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(Final Exam Part I )
Semester II

1. This soup tastes sour, it needs more ___ .

A. chilli C. cheese
B. salt D. sugar
2. The worker is very ___ after working hard.
A. strong C. weak
B. tired D. hard
3. Drinking much ____ makes us healthy and powerful.
A. milk cream C. ice cream
B. pop ice D. coffee
4. This is white liquid to cook. It comes from ___ .
A. avocado C. onion
B. cucumber D. coconut
5. Donnie likes ___ better than gardening.
A. fishing
B. cooking
C. running
D. jogging

6. Badu likes to ___ milk everyday to make him strong and healthy.
A. buy C. have
B. drink D. sell
7. ___ these vegetables still fresh to consume?
A. Is C. Are
B. Do D. Does
8. She eats mixed fruit too much. Now, she has problem with her ___ .
A. stomach C. back
B. head D. liver
9. X : How many legs do you have?
Y : I have ___ legs.
A. one C. two
B. three D. four
10. The students claps their ___ because they are happy.
A. body C. wrist
B. ankle D. hands
11. I have ___ eye brows.
A. one C. two
B. three D. four
candies ? you any do have
12. − − − − −
1 2 3 4 5 6
The best arrangement is ___ .
A. 3 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 2 C. 3 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 1

B. 5–3–6–4–1–2 D. 5 – 6 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 2
13. Theist earrings are suitable for your ___ .
A. ears C. eyes
B. hairs D. hands
14. X : Do you have any food in the refrigerator?
Y : ___ .
A. Yes, I do C. Yes, I have
B. No, I haven’t D. No, I didn’t
15. Bagus cuts the tree with both of his ___ .
A. thumbs C. legs
B. head D. hands
16. Aldo : Do you like eating meatballs ?
Ega : Yes, I do. It is especially ___ meatballs.
A. chicken C. beef
B. goat D. pork
17. The children play hide and seek ___ the big tree.
A. under C. behind
B. beside D. eat
18. There ___ many apples and grapes in the basket case.
A. have C. is
B. do D. are

19. This is the famous fruit from Arab. It tastes very sweet and the colour is dark
brown. It is ___ .
A. date C. banana
B. star fruit D. chocolate
20. The following games are modern, except: ___ .
A. Ragnarok online C. Play station
B. Scrabble D. hide and seek
21. The Siomay seller walks and brings the food on his ____ .
A. shoulders C. aims
B. ankle D. foot
22. Brian brings shuttle cock and racket, he wants to play ___ .
A. chess C. badminton
B. water polo D. squash
23. What picture is it?
This is ___ .
A. Pear C. pie
B. Peas D. peanut

24. There are some beautiful flowers ___ the vase.

A. in C. at
B. on D. after

25. Ana : What do the tourist like to do on the beach?

Rani : They like ___ and sunbathing there.
A. reading C. singing
B. surfing D. collecting stamp
26. Its shape is round. Its colour is green or yellow.
Its is sweet or sour. It is a/an ___ .

A. grape C. orange
B. banana D. star fruit
27. Put ___ in your bread if you want to make burger.
A. jam C. peanut
B. cheese D. beef
28. Andi has two ___ in the bag.
A. Book C. a book
B. Books D. bookes
29. There are twelve ___ in the classroom.
A. child C. children
B. childs D. Childers

30. Do you like to ride a bicycle?

A. Yes you do C. No, I am not
B. Yes, I do D. No, you don’t
31. Ridho ___ like reading but he likes writing.
A. do not C. does not
B. does D. do

32. Lina and Andi are classmates. Their favourite music is pop. They do not like
dangdut and rock.
Their favorite singer is Siti Nurhaliza. She is from Malaysia.
From the information above we can say that:
A. Lina and Andi like dangdut. C. Lina and Andi like rock.
B. Lina and Andi like pop. D. Lina and Andi do not like Siti
33. Rina prefers playing tennis to playing badminton.
Her favourite sport is ___ .
A. playing tennis C. playing badminton
B. playing tennis and badminton D. playing football
34. My mother has two interesting books,
___ .do you prefer?
A. What C. When
B. Where D. Which

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 35 – 37

11. Cendana street
Kota Gudeg

Dear Lucy

I want to tell my favourite sports and my favourite food. My favourite sport is

swimming. I swim every Saturday in the swimming pool near my house. My
favourite food is meat ball. I often eat a bowl of meat ball on Sunday afternoon.
My favourite meat ball restaurant is “Kemuning” Restaurant.
What about you ? Please write about your favourite a sport or music. Bye for

Your truly.

35. Who is the writer ?
A. I am C. Nani
B. Lucy D. Nani and Lucy
36. What is Nani’s favourite sport ?
A. Swimming C. Playing tennis
B. Playing badminton D. Eye ling
37. Does Nani like swimming?
A. Yes, she is C. Yes, She does
B. Yes, he is D. Yes, he does
38. My brother’s hobby is
A. gardening C. reading
B. camping D. fishing

39. Ratna : My mother often makes many kinds of food.

Ibnu : I think her hobby is ... .
A. cooking C. gardening
B. jogging D. playing badminton
Tabel untuk no 40 – 44 !
Nunu And Rober Lea
i t
reading v X X v
cycling x V X x
camping x V V v
collecting v X X x
Note : tanda (v) berarti memiliki hobi di kolom tersebut
tanda (x) berarti bukan hobi yang bersangkutan
40. A. Nunu likes cycling C. Nunu likes reading
B. Nunu likes camping D. Nunu does not like reading
41. A. Robert does not like camping C. Robert likes collecting stamp
B. Robert likes cycling D. Robert likes camping
42. P : ___ your hobbies?
Q : My hobbies are gardening and cooking.
A. What do C. What is
B. What are D. Are cooking and gardening
43. X : What is your hobby?
Y : ___ reading.
A. My hobby are C. My hobby is
B. My hobbies are D. My hobbies is
44. Bagus : ___ do you save your money ?
Rustam : Of course, in the bank.
A. Why C. What
B. When D. Where
45. The students often play ___ the park.
A. Inside C. on
B. in D. at
46. Rina : What is this ?
Didi : It is a ___ .

A. finger C. arm
B. nail D. hand

47. We can speak and eat with our.

A. ear C. mouth
B. cheek D. nose
48. We point to something with our ___ .
A. Hands C. head
B. body D. finger

49. Nana : Where does your sister work ?

Agus : In Jakarta, ___ office is near.
Australia Embassy building.
A. her C. she
B. hers D. his
50. When we want to send our letter. We go to the ___ .
A. bank C. hotel
B. post office D. hospital

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