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NAME __________________________________________________ 25th february 2011


1. I really think you ___________ go and see the doctor , but it’s up to you.
2. She _______________ be his wife, but she looks to young.
3. I don’t think it will rain. David ________________ take an umbrella.
4. I can’t find my keys. I ____________________ left them in the car.
5. ______________ I help you with your homework?
6. Jenny’s engagement ring is enormous. It _______________ cost a fortune


1. I don’t think I can do the homework in time. ABLE

I’m afraid I __________________________________ do the homework in time.

2. When Hugh was younger, he often played snooker. PLAY

Hugh _______________________________________ when he was younger.

3. Don’t be so rude to people. MUSTN’T

You ____________________________________ rude to people.

4. He’ll graduate soon. Then he’ll find a job. WHEN

He’ll find a job __________________________________________

5. We’ll only be able to come if we can get some time off. UNLESS


1. The teacher asked Tim a very difficult question. ______________________________________

2. We should consider the plan once more. ____________________________________________
3. They will collect the bottles for recycling. ____________________________________________
4. Last year the government raised the price of gas. ______________________________________
5. This leather jacket _______________ (design) by a famous designer. It costs $500.


1. I might win $ 1000, and then I’d travel to Australia. If ___________________________________

2. Ramon ________________ the train if he _________________ to the station on time.

3. If ___________________________, he wouldn’t have gone to prison.

4. I’ ll lend you my bike, but you must give it back to me on Sunday. PROVIDED
5. Dave fell asleep so he missed the end of the film.
If he _______________________________________________________


Dear Thomas,
Thanks for your letter. I’ve just ______________ (find) time to answer it. I ___________ been very
busy lately! How ____________ your trip to Portugal. I would ____________________ (like) to
come, but I had some of exams during that week.
Next month I ________________ (take) my English exam. I’m very nervous about it, because if I
___________________ ( not / pass) it, my father won’t pay for any more English courses. The other
day he said that if I _____________, I _____________ have to go straight back to Spain. So of
course, I _________________ (study) very hard at the moment. Now I wish I __________________
(work) harder when I first came to England!
Never mind, by the end of June I ____________________ (finish) all my exams. Why don’t you
________________ (come) to London to celebrate with me? Yesterday my teacher
___________________ (tell) me I was ____________________ (look) very pale, so perhaps I
_________________ studying too much recently!
Best wishes,


1. My friend Michael wants to be a fashion model. He speaks several languages.

2. The jeans have already faded. I only bought them a couple of years ago.

3. Steve is away on holiday. His sister had a serious accident last year.



1. If I were you, ________________________________________________________

2. Although I have a TV in my room, ________________________________________
3. Despite _____________________________________________________________
4. The exam was so difficult _______________________________________________
5. That’s the most delicious fish ____________________________________________
6. Laura suggested ______________________________________________________


1. “Don’t leave the food out on the table.” Anna told me.

2. “Please , don’t smoke in this area.” The teacher told us.

3. “We have already finished the lesson”, they said.

4. “ What are you doing on Friday?” Lucy asked

5. Terry: “Would you like to come to the cinema?”


1. Douglas didn’t mind working ( alone /lonely ) at all. In fact, he quite enjoyed it.
2. A (near / close) friend is one who you know very well.
3. The headmaster sighed. He was counting the days to his (retirement/ retreat).
4. We went on a marvellous round- the- world (travel / trip)
5. If something is stolen from your flat, you should report the ( thief / theft) to the police.
6. If you are suspected of ( committing / doing) a crime, you will probably be arrested.
7. It’s cruel to keep animals in (cages / breeds) under any circumstances.


1) When I go to a restaurant I always ask .............. something low fat.

2) Players usually warm ............ before the match starts.
3) I picked ................ my suitcase and followed the “exit” sign.
4) Slow .................! You’re driving too fast.
5) I bumped .................... an old friend in the street yesterday.
6) During the civil war I was brought ................. by my aunt.


1. Mike is not really interested ______________ classical music.

2. I cannot agree __________ his conditions.
3. You can’t always depend ______ weather forecasts.
4. Can I rely ___________ you to keep a secret?