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Second Annual Spring Conference

Hosted by GW Women in Business at the George Washington

University in Washington D.C.

Dear esteemed sponsor/friend/partner of GW Women in Business,

Greetings to you/you all! As 2011 marks the year of brand new beginnings and remarkable
progress, GW Women in Business at the George Washington University would like to
introduce you to our organization and our Second Annual Spring Conference.

Event Information
Venue: Duques Hall and Funger Hall, GWU
Date: Saturday, April 2 , 2011
Time : 10-5pm (see below detailed conference schedule)

10-10:45AM Registration/Light coffee & tea

10:45-11AM Welcome Message from Conference
11-11:15AM Opening Remarks by GWSB Dean Doug
11:15-12PM Keynote 1 (tentative: Miranda Ballantine, VP
of Sustainability, Walmart)
12-12:10PM Break/Transport time
12:10-1PM Breakout 1 (panel 1 and 2)
1-1:50PM Sponsor’s Luncheon
1:50-2PM Break/Transport time
2-2:50PM Breakout 2 (panel 3 and 4)
2:50-3PM Break/Transport time
3-3:50PM Keynote 2 (to be confirmed)
3:50-4PM Break/Transport time
4-4:15PM Closing Remarks
4:15-5PM Ann Taylor Fashion Preview
Panel topics:
1) Utilizing Social Media
The Utilizing Social Media panel will explore how both the corporate and non-profit
world are taking advantage of social media and technology to increase brand
awareness and get their messages across to the public.
2) Entrepreneurship
Starting your own business is one of the riskiest endeavors one can take on – but if
success is in the equation then all the hard work is paid off. The Entrepreneurship
panel will include panelists who will share their triumphs and low moments when
starting their individual business ventures. They will also share stories of their humble
beginnings and their visions of the future.
3) Emerging Markets
As countries become more integrated and inter-connected, it is vitally important to
understand the structure of the “new global order”. Panelists will share insight about
the market and the business opportunities within developing and expanding nations,
as well as their perspective on current affairs in relations to this subject matter.
4) Business & Public Policy
“Business” and “policy” are often synonymously mentioned since it may not be possible
for one to exist without the other. Businesses confirm to regulations while contributing
to the policies being made. Panelists from both sides will share how the relationship
between the two is evolving.

Our Organization
GW WOMEN IN BUSNESS (GWWIB) is a unique student run organization that was found in
2006 aiming at providing undergraduate women with the necessary tools to excel in the
workforce and to create a network of “women helping women.” In addition to our annual
business conference in the Spring semester, GWWIB offers a multitude of exciting
opportunities for young women to become involved through events including motivational
speaker series, business basics seminars, panels, workshops, on-site visits to firms in the
Washington Metropolitan and New York City areas. Considered our most large-scale event of
the year, the spring conference hopes to bring together members of GW as well as those in the
Washington Metropolitan community to spend a day gaining wisdom from inspirational
speakers and thought-provoking panelists, giving the attendees an opportunity to network, to
learn, and to be inspired by each other.

Looking Back
At our First Annual Spring Conference back in April 2010, former first lady of Peru and
philanthropist, Eliane Karp-Toledo, and former CEO of Dupont Chemicals and current
Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Bank of America, Chad Holiday, marked the highlights of
the event as our two keynote speakers. With the support of our local and national sponsors, as
well as a wide variety of panel topics ranging from entrepreneurship, corporate social
responsibility, business government relations to international business, over 150 students and
professionals attended our event. This year we expect to attract a higher number of attendees
and to expand our sponsorship outreach with new marketing and re-structuring strategies.

We Need Your Support

The Second Annual Spring Conference, hosted by GWWIB, will continue to benefit The
George Washington University and the community at large in a variety of ways. Women’s
initiatives are growing and are becoming more popular in time. The George Washington
University has often strives to be on the front edge, and the university has been and will
continue to be extremely supportive to be supportive of this event. We now extend the
invitation to you/your organization to garner your support.

There are various ways to participate in our conference:

1) product donation
2) represent your company by speaking at our conference as panelists or setting up your own
table at the Sponsor’s Luncheon
3) financial gifts and specific needs (catering, technology etc.) sponsorship opportunities

Feel Free to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our VPs of Corporate
Relations Emily Payamps and Jessica Wong.

Emily Payamps
Jessica Wong

We look forward to hearing from you.

GW Women in Business (GWWIB)

at The George Washington University |