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Flirt Mastery

Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’


By Steve Scott
Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Table of Contents
Disclaimer ................................................................. 4
Introduction .............................................................. 5
Mental Game ............................................................. 6
Approaching Women ................................................. 14
Your Cheat Sheet ..................................................... 21
#1- Initial Conversation Tactics .................................. 22
#2- Sparking the Initial Attraction .............................. 23
#3- Flirting Conversation Skills................................... 26
#4- The Seduction.................................................... 28
Review and Improve ................................................. 31
Conclusion............................................................... 33

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

First off, I hope you had a chance to read the Flirt
Mastery ebook. If you haven’t, then I urge you to check
that out first.

The information included in this ‘Quick Start Guide’ is

written for the guys who are already familiar with the core
concepts that are discussed in the main guide. In other
words, this is NOT a substitute for the book.

With that being said, you might be wondering what’s the

purpose of this report? Well since Flirt Mastery is over
280 pages, there is a lot of information that to learn.
While I do my best to condense the best material, I know
there’s a chance that you might miss the really important

Furthermore, I think it’s important to have a specific action

plan that’ll help you with your flirting and conversation
skills. When you know what to do, it becomes MUCH
easier to accomplish a goal.

So in a nutshell, the Flirt Mastery Quick Start Guide is

specifically written to briefly review and point out the areas
that you need to reread, then go out and DO! In addition,
I’ve added a few pieces of information that’ll reduce the
“learning curve” from mastering your skills when
talking to women.

Throughout this report, I provide specific page numbers of

the concept that I’m covering. It’s up to you to refer to
this area and review the material if you’re not sure what
I’m talking about. Even if you’re familiar with the subject,
I highly recommend you review it again. The best way to
mastery ANY subject is the repetition and practice.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Finally…I want to give one last piece of advice. I

recommend you print out this entire report. Then put in a
binder folder. A physical copy of this guide will be
something that you consistently refer to whenever you’re
faced with a specific obstacle in your conversations with

Well that’s it! We have a lot of information to review, so

let’s get started…

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Mental Game
In the main book, I didn’t spend much time discussing
‘belief systems’ or confidence. My reason was simple… I
honestly think that “mental game” is THE most
important area when it comes to success with women.

Since I was trying to keep the length of the book around

50,000 words, I felt like I could NOT completely cover the
subject. (And eventually, I will be releasing an entire
product on this subject.)

Now with all of this being said, I want to start THIS guide
by providing a few pointers that you can use to create the
RIGHT kind of mindset when it comes to talking to

In this section, I want to cover two key “mental anchors”

you need to create BEFORE work on your conversation
skills. They are affirmations and conversation rules.

So let’s quickly cover the basics of each…


Creating a set of affirmations is one of the quickest ways

to creating a mindset that leads to a permanent,
confident attitude. If you’ve read any personal
development course, then you’re probably familiar with the
power of affirmations.

An affirmation is simply a phrase (or number of phrases)

that you repeat on a daily basis. They’re effective because
the process of repetition helps your mind develop an
attitude that gives you a more positive outlook on life.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

What’s a great about affirmations is how easy they are

to create. Simply think of a statement about yourself and
then write it in a positive, first person perspective. They
key here is to take any negative self-talk and turn it into
something that challenges this statement.

Typically most guys have a number of “mental roadbloacks

called self-limiting beliefs. These are specific thought
patterns that limit a guy’s success when he’s trying to
attract a woman.

For instance, here’s a list of common self-limiting beliefs:

"I am not attractive enough to talk to her"

“She won’t like me because I don’t have a fancy car, lots of

money or an interesting job.”

"I don’t have enough interesting things to say to a group of

women like that…"

"What if I can’t think of anything to say after I’ve

approached them?”

"Women like that only like good-looking guys with an

athletic body.”

"In an environment like this, I should try to blend in and

act like the other guys. Standing out from the crowd is too

"I am too scared to approach that woman and start


"I don’t have a clue about what she’ll find attractive”

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

“What if I freeze up during the middle of the


When you do an affirmations exercise you want to take

these self-limiting beliefs and turn them into positive

For instance, if you have the belief that “you’re not

attractive to women”, you can turn this negative thought
into a positive affirmations and create something like “All
women find me attractive”.

To get the full benefit of affirmations, create a list that’s

filled with positive statements. All should be written in a
way that directly challenges the self-limiting beliefs you
have about yourself. Then at least 2-3 times a day, take
this list out and recite them to yourself.

As you recite the affirmations, think about how each

statement makes you feel. Fully envision what it’s like to
have this new way of looking at yourself. The more you’re
emotionally tied to an affirmation, the easier it’ll become to
develop a positive mindset.

Don’t be dismayed if it takes awhile to get used to this

exercise. At first, you may find that the process seems a
bit weird. As I always say… The mind believes what
you tell it!

Reciting these affirmations on a daily basis, triggers a side

of your brain that’ll make you behave in accordance to
your beliefs. When you start thinking you’re an attractive
guy, your behavior will subconsciously make you act this

Just remember that it takes a while to develop any habit.

Changing the way you look at the world doesn’t happen

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

overnight. By doing affirmations each day, you’ll

eventually find that your negative way of looking at the
world has been replaced by positive thought patterns
which put you on the track for success with women.

Now to help you get started with affirmations, I want you

to refer to Pages 35- 67 where I discussed the 19
qualities that are most attractive to women.

To reinforce this concept (and help demonstrate these

traits whenever you’re talking to a girl) I’ve listed an
affirmation for each quality.

I recommend that you review and recite this list at least 2-

3 times a day. You’ll find that doing this is a great way to
develop and reinforce a confident attitude:

1) “I’m a ‘prize’ that women are lucky to meet”

2) “I’m a high-value person who has a lot to offer the


3) “I have equal or greater social value than the

women I meet”

4) “I respect myself and I demand the same

treatment from everyone else”

5) “I’m a unique person, who lives an interesting life”

6) “I’m have plenty of options that I can make every


7) “I’m fun guy who has interesting things to say”

8) “I confidently take charge of every interaction I

have with women”

9) “I’m a positive upbeat guy”

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

10) “I live in a world of abundance. If it doesn’t work

out with one girl, I know I can easily met another”

11) “I’m not in a rush to pursue any particular woman”

12) “I’m an attractive guy who has a ton of positive


13) “I’m a trustworthy guy and I make sure that

women also have this trait”

14) “I’m a little unpredictable. Often I like to do

spontaneous, adventurous things”

15) “I am in control of all aspects of my life”

16) “I don’t need any particular woman”

17) “I’m not afraid to nice things for people. But

they’re always on MY terms.”

18) “I enjoy doing things that are a little different from


19) “I’m a challenge. Women have to earn my


Finally, I recommend that you look at each character trait

on Pages 35- 67 and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.
Then make it a point to improve on any area where you
scored less than a ‘5’!

Conversation Rules

The second part of ‘mental game’ is pretty straight forward.

What we’re going to do here is reinforce the basic rules

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

that you need to remember every time you’re talking to

a girl.

I recommend that you review this list every other day.

Doing this will regularly will help re-program the way you
look at conversations and will help you focus on creating
that sexual tension that’s necessary for attracting a

First off, you want to review the 10 things you should

never do in a conversation (Pages 115-123):

λ Being a negative or crass guy

λ Being right vs. getting laid

λ Acting in a shy manner

λ Bragging too much

λ Being a bore

λ Not leading the interaction

λ Talking to only one person

λ Avoiding physical contact

λ Acting too strange

λ Not showing your vulnerable side

Next, you should go over the 9 rules for creating a great

conversation (Pages 124-131):

λ Remember the 80/20 conversation rule when you first

approach a girl

λ Be authoritative

λ Assume the close

λ Be interesting

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

λ Control the interaction

λ Never show too much interest at first

λ Assume familiarity

λ Use the ‘Scarcity Principle’

λ Be prepared to walk away

Well that’s it for the ‘mental game’ aspect of this book. If

you regularly use affirmations

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Approaching Women
You can get into conversations with women unless you
become comfortable with approaching them.
Unfortunately, this is another huge obstacle guys have.

The problem usually stems from a feeling of anxiety (or

panic) whenever you’re about to approach a girl and start
a conversation. Typically you’re hands will get sweaty,
your heart races and the LAST thing you want to do is risk
being rejected.

Now I’m not going to get into a long explanation of why

this happens. Suffice to say, approaching women is a
something that you have become comfortable doing.

In this section, I’m going to give a brief method for

learning how to approach women with ease. While it’s not
foolproof, this is the same set of steps that I used to gain
confidence with talking to random strangers…

Step #1 – Approach five people every day

During any given day, you’re probably in close proximity to

DOZENS of people. What I’m asking you to do in this step
is simply start a conversation with AT LEAST five people
each day.

This approach doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could

be something as basic as asking for the time or making a
comment on a situation that you’ve both just witnessed.
The important element is to practice the simple art of
starting a conversation with somebody that you
don’t know.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Furthermore, you can practice on anybody. I recommend

that you talk to people that are in your ‘personal proximity’
(Within 10 feet of you). This can include:

λ Cashiers or clerks

λ People standing in line near you

λ Waitresses, baristas, or bartenders

λ Anyone you meet during your commute

λ Somebody in your class

I recommend you do this exercise for a minimum of

a week OR till you can get to the point where it doesn’t
seem weird to start talking to somebody you don’t know.

Step #2 – Approach five women every day

This is where things become a little challenging. Once you

become comfortable with talking to random strangers, you
want to approach (at least) five women a day.

The good news is you don’t have to really do anything but

start a conversation. In this step, we’re not going to worry
about things like teasing, sexual tension, or getting her
number. You’re JUST trying to gain experience with
overcoming that natural “fight or flight” emotion that most
guys have before approaching a girl.

While there are literally THOUSANDS of ways to start a

conversation, I suggest you do something simple. These
probably won’t make her interested in you, BUT they’re
easy to remember and will get her to respond back.

For instance, here are some generic ways to start talking

to a girl you don’t know:

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

λ Ask for the time or directions somewhere

λ Compliment her on something she’s wearing

λ [If she’s a cashier or clerk] Ask how her day is going or

if she’s been busy at work

λ Use a situation specific event as a way to spark a

conversation (Like you’re both waiting for a train)

Now I’ll be the first to admit that these aren’t the best
ways to start a conversation. However it’s important to
remember that your goal is to simply become comfortable
with starting conversations with women on a regular basis.

I recommend you do this exercise for 2 or more

weeks. This will help reduce some of the nervousness
that happens when you’re approaching a woman you don’t

Step #3 – The Mass Approach Method

Once you become comfortable with starting conversations

every day, we’re going to put this exercise on steroids.
What you’re now going to do is find ANY place that has a
high concentration of women (bars, concerts, malls, etc)
and practice approaching them in a rapid-fire manner.

Your goal is to approach at least 20+ girls in a given

time and I recommend you do this exercise at least 3
or more times. Now here’s where it gets interesting…

Instead of using the boring conversation starters, I want

you to refer to Pages 70-78 and think of 3 or more ways
you can start talking to a girl.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Once again, we’re not going to worry so much about the

outcome of the conversation. Instead I want to simply feel
what’s like to approach women in a fast-paced manner.

After you deliver your opener, I want you to do one

thing…Either give a compliment about something she’s
wearing OR ask where she’s from. Once she responds, you
want to use the flirting line that’s on Page 147:

“You know what they say about women who…”

Then give her a smile like you know something that she
doesn’t. At this point, you can eject from the conversation
or continue the teasing banter that you just established.

The point of this exercise is to feel what it’s like to tease

some girl you don’t know and see her reaction. You’ll be
surprised at how a little remark like this will completely
shift the way a woman looks at you.

Step #4 – Speed Dating

As I developed my ‘approaching game’ I often used Speed

Dating as a way to practice my skills. This type of event
is perfect for gaining experience with teasing and flirting.
The best part is you have 8 minutes or less to make an

Traditionally people use Speed Dating as a way to find love.

Here we’re going to use it for a something that’s a bit

The goal here is to NOT impress the girl you’re talking to.
Actually you’re going to act like a “ball-busting”,
challenging guy. (I know this goes against common sense,
but there’s a “method to my madness”)

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

When you’re doing your “speed date” I want you to

concentrate on the following:

1) Avoid answering her boring questions (Like

where you work, where you’re from and your

For instance, if she asks where you work, say

something like: “McDonald’s! I work with the fries.
But someday I hope to move up to burgers…THEN
the big bucks roll in…”

I know this is weird, but it’s necessary if you want

to control the conversation. By avoiding or giving
silly answers, you’re subtly demonstrating the
INimportance of boring, predictable questions.

2) Focus on emotions- Now that you’ve avoided the

standard questions, you want to create a
conversation where you’re talking about stuff that’ll
generate an emotional response.

Usually I like to start by asking her the standard

question, like what she would do if she won a
million dollars.

3) Tease her- Again, this is another opportunity

where you should do a little teasing. If she says
she likes to “go out a lot”, call her a party girl OR if
she tells that she likes to “stay in”, call her a
bookworm. You can use ANY of her responses to
create that initial sexual tension.

4) Ask random questions- Seriously I spent one

ENTIRE night riffing off one simple question: “What
is your favorite dinosaur?”

Instead of worrying about making a great first

impression, I sat down, and asked this question.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Then I just rolled with what she said and refused to

let her bring the conversation back to a normal

Now I don’t recommend you do it to this extreme,

but the principle behind asking random
questions is to simply talk about completely
arbitrary topics that she’s never heard before.

(By the way- the BEST response I heard to this

question was when a girl said “Cock-a-saurus”. I
almost fell out of my chair when I heard that one…)

Now these are just a few suggestions of things you can

do on your ‘speed dates’. If you get comfortable, try to
introduce other funny, teasing comments.

Before we move on, I just want to remind that this is

exercise is to basically teach what it’s like to talk to women
and NOT be outcome specific. When you stop worrying
if a girl likes you, it becomes easy to develop that natural,
fun vibe that’s naturally attractive.

Step #5 – Approach and Look for an Outcome

The final step is this section is where we “take the training

wheels off” and you’ll start approaching women with the
intent to flirt and get their numbers (and even more).

At this point, you want to initiate conversations with

women on a regular basis. And the more you do this,
the quicker you’ll increase your success.

First off, it’s important to know what you want from each
conversation. On Pages 112-114, I covered the
importance of establishing goals for each approach. To

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

recap, here is what you should ask yourself before each


• Do I want her number?

• Am I looking for a girlfriend?
• Do I want to sleep with her tonight?
• Should I go for an ‘instant date?’
• Do I just want to have a conversation?

After that, you want to create a series of conversation

starters. On Pages 70-78, I listed three different ways to
approach women (teasing, being direct, and using your
body language). I recommend you review this section
then create a few for each one of these conversation

With these five steps you should become pretty

comfortable with approaching women. Now let’s move on
to one of the most important tools in your ‘dating arsenal’…

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Your Cheat Sheet

As I mentioned before, the best way to learn any concept
is through recitation and repetition. That’s why it’s
important to create what I like to call a “cheat sheet”
that you’ll carry with you whenever you’re talking to

Your cheat sheet will be a collection of the material that

you want to use when you’re talking to women. It’s
designed to help you along and provide reminders of the
things you can discuss in a conversation. In fact, I highly
recommend you refer to this document on daily basis!

So what should you put on this document?

Well for the rest of the Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide,
we’re going to cover the different notes you’re going to put
on this “cheat sheet”. I will break down the key concepts
in my main guide and the important conversation pieces
you should include on this document…

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

#1- Initial Conversation Tactics

The first section is pretty straight forward. You want to
write down the points in the conversation when a girl is
‘hooked’ on the conversation. In other words, she’s now
interested (or even attracted).

This concept is important because you ALWAYS want to

observe the body language of women, and figure out if
they’re interested in what you have to say.

Signs of Attraction

A lot of times, you’ll get “approach signals” with women.

These are basically cues that women will send guys when
they want them to approach.

On Page 91-92, I cover 18 different signals women will

send when they want you to approach. Now these signals
are not accurate 100% of the time. That’s why it’s also to
understand the 3 different eye cues (Pages 94-95) you
can get.

Hook Point

As I mentioned before, you should look for the ‘hook point’

in the conversation. On Pages 157-158, I give a few
pointers that you’ll see whenever women are interested in
what you have to say.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

#2- Sparking the Initial Attraction

When you first approach a girl, you have to subtly
demonstrate that you’re a high status guy that’s
providing value to the conversation. There are a
number ways you can do this. But the key here is you can
steer that initial part of a conversation towards sparking
that initial bit of attraction. And here’s how you can do

Tell Stories

On your cheat sheet, you want to list at least 3-5 stories

(Pg. 169- 178). These will come from your own personal
experiences. Furthermore, you want to make sure that
these stories emphasize the many qualities that women
find attractive in a guy.

And with your stories it’s best if you’ve practiced them and
know the RIGHT way to tell them. That’s why I
recommend you refer to Pages 178-183 and learn the
correct way to deliver these conversation pieces.

The Teasing Mindset

Teasing is THE critical component to creating sexual

tension. It’s important that you immediately set the tone
when you approach a girl.

On Pages 137- 140, you want to review my notes on

teasing. Then create (and write on the cheat sheet) at
least 5-10 different ways to use teasing and humor in a

23 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing

Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Be creative here. The idea is to have a couple of

‘teasing/fun’ statements if you can’t think of anything to

Showing an Interesting Skill

One of the quickest ways to impress a girl is to have a

unique skill (Pages 224-231). Unfortunately most of
these won’t work in your typical ‘singles’ environment. But
I want you to keep this mind when you’re looking to
improve your conversation skills with women.

The good news is “cold reading” (on Pages 227-231) is

an incredible skill to show women. I recommend you
reread this section and write down some of the important
points. Furthermore, you could test out some of the
generalized cold reading statements that I provided in this

Body Language

The body language you display is one of the most

important factors to creating that initial spark of attraction.
Remember- 90% of your communication is done on a non-
verbal level. So you want to adhere to the rules for ‘high
status’ body language that’s list on Pages 83-90.

Next it’s important to establish a pattern of touching (the

right way) when you first start a conversation. That’s why
it’s important to review the information on Pages 96-105
and know how to use your attraction to amplify attraction.

Just remember to pay close attention to how she responds

to her touch (Her body language will give you all the
information you need)!

24 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing

Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Finally I think it’s important to constantly review and

evaluate your body language. On your cheat sheet, write
a reminder to mentally review your body language
once every 30 minutes (when you’re talking to women)
and see if you’re displaying all the qualities that are
attractive to women.

25 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing

Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

#3- Flirting Conversation Skills

Once you’re in the conversation, you want to create that
sexual tension. Now as I mentioned in the main book, I
can’t tell you what’ll happen when you’re talking to women.
Each conversation is different, BUT there are certain
techniques you can use to direct it towards a ‘flirting

Conversation Crutches

Sometimes, you’ll have those moments where there is a

lull in the conversation. During these moments, you want
to have a ready-made topic that you can throw out there.
And most importantly you want to ensure that anything
you say will keep the positive, emotional vibe.

On Pages 144-145, I listed six different topics of


λ Past experiences

λ Favorite vacations

λ Best experiences

λ Uplifting news or events

λ Dreams and aspirations

λ ‘What if’ questions

On your cheat sheet, write down at least 10 different

‘conversation crutches’ from this list that you can use
whenever there’s a pause. Furthermore, you will also want
to use the info on Pages 145-146 and try to “hook” what
she’s saying and lead it towards a fun, flirty discussion.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Maintaining Sexual Tension

Again, sexual tension is the key component to the entire

course. That’s why you need to make sure you’re keeping
this up throughout the ENTIRE conversation.

First off, write down ONE or TWO ways that you can
create sexual tension with the women you’re meeting. On
Pages 188-193, you’ll find 4 basic ways to do this.

Then you want to create 2-3 “commitment and

consistency statements” (Pages 210-211). The goal here
is challenge women and get them to live up to your

Finally once you become more comfortable with flirting

conversations, I recommend you use the 3 ADVANCED
tactics I provided on Pages 216-220.

Fun, Flirty Games

Flirting isn’t all about what you say. A lot of times you can
create this fun vibe by playing games. On Pages 232-
239, you’ll find a list of different games you can play
whenever you’re talking to women in a social setting.

Handling Her Tests

Most women will not let you tease them without doing stuff
back. Honestly, you want girls to be teasing you and
joking around. This is a sign that you’ve engaged the
emotional side of her brain.

27 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing

Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

But often, you’ll experience a moment when a girl tests

you to see what kind of man she’s dealing with. That’s
why it’s important to review the information on Pages

Furthermore, it’s equally important to do your own tests on

a woman to see if she’s the kind of girl that you want in
your life. Refer to Pages 204-206 for how to do this.

Her Attraction Signals

How do you know when a flirting conversation is working?

Well you can tell by the body language she’s displaying.

It’s important to understand these signals, because this

will be your cue to physically escalate the conversation
and start moving things towards intimacy.

If you’re doing your job right, you’ll receive a ton of

attraction signals. On Pages 244-250, you’ll find a list of
18 signals that a woman is interested in you. Once you
get at least 3, you want to start moving things towards the

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

#4- The Seduction

As I mentioned in Flirt Mastery, this system does NOT
focus on teaching guys seduction skills. But I do think it’s
important to know when a conversation is moving towards
this area. In this section, we’re going to cover the basics
of how to turn flirting into a seduction.

Obvious, Sensual, and Sexual Touching

Like I said, the way you touch women can be that secret
ingredient to creating an incredible amount of sexual
tension. That’s why it’s important to understand how to
start touching women with intention as you get deeper into
your conversation.

On Pages 101-109, I detail everything you need to know

to progress from innocently touching a girl all the way to
sexual, seductive touching.

Qualify Her

Women want to feel like they’ve “earned” a guy’s attention.

That’s why it’s important to qualify her and make her feel
like the things she’s saying is the reason that you’re
interested in her.

On Page 213 you’ll find a list of qualifying statements you

can use. Write down a few of these on your cheat sheet
and use them whenever you want a woman to qualify

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Showing Your Interest

At a certain point, you must transition from being the

teasing guy and show that you’re genuinely interested in a
girl. On Pages 257-260 I cover this topic.

Write down a few ways you can show your interest and
different ways you can demonstrate that she’s really
impressed you.


Rapport is that timeframe where two know there is mutual

interest and they focus on building a deeper connection.
(This is what people unconsciously focus on when they go
on dates)

By establishing rapport, you’re basically showing a girl that

you’re genuinely interested and you’re not just looking to
get laid!

On Pages 264-268, I cover 5 ways to build rapport.

Furthermore, I provided 3 basic rules for the rapport stage
on Pages 269-271.

Kissing and Getting Sexual

In the rapport stage (or even before) you’ll start to see

some of the sexual signals that are listed on Pages 250-
255. It’s at this point where you’ll start to kiss her. This
is the moment where you’re moving out of flirting and
moving towards seducing her!

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Review and Improve

Conversations won’t always go well. Sometimes you’ll
encounter moments when a woman is not interested OR
you did something wrong.

That’s why it’s important to constantly review your

conversations and figure out how to improve upon them.
So in this last section, we’re going to briefly list two actions
you should every time you talk to a girl.


On Pages 280-281, I cover the basics of calibration.

When you’re talking to a girl, it’s important to consistently
adapt the feedback that you’re getting.

For instance… some girls REALLY respond to teasing. So

when you see that she’s eating it up, you can calibrate and
start to interject more of this quality.

On the other hand, you’ll often encounter women who

don’t like to be teased and you’ll get a negative reaction.
When this happens you can calibrate and start discussing
fun topics that aren’t so centered on “busting her balls”.

Questions to Ask Yourself

On Pages 278-279, you’ll find a series of questions. What

I want you to do is write ALL of these questions down on
your cheat sheet.

Then after every conversation, do a quick evaluation. Ask

yourself these questions. If you feel like you screwed up,

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

then make a mental note to focus on this area with the

NEXT girl you approach.

Doing this on a regular basics will help overcome most of

the major obstacles and sticking points that you have
when you’re talking to women.

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Flirt Mastery ‘Quick Start’ Guide •

Well I hope you enjoyed Flirt Mastery and this quick start
guide. I spent a lot of time on this system and hope that
you got something out of it.

Before I leave you, I want to remind you that the KEY step
to this entire process is taking action. Simply reading
this material won’t make a difference in your dating life.
The change happens when you get ‘out there’ and practice
in a real-world environment.

So get started on your cheat-sheet. Then once you

complete it, you’ll have a “paper wing man” that can help
you out whenever you want to attract a woman. And
eventually you’ll become SO good at flirting that you won’t
need this anymore.

Again, thanks for your purchase and I wish you the

best of luck!

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