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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key To Success
2. Company Summary
Start-up Summary

Company Ownership

3. Products and Services

4. Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation

Market Analysis

5. Strategy and Implementation Summary

Competitive Edge

Sales Strategy

Sales Forecast

6. Management Summary
Personnel Plan

7. Financial Plan
Executive Summary
The night club business is a growing segment. The expected growth rates show a positive
dynamic between 40% to 50% for the next few years depending on the demand of new young
customers. The competition in this sector is strong but new services will support the success of
the company.

The Silent Noise is a new nightclub that will focus on improving the nightlife of vasco and
surrounding areas it. The goal of this start-up is the operation of a night club that develops new
innovative services and products for its customers. The club will be located close to the Bogmalo
beach which will also attract foreign tourists from the Bogmalo Beach Resort. The area already
has three bar and restaurant that have been thriving for the past 10 years. Each establishment has
long lines waiting for entry each weekend. The 5,000 square foot night club will be located close
to the road which is often flooded with people coming to the beach. This will have an indoor as
well as outdoor dance floor.

Business Opportunity

The night club industry currently shows a strong growth marked by higher demand and also
growing costs. The choice of food and beverages as well as the architecture and additional
services can be one strategy in this development.

The operation of a night club that offers a range of classical beverages and a selection of food is
the core of this start-up. A strong focus of this business will be placed on the development and
marketing of interesting events. The range of beverages and products is selected to provide solid
growth potential. One central goal of the proposed business strategy is the development of its
own corporate identity. Such identity will create customer loyalty and help gain a competitive
advantage. Therefore it is planned that additional to the selection of new and interesting services
a company design is developed.


It's not the lights; it's not the liquor; and it's not the sound. It's the people!
And it’s the FUN! Successful nightclubs are based on an accurate understanding of the
core customers. The mission of the Silent Noise is to create a nightclub environment that satisfies
the changing tastes and expectations of our core customers; i.e. college-age women. If the
women come, the men will follow. In order to achieve this goal, we must constantly improve our
response to the customers' entertainment needs.
Products and Services.

The Silent Noise represents a unique opportunity to create a high energy, dance-theme venue that
will cater to college-age women. The beach location and lack of direct competition are major
advantages to this project. The new venue will specialize in high-energy themes and will offer
beer, wine and a range of liquors and mixed drinks. In addition, the venue will sell nonalcoholic
beverages such as soft drinks, juices and bottled water. A "casual" food menu consisting mostly
of appetizers and snacks ranging in cost from Rs 300 to Rs 500 will also be available. The initial
hours of operation will be 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M., four nights a week. The establishment will
also attract guests and visitors from outside the area as well.

Innovative Idea- Silent Noise concept

Here the main aim will be to provide the outdoor dance feeling to its customers. Here the dance
floor will be the lawns where the customer will get a set of wireless headphones which will be
connected to the DJ inside the indoor dance floor. Where in the customer will have to pay extra
Rs 700 from which Rs 500 will be refundable on return of the headphones.

Keys to Success

• Provide exceptional service that leaves an impression with our core customers.
• Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality.
• Managing our internal finances and cash flow to enable upward capital growth.
• Strict control of all costs, at all times, without exception.


• Capitalize on excellent location opportunity.

• Launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event in the spring of Year 1.
• Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and
automated computer control.
• Maintain food costs below 33% of food revenue.
• Maintain total beverage costs below 25% of beverage revenue.

Company Summary
The key elements of The Silent Noise are:
1. Focus on attracting college-age women. The company will focus on design and musical
themes that have mass appeal to college-age women.
2. Location. One of the major advantages that the Silent Noise will have over its competition
will be its location near the beach.
3. Exceptional service. In order to reach and maintain a unique image of quality, the Silent
Noise will provide attentive and friendly service.
Company Ownership & Management

The Silent Noise has three owners Chester Fernandes, Bharath R. and Joshua Xavier. This will
be the core managing team; Where Chester Fernandes will look after the daily working of the
club, Joshua will look after the marketing of the club at initial stages and Bharath R will manage
the finance of the company. Other than this everyone will help in the daily operating of the club.

Market Segmentation
Our core target market will be college-age women. Since it’s said that after one girl two guys
will surely follow. Other than these will be students and foreign tourists from the beach resort.

Potential Growth Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

College-age 15% 22,000 25,300 29,095 33,459 38,478
College-age 10% 20,000 22,000 24,200 26,620 29,282
Other(Foreign 2% 5,000 5,100 5,102 5,103 5,104
Total 47,000 52,100 58,397 65,182 72,864

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Marketing Plan

Effective marketing together with consistent promotion are the keys to success. The company
focuses on a comprehensive web marketing and classical marketing strategy designed to attract
new customers, convert leads into sales, and maximize the revenue.
• In the start-up phase it is a central task of the marketing concept to establish name
recognition and its own trade mark.
• Later on the strategy will primarily be targeted to gain new customers and create
customer loyalty of repeat customers selection of regularevents that increase the number
of customers and the sales volume. Events that show a high demand are:
○ sports events
○ dancing events
○ music events
○ fun and games
All events will be provided by external companies. This allows the company to reduce risk.
Events will take place each week depending on the demand and the interest of the customers.

➢ Online marketing: There is a broad range of online marketing opportunities. Successful

online marketing depends largely on the ability to identify marketing services that
provide the best opportunity to reach customers in a cost effective manner. Search engine
marketing and banner marketing are the most widely used method of attracting visitors to
a website.

➢ Print advertising: Printed advertisements in local magazines is regarded as very

beneficial in the start-up phase to attract a large group of potential customers and draw
attention to the range of articles offered.

➢ Sales promotion: Sales promotion strategies have temporary effects only. Sales
promotion will be used for a limited time to increase the number of customers. The
strategy will include special offers with opening discounts. This strategy is expected to
continue for 3-4 months.

➢ Direct marketing: The Company uses direct marketing campaigns with e-mail and
mailing lists as well as newsletters. This strategy will be used to increase the revenue per
customer. Since spreading costs of such mailings are very low this marketing element
provides a useful and efficient tool.

Competitive Edge
There are three elements to The Silent Noise’s competitive edge.
The first is the location which is a beach which has a resort and bar & restaurants around it. The
area around The Silent Noise is already a regular place for socialize in the evening.
The second is the Silent Noise concept which is hardly followed by the other clubs.
The third is our focus on attracting our core customer in every aspect of our planning. The Silent
Noise will have the following to attract and retain our core customers:
• A larger ladies room area. Beyond its traditional uses, it's also a place of social gathering
and conversation. As a result, we will add additional square footage to this part of the venue
including a couch, TV, music, and plenty of social space.
• Floor design. No doubt, females are more observant of design, and the impression it
conveys, than males are. Therefore, careful consideration will be put into everything from
colors, to fabrics, and materials.

• Music. This is a critical one. We will hire DJs who have the best satisfaction rate with the
female clientele.

Start-up Summary
The Silent Noise has three owners, Chester Fernandes, Bharath R, and Joshua Xavier who will
each invest Rs. 70 lakhs.

Start-up Funding

Start-up Expenses to Fund 112,50,000

Start-up Assets to Fund 97,50,000
Total Funding Required 2,10,00,000

Non-cash Assets from Start-up 20,00,000
Cash Requirements from Start-up 77,50,000
Cash Balance on Starting Date 77,50,000
Total Assets 97,50,000

Planned Investment
Chester Fernandes 70,00,000
Bharath R. 70,00,000
Joshua Xavier 70,00,000
Total Planned Investment 210,00,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (112,50.000)
Total Capital 97,50,000

Total Funding 210,00,000

Start-up Expenses

Legal 2,00,000
Stationery etc. 50,000
Insurance 1,00,000
Rent 4,00,000
Interior Refit 30,00,000
Expensed Equipment 20,00,000
Air Cond. Upgrade 5,00,000
Audio/Lighting 10,00,000
Bar Equipment/Supply 10,00,000
Fees and Permits 7,00,000
Bathroom Upgrades 5,00,000
Initial Marketing 3,00,000
Opening Salaries Deposits 15,00,000
Total Start-up Expenses 112,50,000

Start-up Assets
Cash Required 77,50,000
Long-term Assets 20,00,000
Total Assets 97,50,000
Total Requirements 210,00,000

Sales Strategy
There will be a grand opening weekend March of 2011, which the cover charge will be free for
all women customers. We will then establish a traditional Ladies Night, every Thursday.
The cover charge will be Rs 300 women, Rs 500 for couple and Rs 700 for men. This is cheaper
than the other clubs.
Our sales strategy is to open early and provide entertainment to bring in an early crowd before 10
P.M. Comedians and Comedy Acts will be booked into the early evening time slot. We will
also have contests sponsored by businesses and products that are marketing to our core

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Unit Sales
Cover 19,500 36,000 42,000
Drinks 56,000 68,000 75,000
Food 14,000 25,000 33,000
Entertainment 13,600 17,000 22,000
Total Unit Sales 103,100 146,000 172,000

Unit Prices(in Rs) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Cover(men and women aprox) 1000 1000 1000
Drinks 300 300 300
Food 700 700 700
Entertainment 800 800 800
Cover 195,00,000 360,00,000 420,00,000
Drinks 168,00,000 204,00,000 225,00,000
Food 98,00,000 175,00,000 231,00,000
Entertainment 108,80,000 136,00,000 176,00,000
Total Sales 569,80,000 875,00,000 1,052,00,000

Direct Unit Costs

Cover 0 0 0
Drinks 75 80 86
Food 245 262 281
Entertainment 400 428 458

Direct Cost of Sales

Cover 0 0 0
Drinks 42,00,000 54,57,000 64,40,100
Food 34,30,000 65,53,800 92,56,500
Entertainment 54,40,000 72,76,000 100,75,100
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales 130,70,000 192,86,800 257,71,700

Management Summary
The management team is a strong one. Together we share a single vision: to provide a unique
and entertaining experience through exceptional service.
Personnel Plan
The following table shows forecasted personnel needs for the first three years

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager 50,00,000 68,00,000 72,00,000
Bartenders 120,00,00 120,00,000 120,00,000
Cooks 65,00,000 70,00,000 73,00,000
Cleaning 38,00,000 40,00,000 42,00,000
DJ 25,00,000 30,00,000 35,00,000
Serving Staff 50,00,000 60,00,000 70,00,000
Total Payroll 348,00,00 388,00,000 412,00,000

Financial Plan
The financial projections for this plan are presented in the tables:-
Profit and Loss
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sales 569,80,000 875,00,000 1,052,00,000
Direct Cost of Sales 130,70,000 192,86,800 257,71,700
Other Production Expenses 0 0 0
Total Cost of Sales 130,70,000 192,86,800 257,71,700

Gross Margin 439,10,000 682,13,300 794,28,300

Gross Margin % 77.06% 77.96% 75.50%

Payroll 348,00,000 388,00,000 412,00,000
Sales and Marketing and Other 22,90,000 25,00,000 27,30,000
Depreciation 2,61,800 2,85,600 2,85,600
Leased Equipment 33,00,000 40,00,000 40,00,000
Utilities 3,60,000 3,60,000 3,60,000
Insurance 12,00,000 12,00,000 12,00,000
Rent 48,00,000 40,00,000 40,00,000
Payroll Taxes 52,20,000 58,20,000 61,80,000
Total Operating Expenses 522,31,800 569,65,600 599,55,600

Profit Before Interest and Taxes (-83,21,800) 112,47,700 194,72,700

Taxes Incurred 0 33,66,800 58,41,800

Net Profit (-83,21,800) 78,80,900 136,30,900

Net Profit/Sales -14.61% 8.98% 12.96%

Balance Sheet
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Current Assets
Cash 328,700 70,93,800 206,52,500
Accounts Receivable 11,89,800 18,27,100 21,96,700
Inventory 15,59,300 23,00,900 30,74,600
Other Current Assets 0 0 0
Total Current Assets 30,77,800 112,21,800 259,23,800

Long-term Assets
Long-term Assets 20,00,000 20,00,000 20,00,000
Accumulated Depreciation 2,61,800 5,47,400 8,33,000

Total Long-term Assets 17,38,200 14,52,600 11,67,000

Total Assets 48,16,000 126,74,400 270,90,800
Liabilities and Capital

Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable 28,91,900 33,94,500 41,80,000
Current Borrowing 5,00,000 0 0
Other Current Liabilities 0 0 0

Subtotal Current Liabilities 33,91,900 33,94,500 41,80,000

Total Liabilities 33,91,900 33,94,500 41,80,000

Paid-in Capital 210,00,000 210,00,000 210,00,000

Retained Earnings (112,50,000) (195,76,000) (117,20,100)
Earnings (83,26,000) 78,55,900 136,30,900
Total Capital 14,24,000 92,79,900 229,10,800
Total Liabilities and Capital 48,16,000 126,74,400 270,90,800

Net Worth 14,24,000 92,79,900 229,10,800