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25,990 dri ve away


We started with the impressive Peugeot 207, with its simple lines and avant-garde looks. Its uncompromising safety, with ESP and six
airbags. We kept its dynamic road performance, its fuel efficiency and its eco-friendly Euro 5 engine technology. And then we added
16” alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, a leather-clad steering wheel and more. Which gave us the even more impressive 207 Sportium.
The premium European small car, without the premium price. The 207 range starts from $19,990 driveaway for the XR manual.

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2 Issue 526. March 2011


11 12
F e a t u res R e g u l a rs
12 Flood, cyclone and fire update 4 Rotary at a glance
From Queensland, Victoria and WA
5 Messages from headquarters
17 You gave, we delivered
Disaster Aid Australia in Sudan 6 From where I sit
19 Instruments to soothe a trauma 7 News bulletin
The Australian Children’s Music Foundation

23 John Hewko: The perfect fit 9 Editor’s mailbox
An interview with RI’s new General Secretary
38 This Rotary World
32 Rotary Raises the roof
Victorian clubs help out in Timor Leste 41 Notices
34 Rotarians honoured 42 Directory
The Australia Day and New Year’s Honours lists
42 Holiday accommodation
37 Greetings from Israel
Rotary World Peace Scholar Robbie Francis 43 Smiles

Our Cover. Rotarians swung in to action to assist with

the recovery effort following the devastating earthquake
that struck the city of Christchurch on February 22. Read
how you can help with a special stop press report on page 9.
Picture courtesy of AAP/Tim Clayton. © 2011 AAP

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Staff Rotary at a glance

Managing Editor: Bob Aitken ROTARY international zones 7B & 8 KIRIBATI

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Special Projects ROTARY AT A GLANCE

Lex Laidlaw Rotarians: 1,228,601 in 34,005 clubs in 531 Districts in 210 countries.
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Down Under there are 33,579 Rotarians in 1159 clubs in 28 Districts in Australia and 9807 Rotarians in 268
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(Rotary and Probus) Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste,
Manager: Barry Antees Tonga and Vanuatu, where there are 841 Rotarians in 41 clubs.
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0800 738 695 (From NZ) International 2010-2011 Controller; Grace Ramirez (Grace.Ramirez@rotary.
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E: T. Blount Sebastopol, USA; Elio Cerini, Milano, Italy;; The Rotary Foundation Assistant;
W: Kenneth W. Grabeau, Nashua West, USA; Frederick Krissy Aure-Canson (
W. Hahn Jr, Independence, USA; Antonio Hallage,
Approved by the Board of Directors of Rotary Curitiba-Leste, Brazil; Stuart B. Heal, Cromwell, Rotary Down Under
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4 Issue 526. March 2011

Messages From Headquarters

Rotary is simply more complicated!

simply stated priorities will not be left to organisation, and our strength is dependent
merely gather dust on an office shelf! on the health of our clubs. The three
Ray Klinginsmith Please note the interdependence of the priorities of the strategic plan remind us
President three priorities. We have recognised for that the success of Rotary is based on a
Rotary International many years that Rotary cannot provide simple formula of strong clubs, significant
exemplary service projects without strong service projects, and a favourable public
When I first joined Rotary in 1961, I often clubs and that clubs cannot recruit and image. Thanks to Paul Harris and other
heard Rotary leaders say “Keep Rotary retain high-quality members without Rotary pioneers, it is a simple formula that
Simple.” In fact, that phrase was part of the significant service projects. The third produces extraordinary results – and a
RI theme in 1956-57! However, as Rotary priority now recognises that in the modern better world!
has grown in both the number of members
and the number of programs during
the last 50 years, simplicity has become
more difficult.
The revised RI Strategic Plan for 2010-13
is a refreshingly simple approach to keeping
Rotary strong and vibrant in the future. The
three priorities of the plan are clear and
brief statements calling us to (1) support
and strengthen our clubs, (2) focus and
increase our humanitarian service, and (3)
enhance our public image and awareness.
It is a true strategic plan because each of Bill and Melinda Gates, whose Foundation has shown Rotarians how effective partnerships
the three priorities has a list of measurable can be when tackling major projects, such as the eradication of polio.
goals, and in turn, there is a scorecard to
track progress of all the goals. We are world, Rotary needs the support of our
realigning the RI budget to reflect the new communities, of partner organisations,
priorities, and we are trying to balance and sometimes of governments, to conduct
the priorities in all RI activities. Even the larger service projects, which in turn build
breakout sessions at the 2011 convention stronger clubs. Ray Klinginsmith
in New Orleans will be balanced between Rotary is now on the world stage due President
the three priorities. The new plan with the to PolioPlus. But we are still a grassroots Rotary International ■

Promotion of education through Future Vision

upon the current scholarships program Fund to receive a World Fund match for
Carl-Wilhelm significantly. Future Vision allows scholars graduate-level students studying abroad
Stenhammar to be funded either locally or abroad at under one of the six areas of focus.
Chairman, any level, for any length of time, either for Districts can opt to fund the student for a
The Rotary Foundation a degree or certificate program, or simply single year, or provide funding for an entire
for a period of study. degree program, up to four years in length.
Education was the first area that The The current timeline for Ambassadorial The global grants budget minimum is
Rotary Foundation was active in, long Scholarships is lengthy – 18 months. $US30,000, but awards can be higher than
before humanitarian programs were added Scholarships under Future Vision offer that, thereby enabling talented individuals
at the end of the 1960s and in the ’70s. maximum flexibility and a shortened to complete needed graduate-level degree
Education is crucial to be successful in life, timeline. A District can keep an 18-month programs, which will make a difference in
and Rotary can help. timeline if it works for that particular the world.
Future Vision offers tremendous freedom District, but it is no longer necessary. So let us continue our efforts in education
as far as scholarships are concerned. I Under global grants, clubs and Districts when Building Communities – Bridging
would argue that Future Vision improves may use their cash or District Designated Continents through Service Above Self. ■ 5
News Bulletin

Heroes of our time

and is chairman of the Australian Rotary the long serving editor of Probus News, Jane
Foundation Trust. Campbell, lost her battle with cancer on
An amazing and courageous person in February 10.
From where I sit
every way, he is Deputy Mayor of Devonport Jane’s is a special story and we can all draw
Bob Aitken and continues to serve on every front in the great inspiration from her courage ...
face of a two-year battle with Colon Cancer. Beautiful Jane was 42 years young, a loving
Year after year, the Rotary system turns Maurice was given two months to live wife to Joel and a devoted mum to Jack (12)
out leaders of impeccable quality – from when first diagnosed in 2008 but he has and Brighton (8).
club Presidents to the President of Rotary refused to accept that decision. A variety of She joined the clerical staff of Rotary
International. In their own unique way, these drugs and specialist treatment has provided Down Under 24 years ago – six months after
people are all “Heroes of our time”. renewed hope on several occasions. leaving Blaxland High School. She worked
RI President Elect Kalyan Banerjee Now, two years on and $100,000 poorer, hard and really wanted to be a journalist.
provides a classic example of the quiet, Maurice and Roz are still fighting. His most Jane found a suitable correspondence course
unsung heroes that abound in Rotary. recent life line came before Christmas via and I was delighted to help her work her
He is a member of the Rotary Club of Vapi, a treatment – Selective Internal Radiation way through the various challenges of such
Gujarat, India, and served as a RI Director Therapy – at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. tertiary education.
from 1995-97. A Chemical Engineer, this A scan in three months will tell how much She passed all examinations with flying
modest man and his business partner time and quality of life the new process has colours and commenced as Editor of
launched their highly successful company, bought him. The other huge tonic last year Probus – The Magazine that served the
United Phosphorus Ltd in 1959. was the premiership success of his beloved Probus organisation in Australia around the
The company manufactures white Magpies – the Collingwood AFL team! middle of 2000. Jane grew the magazine in
phosphorus in a competitive industry. Now Meanwhile, it’s back on the job for a professional manner and, in recent years,
valued at $4 billion, the company returned Maurice – serving his family (two children it has been acclaimed as an outstanding
a profit of $1.2 billion last year. United and grandchildren), the City of Devonport, publication and praised by many Probus
Phosphorus returns 10 per cent of profits and Rotary International. members throughout the region.
each year to charity! “I don’t want sympathy, it’s the last thing in About three years ago, our Jane discovered
President Elect Kalyan attributes such the world I want. I want people to get their a lump in her breast. She did all the right
business success largely to the focus on the colon checked,” he said. things and was in remission for a short time.
welfare of their most important resource – Maurice is a hero of our time. However, in the worst possible scenario,
staff! In 1972, the company founded a school ***** the cancer returned and Jane fought bravely
for the children of their workers. Kalyan was Finally, a story of great sadness – and for the last 15 months. As recently as last
the driver of the school bus for many years. inspiration – for the staff of Rotary Down Christmas, she was still confident, cheerful
That company school now has 1800 students Under. One of our close staff friends and and positive – enjoying staff parties and
and 130 staff. determined to get the next issue of Probus –
To quote Kalyan Banerjee, “Happiness is a The Magazine out on time.
profit of the business we are in. Lasting joy – Jane was a hero of our time. We all loved
He profits most who serves best”. her and we will miss her. ■
Past Governor Maurice Hill, OAM, is a
member of the Rotary Club of Devonport
North, Tas. He was Governor of District
9830 in 1997/98 and he and his wife, Roz,
provide the perfect example of a diligent,
hard-working Rotary family ‘‘partnership’’.
Always positive and full of enthusiasm
for any worthwhile Rotary project, Maurice
is also a model citizen and has served on
Devonport City Council for many years.
He and Roz have represented the President ABOVE: PDG Alderman Maurice Hill, OAM
of Rotary International many times, he RIGHT: Jane Campbell, Editor, Probus – The Magazine
is a former Group Study team leader,

6 Issue 526. March 2011

News Bulletin

Cord Blood Bank gets President’s nod

The $6 million gift by Rotarians to the
people of Western Australia, the Rotary
WA Cord Blood Bank, has been given
the Presidential seal of approval with the
unveiling of a commemorative plaque by
RI President Ray Klinginsmith.
Klinginsmith, accompanied by RI
Director Stuart Heal, toured the partly built
facility while in Perth for the Rotary Zone 8
Institute meeting in December.
The cord blood bank will be housed in
a specially designed high-tech extension
to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service
building in central Perth. It’s expected to
begin collecting, storing and processing
donations of cord blood for transplants in AG Rob Anderson, PDG Harry Durey, President Peter Farquhar, AG Joyce Durey, District Chair Deb Farquhar, PDG Ken Hall
critically ill patients during 2011. and DGN Brian Beesley under instruction from DG Jo Wilkin for the D9650 Rock to Clock Foundation Walk.
During his visit, Klinginsmith handed
the Red Cross a $16,720 donation raised of the commemorative plaque by the state’s District Governor Jo Wilkin has invited
as a matching grant by the Rotary Club of three centennial year District Governors: all of the 56 clubs in the District to sponsor
Ascot in Perth and the Rotary Club of Bali John Iriks (D9460), Hugh Langridge one club member to walk from the Rock
Denpasar, Indonesia – an excellent example (D9470) and Axel Hande vitt-Haar to the Clock Tower in the middle of the
of The Rotary Foundation’s Humanitarian (D9450) and later presented Paul Harris town early one morning during the District
Grants Program. Fellow recognition to prominent Perth Conference next March.
The money is earmarked to purchase businessman Terry Budge, who was the It’s the Rock to Clock Foundation Walk,
specialised equipment to control and project’s fund-raising chair. and it has already generated a good deal
monitor cryogenic tanks in the cord blood of excitement.
storage units. Rock-to-Clock run One Rotarian, Assistant Governor Rob
The Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank project Just 12km from Coonabarabran, NSW, is a Anderson, of the Rotary Club of Coffs
was adopted by the state’s Rotary clubs as distinctive and large volcanic rock known Harbour, has already been promised $2700
their gift to the people of WA to mark locally as Timor Rock. It has become the by some of his fellow club members. His
Rotary’s centenary in 2005. centre of a novel fundraising idea in aid of challenge is to lose enough weight to
Klinginsmith was joined at the unveiling The Rotary Foundation in District 9650. complete the task.


Who holds the record?
Australian Rotary Health is hoping to set a new world
record for the most number of people wearing a hat in one
location. While our official celebration will take place in
Sydney’s Martin Place on Friday 20th May why not
organise your own event in your home town?
You can register your Hat Day event online or by calling
1800 781 878. For more information please visit our

Website: Phone: 1800 781 878 7
News Bulletin

Several District leaders are planning

to walk as well, even RI President Ray
Klinginsmith’s Conference representative
PDG Sandra McKersey, for whom the
event should be a piece of cake after she
and husband, Eddie, recently ran in the
New York marathon to raise money for the
PolioPlus campaign! ■

20 years of Sundays
The seeds for what has become New
Zealand’s largest outdoor market were sown
in a carpark in Christchurch 20 years ago.
Using a borrowed trailer, upon which
was placed discoveries from the garages of
fellow Rotarians, members hoped others
would join them in their endeavour –
one that would enable the Rotary Club
of Riccarton, NZ, to help people in the After 20 years, the Riccarton Rotary Sunday Market is
community. “We were delighted to have part of the Christchurch way of life.
12 stalls in those early days,” says Ross
Binning, Chairman of the Riccarton Rotary “We exist to raise money to help people
Sunday Market and member of the Rotary in need,” explains Ross Binning. “It’s
Club of Riccarton. been 20 years of hard work, but worth it.”
Now owned by the Riccarton Rotary The Riccarton Rotary Sunday Market is
Charitable Trust, the Riccarton Market open every Sunday from 9am to 2pm at
attracts up to 350 stalls and has generated Riccarton Park. ■
profits of $1,508,807, which have enabled
the Trust to grant $1,574,453 to a huge Golf honour for Adelaide
range of community organisations and The Rotary Club of Adelaide, SA, is to
individuals. Trust Chairman Rotarian be the sponsor and host Club for the
Warwick Ainger summarises grateful 2014 International Golfing Fellowship of
beneficiaries including the Salvation Army, Rotarians Championship.
St John Ambulance and Christchurch In the past few years the event has
City Mission, Coastguard Canterbury, been held in Paris, Kitzbuhel-Austria,
New Zealand Wheelchair Tennis and a Niagara Falls-Canada, Manilla-Philippines,
host of primary and secondary schools Antalya-Turkey and Gold Coast-Australia.
and sporting groups throughout the This year it will be held at Pinehurst,
region, to name but a few. “Scholarships of North Carolina, USA and in 2012 Crans-
$156,870 towards higher education were Montana, Switzerland.
also established to celebrate the Club’s At least 30 nationalities are represented
Jubilee in 2003,” he adds, “along with a each year among the 300 to 350 participants.
$110,000 Rotary Centenary donation to The event will be held from May 17-24,
Cholmondeley Children’s Home in 2005.” 2014 with golf at the major courses in
In 2007, $300,000 went to upgrading Adelaide. The participants will then have
the Riccarton Park site with walkways, a week to travel to Sydney to attend the
enter t ainment arena wit h st ag ing, Rotary International Convention.
toilet block and utilities, and This will be a wonderful opportunity for was launched. Adelaide Rotarians to showcase our city
A number of stallholders operate home- and country to fellow Rotarians from all
based or small manufacturing businesses. over the world.
The market is their retail outlet and The Rotary Club of Adelaide looks
several have gone on to launch full-scale forward to hosting the event and would
businesses. Community groups also have encourage as many South Australian
fundraising stalls and groups may apply for Rotarians to participate and make our
a free site. International friends feel welcome. ■

8 Issue 526. March 2011

Editor’s mailbox

How Rotarians can help Christchurch

As this issue of Rotary Down Under went to Within hours of the devastating through Rotary will be channelled into
print New Zealand’s Canterbury province earthquake hitting Canterbury, Rotarians the areas of greatest need now and over
was again struck by a massive earthquake, had responded with money and service. coming months.
registering 6.3 on the Richter scale, on Some of the first offers of help came from The Rotary family’s thoughts are with
February 22, 2011. Japan and from the flood ravaged areas Canterbury Rotarians, their families
Dozens of people were confirmed dead of Queensland. and communities.
on the day and many more remained Within New Zealand Rotarians are Please make donations to the Rotary New
trapped, dead and alive, under the rubble of offering to host people traumatized by Zealand Canterbury Earthquake Appeal via
collapsed buildings and flattened vehicles. personal tragedies, the destruction and • Rotary New Zealand World Community
New Z ealand’s “Garden City” of ongoing aftershocks so that they can get Service where there is a
Christchurch and surrounding townships away to rest before trying to rebuild their PayPal credit card facility
remain devastated and many places shattered lives. That is being coordinated • or internet banking to Westpac 03 1702
without water, sewerage and electricity. within Rotary and through welfare agencies. 0192208 02 (international donors will
A state of Civil Emergency was declared Margaret Reeves, District Governor for require Swift Code WPACNZ2W)
and international search and rescue teams Rotary in Canterbury, said the continuing • or by cheque made payable to RNZWCS
joined defence force, police and emergency aftershocks were frightening and people Limited posted to PO Box 20309,
services personnel to rescue as many as were naturally concerned for their loved Christchurch, New Zealand 8543
quickly as possible. ones. She says 100% of money donated Updates at ■

... and the aftermath of September’s disaster

Thank you very much for your sympathy and comprehensive. Certain areas of the A proportion of the generous donations will
and support displayed through messages, city have been very hard hit, others have be reserved for relevant responses then.
prac t ic a l ac t ions, and donat ions received little or no damage. Larger projects that meet community
since the Canterbury Earthquake on It has been so random, and the needs, but may not be eligible for
September 4, 2010. randomness has been upsetting in itself. other funding are also being considered,
The support so willingly given remains The process of now moving through the e.g. the redevelopment of community
our lifeline as we work to assist the many next stage of recovery has of necessity facilities that have been destroyed
people who have lost homes, had their been slower that many would have liked as or damaged.
homes severely damaged, lost businesses careful planning and innovative solutions The questioning that committee
or are struggling to keep businesses going are required. members have been doing had raised
when there is devastation nearby impeding Offers of assistance from many caring expectations and it was decided that
the progress and access. people outside the Earthquake Zone have some response would be made prior
It is a truly testing time for us all with the enabled families to take a break from to Christmas.
continuing after-shocks, which we hope the reality of changed lives and provided Through recommendations made by
are now lessening in frequency and power. housing, clothing, warehousing and major church social service organisations,
Our blessings have been our many personal effects. Each of these has been along with the East Christchurch-based
friends and neighbours, the timing of the gratefully received. Supergrans, gifts of Rotary Christmas
major earthquake which ensured there was Your donations have contributed to Puddings were made. Puddings were gifted
no loss of life and the beautiful sunny days the Rotary New Zealand Canterbury to these organisations who disbursed them
that have been a pattern since. Earthquake Appeal which has established to the families they knew who had been
In material terms there has undoubtedly a committee to ascertain the best way to severely inconvenienced by the September
been a great deal of damage. The bulk of apportion the funds. Following extensive earthquake. They will know that Rotary
major city buildings and homes have stood investigation the Appeal Committee has stands with them.
up very well. identified that early this year not only will Throughout this time your generosity
It is the destruction of the infra-structure the pain of the reality of readjustment be has sustained and strengthened us all.
– sewers, roads, bridges, water pipes, etc really biting, but that aspects now unseen Please accept our very sincere appreciation
and the liquefaction of land which will take will emerge. with best wishes for the New Year.
a long time to repair. Some will relate to children starting at Margaret Reeve
As you will be aware the response of new schools, parents travelling to new job Rotary Club of Riccarton, NZ
the government, both local and national, locations, and older people having enough Governor, District 9970
has been encouragingly competent, swift of stoically carrying on as they always have. Submitted January 2011 ■ 9
Editor’s mailbox

Refreshing leadership Each year I see a new stream of beautiful good Rotary International role when there
How thoroughly refreshing it was to hear people come through that allow us all to say are so many roles to play in so many areas.
RI Director Stuart Heal’s speech at the Zone a simple thank you. As so many others have found, through
8 Institute in Perth (which is available for As I flick through the many years of my year as Governor I came to respect and
download at awardees that I look at on my desk, one admire the Rotarians in my District so much,
Having already heard Stuart in person name of Peter stands out indelibly in that I have continued to feel compelled
at the Australian Rotary Conference in my mind. to put back in at District level, to remind
Canberra, I now feel more enthusiastic than My brain recoils at the memory of Peter them that they continue to be important
ever that Rotary might actually avoid the fate who was an introverted young man with to me personally, to their communities and
of the dodo. some disability. to Rotary.
Any successful business continually In 2007 he came to the awards as a They supported me outstandingly, and
reassesses its practices, keeping what works recipient with all the excitement of a boy they, in turn, deserve ongoing support. Past
and ditching what doesn’t. That which in a lolly shop. When I called his name, District Governor Steve Yoshida, then from
constitutes best practice now is rarely the he shuffled forward like a man of many Alaska but lately of Hawaii, once said to me:
same as what it might have been decades ago. years more than his age, but I could see the “There are no bad jobs in Rotary – all jobs
I congratulate the higher levels of Rotary gleam in his eyes as he came up to accept are a privilege”.
leadership on recognising this and taking his award. He hung his head with a sense On a more general note, well done on
action, but change must also be encouraged of humbleness, as his mother was aglow the magazine – it gives me a sense of pride
and welcomed at club level, where invariably with pride. Someone has seen the worth in as a Rotarian to be able to circulate such a
many Rotarians are concerned but not her son! professional magazine to a wider audience
confident enough to speak up for fear of As I read out his workmanship detail after I have read it.
disturbing the status quo. There are no for all to hear; it went something like Cathy Roth
sacred cows in Rotary, just rooms full this from his employer; “Peter came to Rotary Club of Geelong Central, Vic
of elephants. us as a shy quiet man on a community Past Governor District 9780 ■
Slowly but surely, Rotarians are employment scheme.
coming to the realisation that change in “In the two years he has been with us, he International RYLA
our organisation is not just inevitable, has never missed a day’s work, never taken a It is once again my duty to inform District
but critical. sick day, always comes to work half an hour Governors of the International Rotary Youth
O u r ob s e ss i on w it h atte nd anc e, early, and is the last to leave. In that time his Leadership Award Seminar that will take
legislation, rituals and centur y-old personality has changed from an insecure place in District 2440 from April 21-25 at
traditions, together with our “blokey” and man with no sense of worth, to being the Mudanya, Bursa, Turkey.
elitist culture has brought us to a tipping workplace motivator; because he finds his Due to the fact that the application process
point, where the actions we take right job so challenging and he has taken total will take some time and the number of
now will determine where we are in 20 or ownership of it”. attendees is limited to the space available at
30 years. Peter’s job description is “Animal Cage Montania Hotel, I kindly ask you to remind
No – we don’t need change for change Cleaner” at our local council zoo! your Club Presidents once again of this one
sake, but nor should we stagnate through Fellows! There are many stories like this. of a kind event.
our inability to adapt to a changing world. Our job is to discover and uncover life’s Applicants will be served as to ‘first come
Mark Huddleston gems like Peter through the power of Pride first served’ basis as well as ‘the intent letter’
Rotary Club of Edwardstown, SA ■ of Workmanship Awards. they write at their application forms.
May I close by saying, “Happiness in life is You will find all necessary information on
Pride of Workmanship not only finding it in our selves, but also in this event at
In a world of hustle and bustle, in a life of others like Peter”. I once again thank you in advance
grab what you can without gratitude, and in Gerald Victor, for your cooperation and your efforts in
a society of talking and never listening, it is Rotary Club of Rockhampton, Qld ■ “Bridging Continents”.
refreshing to stand still, and just experience Yesim Yoney
life’s little treasures. Another step on the way Rotary Club of Cesme, Turkey
Pride of Workmanship Awards has always Thank you for the article on Past District Governor, District 2440 ■
allowed me to do just that. It is a time-tested Governors – it was so good to see the
Rotary event that allows us all to open our reassurance to District Governors that the Got something to say?
hearts, and give thanks to those who give so year as Governor is just another step along
Send your letters to the Editor’s Mailbox:
much, but rarely ever take much in return. the way of Rotary service, and that the more Email:
Each year for too many years to remember, skills they gain, the more opportunities there Post: PO Box 779, Parramatta, NSW, 2124,
my club has honoured me to be part of these are to do greater and vital service. Fax: 61 2 9891-5984
annual awards as master of ceremonies and At times, Governors and Past District Letters of 200 to 250 words are preferred.
co-worker. Governors are seen to be “jockeying” for a

10 Issue 526. March 2011

The Toy Boys of the Rotary
Club of Charles Sturt,
Grange, SA, with some of club projects
their handiwork.

Ian rises to a new

Rotary challenge
Australia has a new Rotary Foundation
Trustee in Rotary International Past
Director Ian Riseley.
A member of the Rotary Club
of Sandringham, Vic, he served as
Governor of District 9810 in 1999/2000
and as RI Director in 2006/08. One
half of a dedicated Australian Rotary
family, Ian has lent staunch support to
his wife, Juliet, who is Governor Elect
for District 9810.
Ian has served at the highest level
since completing his term on the RI
Board. He has been a member of the RI
Finance Committee for three years and
is chairman this Rotary year – whilst
also assuming the role as Moderator of
the Rotary International Foundation
Coordinators Institute.
All of the above whilst continuing
to share the workload within his
demanding family accounting practice.
His many Rotary friends now rise
as one to congratulate Ian on the
announcement by the RI Board of
Directors in January that he has been
nominated and elected as a member
of The Rotary Foundation Trustees

Toy Boys Santa’s helpers from July 1, 2011, for four years.
The appointment underlines Ian’s
reputation amongst his peers and
Affectionately known as The Toy Boys, have enabled the purchase of additional Rotary leaders!
these skilled artisans of the Rotary Club equipment, tools, and materials. Bob Aitken
of Charles Sturt, Grange, SA, work Founded in 1992 as a community Managing Editor
together year round to produce beautifully service project, the Toy Factory has Rotary Down Under ■
finished toys. grown considerably over the years in both
These toys are distributed just before capability and output.
Christmas to deser ving children in Preschool children with significant
South Australia. development delay and/or disability require
The Toy Boys are satisfying a need for intricate and precision-made equipment,
companionship and community service by which challenges them, yet provides
utilising their various skills in retirement. enjoyment. The Toy Boys continue to save
Renewed pride can restore dignity and the Briar Special Early Learning Centre
self-worth. thousands of dollars by solving technical
At the end of each year, the Toy Boys problems, then creating masterful pieces
know that children receive delightful, safe of equipment, which has been a most
toys through welfare organisations and rewarding activity.
special needs schools in addition to special But the greatest satisfaction comes from
orders from an appreciative public. the knowledge that they have given hours of Past RI Director Ian Riseley, soon
The shed space has been graciously joy to hundreds of needy children. to be a Rotary Foundation Trustee
provided, most raw materials are donated, Col Williams
and government and local council grants Rotary Club of Charles Sturt, Grange, SA ■ 11
Flood, cyclone and fire update

Rotary forges road to recovery

It was a sobering start to 2011. As closely with local Rotary coordinators in Rotary’s South Queensland Flood Appeal
Southeast Queensland and Victoria were many suburbs of Brisbane, the whole of is actively seeking donations that will be
engulfed in water, Northern Queensland Ipswich, the Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba, distributed through clubs on the ground
battled the largest and strongest cyclone in the Central and Western Downs, Warrego and in tune with local needs.
Queensland history, while bushfires raged and Maranoa districts.
throughout Western Australia. District Flood Disaster Coordinator, PDG Visit or
But, as is the Australian way, we pulled Errol Wildman says that substantial offers phone 0447 316 558 to register your offer
together as a community, forming new of assistance are pouring in from all areas of financial and/or material assistance, safe
bonds of mateship and camaraderie. And, of Australia and from around the world. in the knowledge that every dollar received
of course, Rotary has been there all the way. Rotary clubs and Districts, individuals and will go directly to those in need with no
corporations are eager to help flood victims administration costs or charges.
Queensland Floods through the network of 48 Rotary clubs in
Three quarters of Queensland was declared this area. District 9600
a disaster area following the floods that “Support being received and offered by The Gap Gives
ravaged the state during late December Rotarians throughout our District, Australia Back
2010 and early January 2011. Recovery and internationally is exceptional,” said Ted Latta
work is well underway with Rotary clubs Errol. “It is truly a humbling experience Rotary Club of Ashgrove/
throughout the region offering assistance being a member of this trusted community- The Gap
where it is needed most. based organisation in times such as this.” The Rotary Club of Ashgrove/The Gap
While not primarily a first response coordinated an Australia Day community
District 9630 relief organisation, many Rotarians are flood recovery barbecue at The Gap State
Rotary plans currently involved in clean-ups, emergency High School and raised $10,950 for flood
coordinated accommodation, supplies and meals for victims. ‘The Gap Gives Back’ BBQ gave
flood relief displaced families and relief helpers. people of all ages the chance to come along
Anne Brand Errol sees the most important role of and make a donation and show the great
District Governor 9630 his group as long-term – assisting families, Aussie spirit that exists in our local area.
The Rotarians of District 9630 have setup individuals and community groups ‘slipping Rotarian John Giles, who organised the
a centre to coordinate Rotary fundraising through the cracks’ of insurance and event, thanked all who helped.
and relief assistance in many of the most government support, and helping to replace “The people of Queensland really came
severely flood affected areas of south-east some of the many infrastructure facilities to our aid when The Gap was devastated by
Queensland. so vital for the recovery of communities. the 2008 storms, and this BBQ rallied people
Covering an area from Brisbane Bayside This recovery phase is seen as an ongoing from our area to help other communities
to Charleville, the group will be working operation for many months. who are struggling with the flood disaster

12 Issue 526. March 2011

Flood, cyclone and fire update

that impacted towns and communities Victorian and South The District Board met to plan a
across three quarters of Queensland.” Australian Floods coordinated response from our District,
The $10,950 raised on the day was passed with ongoing coordination to be handled by
to the Member for Ashgrove and Minister District 9780 an investigative Disaster Relief Committee.
for Climate Change and Sustainability, Kate Fellowship for The Disaster Relief Committee has
Jones, at a ceremony at The Gap Shopping our farmers established two funds to direct financial
Centre on Saturday January 29. Jessie Harman support to Rotary projects and charities
District Governor D9780 facilitating recovery from the floods:
District 9570 Floods have had a
Support for all significant impact in District 9780, Option A
big and small particularly in the major towns of Rotary District 9800 Australian Flood
Judith M. Henderson Carisbrook, Beaufort, Charlton, Kerang, Disaster Appeal (Direct Distribution Fund,
District Governor 9570 Dimboola, Swan Hill, Horsham and Non-Tax Deductible Donations)
In my entire Governor Warracknabeal. Many smaller communities • This fund is the preferred option. Make
training I do not recall anyone mentioning and farming areas have also been affected. donations through your bank or forward
shipping containers, pallets of linen or While s ome communities are still cheques payable to:
transport and storage logistics. However, inundated, others are starting the slow
I am now familiar with these terms and process of recovery. Bank: Westpac
I have probably sent and received more Rotary has assisted in various ways. Local Acc Name: Rotary International District
emails and phone calls about these things clubs in the flood affected communities have 9800 Inc. Australian Flood Disaster Appeal
than about any other Rotary issue. responded by sandbagging, catering at relief Swift Code: WPACAU2SMEL
As floodwaters ravaged most of District centres, and cleaning up in the aftermath BSB: 033181
9570 the response from all over Australia of floods. Many have donated money to Account No: 377982
was fantastic. The problem was not in community-managed flood appeals. Clubs
responding to immediate needs, but how elsewhere in District 9780 have provided Option B
to get the support into the affected areas. offers of financial and volunteer assistance, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund Rotary
Roads were flooded, rail lines were washed and other forms of support to enable flood District 9800 Flood Appeal
away, Rockhampton was cut off from the affected communities to return to normal (LMCF Directed, Tax Deductible)
South and West for two weeks and the as quickly as possible. • Fund in partnership with the Lord
airport was out for three weeks. The impact on farming in the region Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and
The District put out a call for funds that will be drastic. Hay and agistment will Rotary, which will provide funds
has been well supported. An urgent need be needed for many months after waters as determined by District 9800 to
for school essentials for children in the subside – at least until spring growth brings charities registered as Deductible
flooded towns was identified and $20,000 pastures back into production. Gift Recipients with the ATO. Make
went towards this project. donations through your bank or forward
We are keeping an eye out for small District 9780 Rural Support Committee your cheque payable to:
groups who fall through the cracks. For has established a website: www.
example, the annual rodeo in the tiny town to help match offers of Bank: NAB
of Alpha is the major fundraiser for groups assistance with locally identified flood Acc Name: Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund
such as junior sport and the Jelly Beans recovery projects. Australian Rotary Rotary D9800 Flood Appeal
Day Care centre. As the showgrounds were clubs wishing to support flood affected Swift Code: NATAAU3303M
severely damaged and the rodeo cancelled, communities in D9780 should visit this BSB: 083004
we have been able to help these groups with site for information about important flood Account No: 589440307
a cash contribution to replace their lost recovery projects.
income for the year.
Volunteers from far and wide, have been District 9800
matched to problem areas, of which there Troubled Waters
are many, and we have now been able to Iven Mackay
forward some excess goods to District 9550 District Governor 9800
to help out Cyclone Yasi victims. Rotarians in District
9800, along with fellow
Bank: Commonwealth Bank Rotarians all around Australia, were shocked
Acc Name: RI District 9570 by the devastation of the floods that occurred
Swift Code: CTBAAU25 throughout Queensland, NSW, WA and the
BSB: 064712 NT. But we soon found our own District in
Account No: 10171562 troubled waters! 13
Flood, cyclone and fire update

Western Australian
The bushfires raging around Perth may be
contained and under control, but residents
still have a long road to recovery. Rotary
will be there for the long-haul.

District 9465
Dr Marilyn Barton
District Governor 9465
The bushfires have
destroyed 72 houses,
and this is across both
districts in WA. There was no time for most
residents to grab anything apart from a few
personal belongings, their pets (if possible),
and the clothes they were wearing. Cyclone Yasi As usual, Rotarians in our communities
The Rotary clubs of Armadale, Byford If you’re struggling to grasp the magnitude will come together to assist the
and Districts, Gosnells, Kelmscott, and of Tropical Cyclone Yasi, consider this: rebuilding process.
Southern Districts within District 9465 are it is so large it would almost cover the At the moment, 30 members of Cairns
all within a few kilometres of the fire zone United States, most of Asia and large parts Rotary Clubs have travelled to Tully to
that engulfed the Hills areas of Roleystone of Europe. assist in the clearing and cleaning in that
and its surrounding areas. community. Members of Townsville Sunrise
District 9465 has set up a Disaster District 9550 club have supplied a BBQ Breakfast for over
Response Committee for all disasters, Hard hit in Northern 400 power supply workers (which included
including this one, and it is headed by District Queensland local Ergon members, and members from
Community Committee chairperson David Allan Church Energex in Brisbane, and the Country
Pankhurst from the Rotary Club of South District Governor 9550 Authority from NSW), who are attempting
Perth-Burswood. On Wednesday night, to restore power to the 70,000 homes still
David can be contacted on 9367 February 2, Rotary District 9550 was hit by without power in their area.
8889, mobile 0430 126 051 or email the largest Cyclone in Australia’s history. Donations may be made to the Cyclone
david264@ Communities affected by this devastation YASI Contributions Account.
Donations can be sent to the Rotary included Mission Beach, Tully and Innisfail,
District 9465 Disaster Relief Committee at and smaller communities along the coast Bank: Bendigo Bank
PO Box 1099 Canning Bridge, Applecross including the seaside town of Cardwell, just Acc Name: D9550 Disaster Fund
6153, or directly to one of the Rotary clubs to the north of Ingham. Swift Code: BENDAU3B
mentioned above. As the immediate needs We have had significant damage and loss BSB: 633108
of those affected are generally catered for of power and other important infrastructure Account No: 128152717
by government and dedicated agencies, our within the District. The cities of Cairns and
prime focus will be the long-term recovery Townsville also suffered damage, but not of *Please ensure that you put Cyclone YASI
of those affected. the same magnitude as the others. and your Club on the reference line. ■

Collecting for your fundraiser just became easier!

Now collecting for your fundraiser is that much easier with the ‘QUICK DROP’ money collection container from PMG with the ‘smart
funnel’ which directly channels coins into the collection container. The tamper evident strip ensures security of funds collected.

Designed for hand-held collection by the roadside, footpath, or can be

placed on countertops and secured by a chain.
These ‘QUICK DROP’ collection containers allow motorists, pedestrians,
and the general public to quickly and safely donate to your fundraising event.
When the container is full simply remove the tamper evident lid from the
Standard ‘Flat’ Lid base and replace with a new lid.


www. pm geng.
Australian Made & Owned 37-43 Macbeth Street, Braeside, VIC 3195 P (03) 9580 0455 F (03) 9587 7655

14 Issue 526. March 2011

Flood, cyclone andBook
fire update

Wars: From
to Kraft:
200 Years
of Sweet
and Bitter

By Deborah Cadbury
Paperback $35.00
Deborah Cadbur y is not just a
descendant of the founders of the
biggest chocolate brand in the world,
but also a bestselling historian. Her
book is only part family history; in
telling the tale of how the chocolate
business has moved from the idealistic
Puritan principles of its Quaker
founders to globalised, profit-driven
modern capitalism, Cadbury tells
what she calls “a parable of our
times”. She narrates the story, too,
of the development of the product
itself: from an oily, exotic drink, to
the globally mass-produced chocolate
bars we are all so familiar with today.
Cadbury includes a wealth of detail
about the characters and companies,
such as Hershey, Mars and Lindt &
Sprüngli, that drove the creation of the
chocolate industry, and the ideals that
animated them.
Review by Helen Rydstrand
Abbey’s Bookshop
131 York Street, Sydney
ph 02 9264 3111 ■

Sponsor your own PERSONALIZED

2011 New Orleans Convention STREET BANNER
It will be yours to keep afterwards.
For your chance to win a copy of Chocolate
Wars email editor@rotarianlifeandleisure.
Limited availability - first come, first served
com or write to 2/3 Fleay Ct, Burleigh Heads,
Qld, 4220 with your answer to the following

Visit for details

question. ‘Who is the author of Chocolate
Wars?’ Please include ‘Chocolate Wars
Giveaway’ in the subject line and postal
address details in the body of the email. 15
disaster relief

e To p
1/2 zip Poly Feec
$4000 AUS $43 NZ
Poly Fleece Vest
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Nature Polo
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RDU Merchandise & Promotions

Ph: +61 2 9674 6855 NZ Callers: 0800 738 695 Fax: +61 2 9624 2148
Postage to be added to invoice GST added for Australia
16 Issue 526. March 2011
disaster relief

‘You gave ... and we delivered’

By Ray Stewart
Rotary Club of Narre Warren, Vic.
Past Governor, District 9820
Dianne Holland, a member of the Rotary
Club of Echuca-Moama, Vic, said goodbye
to husband Chris and their five children
and headed for Sudan in early December.
A trained Disaster Aid Australia response
team member (known as DARTs), she met
up with fellow DART Peter Clouting from
Darwin for a couple of action-packed and
exhausting weeks in Southern Sudan.
After travelling for a week, their task, with
help from locals, was to erect 192 tents in
nine village sites in the remote, hot and dusty
Abyei area. The family survival packs with
UN-approved tents, complete with basic
necessities such as blankets, cooking pots
and eating utensils, provided family homes
for some of the 30,000 Sudanese refugees
returning to their homeland for the secession Rotarian Dianne Holland with villagers in Sudan outside a Disaster Aid Australia tent.
election held last January. The refugees fled
Sudan because of the wars in which their After presenting a survival pack to a Dianne said that while each day in the
homes and possessions were destroyed. grateful, proud, eloquent woman who Sudan was hard – dirty and dusty with
Disaster Aid Australia General Manager, had lost her husband and father of her unrelenting heat that drained energy more
Jenni Heenan was in regular contact with six children in the struggle to achieve than she could describe – looking back, “the
Dianne and Peter, and was moved by self-determination, Dianne’s immediate program went very well and we achieved
Dianne Holland’s reports. Here are some of thoughts turned to her husband and our objectives. I think we did a good job
her words that sum up the experiences in their own five children, and to the for Disaster Aid Australia and its donors –
Sudan where, in many instances there was generosity of the donors who gave her this to whom we owe full accountability. And,
limited food and water, no planned stops amazing opportunity. we were constantly aware we were also
for sleep, and heat that was almost too “It was a privilege for Peter and me to representing Rotary. It was a privilege to
much to bear. erect this courageous woman’s new home,” work with the wonderful people in Abyei”.
“I immediately felt a great sense of pride Dianne said. Disaster Aid Australia, a project of the
and self worth as I knew that thanks to the In one of the few emails Dianne was Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills, Vic, has
generosity of our donors worldwide most, able to get through to Jenni Heenan at had major deployments in recent months:
if not all of these families would receive a the Disaster Aid Australia office near firstly in Pakistan where Australian DART
survival box – their urgent need for shelter Melbourne, she said optimism and energy members, Past Presidents Eb Friedrich
was covered by you, our wonderful donors! abounded in Abyei, writing, “the personal and Hans Van Dyk, together with Keith
“I watched attentively as the elderly courage and fortitude of the Sudanese fills Robins, Peter Clouting, Andrew Gunn and
woman ran her hand over the survival box. me with uplifting thoughts and feelings”. Peter Newton, worked for many weeks in
She had an ageless beauty, an expressive So, as most Australian mums were flood-ravaged areas and most recently, this
and moving demeanour. After a short time busily preparing for Christmas festivities, humanitarian mission in the Sudan.
I realised she was vision impaired! Rotarian mum Dianne Holland worked in Jenni Heenan said, “We are immensely
“It was a sensational end to a somewhat the Sudan, building villages to help those proud of our highly trained response team
difficult day: I know our donors would be in desperate humanitarian need, hoping members and their selfless commitments,
as proud of the job we have done as I am she could be home in time for Christmas. and most grateful to our donors who
of their amazing contribution . . . such a She just made it; travelling via Nairobi and recognise that the need for the aid we
wonderful gift to this gorgeous Sudanese then Doha in the Middle East, she arrived provide is, quite simply, never ending.”
family. It is indeed an honour to assist in Echuca on Christmas Eve.
in providing a new beginning in their How b e st to su m up t h i s mo st
homeland. Thank you, thank you. You gave extraordinary, challenging, yet rewarding PDG Ray Stewart is a Consultant to
. . . and we delivered.” mission for Disaster Aid Australia? Well, Disaster Aid Australia. ■ 17
youth programs 
Rotarians & Harvey World Travel
working together

Tours of Africa visiting the School of St Jude

20 Day Personally Escorted Africa Tours departing 27 August 2011
Experience everyday school life at the School of St Jude including classes, assemblies,
visiting other local schools and exploring local markets. Tours include return economy
airfares with Emirates, 4 nights in Zanzibar, sightseeing and most meals.
Tanzania Tour – from $8988.00* per person twin share (ex Sydney)
Discover a wild variety of African wildlife during game drives in the Serengeti National
Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park.
Kenya Tour – from $8688.00* per person twin share (ex Sydney)
Discover a wild variety of African wildlife during early morning and/or afternoon game
drives in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park and Shaba Game
* Prices on application for single supplement and flights ex Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth.

For more information including detailed itineraries, please visit our website (below) or phone us on 02 4032 7838.

Tour Indonesia with the Rotary Club of Morisset (NSW)

Tour Escorted by Murray Scoble (President Elect) - Departing April 2012
Tour Highlights include: Visit Jakarta, encounter Borneo's famous wildlife including orangutans, Proboscis monkeys and
much more. In Bogor you will tour local villages, visit a newly developed orphanage, Bogor botanical gardens, the
Indonesian presidential palace and more. In Yogyakarta you will visit the Prambanan temple complex, the Borobudur
Temple, Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta and much more. Enjoy free time to explore Bali.
Register your interesting now, as numbers will be limited. Phone the Group Travel department at Harvey World Travel
Toronto – 02 4032 7838. Non Rotarians most welcome.

Cruise on the Queen Mary 2 with the President of Cunard

Journey of lifetime departing 19 August 2011
Highlights include: Round the World economy class airfares flying Qantas, 3 nights accommodation in the legendary
Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York including breakfast, Dinner and a Broadway show, Gala welcome dinner, 7 night cruise
on the QM2 in a Balcony Stateroom (cat. B3) including all meals & entertainment, ‘Sail Away’ party as QM2 leaves New
York, Private dinner in the Todd English specialty restaurant, 3 nights accommodation in the Mayfair hotel in London
including breakfast. Now included (valued at $999pp) - 3 nights accommodation in a Scottish Castle including dinner, bed
& breakfast, Grandstand seats at the Braemar Games and complimentary golf at the castle.
From $11,999.00 per person.
$100.00 for each person booked on this departure will be donated to the Rotary club of your choice. Just mention
‘Rotary Downunder’. Donations will be paid once final payment is received. Exclusive to HWT Toronto.

Group Travel Department

Harvey World Travel Toronto
64 The Boulevarde
Toronto NSW 2283
Phone: 02 4032 7838

18 Issue 526. March 2011

Youth programs

Instruments to soothe a trauma

The generosity of Rotary members would otherwise not be able to
keeps rock ’n’ rolling in to pursue their love of music. These
support the Australian Children’s include children affected by the
Music Foundation. The ACMF 2009 Victorian bushfire, refugee
runs music programs throughout kids, young people who have gone
Australia in disadvantaged, through the ACMF programs
remote and indigenous schools in youth detention centres and
and juvenile justice centres. shown an aptitude and passion
The Rotary Club of Sydney, for learning an instrument and
NSW, has sponsored the ACMF to children in situations of great
music program in the NSW Youth financial or family hardship.
Drug and Alcohol program from The ACMF is run by Don
September 2009 to December Spencer, OAM, who has had a
2010. Virtually all the young great career on the Australian
people participating in YDAC and international music scene.
are highly disadvantaged and Don established the Foundation
have experienced dysfunctional in response to the fact that only
an d of t e n abu s ive f am i l y 25 per cent of Australian public
lives, exposure to violence schools have funding for a
and substance abuse from a dedicated music teacher. It’s the
young age. disadvantaged kids who miss out
Hilary Hannam, previously and music has been found to be
Children’s Magistrate in the NSW one of the triggers to motivate
Dudley Mercer, of District 9690, collecting instruments for Dudley’s Music Box in
Youth Drug and Alcohol Court, children to learn, improve their
support of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.
said, “The ACMF program is self-esteem with new skills and
the best program that the Youth help them to express and deal
Drug and Alcohol Court Program has well as to develop teamwork, musical and with positive and negative emotions.
incorporated in the past 10 years.” literacy skills. The Australian Children’s Music
The ACMF has just received more than Rotarians have looked deep into their Foundation will be a featured charity at two
$16,000 from District 9790 thanks to the hearts and closets and responded to the call Rotary conferences in March – the District
great work of District Governor Alan to donate instruments for disadvantaged 9690 conference in Bathurst and the District
Anderson and his wife, Dorothy. These children and youth for the ACMF. 9790 conference in Wangaratta, where the
funds will help ACMF continue bringing Dudley Mercer, husband of District 9690 call is also out to Rotarians to donate their
music programs to schools in the areas Governor Marilyn Mercer, is coordinating pre-loved instruments.
devastated by the 2009 Victorian bushfires. “Dudley’s Music Box” at the March District For more information, contact the ACMF
These programs bring music to children who conference. Rotarians are responding with on 02 9929 0008 or visit
have faced severe trauma and are designed new and pre-loved instruments that will be Jennie Jones
to help them express difficult emotions as passed on to children and young people who Australian Children’s Music Foundation ■

Looking for a
“shovel ready”

Youth program?

RAIC is an in-depth Civics oriented

week in Canberra.

Send us a Year 11 student and we'll

return an informed Australian citizen.
For more information visit
or email 19

Tasmanian Rotaractor at Rotary UN Day

2010 was the Year of the Big Apple for
Tasmanian Rotaractor, Laura Richardson.
The 27 year old osteopath’s first experience
of New York was in April and May as a
member of the District 9830 (Tasmania)
GSE team on exchange with District 7230
(New York and Bermuda).
For the five weeks on exchange in New
York, Laura took in all she could about
osteopathy, Rotary, and the culture of the
United States and Bermuda. The opportunity
to interact and learn from professional, social
and Rotary contacts opened up a world of
opportunities for Laura.
The most significant opportunity was
extended by a Rotarian, Helen Reisler who
is the Alternative Rotary Representative to
the United Nations and is involved in the
organisation of the annual Rotary UN Day Rotaractors at the United Nations for Rotary UN Day: Tasmanian Laura Richardson (right) and Istvan Szaraz from
held each November in New York City. Budapest, Hungary
Helen invited Laura to speak at the Rotary
UN Day held on the 6th November 2010 speakers who spoke on the Youth Panel in underlying message behind Laura’s talk
With the support of District 9830, the the Rotary program and addressed around was that we all need to have a voice in the
Rotary Clubs of Ulverstone, Ulverstone West 600 Rotarians and UN officials. fight against commercial sex exploitation
and Burnie, and the Rotaract Club of Central Sp e a k i ng i n it i a l ly on he r h ome of children as choosing to remain silent is
Coast, Laura was able to accept the invitation district, Laura focussed her talk on accepting that children will continue to be
to represent Rotaract at the Rotary UN Day. one of the Rotaract Club of Central abused and exploited.
This year Rotary UN Day was attended by Coast’s international projects that she is The presentation was well received by the
approximately 1200 people from 41 nations. particularly passionate about, their support audience and the day was highly enjoyable.
The day was split into two programs: the of an Australian NGO Destiny Rescue and Laura strongly encourages Rotarians to
Rotaract/Interact program and the Rotary more broadly on child sex trafficking and attend Rotary UN day if the opportunity
program. Laura was one of two Rotaract human trafficking across the world. The arises in the future. ■

Supporting Detainees
Anna Hoyles social and developmental opportunities The Rotaract Club of Burwood raised
Rotaract Club of Burwood for children and families living in over $420 for the Australian League
September 19th, 2010 marked the fifth community detention and immigration of Immigration Volunteers. While it is
consecutive year that the Rotaract Club detention centres, to decrease their social fantastic to raise money for a worthwhile
of Burwood has teamed up with the and emotional isolation. cause, the day is also about fellowship for
Rotary Club of Burwood to raise money The Rotaractors were particularly all the Rotaractors.
for charity at the Burwood Festival. e nt hu s i a s t i c a b o ut h av i n g A L I V “Being able to spend time with people
The weather was perfect for both volunteers and some of the young who you have gotten to know well and
cold and hot drinks, sold by Rotaractors people they support attend the Burwood who inspire you is a lot of fun,”said club
in their prominent red t-shirts. The Festival to showcase some of their secretary Sadaya Marathe.
money raised went to support the amazing talents. “While most people get involved in
Australian League of Immigration The children made incredible balloon Rotaract to have a positive impact on the
Volunteers (ALIV), an organisation animals, which they gave out to other community, before you know it, you have
which provides programs at increasing children on the day. made a new group of friends.” ■

20 Issue 526. March 2011


Back to School in Western Sydney

Melissa Radjenovic, Rotaract Club of Western Sydney Award Winning Young
To mark their first year of operation, the Rotaract Club of Western Sydney held a “Back to Professionals in Perth
School” trivia fundraiser to provide students at the Fowler Road School with sun protection While many young people in Perth
over their summer school holiday break. are busy with university, work, friends
Fowler Road School supports kindergarten to year 10 students struggling with mental and other social obligations, a select
health, behavioural and emotional disorders. It assists students across metropolitan Sydney group of young people are also busy
over short-term periods, aiming to return them to mainstream schools closer to their home. with something else: charity work, as
Raising over $1,000, the Rotaractors assembled and delivered 50 sun care packs containing members of the Rotaract Club of Perth.
children’s 30+ SPF sunscreen, a coloured zinc stick, a hat, water bottle, and sticky hand toy. Over the past year, Perth Rotaractors
It was fantastic to deliver the gifts personally and to see the teachers and students in their have participated in over 30 events,
school environment. The students were extremely grateful and very surprised when they attended the Asia Pacific Regional
saw the big Christmas bags heading their way. ■ Rotaract Conference, and raised
thousands of dollars for HOPE Uganda,
a charity that helps Ugandan women
Research into Rotaract was apparent that Rotaractors are most live successful lives. Some of the
Emily Wood, Rotaract Club of motivated to volunteer by the desire to help organisations they have volunteered for
South-West Brisbane others, the desire to learn new things and include the Make a Wish Foundation,
the desire to make new friends. the Australian Red Cross Soup Kitchen
Emily’s research also found that educating and The Great Bike Ride.
all members of the Rotary family – from Some of these young people are so
Rotarians and Interactors to RYLA, RYPEN dedicated to their work they received
and RYDA participants – is of paramount the following awards at a ceremony at
importance. The research showed that 60% the The Royal On The Waterfront in
of Rotaractors found out about Rotaract East Perth on December 1, 2010:
from a family member or friend who was Certificate of Excellence - for a
a Rotarian or Rotaractor. A further 23% high level of dedication to club and
District 9630 Rotaractor and 2009-10 found out about it from a Rotary club or district roles: Viviana Boyle, Melanie
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Emily program. This means a whopping 83% of Chapman, Hui Lin Tan
Wood, recently completed research into recruitment is attributed to members of the Certificate of Appreciation - for
how public relations can help Rotaract Rotary family sharing the Rotaract message. consistent enthusiasm, support and
improve its brand recognition and “We as individuals are the most powerful involvement in projects at the club
recruitment success. An important element form of communication. We need to be and district levels: Piriye Altraide,
of her research was identifying what ambassadors for our clubs, our districts Stephen Bernard, Tristan Kolay,
motivates Rotaractors to volunteer. and the Rotaract program as a whole. If we Marilyn Krawitz, Daniel Mirabella,
“If you know what motivates people to can show every day that Rotaract gives us David Trumble
volunteer, you can tailor your recruitment the opportunity to help others, learn new Certificate of Recognition - for
c o m mu n i c at i o n t o a d d r e s s t h o s e skills and make new friends, we will be well organizing projects at the club level:
motivations,” says Emily. on our way to increasing Rotaract’s brand Nicholas Trim
533 Rotaractors from 79 countries recognition and recruitment success.” “I congratulate this year’s award
completed an online questionnaire For more information and results visit: winners,” said Tiang Cheng, President
about what motivates them. From this, it ■ of the Rotaract Club of Perth. “They
are a group of highly capable and
committed young people and I enjoyed
Pakuranga Rotaract Fundraising for PolioPlus working with them this year.” ■
The Rotaract Club of Pakuranga with only 10 members has raised a staggering $6,440
towards Rotary’s PolioPlus challenge since July 2009. It was a pleasure for 9920
Immediate Past District Governor Leanne Jaggs to attend their special formal dinner
as the finale of their 1 ½ year fundraising for PolioPlus. They presented Leanne with an
enormous cheque and explained how they managed to raise such a significant amount
through a marathon run, sausage sizzle, and movie night by involving all of their
Rotaractors. It was a wonderful celebration of hard work well done.
It is incredible that a Rotaract club this size raised more than many Rotary clubs put
together, but the good news is that it’s not too late for Rotary clubs to match or better
Pakuranga Rotaract’s contribution to PolioPlus … ■ 21
Family of Rotary

Oh what a
By Linus Grant Track two years ago.
Rotary Club of Longford, Tasmania It was Tim Flanagan’s
When James Dwyer turned 14 recently, medical eye that spotted the
there weren’t the usual presents or even a need for basics such as anti-
birthday cake. septic solutions, dressings
Instead, the son of Longford (Tas) and bandages to stop day-to-
Rotary club president elect Dennis Dwyer day infections turning into
was slogging his way along the Kokoda permanent scars. So the trio James Dwyer (age 14) presents a knitted teddy bear to an orphaned child being
Track with his father, handing out medical decided to do something cared for by his grandfather at Efogi 2 village on the Kokoda Track. The teddy
supplies to villagers on the revered 96 km about it – come back with bear was knitted by Helen de Bruyn.
wartime battleground. necessary supplies.
“It was an amazing experience to walk in Early this year Dennis and James planned at each of our overnight stops,” Dennis
the footsteps of our Diggers from so long their return to PNG and Dennis offered Dwyer said. “They were really grateful, and
ago,” James said. to take his son along as a birthday-of-a- surprised, that we had seen their needs and
“Dad had told me so much about it, but to lifetime present. Commitments prevented come back to help.”
actually be there and give the local people a Dr Tim from going. The group also took along footballs and
helping hand along the way was incredible. The Rotarians secured the donation soft toys made by Helen de Bruyn, wife of
It was a birthday I will never forget.” of $3,000 of medical supplies from club member Peter de Bruyn, to give to
The idea to give medical supplies to Launceston’s Chemist Warehouse and $600 village youngsters.
villagers germinated when Dennis Dwyer from their club to pay a PNG porter to “They are crazy about their sport up
and fellow club Rotarians, secretary James carry the 20kg pack of supplies. there,” young James said. “The kids were
Wilcox and Dr Tim Flanagan, walked the “We handed out the supplies to villagers rapt with the footballs.” ■

22 Issue 526. March 2011

New general secretary

John Hewko: The perfect fit

John Hewko will soon take the
reins as Rotary International’s
General Secretary and he is
indeed the man for the job.
By Mark Wallace his family migrated
Rotary Club of Crows Nest, NSW in 1949.
Associate Editor, Rotary Down Under Hewko, who
Think about it. s er ved with the
Rotary is a business “employing” a staff of George W. Bush
1.2 million volunteers who work for no pay Administration
in more than 200 countries, all operating in the field of
in different languages. The customers of International
this business have, in the overwhelming Aid, headed up a
majority of cases, no ability to pay for the new government
services the business provides. agency to oversee
The leadership of this business changes the distribution of
ever y year. So does ever y strata of that aid.
management right down through every L ater he was
sub-division and branch. a partner at
It’s going to take a pretty special l aw f i r m B a ke r
businessman to keep that going, and in & Mackenzie,
John Hewko, Rotary International has w it h of f i c e s a l l
found that man. over the world –
Joh n t a ke s t h e re i ns a s R ot ar y including Sydney
International’s General Secretary on July 1, a n d Me l b o u r n e
moving into the role previously occupied – and where he
by Ed Futa for more than 10 years. g ai ne d v a lu abl e
When introduced to more than 500 exp er ience
District Governors Elect at the 2011 dealing with an Incoming General Secretary of Rotary International, John Hewko, addresses the world’s
International Assembly in San Diego in organisation that District Governors Elect at the International Assembly in San Diego in January.
January, Hewko created an impression had more than 600 Photo: Mark Wallace
that inspired confidence in the future e q u it y p a r t n e r s
of t he world’s most accomplishe d and where the language barrier was a daily law firms that equips him to exploit
service organisation. hurdle. Hewko, not surprisingly, speaks p ar t n e r s h ip s b e t we e n R ot ar y an d
“It’s an exciting time to be joining the six languages. organisations such as the Bill and Melinda
organisation,” Hewko told Rotary Down “It certainly helped when dealing Gates Foundation, as has happened in the
Under during a short break in commitments with a large board of directors from so fight against polio.
on the final day of the Assembly. many different ethnic backgrounds and “My top priority will be to make sure
“The goal of eradicating polio is close cultures,” he said. that the Secretariat remains an effective
at hand. Rotary International has just He has worked in the UK, Ecuador, Mexico, and useful resource for the clubs, so that
launched a new Strategic Plan and The Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and the they are able to grow and are better able to
Rotary Foundation is rolling out the Future Czech Republic. All of which sets him up carry out the mission of Rotary,” he said.
Vision Plan. Timing is everything and for nicely for his new role running the 14-storey “We will partner more effectively to
me the timing for joining the Rotary family headquarters of Rotary International in better leverage our resources and we will
could not be better.” Evanston, Illinois, and the 550 or so staff who make a meaningful contribution to the
Indeed, Rotary has been a part of his work there along with the approximate 100 global debate on how best to address the
family for a long time. His father has been who work in Rotary International regional needs of the less fortunate.”
a Rotarian for more than 30 years and was offices around the world. As his Baker & Mackenzie partners said
instrumental in the Charter of the Rotary Indeed, it is his experience with the when he told them he was leaving: “It
Club of Kiev, in the Ukraine, from where US Government and major international seems like the perfect fit”. ■ 23
Australian rotary health

McGorr y finds ‘apartheid’ in Aust

In what was yet another spectacular event, her treatment,” Professor McGorry said.
Rotarians attending last year’s Australian “She had a simple operation, woke up in
Rotary Health annual Christmas Dinner a hospital bed with a room full of flowers,
enjoyed an evening mingling with peers, friends and family. She made a very good
professionals and entertainers. recovery. But six months later she had a
Held at the Epping Club in Sydney, 208 recurrence of a psychotic illness and had
Rotarians and guests whiled away their tremendous difficulty fighting her way
evening feasting on a three-course meal through the triage system to get access
and listening to some of Australia’s leading to care. When she did get access to care it
researchers discuss their contributions in was much more sobering, and there were
medical research. certainly fewer friends and family.
MC Mike Bailey provided yet another “It was the same woman, in the same
sparkling performance, and diners received healthcare system, in the same city, in one
a rare treat with Australian of the Year and of the richest countries in the world. I
mental health expert Professor Patrick don’t know about you but that’s what I call
McGorry providing a presentation on the apartheid,” he said.
state of mental health in Australia. Joy Gillett, CEO of Australian Rotary
In an enlightening address, Professor Health, thanked those who attended and
McGorry explained the challenges mental helped make the night a success.
health services face, highlighting two vastly “It was a wonderful evening and we are
different experiences a Perth woman had as grateful to the Rotary Clubs and Rotarians
a cancer patient and a mental health patient. who continue to support Australian Rotary
Australian Rotary Health Chairman Noel Trevaskis, left,
“When the patient was diagnosed with Health in making a difference to the lives of
with Guest of Honour, Professor Patrick McGorry.
cancer, the doors swung open to fast-track all Australians,” she said. ■


Unit 16, 45 Powers Road,
Seven Hills NSW 2147
02 9674 6855
NZ Callers: 0800 738 695
Fax: 02 9624 2148

24 Issue 526. March 2011

How you can help improve the australian rotary health

health of all Australians

Become a ‘Friend’ or ‘Companion’ of

Australian Rotary Health
Australian Rotary Health is a multidistrict program of Rotary in Australia. Make a start
The primary mission is to fund medical research by Australians for
Australians. today!
Make a single donation or
Australian Rotary Health has now allocated over $20 million in grants to authorise a regular
Australian researchers. The major focus of this research is currently on deduction, monthly,
mental illness but other areas supported include: quarterly or annually via
cancer research (bowel, prostate, breast and pancreatic); multiple sclerosis; your credit card or online
motor neurone disease; organise transplants; leukaemia and many others. via our website or contact
Your Reward: the office to make other
x You will have the pleasure of knowing that your contribution is arrangements.
significant in ensuring that Australians of all ages, from all walks of Australian Rotary Health
life, will lead healthier lives will keep a record of all
x Your donation is fully tax deductible donations you make and
x Your name will be included on a permanent register of ‘Friends’ or your standing will be
‘Companions’ of Australian Rotary Health upgraded according to
x You will receive regular newsletters and updates about Australian your total contributions.
Rotary Health
The Friends donor program is for individuals.
Companions can be individuals, a club or a corporation.

Australian Rotary Health

PO Box 3455, Parramatta NSW 2124 Supporting healthier minds,
Phone: 02 8837 1900 Fax: 02 9635 5042 bodies and communities
Email: through research, awareness and education 25
magazine month

Your Magazine, Your Resource

April is Rotary International’s Magazine Month, during which Rotarians and
Rotary Clubs are asked to make a special effort to recognise and promote
Rotary regional magazines – especially Rotary Down Under.

T h e O f f i c i a l Ma g a z i n e of R o t a r y Keeping in
International, The Rotarian, has been touch
published continuously since 1911. Thus Once every two years,
the Rotary World Magazine Press, of Rotary clubs and Rotarians
which your official regional magazine throughout the South West
Rotary Down Under is a part, is celebrating Pacific Region have the
100 years of service to Rotary this year. opportunity to influence
Rotary clubs are invited to make a special the editorial policy of
effort to feature Rotary magazines during R o t a r y D o w n Un d e r
or near Magazine Month (April) each year. by way of a Magazine
Rotary Down Under is 46 years old this Month survey.
month – a grand achievement! Bring your Clubs and individuals
club programs alive with this Magazine have the opportunity to
Month suggestion list and organise a indicate magazine likes
special promotion within your club to and dislikes and, if general
celebrate RDU’s 46th birthday! consensus is strong
An informed Rotarian is a better e n ou g h , m an age m e nt
Rotarian. Rotary World Magazine Press effects the required changes. leaders or even guest speakers/visitors to a
publications are a crucial communications The most recent professional survey Rotary club.
link between Rotary International and was a reader survey conducted by McNair However, since the most recent Council
Rotarians in your District. The network Ingenuity in October, 2007, but clubs and on Legislation in April last year, it was ruled
consists of 31 reg iona l magazines members may communicate with RDU that partners living at the same address no
published in 26 languages. at any time. We conducted a total club longer need to have two subscriptions.
Rotary Down Under is the ONLY direct survey in April, 2006, which produced very
link between you as a Rotarian and the RI favourable reader responses and another is On-line subscription
Board of Directors! planned for 2011. The Council also ruled that subscribers
Rotary Down Under is the best resource to The Rotarian living in North America
and educational tool available to you and Subscription compulsory could now take an on-line subscription to
your Rotary club. Subscription to an official Rotary regional that magazine.
magazine is mandatory. It is a We at Rotary Down Under fully expect
condition of membership, agreed the next Council on Legislation to extend
by all Rotarians when they accept that privilege to subscribers to all regional
membership. Rotar y Dow n magazines throughout the world that have
Under is completely self-funded. the capacity to subscribe to an on-line edition.
We rely on your subscriptions Rotary Down Under has been available
and receive no major funding online for more than three years already,
from Rotary International. but at this stage it is still mandatory for
our subscribers to subscribe to a hard copy
Partners version in the mail.
R ot ar y p ar t ne rs c an b ot h
subscribe to RDU. Some people Other on-line resources
question the wisdom of receiving Apart from the e-edition of Rotary Down
two copies of the same magazine Under, Rotarians can use the Rotary
in the one family but the second Down Under website to organise District
copy has invaluable promotional Conferences and other events, book and
use when provided as a reading and pay for tickets to those events, promote
resource to a library or utilised as their business through our Rotarians Doing
a gift for exchange students, civic Business directory (see page 29). ■

26 Issue 526. March 2011

magazine month

How to Get Your Story Published

With a bit of hard work and good photography, you too could end up on
the cover of Rotary Down Under or Rotarian Life & Leisure!

By Colin Robinson separately to the same email – do when, why;

Rotary Club of St Johns, NZ not embed a photo in an MS Word • Include lots of quotes;
Rotary Down Under New Zealand Office document! • Everyone holds fundraisers and some
Every Rotary club project is a chance to • Give us your two best pictures only. If programs are quite run-of-the-mill so
gain new members and support for the we want more, we’ll ask for them. take care to point out what makes the
success of all your club activities. • Pictures must be at least 300 pixels per project unusual, unique or innovative;
By telling the story of your club and its inch and in jpeg format. If you set your • Consider how you would view the
service successes, you are, in effect, pre- camera to its finest quality setting, the article as a reader. Does it inspire you?
selling your future projects by showing you file size should look after itself. If in … give you new ideas?
are active in your community with well run, sending the image by email, your server
successful projects. asks if you want to reduce the file to Rotary Down Under has a practical
Every time you write a good article make it easier to email, say NO! application in all aspects of Rotary and can
with a quality photo it can be widely • Include a caption for the photo in the be easily used to support club and District
used in your club bulletin, District email and name all the people featured. objectives – membership – public image –
newsletter, Rotary Down Under magazine, • Make sure you include a contact for member education and more.
your local newspaper, sponsor and further information if required. It is a superb reference resource that on
beneficiary newsletters, on your club’s In Australia, send it to editorial@ a day-to-day basis will provide ideas and
website, community noticeboards, in club inspiration for projects and events. Give
promotional material and blogs. In New Zealand and Pacific Islands, send copies to all who have contact with your
to club as many know little about Rotary
Getting published – then ask them to join if you think they
Tip the scales in your favour, it is quality of Some tips: would make good members.
words written, not the quantity. • Get compelling action photos – show Go to
The specification for articles to Rotary the sweat not the cheque presentation; or for lots
Down Under is similar to most print • Do not be afraid to pose photos for more useful information or phone and ask
media requirements: best effect; how we can help.
• No more that 300 words in MS Word • The first sentence should establish the To read the magazine on-line go to www.
format. topic and set the tone – tell the most and include that
• Attach the text file and the photo file important facts – who, what, where, link in all your promotional material. ■ 27
magazine month

AUS Rotary Down Under

District Chairs 2010-11

District Name Club

9455 PDG Ian Murray Mount Lawley

9465 PDG John Kevan Applecross

Rotary Down Under Group Representatives and District Chairs are available to talk to you 9500 Graham Fussen Tea Tree Gully

or your club at any time – and especially during Magazine Month. PDG Peter
9520 Holdfast Bay

9550 Katanya Lee Ross River

GROUP 1 GROUP 4 Rockhampton
9570 David Anderson
Districts 9910 – 9920 – 9930 – Districts: 9550 – 9570 – 9600 –
9600 Barry Clark Bribie Island
9940 – 9970 – 9980 9630 – 9640 – 9650
RI Director Stuart Heal PDG Des Lawson Stephen
9630 Jindalee
87 Inniscort Street, Cromwell 9191, 731 Esplanade, Lota QLD 4179
PP David Surfers Paradise
Central Otago, New Zealand Phone: +61 7 3348 6607 / 0418 991 337 9640
Bonifant Central
Phone: +64 3 445 4094 / +64 27 432 1847 Fax: +61 7 3893 0416
9650 PDG Ken Hall Tamworth
Fax: +64 3 445 4594 Email: Email:
9670 Pam Wellham
GROUP 2 GROUP 5 Maryland

9680 PP Mark Wallace Crows Nest

Districts: 99780 – 9790 – 9800 – 9810 – Districts: 9500 - 9520 PDG Jennifer Central Blue
9820 – 9830 PDG Peter Sandercock Scott Mountains
PDG Don Cox 13 Allen Terrace, Glenelg East, SA 5045
9700 PDG John Egan
5 Riverview Rd, Essendon, Vic 3040 Phone: + 61 8 8295 7734 / 0416 153 577 Wagga Wagga

Phone: +61 3 9337 4308 / 0407 094 220 Fax: + 61 8 8295 6331 PDG Bob
9710 Belconnen
Fax: + 61 3 9337 9061 Email:
Email: 9750 Ann Burleigh Sydney

9780 Rhonda Whitton Highton

9790 PP Ian Bushby Bundoora
Districts: 9670 – 9680 – 9690 – Districts: 9455 - 9465 North
9800 James Long
9700 – 9710 – 9750 PDG John Kevan Melbourne
PDG Jennifer Scott 9 Norton Ridge, Winthrop, WA 6150 9810 Jeff Steel Knox
PO Box 279, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Phone: + 61 8 9332 8808 / 0419 947 862
Phone: +61 2 4757 2974 / 0414 367 631 Fax: + 61 8 9332 8808 9820 PDG Ray Stewart Narre Warren

Fax: + 61 2 4757 1450 Email: 9830 PP Rod Oliver Launceston


NZ Rotary Down Under

HAVE YOU VISITED Promotion Committee 2010-11
District Name Club
9910 Felicity Anderson Takapuna Inc
WEBSITE? PDG Leanne Manukau City
Jaggs Sunrise Inc
PDG Fergus
9930 Rotorua
For all club and other website hosting,
contact Del Jeal: 9940 PDG David Watt Karori

Phone: +61 2 4739 4987 9970 PDG Rex Morris Nelson Inc
Fax: +61 2 4739 8902
Email: PDG Martyn
9980 Waimate

28 Issue 526. March 2011

magazine month

Are you looking for specialist help?
Moving to a new town or city?
Do you need a reliable specialist for a Rotary project?

Go to and click on
‘Rotarians Doing Business’.

With hundreds of current listings from throughout the region,

the new Rotary Down Under directory is growing every day.

To add your business or personal listing, email your club

secretary with the following details:

Business Type: Phone:

Business name: Mobile:
Contact name: Fax:
Rotary Club: Email:
website URL:

This information MUST come to us through

your club secretary
For more information, call Frances or Mark on
61 2 9633 4888 29
golden anniversary

On Saturday 20 August local, national

and international spectators will flock
to the shores of the dry Todd River to
watch the fun and mayhem of the
Assa Abloy Henley on Todd Regatta.

Why not create a Rotary challenge

between the clubs in your District?
Rotarians can register online @
Come along and support
Rotary helping Rotary.

VI P private rin
gside area - $8
includes 5 hrs 0
food & drink pa
Spectator Hill ckag e
- $15
includes compe
tition fee
Everyone - ca
n enter any ev

Participating Rotary Clubs:

Rotary Club of Alice Springs Inc.

Rotary Club of Alice Springs-Mbanuta Inc.
Rotary Club of Stuart Alice Springs Inc.

Henley-On-Todd Regatta Sat 20 August, 2011

30 Issue 526. March 2011

Come Sail with Us
golden anniversary

2011 Assa Abloy Henley-On-Todd Regatta is celebrating its 50th year.
People in the outback town of Alice Springs,
Central Australia, are praying that it doesn’t
rain – at least not until the end of August.
The iconic ASSA ABLOY Henley-On-
Todd Regatta is the only boat race in the
world that is cancelled if there is water.
In custom-designed bottomless boats,
contestants, run, scramble and stumble
their way through river sand, in a variety of
traditionally inspired but novel events.
Back in 1962, some workmates at the
Alice Springs Bureau of Meteorology saw
an opportunity in the lack of rain and a
proposed boat race based on the famous
Henley-On-Thames in England. bottoms out and carry them!” Boat” race must enclose the four member
Rotarian Reg Smith devised the event at Reg Smith died in 2004 but his unique crew and “resemble a boat”. That’s it.
a time when the newly formed Rotary Club idea is now a major tourist icon and major Picture the scene; A 140 metre course
was scratching its head for a different project fundraiser for the three Rotary Clubs in on a dry, sandy river bed, lined by river red
to raise funds for charity. Alice Springs. gum trees and surrounded by the majestic
When asked by a mate whether the boats The Alice Springs event has also made MacDonnell Ranges. Come sail with us ...
would be towed or pushed through the up its own rules – there are no rules! For Saturday 20th August 2011
river sand, Reg replied “neither – we cut the example, entries in the “Bring Your Own ■

Come and join Australia’s leading

small group tour company...
off the beaten track!!!
x Providing the most factual, eco-friendly tours
x Over 20 years of experience
x Maximum of 16 guests on each tour
x Accommodated journeys including all meals
x A range of itineraries from 6 to 16 days in length
x Visit each region of Australia at the ideal time of
year to ensure you maximise the experience!

Special for Rotarians - we will donate 5% of

your tour cost back to your member club!!!

Australian Eco Adventures Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 (2) 9971-2402
Owned by fellow Rotarian, Don Rosenfeldt Offer valid for all tours for 2011 only. ABN: 17 001 227 710 31
international service

Rotary raises the roof

The Rotary Club of Melbourne continues to assist Timor
Leste on its journey to long-term sustainability.

By Bob Glindemann the establishment of East Timor Roofing. volunteering for this task, which he has
Rotary Club of Melbourne, Vic Thousands of buildings were left in ruins done for more than nine years, with his
Ten years after Independence, Timor Leste having been trashed by the Indonesians as enthusiasm for the task undiminished.
remains the poorest nation in our Region. they left but many could be made habitable Since it was established, this operation
But with democracy and stability in with a roof and ETR was born. The Rotary has delivered more than 1000 water tanks
place, the country is on the tough journey Clubs of Melbourne and Doncaster, Vic, – previously unknown in the country; a
to long-term sustainability joined forces and with two pieces of rather similar number of steel roof trusses – also
The Rotary Club of Melbourne, Vic, old but reconditioned equipment – one new to East Timor building methods and
has been there from the beginning and to roll corrugated iron and the other steel roofing iron for all manner of buildings –
continues with a number of projects today. purlins, the first products were made. A schools, orphanages, community centres,
The underlying principles in a majority little later the Rotary Club of Lilydale, Vic, health centres and lots of houses as well as
of these projects have been long-term made it a three-club partnership. toolboxes, food silos and almost anything
infrastructure or skill building and meeting Today the project is well established. that can be made by bending sheet metal.
an identified and agreed need. It employs 20 East Timorese, all trained All manufactured products are sold and
Another feature has been the in a variety of factory tasks and office generate an operating surplus. All of this
establishment of partnerships with administration under the leadership of stays in Timor Leste and is used for many
other Rotary clubs, other NGO’s and factory manager Norm Bruce. community projects from sponsoring the
local organisations. Norm had many years of building football boots and uniforms for the local
No project better demonstrates this than experience in outback Australia before soccer team to water tanks for worthy

32 Issue 526. March 2011

international service

OPPOSITE PAGE: Budding artists in a Timor Leste school

More than 1000 water tanks like the one being made here that Rotary built. ABOVE: Some of the staff of East Timor
have been installed thanks to the East Timor Roofing. Roofing with factory manager Norm Bruce.

recipients to funding the refurbishment of Canberra was seen as important as a The San Miguel College in Comoro, Dili
the Baucau Community Sports Stadium. robust diplomatic presence is a crucial started in 2001 with 110 kindergarten kids,
The roofing operation provided the part of Timor Leste establishing itself at now has 2300 children from kindergarten
impetus to establish a training program the International table. An Embassy in to secondary college. It is the first school in
in basic building skills. A grant from Canberra declares Timor Leste’s sovereignty Timor Leste with a computer course on the
the London-based Shell Foundation was and stakes its claim to self-determination curriculum and attracts children from all
successful and enabled the establishment without interference from outside parties. over the country
of the Baucau campus of the Dili Institute The Australian Government provided This really is the school that Rotary built
of Technology. the site in Canberra’s Embassy precinct and with contributions from the Rotary Clubs of
With financial assistance from the Rotary in partnership with Leadership Victoria, West Perth, WA, Lilydale, Vic, Turramurra,
Club of Adelaide, SA, and material from the Rotary Club of Melbourne raised the NSW, Doncaster, Vic, Innisfail, Qld, Tully,
ETR, the staff of ETR built four classrooms, funds to see the Embassy built and given to Qld, Fitzgerald Innisfail, Qld, Herbert
staff and administration rooms, kitchen the people of Timor Leste. River, Qld, Mission Beach, Qld, Noosa, Qld,
and toilets. The project was not without its challenges and Melbourne. A major contributor was
Since then more than 200 young East but with the support of some generous East Timor Roofing and the District 9800
Timorese have completed the course and foundations, the reality was delivered Donations In Kind with many shipments
they are training 100 members of the Timor with a purpose-built Chancellery formally of desks, chairs, educational aids, white
Leste Defence Forces in the same building handed to the President of Timor Leste just boards, computers and screens. District
skills so that they can undertake community a few months ago. 9550 also provided financial support.
building projects in the Districts. Soldiers Education for all who want it is an So many projects would simply not
in uniforms don’t always carry guns! important ingredient in the country’s have happened without the involvement
A project that delivers education and continuing growth but many students and dedication of Daryl Mills, a Rotarian
financial skills and establishes sound cannot afford to complete their degrees. volunteer who has been the Rotar y
commercial operations is one funded by a Many of these students drop out of Liaison Officer for the past seven
Rotary Foundation Matching Grant with University, so with the help of East Timor years. We are indebted to Daryl for his
the Rotary Club of Dili, Timor Leste, that Roofing, a bursary project was established significant contribution.
funds a local micro credit provider, Tuba in partnership with The Alola Foundation Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have played
Rai Metin. The initial grant of $US60,000 to provide financial support to top students. a major role in assisting the people of Timor
in July, 2008, has been turned over twice The first presentations were made several Leste get back on their feet with the wide
and has funded 300 new businesses in months ago to 39 students who will now be variety of projects and assistance. Many
and around Baucau and a further grant of able to complete their degrees. The theme of challenges remain and there is little doubt
$US75,000 has recently been sent and will Rotary’s support and activity in Timor Leste that this country and its people have won
fund a similar number. has been sustainability and longevity – the the admiration of many Rotarians who will
Not all the activity has taken place imparting of skills for long term benefit and continue to find, fund and deliver projects
in Timor Leste. A physical presence in several projects deliver that in spades. in the year ahead. ■ 33
Australia day/New year honours

Rotarians honoured

Joy Gillett, OAM, and her staff from Australian

Australian Rotary Health, celebrate her good news.

Honours Mrs Christine Ann McDiven,

Member in the General Division of the of the Rotary Club of Sydney,
Order of Australia (AM) NSW, For service to the Liberal
William Arthur Blucher, of the Rotary Party of Australia, and to the
Club of Norfolk Island, for service to community through women’s and
politics, particularly through the Legislative education organisations.
Assembly of Norfolk Island, and to Mr David John Marshall, of the
the community. Rotary Club of Canberra, ACT, for service of Midland, WA, for service to the viticulture
Mr Andrew George (Andy) Bruyn, of to the community of the Australian Capital industry in Western Australia.
the Rotary Club of Darwin, NT, for service Territory, particularly through the promotion Mr David Alexander Christie, of the
to the community of the Northern Territory of tourism, and in roles with a range of Rotary Club of Turramurra, NSW, for
through executive roles with a range of business, charitable and health organisations. service to veterans and their families,
cultural, tourism, education and charitable Dr James Alastair Robertson, of the particularly through the Ashfield Sub-
organisations, and to the broadcast Rotary Club of Footscray, Vic, for service to Branch of the Returned and Services League
media industry. dentistry, and to international humanitarian of Australia and the Australian Special Air
Mr Graham Andrew Fricker, of the aid through the delivery of dental health Service Association.
Rotary Club of Adelaide East, SA, for programs in Asia. Mr John Francis Clark, of the Rotary
service to the building and construction Club of Charters Towers, Qld, for
industry through leadership roles with Medal of the Order of Australia in the service to education in rural and remote
the Australian Institute of Building, to General Division (OAM) areas, particularly through on-line
education, and to the community. Mr Ian John Cameron, of the Rotary Club learning initiatives.

34 Issue 526. March 2011

Australia day/New year honours

Mr David John Clegg, deceased, of the Mr Bruce Parsons, of the Rotary Club of
Rotary Club of Moss Vale and Bowral, NSW, Tuncurry Forster, NSW, for service to the
(Honorary member) for service to people community of Forster-Tuncurry.
with a disability through the Wheelies with Dr John Andrew Pickering, of the
Wings program, and to the community. Rotary Club of Dimboola, Vic, for service to
Mrs Patricia Keiff Cotton, of the Rotary medicine, particularly in rural and regional
Club of Bendigo Sandhurst, Vic, for service areas, and to the Indigenous community.
to the community. Councillor William (Bill) Pickering,
Mr Ronald Fife Fallaw, deceased, of of the Rotary Club of Georges River/
the Rotary Club of Mornington, Vic, R i v e r w o o d , N S W, f o r s e r v i c e t o
for service to the community of the local government, to youth, and to
Mornington Peninsula, to the arts, and to the community.
local government. Mr John Warwick Rawson, of the
Mr Henry John (Harry) Fay, of the Rotary Club of Sydney, NSW, for service
Rotary Club of Bingara, NSW, for service to the community, particularly through
to veterans and their families, and to the philanthropic support for the Hope Street
community of Bingara. Urban Compassion program.
Mr Norman James Gibbs, of the Rotary Mr Anthony John Reade, of the Rotary
Club of Waverley, Vic, for service to children Club of Walkerville, SA, for service to
as an entertainer, and to the community. the community, particularly through Toc
Ms Patricia Joy Gillett, of the Rotary H Australia, Rotary International and
Club of Parramatta City, NSW, for service local government.
to the community, particularly through Mr David Donald Reid, of the Rotary
Rotary International. Club of Bridgetown, WA, for service
Mr Robert Sydne y Glindemann, to conservation and the environment,
of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Vic particularly through natural resource
(Previously of the Rotary Clubs of Sydney, management roles.
NSW, Frenchs Forest, NSW, Adelaide, SA, Dr Ramaswamy Thangavelu, of the
Brisbane Metropolitan Qld, and Darwin, Bob Glindemann, of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Rotary Club of Crookwell, NSW, for service
NT) for service to the community through Vic, honoured for service to the community through to the community of Crookwell, and as a
Rotary International, and social welfare, Rotary and social welfare, children’s and motor sport medical practitioner.
children’s and motor sport organisations. Mr Raymond John Thorburn, of the
Mr Malcolm Ronald Hughes, of the Rotary Club of Kiama, NSW, for service
Rotary Club of Thornlie, WA, for service Mr John Kenneth King, of the Rotary to the community of Kiama, particularly
to veterans and their families through the Club of Sydney Cove, NSW, for service to through the preservation of local history.
Western Australian State Section of the the tourism industry through executive Mr Raymond Alan Welsford, of the
Naval Association of Australia. roles with a range of marketing and Rotary Club of Warrnambool, Vic, for
Dr Millicent Anne Hughes, of the professional bodies. service to the community of Warrnambool
Rotary Club of Burnside, SA, for service to Mr Stephen Niall King, of the Rotary through a range of education, local
the community through a range of women’s, Club of Strathfield, NSW, for service to the government and service organisations.
service, and sporting organisations. community of Strathfield. Mr Bruce Robert Wilson, of the Rotary
Mr William James Humphreys, of the Mr Ramon (Ray) Lawrence, of the Club of Shepparton Central, Vic, for service
Rotary Club of Kiama, NSW, for service Rotary Club of Canning Vale, WA, for to local government, and to the community
to veterans and their families through the service to martial arts. of Shepparton.
New South Wales Branch of the Returned Mrs Chloris Muriel Martin, of the Mr Maurice John (Maurie) Wilson, of
and Services League of Australia. Rotary Club of George Town, Tas, for the Rotary Club of Bundaberg, Qld, for
Mr Ronald Alexander Hunt, of the service to the community of George service to the Scouting movement, and to
Rotary Club of Tully, Qld, for service to Town through historical, business and the community of Bundaberg.
local government, and to the community service organisations. Mrs June Young, of the Rotary Club
of Tully. Mr Terence Godfrey Matthews, of the of Liverpool Greenway, NSW, for service
Past District Governor Dr Bernard Rotary Club of Devonport, Tas, for service to the community through a range of
Ralston Huxtable, of the Rotary Club to the community of Devonport. women’s, local government, business and
of Orange North, NSW, for service to Dr John Francis Oswald, of the Rotary ex-service organisations.
medicine, and to the community of Orange Club of Ballarat West, Vic, for service Dr Anthony Michael Zahra, of the
through a range of disability, service and to medicine as an anaesthetist, and to Rotary Club of Marrickville, NSW, for
arts organisations. the community. service to dentistry, and to the community. 35
Australia day/New year honours

New Zealand affairs. Jenny is a member of the Greater

Wellington Regional Council representing
Home Serviceman’s Association.
Past President John Frederick Pettit, of
Honours the Porirua-Tawa constituency, and was
formerly Mayor of Porirua.
the Rotary Club of Otahuhu, NZ, for services
to the community. John’s community
Knight Companion of the NZ Order of The Honourable Winifred Alexandra involvement included 40 years with the
Merit (KNZM): Laban (Luamanuvao Laban), Honorary intellectually disabled, six years on local
Sir William Murray Gallagher, CNZM, Member of the Rotary Club of Porirua council (four years on Auckland Regional
MBE, of the Rotary Club of Frankton, Sundown, NZ, for services as a Member Authority and two years on Auckland
Hamilton, NZ, for services to business, having of Parliament. Associate Professor Winnie Regional Council).
created a company that employs more than Laban is Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Pasifika) Mr Peter Ben Snow, of Upper Hutt, NZ,
1000 people from a “world headquarters” at Victoria University of Wellington (since formerly of the Rotary Club of Plimmerton,
in Hamilton. 2010). She was the first New Zealand woman NZ, for services to the community.
with a Pacific Islands’ heritage to become a
Officers of the New Zealand Order Of Government Minister and was Minister Order of St John
Merit (ONZM): of Pacific Island Affairs and Associate Honours List
Past President Derek Andrew Anderson PHF, Foreign Minister in New Zealand’s last
of the Rotary Club of Riccarton, Christchurch, Labour Government. Knights of Grace
NZ, for services to the community. Past President and President Elect Grant Eames, of the Rotary Club of
The Honourable Roger Morrison Sowry, Maureen Ellen Reynolds, of the Rotary Waimate, NZ.
of the Rotary Club of Kapiti, Paraparaumu, Club of Dannevirke, NZ, for services to local John Gallagher CNZM, President Elect of
NZ, for services as a Member of Parliament. body affairs. the Rotary Club of Hamilton, NZ.
Roger was Minister of Social Welfare in former
Prime Minister Jenny Shipley’s Government. Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) Commander
Past President George Anthony Borthwick, Keith Adams, of the Rotary Club of Stoke-
Member of the New Zealand Order of of the Rotary Club of Courtenay Place, Tahunanui, NZ.
Merit (MNZM): Wellington, NZ, for services to The Salvation
Dr Lindsay John Brown, of the Rotary Club of Army. George is currently serving on the New Zealand Association of Scientists
Dunedin, NZ, for services to the community. District 9940 Membership Committee and Marsden Medal 2010
Mr Jens Bukholt QSM and Mrs Karen is the 9940 Interact contact. Past President Brian Robinson, PHF of
Margrethe Bukholt QSM, of the Rotary Past President Murray Kenneth the Rotary Club of Dunedin East, NZ.
Club of Wanganui, NZ, for services to Marshall Hansen, of the Rotary Cub of University of Otago Emeritus Professor
the community. Kawerau, NZ, for services to the community. Robinson, who was formerly head of the
Professor John Manley Carter, of the Murray is the Eastern Bay of Plenty’s longest Otago Chemistry Department, has been “a
Rotary Club of Wellington South, NZ, for serving Justice of the Peace (45 years) and an significant figure in New Zealand science”
services to medicine. John is Head of the Blood Adviser with the Budget Advisory Service. for more than 40 years.
and Cancer Centre at Wellington Hospital. Mr Ivan Beaumont Mandahl, of the
Rotary Club of Feilding, NZ, for services Ministerial Award
Queen’s Service Order (QSO) to the community. Ivan was Secretary- Sher yl Page, of the Rotar y Club of
Ms Jennifer Sylvia Brash, Honorary Treasurer of the Lower North Island Waitara, NZ, for 35 years of voluntary
Member of the Rotary Club of Porirua Patriotic Council Welfare Committee for work for Emergency Services in Taranaki,
Sundown, NZ, for services to local body 32 years and a Foundation Member of the New Zealand. ■


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annual reports and have a very talented team of journalists, artists and sales staff available.
Our production rates are very competitive and we are especially keen to assist Rotary project
organizations, charities, churches, schools and ‘not for profit’ organizations.
If you know of any organization/individual seeking such publishing resources, please contact Managing Editor Bob Aitken or Associate Editor
Mark Wallace at Rotary Down Under 61 2 9633 4888, or email

36 Issue 526. March 2011

Rotary World Peace Scholars

Greetings from Israel

Rotary Down Under introduced readers to the Robbie Francis story in April, 2010.
Hers is a wonderful story of a young person overcoming all kinds of adversity
to become a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. The following is a most appropriate
contribution by Robbie. The letter was written at the end of last year, just a
month after her arrival in Israel.
Shabat Shalom! This week was incredibly
I have just come to the end of hot – 41 degrees with 84 per
Shabat (Jewish weekend Friday/ cent humidity. It is rare for the
Saturday). I have been here temperatures to be so high when
precisely one month! I have had it is meant to be winter!
the most amazing time. I feel like Tomorrow I start Hebrew
I am at home. classes and hopefully in the
The last time I wrote I think next few weeks I will start
I h a d ju st s e tt l e d i nto my interning/volunteering with
apartment, a three-bedroom flat an organisation which deals
in the city centre of Tel Aviv. We with illegal immigrants (mainly
are three minutes walk to the African) and human trafficking
beach and three minutes walk to (mainly Russian). I’ll let you
the city centre. know how that goes. I think it will
So, I am officially a fully generally involve prison visits and
fledged international student advocacy for the illegal people of
of Tel Aviv University, I have this country who face deportation
Robbie with her classmates on a rooftop overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.
my student card, bus card and and/or prison.
medical insurance to prove it! For those interested in Rotary,
My first week at university was great. Our next stop was Acre where we with my university schedule I cannot attend
We have a class of around 40 students from learned about the history of the Ottoman Rotary meetings but I attend all the special
over 20 different countries. We toured empire and the crusades. Then to a events. Last week I had dinner with the
campus and got to know each other. This kibbutz on the Jordan River for dinner. Israeli District Governor. Israel is one big
was made easier by the fact that a few of We then drove to another kibbutz where District and has 60+ clubs, so it was quite
us had got together the week before in a we stayed the night. It was also on the a privilege.
local bar/cafe. After orientation we went Jordan River and very close to where He said he would like me to visit clubs all
on a class trip to the North of Israel. Syria/Lebanon/Israel meet. around Israeli. Tomorrow night I will meet
The journey began by driving through Last week I started my classes. I take the with the District chair for the Ambassadorial
Jezreel valley then to the West Bank following papers: Cross cultural aspects of Scholarship to discuss this with him.
where we saw a city divided into the conflict resolution; Negotiation; Political I will also present at the upcoming
Israeli quarter and Palestinian quarter. asp ects of conf lict and res olution; conference in November, which I am
Next we went to a Druze village on Mt International law; Academic reading looking forward to.
Carmel. Here we had the opportunity and writing; History of the Middle East; The Rotary projects here are awesome.
to ask a Druze man any question we Socio-psychology of conflict. My club is made up of Jews, Christians and
wanted before having an amazing Israeli Each of my professors are top in their Muslims. They all have huge hearts and set
meal at his house. The Druze people are field. In fact almost all of them work full about to help the little people of this country
a religious Islamic sect who are known time then travel to Tel Aviv just to teach despite religion or race.
to pledge their allegiance to whatever our class. For example our professor of A great example of people putting aside
country they are living in at the time. So international law is travelling back and their differences and working together for
in the case of Israel, even though they are forth between Israel and Holland as he has the greater good.
often Arab Muslims, they are dedicated to just been hired as a consultant to a Dutch Okay, so I’ve pretty much written a book
the Israeli Government. The proportion businessman who has been arrested for in this email. I wish I could tell you more but
of their young people who serve in the war crimes because he supplied cranes we would be here forever.
Israeli army is 80-90 per cent compared which helped build the Israeli wall. You can check out my photos of my trip
to Jewish young people which is 60-80 Another professor is an adviser to the up North on:
per cent. Israeli Prime Minister – the list goes on. 5358&id=645130578&l=a12e019626 ■ 37
This Rotary World

Mates on a Journey of Hope

By John Bishop
Rotary Club of Port Nicholson, NZ
What do you call two young men who ride
the length of New Zealand to raise funds for
PolioPlus? Paul Harris Fellows, that’s what!
In 53 days from late November to mid-
January, Ollie Macindoe and his German
friend, Xaver Hausner, completed an
incredible journey riding 3358km from
Cape Reinga in the north of the North
Island to Bluff, the southernmost settlement
in the South Island.
And it all started as a bit of a lark. Ollie
had met Xaver when Ollie was in Germany
a couple of years ago. Then Xaver came to
New Zealand as a Rotary Ambassadorial
Scholar to study international law at
Journey of Hope cyclists Xaver Hausner and Ollie Macindoe with 9940 District Governor Howard Tong
Victoria University. Ollie was there, too,
after receiving Paul Harris recognition.
studying maths and education.
The two best mates decided they
needed to mark their year together and the project. Club members met them,
Xaver’s completion of his studies in an rode with them, fed and housed them,
appropriate way. As they are both keen The two best arranged publicity, and helped to raise
cyclists they decided to ride the length of
New Zealand.
mates decided they money along the way. Sometimes this
was achieved through a club’s sergeant’s
Enter Francis Wevers, of the Rotary needed to mark their session, sometimes a street collection.
Club of Wellington and uncle of Ollie.
Could they raise the profile of Rotary
year together and The journey started on November 24
and ended on January 16. On January
in some way during their journey, they Xaver’s completion 26, the Mayor of Wellington, Celia
asked? You bet, said Francis, and from of his studies in an Wade Brown, also a keen cyclist and
honorary Rotarian, hosted a function at
that casual conversation the Journey of
Hope was born. appropriate way. the Wellington City Council Chambers
Francis got a support team together. where District 9940 Governor Howard
Sponsors were found to provide the bikes, Tong made Ollie and Xaver Paul Harris
uniforms and other equipment. Before Before their departure, the boys got on Fel lows to re cog nis e t heir ef for ts,
you could say social network, a website the phones and rang every Rotary club which raised $46,000 for the End Polio
was up and later the boys were blogging along their route. Now! campaign.
each day of their journey. The District Governors agreed to back For more details go to ■

Lower Blue’s Rotary family grows

Lower Blue Mountains Rotarians welcomed NSW’s beautiful Blue Mountains.
two special guests at their first meeting The Lower Blue Mountains Club has a
back after the Christmas/New Year break. very active sewing group and six members
Young Rotarian Ben Berriman brought combined resources to produce a lovely
along the two ladies in his life – wife Kelly baby quilt to the new arrival and her
and new arrival Genevieve. happy parents.
As is normal practice, the club’s first President Del Jeal congratulated the
Kelly Berriman, left, with husband Ben and baby meeting in the New Year is a barbecue Berriman family and thanked the sewing
Genevieve, receive the baby quilt from Rotarian Sue Bell.
meeting in Glenbrook Park on the edge of group for their thoughtful service. ■

38 Issue 526. March 2011

This Rotary World

Don’s famous attitude

The annual Attitude Awards showcase
courage and perseverance, plus the
achievements of New Zealanders living
with disabilities.
Past President Don McKenzie, OBE, of
the Rotary Club of Waiheke Island, NZ,
was the second inductee into the Attitude
Hall of Fame on December 1.
This award is made to an individual
for a lifetime’s work and success in the
furtherance of the human and civil rights
of disabled people.
The Governor-General of New Zealand,
Sir Anand Satyanand, explained that Don
was born with limited sight and was seven
years old when he lost all sight.
He emphasised that Don never let his
disability hold him back. He excelled at
School for the Blind in Parnell, and in the
mainstream of Auckland Grammar School,
before winning a scholarship to study at the
North London School of Physiotherapy.
He then returned to Auckland to establish
his own practice in Manurewa, and was also
a proactive advocate for the blind.
In 1981 Don’s outstanding leadership
was recognised when he was inducted as Governor-General of New Zealand Sir Anand Satyanand, left, Attitude Hall of Fame Inductee Past President Don McKenzie,
an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for and The Lion Foundation General Manager Grants Don Judkins
services to the blind and physiotherapy.
He has lived on Waiheke Island for “I have challenged unfairness and in 1983 (which became Alfriston). Don
11 years, and was recently elected to inequality, embraced wisdom in other received Paul Harris recognition from
the local Waiheke Board of the new people, and welcomed compassion,” the Rotary Club of Auckland in 1997. He
Auckland Council. he said. has been a member of the Rotary Club of
Don’s life exemplifies extraordinary “Where there’s a job I’ve done it, and Waiheke Island since 2003 and became
achievements and leadership. often failed, but learnt from that as well. President in 2008-2009.
In accepting the honour Don said he Let’s keep building a society that is caring, Don added “I hope the award represents
was “humbled and greatly honoured by inclusive and responsive.” the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self
the Attitude Hall of Fame award, and Don’s Rotary life started in 1971 when he because in today’s climate of mixed and
being part of the journey towards a more joined the Rotary Club of Papakura, then he confused values, bad things can happen
enlightened New Zealand”. transferred to the Rotary Club of Manurewa when good people do nothing.” ■

Book for Convention ‘Down Under’ breakfast

The popular ‘Down Under’ Rotary Breakfast Canal Place Ballroom at the Westin Hotel “It will be a great morning of Rotary
is on again during the Rotary International on Sunday, May 22 – 6.45 for 7am. interaction and fun. Everyone will be out
New Orleans Convention! Neville has secured the services of the door by 9am in plenty of time for other
RI Director Stuart Heal has appointed Mr Pete Crear, CEO of World Council Convention activities,” he said.
Past Governor Neville Parsons, of District of Credit Unions, as guest speaker on Cost is $A55 each and registrations
9650, NSW, as convenor and Chairman of “Microenterprise through savings and are available online at our website
the Breakfast – which is to be held in the education building communities”. ■ 39
This Rotary World

LEFT: Construction
of the Bo Children’s
Hospital has begun,
along with a well for
clean water.

BELOW: Dr Nuli
Lemoh, of the Rotary
Club of Turramurra,
NSW, with a child from
his home village of Bo,
Sierra Leone.

Dr Nuli gives back

By Denise Curry, Jones and Rotarian Chris Potter from the completed in April.
Rotary Club of Turramurra, NSW Rotary Club of Bournemouth, England, Planning has begun for Stage four, a major
The Bo Children’s Hospital is a vision of visited the site and met members of the ward which will add a further 40 beds, taking
Sydney Paediatrician, Dr Nuli Lemoh, of the Rotary Club of Bo. it to 60 beds in total.
Rotary Club of Turramurra, NSW. A Memorandum of Understanding was This will make the hospital fully
Nuli came from a poor and illiterate family signed with President Francis Lavally on operational.
in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where child behalf of the Rotary Club of Bo, Sierra It should be stressed that this stage is very
survival rates are very low. One in six die at Leone and the Foundation Stone laid to important to the functioning of the hospital
birth and the under five years mortality rate commemorate the start of the building. and all indications are that the hospital will
is 194 out of 1000. Francis Lavally said, “History will be made be full within a few weeks of completion.
Grateful for the help he himself received by Rotary for constructing the first children’s The project has become a model for
through scholarships from the Bo District hospital in the provinces of Sierra Leone.” Rotarians working cooperatively on an
Council and Australian Government to The hospital will include an outpatients’ international basis, with clubs in Sydney,
become a doctor, Nuli wanted to give clinic with diagnostic facilities, operating Sierra Leone and England being involved.
something back. theatre and a ward, initially with 20 beds, We are seeking partners in other Rotary
In 1998 he was inspired to build a but later with 60. clubs to ensure the ongoing running of
Children’s Hospital in Bo as a result of an An important part of the Hospital will the Hospital.
interview he heard on ABC radio when be a health Education and Research Unit to Francis Levally, of the Rotary Club of Bo
assistance to the Nepalese people was educate parents and children on nutrition in Sierra Leone, will be visiting Sydney in
discussed. That inspirational vision has now and disease prevention and research local April and will be doing a presentation on
become a reality. health issues. the project.
Land was purchased last February and a Construction in three stages has begun. For further information or to make a
delegation made up of Dr Nuli Lemoh and Concrete floors have been laid and the walls donation go to www.bochildrenshospital.
Margaret Lemoh, from the Rotary Club up to Stage three have been completed. The or contact Denise Curry, Secretary on
of Turramurra, President Professor Peter roof will be next and the building should be 0417 288 440. ■

40 Issue 526. March 2011


Paul Harris recognition

Nick Varnai (Sapphire pin) of the Rotary and Olllie Macindoe, presented by District of Prospect, NSW.
Club of Campsie, NSW. 9940, NZ. Past President Peter Lawrence, of the
District Governor Elect Janette Jackson, Ron French, Warren Savage and Rotary Club of Mornington, Vic.
President John Retallick and Tom Hannah, David Wardell, of the Rotary Club of Past President Robert Unwin (Sapphire
of the Rotary Club of Cessnock, NSW. Pakuranga, NZ. pin) of the Rotary Club of The Entrance,
Past President Daryl Knight (Sapphire Past President Reg Parker (Sapphire NSW.
pin), Past President Joe Cumbo and pin), of the Rotary Club of Thames, NZ. Mick Payze, Ian Taylor and Warren
Ian Goldsmith, of the Rotary Club of Honorary Rotarian Celia Wade- Shaw, of the Rotary Club of Morisset, NSW.
Manningham, Vic. Brown, of the Rotary Club of Wellington, Hugh Douglas, of Weft Industries,
William Hussey and Michael presented by the Rotary Club of presented by District 9970, NZ.
Nightingale, of the Rotary Club of Wellington South, NZ. Andrew Kim (Sapphire pin) and Peter
Hamilton East, NZ. Phil Gully, of the Rotary Club of Mears, of the Rotary Club of Christchurch
John Scarrott, Doug Tanis and Whakatu, NZ. South, NZ.
Stewart Carson, of the Rotary Club of Rosanne Barker and John Smith Eric Blogg (Sapphire pin), Matt White
Colac West, Vic. (2nd Sapphire pins), Bruce London, Lee and Gladys Blogg, of the Rotary Club of
Norm Bruce (Sapphire pin) of the Rotary Robinson and Ray Robinson (Sapphire Kwinana, WA.
Club of Doncaster, Vic. pins), Tony Long, Tony Orr and Honorary Kanen Dicker, presented by the Rotary
Ambassadorial Scholar Xaver Hausner Rotarian Peter Filmer, of the Rotary Club Club of Wonthaggi, Vic. ■

Called to Higher Service

PDG Neal Wickenton D9820 Neal was recognised with a Rotary Sapphire pins. Gordon served Rotary for 32
Neal’s service to Rotary has been far- International Foundation Citation for years with a 100 per cent attendance record
reaching, encompassing club, District and meritorious service. Neal is also a multiple and he will be sorely missed.
international boundaries. Paul Harris Fellow. Alfred Colin (Col) Johanson, of the
Neal was inducted into the Rotary Club He always considered his experience as a Rotary Club of Healesville, Vic, passed away
of Noble Park in March 1967. Little did Group Study Exchange team leader as the on January 20, 2011. Col was involved in a
he know at that time Rotary was going to highlight of his membership. number of community organisations over
totally consume him for the next 43 years. The Rotary Club of Noble Park has lost the years. He was a Charter Member of the
After serving on the Board of Directors a remarkable member who for many years Club in 1977, Club President in 1993-94
for four years, he was elected President for has been regarded as a father figure, mate, and a Paul Harris Fellow.
the 1972-73 year. It was during this year friend, mentor and go-to person. Ian (Johnno) Johnson, of the Rotary
he encouraged 15 new members to join Nancy Joseph, a true friend of Rotary Club of Strathalbyn, SA.
taking the club from 27 members to 42 who worked with hundreds of Rotary Max Pawsey, of the Rotary Club of
members. He was also instrumental in the volunteers on the District 9650 RAWCS Cobram, Vic. Past President, Paul Harris
formation of the Rotaract Club of Noble Tafea Tanna Projects in Vanuatu. Fellow and former member of the Rotary
Park in this year. George Kneebush of the Rotary Club of Clubs of Coburg and Berwick. Max
Neal’s passion for Rotary and its ideals Brighton, Vic. George was a hard working chaired several District 9800 committees
continued to grow and in 1974, was selected Rotarian involved in many community and worked tirelessly with his wife, Lorna,
to lead a Group Study Exchange team projects and will be remembered for his in overseas aid programs in Papua New
to District 262 in Japan. This experience extensive work in the Youth Guinea, Bangladesh and Nepal. ■
spawned the current 35-year relationship Exchange Program.
between the Rotary Club of Noble Park and Johnny Kingdom of Hunter’s Hill, who
Paul Harris Fellow recognition
the Rotary Club of Kofu, Japan. was universally known as Johnny ‘No Shirt’, acknowledges a contribution of
Neal was nominated as District Governor as he never wore anything on top but a blue $US1000 by an individual or in
nominee in 1976 and after attending the singlet, summer or winter. Johnny suffered the name of an individual to the
humanitarian, educational or polio
Rotary International Assembly in Boca from polio as a child and in his adult eradication programs of The Rotary
Raton, Florida, he served as Governor of life, wore callipers and walked with great Foundation. Recipients are not listed
District 982 in 1978-79. difficulty with forearm crutches. A great here unless Rotary Down Under is
He was instrumental in the formation supporter of PolioPlus. specifically advised. Send details of
the recipient’s name and club only to
of District 981. He then served as District Gordon Wright, of the Rotary Club
982 and District 981 Rotary Foundation of Strathmore, Vic, where he was a Past with ‘PHF’ in the subject field.
Chairman for four years. President and a Paul Harris Fellow with two 41

Pride of Workmanship
• Since 1976, over 16 000 recipients world-wide.
• Produced exclusively by the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills (District 9680) as a
volunteers community project. All proceeds go to assist more Rotary programs.
• Licenced by Rotary International.
ORDERS & Phone 02 9484 4889 • Fax 02 9484 5241

• Close to Famous Beach
For a complete worldwide list of
Rotary International’s licensees, CAIRNS
• Close to Boutiques and Shops go to: Fully S/C large 2 bed house
• Great outlook to with pool. Car parking.
Laguna Bay & Rivermouth or contact:
Licensing Coordinator
10 mins from CBD & airport
• Spacious 2 Bedroom Unit, Quality Close to shops & restaurants
Furnishing, B.B.Q, Solar Heated Rotary International
Pool, Car Parking, 3 Friendly One Rotary Center 7 friendly clubs for make ups
Rotary Clubs for Make-ups 1560 Sherman Ave Contact Rotarian Graham
Evanston, IL 60201-3698
For further details contact owner
07 4054 8305
(03) 9645 7742
0417 538874 0418 730 595


Waterfront cottages only 10 mins from Historic Port 3 BDR Self Contained Unit. Beach front. Pool & Spa.
Arthur site. Fully self contained 2 bedrm cottages – Ph Owners: 02 6742 2296. 20% discount for Rotarians.
sleeps 4. 10% discount for Rotarians. WALLIS LAKE, NSW
E: Ph Noreen: 0407044483.

We care for your home and pets, no charge. Coastal Self contained apts./villa in 16th century
QLD or NSW - June to October. Experienced and farmhouse. Beautiful setting. Uncompromised
reliable - own car. E: views. Full information at
PP John Lord PHF
Pet Friendly Peaceful Lakeside cottage
for your worldwide accommodation
Beautiful B & B – 3 bedrooms (sleeps 6). NEW ZEALAND FRANCE
All rooms with ensuites. Lovely cottage gardens. www.rotorua FRANCE
15 mins from Melbourne CBD Your New Zealand Vacation Destination Town House Rental in centre of beautiful
Contact Beverley: 0401 989 336 French Village. Visit or phone 07 5537 7634
Contact Gay or Sam for a quote - ph: 02 9633 4888 e:
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42 Issue 526. March 2011

The Shaggy Dog

A bird’s eye view!

A woman went to a pet shop The bird looked around the room, then Object of
an d i m m e d i at e ly s p ott e d a l arge ,
beautiful parrot.
There was a sign on the cage that
at her, and said, ‘‘New house, new madam”.
The woman was a bit shocked at the
implication, but then thought, ‘‘that’s
said $50. really not so bad’’.
The Object of Rotary is to
“Why so little,’’ she asked the pet When her two teenage daughters
store owner. returned from school the bird saw and encourage and foster the
The owner looked at her and said, said, “New house, new madam, new girls”. ideal of service as a basis of
‘‘Look, I should tell you first that this bird The girls and the woman were a bit worthy enterprise and, in
used to live in a house of Prostitution offended, but then began to laugh about particular, to encourage
and sometimes it says some pretty the situation considering how and where and foster:
vulgar stuff ”. the parrot had been raised.
The woman thought about this, but Moments later, the woman’s husband,
decided she had to have the bird anyway.
She took it home and hung the bird’s
cage up in her living room and waited for
Frank came home from work.
The bird looked at him and said,
“Hi Frank”.
1 The development of
acquaintance as an
opportunity for service;
it to say something. Rotary Club of Kempsey, NSW ■

2 High ethical standards

in business and
Illuminating mystery writers professions; the
recognition of the
How many mystery writers does it take to A fortune teller admits to a wife, “I worthiness of all useful
change a light bulb? can’t hide the truth from you. Prepare to occupations; and the
be a widow. Your husband will die very dignifying of each
Two: one to screw the bulb almost all the soon.” “I know,” says the woman, “ Will I
Rotarian’s occupation as
way in and the other to give it a surprising get away with it?”
twist at the end. Rotary Club of Bundoora, Vic ■ an opportunity to
serve society;

Jack and Gill plan to marry 3 The application of the

ideal of service in each
Rotarian’s personal,
Jack, age 92, and Gill, age 89, are all excited Jack: “What about vitamins, sleeping
about their decision to get married. They go pills, antidotes for Parkinson’s disease?”
business and
for a stroll to discuss the wedding, and on Pharmacist: “Absolutely.” community life;
the way they pass a chemist shop and Jack Jack: “Everything for heartburn and
suggests they go in.
Jack addresses the man behind the
counter: “Are you the owner?”
Pharmacist: “We sure do . . .”
Jack: “You sell wheelchairs and walkers
4 The advancement
of international
understanding, goodwill
The pharmacist answers, “Yes.” and canes?”
Jack: “We’re about to get married. Do you Pharmacist: “All speeds and sizes.”
and peace through
sell heart medication?” Jack: “Adult incontinence pants?” a world fellowship
Pharmacist: “Of course we do.” Pharmacist: “Sure.” of business and
Ja c k : “How ab out m e d i c i n e for Jack: “Then we’d like to use this store for professional persons
circulation?” our wedding presents registry.” united in the ideal
Pharmacist: “All kinds.” Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour Daybreak,
of service.
Jack: “Medicine for rheumatism?” NSW
Pharmacist: “Definitely.”
Jack: “How about suppositories?”
Pharmacist: “You bet!” We got married for better or worse –
Jack: “Medicine for memory problems, He couldn’t do any better, I couldn’t do
arthritis, and Alzheimer’s?” any worse!
Pharmacist: “Yes, a large variety. The works.” Rotary Club of Unley, SA ■ 43
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