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ComputerMax Inter-Global Limited

No 15 Uwe-Emaudo, Emaudo, Ekpoma

Tel: 08035817066, 08076743004 PASSPORT – SIZED
Registration Form HERE

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Course Duration Course Fees (N)

• Diploma in Desktop Publishing 8 Weeks 7,500

• Hardware Installation and Maintenance 12 Weeks 10,000

• Basic/Intermediate Networking 12 Weeks 20,000

• Advanced Networking (Windows™ & Linux™ Server Configuration) 16Weeks 35,000

• Other Customized programs are available on demand Negotiable

©2010 ComputerMax Inter-Global Limited

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

1. All data shall be entered in block capitals.

2. Staple a passport – sized photograph in the space provided with the applicant’s name
and signature on the reverse side.

3. All duly completed registration forms must reach the Project Coordinator;
ComuterMax Inter-Global Limited, within two weeks of purchase with an additional
passport – sized photograph also with the applicant’s name and signature on its reverse

4. On submission of the registration forms, the applicant shall be required to take a test,
which will qualify the applicant for the selected program(s).

5. Please be informed that there shall be no refund of any fee(s) paid under any

6. Examinations shall be taken at the end of each program, at which you are required to
emerge successful.

7. In the event that any applicant fails his/her final exams, an agreed upon period of
extension shall be allowed for him/her to prepare for a re-sit. After which preparatory
classes, which shall be paid for shall be arranged to re-prepare such to sit for the exams
a third and final time.

8. The decision of management concerning lecture timetables and exam dates are final;
no concession(s) shall be given for anyone who misses exams and or lectures.

9. No part-payment(s) shall be accepted for any of the programs listed above as fees also
include the cost of course materials and identity cards.


I, ………………………… hereby declare hat I have read , understood and agree to the above
(First Name)
stated terms and conditions and that all information provided on the form are to the best of my
knowledge true and accurate.
……………………………… ………………………………

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