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STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA Words and Music by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN T. iz Moderately, with a beat J = 96 F Am bruised and bat-tered; I could-n't — tell_whatT felt. 1 was_ uun-rec-og-niz - a-ble_ tomy-| ae ere st steee self, Saw my know my own face... Oh, broth-er are you + x = = Chorus: Am BI r_ gon-naleave me wast-in’ a -| way on thestreets of Phil - a -|) del-phi-a. (bkgrd.) La— lala stata (LH, cue notes 2nd & 3rd time) BI FA Csus To Coda @ 1 2. Bridge: c c Bb —_— Ja__ laa 2.1 walked the 7 tno an- gel gon-na greet it’s just youand 1, my Am ‘And my clothes don’t fit Bb Csus ‘a thou-sand miles just to Ds.% al Coda e —slip this skin. _ FA © Coda a laa la la la 12. Lala la la la 3.4.(ete.) Instrumental repeat & fade Repeat ad lib. and fade Cus c — Verse 2: I walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone. heard the voices of friends vanished and gone. At night I could hear the blood in my veins Just as black and whispering as the rain On the streets of Philadelphi: (To Chorus:) Verse 3: ‘The night has fallen. I'm lyin’ awake. Ican feel myself fading away. So, receive me, brother, with your faithless kiss, Or will we leave each other alone like this On the streets of Philadelphia? (To Chorus:)