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THE BRITISH MUSEUM HIEROGLYPHIC TEXTS FROM EGYPTIAN STELAE ETC. PART 9 EDITED BY T. G. H. JAMES ASSISTANT KEE! DEPARTMENT OF PUBLISHED BY THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM LONDON 1970 © 1970, The Trustees of the British Museum SBN 714T 0913 4 PREFACE THE texts published in this volume have been copied by Mr. T. G. H. James, Assistant Keeper in the Department, who has also written the introductory com- ments and descriptions. His hand-copies are supplemented by photographs which show the inscriptions but not in every case the entire monuments. Nearly all these texts belong to the period between the second half of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the end of the Nineteenth Dynasty. They include a con- siderable number of stelae carved for artists and artisans who worked on the tombs of the kings and the queens in the two Royal Valleys. Where possible the history of the inscriptions since they reached this country has been recorded. Mr. James wishes to acknowledge his sense of gratitude to Professor Cerny, with whom he has discussed several problematical readings in the texts, and to Dr. R. L. B. Moss and her associates on the staff of the Topographical Bibliography for their assistance in tracing previous publications and details of provenance. Department of Egyptian Antiquities I.E, S. EDWARDS 23 March 1969 it