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Good morning Sir and my fellow classmates.

I’m Lorina Lynne Apelacio

Ladies and Gentlemen
Do you know anyone who went through teenage pregnancy or that is facing
this issue today?
Do you wonder what would it be like to be pregnant as a teenager?
I am going to inform you about teenage pregnancy in our country today. 1 in 3
teens get pregnant before the age of 20. Over 80% are unintentional and
In the Philippines, according to the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality
Study by the University of the Philippines Population Institute (Uppi) and the
Demographic Research and Development Foundation, 26 percent of our
Filipino youth nationwide from ages 15 to 25 admitted to having a premarital
sex experience. What’s worse is that 38 percent of our youth are already in a
live-in arrangement.
16.5 million Filipinos belong to the 15-24 year old age group. We are forced
with the truth that at a very young age, a lot of young people today have
children of their own. 30 % of all births belong to this age group; and by the
age of 20, 25% of the youth are already mothers.
Being Pregnant as a teenager is very stressful. They need to have funds for
health care to pay for the hospital for pregnancy and for the delivery and
follow-up care for the mother and child. Some teen mothers bails on their child
and some turns to crime like having an abortion because they have no money
to support their needs and as well as the needs of the child.
Statistics show that every year at least 64,000 teenagers have abortions.
Abortions. Do these teens know they are killing a human? They might or they
might not, or they might just pretend they do not know. But how did abortion
come into the picture? How did abortion even become an option? Fear. Fear of
being unaccepted, fear of the unknown, and lots and lots of fear. Will no one
stand up and lend an ear to just listen to what these teens are experiencing?
Teen pregnancy affects all, the father, the mother and the child and also
affects everyone around him. How can you prevent teenage pregnancy? There
are ways but the most important way is to talk to your child and educate them
now. Abstinence is the only way to prevent teenage pregnancy. Abstinence is a
voluntary restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely
experienced as giving pleasure. Now you know more about teenage pregnancy
and the average range here and the issues they have to face, and how to
prevent it.
Ask these questions to yourself.
Now that I have knowledge about teenage pregnancy, will I still engage myself
in sex without proper protection and become one of the teenage mothers?
And what would be our answers to these questions? That is for you to find out
on your own.
Of course not, why would I want to contribute to the problems instead, I want
to help lessen this issue for our country as well as for the sake of others who
does not have proper knowledge about this issue.