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Kanet Blot MUSIC FOR CELLO AND PIANO Cello Table of Contents Piano Cello Ernest Bloch Biography Prayer, (From Jewish Life Supplication, (From Jewish Life Jewish Song, (From Jewish Life No. Méditation Hébraiqu Nigun (Improvisation from Baal Shem (Three Pictures of Chassidic Life)... CARL FISCHERe 65 Bloeckor Streat, New York, NY 10012 Copyright © 2000 by Cart Fischer, LC Intemational Copyright Secured. (SBN 0-8256-4108-2 Ernest Bloch (1880-1959) Bloch studied violin and composition with Louis Rey and Jaques-Dalcroze in his native city, Geneva, then with Eugéne sae, Rasse and Knorr in Brus- sels and Frankfurt. After spending some time in Munich and Paris, he re- turned to Geneva and entered his father’s clock business, while sparing time for conducting, lecturing and composing. In 1919 he arrived in the USS. and taught privately and at the Mannes School of Music in New York. He conducted orchestral concerts of his own works and was awarded the Coolidge Prize for his Viola Suite, quickly establishing himself as a “Jewish” composer. While serving as the first Director of the Cleveland Institute of Music and subsequently as the Director of the San Francisco Conservatory, Bloch, now a US. citizen, won the first prize in a contest sponsored by ‘Musical America for his epic rhapsody in three parts, America. He returned to Europe living in Switzerland during the 1930s, but settled back in Oregon when the Nazis came to power. Shortly afterwards he became a-music professor at the University of California at Berkeley and received numer- ‘ous honors, including the first Gold Medal in Music of the American Acad- emy of Arts and Sciences (1947) and two New York Music Critics’ Circle awards (1952) for his String Quartet No.3 and Concerto Grosso No.2. In 1959, six years after his retirement, Bloch died of cancer. Through the efforts of his three children, Suzanne, Lucienne and Ivan, in 1968, the Ernest Bloch Society was established in the U.S. to Hans Kinder Prayer Violoncetlo (From Jewish Life No. 1) ‘The sign / before a note indicates play one quartertone above ‘The sign \ indicates play one quarter-tone below ERNEST BLOCH Edited by Hons Kindler Andante moderato (d= circa so) 2 — a paw £ SS = a : a eo Z ——> J £ ‘poco dim. pry caloroso breve aca 2 S. ee ct poco dim, eas + MS nee mf rese. Foc ain. = Poco pitt mosso dolente mp espress, = — => =P Copyright © 1928 by Car Fischer nc costae International Copyright Secured. 4 VIOLONCELLO Poco pid vivo (8% ad tis) & i 22835 fr 2 fe \ dim. ———— ae dim. oa Pitt vivo @ piacere oO accel. - - - - - = atempo rail, 22 2 | 2 — SIS nm © See explanation opposite page to Hans Kindler Supplication 5 Violoncello (From Jewish Life No. 2) ERNEST BLOCH Feed by Hans Kner Allegro non troppo (#= 108-112) ~ 4 appass, 3 2 ae = PES ODS it oa wns mp ———_ mf poco a poco animando ed —— appassionato FSF & = Goce poco dim. ¢ calando rit. - ~~ molto @ tempo SS BP (poco pitt lento), A 0 Copyright © 1925 by Carl Fischer, Inc. osaee Intemational Copyright Secured. to Hans Kner i Jewish Song Violoncello (From Jewish Life No. 3) “The sign / before a nove indicates play one quartertone above ‘The sign \ indicates play one quarter-tone below Peneer BioeH Edited by Hans Kindler Moderato (¢ =a) dolente, 2 > 2 La *) —=— anf ‘poco accel.) (a,fempo) a 2 poco rall. lingo #9) a m1 4 = = in. — a Mt mp are ae =e > 1 $oN oS yf S = crescendo —= Le 2 Marg. HL. 22 243 poco allarg. — toece ra = f= "ZR? a tempo (un pock. pit Lento) = at Ky —= >" p [ee < -_ eee Copyright © 1925 by Car Fischer, inc ossa2 International Copyright Secured, 10 Pablo Casals 7 : Méditation Hébraique Violoncello The sign / before a note indicates play one quartertone above “The sign \ indicates ply one quarterstone below Eee och Edited by Hans Kindler Moderato (d: eires 76) city a animando =P F oresc. 4 ? v a SoS tnlenso 4 Siete wicca = I—= = timate a allars See : £ fy ae 2 b, crescendo == Pf largamente r animando allarg. ob: 2 SNS 2 ¥ o ey qujeto 6 = pp aoiciss. Copyrignt © 1925 by Cart Fischer, Ine Ostse ‘international Copyright Secured. 8 ‘VIOLONCELLO poco animando 1 he 7 aularg. motto « tempo Pe 2606. ——————allarg. 4 @ tN allarg. << ———— “Uoloissimo ali, motte ztpy + Eee tes Sy A thee == = —— ~ ster vit Scares T