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Fusion Marketplace Launches as a Traveler-First Driven Community

Fusion Marketplace launched on Wednesday, February 10. Fusion Marketplace believes that what’s
best for Healthcare Travelers is best for all Staffing Agencies.

Omaha, NE, February 24, 2021 --( The Healthcare Staffing Industry is changing. Fusion
Medical Staffing has found an opportunity to redefine the healthcare professional experience by creating
a Traveler-Driven Marketplace. This new direction has the potential to transform the industry with an
online community Marketplace that is extremely easy to use, puts travelers first, and has a high level of
transparency for all parties. The goal is to empower the traveler to own and manage their information
while offering transparency in potential jobs and recruiters. It also gives the Healthcare Traveler the
ability to make choices about their career that they have not had before.

Fusion Marketplace launched on Wednesday, February 10. Fusion Marketplace believes that what’s best
for Healthcare Travelers is best for all Staffing Agencies. The new online community is a one stop shop
for travelers, where they can easily compare benefits, pay packages and reviews. It is a new curated
career experience that takes out the guesswork while providing the healthcare traveler with better tools
that improves the experience with their agency.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone that we touch,” said Steve Koesters, CEO of Fusion
Medical Staffing. “Fusion Marketplace serves that purpose by providing healthcare professionals tools,
transparency and choice, and making it easier to navigate career decisions. By making the process easier
for healthcare professionals, facilities are able to source candidates quicker to meet patients’ needs.”

Clinicians are in greater demand than ever, and yet, they have the least control over their major career
decisions and limited access to basic job information. Fusion Marketplace is leading by example in
building a Traveler-first community. With new pay transparency, Healthcare Travelers now have the
freedom to make decisions and choose their assignments based on honest and transparent details prior to
applying or speaking to a recruiter. This includes important variables such as the location and pay of each
healthcare travel assignment.

On Fusion Marketplace, healthcare professionals will be able to create their healthcare traveler profile,
view all healthcare staffing opportunities, easily compare benefits, pay packages, and reviews across
multiple jobs and agencies.

Healthcare Staffing Agencies are now able to join other like-minded agencies to ensure what is best for
the Healthcare Traveler is put at the forefront. By joining Fusion Marketplace as a partner, Healthcare
Staffing Agencies will be able to increase their brand awareness, have a large exposure to candidate flow
on the platform, increase their cost savings, increase candidate placements, and enhance their traveler
experience and relationships.

As a Traveler-Driven Marketplace, feedback and opinions from Healthcare Travelers are what’s driving
the next feature releases. Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Staffing Agencies can expect large

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About Fusion Marketplace

Our actions are rooted in making a positive impact, both personally and professionally. We exist to ensure
everyone we touch has a better life. We strive to stay humble, driven, and positive.

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