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1. GUNTER’S CHAIN • 66ft long and composed of 100 links

of steel wire, 7.92 inch long.
• A mile 80 chain
• Adopted in the measurement of
small area.
• One set of the rod end with double
holding pair.
• Accurately use indicates current

2. CLINOMETERS. • Used for measuring the angle

of slope.
• Simple forms are consisting
of graduated semicircle resembling
a protector.
• Measure the height of the
• Measure the rate of sap flow.
• Tell what direction they are
• Measure the wind speed.

3. RANGING POLE. • Made of wood or tubular

steel or fiberglass.
• Usually 2m in length.
• Painted in alternate band of
red and white. The band generally
being 20cm broad.
• Use to measure short
distance approximately when tape
not readily available.
• Main function to determine
long distance approximately by
sighting them with the staid hair of
a transit.
4. PLUMB BOB • Various purposes, such as
chaining over hilly ground.
• Use to establish a vertical
• Have sharp replaceable
points and a device at the top to
which plumb bob string and
sighting target.

5. PRISM SQUARE. • Works on principle and theory of

an optical square, which consist of 2
plane reflecting mirrors placed at an
angle of 45°
• More stable than the optical

6. PLANIMETER • Cumulative measurement for large

• Averaging measurement for more
precise area.
• Easy conversion among different
unit of measurement.
7. MEASURING TAPE • Heavy duty construction.
• High impact resistant, folding
rewind crack and marking point.
• Fiberglass tape material will not rot,
corrode or distort.
• 50m light.

8. AUTOMATIC LEVEL. • Is only set approximately vertical,

the compensators automatically
correcting for any slight variation
from the vertical.
• To measure surface level.
• The user views to the point B and
take reading at the neck degrees.

9 GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEMS • Points can be quickly and accurately

(GPS). by measuring distance to artificial
• Measurement of long distance can’t
handle with EDMs
• Keeping track of fleets of trucks, rail
road cars and taxis.
• Navigation for ship and planes.

10. LASER DISTANCE METER • To control vertically in structures

• The type of laser used in surveying
equipment is a helium neon gas laser
produce a bright red beam which can
see clearly on the target.
11. TRIPOD • Land Survey offers a variety of
quality-constructed tripods to suit all
setup applications.
• We have wood, heavy-duty tripods
for high accuracy and robotics, to
lightweight aluminum tripods ideal
for construction levels and target

12. FIBERGLASS LEVELING ROD • This leveling rod is made from

corrosion-resistant and non-
• The leveling rod features abrasion-
resistant coating with special
reinforcement fiberglass ribs to stop
breakage and add stability.
• Easy-to-read graduations and a
special measuring scale on the
backside permits users to read height
at eye level.
• This fiberglass leveling rod is
equipped with reliable and long
lasting spring loaded Delrins®