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C3 Specialties Launches to Connect Brands and Customers During Pandemic

Lees Summit, MO, February 22, 2021 --( C3 Specialties, a Creative Content and Copywriting
business, opened its doors this month to help businesses connect with customers during the COVID-19
pandemic. The new business uses specialized storytelling to deliver a brand’s “voice” through website
content, email marketing campaigns, social media ads, and other creative content to engage with
customers when social distancing makes interactions difficult. This style of writing delivers a brand
message that creates interest, loyalty, and sales conversions.

Launching new business during COVID-19 pandemic

When asked why she chose to start her business in the middle of a pandemic, Sheral (Kahle) DeVaughn,
Founder of C3 Specialties answered, “Why not? Launching a business has always been a dream of mine
and it seemed like now was the perfect time. People need those personal connections and we can’t always
be face to face thanks to Covid. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat as a result. What my business
offers is a way to get that brand message out there and unite with customers in a very personal way.
Stories sell. Not everyone can tell a great story though. That’s why we’re here. We research your brand
inside and out, then deliver your brand’s voice in a way that keeps customers coming back for more.”

Ava Dean Beauty

C3 Specialties put those skills to use when helping with the launch of Ava Dean Beauty - a new company
founded by AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, and business partner Josh Naranjo. “This project was so
much fun and a great example of how connecting customers with a brand voice right now is so crucial to
business success,” stated DeVaughn. “Capturing the message just right and being able to make it sync up
with a celebrity personality, plus a global customer base...we had to be almost in the heads of the
founders to make the website content and email campaign effective. I’m proud of the work that was done
and the success Ava Dean Beauty will have going forward.”

Career Experience
DeVaughn has also made several pivots within her own career. After successful runs in radio and in the
wine and spirits industry, she felt it was time to do something meaningful on her own. “I think both of
those industries led me to this. Both industries are about connections you make with people. You can’t
succeed in either of those industries unless you’re able to tell a great story to get people involved and
interested in it. Now I’m ready to take that experience and help businesses do the same. C3 Specialties
can tell that great story about a brand and really make it connect with customers so they can succeed as

DeVaughn credits the team at SB PACE (Julie Traxler and Corey Harris) for helping make her dreams a
reality. “Without Julie and Corey and their expertise with small businesses, I don’t think I could have
done this. They have put me in a position where I can now help others. That’s the secret. We all succeed
when we figure out how to help each other during these challenging times.”

For help creating your brand story, contact C3 Specialties today.

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About C3 Specialties
C3 Specialties is a freelance copywriting/creative content provider. From websites to blogs, emails to
profiles, C3 Specialties gets to know you and your brand inside and out so they can lend your voice to the
story created. Stories sell. Creative storytelling is at the heart of their writing. They know how to speak to
people in a way that creates interest, loyalty, and sales conversions. Good storytelling is about relatability.
They take the time to get to know your brand so they can deliver your true voice, and help you create a
“friendship” between you and your customers that makes them keep coming back. Visit C3 Specialties at and follow on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @c3specialties.

SB PACE is teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to elevate their business by providing
powerful, controlled and balanced tools to build a strong foundation and to achieve success. SB PACE
was founded in March of 2020 by Julie Traxler and Corey Harris in Richmond, VA after they dove
headfirst into helping friends and family members who owned small businesses deal with the effects of
the global pandemic. Since then, Julie and Corey have helped numerous businesses plan new strategies,
review financials, pivot where necessary and solve problems. Julie and Corey, co-authors of the
best-selling book, “Seriously? Now What?!” and co-hosts of the BizQuik podcast, are driven by their
lifelong passion for small business and live by their Core Values. For more information about SB PACE,
please visit and follow on Instagram @sb.pace, Facebook @sbpace, and Twitter@sb_pace.

About Ava Dean Beauty

Ava Dean Beauty was born from AJ Mclean’s desire to bond with his two young daughters Ava and
Lyric Dean. Long work hours and many days apart made the moments together precious. Mani/pedi dates
with his girls became priceless and looked forward to with great excitement. Painting their nails together
inspired him to create 4 new shades designed to share this same joyous connection with you. For more
information, visit

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