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Contents $$ Djpage Reinhard Notes on the Solos Explanation of Symbola A Note on the Fingering A Note on Swing Pinsh Bie Deng Chasing Rainbows t trna't Moan A Thing {If ft Ain't Got That Sings ifier You're Gone Zorpia On My Mind tine aA Sestimental Mood he Sheik Of Araby IU Be Clad Bhen You're Dead) You Kascal You Finesse (Night Wind) hidachded Jon't Borry “Bout Me Fuages(L) fanges (lp fuages For Solo Guiter in Analysis of Django's Guilar Style ntroduction jaree’s Guitar Style ord Formulas cakes fexture and Color fool of the improviser Major 6th © Major 7th Major 6th and 7th Minoe Minor 6th Dominant 7h Dosinant 9th $3th Chords Altered Dominant and Diminished Chords Connecting Chord Tones Chord Tone to Chord Tone Scalewise Scalewise Passing Tones Chromatically : Chromatic Passing Tones | Chromatic Glisanda ‘Chromatic Glissanda (four half-steps) (Chromatic Glissando (long) Combined Seale and Chromatic Pawitg Tones ‘Omaments The Trill Bending Notes Aus iliary Tones Surrounding Note Figure Discography SESEVNKR KER EB Ee EsEsE a888 ez Django Reimhardt — cowow, cof Django Reinhardt and Stephane Crappolli has hel 3 rreir- yin the 1970s, Guitariate a¢ diverse as tock stars Peter Frampton, Carls Santana anut Serry Garcia, hire great IR King, rountry players Chet Atkins and Sorry Herd, classical masters John Williams and in Bream, and nearly exer rist from Lrs Pauvand arney Kes: and Larry Goryell have expressed their admiration and istry of Django Reinhardt. The passion and wratth of ty in his mursir will always he imawortal. That Django ean he an in 1 to musicians of sich different temperaments and styles point the universality of his musical legaey. Duke Ellington called him one of the pereminent jaxz instrrmentatists lerate European gypsy who told time hy the ax soon disappear to ge fishing or play billiarte ae keep came fram one of the most sophislirated misicians man who overeame a severe handirap. the crippling of two fingers on his left fretting hand inirned im a raravan fire when lie way ightcen, went on to develop an astounding. unique and inimitable technique led torlay. ‘The details of Djanga’s life have been slralt with and liner notes to his albums and sill not he further expounded upon here. Indeed author James Jones (From Herr to Eternity) ane set ont to write a book about Django. whe had greatly inspired him. After traveling to France and talking to numerous of Django’s contempararies, he finally alvandoned the projert herause of the inronsistencies ani cuntrastietions he found in his interviews. Django will always le the stuff of which Irgends arr marle: the real facts can never be Known. [tis in his mesic that Django will be «his ficree passion and soulfel ont many music journals five years after. Djange's death. vielinist Stephane Grappelli, his partner in the Quintet af the Hot Clubs of Franer, is turningon a whole new generation of fans to the joys of “Le Jzex Mot” with his pracions am- biones, total musicianship and sublime eres At weventy years nf age he is an inspiration tere and hear. He cooks with such joy and rhapso- dizes s0 heautifully. totally al one with his instrument. that he brielzes all generation gaps. [f Django were alive uwlay, he foo would most certainly be a force in the future development of jazz. Yet Django lives on forever on the numerous recordings he male be- tween 1931 153. Dirertor Martin Scorsese is said to have gained his original ins 1 the movie “New York. New York" while Fistening to the quintet’ recording of “Hillets Donte whieh is featured in the movie. Thope that this hook will help yow gain some insight and much pleastare the great gypsy. Djange Reinhardt. Stan Ayeroft ‘ Lae Angeles, Californ Febuary 20, 19 Notes on the Solos December 1934 from the first recording session of “The Quintet of The Hot Club “Blue Drag” Apeil | - “Chasing Shadows” September 193: “Ht Dua’t Mean A Thing” October 1935. Lhave transcribed Djangu's elo and the Lat section where he “trades fours” with Stephane Crappelli- After You've Gune™ May 196 ‘This has a vocal by Freddy Tay lor and fratures some of Crappelli’s het- est playing. “Georgia On My Mind™ Way 1936 This features a vocal fy Freddy Taylor. The inteuduction by Django i siperl. Shine” May 1936 “Another soral by Freddy Taylor. Django really cuuks on this one. la A Sentin Moud™ Apeil 1937 “The Steik Of Arabs Apeil 19S “You Rascal You" December 1937 Django is barked only by the base of Louis Vola. Chave transcribed the third, fourth, aad fifth churuses ane the two chacuses that follow the bass solo. -“Finesse” Apeil 1939 ‘Recorded under the mame “Rey Stewart And His Feetwarmers.” this cut featured touring members of The Duke Ellimgte Urehestra: Rex Stewart on ‘comet, Bares Hiyard on elasinet and Billy Taylor un bas. “Undevaded™ August 1939 ‘This cut has a vocal by [ery | Dasie after Django's opening ska. “Don't Worry “Boal We" August LYS9 Thave tramcriled Djange's oprainng solo sad his half chorus after the, vocal by Beryl Davin “Nuages” (I) Febeuary 196, This version fealuers Stephane Grappetli on violin. Django starts his solo in artifield harmonics “Duar” (UL) Auge HT This ver-ion features Maurice Meunier on eLarinet. Nugget July 10 ft is av uadieation of Django’s jc energy and Clow of ideas tat this cul cans eleven minutes atid filly sevonds, The end af “selleville™ fades aut oa une side of the TBeecond on whic it wa ecunded, and fades ie again on the other side, evewtualy bev vai, have teamsribedd the begin vf the thee, ing of “Muaages™ with the coruplete sat