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Originally Posted by n_lev

There is a way to unarchive MER file...

To un-archive the MER file follow these easy steps:

1. Upload MER file from PanelView.
2. Double click on the project with the MER extension. RS View ME Station will start.
3. As long as RS View ME Station is running (even if an error is shown) it un-archives
the project to:

C:\Documents and Settings\<login username>\Local Settings\Temp\~MER.00

Replace <login username> with your login details.

Note that “\Local Settings” is a hidden directory.

The un-archived files are deleted when ME Station is no longer running.

That worked like a champ

I had to create a new project in RSView Studio with the same name as the .MER.
This is the only way that I was able to open the project in RSView Studio.

I deleted all the contents of the new project and replaced them with the contents of
the temporary folder noted in your steps.

The one thing that it didn't restore was the RSLinx Enterprise path. I guess that is
not that big of deal as long as you don't replace the comms when you download. It is
pretty simple to re-create it though.

One of our Engineers was at the Automation Fair a couple of weeks ago and a
Rockwell guy said that this was not possible. They are supposed to add this feature
into the next release of RSView.


baref00t25 Here is a little more detailed description of the process to

Member convert a .mer file to a .apa.

Create a new application in RSView Studio with the name

Join Date: Feb 2006
Local Time is: 01:07 PM that you want to restore your .mer application to, for this
Location: Central Wisconsin example let us use the name “Restored App”. The new
Posts: 17 application is stored at: “C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Documents\RSView Enterprise\ME\HMI
projects\Restored App\”
Upload the .mer file from the panelview plus using the
file transfer utility provided with RSView Studio. Run the
uploaded .mer application on your PC. You will get a
warning most likely that you current license will only work
for two hours, then you will get a warning stating that you
have too many screens to run on your current license.
These warnings are fine this will still work. Anyways, once
it has been opened it extracts all the files from the .mer
file into the following directory: “C:\Documents and
Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\~MER.00\”

Select all the files within the “~MER.00” directory and

copy them into the “Restored App” directory overwriting
all the files in the “Restored App” directory. Now go and
open the RSView Studio and select Restored App. Like I
mentioned before you will certainly lose the alarm
messages, but you can open the M_Alarms directory and
read the MachineAlarms.mal file in notepad.