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CRYIN’ ‘Words and Music by STEVEN TYLER, TOE PERRY and TAYLOR RHODES a —— Et + ed. Love was - n't much tell" you one thing. ft's been on my mind 1 oO A MUSE NG, SA NG ING CA MUR PUIG Ahi 9 Bo UOLOR HOT SONS so ie EEA WSR SE ME Canes nt ulate n Ae MSIE SOS MIN ete ME ae Guat dnc tac ca SSPE dlonst aru henson ‘The ta-bles have turned — We're partners in crime. — Yeause me and them ways have part - ed. You got that cer tain some - thing. is some - one I can’ is the dev - is in Hl ~ the way that -—E got Kissed. up in flames, is a fire FE can't re - sist. 1 was ery = Bi" just te jd E com D et ‘ aa ist = Now there’s note - ven breath - in? room Guitar soto be-tween pleas- ure and ‘Yeah, you cry when we're makin’ loves our love, sweet love, SSF SSS SSeS PP DS. and Wade ‘on Chorus