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fAKE THE LEAI PMLA, TAKE THE LEAD BR a Za Now you can be the featured soloist (eS 1 TRUMPET a of pallid, ( In the book Page no. Gn the 9 ‘Track @) Amazed 2 ta tan Get Here 4 Wack @® Track & | Don’t Want To 7. Track @ — Track @ Miss A Thing My Heart Will 10 Track @ Track @ Go On The Rose 12 Track G® Track BD Gm? Cm’sust 3 Gm? Cm’sust cmF FG Gm? © 1988 & 2001 Rutland Road Music ‘Wamer/Chappell Music Ltd, London W6 8BS cm1/G 7 sust 9 BD Gm’ Cm’sus Pana? im? 24, Dm! B/D Gm, GmF Ermaj g 27, Cmisust Cm /F Be 33, B/D Gm? Cm’sust Cm/F cresc. nf Gm? Cm’sust Cm'/F 44. F/G Gm’? EP? 50. Cm’sust Cm/F BP Z 1 Don’t Want 9) To Miss A Thing Demenstntion ‘Backing Words and Music by Diane W Slowly 7 B Bb/D. Cm? -35 230 Fm? a B BPD © 1998 & 2001 Realsongs, USA EMI Music Publishing Ltd, London WC2H 0QY 43, AC cresc. BPsus* BP EP BD e B/D Fm? a Pmt Ap B =—: SSS SS SS Se molto rall. > > 2 ap BE e 2 Pe 10 2 Ps) My Heart Will Go On Denensaion Backing Words by Will Jennir Moderately Music by James Hort 8 BP BYE ADE? 16 (63) 1 B BF Ab/BP © 1997 & 2001 TC F Music Publishing Inc, Famous Music Corporation, Fox Film Music Corporation, Ensign Music Corporation and Blue Sky Rider Songs All rights for Blue Sky Rider Songs administered by Irving Music Inc ‘Worldwide print rights (excluding US & Canada) controlled by ‘Warmer Bros Publications Ine/IMP Ltd and Rondor Music International Al Rights Reserved lL DG ore] molto rall. Gc 12 ri, | The Rose Demonstration Backing Words and Music by Amanda McBroo: Rather slow : . H Cmaj/E Fadd? F © 1977 & 2001 20th Century Music Corporation and Hollywood Allstar Music, USA Wamer/Chappell Music Lid, London W6 SBS 13, — 2 Fadd?/A F Gsust G SS 5 CB Fadd?/A, F 14 ra) e Swear It Again Demonsration Backing Words and Music by Slowly Steve Mac and Wayne Hectos © 1998 & 2001 Rokstone Music Ltd, London SW6 4TJ and Rondor Music (London) Ltd, W6 84. 15 16 27, Ab EP 31, an pe 18 | The Wind SS Beneath My Wings Words and Music t Larry Henley and Jeff Silb: Slowly BP Prada? 16 (33) 22 (39) Bb F/A Gm’ F/EP EP BP FA D/F# © 1984 & 2001 Wamer House of Music and WB Gold Music Corporation, USA ‘Warner/Chappell Music Lid, London W6 8BS 19 2) Gm? Fe BP F/AGm? Cm” Fsust 1 2. : B BPadd? 1 BP Gm? FE B FEB BP F/A Gm? Cm7 BYF , F BPadd? Badd? A Badd? uf Badd? BB? Foust Badd? 20 eo e A Little Bit More Demonsaion Backing Moderately Words and Music by Bobby Gos F 1 cu F 7. Gmies) © 1981 & 2001 Bygosh Music Corp and Chappell & Co Inc, USA ‘Wamer/Chappell Music Ltd, London W6 8BS 21 cresc. nf 22 cresc AAKE THE LEAD R U M p E T on these classic ballads nazed My Heart Will Go On et Here The Rose n’t Want To Miss — Swear It Again hing The Wind Beneath LittlesBit M 5 My Wings The CD: _ In The Book: all backing tracks, carefully selected and edited rofessionally arranged trumpet arrangements nd recorded chord symbols in con y sll demonstration recordings Yo >» help you learn the songs gn eo, Chin i In Sand cna be srg fone cent hay, fa dow a mpanying chard sl orn cone pith fore by pono or guar ae 1 A HH, | ‘iil 903'692066! Order ref: 8486A AaaWOL 2OWIT SHA aN Paw SuBRESHaNg 2sNMW jeUCReUA Wy