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I Will Teach You To Speak English Easily

Dear English Learner,

Do you read English well, but you don't speak well? Do you want to
improve English listening? Have you studied many years, but still can’t
speak well? Do you want to love speaking English?

Do you want to feel strong and relaxed when speaking English? Do

you want to speak easily with native speakers? Do you want to under-
stand English TV and movies? Do you want to make new friends?

“I live in Mexico City and I listen to Effortless English on

my ipod. I want to thank you for the excellent work you are
doing. My pronunciation and fluency have improved!”

José Antonio Abraján Pérez, Mexico City

Ernst & Young, Business Tax Compliance (BTC)
What Is The Power of Effortless English?
What is the secret to speaking English easily and fast? What is the secret to understanding
native speakers automatically?

Listen carefully.

There are, in fact 7 Rules that you must use to speak English like a native speaker. You
must find lessons, a school, or a program that uses all of them.

If you find a system that uses the 7 Rules of Learning English Easily, you will succeed. You
are guaranteed to succeed. In fact, you cannot fail.

But if you continue to use the same old methods-- you will get the same old results. If you
don’t change, you will continue to speak slowly. You will continue to have trouble.

To get better results, you must use a better method.

"Translation from one language into another is a harmful approach because it slows
down communication. The research shows that translation and grammar study do not
work for most students"
-- Dr. James Asher

Everything Changed
Nid was tired. She had been studying English for 8 years, but her speaking was still terrible.

She was going to an English school. Every night, she went to class. Every night, she studied a
textbook. She studied grammar rules.

She had been doing this for 8 years-- but no success. 8 long years.

Tired of school, one night she searched the internet for "Learn English". She found the
Effortless English Email course.

7 days later she joined The Effortless English Club. Her life changed. She used the system
everyday. She was surprised how easy and interesting it was. No textbooks. No grammar rules
to remember. The articles were interesting, and the stories were funny and easy to remember.

Then something amazing happened. She met an American named James in a coffee shop in
Bangkok. Without thinking, she started to talk with James. The words came out automatically.
No effort. No translating.

She felt incredible. She was relaxed and smiling and laughing. She was speaking quickly.
She didn't feel any stress or worry. James listened to her. He understood her ideas and feel-

She and James talked for 2 hours without stopping. They exchanged emails and Skype IDs.
They continued to talk to each other every week.

When she got home that night, Nid sent me an email:

"I can't believe it. I just finished talking to an American guy for 2 hours. Two
hours without worrying or translating. It was so easy. Thank you so much. The
system really works."

The True Power of English Learning

Grammar is not the key to speaking English easily, and fast. The 7 Rules are the key to
speaking English. The most important of the 7 Rules is....

The best English learners are children, of course. Why? Because they don’t study grammar
and they don’t learn from textbooks. They use the most important Rule-- they learn first by
listening. This is called a “Listen First” method and it is very powerful. Very, very powerful!

When you use lessons that follow the 7 Rules, you will learn excellent pronunciation. You
will learn vocabulary quickly and easily. You will understand grammar automatically--
without memorizing it. You will not translate when you listen or speak. You will speak
English fast, and easily. You will feel strong and relaxed when you speak English.

"If you want to become like a native speaker, you don’t need to learn when you
are a child. You need to use the same methods as a child."
--Dr. J. Marvin Brown.
"A.J., thanks so much. Before joining, my English speaking was terrible. I was
embarrassed. I didn’t think I could ever speak English well. Now I’m learning
fast. I feel relaxed when I speak and I love speaking English.
--Atsuko Imai, Hiroshima, Japan

Research Tested And Proven

Effortless English uses the best research in the world, from top experts such as: Dr. Stephen
Krashen, Dr. James Asher, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy,
David Long and Blaine Ray.

The research is clear-- students who use Effortless English are better speakers than students
who use textbooks, grammar, and self-study only. The research has been repeated again and
again. In every country, in every possible situation, students who learn with Effortless English
methods always win against students who use old methods. Always!

For Love, Friendship, and Excitement

My name is A.J Hoge. I have a Masters degree in Teaching English (TESOL).

During the past 10 years, I have taught at Universities in The United States
(Lanier Technical College), Thailand (Thammasat University), and Japan
(Hirodai University).

During these 10 years, I have taught many students to speak English easily and
fluently. But I wanted to help more students.

I knew that many students are suffering. Many learners want to speak English easily and fast.
Many people want to understand English automatically. They want to feel strong and relaxed
when they speak.

But they need help. Normal schools are not helping them. Normal books and lessons are not
helping them. You need a different way. You need help to speak English easily, fast, and

I created The Effortless English Club to help more people understand and speak English easily,
and fast. I want to help you enjoy English. I want you to love English. I want you to feel
happy and excited every time you use English.

That’s why I started The Effortless English Club-- to help you love speaking English. I want
you to love speaking English as much as I love teaching it. I want you to meet new English
speaking friends. I want you to get better jobs. I want you to feel great when you speak

That’s why I started Effortless English. That is the purpose of Effortless English.

"A.J. is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher. I highly recommend A.J.!"

--Dr. Brenda Murphy, Shenandoah University

Now Use The 7 Rules To

Improve English Easily, and Fast
I started the Effortless English Club to help you Learn English Easily, and Fast.

Effortless English uses research secrets that work-- you won’t find them in other schools,
podcasts, lessons, or textbooks.

When you join the Effortless English Club, you become a member of a community. You use
the Effortless English lessons, you communicate with other members, you make friends all
over the world, and you learn to speak English easily.

Here’s what I give you in my program:

* The incredible Way to Learn Vocabulary and Grammar Without Study-- Listen &
Answer Mini-Stories. These lessons are simple and amazing. You learn grammar and vocabu-
lary without study or memorizing. You learn automatically, just by listening to the lessons.

* The Deep Learning method that helps members use English automatically. No more
translating. No more thinking. The words just come out.

* The way to learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about
interesting topics.
* The way to avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children-- naturally.

* How my best students learn, how they study,-- and how you can learn English faster.

* How to raise your iBT TOEFL speaking and listening scores 20%, 30%, or even 40%.

* Lessons that help you learn English 4X faster.

* How to meet other English speakers and talk with them.

"Thanks for your great method. Thanks to your system, I passed my interview and
now have a job with Emirates Airlines!"
--Ploy, Bangkok, Thailand

With my lessons, you will learn 4-5 times faster than you did in school. This number comes
from research. You will learn to speak English, not just read it. As a member, you will com-
municate quickly and easily.

What You Get When You Join

As a member, you get everything you need to understand, and speak, English easily and fast:

Vocabulary Lessons

These are listening lessons, not reading lessons. You learn new vocabulary by listening to me
discuss new phrases. You do not study lists in a textbook. You learn phrases by listening.

After you join, you download these lessons and put them on your computer and iPod. You can
listen to them anywhere.

Listen & Answer Mini-Stories

Next, I use the powerful Listen & Answer method to teach you to speak English automatical-
ly. You do not read the story, you listen to it many times and practice it. This is the most
powerful English lesson you will ever have. You will learn vocabulary, grammar, and pro-
nunciation in a completely natural way.
Point of View Story Lessons

Point of View lessons are next, and they are amazing. I teach you English grammar, but you
do not study grammar rules. You learn English grammar naturally, like a native speaker.

You don’t study grammar rules-- you learn grammar simply by listening to these lessons.

Audio Articles

Next are real audio articles. These are real English articles about interesting topics. No text-
books, and no textbook English. You improve your listening, vocabulary, and speaking by
listening to these articles. It is automatic.

A Powerful System To Help You

These lessons are very powerful. You speak English, without hard work, without trying.

You do this 1 hour every day and you speak English easily, and fast. You use the lessons and
you feel strong and relaxed when you speak English.

The Effortless English Club has 28 sets of these lessons. That’s Vocabulary lessons, plus
Listen & Answer Mini-Story lessons, plus Audio Article lessons, plus Point-of-View Story
Lessons. Over 100 total lessons!

"If you empty your purse into your head, no man can take it away from you. An
investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
--Benjamin Franklin

I want you to speak English easily, and fast. I want you to love speaking English. I want you
to feel totally comfortable speaking English. I want you to speak with native speakers easily.

"I have downloaded the lessons and I think they are fantastic. There is also another
good thing about learning with Effortless English. The explanations are given in
English. I think this is better than using a translation dictionary."
--Henk Oexman, The Netherlands
The 2X Guarantee
When you join Effortless English, I guarantee your success. If within 6 months you don't find
yourself speaking better English, then just tell me and I will give you a cheerful refund.

If you don't speak English better after using the lessons for 6 months, I will refund 2X the
cost. I offer this because I don’t want you to feel worried. I know you will succeed if you use
the lessons every day.

No bookstore will guarantee the textbooks you buy. No teacher will return your money if you
don't learn anything.

But I will.

Join now, go to:

Exclusive, Limited Membership

Everyone cannot join Effortless English. I don’t want everyone. I accept only members who
want to speak English easily. I don’t want people who want to study grammar rules and text-

Each month, only a limited number of people can join. After 60 members have joined each
month, I raise the price. After 100 members have joined, I close the club.

For this reason, you may not be able to join with the discounted price. Or, you may not be
able to join at all.

Check now to see if the Club is open. If it is open, join

immediately to guarantee your membership.

"I love learning with you A.J. You are so fun and exciting-- like Jim Carrey!
You make English fun. I’m glad the Club is growing quickly and I hope more peo-
ple will join."
--Gabriel Fuentes, Gainesville, GA (USA)
When you join now, you also get a special bonus: Text Learning Guides!

Text Learning Guides

You learn by listening with Effortless English. But sometimes, you can’t understand what you
hear. The Text Learning Guides help you understand. You can read all of the articles to
understand them 100%

Also, each guide has a side-by-side word (and phrase) list. You don’t need a dictionary.
You don’t waste time. You find the meanings you need quickly and easily.

Improve Your English Immediately

Because you download all of these lessons, you can use them immediately. Join and improve
your English right now. There is no need to wait. There is no shipping. Immediately after
joining, a link to the download page is emailed to you.

You can start today. You don’t need to wait to speak English easily. Start learning now.

How much will membership cost? How much must you pay for a school and textbooks?
My students in San Francisco pay $3600 a year, $300 a month to study with me. In San
Francisco, that is a cheap price.

Some schools charge over $900 a month- $10,800 a year! Most of these students do not
improve after one year of going to these schools.

With Effortless English, you are guaranteed to improve (2X guaranteed, in fact). The normal
price for the Effortless English Club is $300. This is not a monthly charge. You pay only
one time. No subscriptions. No extra charges or costs.

But for a limited time, you don’t have to pay the normal price of $300 to join. If you are one
of the first 60 members to join this month, you pay only $97. That is 65% off, a 65% dis-
ount! But you must be one of the first 60 members to join.

After 60 members have joined, I will raise the price to the normal $300. Join now to get the
discount price at:
Bonus #2
When you join now, you get a second bonus Free-- Commentaries!


As a bonus, many of the lesson sets also include free Audio Commentaries. In the
Commentaries, I talk casually about the Audio Article. I discuss American culture. I talk
about my personal opinions. The Commentaries help you understand the article topics and
understand North American (and British) culture.

Language is culture. You cannot understand native speakers unless you also understand their
culture. You get these free Commentaries when you join now.

Risk Free
Imagine yourself in a coffee shop, talking with an American. You are relaxed and smiling
because you are communicating easily. The words come out quickly. You feel no stress, no
doubt, no worry. You are a strong and respected English speaker. Your friends are surprised
because you are speaking English so well.

You can do it :) Start now. In fact, start immediately. Download the lessons right now and
improve English today. If you use Effortless English everyday for 6 months, I guarantee you
will succeed.

And when you order Effortless English, you feel safe because we use PayPal for all our orders.
PayPal is the safest and most secure internet payment system in the world.

As you know, because I use PayPal, I will never see your credit card or bank information.
Only PayPal, a large and respected international company, will see your information. You will
only be charged one time. No extra fees. No monthly subscriptions.

There is no risk. Effortless English Lessons are guaranteed 2X-- the only guaranteed English
lessons you will find.

Go to and join now.
Bonus #3
When you join now, you get another free Bonus: Member Forums.

Member Forums

As a member, you use the Forums to meet other English speakers. You ask questions about the
lessons. You make new friends. You schedule free Skype talks and chats.

Members also visit each other when they travel. One member, Hiroshi, is finding free acco-
modation with other members in South America.

As a member, you use the Forums for life. You pay only one time to join, but you use the
Forums for all of your life.

After you join, you will get the address for the Member Forums.

Bonus #4
Join now, and you get one more bonus: The Effortless English Club Wiki!

The Effortless English Club Wiki

You learn from other members using the Wiki. The Wiki is our shared website. Members add
audio, video, articles, and links to it. On the Wiki, we share our websites and blogs. We learn
from each other.

When you join now, you get the address and password for the Wiki. Add your own YouTube
videos or pages immediately!

Go to and join now.

This is an amazing value. I love teaching English. I will help you speak English easily, and
fast. I will help you love English too.

You use the Vocabulary Lessons, the Listen & Answer Lessons, the Point-of-View Lessons, the
Audio Articles, the Text Learning Guides, the Commentaries, the Member Forums, and The
Member Wiki and you improve English fast.
Expect Results
If you are reading this, you want to use a better method and speak English like a native

Don't wait-- start now. Immediately join and download the lessons. Start immediately..

Good Luck With Your English Learning.

I hope you will love your English learning,

Founder and Director
Effortless English

PS: Join now using PayPal, the safest and most secure internet payment system in the world.
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