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4321 Films Debuts Novelization of the Cult Hit "Monsturd"

San Francisco, CA, February 25, 2021 --( 4321 Films™, a San Francisco-based independent
motion picture production company, today announced the release of "Monsturd," the terrifying
novelization based on the major international motion picture sensation. The new book, available today as
a paperback or electronic download from Amazon, was penned by the 2003 movie’s original creators Dan
West and Rick Popko.

“Strangely, as a movie, Monsturd’s success exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Dan West,
co-founder of 4321 Films. “It’s been distributed and reviewed in countries Rick and I have never been to
yet, including Russia and Portugal. Over the years, we’ve received quite a few fan inquiries asking if we
ever intended to do a sequel. But, I’m afraid that unless Hollywood ponies up a significant amount of
cash up front, it’s probably never going to happen. That’s one of the reasons why we wrote this book.
While it faithfully retells the events from the movie, it also features a number of new scenes and character
expansions that weren’t in the original movie.”

Out of the Toilet... and into Your Nightmares

Sci-fi and horror movie influencer Scott Foy received an advanced copy of Monsturd and described it as,
“Just when FBI Agent Susan Hannigan thought she had flushed away escaped serial killer Jack Schmitt
once and for all in the sewers of Butte County, California, a demented doctor at the Dutech Genetic
Research Laboratories dumping evidence of his dubious dysentery experiment gone awry unwittingly
resurrects Schmitt’s tainted soul as a grotesque golem of fecal fury. Using the bowels beneath Butte
County as his lair, the mutated maniac sets about on a path of excremental vengeance and only Agent
Hannigan and the ill-prepared local cops can wipe Schmitt’s stain from the face of the earth forever.
Deadpan and toilet humor spew from every orifice of the page in this hilariously horrific novel that is
now a major motion picture sensation.”

Founder of Geno McGahee, who also received an advanced copy of the book
said, “Now, Monsturd has returned in book form and tells more of the story without the restrictions that
producing a film brings. I wish they did this with more low-budget horror films. West and Popko deserve
a lot of credit for going in this direction and for also writing a funny and zany book that kept me
entertained from start to finish.”

“Monsturd is the perfect gift for that strange friend who has everything but likes collecting weird things.
We had a lot of fun writing it over the last few years and believe that enthusiasm has translated well onto
these pages,” West concluded.

Paperback and electronic download versions of Monsturd are available today from

Photo’s available upon request.

About the Authors

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Dan West and Rick Popko have been filmmaking creative partners since producing their first sketch
comedies in high school on Rick’s parent’s Betamax in 1984. In 1986 the dynamic duo were discovered
by Sophia Coppola and ultimately commissioned by Francis Coppola to write the horror/comedy
Halloween is Cancelled for his newly formed Commercial Pictures. While the film was ultimately never
made, Rick and Dan continued to write screenplays and produce sketch comedy shorts until they
ultimately got their hands on a Canon GL1 miniDV camcorder. Seeing the film-like look the camera
produced and owning a computer that could edit and output high-quality, the two were inspired to put pen
to paper on a movie they knew Hollywood could not and would not make. After a year of shooting and a
year in post, Monsturd was finally released in 2003. After a short break, Rick and Dan embarked on the
movie’s sequel; RetarDEAD, a five-year odyssey that was released in 2008. Rick and Dan are still best
friends and creative partners. They’re currently pitching a new movie to Hollywood about a drug-addled
war vet who mistakes an indie movie production for a satanic cult.

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