along with people is an asset in business.
We are hoping to assimilate the new Can students you assimilate
into our school all of quickly
these new and words
easily.before the test, Alvin?
Please don't telephone me early on Saturday
Everyonemorning, in the house before wasI amastir
early on the morning of the trip.
I will astound the judges with a flawless,
of the solar system will astound you.
The former Communist leader soughtThe asylumpolitical
in therefugee
Unitedwas States.
granted asylum in the United States.
The athletic awards banquet is being Alvin,
held Tuesday
do you enjoy night.athletic activities?
The defense attorney questioned an important
I need to hire witness.
an attorney to represent me in court.
The patient had such an atypical rashThe thatatypical
the doctor shape asked of the
partner tomadeexamine
it very
it. difficult to wrap.
She was known as one of the most audacious
The audacious stuntpersons
bike rider in performed
Hollywood.several dangerous stunts.
Their whispers were barely audible inThe the room
noisy was classroom.
so quiet that the ticking of the clock was audible.
I don't really know that man, but he seems
MothertoTeresa have an hasaura an ofaura
evil.of gentleness and peace about her.
Dogs have a keen aural sense. His aural sense was well developed; he could hear a pin drop from across the room.
The life of a monk is quite disciplined The
and soldier's
austere. quarters were simple and austere.
The Van Gogh was not a copy; it wasWe authentic
saw anand authentic
therefore letter
written by Abraham Lincoln.
That autobiography includes every detailAlvin, ofarethe youauthor's
planninglife from
to write
the your
of birth. ?
When I saw my favorite movie star atIthe askedstore,theI famous
asked her football
to autograph
player tomy autograph
purse. my ball.
Whitney proved how autonomous sheJean, is bywishing
be autonomous alone.
from her parents, paid for her own college education.
The court required an autopsy to determine
The coroner the cause did an of autopsy
death. on the murder victim.
The exhausted employee was averseThe to working
hard-working another restaurant
eight hours. owner was averse to closing the restauarant on Sunday.
Fernando, a good driver, was able to Ifavertyou thesee automobile
that horror movie, accident. you may have to avert your eyes during the worst moments.
Our family has so many birds that weWe need likeantoaviary.
see the birds in the huge aviary at the San Diego Zoo.
Lani is an avid sports fan. Alvin is an avid reader.
The election is over; now we await the We results.
must be at the airport by noon to await the arrival of the flight.
The spectators were filled with awe atPeggythe sightandofMiguellava cascading
were full ofdown awe the
as they
watched the daring trapeze act.
The shoemaker used an awl when making Alvin usedthe shoes an awl fortomy punch
dad.a new hole in the leather belt.
Please roll back the awning when theThe sunstorefront
goes down. was attractive with its cheery red and white awning.
Carlos likes the azure color of the ocean
The on high a clear
mountain day. lake looked azure in the sunlight.
Don't babble so much; get to the point. When I get nervous, I sometimes babble on and on.
The bachelor already knew how to cook My before
Uncle Lawrencehe got married. remained a bachelor until he was 50 years old.
Mrs. Thomas could not lift her daughter Kyle because
had a backacheshe had aafter painfulhe moved
backache.the heavy refrigerator.
Would you like some sausage or bacon My with
father your eatspancakes?
bacon and eggs every morning.
If we change the rules of the game, we I will
all the players.
with these tricky questions.
Tuning a bagpipe is a long and difficult Alvin
enjoys the shrill, reedy music of the bagpipe.
Do you balk at answering questions aloud Children in class?sometimes balk at brushing their teeth.
Our weather has been unusually balmy Tourists
this winter.
enjoy San Diego because the city has balmy weather most of the year.
The honest salesman did not try to bamboozle
The con artist any of tried
bamboozle me into giving him a check for ten thousand dollars.
The student council proposed a ban on OurMonday
teachertesting would in likealltoclasses.
ban gum from the classroom.
The nurse will clean and bandage your Please
injury.hold still while I bandage your wound.
The teacher will banish you from the classroom
The ruler threatenedif you do not to banish
behave.them from the country if they caused any more trouble.
Can you read the words on the banner? Alvin made a banner to carry in the parade.
Be serious; don't banter with me. Alvin likes to banter with her because she has such a good sense of humor.
Mike tore his jacket on a barb of the fence.
The kitten caught its paw on the barb of a fishhook.
You will be sent to the principal's office
The if you
barbaric continue intruders
your barbaric
returned behavior.
to their primitive village in the jungle.
The farmer sold his entire harvest of barley
This restaurant
to the local is famous
beer company. for its beef and barley soup.
The brave soldiers rescued the villagers Thefromsoldiers the barrage
barely escapedof enemy thegunfire.
barrage of enemy gunfire.
The desert looks dry and barren. The barren plant did not produce any seeds.
The barrier across the driveway preventedA damus is from
a barrier
that holds back water.
After getting to know her cousins for aThe fewbashful
days, Leslie youngno boy longer
hid behind
felt so his
older brother when the guests arrived.
Lets take the ball down to the park and Michael
see if Jordan
anyoneiswants famous to play
for playing
Learning to baste properly is a basic sewing
You should technique.
baste the zipper in place before the final stitching.
The conductor broke the baton in a burst The of conductor's
temper. baton was made of ivory.
The beacon in the lighthouse was a warning
They light fortheships.beacon as soon as it gets dark.
Charles is not allowed to eat dinner withThethe beastly
rest of behavior
the family of thebecause
suspect he caused
has beastly
the judge
table to
deny parole.
It was sheer bedlam backstage after the Theplay.
screaming children had turned the place into a bedlam.
Bees use beeswax to build their honeycomb.
Candles and crayons are made from beeswax.
The artist unveiled his painting for all This
of thehappy,
world healthy
to behold. family is a beautiful sight to behold.
Due to the illness of the chairman, theMy committee's
friends decided belated to give
report me was
a belated
not received
because I was ill on my birthday.
The student behaved in a belligerent The way defiant
most ofchild the time
spoke and in antagonized
a most belligerent
of voice.
classmates alike.
A bull will bellow when enraged or excited.
We heard him bellow when the hammer hit his finger.
Try to catch your boss in a benevolent ThemoodLeewhen familyyou wasask thefor benevolent
the raise. donor of the funds for the new library.
The artist always wore a red beret when Thispainting
wool beret pictures
matchesof Paris.
my scarf and mittens.
My berth on the ship was quite comfortable.
Would you like the upper or lower berth, Alvin?
I beseech you to increase my allowance. The teacher often has to beseech the students to pay more attention.
The army is prepared to beset the city. The sailors were beset by poor weather.
The sharks were readying to besiegeThe the poor
army woundedregiment whale.will besiege the enemy at dawn tomorrow.
A bevy of fans met the rock singer at We the saw
airport. a bevy of quail crossing the country road.
The snake charmer tried to bewitch the The snake.
magician tried to bewitch us with so many amazing tricks.
The school year has biannual vacations, The onemagazine in Decemberwas a biannual
and one in publication,
April. coming out in April and October.
"Please don't bicker with me," said the Theteacher
children to anoften
bicker student.
with their brothers and sisters.
He went to jail for bigamy when it wasBigamydiscovered is illegal
thatinhemosthad countries.
two wives at the same time.
It is quite expensive to rent space on Have
that billboard.
you noticed the new billboard on the highway?
The wind makes the lake waters billow The onto
the beach.on the clothesline billow in the wind.
The entertainer's purple pants and green The shirt
were a bizarre surrounding
combination.the crime were bizarre.
Are you threatening to blackmail me with The this
criminal embarassing
tried to blackmail
information? the mayor with information about his past.
The actor played the part of a blacksmithWhen in your
the television
horse needs series new about
to a blacksmith.
The doctor recommended that I followThe a bland
toddler diet
longermy enjoyed
surgery.the baby food's bland taste.
Leave the question blank if you are not Every
of the answer.was given a blank piece of paper.
When leaving an air-conditioned building When in Alvin
the desert,rolled youdown will
a blastwe of hot
felt air.
a blast of cold air.
Al wore his new plaid blazer to the party.
Your new blue blazer looks good on you, Alvin.
We had to bleach all the napkins to get I hadtheto spots
bleach pants to get all of the dirt out of them.
The outlook is bleak for our team today The because
photo captured our star player
the bleak is injured.
winter landscape of North Dakota.
If you blindfold me then I will not be able
I willtoblindfold
see anything. you so that you will be surprised.
A straight A report card is pure bliss. For Alvin, bliss is a double-dip chocolate chip ice cream cone.
The declaration of worldwide peace would The birthdefinitely
of a baby be asister
blissfulwas occasion.
a blissful occasion for Alvin.
The blizzard made it impossible for peopleLast winter
to finish thetheir
city shut
down shopping.
for two weeks due to a powerful blizzard.
The police will use a blockade to protect Thethe naval area blockade
from looting. was successful in preventing ammunition from reaching the island.
The bloom from that rose is fading away. I cut a pretty bloom from the garden to give to my grandparents.
Mr. Forbes showed me the blueprint of The thecarpenter
beautifullooked house carefully
he is the blueprint.
The architecture student was workingThe on aarchitect
blueprintshowed for the thedesignnewclass.
blueprint to the builder.
Don't make a blunder by forgetting the I made
date of a blunder
the exam! when I mistakenly called my teacher "Dad."
Are you worried that you might blunder The onplayers
the dance triedfloor?
not to blunder their way through the football game.
You will blunt the sharp edge of that carving
If you blunt knifethe if you
endbangof theit sharp
on thestick,
I will let you play with it.
A hurricane will always cause winds to The bluster.
wind began to bluster as the rain fell.
Walking in that bog seems like walking Beon careful
a sponge. not to get stuck in the bog.
Do you think that our boisterous partyThe is disturbing
teacher asked the neighbors?
the boisterous students to quiet down.
He was held in bondage until he could Theworkcrackoff his
addict debt. was in bondage to drugs.
Please help me put these books in the You bookcase.
will find my dictionary in the bookcase.
The librarian gave me a bookmark soMark I canyou findplace
the right in the
pagebook whenwithI this
to continue reading this book.
That kind of boorish behavior is a great The social
guest's disadvantage
boorish behavior to anyone. at the party made everyone uncomfortable.
I have been studying plants in a laboratory
The botanist
and amwas becoming
writing interested
a paper oninnative a careerCalifornia
as a botanist.
Does the bright light bother your eyes? Do not bother your sister while she is practicing the piano.
The bulldozer removed the large boulder The from
cave's the entrance
buildingwas site.blocked by a very large boulder.
The office building is located on a lovely,
The tree-lined
parade continued boulevard. down the boulevard.
The lucky anglers had a bounteous catch; Therethey wasreeleda bounteousin one fish
supply after of another.
food in the cellar, enough to live on for a month.
Steve brought his friend a huge bouquet Maria'sof yellow
parents daisies.
gave her a lovely bouquet of flowers on her birthday.
The community staged a boycott to protest Do youthe thinkuseaof boycott
forcedoflabor that inproduct
the manufacture
is fair becauseof goods.
of the company's poor environment
It was quite brash of you to ask for a raise
The brashon your youngfirst teenager
day on the sometimes
job. acted before thinking.
The whole neighborhood was awakened The by bartender
the noisy became
brawl. very angry when the outlaws started a brawl.
The rushing water was able to breachThe thesailors
wall along usedthe a torpedo
river's breach the ship's hull.
It is quite breezy by the ocean today. The picnic was held on a warm, breezy summer day.
The waitress told us she will brew a pot Wouldof coffee.
you like me to brew a pot of tea?
The quick fox chased the skunk into aThe briar
bush. rabbit was stuck in the briar bush.
All the members of the bridal party posed Lisa'sfor sisters
pictures gave after
a bridal
wedding. shower before she was married.
The bridle is a basic part of the ridingWhen train a horse, you must teach it to accept wearing a bridle.
The lake became a brilliant emerald color The diamond
when thebecame sun shone brilliant
on it.when placed under a light.
The once beautiful silk gowns found in Thetheoldsunken
shipwreck treasure waschest
raisedhad frombeen
the ruined
deep brine.
by the brine.
In order to keep up with my dog's brisk I like
to start
I need mytoday walkwith
verya brisk
walk along the beach.
Spaghetti is very brittle until it is cooked.
As people grow old, their bones may become quite brittle.
We could not broach the question without We carefully
upsetting began
the accident
to broach victim.
the uncomfortable issue.
The brocade on that antique chair is beautiful
The heavy fabric.
texture of that brocade gave the draperies an elegant look.
This brochure describes the admission The requirements
travel brochure for thehasprivate
school. about several vacation resorts.
We ate our lunch beside the mountainThe brook.
mountain brook was so narrow that Alvin stepped across it easily.
It is fun to browse through the store and Each look
for father likes to eat breakfast and browse through the newspaper.
The cross-country race course is veryThe brutal;
boaonly constrictor
the toughestis a brutal
can survive
that slowly
it. strangles its prey.
The lilacs will be in bud soon. This rose bud will soon open into a beautiful flower.
If we budget our money carefully, we You can must
go onbudget a shortyour vacation
time this
during summer.
a test so that you have an opportunity to look at every
The chef prepared a festive buffet forThe the delicious
holiday celebration.
buffet included ham, roast beef, and salmon.
I put a new bulb in the bedroom lamp.Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb.
The frightened children decided to tellThe thebully
teacher tookaboutthe balltheaway
school thebully.
small boy.
The child clung to the buoyant life preserver
After weuntil bailthe outcoast
all of guard
the water, arrived.
the boat will be buoyant again.
Would you like help with that heavy burden?
The hiker's backpack felt like a burden by the end of a long day on the trail.
The burly construction worker was able Because
to lift thetheheavyathlete metal
was pipes
so burly, by himself.
we guessed he was probably a weightlifter.
Use lemon juice and salt to burnish the Please
copper burnish
pans.the brass ornaments until they shine.
The gophers like to burrow in our lawn. Rabbits burrow into the ground to make their homes.
The logs are bound together with a cable. Is that cable strong enough to hold the boxes on the truck?
When the training is complete, the cadet My cousin
will serve is aas cadet
an officer
at West in the
Point army.
in New York.
The villagers built the cairn in honor of Thethose
cairn who was died
made in the
of stones
war. gathered on the mountainside.
The earthquake in 1906 was a calamity Theforwidespread
San Francisco. flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers was a calamity for the
Milk and cheese are good sources ofCalcium necessary to build strong bones.
The pioneers cooked their food in a caldron
The hotel overchefan used
open afire. caldron to prepare the soup for the dinner.
Some fish camouflage themselves onWe thetried
ocean to camouflage
floor so that the predators
truck so can't
it would
them.not be recognizable.
Are you going to work in the political campain?
The governor opened the reelection campaign with a speech at the capital.
My family likes this campground because As soon it is as
so weclosereachto the thelake.
campground, we will pitch the tent.
The nurse put camphor on the patient's Moths wound. do not like the smell of camphor.
We must cancel our reservation at thePlease restaurant.
cancel my subscription to the newspaper.
My brother is a canny card player; it'sMs. difficult
beat double her money in six months by making canny investments.
The waiter remained pleasant and friendly,Mr. Wilson althoughhas athe reputation
customers forwere
The high seas caused the dinghy to capsize.
If you stand up in a canoe, you may cause it to capsize.
The hostages were overjoyed when they Alvinwere was finally
and put from in captivity
in an underground cell.
The kidnapped man convinced his captor The blindfolded
to set him free. prisoner could not see his captor.
I will put the fish back in the lake afterAmelia
I capture wantsit. to capture and study the beautiful butterfly.
Our scout troop traveled in a caravanThe up to caravan
the camp of heavily
in the mountains.
laden camels crossed the desert.
The beef carcass must be inspected and Vulturesgraded hovered
beforeover it is the
carcass of a lion.
My relaxed neighbor is always so happy Theand familycarefree.
spent a carefree summer at the beach.
Female monkeys usually tenderly caress Alvintheir loved young
to caress
babies. and pet the new litter of kittens.
We will unload the cargo as soon as we What reachkindtheof cargo
dock. is that ship carrying?
Did you see the caricature of the senator The in sidewalk
that cartoon?
artist drew a caricature of Alvin.
The baby likes to crawl on the blue carpetI stained we have
the newon the carpetlivingwhen
room I spilled
floor. my glass of punch.
I asked the butcher to carve the hunkWill of cheese
you please into thin
carve slices.
the roast beef that we are having for dinner?
We saw a beautiful cascade of water The splashing
rushing into
the small
made pool.a cascade over the high curb and into the gutter.
Please pay the cashier located at theThe frontcashier
of the store.
gave the customer his package.
The wine must age in the cask beforeThe it iscask
of wine was down in the cellar.
Henry was nervous even though the dinner It is best party
to wear
was a casual
casual clothing
event. to the park.
If you wear your seat belt when driving, Theyou person
may avoid
not wearing
becoming a seat a casualty.
belt was the only casualty in the car accident.
This hurricane will cause a great catastrophe
A terribleincatastrophe
the town. befell the ship.
They can cater for parties of any size.They have been hired to cater the food for the party Saturday night.
Notre Dame is a famous cathedral in Will Paris. the wedding be held in the cathedral ?
There is a big cavity in the earth where When the treeyou was
a cavity in your tooth, you should visit the dentist.
How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?
We are having a party tonight to celebrate my father's birthday.
The cello is much larger than a violin.Erin wants to learn to play the cello.
The gift wrapping department ran outPlease of cellophane.
wrap the fruit basket with cellophane.
A census is taken in the United StatesInevery Roman tenhistory
years.a census was taken to determine taxation.
Many types of grain are classified as Jorge
cereal.has toast, eggs, and cereal for breakfast each morning.
We vacationed at a charming chalet in Ingatheand Swiss Hans Alps.
loved their chalet in the Swiss Alps.
The state capitol had a senate chamber Theon class
the visited
third floor.the judge's chamber on a tour of the courthouse.
The beautiful little chapel was perfectThe for thefamilysmallwentwedding.
into the chapel for a moment of quiet prayer.
Our team always wins when we play Alvin charades. loves to play charades at parties.
Your donations to charitable groups are Alvin taxisdeductible.
active in many charitable organizations.
That part of the continental divide dropped
The chasm off sharply
between withthe a deep
two peaks
chasmmadeon both
the ridge.
perilous for the climbers.
Do we have time to chat before the movie? Alvin likes to chat with a friend.
When people are nervous, sometimesPlease they chatter
don't chatter
too much. while I am trying to give directions.
The skillful chauffeur quickly drove usMr. to the
Burke airport.
hired a chauffeur to drive him to work.
Because he wrote an article about male Thesuperiority,
chauvinistic the politician
columnist believed
was accused
that onlyofmen
by allowed to run for office.
She will always cherish the memory of We thatshould
special cherish
day. the members of our family.
The strong elephant can easily chew Chew that tree your branch.
food carefully before you swallow.
Please don't chide me for making justYour one parents
mistake.may chide you if you don't do your chores.
There is a chill in the room; please lightPutthe onfire.
your sweater; there is a chill in the air.
Cathy joined the choir because she loved Alvin to wants sing in the school choir this year.
The chorus practiced reciting the beautiful
The children
choral reading.
performed a choral reading of the famous poem.
The pianist played a chord, and the choir Can beganyou play to asing.
D major chord on your guitar?
I have to finish this chore before I may Whenplay.I get home from school, raking the leaves is my favorite chore.
A heavy smoker may develop a chronic Because
cough.of the chronic rain, we haven't seen the sun for weeks.
It is impolite to chuckle or tell jokes while
Harrisonthe teacher
may chuckle is speaking.
quietly while reading in the library.
We will circulate the petition at the meeting
Vigorous tonight
so that willpeople
make the canblood
sign it.circulate faster through your body.
We do not have any water to refill theAlbert
emptyput cistern.
more water in the cistern.
The citadel was on a high hill overlooking
The troops
the city. stormed the citadel hoping to conquer it by dawn.
The mayor is a hard-working civic official.
Every citizen has a civic duty to vote in the election.
Can you clamber up that pole in 15 seconds?
The children like to clamber on the jungle gym at school.
How can you put up with that clamor The fromclamoryour neighbor's
from the party house? in the next room made it difficult for me to sleep.
To which clan does your family belong? The whole clan is having a family reunion this summer.
I saw my former classmate at the school Margie reunion.
studied for the test with her classmate.
The claustrophobic woman refused toMy rideclaustrophobic
on the elevator. friend does not like to be in enclosed places.
Mom wears rubber gloves to protect her I ranhandsout offrom cleanser
the cleanser
while scrubbing
she usesthe to dirty
the oven.
Don't use the cleaver for that job; what The you butcher
need iscut a paring
the thick knife.
steaks with a cleaver.
The new attorney's first client was a next-door
The clientneighbor.was happy with the architect's plans.
Static electricity will make the garment Cling
to your to legs.
the raft so you won't fall in the river.
People who form a tight clique limit themselves
The peoplesocially. in that clique seem to do everything together.
Red Riding Hood wore a red cloak in Athe cloak
help keep you warm as you walk through the fog.
The detective found a helpful clue at Thethe scenethief's of footprints
the crime. are an important clue.
It was difficult to believe that the graceful
The athlete
womanhad hoped once thebeen
a clumsydance child.
lessons would help her feel less clumsy.
The guests were standing in a clusterAlvin around stood theand refreshment
admired the table.
colorful cluster of flowers in the garden.
I will firmly clutch the suitcases as weClutch
walk toyour the purse
airplane. tightly when walking through the crowded shopping center.
Homes in this coastal neighborhood are Seagulls
very expensive.
generally live in coastal areas.
The extremely loud noise injured her The cochlea. cochlea is the spiral-shaped section of the inner ear.
Parents can not always coddle their children.
Sometimes it is necessary to coddle a person who is ill.
Each tiny cog is important to the functioning
The machine of the watch.
isn't working because a cog on one of the wheels is broken.
The judge will cogitate carefully before Alvinrendering
will cogitatea decision.
a long time when making an important decision.
The large snake will coil itself around Please
the treecoil branch.
the garden hose and place it near the gate.
The two authors will collaborate in writing
My classmate
the historyand book. I will collaborate on the science project.
There was a three-car collision at theThe corner twolast
night. found themselves heading for a collision.
The Empire State Building is a colossal Thestructure.
charity fund-raiser was a colossal success.
The colt will race in the Kentucky Derby.Alvin admired the beautiful colt running in the pasture.
At Stonehenge in England, each stone The column
federal is building
built in aisspecial
supported position
by oneto the
moon, column.
and stars.
The family was overjoyed when the child The came patientout was of inthea coma.
coma for two weeks after the accident.
The attorney general is a leader in theThe effort
to combat
must combat drug abuse.crime in the cities.
If you watch a good comedy you might We cheer
laughedup. at all the jokes in the award-winning comedy.
The police can commandeer a privateThe vehicle
police to officer
use in had timetoofcommandeer
emergency. a taxi to chase the fleeing robber.
The coach will commend the most valuable I want to players
commend at theyou, awardsAlvin, banquet
for working
to improve your vocabulary.
The commodious yacht was very large The and commodious
comfortable.guest room was large enough to accomodate three people.
The teacher had to settle the commotion We were in theawakened
classroominbefore the middle
of thethenight
by a commotion outside our window.
Try to pack your things into one compact I have bag;decided
we don't to buyhavea much
compact, because it will get good gas mileage.
We felt compassion for the war orphans Alvin andfelttried
to help them. for the victims of the famine.
The teacher tried to make the lesson You interesting
cannotrather compel thanmecompel
to jumpthe off students
the high diving
to listen
to a ifdull
I don't
want to do it.
Washing your face carefully will help Theyour baby complexion.
has a beautiful, clear complexion.
The compliant child did not resist when The thesuspect
babysitter wassaid surprisingly
it was bedtime.
compliant when asked to give details about his actions on
After all that extra work on the project,Everyone
the grouplikes wastohappy receive to agetcompliment
a compliment for work
You must comply with all of the safetyI willrules comply
in thiswith sailingtheclass.
mechanic's request for prompt payment.
I cannot comprehend her attitude on The that issue.
new material was difficult to comprehend.
Tena will glue and then tightly compress Youthe cantwo compress
pieces of thewood
cottonin order
balls and
to join
fit more
them into
each box.
Will the friends stop arguing and agree Both to compromise?
parties have agreed to compromise and end the dispute.
My parents always try to conceal my The birthday children
presents tried from
to conceal
me. their pet snake from their teacher.
Those conceited people think that they If you
are aretoo too
good conceited,
to be our you friends.
will have trouble making friends.
The beautiful concerto was written forThe the musicians
piano and performed
an orchestra. my favorite concerto at the concert.
Try to be concise in your explanation The because mayor's we concise
are running manner out ofof time.
speaking was appreciated by his audience.
The teacher wants a concise report, full Alvin of gave
a concise but short.
lecture, and I learned a lot.
The researchers hoped to document Be some sure concrete
to haveevidence some concrete about the proofbenefits
beforeofyou themake
new drug.
such a serious accusation.
The researchers hoped to document Be some sure concrete
to haveevidence some concrete about the proofbenefits
beforeofyou themake
new drug.
such a serious accusation.
The judges must all concur before theThe prizejury can must
be concur
awarded. on a verdict.
The condemnation of the pier was necessary
The condemnationafter it hadof beenmany pounded
buildings by wasviolent
waves. after the earthquake.
People don't like it when you condescendEvento a them.
serious person may condescend to play a childish game once in a while.
The conductor collected tickets from allThe ofconductor
the train passengers.
told the passengers to board the train.
By telling you something very personal, Best I will
confide often in confide
you. in each other.
We will confront our opponent in a debate
I thinkon thatSaturday.
it is time to confront them with the evidence of their dishonesty.
The city planners hoped the new subway The streets
system were wouldcongested
lure somewith drivers
people away trying
In Washington, D.C., protesters oftenThe congregate
studentsinwill front
of the White in the
courtyard for the flag salute.
A conscientious worker will take painsAlvinto dois theconscientious
best work possible.and takes pride in doing good work.
It has been raining for six consecutivePresident
days. Franklin Roosevelt was elected to four consecutive terms.
It is important to conserve our naturalTheresources.
runners tried to conserve their strength for the end of the race.
When the child first learned how to playHishide-and-seek,
conspicuous grin shehinted
always that
about the surprise party all along.
My sister and I will conspire to give our
The cousins
two people a surprise
met to party.
conspire to rob the bank.
During an asthma attack, the breathing Smoking
passages tendswilltoconstrict.
constrict the blood vessels.
Her laughter was contagious, and soon People
the wholewith contagious
class was in diseases
an measles must stay home from school.
The pastor helped the man contemplate Thehis consequences
choices. of failure were too harsh for the firefighter to contemplate.
A traitor is held in contempt by the patriots
Most peopleof a country.
feel contempt for a cheat.
The final standings show that three teams
The young,will contendsingle for mother
the championship.
must contend with many difficult problems.
The athlete's place on the starting teamMy is travel
plans are on her
attendanceon my at ability
daily prac
to purchase airline tickets.
We watched the baker contort the dough The intomagician pretzels.
will contort himself into that small box.
The tourists tried to smuggle some contraband
The smugglers through tried customs.
to conceal their contraband as they crossed the border.
The inventor designed a contraption thatMany could
people peelregarded
and coreThomas apples at Edison's
the same lighttime.
bulb as just another contraption.
To be a good umpire you must be conversant
Our bandwith teacher
all the is rules.
conversant with every wind instrument in the band.
The windows in an airplane are not flat;Contact
they have lenses a convex
have a convex
curve. curve, so as to fit the eye.
Please convey this message to the principal
Will youfor convey
me. our congratulations to them on their anniversary?
The convulsions were a symptom of the Thefood sick poisoning.
child's body was shaken by violent convulsions until the medicine took effect.
The cordial flight attendant greeted each
Our passenger
cordial hostess with sincere
has offered enthusiasm.
to pick us up at the airport.
The rancher had to corral the cattle by Athimself.
noon we will watch the cowboys corral the cattle.
I received a long letter from a correspondent
The newspaper who livescorrespondent
in Australia. writes stories about France.
The old, metal, playground equipmentThe hasharshstarted weather
to rustcaused
and corrode.
the bridge to corrode.
As he spoke to the judge, the thief seemed
At the end to have of themany book, regrets
the lawyer
about discovered
his corrupt life.the diary of the corrupt mayor.
Charles gave a lovely corsage to his mother
Shirley saved for herthe birthday.
rose corsage she wore to the prom.
The new governor needed advisors toThe counsel
lawyers hiscounsel
staff about theirpolitics.
clients about legal matters.
Don't accept that $20 bill; it looks counterfeit
Making to counterfeit
me. money is unlawful.
This coupon entitles us to a fifty percent
Jane discount
clippedatthe thediscount
movie theater.
coupon from the newspaper.
Please be courteous when you meet The the new courteousfamily children
next door. were well mannered at the party.
The princess often walked in the castle's
The courtyard.
office workers ate lunch in the building's courtyard.
Only the highest government officialsWhenknew the about covert
the covert
of theoperation.
spy were discovered, his life was in grave danger.
Because he was covetous of power, the Try newly
not to elected
be covetous officialof volunteered
your friend'stopossessions;
head severalyou have many things to be thankful
Small children may cower behind their Theparents
cat would whencower they see in thestrangers.
corner because it was afraid of the dog.
The monk wore a gray cowl as a symbol His face
of hiswas order.
hidden by the cowl he wore.
The craft of jewelry making is a good To hobby.
learn the craft of boat building takes many years.
Even the most experienced investigators The werecraftyfooledwolf disguised
by the outlandish
himself as lies
of the
Hood's grandmother.
Can you climb that mountain crag? We climbed to the top of the crag and looked down.
The bird gathered twigs from a crannyHave in the you rocks.
searched every nook and cranny in the house for the lost book?
It is hard to respect anyone with suchIfcrass
you are motives.
too crass, you will not be welcome in polite society.
Please oil the hinges on the door so that
I'm sureyou willeveryone
not hear heard
a creak
the creak
when of it isthe
door, though I tried to come in quietly.
Do you think they are credulous enough Some to believe
people your were storyso credulous
about thethat flying
they saucer?
believed everything in the ad.
The crowd's cheering will crescendo ifPlease
the team crescendo
comes back on the in last
the line
bottomof the of the
The puppy peered longingly through the Thecrevice
rock climber in the rested
gate. in a crevice in the cliff.
The pilot is a member of the airplane Would
crew. you enjoy working on the crew of a cruise ship?
The ship leaves tomorrow for a three-month
We are cruise. planning an ocean cruise this summer.
The mother bear tried to protect her cub.
Alvin took a picture of the bear cub at the zoo.
That cudgel looks like a dangerous weapon.
The attacker swung the cudgel at us threateningly.
The cookie jar is empty, and we are looking
Who is for thethe culprit
who took my bicycle helmet?
Let me help you carry that cumbersome Thispackage.
tent is too cumbersome to take on a backpacking trip.
They thought of a cunning plan to make Thesome hiker money.
had to be very cunning to stay alive after getting caught in the snowstorm.
You may eat a chocolate cupcake after Each dinner.
child at the party got to decorate his own cupcake.
Try to curb your laughter when you are A little
in court.
snack will curb your hunger until lunch.
Milk will curdle if kept too long in a warm
will curdle if you add lemon juice to it.
We must go to an early movie so I can Mybeparents
home by willcurfew.
wait up to see if I'm home by curfew.
We noticed the ancient curio in the museum
Alvin brought display. the curio home from a trip to Egypt.
Do you enjoy the flavor of curry? Did you add too much curry to this sauce?
I should have studied more; I gave the The chapter
driveronly gavea the cursory
map reading.
a cursory glance before starting on the trip.
In the article the doctor warned people Alvin
to curtail
made the the use
of alcohol
game risks.
and go to bed.
The beautiful dish had dainty hand-painted
Those designs
delicate on miniature
it. roses make a dainty bouquet.
The castle was dank and dreary. Our basement is cold and dank.
Don't let anything daunt you; keep pursuing
The fears your ofgoal.
others did not daunt the brave explorer.
The tired, but dauntless, mountain climber
The dauntless
continuedknight his journey
rescued to the princess
top of thefrom mountain.
the dragon.
The children liked to dawdle on their wayDon'thome dawdle, fromAlvin.
school. Get your homework done.
The toughest part of a reporter's job is Themeeting
deadline a story's
for turning
in the report is January 8.
The doctor spends much of his time tryingA skulltoand findcrossbones
a cure for the often
on poison or other deadly substances.
After the flood, there was no dearth ofThe offers
help from frommany
a dearth
eagerof volunteers.
new ideas for fund-raising.
Because he suffered from a debilitating Thecondition,
woman'sthe debilitating
patient had disease
very little
energy. her from going on the cruise.
The debtor worried that he would not The havedebtorenough owed moneya great
to pay
money to the bank.
It is sometimes difficult to debunk theTheclaims nutritionist
of false wanted
to debunk the advertising for the vitamin capsules.
The young debutante was very excited The about
lovely attending
debutante herwore
first formal
a formal dance.
gown to the ball.
The ten-sided building is a very interesting
The geometry
architectural professor
of a decagon.
each of the students to draw a decagon.
Concealing the truth in order to mislead Theothers
swindler'sis an honest-looking
example of deceit. face made deceit appear impossible.
The driver tried to decelerate, but theDecelerate
acceleratoras pedal
you was approach
stuck.the sharp curves in the road.
That suit was decent attire for the jobAlvin
always exhibits decent behavior at the table.
I do not want to rake the leaves that fall
This offdeciduous
of this deciduoustree loses tree.
its leaves annually.
Can you decipher this postmark? My own handwriting is so poor that I cannot decipher what I wrote!
Would you like to go up on the deck and Thesunbathe?
swimming pool is on the sports deck.
The baker likes to decorate birthday cakes
Let's decorate
and make the
themroom very
by fancy.
hanging everyone's pictures on the wall.
The brave hero received his decoration Thefrom soldier
the President
earned hisofdecoration
the Unitedfor States.
rescuing two friends from enemy territory.
To whom did the author dedicate her The latest students
book? will dedicate the new gymnasium to Coach Parks.
We wanted to see that movie, but weI knew will rewrite
that our thisgrandparents
paper if you woulddeem itdeemnecessary.
it inappropriate.
Do not deface the surface of your desk. Do not write on or deface the cover of your new math book.
The person's only defect was a quickThere temper. was a defect in the fabric Alvin bought for me.
All the defective cars must be returned MytoVCR the factory.
is defective; I must have it repaired.
They acted in defiance of the law. When they shouted defiance at the officer, they were promptly arrested.
The defiant student refused to follow After
the teacher's
being told directions.
not to go upstairs, the defiant child stood on the top step and called out to
Many of the applicants were deficientIfinyou thedo skills
eat vegetables
for the job.
and fruits, your diet will be deficient in nutrients.
With a few deft strokes of a pencil, the Thesidewalk
magician artist
wasdrew so deft
a likeness
that allof ofthe
tricks were convincing.
You will go to jail if you defy the law. The political protesters will defy the evil dictator's orders.
I wonder if that snob would deign to notice
Wouldus. you deign to speak briefly to our little group?
Don't be dejected, Scott; your friend will
Thecall team soon.was dejected after losing the championship game by one point.
The chocolate mousse was delectable. Thank you for the delectable chocolates; they will make a luscious after-dinner treat.
Please delete the third paragraph of yourYou essay.
should delete any unnecessary information from the poster.
Congress will deliberate the question Alvin
of raising
was slow answer and would deliberate carefully over each question.
The deluxe hotel room included a fullyI always
stockedorder refrigerator
the deluxe and pizza
a jacuzzi.
with everything on it.
His demeanor was polite and cheerful. Alvin has a quiet, modest demeanor.
The worker's demise was attributed toThe themanydangerous advantages
job. of air travel contributed to the demise of travel by rail.
If you have an accident, you might demolish
The wreckers your car. will demolish the old house.
The family remodeled their house andAlvin added likesa den.
to curl up on the sofa in the den and read a good book.
The politician was afraid to den.ce theInlaw his publicly,
speech he for will
of not war,
it immoral.
New York City is an area with a very dense
The forest population.
was dense with tall redwood trees.
We must depart very early in the morning.When do you depart on your trip?
I deplore the racial prejudice in our society.
I deplore violence of any kind.
The bright new candidate will most likely
filed a the petition
to depose candidate.
the corrupt mayor.
Did you deposit your paycheck for this I must
month? deposit money in my account before I write any more checks.
My parents will deprive me of my television
The people privilegeswanted if I don't
to deprive
completethe cruel
my homework
ruler of power.
Ruth is a descendant of two Holocaust Mysurvivors.
friend Alvin is a descendant of a family who came to the United States on a ship.
The election board will designate several
Be surehomes to designate
as official the polling
you want when you place your order.
The hermit lived in a little shack on a The
landscapeold farm. was desolate; there was no sign of life at all.
You should be ashamed of your despicableThe despicable
actions. criminal stole money from an elderly woman.
The destitute woman was forced to sleep When onthea park
immigrantbench.first arrived in the country, he was destitute.
The bus will take a detour because the The regular
collapsed routebridgeis closed forcedto traffic.
the ambulance to take a long detour on its way to the hospita
Refinishing will not detract from the value
The old of the
frame antiquedoeschair.
not detract from the beauty of the picture.
The politician wanted to avoid any scandals
Your tendency
that might to study
be detrimental
at the lasttominute
his reelectio
could be detrimental to your grades.
Dennis is well known in the neighborhoodThe rowdyfor hisstreet
gang was involved in much devilment.
The person was clever, but always devious
They were in dealings
so devious with thatothers.
I could not trust them for even a minute.
Eric will devise a strategy that can win.
Alvin tried to devise a type of grass that would never need mowing.
He is a devotee of the opera and attendsAlvinwhenever
is a devotee he can.
of sailing.
Could you devour four hamburgers inThe onehungry
meal? teenager could easily devour a whole pizza at one time.
The dexterous surgeon was able to stitchMy grandmother,
the wound quickly a dexterousand carefully.
seamstress, made this beautiful quilt for me.
The lab tests should help the doctor diagnose
I hope thethe doctor
problem.will be able to diagnose my illness.
The doctor took many tests before makingWe hope a diagnosis.
the doctor will make a diagnosis soon.
A dialect of French is spoken in southern
The Louisiana
Sicilian dialect by descendants
is a little different
of French
standard Italian.
That book has a good plot and cleverThe dialogue.
second act contained a lot of humorous dialogue.
It is important to use good diction whenThespeaking
news commentator
before an audience. has clear diction and is easy to understand.
The doctor gave the patient with the upset
It is not stomach
good for some
eat a large
his meal
right before going to sleep.
Abraham Lincoln was a man of great Even dignity. in difficult times she maintained her dignity.
You need to repair or replace the dilapidated
We watched fenceassothe thewrecking
livestockball doesdestroyed
not escape.the dilapidated, old apartment building.
One must be diligent to succeed in high Alvin school
is a diligent
and college.student.
I need to dilute this tea with more hotWill please dilute this bitter lemonade with water?
Bob stumbled over a cord because the Gloria
light could
in his barely
room was see so herdim.
friend in the dim light of the movie theater.
The big football player looked like a giant
The child
next to was themorediminutive
diminutive child.than the others in the same grade.
Most yachts have a dinghy or two lashed Alvintorowedtheir sides
out toso thethatlarge
a small
The decorator was certain the dingy roomThe dark could and be dingy
attic was withfull
of old
and newand curtains.
We are fortunate that diphtheria can be Theprevented
patient with by the
a vaccine.
high temperature and difficulty breathing has diptheria.
My parents threatened me with dire consequences
The consequences if I should
of a nuclear
get home warafter
be dire.
The skier fell and twisted her leg; the That
will disable
may disable her forthe months.
athlete for the rest of the season.
A large earthquake in a heavily populated
The hurricane
area is certainlythat struck a disaster.
southern Florida was a great disaster.
Please discard that old pair of shoes.The Salvation Army truck will pick up any old clothing or furniture that we wish to discard.
The sound of all the drivers honking their
horns was I findvery
music very discordant.
Emilio would never discourage his sisterThefromranger trying
triedher to hardest.
discourage them from climbing over the dangerous rocks.
Remember to disengage the hand brake You before
must disengage
you begin the driving.
safety chain before you can open the door.
The bank robber wore a ski mask to disguise
I'm goingherself.
to disguise myself as a pirate for Halloween.
We hoped to encourage the disheartened After child
his thirdby explaining
strike, the batter that nofeltonedisheartened
wins first prizeabout his ability to help the team.
Shock turned to horror as the shopkeeperThe painting
and I watched is so old the that
if we attempt
vase tofallclean
to theit,floor
it may
disintegrate into pieces.
Copy your important computer files onto Jim aleft backup
his diskette
diskette. in the computer lab.
The ancient prison was a dismal place Thursday
becausewas there dismal
no windows. of the rain and fog.
Patsy used a screwdriver to dismantleMy herfather going to help me dismantle the old motorcyle.
We were dismayed to learn that the library
Alvin was had dismayed
to close because when the of club
lack fund-raiser
of funds. was not a success.
The parents were shocked to learn ofThe theirdismissal
son's dismissalof the class from was school.
scheduled for noon.
If you disrupt the lesson, the teacher The
will berioters
annoyed.tried to disrupt the meeting.
We must try to dissuade the star player Perhaps
from quitting
Alvin can thedissuade
team. them from their dangerous plan.
If you distract me every five minutes, Don't
I'll neverdistract
get my me;work I'm trying
done. to write a letter.
That airplane must be in distress; I am If you
picking are upin distress,
SOS signals. please let me help you.
I distrust the stranger who keeps askingI distrust
me forpeopleinformationwho gossipabout aboutmy neighbor.
The reporter would not divulge the source
Alvin of is athegoodshocking
friend information.
and will not divulge my secret.
Is your boat tied up at the dock? Meet me on the dock at noon, and we will go sailing.
We watched the doe feed her babies.We saw a beautiful doe when we were in the mountains last week.
The candidate was too dogmatic to receiveThe teacher many was votes. dogmatic in stating political views.
The sea mammal trainer enjoys teaches Thethe playful
dolphinto doleapedtricks and for the
through the water.
The ill child received a new kidney from Theanwealthyorgan was a very generous donor.
The doughty firefighter rescued the family
The doughtyfrom thepilot burning
flew building.
his plane through a hurricane to deliver the emergency medicine.
If you douse the fire right now it will not
Douse spread. your campfire with water to make sure it is out.
The generous dowager donated four The million wealthy
to the hospital.
inherited the estate from her husband.
The teacher is downhearted becauseDon't of thebe student's
so downhearted;
low math maybe grade. we'll win the next game.
The tired girl will probably doze duringThe thetrain
boring passenger
movie. may doze in his seat during the long journey.
Let's replace these drab, faded curtains;Thiswe roomcaniseasily
too drab;
sew let'snew paint ones itout
a bright
of these color.
colorful sheets.
The drake watched proudly as his little We ducklings
watchedfollowed a drake their swimmother.
across the pond.
This serious situation calls for drastic Alvin
actionhas on made
my part. drastic changes in our vacation plans.
Riding on an airplane is not scary; you I dread
have no sleeping
reasonwithoutto dread a light
it. on because I am afraid of the dark.
Life was very dreary for the prisoners.The constant rain made the day seem dreary.
Don't drench me with that hose. The rain will drench you if you stay out in the storm.
The aerobics instructor began to drill The
the exercise
teacher began class with to drillslow thestretches
studentstoonmusic. the multiplication tables.
That medicine is to be taken only at night
I wasbecauseso drowsy it will
thatmakeI nearly youfelldrowsy.
asleep during the movie.
I always complain about having to scrub Clearingthe floors
the underbrush
because it is from
the vacant lot was drudgery.
Cesar was dubious about the restaurant Alvin hisis friend
dubious hadabout
chosen. the team's chance for success.
Mr. Henderson said to dump the newspapersThe truckinwill thedumprecyclingthe gravelbin. at the construction site.
The basement was so dark and cold that The itprisoner
seemedwas liketaken
a dungeon. to the castle's dungeon.
That artist is an expert forger and canPlease
duplicate go to great
the works
copy machine of art perfectly.
and duplicate this letter for me.
Be sure to wear durable shoes when The you mechanic's
go hiking in work the mountains.
clothes are made from a durable fabric.
A contract signed under duress is notThe legal confession
and binding. was not admissible because it was signed under duress.
We all enjoyed going for a walk at dusk. The baseball game will be over at dusk, because the field has no lights.
Everyone was glad when spring arrived Your and savings
the snowbanks
will dwindle finally
away began
if youtocontinue spend so much money.
The construction crew used dynamiteThe to blast
a tunnel
dynamite thetomountain.
blow up the bridge.
The wealthy Texan was head of a dynasty Henrythat Adams ruledfounded
state politics.
a dynasty that was very powerful in American life.
We will earmark this money for new library
We must books earmark
so thatthis it will
money not be forspent
next summer's
for somethingvacation.
Mrs. O'Dowd set up the easel so her The young artist
could paint a picturea the easel.
In winter, icicles hang from the eaves.The swallows have built a nest in the eaves of the house.
As the flood waters began to ebb, people As the gradually
played on to the
the tide
homes.began to ebb.
That beautiful table is made of ebony.The beautiful grand piano was made of ebony.
People stared at the eccentric clothing The thechild's
artist was
eccentricwearing. behavior was impossible to predict.
The children's voices echo in the empty hear the gunshot echo through the canyon?
The restaraunt owner must have eclectic My uncle's
tastes, eclectic
becauseart thecollection
menu offers includes
a wide worksvariety
by Picasso, Monet, and Warhol.
You must protect your eyes when watching The eclipse an eclipse
of theofmoon the sun. was seen in many parts of the United States.
The members of the team were ecstatic When when wethelearned
judges that posted
you had the plans
winning to visit
us this summer, we were ecstatic.
This new recipe I tried didn't turn out I'm
verynot well;
sureit isthat
those edible.
leftovers are still edible.
Can you find an eel in the fish tank? The eel was too slippery for me to catch.
Startled by the eerie sound effects in Eerie
the hauntedshadows house,
appeared the children
on the sidescreamed
of the in tent
as we huddled near the campfire.
The committee will be effectual if it hasThe thecommittee
power and developed
money it needs an effectual
to do plan
its job.
for improving the city's parks.
The bubbles in the effervescent liquidThe tickledeffervescent
my nose. liquid was filled with small gas bubbles.
When I asked for directions, Jose drew Lena meand an elaborate
Ken mademap elaborate
so I wouldn't
plans for getthe
Because the angler likes to elaborate,Pleasesometimes elaborate;the fishtellstories
me more areabout
too long.
what really happened.
I was elated to get such a high score Alvin
on the wastest.elated to be invited to the special party.
The palace windows were covered with Sheelegant,
chose avelvet simple drapes.
but elegant wedding gown.
An elegy is often written after the deathWalt of Whitman
a famouswrote person. a famous elegy upon the death of Lincoln.
Because she won first prize last year,Have she isyou notinterviewed
eligible to enter any eligible
the contest
again this
for the
Because she won first prize last year,Have she isyou notinterviewed
eligible to enter any eligible
the contest
again this
for the
Only the very best athletes will be chosen
Alvin for wasthat hoping
be selected
to representfor thetheelitist
whole musical
As the flower stalk began to elongate,If we youhad elongate
to stake that
it so
line, it wouldn't
your drawing fall over.
will be improved.
Don's eloquence has won him many debate Alvin spoke trophies.
with great eloquence on the important issue.
The lawyer made an eloquent speechJohn in defense
F. Kennedy of thewas client. an eloquent public speaker.
The rabbit ran so fast that it managedThe to elude
robber thecould
fox. not elude the police for long.
The elusive fugitive avoided being captured
Many women by crawling had hopes
through of the
building's engaged
heatingto the eligible but elusive bachelor.
They were emaciated after fasting forThe so long.
starving children looked emaciated.
Machines such as the dishwasher and During
microwave his term ovenas help
to emancipate
Lincoln acted
from tohousework.
emancipate the slaves.
At graduation time you often hear words Thelike family"Aswasyou ready
embark to on
your journey
on the first
leg oflife
_ _trip.
Are you trying to embarrass me by teasing
Pleaseme behave
so much? well and do not embarrass me.
He liked to embellish his letters with clever
She wanted sketches to embellish
and cartoons. the simple clay pot with her special design.
* won a contest to design a new emblem The for emblemthe club.of the Rotary Club is a wheel.
The notary will emboss his seal on the Thedocument
store willwhen emboss he witnesses
Alvin's initials
the signatures.
on the stationery.
I will embrace my grandparents whenWhen they come I get home
to seeI me will today.
run in and embrace my new puppy.
Always call the poison control center Thebefore paramedic
giving a childgave an theemetic.
ill child an emetic to help her vomit the poison.
Many people emigrate from the country Ourofneighbors
their birth.are planning to emigrate from the United States to Japan in the fall.
The high fashion designer is eminentThe in the eminent
field, having
authorwon will speak
every award
at our graduation
possible. ceremony.
How do you feel when you hear a carThe alarm smokeemit detector
its warning? will emit a warning sound if it senses smoke.
I can't take my eyes off that enchantingThis picture
is such you anpainted.
enchanting spot that I return to it every year.
We will encircle the candle with flowersAfterfor thea centerpiece.
game, the fans encircle the winning team.
The course will encompass the worksThe of several
book will modern
encompass poets.all aspects of the performing arts.
He is so kind that he will endear himself
Give to your
my family.
mother flowers today; it will endear you to her.
Each contestant will endeavor to win.I will endeavor to win the race.
The fans did not endorse the player for Joshua
the all-star
will endorse
team this theyear.
best qualified person as candidate for president.
You must endorse that check yourself; The it isbank
for reminded
anyone else metotodo endorse
it for you.
the back of the check.
This strong, new building will endure The
for many injured years.
mountain climber had to endure pain, exhaustion, and freezing temperatures
Next year, I will engage in the study ofI will
engage my group in a political debate.
What name would you like to engraveThe on the jewelerwatch?will engrave Alvin's initials on the inside of the ring.
The surfers looked up just as a six-footThe wavetidalwas wave about
to engulf to them.
engulf the entire beach community.
Please let me enlighten you with the facts
Readabout the newspaper
what reallyif happened
you want to last
night. yourself on that issue.
Music always works to enliven a dull evening.
Alvin will tell a few jokes to enliven the party.
We all hope for the end of enmity andThereviolence wasthroughout
great enmity thebetween
world. the two families.
You will enrage your parents if you disobey
You willthem enrage again.the lion if you continue to tease him.
There is no need to get so enraged over Thesuch enraged a small
bull mistake.
charged right at us.
Traveling and meeting new people will Reading
enrich your helpslife.
to enrich your vocabulary.
After the introduction of the bill in Congress,
If we present much that debate idea, willI know
ensue.that an argument will ensue.
The storyteller could enthrall young andTheold adventurers
alike with fascinating
could enthrall tales.
audiences with tales of their travels.
Please don't entice me with that chocolate
Can I cake. entice you to stop studying and go to a movie with me?
The lawyer will entreat the judge to show
I entreatmercy youto not
the toaccused.
leave me to face this crisis alone.
Have you chosen your entree from the We menu?
decided to serve chicken fajitas as the entree for our company dinner.
Clouds began to envelop the mountain The peaks
fog will until
were nothe longer
Can you look at the plans and envisage I tried
envisage house?
what the room would look like with the new wallpaper.
Hosea used an epigram as the title ofOftenhis play. a good writer will use an epigram to make a point.
Receiving the award was only a minorThe episode
next episode
in the scientist's
of the miniseries
brilliant career.
will be shown tomorrow night.
Sometimes an epistle is a literary work The written
epistle in was
verse, written
in theinform quiteofformal
a letter.
An epitaph can be humorous or serious. What sort of epitaph would you want on your gravestone?
Many sports heros are given an epithet, Theortall, a nickname.
thin man was given the epithet, "Stretch."
The years of the Civil War were an unforgettable
Do you thinkepoch that therein thewill history
ever be of the
a completely
United States.
peaceful epoch in the history of the world
Our era is sometimes known as the computer
What eraage. are you studying in social studies now, Alvin?
No one is perfect; we all err at some point.
Don't worry about your mistake; to err is human.
Your driving is so erratic that it makesToday
me nervous. our erratic weather is unpredictable.
My wild escapade landed me in the hospital
They were withsaddened
two broken bylegs.
the foolish escapade of their wayward child.
The agent was convicted of espionage The against
two agentsthe government.
were accused of espionage against the United States.
One half of the test will be short questions,
Tomorrow and the Alvin other
has halfto write
will be
an an
on holiday customs.
Her colleagues held her in high esteem. He is held in high esteem by his peers.
Very few things in this world are unchanging
There isand an eternal
eternal.flame that always burns on the grave of John F. Kennedy.
What seemed like an eternity was actually
It seemed just aan few eternity
minutes before
of embarrassment.
summer finally came.
That delicate hummingbird is so ethereal.
The harp music was lovely and ethereal.
According to etiquette, you should writeIt isanot thank proper
you etiquette
note when to you
lick the
peasa off
gift.of your knife.
When we won the prize, we walked around Their feelingin a state of euphoria
of euphoria made for them
days.optimistic about everything.
The fast-moving hurricane forced us to After
the explosion,
the area.we had to evacuate the building.
Speeders usually try to evade the police. They evade the teacher's searching eyes.
The salesperson was evasive when the Don't customer
be so evasive;
asked about tell me theexactly
product what
Rather than evict me, the landlord is going
Our landlord
to let me willwork
evictoffusmy if we
don't pay rent. the rent.
A cat will evince its dislike of someone A bydogarching
will evince its back its dislike
and hissing.
of strangers by growling.
Looking at old pictures can evoke many Thememories.
speaker tried to evoke a positive response from the audience.
The ewe was feeding her lambs. Alvin saw the ewe and her lambs in the field.
Please fill the ewer with water. She bought the handsome ewer in an antique shop to use as a vase.
The performer tried to exaggerate theDon't danger exaggerate
of the stunt your to income
the audience.
in order to impress others.
The soldiers hoped to exalt their ranks Dobynot working
exalt yourself
hard to get above promotions.
the others in the group.
Don't exasperate your neighbors withThose all thatstudents
noise. will exasperate the teacher if they continue to ignore the instructions.
Because the bone was buried deep, itAn tookarchaeologist
an hour for must the dog excavate
to excavate
the remains
it. of former civilizations.
It is easy for me to excel at math. Ben tries very hard to excel in school.
She is uncomfortable with the injury, but When notMarty
in excruciating
broke his pain. leg, the pain was excruciating.
I'm sure that you will execute all of yourAlvin responsibilities
was appointed quite
to execute
efficiently. the duties of the absent officer.
The volunteer's exemplary generosityI was would admired
like to compliment
by all of her your colleagues.
children on their exemplary behavior at the wedding.
Do you try to exemplify all of the important
The class virtues president
in your should
everyday exemplify
life? the qualities of leadership and diplomacy.
Churches are usually exempt from property Students and onbusiness
the tennis taxes.
team are exempt from regular physical education.
Louis really had to exert himself to make If you upwill
he had missed.a little more your grades will improve.
We inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide. Inhale and exhale deeply as you exercise.
After eight hours in the water, the swimmer
The runner was exhausted.
was exhausted after the marathon.
They made an exhaustive search of the That house
bookto contains
find thean missing
exhaustive keys. discussion of the War of 1812.
Many people find that long-distance running
A ride on is aexhilarating.
roller coaster is an exhilarating experience.
I exhort you to always do your best. The teacher will usually exhort us to study hard before a test.
The woman let out an expletive whenThe sheangry
hit herchild thumb spat with
outthe an hammer.
expletive at the taunting bully.
The shimmering, cascading waterfall That looked dainty
crystal in vase
the moonlight
is exquisite. against the polished granite.
We must find some safe way to exterminate This poison the snails
will exterminate
that are ruining rats. our vegetable garden.
Remember to extinguish all the lightsAlvin whenremembered
you go to bed. to extinguish the fire before leaving the camp.
Commercials extol the quality of the product
The coach theywill areextoltrying thetomerits
sell. of the outstanding player of the game.
The extrovert was the life of the partyAn all extrovert
evening. enjoys having an audience for telling jokes.
There was an exuberant group of two-year-olds
The exuberant at Tommy's
cheerleaders party.were urging their team on to victory.
You will never be successful if you exude People so whomanyexude negative confidence
feelings.and joy usually draw others to them.
The exultant game show contestant cheered The grandparentsafter realizing wereshe exultant
had won when thethey
heard the newborn twins were healthy.
The cook burned the hair on his left eyebrow
The teacher whileraisedlighting onetheeyebrow
barbecue. as she stared at the tardy student.
The teacher read a fable about the fox Alvin,
and havethe grapes.
you heard the fable about the tortoise and the hare?
Did you fabricate an untruthful excuseMy forcompany
being late canto design
work? and fabricate the necessary tools.
They don't like to admit that they are Human
fallible, and beings canare, everbybe nature,
If all of our land is left fallow, we won'tThe
have farmer
any crops
let thethis fieldyear.
lie fallow this year.
The debate coach advised us not to falter The student
when making did notafalter response,
when or answering
we wouldthe lose
The players were famished after theirWhat long soccer
are we practice.
having for dinner? I'm famished.
He was such a fanatic that he frightened If you people
are a with fanatic his about
views.cleanliness, you won't be happy with an untidy house.
The children wanted to give their parents The something
child's fairy-tale fanciful,book instead
was filled
of thewithusual
The price they are asking for that newPete's homestory is fantastic.
is so fantastic that no one will take him seriously.
Putting a human on the moon was only The a fantasy seemed a centuryreal ago. to the daydreamer.
Was the play a farce or a tragedy? My cousin has the leading role in the farce, "Charley's Aunt."
Don't spend all your money; save some What for isbus thefare
faretotoget fly home.
between San Francisco and Boston?
She found the movie so fascinating that Alvin she justsaw finished
it threereadingtimes. a fascinating adventure story.
The fastidious manager rejected every The ideafastidious
that washousekeeper
proposed during would the
tolerate any disorder in the household.
Buckling your seat belt can protect you Swallowing
from a fatal deadly accident.
poisons can be fatal.
The emergency room team preventedThe theaccident
serious injuries on the freeway
from resultingresulted in ainfatality.
the year's first traffic fatality.
The crew's frantic efforts could not change
The ship the wasship's onfateful
a fateful course.
course toward the rocks.
You will experience fatigue after hosting Theamarathon
slumber party. runner collapsed from extreme fatigue.
The unlucky accident victim's driving The was winning skater's performance was faultless.
I pledge my fealty and devotion to myThe husband.
heroic knight pledged his fealty to the honorable king.
The plan sounds feasible; let's give it Can a come up with a feasible plan for the club to earn money?
Lacking the strength to walk, the feeble Thewomanfeeble had patient to be could
up scene
in bed of after
The boxer's trainer taught him to feintThe witharmieshis leftrushed hand and to feint
punch an with
attack hisfrom
I tried to sneak up the stairs in such aThe feline dancerway that moved not with
a sound felinewas grace.
The felon decided to change after serving A convicteda prisonfelon sentence.
loses the privilege to vote.
Yeasts and enzymes both help to ferment Yeasts substances.
often ferment food, or make it alcoholic.
Our dog looks ferocious, but he is really When calm you and gopeaceful.
to the lake in early summer, beware of the ferocious mosquitoes.
We took the ferry to Mackinac Island.Shall we take the ferry over to the island?
I maintain the fervent hope that we will It isalways
my fervent be good wish friends.
to be accepted by a good college.
The campaign speech was delivered Isaiah with great tackled fervor. his assignment with great fervor.
The beautiful holiday decorations made Alvin'sthe room birthday lookpartyfestive.was quite a festive occasion.
We are going to fete the graduating students
The party with
is being
a special planned dinner to and
fete dance.
my grandmother, who is visiting us.
It is common for friends to give the fiancee
The young a shower man before
gave his herfiancee
wedding a simple
to helpengagement
the couple get ring
that she treasured.
People are so fickle; they are always Ifchanging
you are so their fickle,
minds I'mon not that
sure issue.
I can count on you to be my friend.
Do you prefer reading fiction or biographies?
Charles Dickens' fiction is famous throughout the world.
A person starting a company often applies The characters
for a fictitious in the business
novel are name.
The horrible fiend hunted many endangered The evilanimals. fiend started a fire that destroyed hundreds of homes.
A simile is a figurative expression in which
The poet oneused thingfigurative
is compared language
to another.
to create a picture of his setting.
My favorite meal is a fish fillet and a salad.
Alvin is having fillet of beef for dinner tonight.
This kitchen floor is filthy; it needs to be
My scrubbed.
feet were filthy after playing in the mud puddle.
Don't be so finicky about your clothes;The thetoddler
gray sweater was such looks a finicky
fine. eater that the food remained barely touched.
The third-quarter touchdown revived the Theteam's flagging flagging
marathon spirits.
runners were happy to cross the finish line.
I couldn't help but flail about trying to Beginning
swat the swarm swimmers of mosquitoes.
often flail through the water.
The red flamingo was easy to see among The beautiful
the flock pink of pink flamingo
birds. stood on only one of her long legs.
We watched the fire flare and subside. My father's anger will flare when I tell him about my test score.
It is important to take a flashlight if you
The gobattery
hiking at in night.
this flashlight is getting weak.
The worker tried to flatter the boss in Don't
order flatterto get me a raise.
just because you want a favor.
It is not polite to flaunt your good fortune
The to modest
your very woman unlucky doesfriend.
not flaunt her wealth.
There was not a fleck of dust on the tableShe brushedafter it was a fleck
of dust from her collar.
The animals started to flee from the forest
The familiesfire. were forced to flee their homes as the flood approached.
The ship will rejoin the fleet tomorrow.My aunt and uncle own a fleet of taxis in New York City.
I am sorry that my flippant remark hurt The your student
feelings. gave a flippant answer.
There were so many birds in the flock, Geese
I could are notknowncountto themtravel a flock.
Janice chose a floral wallpaper for theCarol new placed bathroom. a lovely, floral centerpiece on the dinner table.
The costume had a flounce to make itThe fancy. curtain was finished by a deep flounce at the bottom.
The horses had to flounder through the Theslippery,
inexperienced muddy stream. dancer tried not to flounder through the intricate steps of the new danc
The leader was a very fluent and persuasive
Alvin is fluent speaker. in both French and Italian.
The ice cubes will turn into fluid if youWe leave tried themto analyze
out to melt. the unknown fluid in science lab today.
Don't let one rejection letter foil your plans
The play's to become villain awould publishedfoil the writer.
hero at every turn.
The hiker made a foolhardy attempt to It climb
wouldthe be mountain
very foolhardy alone. of you to drop the class now.
He was dressed up for the occasion; Peoplehe looked consider
like a fop. him a fop because of the fancy clothes he wears.
My friend has a lot of forbearance andAlvin is not showed
easily aupset. lot of forbearance in that difficult situation.
The captain chose the best place for Ithe believe
troops wetocan fordford the easily at this narrow spot.
I hope you will have the foresight to choose
If we allahad good goodcareer.foresight, we would not get into trouble.
I wish I could foretell the outcome of tomorrow's
Who can foretell football thegame.
The athlete was forced to forfeit the medal
We will because
forfeit the of the
results gameof the if we
test.have at least nine players.
To forge someone else's name on a check Have you is a evercrimetried punishable
to forge by yourlaw.parent's signature on a note?
If you are sometimes forgetful, make Iatry listnotof things
to be forgetful.
you need to do.
If you really want my forgiveness, youI appreciate
will promiseyour never forgiveness,
to do that again. because I am truly sorry.
If you want healthy skin, don't forgo sunscreen
We decided when to forgo
at thethe beach.
rich dessert and eat an apple instead.
The baby who was discovered by theThe police foundling
in an alley waswas adoptedclassifiedby her asnew
a foundling.
family when she was two months old.
Please wait in the foyer until the others The arrive.
guests left their coats on a rack in the foyer.
Once I got a multiple bone fracture playing
The player football. whose arm was hurt during the game has a fracture.
The fragile flower can easily be destroyed.
Alvin enjoyed holding the fragile, newborn kitten.
It is easy to upset the fragile balance Didof nature
you insure in thisthat lake; fragile
small changesbefore can
you wipe
mailedoutit?the aquatic life.
The archaeologist found an importantAbone fragment fragment of theatbroken
the dig.cup is on the floor.
The roses in our garden are so beautiful I love and smelling
fragrant. the fragrant Hawaiian blossoms.
That old chair looks very frail. Alex was frail after a long stay in the hospital, but he is getting stronger every day.
Andre was frantic when he lost the only Myset parents
of keys were to the
franticcar.when they lost my little brother in the department store.
It will only take me twenty minutes to The
get to freeway
your house was crowded
if I drive withon the traffic.
That freighter will transport new cars The
Japan toisthe readyUnitedto be States.
unloaded at the dock.
There is no need to fret so much; you'll Don't
do fine
fret; onI'mthesure test your
friends ifwill you're
We decided not to fritter away the dayIt by is useless
fritter away your valuable time.
Young children love to run and frolic at The theprotected
park. otters swim and frolic in the ocean.
The explorer set off to photograph theThe remote
braveregionspioneers of the
Alaskanthe wildfrontier.
frontier of the United States.
Every winter morning, Bob has to scrape On coldthe frost
from his there car's
is frost
on the ground.
My parents are very frugal; they are saving
Alvin ismoney very frugal,
for myand college
spends tuition.
money wisely.
They were frustrated because they couldn't
The senator find the was right
materials in for
thethe attempt
to get the bill passed.
One of the robbers was caught; the other Police is captured
still a fugitive.
the fugitive today at a local motel.
The teacher was furious because I spoke Thereout is without
no reason raising
to givemyme hand.such a furious look; I was only five minutes late!
We need to buy a new furnace beforeDuring the cold winter
weatherwe use begins.
the furnace to heat the house.
The students were in a furor over theThe changes
locking in graduation
of the gatesrequirements.
caused a furor among the people who were waiting to get in.
The child made a furtive attempt to slip Havethe youcandy everinto made
his pocket.
a furtive trip to the refrigerator late at night?
The angry man tried to control his feelings
The ownerand overcome
of the boat hiswas
fury. overcome with fury when he learned it had been stolen.
The airplane's wings separated from the Thefuselage
wings, tail, when andthe engines
plane are crashed.
ready to be attached to the fuselage of the airplane.
Military uniforms are usually made of Alvin
cottonwore gabardine.
clothes made of the finest wool gabardine.
These documents do not help your case Thebecause
man admitted they gainsay
robbingyour the bank
only to gainsay any involvement in kidnapping.
Our solar system is one of millions in Oura galaxy
solar called
systemthe is Milky
a partWay. of the Milky Way Galaxy.
The boat's tough sails were whipped The into tatters
tree was byuprooted
the gale. by the 50-mile-per-hour gale.
I can't understand how you had the gall Thetostudent
burst into hadmy a lotprivate
of gall office
to speak
that rudely to the teacher.
The city will hold a special ceremony Theto honor
gallant thesoldiers
gallant riskedrescuetheir effortslivesof to
their countrymen.
I named my horse Whirlwind becauseAll heofloves
a sudden,to travel myathorse a very broke
fast into
gallop.a gallop.
The applicant discussed the gamut ofThe his actor
during the thejob entire
gamut of his talent during the long audition.
Please do not throw your garbage onThis the ground.
truck is used to haul garbage to the dump each week.
It is difficult to understand a person who
I could
has not garbled
speech.the garbled message on my telephone answering machine.
The famous dress designer charged aThe verytailor
highmade priceafor fancy
the garment.
new garment for Alvin.
Up in the garret there were lots of oldTheboxes teenager
and things wished thatforwere
a room never in used.
the garret to have more privacy.
Conversations with my garrulous cousin I kneware Iusually
didn't havevery timetedious to talk
my garrulous neighbor, so I just waved from the
That gash looks deep enough to require I havestitches.
a bad gash on my knee from falling on the broken bottle.
The children enjoyed playing dress-up Thewithcircus
gaudy performers
clothes and worejewelry.
bright, gaudy costumes.
The odometer will gauge the distanceUse we a travel
on this tape trip. to gauge the length of the couch.
The chair had to pound on the table with Alvinthe rapped
gavelthe in order
gaveltoonbethe heard.
table to call the meeting to order.
The shy, beautiful model does not want Wepeople
were so to nervous
gawk at we her.could only gawk at the movie star.
Do you buy generic products or shopLiquid for well-known
is a generic brands?
term, but milk and water are specific terms.
The professor, although young, was quite Our silver-haired
genteel. hostess was genteel and elegant.
New laws will stop any attemps to gentrify
The developers
historical landmarks.
want to gentrify the old, dowtown, warehouse district.
The piano keys were made of genuine Theivory,
not a wondered
man-madeifsubstitute. the pitcher's autograph was genuine.
Please limit your comments to informationThe judgethat isruledgermanethat the to the
subject we wasaregermane
to the case.
Martin is a very animated actor; he tendsDo you to gesticulate
gesticulateawhen lot. you talk?
Many people like to gesture a great deal Alvin,whenplease theygesture
talk. to the waiter to bring our bill.
You can tell that this chain is not real Alvin
gold even
will gild though
the picture
someone frame tried
gild it. effect.
Teresa thought that the life of a pilot would
Everyone be glamorous
wanted to and get aexciting.
look at the glamorous movie star.
Don't glare at me; I didn't lose your football.
If you speak rudely, your teacher may glare at you.
Your shoes gleam when they are polished. If you polish the brass, it will gleam.
On hot days, the children dive into theWe pool
arewith looking
glee.forward to the holidays with glee.
No one believed their glib excuses. The glib salesperson convinced us that we needed a new VCR.
She was such a good swimmer that she We could
watched glidethe through
skatersthe glidewatersmoothly
like a fish.
across the ice.
Did you glimpse the shooting star thatWe passed
waited overhead?
backstage, hoping to glimpse the famous rock star.
Pamela found her contact lens when The she sawsunlight it glint
beganin the to sunlight.
glint through the clouds as the storm lessened.
That cruel person liked to gloat over theWe'remisfortunes
getting tired of others.
of hearing you gloat over your trip when we were unable to go.
Cheer up! Don't be so gloomy. The old house on the corner looks very gloomy since the owners moved.
Avoid any attempts to glorify violence.This celebration will glorify the athlete's spectacular career.
I did nothing but glower until I had myWrestlers
coffee in often the morning.
glower at one another before the match begins.
One of the simple sugars in our bodies Glucose
is glucose. and sucrose are simple sugars found in many of our foods.
In the center of the park stood an old The
tree farmer's
whose gnarled hands were branches roughhad andsupported
gnarled frommany years
of hard
work.the years.
Beavers are able to gnaw down treesAlvin'swith their puppy stronglikesteeth.
to gnaw on rawhide bones.
The angry elephant will try to gore you The with bullher wastusk notif you
ableget to gore
too close
the skillful
to herbullfighter.
Don't allow the children to gorge themselves
Do you ever on candy gorgeand yourself
soft drinks.
on fresh strawberries?
Won't seeing that gory movie give youAlvin nightmares?
enjoyed going to gory movies.
The man's strange actions caused many Mrs.peopleBensontolikes gossip to talk
about onhisthebehavior.
telephone and gossip about her neighbors.
Is that medicine in granular or liquid form?
Salt is granular; flour is powdery.
The author's graphic style makes herThe travel students
stories gave exciting.a graphic account of their adventure.
We watched the monkey grasp the vine Grasp andmy swinghand through
and I will thepull
you out of the hole.
They are very demanding teachers; there You will is no gratify
way to yourgratify
parentsthem. if you do well in school.
You should express your gratitude to The yourstudent
host with expressed
a thank-you gratitude
note. for the teacher's help.
The critic could see no reason for theSomegratuitous fans violence
enjoy shouting in the movie's
gratuitous opening
at the referees.
The dump truck will move its load of gravel
The construction
to the construction team putsite. gravel on the new road.
Do you let your horse graze in that field?
Cows like to graze in the pasture.
The people at the funeral were full of The
griefwholeand sorrow family over suffered the loss
the death
friend.of their dog.
The loss of their friend was a very grievous
The patrol tragedy. officer's grievous duty was to tell the parents that their children had been in a s
The captives did not even grimace, inThe spite wounded
of their torture.
person tried not to grimace, even though the pain was severe.
The floor had not been mopped for soThe long new thatcleaner
it was covered
was supposed with a layer
to be of stronger
grime. than any household grime.
Many people in the courtroom gaspedWhen aloudon asan theyAfrican
listened safari,to the
photographer grislycaptured
account of thethe
scene of the lions devou
My father will groan when he hears how Themuch movers I paid
will for
groanthese when
shoes. they lift the heavy piano.
All cats like to groom their own fur. Please use this comb to groom your messy hair.
You can still see the groove that the wheel
Alvin cut made a shallow
in the mud. groove in the piece of wood.
I had to grope for my seat in the theater
When becausethe electricity
my eyeswent weren't off, used
Greg to hadthetodark.
grope around in the dark for a flashlight.
The grouchy waiter was very rude to The his customers.
grouchy bus driver told us to wait for the next bus.
The helpful boy did not grouse about Please
mowingdon't the lawn.
grouse about cleaning the garage.
How could you survive such a grueling The tripwell-conditioned
through the desert athletes
with so were
to get through the grueling obstacle course witho
Although his voice is gruff, he is not angry
The stranger
with you.frightened the children by speaking to them in a gruff voice.
The operators of that scam were looking Are for youaso gullible
gullible victim.
that you believe everything I tell you?
Paul ate the pizza with great gusto. Alvin ate the meal with great gusto.
The hikers let their bodies habituate toBefore
the high leavingaltitudefor your
before trip,
attemptedyour sleeping
the difficult
climb. to habituate your body to a di
A buyer and a seller sometimes haggle Doover you the like terms
to go to of garage
a sale. sales and haggle over the prices?
Everyone will hail the sailors when the The ship crowds
gets into will port
hail theaftersenator
the long ascruise.
she steps off the airplane.
Religious confirmation is a hallowed occasion.
The cemetery is on hallowed ground.
The seclusion and darkness of the cell The caused
desertthe heatprisoner
caused tothe
lost hikers to hallucinate.
We must think of a way to halt the train.
The crossing guard made the cars halt while we crossed the street.
Lack of education will hamper your ability
Lackto ofgetmoney a good mayjob. hamper the student's efforts to get a college education.
The contractor eliminated the handicap To of avoidhard-to-reach
the handicap lightofswitches
the stairs, bytheinstalling
lower.used the elevator.
That lovely painting deserves a handsomeThe well-groomed
wooden frame. horse looked very handsome.
Older brothers and sisters sometimesPleaseharassdon't theirharass
younger me siblings
while Iby amteasing.
trying to do my homework.
The hare was large and gray, with a white
Alvin,tail. have you heard the fable about the tortoise and the hare ?
I enjoy listening to my sisters sing in harmony.
The musical performers sang in perfect harmony.
Have you learned to put on the horse's Make harness?
sure that the horse's harness is tight.
The fisherman used a harpoon to catch Thethe fisherman
porpoise.threw a harpoon at the whale.
The new rule seemed harsh and unfair The to teacher
everyone. was not well liked because she was too harsh with her students.
Don't make a hasty decision; you have The plenty
teacher of time.
told us not to be hasty but to take our time.
The children were excited because the The eggshenwere will sitabout
on the to hatch.
eggs until they hatch.
We will haul the boat out of the waterThey
and up used to thea truck
beach. to haul the new furniture to their house.
The poison, chemical factory is a hazardDrive toaround
the community.the hazard lying in the road.
The soldier's family hoped he would not He be is notassigned
well enough to hazardous
to makeduty the hazardous
in the war zone.
trip through the jungle.
Because it was so hazy, it was difficultThe to see
sky is theoften
hazy nearskyline the ocean.of San Francisco.
On a cold night, it's fun to gather around
Thethe family hearthgatheredand tell at stories.
the hearth to enjoy the warm fire.
We had the whole crowd over for a heartyWe ate vegetable
a heartystew dinner during
last night.
the big storm.
The two teams would heave on the rope Helpasme they to heave
each tried these to boxes
win theover tug-of-war.
the side.
The last few days of the school term wereMornings hectic. are hectic at our house, with everyone hurrying to get to school.
If you don't heed my advice, it will be Please
hard not heed
to say the"Iwarning
told youtoso." make sure your campfire is cold before you leave.
The movie used many special effectsBeing to heighten
hungrythe willsuspense.
heighten your enjoyment of a meal.
The king and queen died without an heir Will toyou thebethrone.
the heir to the family fortune?
The old patchwork quilt made by my great-grandmother
The beautiful locketiswas a treasured
an heirloom. family heirloom.
The party supply store sells helium toThe peopleballoonwhofilledwantwithto fillhelium
their ownfloated
into the sky.
Would you like to be at the helm of your Theown captainship wassomeday?
at the helm of the ship.
Each football player is required to wear Don't
a helmet.
forget to wear your batting helmet, Alvin.
Earth can be divided into a land hemisphere
All countriesand anorth waterofhemisphere.
the equator are in the Northern Hemisphere.
These new customs became a part ofThe ourheritage
cultural heritage.
of freedom is important to Americans.
The elderly hermit has lived alone forThe overhermit
fifty years.
lives alone his cabin at the top of the mountain.
The medal was presented to the heroic Firefighters
soldier. often perform very heroic deeds.
We need at least four people to hew the We wood.
must hew some wood for the fireplace.
The hideous man was loved by all who The could
brave look
beyond battled
his outward
the hideous appearance.
You will enjoy the movie; it is a hilarious
told a hilarious story at the party.
Will you replace the broken hinge on Thatthe door?
hinge is very squeaky; it needs to be oiled.
Please give me a hint about what youDid wantyouformean your that
comment to be a helpful hint ?
The bees leave the hive each morning. The beekeeper went to check the hive.
Each year the squirrels hoard a big supply