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L’ozonizzatore è un dispositivo per la produzione industriale The ozonizer is a device for the industrial production of
dell’ozono (O3) e prevede un ‘ampolla nella quale viene the ozone (O3) and it includes a bulb in wich it is
iniettato ossigeno (O2). L’ampolla è sottoposta a campi injected the oxygen. The bulb is subjected;to electrical
elettrici di frequenza ed ampiezza elevati. Il campo elettrico fields with high frequencies and voltages. The applied
applicato porta alla formazione di ozono. electric field brings to the ozon formation.
L’inverter fornisce una tensione di uscita a frequenza (0,5-1 The drive generates a voltage with value and frequency
KHz) ed ampiezza regolabili separatamente. (0,5 -1 KHz) separately controlled.
Tra 2 fasi di uscita dell’inverter viene collegato un A step-up transformer, connected to the two output
trasformatore elevatore che alimenta l’elettrodo dell’ampolla. terminals of the drive, feds the bulb electrode
Rete Corrente Potenza uscita Reattore di
Field Bus
RFI Filter

Corrente Uscita Filtro RFI




Power Ingresso Output Power ingresso


Output Current RFI Filter

supply Input Current [@400Vac] Input reactor
S1GT 0P3 F B B N N N 90 I 3,8 2,7 1,5 ELC22386201
S1GT 0P4 F B B N N N 90 I 5,6 3,9 2,2 1000007130 ELC22386201
S1GT 0P6 F B B N N N 90 I 9,2 6,4 3,8 ELC22386201
S1GT 008 F B B N N N 90 II 12 8,4 4,8 ELC40969901 ELC22386201
S1GT 011 F B B N N N 90 III 16 11,2 6,4 ELC40969902 ELC22386201
S1GT 015 F B B N N N 90 III 21,0 14,7 8,4 ELC40969902 ELC22386201
S1GT 018 F B B N N N 90 III 25,0 17,5 10 ELC40969902 ELC22386202
S1GT 022 F B B N N N 90 IIIX 380 32,0 22,4 13 ELC40969903 ELC22386203
S1GT 028 F B B N N N 90 IIIL - 40 28 16 ELC40969903 ELC22386203
S1GT 036 F B B F N N 90 IV 480 33,6
48 19,2
S1GT 045 F B N F N N 90 V 61 42,7 24,4
S1GT 066 F B N F N N 90 V 90 63 36 Interno
S1GT 086 F B N F N N 90 VI 110 77 44 Inside
S1GT 125 F B N F N N 90 VI 176 123 70
SVGT 182 F B N N N N 90 VII 234 164 94 ELC40732505 ELC22386208
SVGT 216 F B N N N N 90 VII 300 210 120 ELC40821101 ELC22386209
SVGT 258 F B N N N N 90 VII 360 252 144 ELC40821101 ELC22386210
SVGT 292 F B N N N N 90 VII 378 264,4 151 ELC40821102 ELC22386210
SVGT 340 F B N N N N 90 VII 500 349,7 200 ELC40821107 ELC22386211
SVGT 420 F B N N N N 90 VII 550 384,6 220 ELC40821107 ELC22386212
SVGT 258 G B N N N N 90 VII 500 360 252 180(@500V) ELC40821101 ELC22386210

Answer Drives S.r.l. – Partially owned by Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali -S.p.A.


Power supply


Step-up Bulb


Norme - Standards
IEC 146.2
EN61800-3 (EMC)
EN 50178 (Low Voltage)
Environmental conditions Standard Functions
Operating temperature 0-40°C (decrease rated current by Scalar control (V/Hz)
1% °C to a maximum of 55°C) Minimum and maximum frequency limits
Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +70°C Output frequency adjustable
Relative humidity: 95% (no condensation allowed) Minimum and maximum frequency limits
Altitude above sea level 1000m. (decrease rated current by 1% Auto-reset e autorestart
for every 100m, up to a 3000m max) Restart after power supply failure
Enclosure class: IP20/IP00 Run time log
Forced cooling: by built in fan Fault indication (protection code - three LED)
Last ten trips stored
Mains connection Programmable security code (password)
Three-phase voltage: F=380-480V ±10%, G=500V ±10% Protections
Frequency: 48-63Hz CPU fault
Power factor: >0,98 (with line reactor) Overcurrent
Efficiency: >0,98 (at 50Hz and rated load) Over/under voltage
Load connection Overtemperature
Single-phase voltage: from 0 to input voltage Input phase loss
Frequency: 500-1000Hz Output short-circuit and output ground fault
Switching frequency : 3-6 KHz Current transducer fault
Output frequency resolution: 0,1Hz Serial link loss
Overload: 150%x1min External protection
Control connections Speed reference loss (4-20mA)
One differential analog inputs as frequency reference: Options and accessories
0 - ±10V, 0/4-20mA 10bit+sign Input reactors (S1GT036-125 standard)
One analog inputs as voltage reference: RFI filter (S1GT036-125 standard)
0 - ±10V, 0/4-20mA 10bit +sign 0-10V / (0)4-20mA optoisolated converter
Output: +10V - 5mA (short cicuit protection) (two channels).
Programmable analog output: 0-10V SVGTPDP: Profibus-DP Field-bus
Relay outputs (NO): DRIVE OK SVGTBFK: Keypad (3 status led, 10 keys,
Relay outputs (NO) configurable 5 seven segments leds)
Six optoisolated digital (24Vdc) inputs (3 programmable) SVGTRK: Remote kit for keypad (2m)

Answer Drives S.r.l. – Partially owned by Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali -S.p.A.

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