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The very misleading propaganda being disseminated by the

so-called 'global media' must never be left unchallenged.

This 'global media' very much likes to idolise and even
propagate the western lifestyle and culture.
Never mind the excessive and mindless killings in Mexico,
Iraq or Kabul or even the dark alleys of South Los Angeles
and other similar cities, just let us scan the local news.
Recent news item: #1
Two gangs of men armed with machetes and an assortment of
other equally dangerous items clashed with each other over
some territorial disputes near Taman Emas last Sunday.The
two gangs have been going at each other since last year. The
clash on Sunday also involved others from outside the Klang
Valley. At least two cars were set on fire and gunshots were
heard during the fight. Three men have been detained. More
than forty gang members participated in the clash. The men
have long records of arrests for various offences.
Recent news item: #2
Two groups of arsonists are believed to be on the loose in
Penang. Last week a fruit store was set on fire. Other fires
involved motorcycles and decorative banners belonging to
residents in George Town. A man was believed to have tried
to set fire to the front area of a home belonging to a single
mother at the Paya T flats. Another four cases were reported
within the last 13 hours. In Perak Rd, a biscuit shop was
partially burnt but the owner managed to put out the fire.
On Friday eight stalls at the Anson Rd market were set ablaze.
Other news items reveal that not only are criminals becoming
extremely dangerous, bold and very violent but also sadistic
as well. Luckless Victims have been 'punished' on the spot by
them for not 'giving' enough. Bodies of both men AND women
have been found in bushes, rivers, buildings and deserted areas
stark naked or half-naked. Others have had their hands or arms
lobbed off permanently.
These kinds of bizarre or cruel events have been taking place
in a nation described by its leaders plus Hillary Clinton as a
'model nation' for the world. Now, if this is considered a model
nation (nation that 'practises' western capitalist democrazy
or bunga bunga democracy), then how are things in countries that
are less regarded as model nations ? ? ?
Perhaps places like Mexico, LA and Iraq come quickly to mind.
Today, drugs and violence and roadside bombs and booze and sex
especially with the underaged/children are all closely associated
with the western lifestyle and its culture even in the
'model nations'. The world must be aware of the vicious pitfalls
and dangerous traps hidden by the west as they seek to peddle
their wares to the rest of the world. The crimes or offences
committed by the western man are long and virtually endless. His
list of crimes even actually stretches all the way right up to
the very gates of Hell.
Be aware !
The western man and his 'global media' are more than ever very
determined to impose the western lifestyle on the rest of the
world. Never yield to them. And never provide them company !!!
To Hell with them !