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Pinky’s Iron Doors Air Series Continues to Gain Popularity

The nationwide iron and steel door supplier’s innovative door line takes the spotlight.

Vernon, CA, January 21, 2021 --( As the Californian iron and steel door manufacturer and
supplier Pinky’s Iron Doors gains traction in the national market for their products, their line of modern
and contemporary iron doors and windows receives center-stage attention.

Called the Air Series, this series of doors and windows of all kinds emulates future-forward, luxurious
design principles that the company prizes. This series includes doors within their steel and iron door
categories, as well as patio doors, pivot doors, barn doors, sliding doors, passage doors and more.

The essence of the Air Series lies in the strength and fortitude that wrought iron and steel embody. This
contrasts the clean lines and heavy use of glass in the doors. Different kinds of metal and glass paneling
form the basis of how the Air Series doors are differentiated amongst themselves.

Primarily minimalistic in their theme, the Air Series (like all their doors) can be customized in a few
different colors, with accessories and in terms of their dimensions. Some of Pinky’s Iron Doors custom
categories also emulate the Air Series, such as their pocket doors, room dividers, wine cellar doors and
bi-fold doors.

A company spokesperson said, “The Air Series was launched after a period of market testing in which our
designers and artisans created custom pieces for our clients in a style that later became a signature for this
series. With this line of doors and windows, we envisioned modern, new, clean, fresh and minimal.

"The overwhelming amount of success and demand that these doors got made it clear that we needed to
make them a vital part of our company’s store. Since then, the Air Series has been used by notable people
and the average American alike."

The Air Series was most notably used by TLC’s Nate and Jeremiah who utilized the doors in their
projects and their very own Californian door. Additionally, celebrities like Gregg Sulkin have also bought
and installed Air series’ doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Pinky’s Iron Doors’ other specialties include their wrought iron doors with intricate design and detail - a
product category that expands to include customizations like double/single doors or flat/arched tops.

About the Company

Pinky’s Iron Doors offers high-quality wrought iron doors, steel doors, custom iron doors and custom
steel doors at affordable rates. They also have a huge variety of custom wrought iron doors and other
urban doors.

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