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The query automatically picks up the most suitable aggregate for the data retrieval.

for example if u have a query in which u have defined 4 char in rows and 3 in free char and other KFs.
There are two aggregates built on the cube ,one containing the 4 chars and the other aggregate
containing all 7 chars.
If the query read mode is to read all data in one single go then it will hit the second aggregate and if the
query setting is to fetch data on drill down then it hits the first aggregate.

When you execute a query, OLAP Processor will look for data (based on the criteria)
in the following order.

Local OLAP Cache

Global OLAP Cache

The goal is the OLAP Processor should hit either of the first 3 guys, then bingo !
good hit. But if all of them are missed , it has to go to the cube to fetch the data.
Then it defeats the purpose of aggregate.

Remember the main purpose of aggregate is speeding up data retrieval. But there
is associated overhead. You should check the rating and delete bad aggregates.

Use the program SAP_AGGREGATES_ACTIVATE_FILL for activating the Aggregate and filling the

From the IC manage screen -- select the tab "Rollup" --> enter the request if and clic on execute. once its
done you can check the aggregate is filled and the option is also cehcked in the manage screen. The
proposal is based on statistics of queries not just the existance of them.

You need to run the query at least once so that data of it exists in BW statistics.
(Not sure if you also have to wait until the statistic InfoProviders are loaded from the RSDDSTAT* tables,
I think not.)

After that you should find your query in the proposal.

I am trying to create an aggregate. I ran the query in RSRT and selected display and select aggregates
option and the query is not selecting any aggregate than i went to sm50 and i saw its hitting couple of
cubes F and table and E table.

I created aggregate with all the filters, restrictions etc.. but still the query is not hitting the aggregate and
more over how to make the query not to hit the E table.

The BW system can propose aggregate for a query. Go to aggregate maintanence in the cube. In the
menu bar choose
propose --> propose from query --> select your query and do a transfer selection. The system will create
a aggregate for this query. Compare this aggregate with the aggregate you have created and see which
object is missing in your aggregate.

Activation and filling of the aggregates are two different things,

If at all the aggregate status is grey, we need to activate it first and then fill it with the data.
If the aggregate is deactivated, data will still be there how ever this aggregate will not used by OLAP
server for reporting.

"Intial filling" is different from regular "Roll up" .