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February 2011

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From the Chairman’s Desk Reporting back from a vibrant members’ meeting and stimulated by the interesting
interaction between our members that always follow these meetings is heady stuff
indeed. It is humbling and exciting to be a part of the general air of enthusiasm and
high anticipation with which things are already happening in 2011.

ompanies are expanding with the Technical matters
increase in work, people are on the On technical matters, SANS 968, the brand new
move upwards to fill the shoes of “home-grown” national standard for solid woven
elders who are retiring, and the CMA conveyor belting is nearing the prescribed period
is promoting the excellence of belt conveyors of publication as a draft South African standard
in a myriad of ways. (DSS). SANS 968 will be available from the SABS
After the sad message last month that two sales office very shortly.
of our members had had to be expelled for The idler specification SANS 1313 is
non-payment of subscriptions, I am happy to
Simon Curry report that Belt Reco has been re-instated.
still caught up in red tape at SABS

The idler specification SANS 1313 is

CMA Members List as at February 2011 not faring as well as it is still caught
up in red tape at SABS. Parts 1 and
All members subscribe to the CMA Code of Ethics 2 are being kept waiting for Part 3
to go through a second committee
ABB Industry M & J Engineering
draft (CD) stage before publication
Afripp Projects Martin Engineering
as a DSS can take place. This whole
Actom Melco Conveyor Equipment process has been very protracted
Atlanta Manufacturing Moret Mining indeed, and I look forward to the
Bateman Engineered Technologies MS Conveyor Pulleys SA day when SANS 1313’s publication
Bauer Nepean Conveyors can finally be announced.
Bearings International OE Bearings
Belt Reco Oriental Rubber Industries SA
Education projects
CMA education projects are also on
BMG Osborn Engineered Products
the increase where the CMA is the
Bonfiglioli Power Transmissions PH Projects Holdings
umbrella body acting as custodian of
Bosworth Read Swatman & Voigt standards being adhered to. Training
Brelko Conveyor Products Rema Tip Top South Africa courses in the standardisation of belt
CKIT Conveyor Engineers Renold Crofts splicing are being considered as well
Continental Crushing & Conveying Roymec as preliminary discussions taking
Conveyor Watch RSV ENCO Consulting place on establishing a beltsman
CMG Electric Motors South Africa Rula Bulk Materials Handling training course. The ninth (4-11
CPM Engineering Sandvik Materials Handling SA April) training course in the design
CPI Technologies and operation of belt conveyors is
Schaeffler South Africa
CT Systems now fully booked and a second course
David Brown Gear Industries is scheduled for September.
Delras Engineering Industry is looking forward to Beltcon
SET Agencies
DRA Mineral Projects 16, taking place on 3 and 4 August
SEW Eurodrive
Dunlop Belting Products this year at Birchwood Conference
Shaft Engineering Centre on the East Rand. It is good
Dymot Engineering Company
Shaw Almex Africa to note that the papers are coming
ELB Engineering Services
SKF South Africa in for technical peer review; the ex-
Facet Engineering
ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling hibition space is sold out; and there
Fenner Conveyor Belting (South Africa)
Transmission Components have been requests for registration
Flexible Steel Lacing SA
Transvaal Rubber Company already! For information on the
Hägglunds Drives South Africa
Unitek Engineers conference please visit the website
Hansen Transmissions SA
Hosch - Fördertechnik (SA) Veyance Technologies Africa
Voith Turbo Simon Curry
Lesa Mining Equipment and
Conveyor Belt Zest Electric Motors Chairman



Part of the Process

There is no argument that the dwindling engineering expertise in South Africa is hurting all industries. Com-
panies are forking out more for machinery repairs and paying dearly in downtime costs while trying to coun-
ter this lack of expertise with large stockholdings of spares in case something goes wrong.

ow there is a solution for compa- Full range
nies experiencing this dilemma. “The services under this division include the supply,
Bearing Man Group (BMG), has installation and repair of a full range of gearboxes
just launched eight engineering and electric motors as well as a whole range of
hubs throughout South Africa that will conveyor belting products, from small packaging
not only provide companies with the conveyors right up to mining conveyors,” Gavin
equipment and spare parts they require, adds.
but also with the engineering expertise
to ensure efficient and productive plant
operation. The services under this division include
the supply, installation and repeair of a
Engineering hubs full range of gearboxes and electric
“As part of our World Class Efficiency
programme to partner with custom- motors
ers to become part of their process,
we’ve now established eight of a “Not only are these hubs placed at strategic cen-
series of engineering hubs across tres around the country, but each hub will have
the country,” Gavin Pelser, director the strategic engineering expertise as well as the
of engineered products at BMG, critical components that the industry in that area
tells “Bulk Handling Today” in uses regularly.”
an exclusive interview.
Customised to each area
“This is a unique concept where, In order to carry this service off effectively, Gavin’s
over the past two years, we’ve engineering teams managing the hubs liaised closely
systematically amalgamated the with the companies in each area to ensure that
different engineering businesses in adequate stock and the right equipment is on hand
the company into one engineering to fulfil all the needs specific to the surrounding
division under which these hubs industries.
now operate.
Gavin Pelser Each hub is a new BMG business located in its
own premises regardless of whether there
is already an existing BMG outlet in the
same town. In Nelspruit, for instance,
there now is an existing BMG outlet
plus the engineering hub which will
also service other existing outlets in the
surrounding towns.
The commitment
“When we changed the company branding
we committed not only to the supply of
quality components, superior service and
technical expertise, but also to become
part of the process,” says Gavin. “To do
this, it was a logical step to establish the
engineering hubs which can take care of
absolutely everything for the customer.
Therefore each hub has a full team of
conveyor specialists who can go out to
do splicing, installation and give advice
on conveyor systems.

Servicing a heat exchanger

“Each hub will also have a repair and



new manufacturing facility for gearboxes,” Gavin

continues. “This will consist of an area where the
gearboxes come in, are washed, stripped and a
quote for the repair is worked out before they go to
the workshop for repair once the order is placed.
This area also houses a manufacturing capability
where brand new gearboxes are assembled from
components in stock. Typically this stock would
reflect the types of gearboxes used in the area. A
hub in a mining area will stock different gearbox
components from the hub in the heart of the sugar
processing industry.
The people
Similarly, the technical staff at each hub are ex-
perienced in the particular industries of the area.
“They are mechanical engineering people who have
experience in installations and have a thorough
understanding of the customer’s processes,” says
A gearbox coming off the assembly line at BMG’s new engineering hub in Gavin.
Johannesburg “These teams are managed by a REM, a regional
engineering manager, who runs the hub as a
The engineering hubs which take care of absolutely business unit for each region. Besides the current
everything for the customer hubs in Durban, Richards Bay, East London, Port
Elizabeth, Cape Town, Kimberley, Johannesburg
and Nelspruit, the immediate next three hubs
will be set up in Sishen, Rustenburg and Tete in
On site
Apart from assisting customers with problem
solving, design and installation, the hubs will be
staffed with qualified condition monitoring special-
ists. “Then there are the field service teams, the
man-in-the-van, who ensure that we remain part of
the customer’s process in line with our world class
production efficiency programme,” says Gavin.
“These teams are involved in the customer’s process
in terms of assessing the plant and suggesting ways
and means of making the plant more efficient. Often
it’s just a matter of changing out certain components
in a system to use less electricity, while improving
the customer’s overall productivity.”
Open days
To introduce the concept to the industry, BMG has
been staging open days at all the hubs so that
customers can personally witness the extent of the
stockholding as well as the engineering capabili-
ties now available to them. “The response to the
open days has been overwhelming,” Gavin says
in conclusion.
“The visitors, running into hundreds at each of
the open days, were amazed, not only at the
extent of the workshops, but they were also very
pleased that we carry stock of the components,
or an exact equivalent, which they actually use
on their plants.”
BMG Engineered Products, Gavin Pelser
Tel: (011) 620-1647, Email:
High frequency welding is just one of the many technologies available at the
engineering hubs



Justin Botha

Greg Perry

Fabricating the BIG stuff

Large machines like draglines, big mobile mining shovels, mills, drilling machines and mine winders all have
huge gears and equally huge gearboxes. To repair, overhaul, refurbish or rebuild gears and drives for these ma-
chines therefore requires special engineering expertise, machinery and facilities.

company which specialises in large gear will custom design our gearbox in terms of size and
manufacture repair and reverse-engineering footprint so that it will fit into place without hav-
is Pylon Gears. To learn more “Bulk Handling ing to make changes to the client’s installation,”
Today” visits the company’s headquarters explains Greg Perry, Chief Engineer at Pylon. “You
in Tulisa Park, south of Johannesburg. don’t get spares for many of the older gearboxes
which require us to reverse engineer and design
Many older gearboxes require us to reverse engineer and parts to refurbish them. We’ll even design and
design parts to refurbish them manufacture a whole new one if nothing else fits.
In most instances, we end up enhancing the design
“Smaller gears, from 85mm to 3.5 meters, new or
of the gearbox to improve performance.”
repaired, and general machining are done here in
Johannesburg while larger gears up to 8.5 metre “Our range of gearboxes covers a wide spectrum
diameter girth gears are sent to our Heidelberg of applications ranging from light to heavy duty
facility which also has a full fabrication workshop,” conveyor drives, mixer and aeration plant drives,
explains Justin Botha, sales and marketing. “In terms rotary kiln drives as well as all types of mill drives”
of refurbishing and repair, we’ll tackle any make explains Greg. “In the lifting industry we cater for
and size Gearbox ranging from 250 kW to 9000 cranes, hoists, lifts and winch drives while our solu-
kW. Our Thor range of new gearboxes is designed tion for mine winder gear has become well-known
in the same power range, but we’re constantly across the globe.”
re-designing and adapting it to specific individual
The Company
requirements,” he adds.
Pylon Gears purchased the business of Vamco
“Say a client has an obsolete or superseded gearbox Steel & Engineering, giving the company the ideal
and we have to provide a replacement gearbox, we opportunity to market their services internationally.



A gear on the grinding machine Final touches on a gearbox before it goes out A gearbox on the assembly line in Pylon’s workshop

“We’ve become known as the manufacturer of su- group,” adds Greg. “One of the particular challenges
perior OEM-alternative replacement parts for rope came from enhancing the design of the Koepe
shovels, draglines and drill rigs in addition to the winder gearbox. This is a gearbox that goes into
complete under-carriage solutions we’ve developed an underground winder sub-station but it can’t
over the years.” says Justin. “This includes crawler be taken down as an assembled unit. It has to be
shoes and pin kits, drive tumblers, take-up idlers, broken down in sections and assembled on site
shafts and blocks, propel shafts, pinions and bull underground. To make final assembly easier, we
gears, as well as lower rollers, pins, bushing and enhanced the design by fitting eccentric sleeves
keepers.” for all the bearings, allowing trouble-free final
adjustments for a perfect contact pattern once the
Just recently we refurbished a ASEA Koepe Winder gearbox is re-assembled underground.
Gearbox weighing over 30 tonnes
“In this case the gearbox is a spare and because
we did not have to get involved in the installation,
Mine winders we had to ensure that final assembly would be op-
“Just recently we refurbished a ASEA Koepe Winder timal in terms of alignment and contact patterns,”
Gearbox weighing over 30 tonnes to a local mining Justin adds. “We usually provide the client with a
comprehensive installation procedure of a gearbox,



but in the case of an unusual enhancement like

this, we also offer to help out on site to ensure
they set it up correctly.”
Quality control
In manufacturing high precision equipment such
as large gearboxes, quality control is always a
crucial factor and here, Pylon implements all
industrial and on international standards includ-
ing AGMA & DIN. We are fully ISO 9001:2000
compliant and have a dedicated inspection de-
partment with certified and calibrated measuring
equipment,” says Justin. “We’re also guided by a
complete comprehensive workshop manual that
ensures we live up to our outstanding reputa- Gear cutting is the main business here at Pylon
tion for quality products recognised locally and On our walk through the workshop, it becomes
internationally.” clear that gear cutting is the main business here,
but we also find other sections where general
In reverse engineering spare parts for gearboxes,
fabrication of parts around the drive is in progress.
one of the biggest challenges is to make them
fully interchangeable with other existing parts. To In reverse engineering spare parts for gearboxes, one of
assist the design engineers, Pylon makes use of
the biggest challenges is to make them fully
a CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine) system
that feeds measurements directly into design soft-
ware programmes. “Especially on mills, you have
This includes footplates, simple base structures
to make sure that your design fits in with existing
and support systems in order for the gearbox to
gear sets,” explains Greg. “The Stinger is a fully
fit into specific unique spaces in various applica-
portable 3-dimensional measuring arm used to
tions. “In most instances, clients have hold points
check the bores in a gearbox housing in terms of
for third party inspection on various products and
alignment and dimensions.”
gearbox repairs and then a test run is performed
Digital tracing on each gearbox we’ve worked on,” Greg says in
“It is an absolute necessity for precise reverse en- conclusion. “Finally a full test is carried out under
gineering, literally allowing you to digitally ‘trace’ no load conditions, usually also witnessed by the
all the dimensions of a complex part,” Greg adds. client or an independent inspector appointed by
“The dimensions are imported into our CAD draw- the client.”
ings to ensure accurate consistency with existing Pylon Gears, Justin Botha, Tel: (011) 613-6117, Email:


Engineered around you

Quality, reliable solutions for the mining industry

David Brown, with 150 years experience, has the engineering expertise and Solutions tailored for the mining industry:
unrivalled customer service to offer bespoke geared solutions specifically for the rOn-site maintenance and inspection
mining industry. rRepairs, overhauls and upgrades
Global manufacturing locations offering 24/7 service with effective repair and rCondition monitoring
support services for all David Brown products and services. rConsulting, failure analysis, and strain gaging
South Africa rReplacement gearboxes
David Brown Gear Industries
12 Birmingham Street
Benoni Industrial
rGirth gears (up to 14m in diameter)
rConveyor drives
Tel : +27 11 748 0000 rMill drives
Fax : +27 11 421 2553 rThickener drives
E-mail : rAgitator drives
website: rPump drives

10 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Bearings With
a Difference
Most machines and structures that pivot on a base or require rotation in performing their duties , like
stackers, reclaimers, draglines, ship loaders, excavators, cranes, wind turbines, thickeners, clarifiers, theme
park rides, radar equipment and radio telescope dishes, have a slew bearing facilitating the controlled turning,
or slewing, of a platform in one form or another.

slew bearing is a rotational rolling-element Handling Today” speaks to one of the directors of
bearing that typically supports a very heavy Titanus Slew Rings (TSR), Roberto Gaspari. “The
but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, business started as a general engineering concern
on either a horizontal, vertical or inclined back in 1975, but after doing the first slew bearing
platform. A slew bearing can be anything from in the eighties, the owners soon recognised a niche
300 millimetres to several metres in diameter. It in the market specifically for precision-made slew
is a cumbersome component to replace and there- bearings and associated components,” he says.
fore manufactured, even for OEMs, by specialist “Today the Titanus Slew Ring brand has become
manufacturers, not only for precision, but also to known internationally and 50% of our product is
obtain a long and lasting life. exported.”
Although generally called slew bearings, the prod-
Repair or refurbish anything from 500 mm in diameter uct comes in a number of variations and different
through to 6.5 metres designs for a broad range of applications. “We’re
geared to manufacture, repair or refurbish anything
from 500 mm in diameter through to 6.5 metres,”
Specialised engineering explains Roberto. “Mining is a major industry for
One of the world’s leading slew bearing manufacturers us, both on the materials handling side as well as
is based in Meadowdale near Johannesburg. “Bulk on the processing front.”
Bulk materials
TSR manufactures the slew
bearings and slew rings for
the large excavators used in
the mining industry while
stackers, reclaimers and
ship loaders all have large
slew bearings that have to
be replaced or refurbished.
Adds Roberto, “We also
manufacture the original
designs and consequently
the spare parts, for most
of the OEMs of this bulk
material handling equip-
For mineral processing, all
the big thickeners, clarifiers
and mills have a slew bear-
ing usually driven through
a single or multiple pin-
ion configuration creating
Specialised induction hardening of main gear the necessary high torque

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 11


required to process the specific solution. These inside or the outside of the slew ring and we usually
often have multiple gearboxes and pinions that also manufacture the matching pinions for these,”
drive the slew bearing to which the rakes for the says Roberto. “The slew bearing is manufactured
mixing/agitating are attached. out of a seamless alloyed steel ring which we source
In addition to mining, TSR serves many other industry in its raw form from a local supplier in sizes up
sectors, including the astronomy industry. TSR is to four metres in diameter, forged rings larger in
proud to have been involved with the supply of the diameter are imported from Europe.”
slew bearings for the 7 prototype radio telescopes Design
used in the prestigious Square Kilometre Array “Slew rings/bearings are designed to concurrently
(SKA) Project. Another industry well served by TSR handle axial, radial and over-turning moment loads,”
is the marine industry in the form of slew bearings Roberto elaborates. “Static load and dynamic life-
for the thrusters which are used to position large cycle calculations can be provided to confirm the
ships and highly manoeuvrable tug boats. Marine bearing’s suitability for an application. Our standard
cranes, both ship mounted and in harbours, all slew bearings are fully interchangeable with existing
have slew bearing drives while large winches on slew bearings and, provided we have a part number,
special ships are used for laying cables or to control drawing or the old slew bearing available, we can
seismic probes that scan the seabed. manufacture the equivalent of any slew bearing.
We can cost-effectively manufacture quantities as
As in all gear manufacturing, the hardening of the gears low as just one unit.”
is one of the most critical factors to ensure a quality
Apart from slew gear manufacturing, the company
also offers gear cutting, specialised induction
hardening, large diameter CNC machining, large
What is a slew bearing? diameter CNC drilling and gear grinding services to
A slew bearing often resembles a traditional ball
the market in general. “We provide both external
bearing with balls or rollers segmented between two
and internal gear cutting services for all pinions,
rings, however on a much larger scale and capable
main gears and girth gear requirements,” says
of withstanding significantly higher loads. “There
are many different variations on the design of a
slew bearing,” explains Roberto. “The traditional Continuous improvement
one is a four-point contact bearing in which balls “We’re planning to move to bigger, specially designed
facilitate the rotation of the slew bearing, but you facilities in the near future. For the immediate fu-
get many other roller combinations such as double ture, we’re increasing our machining and induction
roller, triple roller design and combinations of hardening capacity and will be commissioning a new
each, all depending on the load and the applica- 6m CNC vertical boring machine with integrated
tion. Effectively the concept is the same as a small live spindle for CNC drilling. In addition to com-
traditional bearing, but the rolling elements can go pliment our 2 existing induction hardening plants
up to diameters of 100 mm. we will be commissioning a CNC 3 axis induction
hardening plant”.
“In the case of a geared bearing, which forms part
of a drive system, the gears are cut either on the As in all gear manufacturing, the hardening of the
gears is one of the most criti-
cal factors to ensure a quality
product. “We’ve become known
as a leader in the supply of
specialised induction hardening
services,” concludes Roberto.
“For many OEMs we’re the
first-choice provider of induction
hardening, especially complex
components. We undertake the
hardening of gears, pinions,
sprockets, rail wheels, rid-
ing rings, sheave wheels and
have even done hoist drum
rope grooves as you’d find in
both the mining and marine
Contact: Roberto Gaspari, Titanus
Slew Rings, Tel: (011) 974-7017,
Email:, www.tsr.
Typical application of large diameter slew bearings, bucket wheel reclaimer

12 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Three-pronged Approach
To facilitate Government’s campaign to ‘buy local’, a South African original equipment manufacturer and
supplier and the country’s premier ‘wheels bank’, WesBank have created innovative financial service solutions
to make heavy equipment more accessible to the public sector.

he two companies have a long and success- be handled with cognisance of the impact of the
ful relationship offering financial services to various pieces of legislation involving state tender
customers in the heavy equipment market procurement procedures.
through WesBank’s specialised Bell Finance
“With our strong partnership with Bell Equipment
Division. Therefore, when WesBank identified
we are able to assist the various government struc-
a need within the public sector, the bank was
tures needing earthmoving and material handling
confident it would suit the business model of its
equipment in order to meet their service delivery
partner, Bell Equipment as well as its new public
mandates. Bell has the equipment expertise and
sector division.
we have the financial know-how necessary to form
Able to advise customers regarding their equipment a three-way partnership when determining the
needs before tenders are issued needs of a customer in the public sector.”
In practice
WesBank’s General Manager: Marketing and public Allick explains how this partnership works in
sector divisions, Dr George Nyabadza explains that practice using the example of how an innovative
the bank’s public sector division is focused on ser- transaction was structured for the Sakhisize Local
vicing the public sector and has trained staff who Municipality in the Eastern Cape. This municipality
understand and appreciate the complex dynamics serves the towns of Cala and Elliott and needed
of the Public Sector. The Division, headed by Allick a fleet of earthmoving equipment to maintain the
Jones, has ten regional heads and the support of almost 2 000km rural roads within its boundar-
WesBank’s extensive countrywide network. Gauteng ies. Surplus funds obtained through the national
is the primary hub but the overall focus cuts across government’s Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)
all provinces and spheres of government, namely were sufficient to buy a grader and an excavator in
National, Provincial, Local Government, state-owned cash. However, they also needed articulated dump
entities and other organs of the state. trucks (ADTs), a compaction roller, a water cart, a
dozer and a tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB).
Three-way partnership
Allick says, “By combining the expertise of Bell
According to George, the Public Sector is highly
Equipment and WesBank, we used the municipality’s
legislated and therefore any transaction should
allocated monies as a deposit and
then structured a financial lease to
cover the purchase of the full fleet
of items that they required. In doing
so we contributed significantly to
easing the service delivery burden
on this local municipality as we
didn’t dip into cash reserves that
would have affected cash flow and
service delivery.”
Economical and efficient
He explains, “Bell Equipment brings
to the mix, its own value proposition
in the earthmoving equipment that
it manufactures and markets. This
is supported by the WesBank value
proposition in structuring the finance
in such a way that this provides the
public sector with products and
solutions which are economical and
(Back left): Terry Gillham (BESSA), Colin Squair (WesBank), Gerard Rokebrand (BESSA), Bok- He believes that WesBank has the
kie Coertze (BESSA), Bridget Ledwaba (WesBank), Dr George Nyabadza (WesBank), Allick
edge in financing, particularly heavy
Jones (WesBank); (front left): Bruce Ndlela (BESSA) and Jurie Marais (Bell Finance)

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 13


equipment. Therefore it would be advantageous for Bell Equipment

and WesBank to be able to advise customers regarding their equip-
ment needs before tenders are issued. In this way the government
market would only buy what was really needed according using a
financial basis that they can rightly afford.

The Public Sector is highly legislated and therefore

any transaction should be handled with cognisance

Buy local
The financial innovations have the buy-in of Bell Equipment Sales
South Africa (BESSA) management. BESSA managing director, Bokkie
Coertze who says, “As a local manufacturer, we play an important
role in the local economy in terms of creating decent jobs for South
Africans and uplifting the families we support directly and indirectly.
BESSA alone employs 512 people and it is estimated that 45 000
people benefit either directly from employment at Bell Equipment
or our local suppliers. Government’s commitment to ‘buy local’ will
help to sustain local manufacture, support the existing local job
market and help to create future job opportunities.”
“BESSA also has BBBEE Level 4 status, which illustrates our com-
mitment to transformation and is of benefit to our customers, who
qualify for 100% of their purchases from BESSA as BEE procure-
ment. This applies to the purchase of units, parts or service.
Bell Equipment, Tel: (035) 907-9111, Fax: (035) 797 4336, www.bellir.

14 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Care Saves Money

Yellow metal equipment is a capital investment generating money for the owner. The longer the equipment
lasts, the bigger the benefit. Yet, many owners of earthmoving equipment fail to maintain their machines on
a regular basis, effectively reducing their profits, and sometimes going so far as to run their machines merci-
lessly to destruction

ven in the tough economic Park, a company that’s been in the business for
stretch the world has just many years. “Regular routine maintenance could
gone through, where repair- have prevented many of the repairs we encounter
ing equipment rather than on a daily basis,” he says. “Also, there is a tendency
buying new should have been the to use machine operators who aren’t qualified to
order of the day, there has been operate the machine, never mind taking care of
gross neglect in terms of routine the routine maintenance.
maintenance. Although the repair “Unfortunately our industry is riddled with chanc-
industry welcomes the resulting ers and people often fall into the trap of using
flood of work, there is the danger inexperienced mechanics who use pirate parts to
that a product can unfairly develop do repairs, a costly exercise that often damages
a bad name as a machine that the machine even more than if the ‘repair’ had
doesn’t last. not been carried out in the first place,” adds Carl.
Service regularly “Maintenance and repair on earthmoving equipment
Carl Morritt should know as he’s is not like servicing a car, there’s a lot more to it and
Carl Morritt mechanics need to have a thorough understanding
involved in the highly specialised field of repairing
all types of yellow metal machinery. “Bulk Handling of hydraulics as well as electricals.”
Today” visits the workshop of CS Morritt in Kempton Exchange system
Apart from maintenance and repairs, both in the
There is the danger that a product can unfairly develop a workshop and as a field service, CS Morritt is
bad name as a machine that doesn’t last also in the business of supplying new, used and
refurbished spare parts for heavy machinery. “The

The spare parts holding is for JCB earthmoving machinery

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 15

16 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

majority of equipment suppliers have lost focus

by concentrating on new equipment sales rather
than the aftermarket,” says Carl. “Over the last
two years, however, new equipment sales have
dropped dramatically and most companies are
now rebuilding instead of buying new.
“This prompted us to pull up our socks and
up our game in terms of supplying spare parts
as well as servicing machinery in the field,”
Carl adds. “We’ll now go out on a regular
basis and buy second-hand machines which Axle refurbishment and repair is a big part of Carl’s business
we break down purely for spare parts. Many
parts are good enough to sell second-hand and
most other components can be refurbished
to a mint condition. We now also have a
component exchange system in place where
we can exchange a gearbox, axle or any other
critical component to keep the client going
while we repair or refurbish the component
in question.

Carl’s main new spare parts holding is for
JCB earthmoving machinery and Titan ground
engaging tools which includes grader blades,
cutting edges and bucket teeth. “In terms of
services we cover all aspects on a machine by
repairing, overhauling or refurbishing hydraulic A hydraulic transmission set ready to be delivered
cylinders, transmissions, engines and axles.
The exchange programme has turned out to be
a huge success and we intend gearing up to
streamline this service to have a machine up
and running again within a day. To this end,
we’re busy building up various components to
ensure there’s enough stock to cover all the
popular models our regular clients use.”
CS Morritt’s client base stretches across all
industries, from plant hire companies to con-
struction companies and the mining industry.
“We’re increasingly supplying parts up into
Africa and have a growing local client base
across the whole country,” Carl says. “For
some of our long standing clients we carry
out routine maintenance on a service contract
basis to ensure that their machines remain
ship-shape all the time.
As far as fly-by-night repair services are con- A bucket refurbished
cerned, Carl has a stern warning for earthmoving
equipment owners. “Many young mechanics if his price is very attractive. Use reputable established
work in the industry for a couple of months companies to work on your machinery and make sure
before they get a bakkie and a toolbox to go replacement parts are the real thing, even if they are
out on their own,” warns Carl in conclusion. second-hand.”
“However, they simply don’t have the experi-
ence, or financial backup, to guarantee the We’ll now go out on a regular basis and buy second-hand
work they do and the owner is left with the machines which we break down purely for spare parts
problem in the end.
“Technicians are extremely scarce but remem- CS Morritt Consulting, Spares and Maintenance, Carl Morritt,
ber, a guy with a toolbox is not necessarily a Tel: (072) 614-7044, Cell: 082 490 6203, Email: csmorritt@
mechanic, even if he says he is and especially

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 17

International Materials Handling Conference

August 3-4 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa

Winning technology promoting the excellence of The programme, authors, paper synopses and
belt conveying. general details can be accessed on www.beltcon.
The International Materials Handling Conference
and Exhibition , Beltcon, is regarded as the lead-
ing international conveyor event and takes place
in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 3-4,
For registration and enquiries, contact Chris
Townsend on the following details:
This conference has been held every two years
over the last thirty two years! It has earned a IMHC Organising Committee
well-deserved reputation as the reference point Tel: +27 (0)11 888-7163/
for information sharing, discussion of new devel- +27 (0)11 782-3595
opments in the industry and the latest in design, Fax: 086 503-4524
research and case studies presented by world Email:
renowned academics and leaders in the field of Web:
belt conveying. Delegates attending the confer-
ence are eligible for credits in ECSA’s Continuous
Professional Development.
Only papers that contain new and unpublished
material and that meet stringent quality standards
are presented. These review new technological
developments in the bulk solids and materials
handling industry, offer fresh insights into the
problems and solutions encountered by manufac-
turers, suppliers and end-users, spark questions
and discussion, and generally stimulate
progress in belt conveying.


18 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Unique Crushing
André Olivier Mike McNeil

Designing and building a plant for mining up in Africa has challenges of its own, not only in terms of the
plant itself, but also as far as logistics are concerned. Firstly, the plant has to be sent to site, then it has to
be erected miles away from civilisation where you’d be lucky to find a hardware store selling nuts and bolts,
never mind the engineering facilities to make you one.

imunye Crushing in Boksburg has come ing applications, each system is customised to a
up with a solution that not only solves the specific requirement.”
problem of transporting and erecting crush- Park & Operate
ing plants, but also processing plants. It’s a The container, built by Simunye, is a solid steel
pre-constructed modular system which fits into a structure manufactured in the standard six, nine
structure the exact same size as a standard container, or twelve metres. “It has the same locking pins in
complete with all the fittings necessary to transport position as a cargo container and therefore is simply
it. In fact, to the untrained eye, it would appear lifted up onto a standard container transporter and
just like a container on the back of a truck. taken to site as a complete working unit,” explains
Mike. “Everything in the container; feeder, crusher,
Everything in the container; feeder,crusher, conveyors conveyors and screens is pre-wired and fully op-
and screens is pre-wired and fully operational when it erational when it leaves our workshop.”
leaves our workshop This principle is used throughout for all the
crusher, processing and power supply plants built
by Simunye. “It’s only when we have extra long
“Bulk Handling Today” meets with Mike McNeil,
conveyors that need to be stacked to link several
director of Simunye, to talk about this unique
units together to make up one large plant, that we
concept which has taken off like wild fire in the
have to construct some of the conveyor structures
mining industry. “The entire crushing plant is built
on site,” says Mike. “A large percentage of the
into the container frame, pre-wired and tested prior
plants we build are exported to countries like DRC,
to shipping it to site where it is literally plugged
Botswana, Abidjan, Ivory Coast and we’ve even
in and started up,” he says. “In this way we can
done a modular plant for Australia.”
build up an entire mining plant, section by section,
such as the primary crusher, secondary crusher and Brainchild
processing plant which are all housed in separate “The concept is Mike’s brainchild that came into
containers but which can be linked to each other being during the eight years we’ve been building
to form one complete processing plant.” crusher systems,” says André. “The product is
“We’ve just completed such a system for one of entirely South African except for some types of
our first clients in the coal industry,” says direc- crushers, like the special coal crusher, which is
tor, André Olivier. “As an agent for McLanahan imported. In some instances we’ve even built our
coal crushers in the USA, this particular project own crusher by reverse engineering a particular
gave us the opportunity to develop a modular type to suit a specific application. For example,
system specifically for coal crushing. Just like the Mike used the hammer mill principle to come up
other systems we’ve developed over the years for with a crusher that produces sand.
diamond, aggregate, ferro- chrome and other min- “In another instance we took a basic Chinese crusher

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 19


design and modified it to handle Vanadium at a will have one or two cone crushers or granulators.
temperature of 800ºC,” Mike adds. “We changed The stream out of this unit will go to a screening
the lubrication to oil and by fitting a water cooler module that separates the various sizes. From there
through which the oil is continuously circulated it goes to a processing module that contains any
to all the bearings, we could maintain an even combination of jigging equipment, spirals and shak-
temperature even though the material coming into ing tables to finally produce the mineral. A large
the crusher was so hot. plant will typically have a fifth container module
“In yet another instance we saved the day for a containing the electrical and control system for
diamond mining operation where diamonds were the entire plant.”
being damaged in the crusher,” continues Mike. The current representation of Simunyes’ vibratory
“We fitted a water flush system that adds the same equipment stands at about 100 units in Africa.
volume of water as material into the crusher which “Our best reference, however, is on our doorstep,”
helps to flush the small diamonds out before they says André. “At Lyttleton Dolomite, just outside
stand a chance of getting damaged.” Supersport Park in Centurion, there are a total of
13 pieces of our equipment in operation including
The concept is set to grow, not ony because of its mobil- three 600x1300 vibrating feeders and four 1830
ity, but also because it makes plant expansion easier x 4880 double deck vibrating screens. We will
gladly accompany anyone interested to this plant
to show them the quality of the workmanship and
How it works the production achieved by our equipment.”
Simunye’s range of modular crusher units has not
The future
officially been given a name yet, but it’s more than
Judging by the number of installations of this
likely to be called the SimPro range consisting of
modular system around the world, this clever con-
crusher units, processing units and even a power
cept is set to grow rapidly, not only because of its
supply unit constructed to fir into a container as
mobility, but also because it makes expansion of
well. “Typically a complete plant put together with
a plant so much easier and quicker. “Customising
a series of containers will consist of a primary
each unit for a specific location and application
crushing unit first,” explains Mike. “From the bin
is a bit more work, but in the end we know we’re
you’ll have a feeder with a by-pass for small mate-
supplying a system that works for that particular
rial before bigger lumps go into the jaw crusher.
instance,” Mike says in conclusion. “There’s no
The stream out of the crusher will join the bypass
doubt that the concept will grow even more in the
material before going onto a screen prior to going
future which is right up our alley, we thrive on the
to a secondary crusher.
challenges the industry throws our way.”
“A conveyor carries the material to a second con- Simunye Crushing, Mike McNeil or André Olivier
tainer housing the secondary crusher unit which Tel (011) 918-5997, Email:

20 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Huge Cost Savings

Two chutes installed on Palabora Mining Company’s 1.3 kilometre long inclined conveyor have saved the
company a substantial amount in belt costs alone.

he conveyor is fitted with a 1.05 stoppages, so action is being taken to improve the quality
metre wide steel reinforced belt of the splices in future to alleviate this, while saving for the
which is fed at a 90° angle by short mine mount year on year.
conveyors from the four crusher
M & J Engineering (Pty) Ltd, MarkBaller, Tel: (011) 827 9372
storage bins. The belt, which transports
Fax: ( 011) 827 6132, Website:
approximately 1 900 tph of primary crushed
run of mine ore, is scanned by X-Ray three
to four times per annum to determine its
condition. An analysis of the severe dam-
age experienced on the reinforcing cables
indicated that the problem was probably
caused by large lumps of ore falling onto
the belt from the first or second of the
cross conveyors.

The belt is so much more durable that the dete-

rioration of the splices has now become the main
reason for stoppages
One of the Weba Chutes underground at PMC
In order to minimise any further damage,
a decision was taken by Palabora Mining
Company to test a Weba Chute system on
the first transfer point in January 2008.
The results were so impressive that it
was then decided to install another Weba
system on the second chute in December
2008, to cater for instances where the first
cross conveyor is not operational.
To determine the effectiveness of the
Weba transfer points in protecting the
belt, the annual average replacement
costs for the belts from 2006 to 2008
were calculated at 2009 prices. Then a
combination of the cost of belting from the
date of installation up to the calculation
date with an estimate for the remainder
of that year was calculated. The results
indicated a substantial saving on belting
costs alone.
Main reason
If one then considers the additional pro-
duction gained through less downtime and
the direct savings on fewer splices being
made; and the cost of other materials and
labour, that amount could quite readily be
increased by at least a further 50%.
Interestingly, the belt is so much more
durable that the deterioration of the splices
has now become the main reason for

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 21

Register now for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011, the most information-packed
show in construction. Get close and compare the newest equipment,
technologies and strategies for profitability. See how the construction
industry has become environmentally friendly, safer and more efficient.
Be there to experience the latest innovations and enjoy the attractions
of Las Vegas!

March 22–26 Go to for details on how to register.


is co-located with:

22 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Sustainable Approach to
Freight in South Africa
“Bulk Handling Today” recently attended the Launch of the CSIR’s “Sustainable Transport + Mobility Hand-
book.” The section on freight is reproduced here for the benefit of readers.

conomic sustainability logistics costs. This can generally be attributed to
Freight transport supports the South the large distances between typical origins and
African economy, as it constituted more destinations and the cost of fuel. South Africa re-
than 8% of South Africa’s gross domestic quires more transport per unit of commodity than
product in 2007. Compared with a world average most countries in the world (CSIR. 2008). Almost
of 39%, transport made up 53% of the country’s two thirds of road transport costs are attributable
to fuel expenses and 29% of freight transport
cost is exposed to external factors beyond the
transport operator’s control (CSIR, 2008).
Externalities affecting freight transport include
congestion, accidents and weather. The afford-
ability of freight transport is highly exposed and
vulnerable to external factors, placing a ques-
tion mark behind the freight system’s economic

A lack of proper inter-modal facilities

between ports, roads and rails, is the
main inhibiting factor for growth in
containerised traffic

Ownership of infrastructure plays a significant
role in the success and growth of the industry.
The fact that various infrastructure is privately
owned, or owned by Transnet, prohibits cohe-
sion, limiting the systemic operational improve-
ments that can be achieved. A lack of proper
inter-modal facilities between ports, roads and
rails, is the main inhibiting factor for growth in
containerised traffic.
For instance, Transnet’s responsibility for port
planning and management deters private sector
investment and has resulted in a situation where
several ports are badly in need of further rede-
velopment, investment and modernisation, but
are limited by the provision of capital under the
control of central government. Common transport
development plans and policies-and adherence
thereto-are required to avoid micromanagement
inhibiting growth in the entire system.
Below par
South Africa is below par when compared with
international freight transport best practice. This
is due to insufficient equipment, technology and

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 23

24 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

facilities. Rail transport equipment (locomotives, effects on fuel consump-

wagons, signalling equipment and rail tracks) in tion and emissions, but
general are old and outdated, necessitating much these potential gains will
of the nation’s rail rolling stock to need replace- not be attainable should
ment soon. the size restriction come
As a result of poor wagon fleet renewal practice, into effect.
old rail wagons with reduces payloads exist in Social sustainability
substantial numbers, limiting the railways’ ability Modal selection is nor-
to carry extra tonnage. In addition the rail lines are mally based on the type
narrow gauge, which limits their efficient carrying of commodity and its as-
capacity even further. An updated and overhaul of sociated transportation
all freight equipment, technology and facilities is requirements. Not all
needed to improve sustainability. commodities are suitable
Environmental sustainability for transportation on all
In terms of the non-renewable resources, South modes. Factors that could
African freight transport is highly unsustainable. All influence the number of
roads, water and air freight, as well as about 10% of potential modes include
rail transport, is powered by (non-renewable) fossil the mode’s delivery speed,
fuel. The state of affairs heavily exposed the country availability, accessibility, Tanya Lane
to oil supply risks or disruptions, as road transport inter-modal connections
is by far the dominant mode in the country. and flexibility, capacity, safety, reliability and cost.
This limits the scope of mode selection.
Only pipeline transport and 90% of rail transport
is electrified. Though electrified transport allows Poor historic monetary policy in South Africa has
for the electricity to be generated from renewable led to disputes between various transport modes
resources (such as hydropower or wind), the domi- There is talk of restricting the size and maximum loads
nant feedstock for electricity generation in South of vehicles in rural roads
Africa is coal (which is another unsustainable,
non-renewable resource). regarding equity in recovery of infrastructure pro-
vision, management, operation and maintenance
Substantial damage cost. “The […] situation frequently prejudice South
With regards to emissions, oil- and coal-powered African road transport operators in particular and
freight is not ideal. It is, however, beneficial to use land freight in general.” (DOT, 1996).
electricity as opposed to liquid fuels, because the
associated emission can be confined to remote Road over rail
locations and are not necessarily generated at the Advantages of road freight over rail include: ac-
transport location. cessibility (many places are only accessible by
motor vehicles), competition (resulting improved
Uneven modal distribution in favour of road trans-
port has caused substantial
damage to infrastructure in
South Africa. The previous
Minister of transport, Jeff
Radebe, announced in
September 2007 that the
country faced a R17 billion
deficit to road maintenance
over the following five
years, relating to nearly
15% of the national road
There is talk of restricting
the size and maximum
loads of vehicles in rural
roads in an attempt to stop
this trend. While this might
solve their infrastructure
problem temporarily, trucks
are at their most efficient
when fully loaded. Large
vehicles and load com-
binations have positive

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 25


service, reliability, operations, equipment and the modes of transport should, therefore, improve
competitive pricing) and no perceived need for road safety in South Africa. South Africa is a
cross-subsidisation. It is not surprising that land country severely afflicted by HIV/Aids. The illness
transportation (road and rail) accounts for more is especially prevalent among truck drivers and
than 90% of total transport, with road enjoying the transfer of HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted
66% of market share. infections is a growing concern in the transport
Inter-modal interchange facilities (of which there industry. Truck stops can be an important part of
are presently very few in South Africa) can facilitate the strategy to protect truck drivers against these
the use of the most appropriate and environmentally and other illnesses and provide information on
friendly transport for different parts of a journey, the risks ( Human health
for example using rail for long distance and trucks is also affected by poor air quality associated with
for local travel. transport emissions. Air quality and emissions
standards can combat these effects.
Trucks have the third highest number of vehicle crashes Conclusion
South African freight is generally not considered
Fatal crashes sustainable, at present. A move towards modal
In terms of safety, 9.97% of the vehicles involved integration and a more equal modal distribution
in fatal crashes in 2004 were trucks per 10 000 will go along way to improve system sustainability.
vehicles. This is mainly due to the extent at which Environmentally speaking, stepping away from
trucks are used annually (number of vehicles miles non-renewable resources and introducing fuel and
travelled). A major contributing factor to the cause of vehicle emissions standards should be a priority.
truck related accidents is the age and maintenance
levels of trucks. The average age of a truck is 12 The impact of current monopolies on the freight
years. Improved maintenance and regulations should system should be carefully monitored, provoking
make these old trucks less accident prone. government action to mitigate negative effects where
possible. As with most sustainability initiatives,
Driver fatigue is another major cause of trucking government has to show strong leadership to elicit
accidents. Shifting some of the road transport to buy-in from all stakeholders in the industry.

26 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Establishing a Health
and Safety Benchmark
in Richards Bay

Since its establishment as a health and safety

(H&S) advisory body in Richards Bay in 2002, the
Centralised Induction Training Committee (CITC)
has managed to set industry benchmarks with
regards to managing the process and standard of
H&S training of contractor workers.

Andre at the Riski Diski launch

hairman of the CITC, Franz
Schmidt, says that a large
number of multinationals oper-
ate in the Richards Bay area
and that these companies need to have
contractors trained to the same standard
as their own permanent employees.
“In the past, many contractors who
came onto site had little or no exposure
to the industry, as well as the necessary
Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)
training. A uniform base from which to
do generic SHE training was identified by
the CITC as being the means by which
to alleviate the problems being faced Left To Right: Andre Arendse, Lizette Kruger, Sian Thurtell and
with contractors,” explains Franz. Norman Hartman

The means by which to alleviate the problems being

faced with contractors Franz says that the CITC was founded to mandate
this request by establishing this training facility and
Having identified a strong need from the various overseeing the ongoing activities thereafter.
multinationals in the area for a uniform base from The Richards Bay National Ports Authority, Mondi
which to do generic SHE training, Richards Bay Kraft, Richards Bay Minerals, BHP Bayside Alu-
Minerals (RBM) spearheaded a request through minium, BHP Hillside Aluminium, Bell Equipment,
the CEO Forum of the Zululand Chamber of Com- Richards Bay Coal Terminals and Ticor SA (now
merce and Industry (ZCCI) for a dedicated training Exxaro KZN Sands) were all founding members of
facility. the CITC. Each participating member is required to

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 27



Health and Safety inspires people to change their mindsets around

safety issues in the workplace

nominate representa-
tives to speak on be-
half of their company
on the CITC steering
“It was decided that
CITC members’ con-
tractors should be in-
ducted on a bi-annual
basis at a centralised
training centre,” ex-
plains Richards Bay
Minerals CITC rep-
resentative, Hendrik
“KBC was identified
KBC Health and Safety Managing Director
as being the best- Graham Emmett
suited candidate to
start up a project of
this nature and as a result was successful in obtaining the
tender. Since then, the contract has come up for tender every
three years – with KBC successfully retaining the contract on
each occasion,” says Franz.
Effectively eliminate a full day of training for any
contractor that has already received this generic

With the guidance of the CITC, KBC set up a centralised con-

tractor induction training centre that addresses generic safety
training to: effectively eliminate a full day of training for any
contractor who has already received this generic training;
reduce duplication of training; and to set minimum standards
for all SHE training required by all CITC members.
With regards to training material, CITC members indicated the

28 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011


Richards Bay

content and scope of the material to be covered, which KBC

developed in line with these requirements.
The following courses are presented at the centralised training
facility as a minimum safety requirement for employment at
CITC members sites: Industrial Surface Level 1 (for employees
not in supervisory/ management roles); Administrators Course
Level 1 (for admin staff who will not access site); Supervisors
Level 2; and Legal Liability (for employers, managers and
people responsible for health and safety on site).
The CITC’s partnership with KBC is enabling fair and consistent
access to affordable quality SHE training to ensure the Health
and Safety of all contractors and other employees.

Running the huge risk of being held liable for


Quality Control
Training modules are reviewed and updated at a regular basis
to comply with changes in legislation. In addition, KBC is au-
dited six times a year by the CITC member companies, thus
ensuring a high standard with regards services and products
supplied by KBC.
“The audits check a number of items in terms of service
provision, but also comprise CITC member company specific
issues. In this process continual improvement in safety training
is managed. The CITC then provides KBC with feedback on
training statistics, adequacy of training materials and trainers,
and specific safety related issues,” says KBC Business Unit
Leader for Richards Bay Barbara Moscicki.
KBC Health and Safety, Lizette Kruger, Tel: (011) 675 3722 Email:

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 29

animals in distress
SO F the society for





Protecting Fighting To do
We PROTECT thousands of animals in nine townships and informal settlements that we visit five days a week.
We HEAL their sickness both on-site and at our professionally-run animal hospital in Vorna Valley, Midrand.
We FIGHT ignorance by educating in 50 underprivileged schools and in the field.
We EMPOWER communities through education, training, skills’ development and capacity building.
TELEPHONE : 083 640 8825 OR 011-466-0261 PO BOX 391164, BRAMLEY, 2018
FAX : 011-466-0262 BANKING DETAILS :
ALTERNATE FAX : 086 626 5441 BRAMLEY, CODE 252105
E-Mail : ACCOUNT NUMBER : 5147 0054 747
FUNDRAISING NO : 01 100326 0001; 001-249 NPO; PBO : 930012662





As little as R50 a month, or whatever you can comfortably afford, can make a BIG difference in an animal’s life.







NAME : ______________________________________________________________________________________________

POSTAL ADDRESS :____________________________________________________________________________________

E-MAIL : ______________________________________ TELEPHONE : __________________________________________

BANK : _______________________________________ BRANCH : _____________________________________________




SIGNED : ______________________________________ DATE : ___________________________________________

30 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 Advanced Materials Today September 2007 39
Market Forum
Helps with expansion Bateman Redler En-masse Conveyors convey particulate solids
Bateman Engineered Technologies (BET) Specialised Handling cleanly, gently and economically by inducing the material
Division is supplying a further five Bateman Redler chain to move like a liquid through dust-tight casings. This action
conveyors and elevators to Willowton Oil and Cake Mills’ ensures minimal product degradation, while the dust tight
Isando factory, building on a 40-year business relationship. casings protect the conveyed material and the environment
“The order for the extra five machines brings the total op- from mutual contamination.
erating equipment in that plant to 74,” says Peter Cheshire Bateman Engineered Technologies, Peter Cheshire, Tel: (011) 201.2300,
of Bateman’s Specialised Handling Division. Email:
Willowton Oils Johannesburg based oil extraction plant (be-
ing one of three in the country) known as Isando Foods, is
one of South Africa’s biggest producers of cooking oil from
sunflower seeds. This particular order covers the handling of
sunflower husk from the decorticating machines to the storage
area or directly to burn in the boilers, any husks superfluous A major force in material handling
to Isando’s needs are transported off site for sale as cheap FLSmidth recently acquired the majority ownership of Roymec
fuel or poultry bedding. The additional equipment comprises (Pty) Limited, located north of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Bateman Redler chain conveyors and elevators to convey the Since its establishment in 1979, Roymec has supplied min-
sunflower husks at rates of between 7 and 10 t/hour. ing infrastructure including bulk material handling solutions.
Bateman Redler Bucket Elevators are commonly used in the Its products include plant and overland conveyors, waste
brewing and food industries as their robust design enables spreader systems, stockyard systems, run-of-mine tips, rail
slow running for minimum wear and product degradation, load-out stations, crushing and screening, as well as mate-
and they offer high capacities exceeding 1 000 t/h. rial handling services.
FLSmidth Roymec will be integrated into FLSmidth’s present
South African organisation increasing the total workforce to
around 400 people. This enhanced local setup will provide a
strong basis for handling the growing activities in the region
with resources-related investment expected to increase in
the coming years.
“FLSmidth Roymec is now in the enviable position where we
have access to a global range of equipment and technical
capabilities to complement our local project execution ability,
while retaining our B-BBEE credentials. This underlines our
one source strategy and permits us to further strengthen our
position as a leading regional bulk materials handling solutions
provider,” managing director Peter Lohrmann comments.
FLSmidth Roymec,, Tel: (011) 210-4000,
Fax: (011) 210-4050

Most advanced
Clyde Bergemann Africa successfully concluded a contract
with Eskom for fly ash handling at Eskom’s Kusile power
station. The power station is currently being built by Eskom
near Delmas in Mpumalanga.
The order is worth around R350 million and Clyde Bergemann
Africa will be responsible for the design; supply; construc-
tion and commissioning of the fly ash handling system.
This includes the removal of fly ash from the bag houses to
the storage silos and thereafter conditioning of fly ash onto
Conveyors in operation from previous installations at Isando Foods overland conveyor belts.

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 31

Are You

Green This prestigious award recognises

people, projects and products
that have gone above and

beyond the call of duty to
enhance the environment in which
they operate.

Chain The inaugural awards in 2009, followed by

those in 2010, enjoyed a wonderful
response from the supply chain
community and everything is on track to
make the 2011 event one of the
industry’s most prestigious accolades.

Enter your product

or project now!

Sponsors: Entry forms are avialble from:

Catherine Larkin on
Tel: (011) 789-7327/787-9127,
Cell: 083 300 0331, Fax: (011) 787-7865

32 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

Market Forum
Idler aligner
A new conveyor idler aligner
featuring a safe and effective
method to manually fine tune
OEM-style self-adjusting idlers
has been introduced by Martin
Engineering. The Martin Idler
Aligner ensures precise adjust-
ment, using a handle and comb
for course modification, with slots
for finer tuning. Proper align-
ment is an extremely important
factor in a conveyor system, as a
misaligned belt can cause uneven
wear, belt / structure damage and
material spillage.
The aligner bracket mounts to
most manufacturers’ self-align-
ing idlers, allowing for broad
application. To improve safety,
the design eliminates the need to
In October 2009, the company was awarded the contract tie off idlers to the surrounding structure, and the locking
for the same scope of work at Eskom’s Medupi Power Sta- bar features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access
tion, and the work is progressing on schedule. The holding and handle movement. The slotted comb on the new idler
company in Germany (Clyde Bergemann Power Group) was provides a range of incremental adjustment settings (±7.5°)
awarded the contract to supply Sootblowers for Medupi and to ensure consistent performance. The handle can also be
Kusile through Hitachi, who are responsible for building the allowed to float freely on top of the locking bar to provide
boilers. course adjustments of ±2.5°.
Early in November, the African company was also contracted The Martin Idler Aligner installs quickly and easily — a
to do the complete design, supply and commissioning of a one-person job requiring no measuring, cutting or heavy
new Dust Handling Plant for Units 4 – 6 at Matla Power lifting — allowing workers to safely and conveniently make
Station. The value of this contract is around $13.9 million manual adjustments to fine tune the idler from outside of
(R95 million) the stringer. The new design is also available in stainless
After Medupi, Kusile Power Station is the most advanced steel construction.
coal-fired plant project in Eskom. When completed, the Martin Engineering USA, Rick Felde, Email:,
power station will have six boilers each powering an 800 Web site:
MW turbine, producing 4800
MW of power, thus making it
one of the biggest coal-fired
power stations in the world
when fully commissioned.
“This great success in South
Africa confirms our market
strategy to be close to local
customers with a global
organisation and excellent
products and technologies.
Booking these projects un-
derpins a business devel-
opment where, after some
market restraints, we see
stronger bookings kicking
in now worldwide.” states
Franz Bartels, President &
CEO of Clyde Bergemann
Power Group.
Clyde Bergemann Africa (Pty)
Ltd, Jeremy Kirsch, Tel: (011)
704-0580, Fax: (011) 704-0597,

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 33

Market Forum
Slow and sluggish
Today’s Cat machines are faster, more powerful, and easier this magnitude can equate to a day of lost production each
to operate thanks to technological advancements in their week. They also cause machines to burn more fuel and
hydraulic designs. But maximizing this performance depends shorten component life.”
on strict contamination control, CHS inspections should be performed twice a year or every
which is why customers are 1 000 hours. The inspection service is comprehensive and
making Caterpillar’s CHS typically entails a range of performance tests. The latter
(or Custom Hydraulic include hydraulic cylinder drift, and hydraulic
Service) part of their system cycle times and pressures.
overall maintenance
programme. Barloworld Equipment, Paul Verwey,
Tel: (011) 929-0000, E-mail: pver-
“In essence, CHS
enables customer
to maintain peak
hydraulic system
performance and
catch problems be-
fore they turn into costly
repairs,” explains Paul Ver-
wey, a group products specialist at Barloworld E q u i p -
ment. “In fact, long before contaminants cause component
failure, they slowly reduce system efficiency, which has a Caterpillar’s Custom Hy-
draulic Service ensures
tremendous impact on machine productivity.” (Barloworld
that machines perform at
Equipment is the Caterpillar dealer in southern Africa.) their optimum levels.
Consider this: controlled studies have shown that without
a monitoring mechanism in place, hydraulic efficiency can
fall off by as much as 20% before being detected by even
the best operators,” Paul continues. “Efficiency losses of

34 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

Market Forum
Awareness campaign Reef Fuel Injection Services is one of the limited number
In the last two decades, counterfeiting in general has grown of Bosch-appointed EDC (electronic diesel control) service
substantially globally. While there has been much reporting centres in South Africa, and also boasts Denso, Delphi and
about consumers being taken advantage of by counterfeits Standyne accreditation for fuel injection components. “These
in music, film, home electronics and designer clothing, a far accreditations bear testimony to the fact that we possess
greater risk lies in industrial counterfeiting of items such as the necessary skills, expertise and technological prowess
tires, seals and bearings. Many of these products are safety- to satisfy customers fully,” Hauser points out. As one of the
critical and fake versions may pose a real threat. best equipped service and repair facilities in the country, the
company has an established reputation as a Cat specialist.
To raise the awareness about this the World Bearing As-
All test equipment is checked and maintained to SABS 0166
sociation (WBA) has launched a campaign to inform about
and ISO 9002 standards.
potential safety hazards arising from counterfeit bearings.
Reef’s rapid collection and delivery service further speeds
“Our initiative is aimed at sensitising the public on the dangers
up the process. Hauser believes that it is this extraordinary
associated with counterfeits,” says James W. Griffith, WBA
efficiency and attention to specific customer needs which
president. “The WBA is thus intensifying its anti-counterfeit-
sets Reef Fuel Injection Services apart in the market.
ing initiatives – that means information for customers on the
one hand and consistent prosecution of offenders through the Reef Fuel Injection Services, Warren Hauser, Tel: (011) 873 2354
competent authorities on the other.”
“The fight against counterfeiting is not
only about protecting the SKF brand
but also about protecting our customers
and the public from a potentially serious
safety risk. Customers are being cheated
into paying for a genuine product but are
supplied with a fake alternative. Being
a part of the World Bearing Association
campaign is a way to further reinforce
our commitment to fight this illegal activ-
ity,” says Tom Johnstone, SKF President
and CEO.
Counterfeiting violates trademarks. Be-
cause counterfeits look like and are
marketed like genuine branded prod-
ucts, it usually takes a trained expert to
identify them.
SKF South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Samantha Joubert,
Tel: (011) 821-3500, Fax: (011) 821-3501,
Email:, Web: www. The Bosch 815 test bench at RFIS

Fuel injection services New coal stockyard

Fuel injection services are becoming ever more specialised ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling (TKMH) secured the tender
as technology develops to higher levels of sophistication to to supply coal handling equipment to feed the new 4 800
comply with stringent new emission legislation. Increasingly MW Medupi Power Station built by Eskom Holdings Ltd. in
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) turn to special- Lephalale, Limpopo province.
ists such as Reef Fuel Injection Services to enable them to
comply. The tender calls for the supply of two off luffing slewing
stackers and two off bi-directional drum reclaimers, each
“It is not only the OEMs who are upping their trade with with a 43.5m rail width, to handle the coal stockpiles with
us,” Warren Hauser, workshop manager at Reef Fuel Injec- respective handling capacities of 4000 tonnes /hr and 3
tion Services, says. “We are seeing significant growth in our 400 tonnes /hr.
traditional markets as well – the transportation, construction
and mining sectors, and in fact, all companies with large According to TKMH marketing manager, Willie Agenbag, these
fleets – because of the level of specialisation required. At two drum reclaimers will be the largest to be manufactured
Reef, we not only have the advanced equipment necessary and supplied by TKMH in South Africa. He adds that older
to meet rigorous demands, but above all, the highly skilled generation TAS 43.5m rail large drum reclaimers have
and qualified personnel, the streamlined processes and ef- been operating successfully at a coal plant in Kazahkstan
ficiencies that guarantee exceptional customer service.” for many years.

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 35

Market Forum
TKMH will supply all relevant stockyard conveyors and transfer with a generator and compressor as well as having containers
houses, hoppers and feeders and will also be responsible for to carry hundreds of litres of lubricating oil. Gerhard says
associated civil works. Willie points out that all the equip- that the used oil is also stored in the unit for transporting
ment will be locally designed by TKMH and manufacture back to the dealership’s bulk used oil store as part of its
will also be done locally. environmental initiatives.
“The coal stockyard demands a turnkey offering,” explains
Willie “and we are responsible for an end-to-end service
including design, supply, commissioning and hand over”.
ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling, Willie Agenbag, Tel: (011) 236-
1000, Email:, Web: www.thys-

Flexible servicing options

“Providing flexible servicing options is now a critical com-
ponent in ensuring customer satisfaction – particularly
with operators of extra-heavy duty trucks,” says the dealer “Today customers require not only flexible servicing hours
principal of Hino Middelburg, Gerhard Kotze, which is why – including weekends and nights – but also the option of
a large mobile servicing support vehicle has been built for having servicing done on site, hence the acquisition of the
the dealership. mobile unit,” he adds.

The well-equipped unit, based on a long-wheelbase Hino “This mobile service unit is critical to providing the required
300 Series 611 chassis-cab, was constructed by Maximus levels of service to the fleet of 10 Hino 700 Series trucks
Bodies in Alrode, who previously built a similar type of unit now operating from Blinkwater Mills’ facility in Nelspruit.”
for Hino Honeydew. A custom-built trailer will be hitched to Hino Division, Ignatius Muthien, Tel: (011) 809-2064/2255, Fax:
the Hino to carry service parts. The mobile unit is equipped (011) 809-9064, Email:

36 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

Market Forum

Moving the earth “After selecting HPE Africa, I have been happy with the
Tlhago Boswa, which primarily focuses on major earth- excellent standard of service that has been delivered,” ex-
moving projects for mining operations in the North West plains Alan. “HPE Africa’s sales staff are always on-hand to
province, purchased a Hyundai HL770 wheel loader from offer support and advice, which is important to us. What’s
HPE Africa in November to complement its existing range more, the delivery time of the machinery has been quick
of Hyundai HL780 and HL760 wheel loaders, which were and hassle-free.”
purchased from HPE Africa earlier in the year. Tlhago Boswa also purchased two Hyundai R305LC-7
Director Alan McGill points out that Tlhago Boswa places excavators – with a powerful operating weight of 29,4 tons
a high emphasis on quick turnaround times when choosing and a bucket capacity of 2 m3- from HPE Africa in July
suppliers, and that the level of service received from HPE and October2010 respectively.
Africa - the sole distributor of Hyundai earthmoving equip- HPE Africa , Kirsty Denholm, Tel: (011) 397 4670, Fax: (011) 307
ment in Southern Africa - has exceeded all expectations. 4683, Email: , Web:

Positive feedback
Melco Conveyor Equipment South Africa has sold and installed on the side. The case demonstrates the advantage of the
72 motorised pulleys into various South African industries entire drive being concentrically loaded on the conveyor
since introducing the motorized pulleys two years ago. gantry” states Julian.
“There has been positive feedback from all of our clients, Melco Conveyor Equipment (Pty) Ltd, Julian Steinmann, Tel: (011)
which is evidence of the benefits being gained from the 825 3520, Email:
Motorized Pulleys save space because they are compact,
have low noise levels and save energy. Being lighter and
concentrically mounted, the support structure required is
leaner” says Melco motorized pulley product manager Julian
Some examples include:
Project engineering house, TWP, which installed a 500H
– 1200 RL – 18.5kW motorised pulley for use at the Black
Rock manganese mine and Roymec which installed a 630H
- 1700 RL – 37kW motorised pulley for coal-mining giant
Anglo Coal. If the motorised pulley had not been installed, the
conveyor gantry would have had to be considerably upgraded
to be able to carry external drive components cantilevered

BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011 37

Market Forum
Source of pride
Hansen Transmissions South Africa has secured an order Subscription
from Sishen Kumba Iron Ore for the supply of large conveyor
drives for overland conveyors as well as for conveyors feeding Please fax us if you wish to subscribe to “Bulk Handling Today”
at R375,00 (incl postage, excl VAT) per year; R945,00 per year
bedding and blending plant, at Sishen. for Africa/Overseas (incl postage). We will post you an invoice
This order comprises three ‘R’ and three ‘L’ drive units car- on receipt of your fax.
rying an approximately value of R9.5 million. The ‘R’ size
PROMECH PUBLISHING Fax No: (011) 781-1403
units, QHRR3 CTN 31.5:1, with a 2660kW AGMA rating,
have a special installed 720kW motor and the 1370kW Email:
AGMA rated ‘L’ size units, QHRL3 CTN 25:1, are supplied
with a special installed motor of 600kW.” From:.........................................................................................
According to Clive Dicks, Hansen Transmissions Sales Man-
ager, the three 600kW drives for the overland conveyors are (insert your name)
interchangeable between all 13 conveyor positions with only
a slight difference between the belt lengths and tonnage per Title: ..........................................................................................
hour. “The three 720kW drives are on the conveyor which
has a horizontal belt length of 504m, and which feeds the
Company: .................................................................................
bedding and blending plant where it moves product at a rate
of 8000t/h,” explains Clive and adds, “Although we supplied
Address: ..................................................................................
a standard Hansen gearbox, some on site modifications were
necessary in order to accommodate the upgrade.
“Repeat orders are always a particular source of pride and
is regarded as proof positive of our customers’ faith and
......................................................................Code: ..................
confidence in not only our superior product range, but also
in our exemplary service support and customer relations
management,” comments Clive. Telephone: (.......) ....................................................................

Hansen Transmissions SA, Fritz Fourie, Tel: (011) 397-2495, Fax:

(011) 397 2585, Email:, Web: Fax: (.......) ................................................................................
Email: .......................................................................................

Thirty years and still going strong

Rio-Carb is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, a mile-
stone that Rio-Carb founder and director, Martin Maine is
very proud to have achieved. Index to Advertisers
“The biggest challenge over the past 30 years has been Afzelia 24
changing the traditional mindsets in the mining industry AST Pyroscan Inside Front Cover
towards abrasion control and resistance. Chromium Carbide
has amazing properties in terms of abrasion applications, Bearings International 14
and over the years our clients have seen the benefits time BMG Outside Front Cover
and time again,” he explains. Bonfiglioli Inside Back Cover
A major driving force behind the company’s continued suc- Conexpo 22
cess is Rio-Carb’s MaxCS™ process, which ensures maximum David Brown 10
carbide saturation - the key to long wear life. By using the
Engineer Placements 21
latest technology and digital controls, Rio-Carb is now able
to accurately monitor and add the exact amount of Chromium LMI Academy 28
Alloys to the welding area. The selection of raw materials and Quadrant 9
the precise use of essential additives also assists the forming Rema Tip Top 16
of these compacted Carbides. This has resulted in MaxCS
Rema Tip Top/Dunlop 14
™- Maximum Carbide Saturation - which assures clients the
longest life of all Chromium Carbide Wear-Plates. Rio-Carb 8
‘Innovate, Trust and Service’ has been Rio-Carb’s motto SAID 30
over the years, and it is what drives the company today. Silver ‘A’ Power Transmission 28
“Progressive thinking and Innovation is at the heart of every- SKF 36
thing that we do. At the end of the day, we don’t just offer ThyssenKrupp 26
products, but long-term solutions that allow our clients to
‘Fit and Forget’,” concludes Maine. Transmission Components 29
Voith 34
Rio-Carb. Tel: 011 908 1014, Email:, Web: www. Weir Minerals Outside Back Cover

38 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011

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40 BULK HANDLING TODAY February 2011