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“Nursing Notes and Community”
Drug Name Dosages Therapeutic Indications Adverse effects Contraindications Nursing considerations
acetaminophen ADULTS • Antipyretic: • Analgesic- • CNS: Headache • Contraindicated Assessment
(N-acetyl-p- • PO or PR Reduces fever by antipyretic in • CV: Chest pain, with allergy to • History: Allergy to
aminophenol) • By suppository, 325– acting directly on patients with aspirin dyspnea, acetaminophen. acetaminophen,
(a seet a min' a 650 mg q 4–6 hr or the hypothalamic allergy, hemostatic myocardial • Use cautiously impaired hepatic
fen) PO, 1,000 mg tid to heat-regulating disturbances, damage when with impaired function, chronic
qid. Do not exceed 4 center to cause bleeding diatheses, doses of 5–8 hepatic function, alcoholism, pregnancy,
Suppositories: g/day. vasodilation and upper GI disease, g/day are chronic lactation
Abenol (CAN), sweating, which gouty arthritis ingested daily alcoholism, • Physical: Skin color,
Acephen PEDIATRIC PATIENTS helps dissipate • Arthritis and for several pregnancy, lesions; T; liver
•PO or PR heat. rheumatic disorders weeks or when lactation. evaluation; CBC, LFTs,
Oral: Aceta, • Doses may be • Analgesic: Site involving doses of 4 g/day renal function tests
Apacet, Atasol repeated 4–5 and mechanism musculoskeletal are ingested for
(CAN), times/day; do not of action unclear. pain (but lacks 1 yr Interventions
Genapap, exceed five doses in clinically significant • GI: Hepatic • Do not exceed the
Genebs, 24 hr; give PO or by antirheumatic and toxicity and recommended dosage.
Liquiprin, suppository. anti-inflammatory failure, jaundice • Consult physician if
Mapap, effects) • GU: Acute needed for children < 3
Panadol, Age •Common cold, flu, kidney failure, yr; if needed for longer
Tapanol, other viral and renal tubular than 10 days; if
Tempra, 0–3 mo 40 bacterial infections necrosis continued fever, severe
Tylenol with pain and fever • Hematologic: or recurrent pain
4–11 mo 80
• Unlabeled Methemoglobine occurs (possible
Pregnancy 12–23 use: Prophylactic for mia—cyanosis; serious illness).
Category B 120
mo children receiving hemolytic • Avoid using multiple
2–3 yr 160 DPT vaccination to anemia— preparations containing
Drug classes reduce incidence of hematuria, acetaminophen.
• Antipyretic 4–5 yr 240 fever and pain anuria; Carefully check all OTC
• Analgesic 6–8 yr 320 neutropenia, products.
(nonopioid) 9–10 yr 400 leukopenia, • Give drug with food if
pancytopenia, GI upset occurs.
11 yr 480 thrombocytopeni • Discontinue drug if
a, hypoglycemia hypersensitivity
• Hypersen reactions occur.
sitivity: Rash, • Treatment of overdose:
fever Monitor serum levels
regularly, N-
acetylcysteine should
be available as a
specific antidote; basic
life support measures
may be necessary.
“Nursing Notes and Community”

Teaching points
• Do not exceed
recommended dose; do
not take for longer than
10 days.
• Take the drug only for
complaints indicated; it
is not an anti-
inflammatory agent.
• Avoid the use of other
preparations. They may
acetaminophen, and
serious overdosage
can occur. If you need
an over-the-counter
preparation, consult
your health care
• Report rash, unusual
bleeding or bruising,
yellowing of skin or
eyes, changes in
voiding patterns. “Nursing Notes and Community”

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