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Maine’s highest-paid hospital employees

The five highest compensated employees, plus key employees and officers of Maine’s largest hospitals, parent organizations and the tri-county area’s smaller
hospitals for the latest reporting period.

H-Highest-compensated employee O-Officer K- Key employee (designations required by the IRS)

Maine Medical Center St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Jeffrey E. Florman H Surgeon $1,024,501
President/CEO compensation 2008-09 Amir Modaressi H Physician $548,799
Konrad Barth H Surgeon $997,237 Sidney Steinkeler H Physician $428,121
MaineHealth William L. Caron Jr. $1,221,796
Rajiv Desai H Surgeon $977,115 Ralph Harder H Physician $418,054
St. Mary’s Health System James Cassidy $1,004,858
James Wilson H Surgeon $976,276 David Burke H Physician $335,337
Maine Medical Center Richard Petersen $911,898
Joseph Alexander H Surgeon $916,620 Michael Bell H Physician $326,923
Central Maine Health Care Peter Chalke $737,943
Peter Bates O Chief medical officer $557,043 Mahesh Pandey H Physician $323,774
Eastern Maine Health Care Mary Michelle Hood $732,372
John E. Heye O VP of finance $418,353 St. Mary’s Health System
Eastern Maine Medical Center Deborah Carey $713,361
Marjorie Wiggins O Chief nursing officer $379,150 Johnson Maria Ikossi H Physician $668,252
MaineHealth Mercy Hospital/Mercy HS Eileen Skinner $653,913 Michael Boulanger H Physician $405,080
Francis McGinty O Executive VP $659,325 St. Mary’s Regional Medical Ctr. Leo Myles $596,567 Satya Singh H Physician $384,562
Dennis P. King H VP behavioral health $508,907 Maine General Health Scott Bullock $538,376 Ahmad Halawa H Physician $375,284
Donald E. Quigley O VP legal affairs $377,146 Central Maine Medical Center Laird Covey $405,133 Scott Treworgy H Physician $347,474
Vance Brown H Chief medical officer $266,268 Stephens Memorial/WMHC Timothy Churchill $385,669 Susan Keiler K Chief operating officer $296,463
Jeffrey Aalberg H Director quality $262,972 Franklin Memorial/FCHN Richard Batt $320,247 Carolyn Kasabian O Chief financial officer $288,078
improvement Rumford Hospital John Welsh $283,837 Mercy Hospital
Robert E. McArtor H Clinical advisor $259,797 MaineGeneral Medical Center Charles Hays $256,146 Gregory Pomeroy H Lead physician $638,272
Deborah A. Deatrick H VP community $246,165 Gregory Adey H Physician $467,931
Marc Hodroff H Physician $465,763
Eastern Maine Medical Center Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems continued Roger Inhorn H Medical director/ $413,015
Robert A. Clough H Surgeon $906,409 Charles E. Kimball H Info systems manager $166,485 oncology
Francis V. Dipierro H Physician $738,545 David E. Glover H Pharmacist /info $159,417 Peter Ameglio H Physician $380,340
John Klemperer H Physician $728,847 systems Wayne Bennett O Chief financial officer $260,256
Elmer Doucette O VP/CFO $251,873 David S. Proffitt O Senior VP EMHS and $33,092 Mercy Health System
CEO Acadia Hospital (partial year)
Michael A. Johnson H Retinal surgeon $690,850 Stephen Sears O VP medical affairs $415,792
Felix Hernandez H Surgeon $689,152 Maine General Health
Michael Hachey O Senior VP $371,662
James A. Raczek O VP/chief medical officer $501,957 Andrew Hertler H Physician $525,378 ambulatory service
Lorraine A. Rodgerson O VP patient care/ $277,943 Barbara Crowley H Executive vice $340,529 Robert Nutter O VP HR and support $324,193
Chief nursing officer president services
Helen Q. McKinnon O VP support $269,900 Steven Diaz H VP medical adminis- $269,957 Jill Berry Bowen O VP patient care ser- $244,914
services tration vices
G. Gregory Howat O VP human resources/ $268,606 Gail Evans H Senior VP marketing $199,646 Coleen Hilton O VP VNA Home $219,082
education and strategy Health and Hospice
Michael P. Donahue O VP physician $243,011 MaineGeneral Health and Affiliates James Corbett H VP mission $160,884
practices Anthony R. Mancini H Physician $1,058,264 effectiveness
Jill McDonald O VP communications $159,670 Bruce Gomberg H Physician $748,173 Kathryn Coolidge H VP program $156,507
and marketing development
Donald Magioncalda H Physician $669,406
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Verno Davidson H VP patient care $103,892
John B. Thaller H Physician $544,609
Daniel B. Coffey O Executive VP/CFO $609,480 Nona Boyink O PresidentHealthReach $183,215
Franklin Memorial Hospital
David Peterson O Senior VP for EMHS, $455,196 and Senior VP
CEO Aroostook Carmen Crofoot H Orthopedic surgeon $465,724
Karen Tobias O President’s adminis- $67,679
Medical Center trative assistant Nancy Cummings H Orthopedic surgeon $442,599
Erik N. Steele O VP and chief $370,360 Michael Koziol O Senior VP and CFO $9,150 Richard Batstone H Urologist $421,669
of medicine (partial year)
Eric Gunther H General surgeon $348,559
Leonard Giambalvo O VP general counsel $320,033 Central Maine Medical Center
Heather DeCarolis H Anesthesiologist $323,903
John C. May O Senior VP EMHS, $290,883 Daniel Lalonde H Physician $981,655
CEO for Sebasticook Armand Auger O Physician $220,073
Valley Patricio Mujica H Physician $804,255
Franklin Community Health Network
Catherine J. Bruno O VP and chief $282,925 Guillermo Candia H Physician $802,093
Gerald Cayer O Executive VP $204,217
information officer Michael Parker H Physician $694,143
Eric Martinsen O Chief financial officer $188,279
Patrick J. Whalen O VP business $282,868 Nicholette L. Erickson H Physician $632,076
David Dixon H Medical director $170,887
development Central Maine Healthcare
Rebecca Ryder O Incoming president/ $51,865
Philip A. Johnson O VP human resources $256,998 Charles T. Orne O Chief financial officer $516,755 chief executive officer (partial year)
John D. Dalton O Senior VP EMHS and $254,816 Larry Hopperstead H CMO $378,427 Rumford Hospital
CEO Inland Hospital
John Carlson K President Bridgton $251,954 Jacob Ledesma H Physician $339,935
Scott A. Oxley O VP and chief $246,203 Hospital
accounting officer Thomas Deluca H Physician $285,090
James Kane H Administrator $204,322
Timothy F. Garrity O Senior VP EMHS and $233,811 Rick Marden H Physician $283,281
CEO Blue Hill Charles Gill H VP $200,282
Carolyn Garcia H Physician $222,779
Memorial Hospital Sharron Sieleman K VP $198,577
Mary Dunlap H Nurse practitioner $220,929
Glenn Martin K Chief internal audit $214,412 Douglas DiVello K VP $196,738
and compliance Stephens Memorial Hospital
Susan Horton K VP $185,884
officer Russell Florenz H Physician $269,379
Joyce McPhetres K VP $184,003
Eugene F. Murray O Senior VP C.A. Dean $198,829 Tobin Piker H Physician $258,983
James Hagen K VP $182,994
Lisa Harvey-McPherson O VP continuum of care $189,404 Mark Douglas H Physician $224,676
Wayne Bennett K VP $168,731
Ralph W. Swain H Director info systems/ $186,004 Heidi Blake H Physician $222,532
applications Sharon L. Kuhrt H President college $153,021
Rebecca Chagrasulis H Physician $203,589
of nursing
Cynthia Olivier H Director patient $183,500 Western Maine Health Care
account services Shannon Banks H VP $136,666
John Cox O Senior VP fiscal $193,738
Gerard J. Deschaine H Insurance fund $177,249 Carol J. Morin O Executive adminis- $86,482
administrator trative assistant M. Patricia Cook O Senior VP clinical $170,019

Source: As reported on federal 990 tax forms, required of all nonprofits. In some cases, hospital officials said compensation amounts were reported incorrectly. In those cases, we accepted corrected figures from the hospital or its parent organization.

President/CEO bonuses 2008-09

MaineHealth William L. Caron Jr. $306,000
Maine Medical Center Richard Petersen $248,524
Eastern Maine Health Care Mary Michelle Hood $114,699
St. Mary’s Health System James Cassidy $109,000
Mercy Hospital/Mercy Health Sys. Eileen Skinner $110,109
Central Maine Medical Center Peter Chalke $110,000
Stephens Memorial/WMHC Timothy Churchill $68,000
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center Leo Myles $65,000
Eastern Maine Medical Center Deborah Carey Johnson $61,304
Central Maine Medical Center Laird Covey $32,000
Rumford Hospital John Welsh $15,933
MaineGeneral Medical Center Charles Hays 0
Maine General Health Scott Bullock 0
Franklin Memorial/FCHN Richard Batt 0