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WorkspaceFactory Workspace Dataset Types of Classes

IWorkspaceFactory IWorkspaceFactory : IUnknown

WorkspaceDescription (in plural: Boolean):
IWorkspace IWorkspace : IUnknown IDataset IDataset : IUnknown Class Diagram AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a specification
for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)
String IDataset ConnectionProperties: IPropertySet BrowseName: String
WorkspaceType: esriWorkspaceType
ContainsWorkspace (in parentDirectory: String,
DatasetNames (in DatasetType:
esriDatasetType): IEnumDatasetName
Datasets (in DatasetType: esriDatasetType):
Category: String
FullName: IName
Name: String
PropertySet: IPropertySet
Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object .
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
in fileNames: IFileNames): Boolean IEnumDataset
PathName: String Subsets: IEnumDataset created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
Copy (in WorkspaceName: IWorkspaceName,
in destinationFolder: String, out
workspaceNameCopy: IWorkspaceName):
Type: esriWorkspaceType
WorkspaceFactory: IWorkspaceFactory
* Type: esriDatasetType
Workspace: IWorkspace
another class.
CanCopy: Boolean IGeometryDef IGeometryDef : IUnknown
Create (in parentDirectory: String, in Name: ExecuteSQL (in sqlStmt: String)
Exists: Boolean CanDelete: Boolean
Type inheritance Types of Relationships
String, in ConnectionProperties:
IsDirectory: Boolean CanRename: Boolean
esriSystem.IClone AvgNumPoints: Long
IPropertySet, in hWnd: OLE_HANDLE): Associations represent relationships between classes . They have defined GeometryType: esriGeometryType
IWorkspaceName Copy (in copyName: String, in esriSystem.IPersistStream GridCount: Long
copyWorkspace: IWorkspace): IDataset multiplicities at both ends.
GetClassID: IUID IWorkspace2 IWorkspace2 : IUnknown
GridSize (in Index: Long): Double
GetWorkspaceName (in parentDirectory:
String, in fileNames: IFileNames): NameExists (in Type: esriDatasetType, in Rename (in Name: String) CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
HasM: Boolean
HasZ: Boolean
IWorkspaceName Name: String): Boolean
InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
IsWorkspace (in fileName: String): Boolean IDatasetEdit : IUnknown Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
Move (in WorkspaceName: IWorkspaceName, InterfaceB
IWorkspaceEdit IWorkspaceEdit : IUnknown ® ® subclasses.
in destinationFolder: String): Boolean
Open (in ConnectionProperties: IPropertySet,
in hWnd: OLE_HANDLE): IWorkspace AbortEditOperation
IsBeingEdited: Boolean
ESRI ArcGIS 10 Class
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with IGeometryDefEdit IGeometryDefEdit : IGeometryDef
DisableUndoRedo IDatasetEditEx : IUnknown which it creates an object from another class .
OpenFromFile (in fileName: String, in hWnd:
OLE_HANDLE): IWorkspace EnableUndoRedo
InterfaceG Interface of interest AvgNumPoints: Long
Copyright © 1999-2010 ESRI. All rights reserved. ESRI, ArcGIS, ArcObjects, and ArcMap are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service GeometryType: esriGeometryType
ReadConnectionPropertiesFromFile (in HasEdits (pHasEdits: Boolean) IsBeingEdited (out pIsBeingEdited: Boolean, InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control GridCount: Long
fileName: String): IPropertySet IWorkspaceEditEvents HasRedos (pHasRedos: Boolean) out hrReason: HRESULT) marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class. GridSize (in Index: Long): Double
HasUndos (pHasUndos: Boolean) (<classname>)InterfaceO HasM: Boolean
IWorkspaceEditEvents2 IsBeingEdited: Boolean An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated . A HasZ: Boolean
IWorkspaceFactory2 IWorkspaceFactory2 : IWorkspaceFactory RedoEditOperation IDatasetEditInfo IDatasetEditInfo : IUnknown SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
StartEditing (withUndoRedo: Boolean)
diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches .
OpenFromString (in connectStr: String, in CanEdit: Boolean
hWnd: OLE_HANDLE): IWorkspace StartEditOperation
StopEditing (in saveEdits: Boolean) CanRedo: Boolean Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be associated
CanUndo: Boolean Special Interfaces with another object. Association and composition relationships have
ILocalDatabaseCompact StopEditOperation
ILocalDatabaseCompact : IUnknown UndoEditOperation
IDatasetAnalyze multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
(optional) IDatasetAnalyze : IUnknown (Optional) represents interfaces that are
Compact (in Name: IWorkspaceName) Inbound Interface
IWorkspaceEdit2 IWorkspaceEdit2 : IWorkspaceEdit
(optional) inherited by some subclasses but not all . 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied)
AllowableComponents: Long The subclasses list the optional
IRemoteDatabaseWorkspaceFactory enumeration 0..1 - Zero or one
IRemoteDatabaseWorkspaceFactory : IUnknown EditDataChanges (in editChangeType: Analyze (in tableComponents: Long) interfaces they implement. Outbound Interface
(optional) DeleteConnectionFile (in PathName: String) esriEditDataChangesType): firstValue - firstEnumeration M..N - From M to N (positive integers)
EditConnectionFile (in PathName: String, in IDataChangesEx ISchemaLock Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration
hWnd: OLE_HANDLE): IWorkspaceName InEditOperation: Boolean ISchemaLock : IUnknown (Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer
RenameConnectionFile (in oldPathName:
(optional) only on specific instances of the class . Field
IMultiuserWorkspaceEdit Property Get 1..* - From one to any positive integer
String, in newName: String): IMultiuserWorkspaceEdit : IUnknown ChangeSchemaLock (in schemaLock: Property Put
IWorkspaceName (optional) IField IField : IUnknown
(<classname>) indicates the name of the Property Get/Put Structure key <<Struct>>
MultiuserEditSessionMode: GetCurrentSchemaLocks (out Property Put by Reference esriSystem.IClone AliasName: String
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo esriMultiuserEditSessionMode schemaLockInfo: IEnumSchemaLockInfo) helper class required to support this DefaultValue: Variant
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo : IUnknown firstMember: Type
(optional) event interface in Visual Basic. Method esriSystem.IXMLSerialize Domain: IDomain
SetParameters (in server: String, in instance: StartMultiuserEditing (in esMode: secondMember: Type DomainFixed: Boolean
String, in user: String, in password: String, in esriMultiuserEditSessionMode) IGPValue Editable: Boolean
versName: String) SupportsMultiuserEditSessionMode (in GeometryDef: IGeometryDef
esMode: esriMultiuserEditSessionMode): IsNullable: Boolean
Boolean Length: Long
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo2 ISetDefaultConnectionInfo2 : Name: String
(optional) ISetDefaultConnectionInfo Fields Precision: Long
IFeatureWorkspace IFeatureWorkspace : IUnknown Required: Boolean
ClearParameters (in server: String, in instance:
RecordSet IFields IFields : IUnknown Scale: Long
String) Type: esriFieldType
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo3 CreateFeatureClass (in Name: String, in esriSystem.IClone Field (in Index: Long): IField VarType: Long
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo3 : Fields: IFields, in CLSID: IUID, in IRecordSet IRecordSet : IUnknown FieldCount: Long
(optional) EXTCLSID: IUID, in FeatureType: IXMLSerialize CheckValue (in Value: Variant): Boolean
ISetDefaultConnectionInfo2 esriFeatureType, in ShapeFieldName: Cursor (in Recycling: Boolean): ICursor FindField (in Name: String): Long
IXMLSerialize (esriSystem)
String, in ConfigKeyword: String): GeoDataset IPersist
Fields: IFields SelectionSet Table
FindFieldByAliasName (in Name: String):
Long IFieldEdit : IField
ClearParameters3 (in server: String, in IFeatureClass IsFeatureCollection: Boolean IFieldEdit
instance: String, in authenticationMode: CreateFeatureDataset (in Name: String, in IPersistStream Table: ITable ISelectionSet ISelectionSet : IUnknown
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference): IGeoDataset IGeoDataset : IUnknown IClass IClass : IUnknown AliasName: String
Count: Long IFields2 IFields2 : IFields DefaultValue: Variant
SetParameters3 (in server: String, in IFeatureDataset IEnumIDs IEnumIDs : IUnknown
Extent: IEnvelope FullName: IName CLSID: IUID Domain: IDomain
instance: String, in authenticationMode: CreateQueryDef: IQueryDef
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
IRecordSet2 IRecordSet2 : IRecordSet
IDs: IEnumIDs EXTCLSID: IUID 1..* DomainFixed: Boolean
String, in UserName: String, in password: CreateRelationshipClass (in relClassName: FindFieldIgnoreQualification (sqlSyntax:
String, in OriginClass: IObjectClass, in Target: ITable Next: Long Extension: IUnknown Editable: Boolean
ISQLSyntax, in Name: String, out Index:
String, in VersionName: String, in DestinationClass: IObjectClass, in RowBuffer DetachTable
Add (in OID: Long)
Reset ExtensionProperties: IPropertySet
GeometryDef: IGeometryDef
IsNullable: Boolean
historicalInfo: Variant) forwardLabel: String, in backwardLabel: IGeoDataset2 SaveAsTable (in Workspace: IWorkspace, Fields: IFields
IGeoDataset2 : IGeoDataset in TableName: String): ITable AddList (in Count: Long, in OIDList: Long) HasOID: Boolean Length: Long
IWorkspaceFactoryStatus String, in Cardinality: esriRelCardinality, in (optional) IRowBuffer IRowBuffer : IUnknown Combine (in otherSet: ISelectionSet, in setOp: Indexes: IIndexes Name: String
IWorkspaceFactoryStatus : IUnknown Notification: esriRelNotification, in GeodataXform: IGeodataXform esriSetOperation, out resultSet: OIDFieldName: String
IFieldsEdit IFieldsEdit : IFields
Precision: Long
(optional) IsComposite: Boolean, in IsAttributed:
NativeExtent: IEnvelope
Fields: IFields
IRecordSetInit IRecordSetInit : IUnknown ISelectionSet) Required: Boolean
WorkspaceStatus: IEnumWorkspaceStatus Boolean, in relAttrFields: IFields, in Value (in Index: Long): Variant Field (in Index: Long): IField
NativeSpatialReference: ISpatialReference MakePermanent AddField (in Field: IField) FieldCount: Long Scale: Long
OriginPrimaryKey: String, in MaxRecordCount: Long AddIndex (in Index: IIndex)
destPrimaryKey: String, in Refresh Type: esriFieldType
OpenAvailableWorkspace (in wstatus: RemoveList (in Count: Long, in OIDList: Long) DeleteField (in Field: IField)
IWorkspaceStatus): IWorkspace OriginForeignKey: String, in AddField (in Field: IField)
CreateRowBuffer: IRowBuffer Search (in pQueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in DeleteIndex (in Index: IIndex) DeleteAllFields()
PingWorkspaceStatus (in Workspace: destForeignKey: String): IRelationshipClass IGeoDataSetSchemaEdit IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit : IUnknown CreateTable (in Fields: IFields) Recycling: Boolean, out ppCursor: ICursor) QueryFilter FindField (in Name: String): Long DeleteField(in Field: IField)
IWorkspace): IWorkspaceStatus Insert: ICursor Select (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in selType:
CreateTable (in Name: String, in Fields: CanAlterSpatialReference: Boolean SetSourceQueryDef (in pQueryDef: esriSelectionType, in selOption: IModelInfo IModelInfo : IUnknown
IQueryDef) esriSelectionOption, in selectionContainer:
IQueryFilter IQueryFilter : IUnknown ITable ITable : IClass
in ConfigKeyword: String): ITable AlterSpatialReference (in SpatialReference: ModelName: String
OpenFeatureClass (in Name: String): ISpatialReference) Row SetSourceTable (in pTable: ITable, in IWorkspace): ISelectionSet IPersistStream OutputSpatialReference (in FieldName: CreateRow: IRow
IFeatureClass pFilter: IQueryFilter) String): ISpatialReference CreateRowBuffer: IRowBuffer
IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit2 IRow IRow : IRowBuffer esriClone.IClone SubFields: String Indexes
OpenFeatureDataset (in Name: String): ISelectionSet2 ISelectionSet2 : ISelectionSet DeleteSearchedRows (in QueryFilter:
WorkspaceStatus IFeatureDataset (optional)
IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit2 :
HasOID: Boolean
IXMLSerialize WhereClause: String IQueryFilter)
OpenFeatureQuery (in QueryName: String, in IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit GetRow (in OID: Long): IRow IIndexes IIndexes : IUnknown
IWorkspaceStatus IWorkspaceStatus : IUnknown pQueryDef: IQueryDef): IFeatureDataset OID: Long Update (in pQueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in (esriSystem) AddField (in subField: String) GetRows (in oids: Variant, in Recycling:
OpenRelationshipClass (in Name: String): CanAlterGeodataXform: Boolean Table: ITable Recycling: Boolean, out ppCursor: ICursor) Boolean): ICursor esriSystem.IClone Index (in pos: Long): IIndex
ConnectionStatus: IndexCount: Long
OpenRelationshipQuery (in pRelClass:
AlterGeodataXform (in xform: Delete IQueryFilter2 IQueryFilter2 : IQueryFilter Insert (in useBuffering: Boolean): ICursor
RowCount (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter): Long
IXMLSerialize Index
IRelationshipClass, in joinForward: IGeodataXform) Store SpatialResolution: Double (esriSystem) FindIndex (in Name: String, out pos: Long)
Workspace: IWorkspace Search (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in IIndex IIndex : IUnknown
WorkspaceFactories in Boolean, in pSrcQueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in AlterResolution (in xyResolution: Double, in
zResolution: Double, in mResolution:
Recycling: Boolean): ICursor
FindIndexesByFieldName (in FieldName:
String): IEnumIndex
pSrcSelectionSet: ISelectionSet, in IRowChanges IRowChanges : IUnknown Select (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in selType: esriSystem.IClone Fields: IFields
GISClient, DataSourcesFile, DataSourcesGDB, TargetColumns: String, in Double)
IQueryFilterDefinition IQueryFilterDefinition : IUnknown
esriSelectionType, in selOption:
IIndexesEdit IIndexesEdit : IIndexes IXMLSerialize IsAscending: Boolean
DoNotPushJoinToDB: Boolean): ITable ConstructResolutions (SpatialReference: OriginalValue (in Index: Long): Variant esriSelectionOption, in selectionContainer: IsUnique: Boolean
DataSourcesOleDB, DataSourcesRaster, OpenTable (in Name: String): ITable ISpatialReference, numberRequested: ValueChanged (in Index: Long): Boolean QueryDef FilterDefs: IFilterDefs IWorkspace): ISelectionSet
Index (in pos: Long): IIndex (esriSystem) Name: String
Long, out defaultXYResolutionIndex: Update (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in
TrackingAnalyst,Geoprocessing IFeatureWorkspaceManage IFeatureWorkspaceManage : IUnknown Long, out xyResolutions: IDoubleArray, IQueryDef IQueryDef : IUnknown
PostfixClause: String Recycling: Boolean): ICursor IndexCount: Long
out zResolutions: IDoubleArray, out IRowCompare IRowCompare : IUnknown UpdateSearchedRows (in QueryFilter: AddIndex (in Index: IIndex)
mResolutions: IDoubleArray) SubFields: String IQueryFilter, in buffer: IRowBuffer) DeleteAllIndexes()
IsEqual (in otherRow: IRow): Boolean IQueryFilterDefinition2 IQueryFilterDefinition2 : IQueryFilterDefinition IIndexEdit IIndexEdit : IIndex
AnalyzeIndex (in TableName: String, in Index: Tables: String DeleteIndex(in Index: IIndex)
String) WhereClause: String
PrefixClause: String ITableCapabilities ITableCapabilities : IUnknown Fields: IFields
AnalyzeTable (in TableName: String, in IRowEdit IRowEdit : IUnknown IsAscending: Boolean
tableComponents: Long) Evaluate: ICursor
IsUnique: Boolean
CanDelete (in aName: IName): Boolean CanSelect: Boolean Name: String
CanRename (in aName: IName): Boolean DeleteSet (in Rows: ISet) IQueryDef2
WorkspaceExtension DeleteByName (in aName: IDatasetName)
IQueryDef2 : IQueryDef

IWorkspaceExtension IWorkspaceExtension : IUnknown

IsRegisteredAsObjectClass (in Name: String): IRowEvents IRowEvents : IUnknown PostfixClause: String
Boolean PrefixClause: String
IsRegisteredAsVersioned (in aName: IName):
DataDictionaryTableNames: IEnumBSTR OnChanged Evaluate2 (in Recycling: Boolean): ICursor
ValidateField (in pInField: IField): IField OnDelete SpatialFilter
Name: String OnInitialize
PrivateDatasetNames (in dtype: ISpatialFilter ISpatialFilter : IQueryFilter
IFeatureWorkspaceManage2 : OnNew
esriDatasetType): IEnumBSTR IFeatureWorkspaceManage2 OnValidate FilterOwnsGeometry: Boolean
FeatureDataset RasterDataset in Raster Geometry: IGeometry
IWorkspaceExtension2 GeometryEx (in Geometry: IGeometry):
IWorkspaceExtension2 : IWorkspaceExtension IFeatureDataset IFeatureDataset : IDataset Boolean
(optional) GetObjectClassNameByID (in ObjectClassID:
Workspace: IWorkspace Long): String
GetRelationshipClassNameByID (in
GeometryField: String
SearchOrder: esriSearchOrder 0..1
CreateFeatureClass (in Name: String, in SpatialRel: esriSpatialRelEnum
OwnsDatasetType (in DatasetType: relClassId: Long): String ClassExtension
Fields: IFields, in CLSID: IUID, in Cursor SpatialRelDescription: String
esriDatasetType): Boolean EXTCLSID: IUID, in FeatureType: ClassHelper IClassExtension IClassExtension : IUnknown
IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit : IUnknown esriFeatureType, in ShapeFieldName: ICursor ICursor : IUnknown
IWorkspaceExtensionControl IWorkspaceExtensionControl : IUnknown String, in ConfigKeyword: String):
Fields: IFields IClassHelper IClassHelper : IUnknown
IFeatureClass Init (in pClassHelper: IClassHelper, in
AlterClassExtensionCLSID (in Name: String, DeleteRow Class: IClass pExtensionProperties: IPropertySet)
Init (in pWorkspaceHelper: in ClassExtensionCLSID: IUID, in
IWorkspaceHelper) FindField (in Name: String): Long Shutdown
classExtensionProperties: IPropertySet) IFeatureClassContainer IFeatureClassContainer : IUnknown
Shutdown AlterInstanceCLSID (in Name: String, in Object AttributedRelationship Flush
InsertRow (in buffer: IRowBuffer): Variant
InstanceCLSID: IUID) Class (in ClassIndex: Long): IFeatureClass
ClassByID (in ID: Long): IFeatureClass IObject IObject : IRow
IRelationship NextRow: IRow
UpdateRow (in Row: IRow)
IWorkspaceDomains IWorkspaceDomains : IUnknown
ClassByName (in Name: String): ObjectClass
IFeatureClass Class: IObjectClass
ClassCount: Long IObjectClass IObjectClass : IClass
CanDeleteDomain (in DomainName: String) : Classes: IEnumFeatureClass
WorkspaceHelper Boolean
IValidate IValidate : IUnknown IObjectClassEvents AliasName: String RelationshipClass ObjectClassExtension
DomainByName (in DomainName: String) :
IDomain IObjectClassSchemaEvents ObjectClassID: Long
IWorkspaceHelper IWorkspaceHelper : IUnknown
Domains: IEnumDomain RelationshipClasses (in role: esriRelRole) : IRelationshipClass : IUnknown
IObjectClassExtension IObjectClassExtension : IUnknown
GetInvalidFields: IFields IEnumRelationshipClass
Workspace: IWorkspace DomainsByFieldType (in Type: esriFieldType) IRelationshipClassContainer IRelationshipClassContainer : IUnknown
GetInvalidRules: IEnumRule BackwardPathLabel: String
: IEnumDomain GetInvalidRulesByField (in FieldName: IDataset Cardinality: esriRelCardinality
RelationshipClasses: IEnumRelationshipClass DestinationClass: IObjectClass
String): IEnumRule IClassSchemaEdit
AddDomain (in Domain: IDomain) : Long
Validate (out errorMessage: String): 2 DataStatistics IClassSchemaEdit : IUnknown IRelationshipClassEvents DestinationForeignKey: String esriEditor.IObjectInspector
DeleteDomain (in DomainName: String)
AddRelationshipClass (in pRelClass: Boolean * Relationship (optional) DestinationPrimaryKey: String
FeatureDataset: IFeatureDataset
IObjectInspector : IUnknown
IRelationshipClass) IDataStatistics IDataStatistics : IUnknown hWnd: OLE_HANDLE
IWorkspaceDomains2 : IWorkspaceDomains CreateRelationshipClass (in relClassName: AlterAliasName (in Name: String) ForwardPathLabel: String
IWorkspaceDomains2 String, in OriginClass: IObjectClass, in
IRowSubtypes IRowSubtypes : IUnknown IRelationship IRelationship : IUnknown Cancelled: Boolean IsAttributed: Boolean Clear
AlterClassExtensionCLSID (in
DestinationClass: IObjectClass, in Continue: Boolean ClassExtensionCLSID: IUID, in IsComposite: Boolean Copy (in srcRow: IRow)
SubtypeCode: Long DestinationObject: IObject Notification: esriRelNotification
Cursor: ICursor
ConfigurationKeyword AlterDomain (in Domain: IDomain) forwardLabel: String, in backwardLabel: OriginObject: IObject classExtensionProperties: IPropertySet)
OriginClass: IObjectClass
Inspect (in Objects: IEnumRow, in Editor:
* String, in Cardinality: esriRelCardinality, in
Notification: esriRelNotification, in
InitDefaultValues RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass Field: String
SampleRate: Long
AlterDefaultValue (in FieldName: String, in
Value: Variant) OriginForeignKey: String
IConfigurationKeyword IConfigurationKeyword : IUnknown IGeodatabaseRelease IGeodatabaseRelease : IUnknown IsComposite: Boolean, in IsAttributed: SimpleStats: Boolean AlterDomain (in FieldName: String, in Domain: OriginPrimaryKey: String IObjectClassValidation
Boolean, in relAttrFields: IFields, in Statistics: IStatisticsResults IDomain) RelationshipClassID: Long IObjectClassValidation : IUnknown
Comments: String BugfixVersion: Long UniqueValueCount: Long RelationshipRules: IEnumRule (optional)
CanUpgrade: Boolean OriginPrimaryKey: String, in AlterFieldAliasName (in FieldName: String, in
ConfigurationParameters: destPrimaryKey: String, in UniqueValues: IEnumVARIANT
CurrentRelease: Boolean AliasName: String) AddRelationshipRule (in Rule: IRule)
IEnumConfigurationParameter OriginForeignKey: String, in AlterFieldModelName (in FieldName: String, in ValidateField (in Row: IRow, in FieldName:
Description: String
* MajorVersion: Long
MinorVersion: Long destForeignKey: String) :
ModelName: String)
AlterInstanceCLSID (in InstanceCLSID: IUID)
CreateRelationship (in OriginObject: IObject,
in DestinationObject: IObject): IRelationship
String): String
ValidateRow (in Row: IRow): String
esriConfigurationKeywordType DeleteRelationship (in OriginObject: IObject,
Upgrade AlterModelName (in Name: String) in DestinationObject: IObject) IObjectClassEvents
Name: String RegisterAsObjectClass (in DeleteRelationshipRule (in Rule: IRule) IObjectClassEvents : IUnknown
IGeodatabaseRelease2 IGeodatabaseRelease2 : IGeodatabaseRelease
IDatasetContainer IDatasetContainer : IUnknown Feature suggestedOIDFieldName: String, in DeleteRelationshipsForObject (in anObject: (optional)
TableSort ConfigKeyword: String): Long IObject)
DatasetSupported (in Type: IFeature IFeature : IObject
IClassSchemaEdit2 DeleteRelationshipsForObjectSet (in OnChange (in obj: IObject)
esriDatasetType): Boolean AddDataset (in pDatasetToAdd: IDataset) ITableSort ITableSort : IUnknown anObjectSet: ISet) OnCreate (in obj: IObject)
Extent: IEnvelope IClassSchemaEdit2 : IClassSchemaEdit
(optional) GetObjectsMatchingObjectSet (in OnDelete (in obj: IObject)
FeatureType: esriFeatureType Ascending (in Field: String): Boolean
ConfigurationParameter IGeodatabaseRelease3 IGeodatabaseRelease3 : Shape: IGeometry CaseSensitive (in Field: String): Boolean AlterClassExtensionProperties (in
2 *
pSrcObjectSet: ISet):
IRelClassEnumRowPairs IRelatedObjectClassEvents
IConfigurationParameter IConfigurationParameter : IUnknown
* IGeodatabaseRelease2 1 ShapeCopy: IGeometry Compare: ITableSortCallBack
Cursor: ICursor
classExtensionProperties: IPropertySet) GetObjectsRelatedToObject (in anObject:
IObject): ISet (optional)
IRelatedObjectClassEvents : IUnknown

Fields: String IClassSchemaEdit3 GetObjectsRelatedToObjectSet (in RelatedObjectCreated (in RelationshipClass:

ConfigurationString: String Upgrade2 (in doPrerequisiteCheck: IFeatureBuffer IFeatureBuffer : IRowBuffer IDs: IEnumIDs IClassSchemaEdit3 : IClassSchemaEdit2 anObjectSet: ISet): ISet IRelationshipClass, in
Name: String Boolean, in doUpgrade: Boolean, in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter (optional) GetRelationship (in OriginObject: IObject, in
Shape: IGeometry objectThatWasCreated: IObject)
cancelTrack: ITrackCancel, in Messages: Rows: ICursor AddGlobalID (in FieldName: String) DestinationObject: IObject): IRelationship
IGPMessages) SelectionSet: ISelectionSet GetRelationshipsForObject (in anObject:
SortCharacters (in Field: String): Long DeleteGlobalID IRelatedObjectClassEvents2
IObject): IEnumRelationship IRelatedObjectClassEvents2 : IUnknown
IWorkspaceProperties IFeatureChanges IFeatureChanges : IUnknown Table: ITable IClassSchemaEditEx GetRelationshipsForObjectSet (in (optional)
IWorkspaceProperties : IUnknown IClassSchemaEditEx : IUnknown anObjectSet: ISet): IEnumRelationship
(optional) OriginalShape: IGeometry Sort (in pTrackCancel: ITrackCancel) (optional) RelatedObjectChanged (in RelationshipClass:
Property (in propertyGroup: ShapeChanged: Boolean IRelationshipClass, in objectThatChanged:
esriWorkspacePropertyGroupType, in RegisterGlobalIDColumn (in columnName: IObject, in RelatedObject: IObject)
PropertyType: Long): IWorkspaceProperty IRelationshipClass2 IRelationshipClass2 : IRelationshipClass RelatedObjectMoved (in RelationshipClass:
Enumerations IFeatureDraw IFeatureDraw : IUnknown
UnregisterGlobalIDColumn (in
columnName: String) GetObjectsMatchingObjectArray (in
IRelationshipClass, in objectThatChanged:
IObject, in moveVector: ILine, in
RelatedObject: IObject)
ISQLSyntax ISQLSyntax : IUnknown InvalidArea: IInvalidArea pSrcObjectArray: IArray, in RelatedObjectRotated (in RelationshipClass:
IModelInfo IModelInfo : IUnknown pQueryFilterAppliedToMatchingObjects: IRelationshipClass, in objectThatChanged:
esriConfigurationKeywordType esriSelectionOption esriMultiuserEditSessionMode GetDelimitedIdentifierCase: Boolean Draw (in drawPhase: esriDrawPhase, in
1 - esriConfigurationKeywordGeneral 1 - esriSelectionOptionNormal 0 - esriMESMVersioned GetFunctionName (in sqlFunc: Display: IDisplay, in symbol: ISymbol, in (optional) IQueryFilter, in returnAllObjectMatches: IObject, in Origin: IPoint, in Angle: Double,
ModelName: String Boolean): IRelClassEnumRowPairs in RelatedObject: IObject)
2 - esriConfigurationKeywordNetwork 2 - esriSelectionOptionOnlyOne 1 - esriMESMNonVersioned esriSQLFunctionName): String symbolInstalled: Boolean, in Geometry: GetObjectsMatchingObjectSetEx (in
IGeometry, in drawStyle: esriDrawStyle) RelatedObjectSetMoved (in
3 - esriConfigurationKeywordTopology 3 - esriSelectionOptionEmpty GetIdentifierCase: Boolean pSrcObjectSet: ISet, in RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
4 - esriConfigurationKeywordNetworkDataset GetInvalidCharacters: String FeatureCursor ISubtypes pQueryFilterAppliedToMatchingObjects: objectsThatNeedToChange: ISet, in
esriWorkspacePropertyGroupType GetInvalidStartingCharacters: String IFeatureEdit IFeatureEdit : IRowEdit ISubtypes : IUnknown IQueryFilter, in returnAllObjectMatches: objectsThatChanged: ISet, in moveVector:
5 - esriConfigurationKeywordTerrain GetKeywords: IEnumBSTR (optional)
esriSelectionType 1 - esriWorkspacePropertyGroup IFeatureCursor IFeatureCursor : IUnknown
DefaultSubtypeCode: Long
Boolean): IRelClassEnumRowPairs ILine)
1 - esriSelectionTypeIDSet GetSpecialCharacter (in sqlSC: RelatedObjectSetRotated (in
2 - esriWorkspaceTablePropertyGroup esriSQLSpecialCharacters): String BeginMoveSet (in features: ISet, in start: Fields: IFields DefaultValue (in SubtypeCode: Long, in
esriDatasetType 2 - esriSelectionTypeSnapshot IRelationshipClass3 IRelationshipClass3 : IRelationshipClass2 RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
GetStringComparisonCase: Boolean IPoint): IDisplayFeedback FieldName: String) : Variant objectsThatNeedToChange: ISet, in
1 - esriDTAny 3 - esriSelectionTypeHybrid GetSupportedClauses: Long MoveSet (in features: ISet, in moveVector: DeleteFeature Domain (in SubtypeCode: Long, in
esriWorkspacePropertyType IsAttachmentRelationship: Boolean objectsThatChanged: ISet, in Origin: IPoint,
2 - esriDTContainer GetSupportedPredicates: Long ILine) FindField (in Name: String): Long FieldName: String) : IDomain in Angle: Double)
3 - esriDTGeo 0 - esriWorkspacePropCanExecuteSQL ParseColumnName (in FullName: String, out RotateSet (in features: ISet, in Origin: Flush HasSubtype: Boolean
esriSetOperation dbName: String, out ownerName: String, SubtypeFieldIndex: Long
4 - esriDTFeatureDataset 1 - esriWorkspacePropCanEdit IPoint, in Angle: Double) InsertFeature (in buffer: IFeatureBuffer):
1 - esriSetUnion
2 - esriWorkspacePropIsReadonly
out TableName: String, out columnName: Split (in point: IGeometry): ISet Variant SubtypeFieldName: String IRelClassSchemaEdit IRelClassSchemaEdit : IUnknown IConfirmSendRelatedObjectEvents
5 - esriDTFeatureClass 2 - esriSetIntersection String) SubtypeName (in SubtypeCode: Long) : String IConfirmSendRelatedObjectEvents : IUnknown
6 - esriDTPlanarGraph 3 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsQualifiedNames ParseTableName (in FullName: String, out SplitAttributes (baseFeature: IFeature) NextFeature: IFeature (optional) (optional)
3 - esriSetDifference
7 - esriDTGeometricNetwork 4 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsMetadata dbName: String, out ownerName: String, EnumFeatureGeometry UpdateFeature (in Object: IFeature) Subtypes: IEnumSubtype AlterBackwardPathLabel (in backwardLabel: ConfirmSendRelatedObjectChanged (in
8 - esriDTTopology
4 - esriSetSymDifference
5 - esriWorkspacePropCanAnalyze out TableName: String) WorkspaceProperty IFeatureEdit2 IFeatureEdit2 : IFeatureEdit
AddSubtype (in SubtypeCode: Long, in
String) RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
objectThatChanged: IObject): Boolean
9 - esriDTText 6 - esriWorkspacePropCanGetConfigurationKeywords QualifyColumnName (in TableName: String, in IEnumGeometryBind IEnumGeometryBind : IUnknown AlterForwardPathLabel (in forwardLabel:
ConfirmSendRelatedObjectMoved (in
esriSpatialRelEnum 7 - esriWorkspacePropIsGeoDatabase
columnName: String): String IWorkspaceProperty IWorkspaceProperty : IUnknown SubtypeName: String) String)
10 - esriDTTable QualifyTableName (in dbName: String, in SplitWithUpdate (in Geometry: IGeometry): IEnumGeometry GeometrySource: IUnknown DeleteSubtype (in SubtypeCode: Long) AlterIsComposite (in IsComposite: Boolean) RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
11 - esriDTRelationshipClass 0 - esriSpatialRelUndefined 8 - esriWorkspacePropMaxWhereClauseLength IsReadOnly: Boolean ISet objectThatChanged: IObject, in
12 - esriDTRasterDataset 1 - esriSpatialRelIntersects 9 - esriWorkspacePropHasPrivateEditSession
ownerName: String, in TableName: String):
String * IsSupported: Boolean IClone OutputFilter: IQueryFilter
IValidation IValidation : IUnknown
moveVector: ILine): Boolean
13 - esriDTRasterBand 2 - esriSpatialRelEnvelopeIntersects 10 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsHighPrecisionStorage PropertyValue: Variant IFeatureSimplify IFeatureSimplify : IUnknown ISupportErrorInfo BindGeometrySource (OutputFilter: (optional) ConfirmSendRelatedObjectRotated (in
IQueryFilter, in collectionSource: Rules: IEnumRule RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
14 - esriDTTin 3 - esriSpatialRelIndexIntersects 11 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsExtensionDatasets ITransactions ITransactions : IUnknown IUnknown) RulesByField (in FieldName: String): objectThatChanged: IObject, Origin: IPoint,
15 - esriDTCadDrawing 4 - esriSpatialRelTouches 12 - esriWorkspacePropLastCompressDate SimplifyGeometry (in Geometry: Angle: Double): Boolean
InTransaction: Boolean IEnumRule
16 - esriDTRasterCatalog 5 - esriSpatialRelOverlaps 13 - esriWorkspacePropLastCompressStatus IGeometry) RulesBySubtypeCode (in SubtypeCode: ConfirmSendRelatedObjectSetMoved (in
17 - esriDTToolbox 6 - esriSpatialRelCrosses 14 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsArchiving Long): IEnumRule RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
AbortTransaction objectsThatChanged: ISet, moveVector:
18 - esriDTTool 7 - esriSpatialRelWithin 15 - esriWorkspacePropSupportsMoveEditsToBase CommitTransaction IFeatureSimplify2 IFeatureSimplify2 : IFeatureSimplify ILine): Boolean
8 - esriSpatialRelContains StartTransaction AddRule (in Rule: IRule)
19 - esriDTNetworkDataset DeleteRule (in Rule: IRule) ConfirmSendRelatedObjectSetRotated (in
9 - esriSpatialRelRelation IsSimpleGeometry (in Geometry:
20 - esriDTTerrain Validate (in Selection: IQueryFilter, in RelationshipClass: IRelationshipClass, in
esriWorkspaceTablePropertyType ITransactionsOptions ITransactionsOptions : IUnknown
IGeometry, out reason: objectsThatChanged: ISet, Origin: IPoint,
21 - esriDTRepresentationClass 1 - esriTablePropRowCountIsCalculated esriNonSimpleReasonEnum): Boolean Workspace: IWorkspace): ISelectionSet
22 - esriDTCadastralFabric (optional) ValidateSelection (in Selection: ISelectionSet, Angle: Double): Boolean
23 - esriDTSchematicDataset
esriSplitPolicyType 2 - esriTablePropCanAddField AutoCommitInterval: Long in Workspace: IWorkspace): ISelectionSet AttributedRelationshipClass
1 - esriSPTGeometryRatio 3 - esriTablePropCanDeleteField
IFeatureProject IFeatureProject : IUnknown ValidateSet (in Selection: ISet): ISet IClass IObjectClassInfo
24 - esriDTLocator 2 - esriSPTDuplicate 4 - esriTablePropCanAddIndex
26 - esriDTMap IValidation2 IDatasetEdit IObjectClassInfo : IUnknown
3 - esriSPTDefaultValue 5 - esriTablePropCanDeleteIndex
ISpatialCacheManager ISpatialCacheManager : IUnknown IValidation2 : IValidation (optional)
27 - esriDTLayer 6 - esriTablePropOIDIsRecordNumber Project (in outputSR: ISpatialReference) (optional) IDatasetEditInfo
28 - esriDTStyle 7 - esriTablePropMaxFieldNameLength CacheExtent: IEnvelope AlterRule (in Rule: IRule) IRelClassSchemaEdit CanBypassStoreMethod: Boolean
29 - esriDTMosaicDataset esriSQLClauses
8 - esriTablePropBindCursor CacheIsFull: Boolean IFeatureEvents IFeatureEvents : IUnknown ITable
1 - esriSQL_DISTINCT IObjectClassInfo IObjectClassInfo2
9 - esriTablePropSupportsMultiColumnIndexes EmptyCache IObjectClassInfo : IUnknown ITableCapabilities IObjectClassInfo2 : IUnknown
2 - esriSQL_ALL
FillCache (pExtent: IEnvelope) InitShape (optional) (optional)
4 - esriSQL_AS OnMerge
1 - esriDTRange 8 - esriSQL_ORDER_BY esriWorkspaceType CanBypassStoreMethod: Boolean
OnSplit CanBypassEditSession: Boolean
2 - esriDTCodedValue 0 - esriFileSystemWorkspace ISpatialCacheManager2 : CanBypassStoreMethod: Boolean
3 - esriDTString
16 - esriSQL_GROUP_BY ISpatialCacheManager2 IObjectClassInfo2
1 - esriLocalDatabaseWorkspace ISpatialCacheManager
2 - esriRemoteDatabaseWorkspace (optional)
IObjectClassInfo2 : IUnknown RelationshipClassEvents
esriSQLFunctionName CacheExpansionFactor: Double
esriDrawStyle IRelationshipClassEvents IRelationshipClassEvents : IUnknown
1 - esriDSNormal 1 - esriSQL_MIN CanBypassEditSession: Boolean
esriJoinType FillCacheEx (pExtent: IEnvelope,
2 - esriSQL_MAX expansionFactor: Double) CanBypassStoreMethod: Boolean
2 - esriDSValid OnChange (in rel: IRelationship)
3 - esriSQL_COUNT 0 - esriLeftOuterJoin OnCreate (in rel: IRelationship)
4 - esriDSInvalid 1 - esriLeftInnerJoin
8 - esriDSUnknown 4 - esriSQL_SUM OnDelete (in rel: IRelationship)
5 - esriSQL_AVG IFeatureWorkspaceAnno IFeatureWorkspaceAnno : IUnknown
6 - esriSQL_VAR
esriTransformType AddSymbolCollection (in Name: String, in
esriEditSearchOption 7 - esriSQL_STDDEV symbolCollection: IUnknown) IFeatureClassExtension IFeatureClassExtension : IUnknown
1 - esriTTMove
1 - esriEditSearchBoth 8 - esriSQL_CONCAT CreateAnnotationClass (in Name: String, in
2 - esriTTStretch Fields: IFields, in CLSID: IUID, in
2 - esriEditSearchBasicOnly 9 - esriSQL_LEADING 3 - esriTTRotate EXTCLSID: IUID, in ShapeFieldName:
3 - esriEditSearchDeltaOnly 10 - esriSQL_LOWER 4 - esriTTProgrammatic String, in ConfigKeyword: String, in CoverageAnnotationFeature ObjectClassEvents IFeatureClassCreation
4 - esriEditSearchNewDeltaOnly 11 - esriSQL_TRAILING dstFeatureDataset: IFeatureDataset, in NetworkFeature in FeatureClass IFeatureClassCreation : IUnknown
5 - esriEditSearchDeletedBasicOnly 12 - esriSQL_SUBSTRING srcFeatureClass: IFeatureClass, in RasterCatalogFeature in ICoverageAnnotationFeature AnnotationFeature in DimensionFeature in IObjectClassEvents IObjectClassEvents : IUnknown (optional)
13 - esriSQL_SUBSTRINGBYTES esriDatasetFileStatAccessMode annoProperties: IUnknown, in Geodatabase Network ICoverageAnnotationFeature : IUnknown IFeatureClass IFeatureClass : IObjectClass CanCreateFromPoint: Boolean
14 - esriSQL_UPPER 0 - esriDatasetFileStatAccessUnknown
referenceScale: IUnknown, in Geodatabase Raster AnnotationBlob: IMemoryBlobStream
Carto Carto AreaField: IField OnChange (in obj: IObject)
esriFeatureElementType symbolCollection: IUnknown, in autoCreate: FeatureClassID: Long OnCreate (in obj: IObject)
15 - esriSQL_ASCII 2 - esriDatasetFileStatAccessWrite Boolean): IFeatureClass OnDelete (in obj: IObject)
1 - esriFETWholeFeature FeatureDataset: IFeatureDataset IFeatureClassDraw
16 - esriSQL_CHAR 4 - esriDatasetFileStatAccessReadOnly ReplaceSymbolCollection (in Name: String, in IFeatureClassDraw : IUnknown
2 - esriFETVertex FeatureType: esriFeatureType
4 - esriFETEdge
17 - esriSQL_SOUNDEX 6 - esriDatasetFileStatAccessReadWrite symbolCollection: IUnknown) LengthField: IField (optional)
18 - esriSQL_TRANSLATE ShapeFieldName: String CustomRenderer: Variant
8 - esriFETPart IDatabaseCompact CustomRendererPropPageCLSID: IUID
19 - esriSQL_TRIM IDatabaseCompact : IUnknown ShapeType: esriGeometryType
16 - esriFETAnnotation esriDatasetFileStatTimeMode ExclusiveCustomRenderer: Boolean
20 - esriSQL_ABS (optional)
32 - esriFETConnectionPoint
21 - esriSQL_ACOS 0 - esriDatasetFileStatTimeLastAccess ObjectClassValidator CreateFeature: IFeature
CreateFeatureBuffer: IFeatureBuffer
ObjectClassSchemaEvents RequiredFieldsForDraw: IFields
64 - esriFETConnectorPoint 1 - esriDatasetFileStatTimeCreation CanCompact: Boolean DoesCustomDrawing: Boolean
22 - esriSQL_ASIN FeatureCount (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter):
23 - esriSQL_ATAN 2 - esriDatasetFileStatTimeLastModification Compact IValidation IValidation : IUnknown Long
IObjectClassSchemaEvents IObjectClassSchemaEvents : IUnknown HasCustomRenderer: Boolean
esriTopoConfiguration 24 - esriSQL_CEILING IWorkspaceConfiguration Domain Rule GetFeature (in ID: Long): IFeature IFeatureClassEdit
IWorkspaceConfiguration : IUnknown Rules: IEnumRule OnAddField (in FieldName: String)
25 - esriSQL_COS (optional) GetFeatures (in fids: Variant, in Recycling: IFeatureClassEdit : IUnknown
0 - esriTCChain esriConnectionDBMS IDomain IDomain : IUnknown RulesByField (in FieldName: String): IRule IRule : IUnknown
Boolean): IFeatureCursor
OnBehaviorChanged (optional)
1 - esriTCLoop 26 - esriSQL_FLOOR ConfigurationKeywords: IEnumRule OnDeleteField (in FieldName: String)
0 - esriDBMS_Unknown Description: String Category: Long Insert (in useBuffering: Boolean): CanEditWithProjection: Boolean
2 - esriTCStar 27 - esriSQL_LOG IEnumConfigurationKeyword ISchemaLock RulesBySubtypeCode (in SubtypeCode: esriSystem.IXMLSerialize IFeatureCursor CustomSplitPolicyForRelationship (in Row:
1 - esriDBMS_Oracle FieldType: esriFieldType Long): IEnumRule Helpstring: String
3 - esriTCMesh 28 - esriSQL_LN Type: esriRuleType Search (in filter: IQueryFilter, in Recycling: IRow, in relClass: IRelationshipClass):
2 - esriDBMS_Informix MergePolicy: esriMergePolicyType
29 - esriSQL_MOD esriSystem.IClone Name: String AddRule (in Rule: IRule) Boolean): IFeatureCursor esriRelationshipSplitPolicy
3 - esriDBMS_SQLServer Select (in QueryFilter: IQueryFilter, in selType:
30 - esriSQL_SIGN IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfo : IUnknown DeleteRule (in Rule: IRule)
4 - esriDBMS_DB2 IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfo IPersistStream SplitPolicy: esriSplitPolicyType esriSelectionType, in selOption: HasCustomSplitPolicyForRelationship:
1 - esriFTSimple
31 - esriSQL_SIN
32 - esriSQL_TAN
5 - esriDBMS_PostgreSQL SpatialReferenceInfo:
Type: esriDomainType Validate (in Selection: IQueryFilter, in
Workspace: IWorkspace): ISelectionSet
* esriSelectionOption, in selectionContainer: Boolean
7 - esriFTSimpleJunction 33 - esriSQL_LOG10 IEnumSpatialReferenceInfo MemberOf (in Value: Variant): Boolean ValidateSelection (in Selection: ISelectionSet, IWorkspace): ISelectionSet
Update (in filter: IQueryFilter, in Recycling:
FeatureLayer in Carto
in Workspace: IWorkspace): ISelectionSet
8 - esriFTSimpleEdge 34 - esriSQL_POWER esriGeodatabaseServerClassType ValidateSet (in Selection: ISet): ISet Boolean): IFeatureCursor
9 - esriFTComplexJunction 35 - esriSQL_ROUND 0 - esriServerClassUnknown IWorkspaceExtensionManager
10 - esriFTComplexEdge 36 - esriSQL_TRUNCATE 1 - esriServerClassPersonal (optional) IWorkspaceExtensionManager : IUnknown IValidation2 IValidation2 : IValidation IGeoDataset IGeoDataset : IUnknown
11 - esriFTAnnotation 37 - esriSQL_SINH 2 - esriServerClassWorkgroup Extension (in Index: Long): AlterRule (in Rule: IRule) Extent: IEnvelope
12 - esriFTCoverageAnnotation
13 - esriFTDimension
38 - esriSQL_COSH
39 - esriSQL_TANH
3 - esriServerClassEnterprise IWorkspaceExtension RelationshipRule SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
ExtensionCount: Long
14 - esriFTRasterCatalogItem 40 - esriSQL_HEX IRelationshipRule IRelationshipRule : IRule
41 - esriSQL_EXTRACT FindExtension (in pGUID: IUID): IFeatureClassWrite
IWorkspaceExtension DestinationClassID: Long IFeatureClassWrite : IUnknown
42 - esriSQL_BITLENGTH RegisterExtension (in Name: String, in pGUID: DestinationMaximumCardinality: Long (optional)
esriFieldType 43 - esriSQL_CHARLENGTH RangeDomain AttributeRule RemoveFeature (in Feature: IFeature)
0 - esriFieldTypeSmallInteger 44 - esriSQL_OCTETLENGTH
UnRegisterExtension (in pGUID: IUID)
CodedValueDomain IAttributeRule IAttributeRule : IRule
DestinationMinimumCardinality: Long
DestinationSubtypeCode: Long RemoveFeatures (in features: ISet)
1 - esriFieldTypeInteger 45 - esriSQL_POSITION ICodedValueDomain IRangeDomain IRangeDomain : IUnknown OriginClassID: Long WriteFeature (in Feature: IFeature)
ICodedValueDomain : IUnknown WriteFeatures (in features: ISet)
2 - esriFieldTypeSingle 46 - esriSQL_CURRENTDATE IDatabaseConnectionInfo IDatabaseConnectionInfo : IUnknown
DomainName: String OriginMaximumCardinality: Long ConnectivityRule in
3 - esriFieldTypeDouble CodeCount: Long MaxValue: Variant FieldName: String OriginMinimumCardinality: Long
47 - esriSQL_CURRENTTIME (optional) MinValue: Variant IFeatureClassLoad
4 - esriFieldTypeString 48 - esriSQL_CURRENTUSER ConnectedDatabase: String Name (in Index: Long): String SubtypeCode: Long OriginSubtypeCode: Long Geodatabase Network IFeatureClassLoad : IUnknown AttachmentManager ObjectClassDescription
5 - esriFieldTypeDate ConnectedUser: String Value (in Index: Long): Variant (optional)
6 - esriFieldTypeOID 50 - esriSQL_CONVERT AddCode (in Value: Variant, in Name: String) FeatureConstruction LoadOnlyMode: Boolean
IAttachmentManager IAttachmentManager : IUnknown IObjectClassDescription IObjectClassDescription : IUnknown
7 - esriFieldTypeGeometry 51 - esriSQL_CAST DeleteCode (in Value: Variant)
8 - esriFieldTypeBlob IDatabaseConnectionInfo2 IFeatureConstruction IFeatureConstruction : IUnknown IFeatureClassManage IFeatureClassManage : IUnknown HasGlobalID: Boolean AliasName: String
IDatabaseConnectionInfo2 : ClassExtensionCLSID: IUID
9 - esriFieldTypeRaster (optional) IDatabaseConnectionInfo ConstructedFeaturesSubtype: Long UpdateExtent AddAttachment (in OID: Long, in att: InstanceCLSID: IUID
10 - esriFieldTypeGUID esriSQLPredicates DefaultZ: Double IAttachment): Long ModelName: String
11 - esriFieldTypeGlobalID 1 - esriSQL_EQ esriWorkspaceConnectionStatus ConnectionCurrentDateTime: Variant DeleteAttachment (in attID: Long) ModelNameUnique: Boolean
FeaturesChanged: Boolean
12 - esriFieldTypeXML 2 - esriSQL_NOT_EQ 0 - esriWCSUp ConnectionDBMS: esriConnectionDBMS ITableAttachments ITableAttachments : IUnknown DeleteAttachmentsForParent (in OID: Long) Name: String
4 - esriSQL_LT 1 - esriWCSDown ConnectionServer: String AutoCompleteFromFeatures (FeatureClass: RequiredFields: IFields
AttachmentManager: IAttachmentManager GetAttachmentsByAttachmentIDs (in attIDs:
8 - esriSQL_GT GeodatabaseServerClass: IFeatureClass, processingBounds: ILongArray, infosOnly: Boolean):
2 - esriWCSAvailable HasAttachments: Boolean
esriLockType esriGeodatabaseServerClassType IEnvelope, lineSrc: IEnumFeature,
16 - esriSQL_LE IEnumAttachment
InvalidArea: IInvalidArea,
1 - esriLockTypeShared 32 - esriSQL_GE TransformGroup ClusterTolerance: Double,
AddAttachments GetAttachmentsByParentIDs (in oids:
2 - esriLockTypeExclusive 64 - esriSQL_BETWEEN esriEditDataChangesType DeleteAttachments ILongArray, infosOnly: Boolean):
selectionWorkspace: IWorkspace, out
128 - esriSQL_NOT_BETWEEN 0 - esriEditDataChangesWithinSession ITransformGroup ITransformGroup : IUnknown SelectionSet: ISelectionSet)
UpdateAttachment (in att: IAttachment)
256 - esriSQL_IN 1 - esriEditDataChangesWithinOperation RecordNumberSet AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor GeoDatabaseHelper
1 - esriMPTSumValues
512 - esriSQL_NOT_IN Add (in ClassID: Long, in OID: Long, in (FeatureClass: IFeatureClass, FeatureClassDescription
1024 - esriSQL_LIKE Feature: IFeature) IRecordNumberSet IRecordNumberSet : IUnknown processingBounds: IEnvelope, lineSrc: IGeoDatabaseBridge IGeoDatabaseBridge : IUnknown IFeatureClassDescription IFeatureClassDescription : IUnknown
2 - esriMPTAreaWeighted 2048 - esriSQL_NOT_LIKE esriLocatorQuery Delete (in ClassID: Long, in OID: Long) IFeatureCursor, InvalidArea:
3 - esriMPTDefaultValue 4096 - esriSQL_IS_NULL 0 - esriLocatorStyle DeleteAllInClass (in ClassID: Long) IDs: IEnumIDs IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double, FeatureType: esriFeatureType
esriSystem.IClone MaximumRecordNumber: Long GetFeatures (in pFeatureClass:
8192 - esriSQL_IS_NOT_NULL 1 - esriLocator Next (out ClassID: Long, out OID: Long, out selectionWorkspace: IWorkspace, out IFeatureClass, in fids: Long[], in ShapeFieldName: String
Count: Long) MinimumRecordNumber: Long
16384 - esriSQL_EXISTS 2 - esriAllTypes IFIDSet SelectionSet: ISelectionSet) Recycling: Boolean): IFeatureCursor
esriRelCardinality NextSet (out ClassID: Long, out featureSet: AutoCompleteFromGeometries
32768 - esriSQL_NOT_EXISTS Add (recordNumber: Long)
1 - esriRelCardinalityOneToOne ISet) (FeatureClass: IFeatureClass,
2 - esriRelCardinalityOneToMany esriLocatorWorkspaceType Reset
AddRange (in minRecord: Long, in IGeoDatabaseBridge2 IGeoDatabaseBridge2 : IGeoDatabaseBridge
maxRecord: Long) processingBounds: IEnvelope, lineSrc:
3 - esriRelCardinalityManyToMany esriSQLPrivilege 0 - esriLocalSystemLocatorWorkspace And (in otherRecordNumberSet:
IRecordNumberSet): IRecordNumberSet
IEnumGeometry, InvalidArea:
AddList (in SelectionSet: ISelectionSet, in
1 - esriSelectPrivilege 1 - esriFileSystemLocatorWorkspace IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double,
2 - esriUpdatePrivilege 2 - esriRemoteDatabaseLocatorWorkspace EditSessionDataChanges ClearAll selectionWorkspace: IWorkspace, out OIDList: Long[])
XYEvent2FieldsProperties XYEventSource IEnumAttachment IEnumAttachment : IUnknown
esriRelationshipSplitPolicy Delete (recordNumber: Long) SelectionSet: ISelectionSet) GetLineOfSight (in pSurface: ISurface, in
4 - esriInsertPrivilege 3 - esriExtensionLocatorWorkspace Difference (in otherRecordNumberSet: pObserver: IPoint, in pTarget: IPoint, out
1 - esriRSPUseDefault 4 - esriArcGISServerLocatorWorkspace IDataChangesEx IDataChangesEx : IUnknown ConstructLines (cancel: ICancelOperation, IXYEvent2FieldsProperties IXYEvent2FieldsProperties : IXYEventSource IXYEventSource : IUnknown Next: IAttachment
8 - esriDeletePrivilege IRecordNumberSet): IRecordNumberSet targetFC: IFeatureClass, sel: ppObstruction: IPoint, out ppVisibleLines:
2 - esriRSPPreserveOnLargest
3 - esriRSPPreserveOnSmallest
5 - esriLocalDatabaseLocatorWorkspace ChangedIDs (in ClassName: String, in DddServerEnvironment Negate: IRecordNumberSet
Or (in otherRecordNumberSet: IEnumFeature, replaceExistingInTarget: IPolyline, out ppInvisibleLines: IPolyline, esriSystem.IClone IXYEventProperties EventProperties: IXYEventProperties
4 - esriRSPPreserveOnAll esriSQLSpecialCharacters
DiffType: esriDifferenceType): IFIDSet esriSystem.IExtension Boolean, InvalidArea: IInvalidArea, out pbIsVisible: Boolean, in IPersistStream XFieldName: String
IClass EventTable: ITable
ModifiedClasses: IEnumBSTR IRecordNumberSet): IRecordNumberSet bApplyCurvature: Boolean, in INetworkClassDescription INetworkClassDescription : IUnknown
5 - esriRSPDeleteRelationship 1 - esriSQL_WildcardManyMatch esriLocatingError esriSystem.IExtensionConfig SetAll ClusterTolerance: Double) YFieldName: String RefreshExtent
ConstructLinesFromCursor (cancel: bApplyRefraction: Boolean, in ZFieldName: String
6 - esriRSPDeleteParts 2 - esriSQL_WildcardSingleMatch 0 - LOCATING_OK Extract (in ClassName: String, in DiffType: ISupportErrorInfo SetBounds (in startRecordNumber: Long, in EnabledFieldName: String
maxRecordNumber: Long) ICancelOperation, targetFC: pRefractionFactor: Variant) IVirtualTable
3 - esriSQL_DelimitedIdentifierPrefix esriDifferenceType): IDifferenceCursor IVirtualTable : IUnknown NetworkAncillaryRoleFieldName: String
ExtractEx (in ClassName: String, in XOr (in otherRecordNumberSet: IFeatureClass, sel: IFeatureCursor, QueryElevationBand (in pTinTriangle: IXYEventProperties IXYEventProperties : IUnknown
4 - esriSQL_DelimitedIdentifierSuffix 2 - LOCATING_E_INVALIDMEASURE IRecordNumberSet): IRecordNumberSet ITinTriangle, in zLowerBound: Double, in
esriRelNotification 5 - esriSQL_EscapeKeyPrefix DiffType: esriDifferenceType): replaceExistingInTarget: Boolean,
zUpperBound: Double, out pCount:
IDatasetEdit IDatasetEdit : IUnknown
3 - LOCATING_E_CANT_FIND_ROUTE InvalidArea: IInvalidArea,
1 - esriRelNotificationNone IDifferenceCursorEx Long, in pRegion: WKSPointZ[])
6 - esriSQL_EscapeKeySuffix 4 - LOCATING_E_ROUTE_SHAPE_EMPTY ClusterTolerance: Double) IsBeingEdited: Boolean
2 - esriRelNotificationForward 5 - LOCATING_E_CANT_FIND_LOCATION ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures (cancel: QueryPixelBlock (in pSurface: ISurface, in
3 - esriRelNotificationBackward 6 - LOCATING_E_CANT_FIND_EXTENT ICancelOperation, FeatureClass: xOrigin: Double, in yOrigin: Double, in IDatasetEditInfo IDatasetEditInfo : IUnknown
4 - esriRelNotificationBoth esriTableComponents IFeatureClass, processingBounds: xPixelSize: Double, in yPixelSize:
1 - esriBusinessTable
8 - LOCATING_E_TO_PARTIAL_MATCH IEnvelope, modifyExisting: Boolean, Double, in Type: esriRasterizationType,
in valueForNoData: Variant, in block:
IEventSource IEventSource : IUnknown Attachment RasterCatalogClassDescription
2 - esriFeatureTable replaceTargetSelection: Boolean,
esriRelRole 4 - esriAddsTable
10 - LOCATING_E_ROUTE_NOT_MAWARE WorkspaceEditEvents FIDSet lineSrc: IEnumFeature, InvalidArea: Variant)
RemoveList (in SelectionSet: ISelectionSet, IAttachment IAttachment : IUnknown
1 - esriRelRoleAny 8 - esriDeletesTable IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double,
2 - esriRelRoleOrigin 16 - esriRasterTable IWorkspaceEditEvents IWorkspaceEditEvents : IUnknown IFIDSet IFIDSet : IUnknown labels: IFeatureClass) AttachmentID: Long
12 - LOCATING_E_MULTIPLE_LOCATION ConstructPolygonsFromFeaturesFromCurs ContentType: String
3 - esriRelRoleDestination 32 - esriArchive
13 - LOCATING_E_NULL_EXTENT or (cancel: ICancelOperation, targetFC:
OnAbortEditOperation IXMLSerialize Add (in fID: Long) Data: IMemoryBlobStream
OnRedoEditOperation Count: Long IFeatureClass, processingBounds: GlobalID: String
esriRuleType esriTableNameErrorType OnStartEditing (in withUndoRedo: Boolean) Delete (in fID: Long) IEnvelope, modifyExisting: Boolean, Name: String
esriXYEventError OnStartEditOperation
1 - esriRTAttribute 1 - esriIsSQLReservedWord Find (in fID: Long, out doesExist: Boolean) replaceTargetSelection: Boolean, ParentID: Long
-2147201023 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_X_NAME OnStopEditing (in saveEdits: Boolean) pLineSrc: IFeatureCursor, InvalidArea: Size: Long
2 - esriRTEdgeConnectivity 2 - esriHasInvalidCharacter -2147201022 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_X_TYPE OnStopEditOperation Next (out fID: Long)
3 - esriRTJunctionConnectivity 4 - esriHasInvalidStartingCharacter Reset IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double,
-2147201021 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_Y_NAME OnUndoEditOperation
SetEmpty pLabels: IFeatureClass)
4 - esriRTSpatial -2147201020 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_Y_TYPE ConstructPolygonsFromGeometries
5 - esriRTRelationship -2147201019 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_Z_NAME (cancel: ICancelOperation,
6 - esriRTTopology esriMetadataSyncAction IFIDSet2 IFIDSet2 : IFIDSet
0 - esriMSAAccessed -2147201018 - XYEVENT_E_INVALID_Z_TYPE FeatureClass: IFeatureClass,
IDs: IEnumIDs processingBounds: IEnvelope,
1 - esriMSAAlways -2147201017 - XYEVENT_E_CANT_SELECT
WorkspaceEditEvents2 modifyExisting: Boolean, pLineSrc:
esriSchemaLock 2 - esriMSACreated
-2147201015 - XYEVENT_E_CANT_DELETE_FIELD IEnumGeometry, InvalidArea:
1 - esriSharedSchemaLock 3 - esriMSANotCreated IWorkspaceEditEvents2 IWorkspaceEditEvents2 : IFIDSetOperator IFIDSetOperator : IUnknown IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double)
2 - esriExclusiveSchemaLock 4 - esriMSAOverwrite IWorkspaceEditEvents PlanarizeLines (cancel: ICancelOperation,
Difference (in otherFIDSet: IFIDSet): enumFeature: IEnumFeature,
OnBeginStopEditing (in saveEdits: IFIDSet ClusterTolerance: Double)
esriSearchOrder Boolean) Intersect (in otherFIDSet: IFIDSet): IFIDSet PlanarizeLinesFromCursor (cancel:
0 - esriSearchOrderSpatial SymmetricDifference (in otherFIDSet: ICancelOperation, FeatureClass:
1 - esriSearchOrderAttribute IFIDSet): IFIDSet IFeatureClass, FeatureCursor:
Union (in otherFIDSet: IFIDSet): IFIDSet IFeatureCursor, ClusterTolerance:
SplitPolygonsWithLines (cancel:
ICancelOperation, FeatureClass:
IFeatureClass, processingBounds:
IEnvelope, lineSrc: IEnumFeature,
InvalidArea: IInvalidArea,
ClusterTolerance: Double)
(cancel: ICancelOperation,
FeatureClass: IFeatureClass,
processingBounds: IEnvelope, pLineSrc:
IFeatureCursor, InvalidArea:
IInvalidArea, ClusterTolerance: Double)
Types of Classes
Class Diagram AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a specification
for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)

Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object .
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
another class.

ESRI® ArcGIS® 10 Type inheritance Types of Relationships

Associations represent relationships between classes . They have defined
Copyright © 1999-2010 ESRI. All rights reserved. ESRI, ArcGIS, ArcObjects, and ArcMap are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service multiplicities at both ends.
Workspace in Dataset in marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
Geodatabase Geodatabase InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties
Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
Core Core InterfaceB
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
GeoDataset in which it creates an object from another class .
InterfaceG Interface of interest
Geodatabase Core InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control
(<classname>)InterfaceO the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class.
An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated . A
NetworkWorkspace Network diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches .
Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be associated
INetworkWorkspace INetworkWorkspace : IUnknown INetwork INetwork : IUnknown Special Interfaces with another object. Association and composition relationships have
EdgeCount: Long multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
ISupportErrorInfo CreateNetwork (in networkName: String, in IVersionedObject2 JunctionCount: Long (Optional) represents interfaces that are
NetworkType: esriNetworkType, in MaxDegree: Long ForwardStar inherited by some subclasses but not all . Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied)
buildNormalizedTables: Boolean): MaxTurn: Long
INetwork IForwardStarGEN The subclasses list the optional 0..1 - Zero or one
Status: esriNetworkStatus IForwardStarGEN : IUnknown Outbound Interface enumeration
GetNetworkNames: IEnumBSTR TurnCount: Long
FeatureDataset interfaces they implement.
firstValue - firstEnumeration
OpenNetwork (in networkName: String, in Network: INetwork M..N - From M to N (positive integers)
NetworkType: esriNetworkType, in CreateForwardStar (in honorState: INetworkCollection INetworkCollection : IUnknown Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration
FindAdjacent (in fromEdgeEID: Long, in (Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer
networkAccess: esriNetworkAccess): Boolean, in JunctionWeight: INetWeight, AtJunctionEID: Long, out
INetwork in FromToEdgeWeight: INetWeight, in GeometricNetwork (in Index: Long): only on specific instances of the class . Property Get
adjacentEdgesCount: Long) IGeometricNetwork 1..* - From one to any positive integer
ToFromEdgeWeight: INetWeight, in Property Put
QueryAdjacentEdge (in Index: Long, out GeometricNetworkByName (in Name: Property Get/Put Structure key <<Struct>>
INetworkWorkspace2 INetworkWorkspace2 : INetworkWorkspace turnWeight: INetWeight): IForwardStar
adjacentEdgeEID: Long, out String): IGeometricNetwork
(<classname>) indicates the name of the
Property Put by Reference
CreateNetBrowser (in ElementType: reverseOrientation: Boolean, out helper class required to support this
FormatNumber (in Index: Long): Long esriElementType): IEnumNetEID GeometricNetworkCount: Long
adjacentEdgeWeightValue: Variant) event interface in Visual Basic. Method firstMember: Type
FormatNumberCount: Long CreateGeometricNetwork (in Name: String, secondMember: Type
QueryAdjacentEdges (in
CreateNetworkEx (in networkName: String, INetworkUpdate INetworkUpdate : IUnknown adjacentEdgeEIDs: Long[], in in NetworkType: esriNetworkType, in
in NetworkType: esriNetworkType, in reverseOrientation: Boolean[], in buildNormalizedTables: Boolean):
IsAttributesBeingUpdated: Boolean IGeometricNetwork
buildNormalizedTables: Boolean, in IsSchemaBeingUpdated: Boolean adjacentEdgesWeightValue: Variant[])
ConfigKeyword: String, in formatNum: IsTopologyBeingUpdated: Boolean QueryAdjacentJunction (in Index: Long, out
Long): INetwork adjacentJunctionEID: Long, out INetworkCollection2 INetworkCollection2 : INetworkCollection
GetMaxStorableClassID (in formatNum: StartAttributesUpdating adjacentJunctionWeightValue: Variant)
Long): Long StartSchemaUpdating FormatNumber (in Index: Long): Long
QueryAdjacentJunctions (in
StartTopologyUpdating FormatNumberCount: Long
adjacentJunctionEIDs: Long[], in
StopAttributesUpdating adjacentJunctionsWeightValue: Variant[]) CreateGeometricNetworkEx (in Name:
StopSchemaUpdating QueryAtTurn (in Index: Long, out String, in NetworkType:
StopTopologyUpdating adjacentTurnEID: Long, out esriNetworkType, in
adjacentTurnWeightValue: Variant) buildNormalizedTables: Boolean, in
Enumerations INetElements INetElements : IUnknown ConfigKeyword: String, in formatNum:
Long): IGeometricNetwork
GetEID (in UserClassID: Long, in UserID: GetMaxStorableClassID (in formatNum:
Long, in UserSubID: Long, in Long): Long
ElementType: esriElementType): Long
GetEIDCount (in UserClassID: Long, in
UserID: Long, in ElementType: IEnumNetEID
esriNetworkErrors esriElementType esriNetworkFeatureAncillaryRole IEnumNetEID : IUnknown
-2147205119 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_FEATURE_WORKSPACE 0 - esriETNone 0 - esriNFARNone
esriElementType): Long
GetEIDs (in UserClassID: Long, in UserID:
ObjectClass in
Count: Long
-2147205118 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_NETWORK_NAME 1 - esriETJunction 1 - esriNFARSource
-2147205117 - NETWORK_E_UNKNOWN_NETWORK_TYPE 2 - esriETEdge 2 - esriNFARSink
Long, in ElementType: ElementType: esriElementType Geodatabase Core
esriElementType): IEnumNetEID Network: INetwork
-2147205116 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_OPEN_TABLE 3 - esriETTurn IsValidElement (in EID: Long, in
-2147205115 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_CREATE_TABLE ElementType: esriElementType): Last: Long
-2147205114 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ELEMENT_CLASSES Boolean Next: Long
esriNetworkStatus Prev: Long
-2147205113 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_DEFINITIONS QueryIDs (in EID: Long, in ElementType:
esriFlowDirection 0 - esriNSInvalidConnection Reset
-2147205112 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_ASSOCIATION esriElementType, out UserClassID:
0 - esriFDUninitialized 1 - esriNSNetworkAlreadyExist Long, out UserID: Long, out UserSubID:
-2147205111 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_NETWORK_ACCESS 1 - esriFDWithFlow 2 - esriNSReadOnlyNetwork Long) IEnumNetEIDBuilderGEN IEnumNetEIDBuilderGEN : IUnknown
-2147205110 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_FORMAT_NUMBER 2 - esriFDAgainstFlow 3 - esriNSCannotOpenTables
-2147205109 - NETWORK_E_OLD_WORKSPACE_VERSION 3 - esriFDIndeterminate 4 - esriNSCannotCreateTables INetAttributes INetAttributes : IUnknown
EIDs: Long[] *
-2147205108 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_CLOSE_TABLE ElementType: esriElementType
5 - esriNSInvalidElementClasses
-2147205107 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_DELETE_TABLE 6 - esriNSInvalidWeights GetDisabledState (in EID: Long, in
Network: INetwork GeometricNetwork FeatureClass
-2147205106 - NETWORK_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR 7 - esriNSUnknownStatus Add (in EID: Long)
esriNetworkAccess ElementType: esriElementType): IGeometricNetwork INetworkClass
-2147205105 - NETWORK_E_REACHED_MEMORY_QUOTA 8 - esriNSValidNetwork IGeometricNetwork : IGraph INetworkClass : IFeatureClass
0 - esriNAReadOnly Boolean
-2147205104 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ENGINE_CONNECTION 9 - esriNSInvalidName GetWeightValue (in EID: Long, in
1 - esriNAReadWrite ClassesByNetworkAncillaryRole (in Role: FieldToWeightMapping (in FieldIndex:
-2147205103 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ENGINE IDataset
-2147205102 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ENGINE_FSTAR 2 - esriNACreate ElementType: esriElementType, in
weightInternalID: Long): Variant IDatasetEdit
0..1 *
Long): Long
GeometricNetwork: IGeometricNetwork
-2147205101 - NETWORK_E_UNKNOWN_ENGINE_ERROR ClassesByType (in Type: esriFeatureType): NetworkAncillaryRole:
esriNetworkType IGeoDataset
-2147205100 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_NETWORK INetAttributesEdit INetAttributesEdit : INetAttributes NetElementClass IMetadata IEnumFeatureClass esriNetworkClassAncillaryRole
-2147205099 - NETWORK_E_NETWORK_ALREADY_EXISTS esriNetworkClassAncillaryRole 0 - esriNTStreetNetwork EdgeElement (in location: IPoint): Long
-2147205098 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_USER_CLASS_ID 0 - esriNCARNone 1 - esriNTUtilityNetwork IMetadataEdit GeometryForEdgeEID (in edgeEID: Long):
SetDisabledState (in EID: Long, in INetElementClass INetElementClass : IUnknown IGeometry
-2147205097 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_NAME 1 - esriNCARSourceSink ElementType: esriElementType, in INativeTypeInfo
-2147205096 - NETWORK_E_READ_ONLY_NETWORK disableState: Boolean) UserClassID: Long GeometryForJunctionEID (in junctionEID:
-2147205095 - NETWORK_E_EDIT_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS SetWeightValue (in EID: Long, in
ISchemaLock Long): IGeometry
-2147205094 - NETWORK_E_UPDATE_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS ElementType: esriElementType, in InvalidArea: IInvalidArea
esriNetworkErrorType 0 - esriTDTo
weightInternalID: Long, in weightValue: JunctionElement (in location: IPoint): Long
-2147205093 - NETWORK_E_NO_EDIT_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS 0 - esriNETAll 1 - esriTDFrom
Variant) Network: INetwork
-2147205092 - NETWORK_E_NO_UPDATE_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS 1 - esriNETConnectivity NetworkFeature (in networkElement:
-2147205091 - NETWORK_E_PROPERTY_IS_ALREADY_SET 2 - esriNETAssociatedElements INetElementDescription):
-2147205090 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ELEMENT_TYPE INetSchema INetSchema : IUnknown
3 - esriNETMissingAllElements
4 - esriNETMissingAnyElements
ElementClass (in Index: Long):
NetWeight INetworkFeature
NetworkType: esriNetworkType
0 - esriWTNull
-2147205088 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_ELEMENT_ID 5 - esriNETDuplicateElements 1 - esriWTBitGate INetElementClass INetWeight INetWeight : IUnknown
OrphanJunctionFeatureClass: ICursor Feature in
-2147205087 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_USER_ID 6 - esriNETAssociatedWithInvalidElements 2 - esriWTInteger
ElementClassByUserID (in IFeatureClass IFeatureCursor FeatureCursor
-2147205086 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_USER_SUB_ID 7 - esriNETAssociatedFeatures 3 - esriWTSingle
elementclassUserID: Long):
IXMLSerialize BitGateSize: Long Rules: IEnumRule Geodatabase Core
-2147205085 - NETWORK_E_OVERFLOW_USER_CLASS_ID INetElementClass WeightID: Long RulesByClassAndSubtype (in ClassID:
8 - esriNETAssociatedWithMissingFeatures 4 - esriWTDouble
-2147205084 - NETWORK_E_OVERFLOW_USER_ID ElementClassCount: Long WeightName: String Long, in SubtypeCode: Long):
9 - esriNETGeometry 5 - esriWTBoolean
-2147205083 - NETWORK_E_OVERFLOW_USER_SUB_ID Weight (in weightInternalID: Long): WeightType: esriWeightType IEnumRule
10 - esriNETEmptyGeometry INetWeight ValidFlowDirection: Boolean
-2147205082 - NETWORK_E_OVERFLOW_ELEMENT_ID 11 - esriNETMultipartGeometry WeightAssociations (in weightInternalID:
-2147205081 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_ID 12 - esriNETIdenticalStartStopVertex Long): IEnumNetWeightAssociation INetWeightEdit INetWeightEdit : INetWeight CreateOrphanFeature (in location: IPoint,
-2147205080 - NETWORK_E_COPY_OVERFLOW_USER_CLASS_ID 13 - esriNETZeroLengthGeometry WeightAssociationsByTableName (in out orphanEID: Long):
-2147205079 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_VALUE BitGateSize: Long ISimpleJunctionFeature
14 - esriNETAssociatedWithSameFromToJunction TableName: String): WeightName: String
-2147205078 - NETWORK_E_NO_EDIT_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS IEnumNetWeightAssociation EstablishFlowDirection
15 - esriNETMismatchedZValue WeightType: esriWeightType
-2147205077 - NETWORK_E_EDIT_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS 16 - esriNETStandaloneJunction WeightByName (in WeightName: String): SearchForNetworkFeature (in location:
IPoint, in Type: esriFeatureType):
-2147205076 - NETWORK_E_LOOP_EDGE_CHAIN INetWeight
WeightCount: Long IEnumFeature INetworkFeature
-2147205075 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_READ_TABLE INetworkFeature : IUnknown
-2147205074 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_WRITE_TABLE GetAncillaryRole (in UserClassID: Long, out IFeatureClassContainer IFeatureClassContainer : IUnknown Enabled: Boolean
-2147205073 - NETWORK_E_CORRUPT_DATA ancillaryRole: GeometricNetwork: IGeometricNetwork
-2147205072 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_ELEMENT_TYPES esriNetworkClassAncillaryRole, out Class (in ClassIndex: Long): IFeatureClass
AncillaryRoleFieldName: String) EnumNetWeightAssociation ClassByID (in ID: Long): IFeatureClass
ClassByName (in Name: String): * CreateNetworkElements: IEnumNetEID
GetEnabledDisabledFieldName (in
IFeatureClass Disconnect
-2147205069 - NETWORK_E_INVALID_TABLE_NAME UserClassID: Long): String IEnumNetWeightAssociation IEnumNetWeightAssociation : IUnknown
ClassCount: Long OnDisconnect
INetSchemaEdit INetSchemaEdit : INetSchema Count: Long Classes: IEnumFeatureClass
-2147205066 - NETWORK_E_DUPLICATE_TURN Next: INetWeightAssociation
-2147205065 - NETWORK_E_BAD_TURN_INTERIOR_EXTERIOR_CONFLICT AddElementClass (in UserClassID: Long): Reset IGraph IGraph : IUnknown
-2147205063 - NETWORK_E_BAD_TURN_SELF_LOOP AddWeight (in networkWeight: INetWeight) FeatureDataset: IFeatureDataset
-2147205062 - NETWORK_E_BAD_TURN_UNCONNECTED_ANCHOR AddWeightAssociation (in weightSource: AddFeatureClass (in FeatureClass:
-2147205061 - NETWORK_E_BAD_TURN_UNCONNECTED_EDGES INetWeightAssociation) IFeatureClass, in EnabledFieldName:
PutAncillaryRole (in UserClassID: Long, in String, in Role:
ancillaryRole: esriNetworkClassAncillaryRole, in
-2147205059 - NETWORK_E_DELETE_WEIGHT_HAS_ASSOCIATIONS esriNetworkClassAncillaryRole,
-2147205058 - NETWORK_E_DUPLICATE_PROPERTY AncillaryRoleFieldName: String)
AncillaryRoleFieldName: String) DeleteSet (in featuresToDelete: ISet)
-2147205057 - NETWORK_E_UNDEFINED_PROPERTY PutEnabledDisabledFieldName (in NetWeightAssociation Init (in Dataset: IFeatureDataset, in
-2147205056 - NETWORK_E_MISSING_PROPERTY UserClassID: Long, in graphID: Long, in graphName: String, in
-2147205055 - NETWORK_E_CANNOT_OPEN_LOGICAL_NETWORK enabledDisabledRoleFieldName: String) INetWeightAssociation INetWeightAssociation : IUnknown buildNormalizedTables: Boolean, in
FieldName: String createGraph: Boolean)
INetTopology INetTopology : IUnknown IXMLSerialize TableName: String Merge (in mergingFeatures:
WeightID: Long IEnumFeature): IEnumFeature SimpleJunctionFeature EdgeFeature
GetAdjacentEdge (in AtJunctionEID: Long, Split (in splittingEdge: IEdgeFeature, in
in Index: Long, out adjacentEdge: Long, point: IGeometry): ISet ISimpleJunctionFeature ISimpleJunctionFeature : IUnknown IEdgeFeature IEdgeFeature : IUnknown
out reverseOrientation: Boolean) INetWeightAssociationEdit INetWeightAssociationEdit : TransformSet (in features: ISet, in Type:
GetAdjacentEdgeCount (in AtJunctionEID: INetWeightAssociation esriTransformType, in tranformation: EdgeFeature (in Index: Long): FromJunctionEID: Long
IEdgeFeature FromJunctionFeature: IJunctionFeature
NetElementDescription Long): Long
GetFromToJunctionEIDs (in edgeEID: FieldName: String
EdgeFeatureCount: Long FromToJunctionEIDs: IEnumNetEID
Long, out FromJunctionEID: Long, out TableName: String IGeometricNetworkConnectivity EID: Long GeometryForEdgeElement (in subID:
INetElementDescription INetElementDescription : IUnknown IGeometricNetworkConnectivity : IUnknown
ToJunctionEID: Long) WeightID: Long Long): IGeometry
ToJunctionEID: Long
ElementType: esriElementType RebuildConnectivity (in IJunctionFeature IJunctionFeature : IUnknown ToJunctionFeature: IJunctionFeature
UserClassID: Long INetTopologyEdit INetTopologyEdit : INetTopology pIncrementalRebuildArea: IEnvelope)
UserID: Long GeometryForJunctionElement (in subID:
UserSubID: Long AddEdgeByEndEIDs (in edgeDescription: IGeometricNetworkConnectivity2 Long): IGeometry
IGeometricNetworkConnectivity2 :
INetElementDescription, in NetworkAncillaryRole:
IGeometricNetworkConnectivity esriNetworkFeatureAncillaryRole
INetElementDescriptionEdit FromJunctionEID: Long, in
INetElementDescriptionEdit : OriginalGeometryForJunctionElement (in
ToJunctionEID: Long): Long CheckAndRepairConnectivity (in
INetElementDescription AddJunction (in junctionDescription: subID: Long): IGeometry
checkOnly: Boolean, in logFilePath:
ElementType: esriElementType INetElementDescription): Long String, out errorSelectionSets: ISet, out
UserClassID: Long DeleteByEID (in EID: Long, in hasInternalInconsistencies: Boolean, in ISimpleNetworkFeature ISimpleNetworkFeature : IUnknown
UserID: Long ElementType: esriElementType) pRepairConnectivityProgress:
UserSubID: Long DeleteByID (in UserClassID: Long, in IRepairConnectivityProgress)
UserID: Long, in UserSubID: Long, in RebuildConnectivity2 (in
ElementType: esriElementType) pIncrementalRebuildArea: IEnvelope)

IGeometricNetworkErrorDetection IGeometricNetworkErrorDetection : IUnknown

ErrorTable: ITable
Rule in SimpleEdgeFeature ComplexEdgeFeature
CreateErrorTable (in Name: String, out
Geodatabase Core ErrorTable: ITable) ISimpleEdgeFeature ISimpleEdgeFeature : IUnknown IComplexEdgeFeature IComplexEdgeFeature : IUnknown
CreateSelectionSetFromErrorTable: ISet
DeleteNetworkElements (in selectionSets: EID: Long GeometryByPoints (in fromPoint: IPoint, in
ISet) toPoint: IPoint): IGeometry
DetectNetworkErrors (in errorType: GeometryForEID (in edgeEID: Long):
esriNetworkErrorType, in areaOfInterest:
ISimpleNetworkFeature ISimpleNetworkFeature : IUnknown IGeometry
IEnvelope, in selectionSets: ISet, out JunctionFeature (in Index: Long):
problemSelectionSets: ISet) IJunctionFeature
JunctionFeatureCount: Long
StreetNetwork UtilityNetwork ConnectivityRule ConnectAtIntermediateVertices
SplitEdgeElement (in point: IPoint, in
IStreetNetwork IStreetNetwork : INetwork IUtilityNetworkGEN IUtilityNetworkGEN : INetwork IConnectivityRule IConnectivityRule : IRule newJunctionEID: Long)
ValidFlowDirection: Boolean
IComplexNetworkFeature IComplexNetworkFeature : IUnknown
EstablishFlowDirection (in sourceEIDs:
Long[], in sinkEIDs: Long[]) EdgeElementCount: Long
GetFlowDirection (in edgeEID: Long): EnabledByIndex (in edgeIndex: Long):
esriFlowDirection Boolean
PartialEstablishFlowDirection (in
FindEdgeEID (in point: IPoint): Long
sourceEIDs: Long[], in sinkEIDs: Long[])
SetFlowDirection (in edgeEID: Long, in
flowDirection: esriFlowDirection)

JunctionConnectivityRule EdgeConnectivityRule
IJunctionConnectivityRule IJunctionConnectivityRule : IConnectivityRule IEdgeConnectivityRule IEdgeConnectivityRule : IConnectivityRule
EdgeClassID: Long DefaultJunctionClassID: Long
EdgeMaximumCardinality: Long DefaultJunctionSubtypeCode: Long
EdgeMinimumCardinality: Long FromEdgeClassID: Long
EdgeSubtypeCode: Long FromEdgeSubtypeCode: Long
JunctionClassID: Long JunctionClassID (in Index: Long): Long
JunctionMaximumCardinality: Long JunctionCount: Long
JunctionMinimumCardinality: Long JunctionSubtypeCode (in Index: Long):
JunctionSubtypeCode: Long Long
ToEdgeClassID: Long
ToEdgeSubtypeCode: Long
IJunctionConnectivityRule2 IJunctionConnectivityRule2 :
IJunctionConnectivityRule AddJunction (in ClassID: Long, in
SubtypeCode: Long)
DefaultJunction: Boolean ContainsJunction (in ClassID: Long, in
SubtypeCode: Long): Boolean
GetJunctionInfo (in Index: Long, out
ClassID: Long, out SubtypeCode: Long)
Types of Classes
Class Diagram AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a specification
for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)

Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object .
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
another class.

Type inheritance Types of Relationships

Associations represent relationships between classes. They have defined
multiplicities at both ends.
CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties
Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
ESRI® ArcGIS® 10 InterfaceG Interface of interest
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
which it creates an object from another class .
InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control
Copyright © 1999-2010 ESRI. All rights reserved. ESRI, ArcGIS, ArcObjects, and ArcMap are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class.
marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions.
An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated . A
diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches .
Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be associated
Special Interfaces with another object. Association and composition relationships have
multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
(Optional) represents interfaces that are
inherited by some subclasses but not all . Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied)
The subclasses list the optional 0..1 - Zero or one
Outbound Interface enumeration
interfaces they implement.
firstValue - firstEnumeration M..N - From M to N (positive integers)
Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration
(Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer
only on specific instances of the class . Property Get
GeoDataset in Geodatabase Core 1..* - From one to any positive integer
Property Put
(<classname>) indicates the name of the Property Get/Put Structure key <<Struct>>
Property Put by Reference
helper class required to support this
event interface in Visual Basic. Method firstMember: Type
secondMember: Type

FeatureDataset ITopology ITopology : IUnknown
ITopologyContainer ITopologyContainer : IUnknown Cache: ITopologyGraph
IDataset ClusterTolerance: Double ObjectClass in Geodatabase Core
DefaultClusterTolerance: Double DirtyArea (in location: IPolygon): IPolygon
MaximumClusterTolerance: Double FeatureDataset: IFeatureDataset
MinimumClusterTolerance: Double MaximumGeneratedErrorCount: Long
Topology (in Index: Long): ITopology IDatasetEdit State: esriTopologyState
TopologyByID (in ID: Long): ITopology TopologyID: Long
TopologyByName (in Name: String): IGeoDataset
ITopology ISchemaLock AddClass (in classToAdd: IClass, in
TopologyCount: Long Weight: Double, in XYRank: Long, in
IFeatureClassContainer ZRank: Long, in
CreateTopology (in Name: String, in IMetadata EventNotificationOnValidate: Boolean)
ClusterTolerance: Double, in
IMetadataEdit RemoveClass (in classToRemove: IClass) 0..1
maxGeneratedErrorCount: Long, in
ConfigurationKeyword: String): ITopology *
ValidateTopology (in areaToValidate:
IEnvelope): IEnvelope
* FeatureClass
ITopologyContainer2 ITopologyContainer2 : ITopologyContainer ITopology2 ITopology2 : ITopology ITopologyClass ITopologyClass : IUnknown
DefaultZClusterTolerance: Double ZClusterTolerance: Double ITopologyClassEvents EventNotificationOnValidate: Boolean
MaximumZClusterTolerance: Double IsInTopology: Boolean
MinimumZClusterTolerance: Double Topology: ITopology
IErrorFeatureContainer IErrorFeatureContainer : IUnknown Weight: Double
CreateTopologyEx (in Name: String, in XYRank: Long
ClusterTolerance: Double, in ErrorFeature (in SpatialReference: ZRank: Long
ZClusterTolerance: Double, in ISpatialReference, in errorType:
maxGeneratedErrorCount: Long, in esriTopologyRuleType, in
ConfigurationKeyword: String): ITopology GeometryType: esriGeometryType, in Feature in Geodatabase Core
OriginClassID: Long, in OriginOID: Long,
in DestinationClassID: Long, in
DestinationOID: Long):

ErrorFeatures (in SpatialReference:
ISpatialReference, in Rule: ICursor
ITopologyRule, in Extent: IEnvelope, in Cursor
Errors: Boolean, in Exceptions: Boolean):
esriTopologyRuleType Rule in Geodatabase Core ErrorFeaturesByGeometryType (in
-1 - esriTRTAny SpatialReference: ISpatialReference, in TopologyFeature
0 - esriTRTFeatureLargerThanClusterTolerance GeometryType: esriGeometryType, in
Exceptions: Boolean): ITopologyFeature ITopologyFeature : IUnknown
1 - esriTRTAreaNoGaps
3 - esriTRTAreaNoOverlap ErrorFeaturesByRuleType (in
4 - esriTRTAreaCoveredByAreaClass
5 - esriTRTAreaAreaCoverEachOther
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference, in
7 - esriTRTAreaCoveredByArea esriTopologyRuleType, in Extent:
8 - esriTRTAreaNoOverlapArea TopologyRule IEnvelope, in Errors: Boolean, in
10 - esriTRTLineCoveredByAreaBoundary
11 - esriTRTLineProperlyInsideArea ITopologyRule ITopologyRule : IUnknown
Exceptions: Boolean):
13 - esriTRTPointCoveredByAreaBoundary AllDestinationSubtypes: Boolean
IToplogyGraph ITopologyGraph : IUnknown
15 - esriTRTPointProperlyInsideArea AllOriginSubtypes: Boolean ITopologyRuleContainer ITopologyRuleContainer : IUnknown BuildExtent: IEnvelope
16 - esriTRTAreaContainOnePoint DestinationClassID: Long Edges: IEnumTopologyEdge
19 - esriTRTLineNoOverlap DestinationSubtype: Long CanAddRule (in Rule: ITopologyRule): EdgeSelection: IEnumTopologyEdge ITopologyErrorFeature ITopologyErrorFeature : IUnknown
20 - esriTRTLineNoIntersection DestinationSubtypeSpecified: Boolean Boolean
21 - esriTRTLineNoDangles
GUID: String
Name: String
* Rule (in RuleID: Long): IRule
Extent: IEnvelope
HasElement (Element: ITopologyElement):
DestinationClassID: Long
DestinationOID: Long
22 - esriTRTLineNoPseudos RuleByGUID (in GUID: String): IRule Boolean
OriginClassID: Long Rules: IEnumRule IsPosting: Boolean ErrorID: Long
26 - esriTRTLineCoveredByLineClass OriginSubtype: Long Nodes: IEnumTopologyNode IsDeleted: Boolean
OriginSubtypeSpecified: Boolean RulesByClass (in ClassID: Long):
28 - esriTRTLineNoOverlapLine NodeSelection: IEnumTopologyNode IsException: Boolean
TopologyRuleType: esriTopologyRuleType IEnumRule
29 - esriTRTPointCoveredByLine RulesByClassAndSubtype (in ClassID: SelectionCount (whichElements: Long): Long OriginClassID: Long
TriggerErrorEvents: Boolean SelectionExtent (whichElements: Long, OriginOID: Long
31 - esriTRTPointCoveredByLineEndpoint Long, in SubType: Long): IEnumRule
34 - esriTRTPointDisjoint ErrorShapeTypes (out multipoints: Boolean, includeAdjacent: Boolean): IEnvelope ShapeType: esriGeometryType
out polylines: Boolean, out polygons: AddRule (in Rule: ITopologyRule) SelectionParents: IEnumTopologyParent TopologyRule: IRule
35 - esriTRTPointCoincidePoint
37 - esriTRTAreaBoundaryCoveredByLine Boolean) DeleteRule (in Rule: ITopologyRule) TopologyRuleType: esriTopologyRuleType
Build (Extent: IEnvelope, preserveSelection:
38 - esriTRTAreaBoundaryCoveredByAreaBoundary DemoteFromRuleException (in Boolean)
errorException: ITopologyErrorFeature) DeleteEdge (Edge: ITopologyEdge)
39 - esriTRTLineNoSelfOverlap
PromoteToRuleException (in DeletePseudoNodesFromSelection
40 - esriTRTLineNoSelfIntersect errorException: ITopologyErrorFeature) EnumHitTest (whichElements: Long,
41 - esriTRTLineNoIntersectOrInteriorTouch QueryPoint: IPoint, searchRadius: Double,
42 - esriTRTLineEndpointCoveredByPoint Workspace ITopologyProperties out hitInfo: IEnumTGHitInfo): Boolean
ITopologyProperties : IUnknown
43 - esriTRTAreaContainPoint GetParentEdges (FeatureClass:
44 - esriTRTLineNoMultipart Classes: IEnumFeatureClass IFeatureClass, FID: Long):
ITopologyWorkspace ITopologyWorkspace : IUnknown
ClusterTolerance: Double IEnumTopologyEdge
45 - esriTRTLineNoIntersectLine
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference GetParentGeometry (FeatureClass:
46 - esriTRTLineNoIntersectOrInteriorTouchLine OpenTopology (in Name: String): ITopology IFeatureClass, FID: Long): IGeometry
GetParentNodes (FeatureClass: ObjectClassExtension
IFeatureClass, FID: Long):
esriTopologySelectionResultEnum IEnumTopologyNode in Geodatabase Core
0 - esriTopologySelectionResultNew GetSelectionFeedback (whichElements: Long,
pAnchor: IPoint, proportionalStretch:
1 - esriTopologySelectionResultAdd Boolean): IDisplayFeedback
2 - esriTopologySelectionResultSubtract GetSplitMoveNodeFeedback (nodeToSplit:
3 - esriTopologySelectionResultXOR ITopologyNode, proportionalStretch:
TopoElement Boolean, outputSR: ISpatialReference):
esriTopologyState ITopologyElement ITopologyElement : IUnknown HitTest (whichElements: Long, QueryPoint:
IPoint, searchRadius: Double, hitPoint:
0 - esriTSUnanalyzed Geometry: IGeometry IPoint, hitDistance: Double, hitElement: FeatureClassExtension
1 - esriTSAnalyzedWithErrors
2 - esriTSAnalyzedWithoutErrors
IsDeleted: Boolean
IsSelected: Boolean
* ITopologyElement): Boolean
HitTestSelection (whichElements: Long, ITopologyClassEvents ITopologyClassEvents : IUnknown
3 - esriTSEmpty Parents: IEnumTopologyParent QueryPoint: IPoint, searchRadius: Double,
Visited: Boolean hitPoint: IPoint, hitDistance: Double,
hitElement: ITopologyElement): Boolean OnValidate (in validatedArea: IGeometry)
esriTopologyElementType QueryGeometry (in Geometry: IGeometry) Post (out InvalidArea: IEnvelope)
ReshapeEdgeGeometry (pEdge:
1 - esriTopologyNode ITopologyEdge, reshapeGeometry: IPath):
2 - esriTopologyEdge Boolean
4 - esriTopologyFace Select (selectHow:
Element: ITopologyElement): Boolean
SelectByGeometry (whichElements: Long,
esriTopoSide selectHow:
0 - esriTSLeft
1 - esriTSRight
pGeometry: IGeometry)
SetEdgeGeometry (pE: ITopologyEdge,
pGeometry: IPath) ITopologyClassEvents ITopologyClassEvents : IUnknown
TopologyNode EnumNodeEdge TopologyEdge SetEmpty
SetParentSelected (FeatureClass:
ITopologyNode IEnumNodeEdge IEnumNodeEdge : IUnknown ITopologyEdge ITopologyEdge : ITopologyElement IFeatureClass, FID: Long, Selected: OnValidate (in validatedArea: IGeometry)
ITopologyNode : ITopologyElement Boolean): Boolean
Count: Long FromNode: ITopologyNode SetSelectionEmpty (whichElements: Long)
Degree: Long IsClockwise: Boolean
Edges (clockwise: Boolean): LeftParents (boundedByEdge: Boolean): SplitEdgeAtDistance (pE: ITopologyEdge,
Next (out nextEdge: ITopologyEdge, out IEnumTopologyParent Distance: Double, bAsRatio: Boolean,
IEnumNodeEdge Tolerance: Double, out ppFrom:
IsDegreeKnown: Boolean atFrom: Boolean) LeftVisited: Boolean
Reset RightParents (boundedByEdge: Boolean): ITopologyEdge, out ppMid: ITopologyNode,
out ppTo: ITopologyEdge)
IEnumTopologyParent SplitEdgeAtPoint (pE: ITopologyEdge,
RightVisited: Boolean pSplitPoint: IPoint, Tolerance: Double, out
ToNode: ITopologyNode ppFrom: ITopologyEdge, out ppMid:
ITopologyNode, out ppTo: ITopologyEdge)
SplitMoveNode (nodeToSplit: ITopologyNode,
pMoveTo: IPoint, proportionalStretch:
TransformSelection (Direction:
esriTransformDirection, Transformation:
ITransformation, bProportionalStretch:
Types of Classes
Class Diagram AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a specification
for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)

Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object .
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
another class.

Type inheritance Types of Relationships

Associations represent relationships between classes . They have defined
multiplicities at both ends.
CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties
Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
InterfaceG Interface of interest
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
which it creates an object from another class . ESRI® ArcGIS® 10
InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control
the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class. Copyright © 1999-2010 ESRI. All rights reserved. ESRI, ArcGIS, ArcObjects, and ArcMap are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service
An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated . A marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions.
diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches .
Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be associated
Special Interfaces with another object. Association and composition relationships have
multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
(Optional) represents interfaces that are
inherited by some subclasses but not all . Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied) GPValue
The subclasses list the optional 0..1 - Zero or one
interfaces they implement. Outbound Interface enumeration IGpValue IGPValue : IUnknown
firstValue - firstEnumeration M..N - From M to N (positive integers) IPersistStream DataType: IGPDataType
Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration IClone
(Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer Empty
only on specific instances of the class . Property Get IXMLSerialize GetAsText: String
1..* - From one to any positive integer IsEmpty: Boolean
Property Put
Property Get/Put <<Struct>> SetAsText (in text: String): IGPMessage
(<classname>) indicates the name of the Structure key
helper class required to support this
Property Put by Reference IGPDataType IGPDataType : IUnknown
event interface in Visual Basic. Method firstMember: Type IClone ControlCLSID: IUID
secondMember: Type DisplayName: String
FullName: IName
HelpContext: Long
HelpFile: String
MetadataFile: String
Name: String
CreateValue (in text: String): IGPValue
GPDataTypeName ValidateDataType (in Type: IGPDataType):
DataElement IGPMessage
IDataElement IDataElement : IUnknown
IGPDataTypeName IGPDataTypeName : IUnknown ValidateValue (in Value: IGPValue, in
Domain: IGPDomain): IGPMessage
Field in Index in IMetadata CatalogPath: String IGPName IGPName : IUnknown
Children: IArray IName
Geodatabase Geodatabase ChildrenExpanded: Boolean Category: String
FullPropsRetrieved: Boolean IPersist Description: String
Core Core MetadataRetrieved: Boolean IPersistStream DisplayName: String
Name: String Factory: IUnknown
Type: String
IXMLSerialize Name: String

GetBaseName: String
GetExtension: String FieldType
GetFile: String IDataElementType IDataElementType : IUnknown
GetPath: String IFieldType IFieldType : IUnknown IGxFilterInfo CreateOutputDataElement (in CatalogPath:
String, in optionalWorkspace: String):

IIndexType IIndexType : IUnknown

DEDataset DEWorkspace DEDatasetType DEWorkspaceType

IDEDataset IDEDataset : IUnknown
IDEWorkspace IDEWorkspace : IUnknown
IDEDatasetType IDEDatasetType : IUnknown IDEWorkspaceType IDEWorkspaceType : IUnknown
CanVersion: Boolean
ConnectionProperties: IPropertySet
DatasetType: esriDatasetType
ConnectionString: String
DSID: Long Domains: IArray
Versioned: Boolean WorkspaceFactoryProgID: String
WorkspaceType: esriWorkspaceType

DERepresentationClass DETable DEGeoDataset

IDERepresentationClass IDERepresentationClass : IUnknown IDETable IDETable : IUnknown IDEGeoDataset IDEGeoDataset : IUnknown

Attributes: IGraphicAttributes Fields: IFields Extent: IEnvelope Domain in * DEGeoDatasetType

IMetadata FeatureClassName: String HasOID: Boolean SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
Indexes: IIndexes Geodatabase Core IDEGeoDatasetType IDEGeoDatasetType : IUnknown
IXMLSerialize OverrideFieldName: String
OIDFieldName: String
IPersistStream RepresentationRules:
RequireShapeOverride: Boolean IDEGdbTable IDEGdbTable : IDETable DETableType
RuleIDFieldName: String
AliasName: String IDETableType IDETableType : IUnknown
CLSID: String
ControllerMemberships: IArray
DefaultSubtypeCode: Long
ExtensionProperties: IPropertySet DEFeatureDataset DEFeatureDatasetType
GlobalIDFieldName: String
HasGlobalID: Boolean
IDEFeatureDataset IDEFeatureDataset : IUnknown IDEFeatureDatasetType IDEFeatureDatasetType : IUnknown
ModelName: String
RasterFieldName: String
GPSubtype RelationshipClassNames: IStringArray DERelationshipClassType
SubtypeFieldName: String
IGPSubtype IGPSubtype : IUnknown IDERelationshipClassType IDERelationshipClassType : IUnknown
Subtypes: IArray
IPersist DefaultValue (in FieldName: String): Variant
IPersistStream DomainName (in FieldName: String): String DEGeometricNetwork
SubtypeCode: Long DEGeometricNetworkType
SubtypeName: String IDEGeometricNetwork IDEGeometricNetwork : IUnknown
FeatureClassNames: IStringArray