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Poeple come swiftly and go swiftly without leaving any trace authentically.

Leaving a trace is possible inside the Past and is making possiblity in the Future.
Everything is hurled both toward and backward to make up The World with an
illusion of certain Present. There is no such thing called Present but is possible in
the mind of an illusional brain.
People come and go without leaving a trace is a matter of whether we should take a
point of view as determinate. To have a point on determinate, we will have The
World be determined in such a thing called ration. The true ration is wating to have
a point of determinate to be determined in such a way of truth. We having been
living in a world of illusion for millions and millions of years without realising that
we need to disentangle the thread so promiscuously entangled for years. Years is a
term to describe the ever unlimiting long period of entanglement but the period had
better described as a lost timing. Time is rational and is our ration on realising our
Back to determinate upon our space-time entity, we have had to jump out of our
deceitiful trend in our illusional mindedness. So that we will have had a closer look
in details of what we did but what we did isn't exist on the contrary of our
undeterminate point.
To disentangle the promiscuous threads, we found the threads are not existed as it is
disolved into the illusional realm. Our world is of illusional realm because our
mindedness is illusional but as Heraclitus already proposed that One is everything
and is absolute. So why is there still various realms consisting of intangible touch
that disables us from knowing if we are in dream or not. People come and go
swiftly because nothing seen is really in the realm of point of determinate.
Withpout the assistance of point of determinate, we were all hurled into the
dreaming realm where nothing is actually tangibly true but only tangible touch in
One is absolute. Heraclitus is no vulgar man in vulgar realm. His One is true that it
has manipulate us all in an unknown realm of truthfulness. Where are we living?
We have never known where we are living authentically because timing shifts so as
to shift the space and we are living is a shifting time-space entity where we are
shifting, too. As we have no point of determibnate, we will keep on shifting in the
ever expanding space-time entity called Cosmos but not yet have got to know
where we are aiming at.
The Cosmos is consisted of limited number of dimensions but has yet for us to
explore into the unknown ones. As a matter of fact, the cosmos is consisted of
unlimiting number of dimensions for some people who don't consider going swiftly
is a matter of minority. For soem people, they are eligible to explore more into the
unknown realm. For them, they are unlimiting realm. So Two ways swift is ruling
the Universe that we get one and lose another. Heraclitus one is continuing to be
absolute that One manifested into a certain pioint to make the history play its role
on its stageand hurled the minority into the realm of being -in-itself for another
processing by Contingency to be hurled out by chance.