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Hello there, this is a complete history of

our family, from our patriarchal ancestors in
the East, until the present day. This covers our
origins, migrations, and direct
paternal geneology for 20 generations. I hope
you appriciate it as much as I appriciate the
opportunity to present it to you.
With all my love.

Between the years 718 and 722 B.C. the

Assyrian empire deported 10 of the tribes of
Israel out from Palestine, leaving behind only
the tribe of Judah (the Jews). God brought this
punishment on them for preferring their own
way above his.
The Assyrians settled most of them in the
cities of the Medes and Persians, in ancient
times called Scythia Major. These exiles
eventually developed Indo-European speech.
In 331 BC, Greek Emperor Alexander the
Great conquered the East as far as India. His
reign included the areas of Scythia Major called
Parthia and Bactria where the Israelites had
Under the Greek rule of law it was possible
for men to have freedom of travel, unless you
were a slave. These Israelites, who were now
freedmen, seeing that their Persian slave
masters were a now conquered and subjegated
people, now had the freedom to go where ever
it was they wished. Over a spanse of 600 years
they migrated north and west, settling the then
unpopulated region we call Scandinavia, as
well as France, and Britain. The Vikings, Gauls,
Gaels, and Anglo-Saxons are the so-called "lost
10 tribes" of Israel. The House of Joseph, that
is, the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and
Manasseh, are the English speaking peoples.
Ephraim being the British Commonwealth, and
Manasseh being America.
Among the Viking-Israelites of Scandinavia
were a people led by Rollo "the Wolf" a
descendant of Odin. In the year 885 AD, Rollo
led a migration of Vikings down from the North,
to France where they conquered the region
centered around Rouen, and became a duchy
recognized by the Frankish king Sigfred. This
duchy we call Normandy, named after these
Nord men.
Then, in the year 1066, descendant of, and
heir to Duke Rollo the Wolf, was Duke William,
know as "the Conqueror", who came across the
English Channel for to CONQUER. Thus, the
The initial Battle between the Anglo-Saxons
and the Normans was The Battle of Hastings,
and as legend has it, one Guillame LeChaunce
was present at the seige. This name in English
vernacular is William Chance!! This individual
was either very lucky, or had a terrible
gambling habit. He is called "the Gambler.
This William Chaunce helped to build the
castle stronghold against the Anglisch, and at
least one of his sons were sent in the
colonization south to Worchestershire,
somewhere around Birmingham; presumably
Bromsgrove . At just around 200 years later I
have record of one descended from this
Chance of Bromsgrove named:
1.Henry Chaunce (middle 1300s) who married
Alice Loff
2.William Chaunce (Bromsgrove)
3.Henry Chaunce (Bromsgrove)
4.John Chaunce Sr. died after 1485 in
5.John Chaunce Jr. died 1542 in York.
6.Richard Chaunce b. in Bromsgrove, d. 1558
7.Thomas Chaunce (Bromsgrove)
8.William Chaunce b.1574 in Bromsgrove.
9.John Chaunce b. 1607 in Sheply,
10.William Chaunce "the Emmigrant" b. in
Sheply, Bromsgrove in 1624, came to
Somerset County, Maryland, USA in 1668 with
Lord Baltimore, and died in 1685.
11.Richard Chance Sr. b. & d. in Somerset
County, 1680-1747.
12.William Chance(was twin brother of Richard
Chance Jr.)
He was born in Somerset Co, MD, but moved to
Craven Co., N. Carolina.
13.Vincent (Vinson) Chance b. in Somerset d.
E.Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. 1758-1824.
Moved to Lousiana in 1804 after serving in the
Revolutionary War.
14.Elijah James Chance 1793-1860 fought with
Andrew Jackson in the Battle of 1812 and was
given a land grant in Sabine Co.Texas as a
reward for his service.
15.William M. Chance 1819-abt. 1880 married
Amie Anna Smith, the daughter of a Scotsman,
William Smith from N. Carolina who was also
a veteran of the Battle of 1812 and was also
granted land in Sabine Co. Texas.
16.James Buchannan Chance b. Dec. 1855 in
Sabine Parish,LA d. in Sabine Co.,TX.
17.James Hampton Chance b.Jan 1892 in San
Augustine Co.,TX. d. abt. 1957. He was drafted
in WWI.
18.James Huelon Chance (I still need to get
more specs on Papaw) I know that he was in
training to be a Marine in WWII, but was
appearantly dishonorably discharged for
violence. He had a hobby of smashing peoples
heads, so they thought they'd put his 5 foot
keister in the ring with their boxing champ. He
nearly killed their champ so they sent him
19.Arthur Leo Chance b. 5-5-1955 (living)
served in Vietnam.
Has three sons-Christian Pruitt, Arthur Leo Jr.,
and me,
20.Jimmie Lee Chance, b.1-30-1985.
As you can see from the history, we are the
Israel of the Bible, while the Jews are not Israel,
but Judah. Anyway, the Israelite tribe from
which we take our heritage is the tribe of
Manesseh (split into two halves in ancient
times, and still today represented by the North
and South). I say this because the name
Manesseh means, in Hebrew, FORGETFUL. This
is because Joseph, our father, said, when his
son Manasseh was born, "God hath made me
forget all my toil, and all my father's
house."(Genesis 41:51)
Unfortunately, we have lived up to this
name.Why is it that we have not been
interested in the house of our fathers. I am
very thankful to have learned, AND WILL
NEVER FORGET, the house of my father Joseph.
Proving that this was true helped me to know
and understand who I am, and most
importantly, helped me to learn of the Father
of my fathers, the very God and Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ. "Hear this word that the
LORD hath spoken against you, O children of
Israel, against the whole family which I brought
up from the land of Egypt, saying, You only
have I known of all the families of the earth:
therefore I will punish you for all your
lawlessness."(Amos 3:1-2)
What an honor to know our heritage, but
what a responsibility that comes along with it.