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HIS 113 – Dr.


Selected Reference Sources - Starting Points

• American National Biography* CT213 .A68 (multiple volumes)

• Harvard encyclopedia of American ethnic groups [highly recommended] / E184.A1 H35
This is a good place to start, especially if you do not know of a specific person, but do have
an idea of a specific ethnic group you would like to research.
• Current Biography / CT100 .C8 [profiles of individuals of current interest, look in the index
to find out which volume contains an entry on a specific person]

• African American Lives / E185.96 .A446 2004

• Contemporary Black Biography [multiple volumes, look in the index of the most recent
volume to find out which volume contains an entry on a specific person] / E185.96 .C66
• Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History / E185 .E54 1996
• Encyclopedia Latina [4 volumes, entries arranged alphabetically] / E184.S75 E587 2005
• Notable Hispanic American Women / E184.S75 N68 1993
• Reference Library of Hispanic America / E184.S75 R44 1993b
• Jewish Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia / DS115.2 .J49 1997
• The Columbia Guide to Asian American History / E184.O6 C64 2001
• Reference Library of Asian America / E184.O6 R45 1995
• Columbia Guide to Irish American History / E184.I6 M43 2005

Catalog: Find a Book

The catalog is an online listing of the books that the Pace University Library owns.

Search by SUBJECT and type your person’s name last name, first
Example: Chavez, Cesar
Search for titles of books included in the bibliographies from reference books listed above

will often provide a summary, reviews, the table of contents, or even the first
chapter of a book online.

Click on to order books from other Pace Library locations.

Click on to search other academic libraries and request books with your name and
library barcode. / Mortola Library / 914-773-3505

Directions for accessing databases:
1. Go to the library homepage
2. Click on Databases: Find an Article
3. Highlight a database name on the drop-down menu
4. Click on Go to Database
(databases are accessible from off-campus by entering your pace username/password)

Recommended databases:
• Academic Search Premier – Large database of articles across many disciplines

• JSTOR [this database contains all full text journal articles, search for a person’s name
in quotation marks – example: “Frederick Douglass”] - Look out for book reviews, read
them and find the reviewed book if it sounds good

• Research Library [articles from current newspapers, magazines, and journals]

• America: History and Life [an index of articles in history magazines and journals]

• New York Times Archive [the entire newspaper from 1851-2005] ) Download
articles in PDF. It is best to limit your search to a specific date or date range.

• Literature Resource Center / biographical articles from Contemporary Authors,


Print & E-Journals click on this link from the library homepage to check for the availability
of specific periodicals. You will be provided database links or links to the catalog for local
holdings. Recommended periodicals:
-Labor History IN Business Source Premier (1966-one year ago)
-Journal of American History IN JSTOR (1964-2000), current issues IN Research Library

Other Online Resources

 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

 American Memory from the Library of Congress / Mortola Library / 914-773-3505