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We are the students of Lovely Professional University, Phagwara doing MBA in marketing. We are conducting a research
on “Consumer behavior towards internet data card”.We would be grateful if you could spend some of your precious time
in filling up this Questionnaire.The information gained will be used for academic purposes and will be kept strictly

Name: _____________ Date: ____/_____/______

Name of interviewer: _________________

Contact +91

1. What is your occupation?

Service Business Student Others (please specify)……………..

2. How often do you get connected to Internet in a day?

Less than 2 hours 2-3 hours more than 3 hours

3. What type of data card you preferred to buy?


4. From where did you buy your data card?

Company own outlets Other place

5. Which of the following brands do you use personally? (Tick only one)

Reliance Tata-Indicom Vodafone Airtel


6. Why are you using this particular brand?


7. Which source of information did you use while purchasing the data card ?

Friend’s Family Internet Advertisements

Magazines or newspapers Any Other

8. How satisfied are you with Internet Data card which you are using?

Highly Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Neither satisfied nor Moderately Highly

dissatisfied Dissatisfied dissatisfied



Ease of use

9. If your FIRST preference is not available then what do you do? (Please tick)

Purchase some other brand from the same shop/ store.

Purchase the same brand from some other store.

10. If the price of your most preferred data card as well as tariff charges increases

What would you do?

Shift to another options or different brands of data card

Will be using the same brand

Will check if some new features are added or not?

11. If you choose to shift then which Brand will you prefer?

Tata-Indicom Vodafone Reliance Airtel BSNL

12. What are the factors that you consider most while purchasing the data card?

Price Easy handling Net speed Tariff plans

Availability offers & discounts others suggestion

13 .Rank the following factors in order of the your importance given while purchasing an internet data card. Rank on a scale of 1-7,
1 for lowest and 7 for highest?

Price Net speed Tarrif plans Easy handling

Availability offers & discounts others suggestion

14) What do you expect from net connections?


15.Do you feel that your life get easy by using internet data card? If yes please


Yes No