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The Daytona Grand Tourer Series by DiW Manufacture

The Bespoke Manufacturer, Designa Individual Watches made it possible to re-create the iconic
Daytona timepiece, using the latest innovative techniques and materials. And now, a new addition to
the Carbon series was just released.

Moscow, Russia, January 20, 2021 --( Designa Individual Watch Manufacture is introducing a
new incredible custom Carbon series. Inspired by the first high-performance sport cars, the Grand Tourer
projects are a hot addition to the custom Carbon collection.

Watchmaking has had a very long history of evolution, since the very first timepieces ever produced to
the latest, complicated ones; there is an important aspect that will not change at all, and that is heritage.
The art of high horology is now highly customizable, and it is known due to the projects from DiW
Manufacture that were released since the end of the past decade.

Nowadays, people understand that high-end carbon fiber possesses incredible properties, that allow it to
be extremely light and durable; nevertheless it is an incredibly difficult material to work with. As this
material is perfect for high-performance machines, such as sport cars, planes and yachts, it is also a
perfect match for high-end horology. Innovative approaches made it possible to get the best composite
materials on your wrist. So far, having a feather-weight watch in the wrist is a completely different
experience, as some collectors stated.

The new Grand Tourer series was inspired by all-time sport coupe classics, such as the Shelby GT500 and
Dodge Challenger SRT. The "racing soul" was meticulously trespassed into the ultimate sports watch,
ensuring it delivers only the best experience to its owner. High-end customization is a trend that allows to
get an extra touch of exclusivity, on which everyone can take part of the creation process.

Not only is the new Grand Tourer series even more sporty than before, but as each piece is crafted in
carbon fiber, it is the perfect combination of design and materials. A passion that is extremely luxurious
as well. The development and production of carbon elements involve a lot of research and high
manufacturing expenses.

The new Carbon Daytonas are presented in 3 different models in the series: the GT Red, Blue and Green.
Each piece is limited to only 5 in the world, and an estimated production time of 6-10 weeks.

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