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63 (i tevn ttt i eappelloy(they all lift thetr caps) Tote - og ry er er tome repectt “Hats Bite aw Bit, as ot her iet ~ ei. gi. gid. gid. iow some res-pectl Hats off, hats = off, hats i” berstet = i ; By a G ese Cavatina tore Dulcumsra sopra un carro doraio, in pledl, avvndo in mano delle carte ¢ delle bottigtle, Dietzo ad esto un sereitore che suons Ia tromba. Tutti 1 Paesani lo eircondana. SCENE V,Doctor Dulcamata, standing on a gilded coach, carrying some bottles and papers in his hands, Following lim is a scivaut, who Lows « uuilipet, All die villagers gauier round, DULCAMARA saEstoso # fupponge € 1 - magl-no uinrdertsin, Sequainied with di me = saps plate ch'ioso = no quel gran me-di-co, te-nown and glo-ty, that mas-ter of things med=lc “9-16 en ~el-clo- pendl-co, ~ma-to Dul-ea > mata, know “ledge en-cy= clo-ped-ic-al, Who'tknowa as Dul-ca = ma -ra, == son notary - ni- ‘cul _vir- ti pre = cla ef Gf and graces y throughout te wor are | skill and mys- le aura, heal Reoit?? F zinal eet ack. in’ oth-er places, Preece ‘Be-ne -fat-tor de - gi'uo- mi-ni, ri - pa - ra -tor iL ‘TheBe-ne-fac = tor “of all men, by whom all wrongs are in po-chi glor-ni sgom= be-fo, to spazz0 gli spe - da-l, T cinpsy out de bos-pli-alaywherever Yn tn ~ vit-ed, La ce pis mouse ———$ = ———— vende-re per tuttoilmondoio vo. best ofheaith,astirough te world go, Se: ‘COM pra ~te-12,com ~ pea~te-la,per poco fo ve la dd, _com-practe~ la, com low, come one come ali.and buy,T eall,the price fs ve-Fy low, come buy, I call, come > > 5 il (with the air of a charlatan) mn (conaria di cierlatano) ~prate-la,perpoco io ve 1a ad. E questo 1'o-don- ne ome alse p peice isvery low. This is the per-fect i SS : aie T culeerd-A-,ca-W au ~wo-d-cl, bol - la- toc-var, ve-dere Ef-fect-fve,be-ne ~"ficctal,, au-then-ticand of - fizetal, | I havehere tes-t1 ie #teee foan See SES ts s, 2 claschedun fa Per questo mio spe vals to show youby the score, This tonsic ends se = nil i = ty,te-juv-en-atesfer ‘un wom settuage = © vacle-tw-di - nario, ‘nonno di diect sone man of eighty al-read-y half in neaveh ——_grand-fatherne be~ et Damboli_an-co-ta di-ven - w, di diecloveo-! bamboll fin nonno di-ven- came tosome tenchildren,maybe more, someten or twenety children,he grand-fathered maybe This eveer-Igv-ing___lquor, ve- do-va di piange-re ces - 10, ‘© voi ma-trone 9» y wid-ows whohad never smiled before. ‘You mawons of ma= Tingiovanir brama-te? Docs growing old depress you? ‘on e4-80 cancel-late, Vo-leve vol doozelle ben acts aver Ia Young ladies are you dreamt the wrinkles chat dismessyou,Young adtes are youdreaming. - as ‘nt ga = laned, favereannisnd? Gomprate 1 mio epe- ent gas lane, per scanpre. aa ee 7 Vol glow: ming? Young men increase your chances for plentiful ro-mances! Jus ~ei-fi-co, per poco fo ve lo do, medi-cine The price isvery low, do, Da bavi, giovi-not-U,da ixave, ve do-vetve, comprate il mlospe-cl-fi-co, per poco io ve 10 low. Youclever beave young fellows you cleverbrave young widows,come,uy my magic medicine:foryor == Ss = Tmove ja = il = U cl, spe-disce gli apo = ple-ti-ci, gliasmati~ci.gli a Iemovesthe a-ra - ly ~ onal pepe up the's~ pop ~ ee-sivoaivanimasio ald yee ery aes \P wafi= t-cl gh isericl, ~pepeti-cal,the rheumatic and the s 4 £5; ; “eh -U-die fino mad di fe - gatocl Hek se -ty,clmsho-tit of the Uv-ergtha 69 spe-di-see gil aj Bt c> t-cide, all aflments will be rect-i-fled, = Hccal.pepsupthe a = pop= => “ei ~ fico, voi, ve -do-ve € don vel - e, vol, giova-ni and young damsels. you fentlemen so ga- bam-bo-lt, comprate 1 mio Ober POrCO VE 46, aI, sh, per i 1 =pe for you,the price ts SSN peice ts ver Tow,yes,yes,the price is very portato. per ta Thave brought iton this, @a lon=tano mille —miglia.. Mi di-te-ve: quanto costa? quanto va-le man-y milleso’er land and o-cean.You may askime:How much isit?for a bot-tle of the : = $$$ oe - “tiglia? Cen-to sud? potion? Hun-dred squdl?° ‘Neriicho & Wo-men-t., Per peo-vat “viii Taio co-teD-tO Gl lavmico acco-gll- ‘Thiswill surprise you plenty Just to show how I'm con-ten-ted with the wellcome You've ex s33 og “mento, to vi voglio,o buona gente, u-no scudo te-ga - tended, toeachone of you.good gentry, I've a scudo to pre- sent. fo (One whole scudo? compil- ‘mente7PIti brav'uom non ti pub dar, non ai pud dar, mrent'ry?Hle'+aman from heaven seutltie'sbesven sent, il pub dar, yordebren vest! mente 7Pib brav "vom noni pud Gar, mentry?He'sa man fromheaven sent, pi dar, man frombesven sent, f Toni pub da, fetneonseets eager This E-lix = = oF is Tutte Euro-pa sa oh so healthy that all Europe knowsl vendo niente men di no-ve sell tt for nine U-re: ma sle-come & Ure to the wealthy :1'm inclined to ur pa = le-se,ch'fo aon na -to nel pa~ do you favors, since at one time we were ALES FIFACE = cla-scun 6 lo ype. eo cause f fove you dearly, I'am giv- ing you” one t at ss ee aad sae~coc = cia to Txe- clo entrar, sno sca = do bel = Toe pet 10 seu-do, in your pock -et, clear and free 1 amgiv = ing you one shi ~ ny Sa Pw |e ie Re jee | = SE : — i allig! " ve- te- = Truel we all A= = vant. Come _forwardt vol He - tel to pra = ferl sre che able gift 24 § ge Nol ci ab-blam del vo = suo ami- vo lun - mem-ber your ar-Fi - We'll ro - vol dere! to proffer! Eee 2 sto ant’ = vo Tun areri = val_as vo = We'llte'= member your VosTO BF = Tl-VOressevee, IUNGS = MENTE yourar = ti-val asa, cherished sweet memory, yes ‘vorue ar = your ar = Jove of home and comuy, ” whacgrea an be, an, fom ¥ th +r } nok abs - thm at we - - ve, welt Smee = bee so not cfab- - Blam det vo- - 0 ar - ‘u te > mem- bet tong "your at - nol ciab- ~ blam det yo- = ao a= th = vo, we'll, te > omem- ber long your ar- rt - > val + Giail cal = doaf-fer | to mi - ta - =i far, WB TG Nome” Sndcbih “Lay, Mia grea au sce BE: =—. buL. fan tiictas == =O faegrest mir = vo= roe = = cx PE Ee BPR IB hg SVE a ces y Gabbiam del vo + fo areri = voa ti ~ Cor-dat, youranriv- al ig ‘cher -Uthed mem <0 = ry. moi ct abbiam dq yo suo acal~ yoq t= cor-dar, i ‘ourcher - mem-0= TY," your ar tiv'= al pi os = = Ss Tyr. = Ps cbs ERE Po comdar lungasmen= = te a its cordar, en aa ne chet = = ishedsweetmem-o = ty, x Behe Sea oo Se MRED 2S Ba swee mem oe ge ra : i yes, SP 7 7 A Et Bed meme" S Situtlatsoater HL. Jar, Fh ~Cotadar. masses memi-o = 2H tem Sa het ih cs TEs a toa. By inne ee ter Gnd mS = neo Joy te SCENE VI Scewae Duttro scENA rt. SCENE and DUET ‘quest’ vom mira-co-lo-40 del. vil-lag-gto, Del-{a scien-za su-2 voglio far saggto, by send~ing to the this magiclan, may-be his ssienes ean impeove mm ios a