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would you piss on these two if they were on fire?


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2 Class War Issue 79


In September Prince William is expected Firstly the principal of St Andrews is
The scenes of carnage across Britain, with decided it is cheaper not to mass to start his studies at St Andrews actually moving house so as William
mounds of burning animals, has been immunise animals but to stand the cost University in Scotland, one of Britain’s can be accommodated more
constantly portrayed on our TV screens of mass slaughter if and when it breaks oldest and poshest educational securely! Dr Brian Lang is
as some sort of cruel to be kind, stiff out. Needless to say it is not the establishments. Whilst the media circus moving out of his baronial mansion
upper lip, spirit of the blitz policy, aimed government of the farmers that will meet around William serves to reinforce the close to St Andrews golf course
at protecting animals. Nothing could be the cost of this decision, but you and view that the royals realise he is their so that the School of Art History
further from the truth. Profit, not animal me, the taxpayer. last good chance of maintaining a can be located in the mansion.
welfare, is the sole motive for the mass constitutional monarchy in the UK, they Here W illiam will take his studies,
culling. A second result of the outbreak has are not exactly attempting to convince us when not murdering local wildlife
been a mass clamp down on movement. that William is just another student, or with the various blood sports
We are rarely informed of it, and many In some places military style exclusion just another teenager. societies based at the
people do not even know it, but the truth is zones are enforced with such rigidity university. Should William
that foot and mouth disease is not fatal to we wonder if we risk being shot for tire of the atmosphere
animals. Humans cannot catch it at all. Left challenging them. So called rights of around St Andrews
to its own devices, the animal will recover, way have been closed everywhere. If and his rooms in snooty St
without even assistance from a vet. we have a ‘right’ but that ‘right’ can be Salvator’s College, The
taken away with the stroke of Queen Mother has
Why then the slaughter of infected and an official’s pen, without consultation or thankfully given him use of
even uninfected animals? While the consent, then the truth is we never a hunting lodge she owns
animals have foot and mouth, they cannot had any such right in the first place. on the Birkhall estate in
be sold. The disease takes time to run its We were simply allowed a temporary Balmoral. How many
course and while it does it spreads, privilege (in this case to walk homes does the old bag
amongst other animals in a similar way to on this green and pleasant land) have? Given the lack of
flu. As animals cannot be sold profits until the powers that be deemed it affordable homes in rural
collapse. To maintain profit the policy inconvenient and took the privilege areas for working class
is to contain the epidemic via strict away. On a wider scale we have people, and rural
segregation and mass slaughter. seen this happen in Northern Ireland Scotland’s long history as
in the past with the right to a jury a playground for the rich,
Immunisation to prevent foot and trial removed and even in the the message from the
mouth is not only possible (something 1970s imprisonment without trial. royals is the same as ever.
rarely stated on our TV screens in recent
months) but common in m any parts of Always question what the ruling class We have a message for
the world. However as there has been tells you. Especially the tales deemed the royal spin-doctors. You
no major outbreak in Britain since 1967 to be common sense, accepted wisdom may be able to convince
our government and much of Europe has or “expert opinion”. some people that William is
Britain’s most eligible
bachelor and that he is the
best thing since sliced
bread. It will be a lot easier
for us to convince people
he’s just another idle royal

Thank you to the BBC and hundreds of much they care. Companies in the city
fading celebrities and entertainers for that spend 364 days a year pillaging the
inflicting yet another Comic Relief on us earth are suddenly devoting one day to
all in March. Has it never occurred to the saving it.
likes of Lenny Henry, Bob Geldof,
Vanessa Feltz etc that if charity could Anybody in the office who does not want
solve people’s problems it would have to wear a big red nose and a pair of silly
done so by now? Does anybody pants is instantly labelled as at best a
“Further to our meetings and discussions with them, we are seriously believe Africa (to take an misery guts, at worst as some sort of
offering the Bloomsbury Forum our full support of the Freedom Party. The example) is a healthier and more inadequate who cannot relate to his or her
leadership team consists of successful businessmen and top civil servants. prosperous continent now than it was colleagues. Even worse is the way the
The accounts will be run by a lecturer and audited by a certified accountant. before Live Aid? Of course it is not. |biggest wankers in senior
A board of trustees has been set up, headed by an esteemed barrister” People are poor, people are sick people management are portrayed as incredibly
Former British National Party high fliers Steve and Sharon Edwards encouraging are fucked over because of global zany generous guys because for one day
BNP members to jump ship to a new far-right party. They are very easily capitalism, not because Mrs Smith of a year they wear a silly shirt, donate £50
impressed by people with posh jobs aren’t they? Congleton has failed to send £10 to an and allow a few of the junior ranks to have
appeal fronted by Boyzone. a drink in the office.

What has become so offensive about Class War would like to work with others
SCARING THE HORSES? Comic Relief is the way so many big
employers, and their personnel
to organise a national phone in sick day
on the next Comic Relief is upon us. Join
The not guilty verdict for Vincent Bethell, the “right to be departments use it as a day to show how us.
naked” protestor, is probably more significant than it at first
appears. Whatever you think of Mr Bethell or his protests,
this was the first time he had appeared before a jury. On ADVERTISE IN CLASS WAR
every occasion he had appeared before a magistrate he
had been found guilty.
To advertise in britain's best selling class struggle Anarchist
The police, Crown Prosecution Service and Jack ‘Boots’ publication, please contact London Class War. Rates are:
Straw want to limit the number of jury trials precisely be-
cause jury’s are more likely to return verdicts like this than 1/16th page - £15
some reactionary old tosser of a magistrate.
1/8th page - £20
What’s the betting that the next time Mr Bethell is arrested
the charge is deliberately framed so as it can only be heard We reserve the right to refuse adverts from hippies, known rip off
at a magistrates court? merchants and people with their eyebrows too close together.
Class War Issue 79 3


A small, but interesting article the relative disadvantage of others’.
appeared in The Nursing Times in And all this time we thought it was
There are currently a lot of right wing wankers Cumbria were waving guns about in March. The piece dealt with a study just down to inbreeding, cocaine and
mouthing off about ‘what a hard time they’re broad daylight against government entitled ‘Income Inequality and the alcoholism.
having’. Whether its Richard Littlejohn in The officials - why are we not hearing about prevalence of common mental
Sun and his pathetic version of “Terrorist farmers”? Is this because it disorders in Britain. (Weich. S, et The best thing these overpaid
English identity; the farmers, the foxhunters, doesn’t fit in with the right wing agenda al. 2001). underworked parasites could do would
the hauliers, William Hague or the numerous Blair and the media are currently be to hand over all their ill gotten
other Anti Europe Save the Pound brigade. following? The study assesed over 8,000 cash to us, then commit guilt free
Of course this sounds very much like the main adults in the U.K. and found that mass suicide. The worst thing they
groups of people who benefitted from the Where Next?
wealthy people living in areas of could do is become so guilt ridden
Thatcher years, selfish one and all. high income inequality suffered that they try to involve themselves in
What happens after the election though?
higher levels of mental disorder. working class movements and
With the election you can either vote for True With friends we’re gonna be at the
imagine they are doing something to
Blue Tories who screw the powerless, or cutting edge of class struggle, as usual,
The authors suggest that wealthy help. George Monbiot and your land
Labour who do it a bit more subtly. No where ever it can be found. Whether
people living near poor areas may owning family, your money or your
wonder there is no enthusiasm for an it’s at the anti G8/ International Monetary
experience ‘guilt or unease about worthless, middle-class life!
election, given the range of no choice on Fund gatherings or confronting the
Countryside Alliance. The first

offer. The Vote for Nobody Campaign is a
good way to deal with the forthcoming because they control the world
charade. Check capitalist economy that oppresses us all,
votenobody/ the second because they are led by a
bunch of rich reactionaries who want Back in November 1999 a police trot out mug shots of alleged
One new development this time round are the the countryside for themselves when demonstration was organised at rioters. To do this they not only have to
various Socialist Alliance candidates. Last time really it belongs to us all. somewhat short notice at Euston get their own camera crews in place, but
these activists campaigned for people to vote Station to coincide with the huge N30 they rely on photographers and
for Tony Blair. They were wrong then – why There are a lot of local campaigns that event in Seattle. At the time Class War journalists from both the national media
should we believe them this time round? need to be done as well, maybe you will felt somewhat pessimistic about the and so-called “independent journalists”.
be fighting the bosses in your workplace, chances of taking on the huge police
On the legal front, Straw, Blair and co attacking penny pinching councils like operation on the day and decided to Class War believes that anyone taking
continue moving the country to the right. Blair Hackney, or helping other struggles stay at home and watch it on the telly. photographs without permission at a
has got away with far more in his first term as where ever they can be found - like that Given the events that evening we were demonstration is a threat to the security
Prime Minister than Thatcher did in hers. of prisoner Mark Barnsley. The only probably right, although it did not stop of that demonstration. We urge all
Ironically the Prevention of Terrorism Act came answer to ruling class attacks is to the “reporters” at ITN’s Tonight With activists to think very carefully about
into force alongside a media panic about encourage, and take part in fight back. Trevor MacDonald claiming we were people filming around them, and to be
animal rights terrorists whilst Farmers in Just do it! not only present but helped organise particularly cautious about the never
the event! ending stream of sympathetic
independent journalists doing the rounds.
Amongst the many people injured on
the evening by the police was a Journo Watch 2 – News Of The
journalist, Danny Penman. Penman Screws
apparently attended that evening In the last Class War we carried a quote
because he had received an about Neville Thurlbeck, the News of the
anonymous tip-off that fascists from World crime correspondent who is a
C18 would be present (that he took registered police informer. We suspect
this seriously perhaps shows the level the same goes for many of his
of Penman’s intelligence) After colleagues. Thurlbeck, who uses the
having his arm broken by the cops he pseudonym Ray Levene amongst
circulated many activist groups others, specialises in the seedy tales that
appealing for witnesses. Sadly when have characterised the News of the World
Mr Penman was approached to help for a generation. Normally their reporter
defendants arrested that evening, he visits some respectable
refused point blank. Journalists are suburban house for the Women’s
often described as being parasitical Institute coffee morning, discovers it is
on the anti-capitalist movement but they in fact a knocking shop, and rushes back
are rarely as blatant as Danny to London to file his story usually ending
Penman. his report of suburban sex with the cliché

MONKS BREAKS VOW We are also aware of a female

“independent reporter” who was
“our reporter made his excuses and

OF SILENCE extremely reluctant to assist several

anti-fascists arrested in London last
year, even though she held
A visit to the website http://www.lifestyles- however,
shows Mr Thurlbeck in one of his sting
John Monks, General Secretary of the past four years they have important video evidence. You know operations (pictures we cannot repeat in
the T.U.C. has called for a review of shown themselves time and time who you are, we know who you are. a family newspaper like Class War)
rules which exempt businesses with again to be on the side of Do not expect to be allowed to film at Suspicious of Thulbeck two masseurs
fewer than twenty one employees from business in any confrontation with ANY demonstrations in London again. filmed him covertly. Whatever it is
holding a ballot on union recognition. workers. he is doing on their film and the website
It is believed this law effectively After every big demonstration the he is certainly not making his
excludes between five and eight The crocodile tears of Monks excuses and
million workers from union should be seen in the light of leaving! Indeed the
m e m b e r s h i p . T h e G. P . M . U . p r i n t his invitations, readily accepted, somewhat anti-gay
union has found itself particularly to bosses organisation, the C.B.I. News of the World
vulnerable because of this loophole. to send it’s Director General to would certainly not
One firm split it’s thirty eight workers s p e a k a t t h e a n n u a l T. U . C . approve of some of
into two separate firms and another conference. This cosy relation- the goings on!
broke the company down into eight ship has worked both ways with
different entities which led to the Monks addressing the parasites Still with the close
application for union recognition of the C.B.I. in a true spirit of protection of the
being withdrawn. ‘partnership’ at their annual police and the
worker bashing shindig. Press Complaints
Monks has also called for an end to Commission
the practice of abstentions being No doubt Monks has his eye on Thurlbeck will
counted as “no” votes in recognition the prize of a seat among the no doubt continue
ballots. The Labour Party has pledged ‘vermin in ermine’ in the House doing his thing –
to review the act after it has been in of Lords just like so many of setting up members
operation for a period in time. his predecessors. Don’t expect of the public
However no worth should be attached John Monks to rock the boat too for prosecution and
to yet another Labour pledge as in much on this one. humilation.
4 Class War Issue 79
IF THEY HAD BRAINS Doing The Business
THEY WOULD BE DANGEROUS Welcome to Class War’s latest round-up earache about Mark’s treatment and asks
Hello and welcome to our regular column fingered Mr Lowndes clearly knows his giving our view from the direct action front him why the CPS are still withholding
that investigates the brainless bumbling stuff as mellow fumes quickly spread line. evidence. This picket seemed to really
of the tick blue line. Thanks to everyone throughout the station, forcing its closure embarrass Boateng – more will have to
who sent in news and cuttings – more for two days! Lets hope the usually closed Anti-NF Mobilisation, Euston, 28th be organised – get in touch to get
please! minds of Essex filth have been November 2000 involved.
broadened by the experience.
We start with West Yorkshire police who Following a joint campaign by the media Confronting the Royals on the streets
had hoped to hold a meeting on Everybody knows a would be high flier and Omagh Families Campaign, The of London
competency at Keighley Police Station. who eventually lands with a jolt, and there Cock Tavern in Euston got some pretty
Sadly incompetence was the order of the was many a tear at Class War HQ at the poor publicity for allowing the Real IRA’s The London branch of the Movement
day and Keighley’s finest were unable to death of Detective Inspector Jean political wing to meet upstairs. In an Against the Monarchy decided to go and
meet following a mix up over the dates. Macer-Wright of the Metropolitan attempt to impress their loyalist mates the see Prince William on his official
Class War understands that a future Police. Described as one of the force’s National Front called for a picket of The coming out parade after his 18th
class, where officers will be shown “brightest rising stars” her star somewhat Cock, coincidentally (or not) on the night birthday. This was at the Press
diagrams helping them to locate the plummeted whilst mountaineering in the Reclaim the Streets were due to meet Complaints Commissions extravagent
human elbow and the human arse, is Scottish Highlands. In fact it plummeted there. 10th anniversary do at Sutton House - a
being specially organised. 150 metres off the side of a cliff. Still really posh mansion like building by the
following the Stephen Lawrence inquiry Class War certainly holds no brief for the Aldwych on the banks of the Thames.
Next up come the British Transport her colleagues at Greenwich police Real IRA, who appear to lack any
Police, who certainly believe that schools station should be used to cleaning up a mandate in Britain or Ireland for their Our band of merry men and women were
out for summer! An embarrasing wobbly mess. activities. However we are not going to hassled like fuck by the filth, numerous
has been thrown by allow the NF top decide who does what searches and they followed our people
Phillip Barnard, One story we missed last in London’s pubs and the best time to for hours some only lost the filth by
Headmaster of Pimlico year was the Durham officer see off this shower is now, when they jumping in and out of Tube’s and by run-
School, who noticed who opened fire whilst are weak, rather than allowing them to ning through buildings.... All this to stop
increased truancy guarding Tony Blair’s grow in the fertile soil of Blair’s Britain. us protesting against the Royal vermin.
rates at his school in constituency residence. The next days papers were full of
the afternoon’s. Mr Guarding Phony Tony must Approximately 20 anti-fascists found a gushing reports about how ‘Prince
Barnard’s pupils were be a boring job, and anybody dozen strong group of Nazis shivering William was the star of the show’ - only
eventually found could make the mistake of next to their Union Jacks just off Eversholt because he’s protected from his own
spending their opening fire on a shadowy Street. Ignoring the Metropolitan and subjects!
afternoon’s on identity figure in the bushes. British Transport Police contingents, the
parades organised by Unfortunately this shadowy NF group was engaged with gusto. Horse and Hound Ball, March 1st
the BTP at Victoria figure turned out not be an Unable to run too far because they were
Station. It certainly international terrorist but backing into a line of police vans the The posh Horse and Hound ball at the
beats double maths! …..a pigeon. The officer Nazis got a brief introduction to the Royal Lancaster Hotel was £90 a ticket
concerned has presumeably treatment they can expect to receive and a room for the night was £150. The
As everybody knows ruff justice! been banned from watching every time they attempt to parade in Urban Alliance decided to mobilise some
there are no stupid dog, only stupid Wacky Racers. London. Unfortunately the police lines of its supporters and go down and let the
owners. Proof of this comes from regained their composure and 7 anti-fas- posh hunt scum know what we think of
Cleveland Police, who have had to pay Winner of our brainless bobby award this cists were rounded up. them – the Labour Party’s Baroness
£16,500 compensation after their issue has to be ex-PC David Schotness, Malleiu and other toffs were spotted.
Alsation, Bosco, savaged a formerly of Sussex Police. Dopey David One interesting development was the There was the usual complement of
Middlesborough man. With 9 similar likes nothing better than flagging down small groups of football supporters police and plain clothes filth out looking
cases pending against the dog, or more passing cop cars and asking them for drinking in the area prior to the NF for us and the usual searches took place.
acccurately his employers it seems lifts, whilst boring their passengers with mobilisation. Some left a pub promptly
Bosco is firmly in the dog house. tales of his days on the force. Whilst when anti-fascists arrived, yet did not Around 30 of us had a lot of fun shouting
Sussex and City of London police bother joining the fash’s picket. abuse at the toffs as they went in,
We can report however that unlike his officers were only to willing to put “parasites”, “scum”, “throw the Squire on
human colleagues Bosco does up with this nonsense, the Met were the Pyre”, “You’re burning your mistress”
occasionally get it right – amongst the 54 not. David’s cry of “taxi” ended up Picket of Paul Boateng’s Surgery In and so on.
people he has bitten in the line of “duty” with a spell in the cells and confiscation Support of Mark Barnsley, 20th
are his handler, a sergeant and 2 Police of his warrant card. He has January 2001 This event was after they said that
Constables. replied by launching a claim against the nothing was moving in the countryside to
Met for wrongful arrest, unlawful Fucking freezing, arrive 0930 greeted by stop the spread of Foot and Mouth, yet it
Essex – A big hand must go out to pro detention, assault and battery and shit loads of fully equipped cops with was alright for them to travel to
cannabis campaigner Glynn Lowndes, abuse of police powers. Perhaps Mr crash barriers. Boateng refuses to enter this event? As usual the media
whose 150 plants were stored at Shotness should get a bus pass like building without police protection – what didn’t say anything about this.
Billericay police station. The green everybody else! does he think we are going to do – take
him hostage? The Urban Alliance are promising

Our Money - Let Us Decide. A dozen people eventually do nothing

to confront the Countryside
Alliance when they come to London next
In a recent letter in a political newspaper, a Communication Workers Union full-time more frightening than hand out leaflets time as well. Check
official took the leadership of the union to task for donating half a million pounds of before Boateng finally agrees to meet one urbanalliance/
union funds to the Labour Party. She also questioned why tens of thousands of of his constituents! He promptly gives him
pounds of our money goes to Labour candidates at local level. There was no mention
of this in the Voice, official publication of the C.W.U. What
there was, was a call for donations to The Tolstoy Millenium
Project which tries to fight poverty and disease among orphans
and street children in Moldova. The project are renovating a
former prison in which they hope to house these unfortunates.
Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA)
have involved themselves in this scheme. They require another
£80,000 to complete the work on the prison and allow the
children to move in. Schemes such as this can only ever hope
to relieve poverty in the very short term as the real cause of
poverty is the existence of capitalism. To do away with poverty, we
must destroy capitalism. However, the half a million quid would
have paid for the new home for these children with a few bob
to spare. Now it will help perpetuate a Government which has
proved itself no friend of the poor and needy here, or
anywhere else. Surely in the interests of democracy the
members should decide how our money is spent, and given the
choice between Blair, Straw and Byers, the kids in Moldova
would win hands down. But then, there are no knighthoods or
seats in the House of Lords for helping the casualties of
Class War Issue 79

Foot In Mouth
There’s Now’t as Queer as Trots Disease -
“It is clear that socialist groups don’t have any influence on this Different Face, Same Shit!
In a recent article in the S.W.P.
The Politics Of The
protest but they falsely claim all gains for themselves.
Additionally they are worried about the continuous growth and
theoretical magazine (is that possible?) Countryside
entitled ‘Anarchy in the UK’ we are treated
popularity of Anarchism and its influence upon the to all the usual Trotskyist rejections of our Alliance
anti-globalisation movement” ideas of self determination in favour of
A Polish Anarchist in a letter to Class War following their line of the dictatorship of the The best news of 2001 so far has been the
last year’s S26 protest in Prague. proletariat. In plain language what the cancellation of the March 18th “Liberty and
S.W.P. mean by the dictatorship of the Livelihood” march planned through central
proletariat is the dictatorship by a few of London by the Countryside Alliance. Up to
The politics of the British left has seen widespread concern about the rape of their, unelected and unaccountable, 300,000 toffs and toadies, foxhunters and
some profound changes in the last two the planet and oppression of workers central committee members. Under this fawners, bumpkins and barristers, idiots and
decades. From the early 80’s when around the world by multi-nationalists, doctrine they will rule how we should all inbreeds were expected to congregate at
Militant were in control of Liverpool city these centralised parties have got live our lives which, if they are any Embankment. As their Land Rover
council, the Socialist Workers Party nowhere. The inevitable slide into oblivion example, will be drinking cappuccino in Discovery’s would have had difficulty
(S.W.P.) could mobilise thousands of of our once hated enemy, (the Trots not wine bars in Kensington. getting through the traffic, many were
students to rallies in London and there Capitalism that is), is in profound
expected to walk past Parliament,
were a multitude of other Trotskyist groups contrast to the successes that anarchist Whilst the S.W.P. treat us to a parody of Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and then
all claiming to be inheritors of Trotsky’s politics has had during this time. what anarchism stands for, which is to stop off at the Ritz for a quick sherry. Those
ideals. They have now reached the excellently rebutted in Freedom, they who could not get their servants to walk the
lowest point in their fortunes for a long From a few meusli crunching wierdo’s in don’t take a single step back from the rest of the way for them would then be left to
time. the 1960’s, anarchism can now mobilise idea of this dictatorship. According to the stagger into Hyde Park, where the march
enough forces world-wide to stop S.W.P, “Lenin’s development of a was due to finish.
Whereas the major Trot groups once meetings of the I.M.F., force governments Marxist theory of the party was so
hated each other more than they hated to change policies on road building , important... Such a party [the S.W.P. of A figure of 300,000 may well be an
the Tories, (Peoples Front of Judea, genetically modified crops and other course] will... be centralised, in the sense under estimate. Two special Eurostars were
fucking splitters!), they are now so weak environmental issues and generally be a that once it has voted on a course of booked to take exiled English nobs from Paris
that along with a rag bag of other lefties pain in the arse to police forces around action then all its members will [like a flock to London, 7 planes from Inverness to
(including the Communist Party of Great the world. As we all know the internet is a of obedient sheep] follow that course, or London Luton airport, and most of the top
Britain) they have to huddle together in wonderful thing and anyone who has once it has decided on a principle all its hotels in London were booked up for the
the newly formed ‘Socialist Alliance’. access can soon see that while the Trots members will adhere to that principle.” weekend. Add to that the “countrymen” who
Having failed to rouse the working class are ghettoised in a few, mostly western
would stay at their London address that
to join their ‘revolutionary’ organisations European countries anarchism has Do we get a hint of 1984 ‘doublespeak’ weekend, and the hundreds of coaches and
through Trotskyist dogma they will soon spread its wings and covers all four here? What they mean is that they trains booked, some estimates move up
be entering the electoral lottery and ask corners of the globe. decide what’s best for us and if we don’t towards 450,000.
them to vote for them in Parliamentary like it, tough! Indeed the article itself
elections. How the vanguard have fallen! Vampire Alert explains why we anarchists reject this Class War has covered the rise of the
The success of the anarchist movement parody of a revolutionary organisation, it Countryside Alliance ever since 1997, and
Principles of the Gutter in winning so many new converts to our is “undemocratic, sowing the seeds of we have been involved in opposing their
And what about the principles of these ideas and actions has now led to one of dictatorship and stifling the will of the activities around the country. That they
‘revolutionaries’? After the Scottish the more bizarre twists in the politics of individual.” Nuff said. attempt to disguise their demands to murder
section of Militant split off from the rest the S.W.P. Those of you with experience
animals for fun as some sorts of civil rights
of the British party, becoming the of Trot politics will be well used to these But according to them our rejection of issue is a sign of their weakness not their
‘Scottish Socialist Party’ their new führer middle class warriors doing everything their politics is because of “the failure of strength. Quite simply they have already lost
Tommy Sheridan, (the same Tommy possible to either distance themselves anarchism to understand the centrality of all the other arguments.
Sheridan who once offered to ‘name from groups like Class War, or just the working class itself.” This comes from
name’s’ to the cops after the poll tax riot), ignore us, although many of their a party whose central committee is so We are not aware of ONE civil rights
became a member of the Scottish members often realised what a group of middle class they shit cucumber issue in the whole of the twentieth
Parliament. Not only has he joined the tossers they were and came over to our sandwiches and whose leading member, century that was supported by the groups
Scottish people’s elected oppressors he ideas anyway. In the last year, however, the journalist Paul Foot, had a father who that make up the Countryside Alliance. Not
also showed his true socialist principles the S.W.P. have been trying its hardest was the governor of Jamaica! And they one campaign for workers rights was
when he got married in a Catholic church. to appear to be us. have the cheek to say we don’t supported. One of their few campaign
Perhaps it was one of those paedophile understand the centrality of the working issues apart from promoting foxhunting is
priests who spliced the knot for him. At In Manchester, recently, a number of class! Finally the S.W.P. dismiss us about restricting not increasing
least he was happy to support a good posters were seen around the university. anarchists as a whole because freedom – they have lobbied hard against
Stalinist tradition of the Millies and took Whilst at first glance they looked like they “whatever ideals and gut instincts the right to roam.
his honeymoon in Cuba. were by the Manchester C.W. group, with individual anarchists may have,
the slogan of ‘Fuck’ something or other, anarchism, both in word and deed, fails That new Labour waver rather than stand up
As for the S.W.P it seems that getting and with the Nike flash ‘just do it’ in the to provide a roadworthy vehicle for to these characters proves everything we have
into bed with what is left of the English graphics, on closer inspection they were human liberation.” Yeah like Trotsky and said about the Labour Party over the years.
Trot movement has not increased their by the University S.W.P. This poster that Lenin who murdered thousands of Labour are open to pressure and will buckle
paper sales and they are now having sported classic C.W. imagery had the workers at Kronstadt have shown a – providing that pressure is applied from the
some seriously bad financial problems. slogan ‘Fuck tuition fees occupy the better example. right, not the left, from above not from below.
It has recently come to our attention that University’. Yet more dull S.W.P. go
one of their full time staff, the much loved nowhere student politics. The End is Nigh Class War members have been
Julie Waterson (who we all felt sorry for Although the Trots can still pull out a good instrumental in setting up a group that is the
when battered by a copper at the This comes on top the most recent major display of paper sellers on most demo’s exact opposite of the Countryside
Welling march, not!), has recently been parasitic political campaign of the S.W.P. the lengths they now go to recruit enough Alliance. Look out for the thousands of
made redundant with, apparently, much and their efforts to hijack the anarchist canon fodder to raise money for their Urban Alliance stickers going up and contact
falling out amongst the comrades. What’s led campaigns against the world bank. apparatchiks and their desperate attempts the Urban Alliance on 07946 687192 to
more their need of cash means they are Although the Trots were nowhere to be to mimic the rejuvenated anarchists oppose the Countryside March when it
now, indirectly, supporting the hunt scum. seen when any action took place at movement shows that as a political force happens. In the meantime get out there
In a recent copy of Private Eye the Seattle or Prague they are trying Trotskyism is on its way out. But we sabbing their hunts, slashing the tyres on
Countryside Alliance paid for a full page to get credit for the brave work of others. should be aware that before these their Range Rovers and encouraging your
advert, money that Eye used to pay their It is now obligatory for all of their parasites finally disappear we should friends to hit these bastards hard.
printers who are, yes you’ve guessed it, members to wear badges claiming be wary of the damage that they can,
the S.W.P! (East End offset who print themselves to be ‘anti-capitalists’. But their and often do, cause to the causes they
Private Eye and Searchlight amongst apparent new-found liking for dressing leech off.
others is owned by the S.W.P) up in anarchist clothing isn’t a
road to Damascus conversion after the When they do finally give out their last
The Failure of Trotskyism death of their, totally unlamented, dying gasp, however, no more will
The recent demise of groups like Militant leader Tony Cliff (boy did we laugh) that anyone be led into the blind alley of
and the S.W.P. can be put down to the we anarchists have been right all Marxist-Leninist politics and we
failure of Trotskyist politics. With the along. No when you scratch can get on with the fight against
massive discontent against Thatcher in the surface the same shitty oppressive the real enemy and not have to
the 80’s, Major in the 90’s and now Trotskyist dogma lies just below the watch out for them trying to stab us in
disillusion with Blairite politics as well as surface. the back.
6 Class War Issue 79


ONE LAW FOR Supporters of the campaign to free Mark Barnsley at any jail long enough to build friendships or have 6, the state’s only response has been to make
THEM have stepped up their activities in recent months. any influence. conviction easier and appeal harder. By reducing
Angered by the Home Office’s inadequate the prosecution’s duty to disclose, ditching
Not many people response to requests from Mark and his The Prison Service and the Home Office the right to silence and if Straw gets his
charged with murder get supporters that Jack Straw intervene to force the appear to have decided that Mark’s “reward” for way the ending of a right to elect for jury
bail. Millionaire Alun Crown Prosecution Service in Sheffield to finally fighting to prove his innocence will be a return to trial in either-way cases, the goalposts have
Phillips, charged with disclose evidence withheld at Mark’s trial, a group ghosting and segregation that characterized the been moved significantly. Coupled with the
murdering his wife did. of campaign activists occupied the CPS offices earlier years of his 12 year sentence. creation and under-funding of the Criminal
Even more bizarrely he in Sheffield. 16 were arrested and charged with Cases Review Commission – as a means of
paid £30,000 to security “conspiracy to burgle with intent”. At the end of January Mark was transferred to HMP allowing the Home Secretary to duck political
guards to stop himself Wakefield – a clear punishment move, as Wakefield responsibility for the continued imprisonment of
from escaping, as a In January, a demonstration was held outside is primarily a jail for sex offenders. In consequence the innocent – the state’s response is not
condition of his bail. the constituency surgery of Paul Boateng MP, Mark refused to go on the wing and was kept in to ensure that miscarriages of justice do
who amused the campaign by telling them that segregated conditions in an unheated cell with only not occur, but to ensure that
Phillips was eventually “this government has done more for justice than one blanket. At the time of writing he is on one of any miscarriages of justice are ever harder to
jailed for life, but we would any in living memory”. the wings at Wakefield, in a cell previously expose.
not be surprised if he has condemned as unfit by the Prison Service.
done another deal with As a further indicator of just how bad Boateng’s With the new Criminal Justice and Police Bill, and
the judge, buying memory must be, he has still not replied to any In response to this, the campaign picketed the Prison plans to force disclosure of previous
himself an island off of the questions put to him about non-disclosure Service Head Quarters and the Home Office in convictions at commencement of trial, its clear
Spain to serve his of evidence, or Mark’s continued victimization London, and supporters in Yorkshire had a well that New Labour is determined that its second
sentence on. within the prison system. attended and somewhat loud demonstration term will keep prison numbers at record
outside the jail (congratulations on the fireworks!) figures.
Staying on this subject, Mark’s campaign has recently attracted a number
were we the only people of high profile supporters – Mark Thomas, Paul We would ask as many people as possible to spare Mark Barnsley’s case shows that “justice”
to notice that many of the Foot (!) and John McDonnell MP amongst 10 minutes to write to the Home Office and the is not available to working class people in
members of the others. The response to this from the prison Prison Service calling for Mark to be moved from the courts. Fast track criminalisation of
Wonderland Club, an system has been predictable. On 17 January Wakefield to a non-dispersal jail such as HMP Garth, working class youth will simply fill the
Internet paedophile ring, 2001 Mark was placed in segregation at HMP to see out his sentence. prisons with people fitted up as Mark was.
received sentences Frankland for “fomenting dissent”. Mark was In bidding to free Mark Barnsley we take
shorter than those jailed subsequently told he was to be moved to another Wakefield seems to be allowing Mark only the first steps in opposing the criminalisation
for public order offences prison. limited access to mail, on a strict interpretation of of all of us.
at J18, N30 and prison rules. They do however have to tell Mark
MayDay? Was this Having been told by the Home Office that they what mail he has received – all letters to Mark should Letters of support to Mark Barnsley, WA 2897,
because most of the had to give some reason for seeking to move be sent recorded delivery to avoid mail being “lost” HMP Wakefield, 5 Love Lane, Wakefield WF2
Wonderland Club him, Frankland decided he had been by the jail. Letters should always include a SAE. If 9AG. (please enclose a SAE to ensure reply)
appeared to come “organizing a protest” although about what and you believe Mark has not received your letter, take
from professional on which days they have not thought to it up with the Royal Mail in the first instance. JUSTICE FOR MARK BARNSLEY CAMPAIGN
backgrounds, or to put it consider. There appear to be two reasons for PO BOX 381 HUDDERSFIELD HD1 3XX
more simply very similar this – firstly to disrupt lines of communication It is not simply the fact of Mark’s innocence that
backgrounds to the between Mark and his supporters, journalists etc should provoke people to support the campaign.
person sentencing them? and secondly to ensure that Mark does not stay Ten years on from the release of the Birmingham

Beware of Byers
The Government has recently announced statement from Chancellor Schroder interests it was formed to and Byers have made references to business
plans to review how workforces are which said “Germany has no advance. Blair has courted big men as “wealth creators”. The fact is, any
consulted regarding redundancies. It difficulties with the consultation business since his election as wealth created in society is made by the
would be a mistake to imagine any directive”. leader in 1994. One of his first working class and the only role bosses play is
sudden conversion to compassionate actions was to drop employment mis-managing affairs to such an extent that
treatment of workers by the Blair It is thought the directive could rights for workers from day one there needs to be redundancies in the first
administration. The real reason is a come into force by 2004 unless of their employment, a measure place.
draft European directive establishing a the Labour government can come which was backed by his
“general framework” for informing and up with sufficient delaying tactics predecessor John Smith, hardly Instead of works councils, we really
consulting employees in the European to put the measure off. a revolutionary himself! Both Blair need Workers Councils and a system which
Union. gears manufacture to the
Works councils are no needs of society which is
Stephen Byers, the secretary of state more than a run by and on behalf
for trade and industry has reiterated concessionary piece of the working class. Need-
the government’s opposition to window dressing from less to say, Byers won’t
European legislation on this subject. the E.U. and anyone be calling for these, pre-
Byers has presided over the decimation who imagines real ferring ‘social partnership’
of the British motor industry in much gains could be made between bosses and T.U.C.
the same way as the Conservatives did from such bodies is unions. He is desperate
for the mining industry. surely naive. for this idea to work as
his career is on the
Businessmen fear the European The real issue is line and he needs the
legislation could lead to works councils. the way Labour T.U.C. to shore up his
Britain, Germany, Denmark and Ireland has flung aside tarnished image. Let’s hope
have formed a blocking minority even the remotest the whole thing falls flat
although the German government look pretence of looking and we can say bye bye
as though they may pull out after a after the class whose Byers.
Class War Issue 79 137


Class War has some dedicated readers in
that most awful of environments, the
American top security prison system. When The Class War Federation is an as elitist terrorists but as an inte-
one reader, John Schang was recently grated part of the Class - they
refused his paper, we went straight to the organisation of groups and
top. Oddly the American authorities do not individuals who have come started it, we’ll have to
seem to have recognised the author of our
together to change the Society finish it!
letter of complaint.
we live in, to improve the lot of
working class people. Class society creates other
abuses based upon the
This Society is divided into prejudices of Ruling or Middle
SWEET ON SCABS, TOUGH ON classes based on control of its Class such as gender, ethnic
UNION MINERS institutions and wealth. The
Ruling Class - those who “own”
origin, sexuality, disability. The
Ruling Class often use these to
Following his landslide victory in is now prosperous whilst the NUM has the factories or natural resources divide our class. We must unite
1997, Tony Blair addressed the TUC lost valuable funding and influence. on the basis of we have in
conference. In a speech to the - whether it’s through shares or
delegates but really directed to his Whilst in opposition, former Labour being chairman of the board common our Working Class
friends in the city, Blair offered “no leaders promised, after intense
etc., who are under normal backgrounds and needs.
favours” to the unions or their lobbying from miners sacked, jailed
members. and victimised during the strike, that circumstances supported by the
the “first thing” they would do on Middle Class - those who gain The Class must fight these
Funny then that when Blair is given gaining office would be to set the divisions, on all fronts. Above
the choice between the scab record straight and reinstate the men their position in society by
anti-union UDM, and the NUM Blair’s sacked in the strike. Where this was patronage of the Ruling Class - all the CWF believes that
message of “no favours” is not possible compensation, and at the
who carry out their dirty work politics cannot be separated
replaced by one of throwing money very least lost pension rights could
and influence into the laps of the be restored. of controlling and (dis) from life - and life from politics.
UDM. organising the working class who We reject the missionary/ right-
Typically, just as he did with banning eous so called “revolutionary”
First there is the test centres to which hunting, Blair substituted a do all the necessary work. Such
all miners and ex-miners must go tho commitment with a fudge - a a society is the root cause of Left. Our politics must be ful-
have their lungs tested for chronic C o m m i s s i o n o f E n q u i r y. This
most of the problems filling and relevant to our every
bronchitis claims. In Nottingham and enquiry was not to look at the
Leicester he locates them in UDM injustice of the recent history of the experienced by Working Class day lives.
owned and operated buildings, whilst coalfields and the price communities people the World over. as the
refusing to allow the NUM to use its paid, including people who paid with Working Class people must take
buildings in either scab coalfields or their lives. Instead it was to see if Ruling Class has every intention
NUM heartlands. any ‘fresh evidence’had emerged in of keeping its privileged responsibility for their
‘individualcases’.Bad thatallofthisis, position it must be destroyed- progressive revolutionary
Next they grant a claims handling they have now actually canvassed the
agreement to the UDM which allows opinions ofguess who? The UDM! To this is Class War. politics - fly by night middle
the scab outfit to claim back millions ask them ifminers should be reinstated class radicals have been the bane
from claims and copperbottom an orhavetheircaseslookedatagain!The of our movement for as long as
extensive raiding sortie across very sam e UDM that directly and Real change can only come
British coalfields looking for indirectlycausedthe minersstriketo be about by working class people the Working Class has existed.
claimants and taking out local radio lost,thousandstolosetheirjobsandmen organising themselves to deal
adverts. tobesacked,beaten and jailed.
with the problems that they OUR AIM
Needless to say the same facilities Can Blairgo any lower? As he starts experience and to provide for
are denied the NUM, despite having his election touraround the countrylets Therefore the aim of the CWF
requested them first. Consequently ram the above facts down his smug ourselves.
the UDM, which was dying a death, throat! It is not about becoming better is to increase the militancy and
treated slaves but masters of our self awareness of the Working
destiny. Direct action is Class in defending their interests
necessary against the and solving their problems. We
individuals and institutions who do this through propaganda,
stand in the way of this. There is active participation and debate
no alternative. Violence is a nec- as equals.
essary part of the Class War - not

Join Class War!

Class War membership costs £12 per
calendar year (£6 unwaged) and is open to
anybody who agrees with our politics and has
been in touch with local Class War group for 3
months. Drop us a line to get involved!
8 Class War Issue 79


On 22 September 1999 a middle-aged called Yasmin Fyas lives at the address a riot. Do you think the working class has show of the police’s force in working class
Scottish man, Harry Stanley, was shot given – the campaign believes the police now accepted police violence to a areas. They could easily go off to rich
dead by the police in east London, a were using this as an alias to slag us off. certain extent? areas and arrest people with cocaine,
short distance from his home. He was instead of teenagers with a bit of dope.
unarmed, and his shooting caused CW: Has there been a lot of support from JFHS: The police had phoned Diane
considerable anger locally. Class War local people? Abbot MP before they even told the CW: If what the police are about is
spoke to a friend of Harry’s who has family. That shows they were scared of discipline and oppression surely we
been involved in the campaign to JFHS: Yes all the demonstrations we the community response. People think should be opposing their very existance?
obtain justice for both Harry and the have organised have been well attended everybody kicked off all the time in the
Stanley family. and with ‘real people’ from Hackney, not 1980s but that was not always the case. JFHS: Yeah, but not everybody in the
just the usual leftie types. campaign would agree – especially the
CW: Given that this is one case amongst Vicar from Bethnal Green!
Class War: Can you tell us CW: What are your objectives? What can many historically – is it worth putting
the circumstances of how Harry be achieved in that for any conviction to pressure on people with power because CW: What support have you had from
Stanley died? occur the police will not only have to they have never shown any indication of the families of other people killed or
investigate but charge and then get a changing for the better? Don’t you think framed by the police?
Justice for Harry Stanley: Harry, not conviction of fellow officers? an eye for an eye is a principle response?
long out of hospital after having a tumour JFHS: Loads! I can list the names Paddy
removed was returning from his brother’s JFHS: We have three main demands: JFHS: We need to fight for justice and Hill, Delroy Lindo the Sylvester family,
house with the now famous table leg. He A fully independent public enquiry to expose the system like the Stephen Christopher Alder the list could go on and
stopped for a drink in the Alexandra pub. The police officers responsible sacked Lawrence case did. Revenge would not on.
When he left somebody phoned the and charged with murder work – if they lose one cop they just
police to say an rish man had left the pub Armed Response Units taken over the replace them with another. CW: What advice would you give to other
with a sawn off shot gun. Harry is then streets of Britain families who go through this type of
challenged by the cops and shot once in If the campaign is strong enough it is CW: Are there any similarities between terrible trauma?
the hand and once in the head. possible to get charges laid – other the police’s role in say industrial disputes
campaigns like the Jim Ashley campaign and their wider role in working class JFHS: The best way to get over it is to
Although this took place less than 100 show this. areas of the big cities? fight and organise. Link with other
yards from his home it took 18 hours for campaigns but make sure you involve the
the police to inform his family, even CW: Twenty years ago if something like JFHS: Yes there is. If you look at the unions to get money!
though he had clear identification on him. this had happened there would have been way drugs raids are used to put on a
A postmortem was carried out without the CW: Nearly two years down the line –
consent of the family which is illegal. where does the campaign go next?

CW: What have your relations been like JFHS: Legally a Judicial Review of the
with the Metropolitan Police since the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision
shooting? Have they offered an apology not to prosecute the officers concerned.
and compensation? Harry’s family are going on a national
speaking tour with with other families
JFHS: Our relations have been hostile. campaigning for justice. This will lead up
No apology or compensation has been to a huge demonstration in
offered, whilst the officers concerned October/November time. We don’t want
remain unnamed and on the beat. to give too many details away right now
but it will be lively!
CW: At one stage letters strongly
criticising the campaign started Now is very much the time for
appearing in the local media. What was people to give this campaign the
all that about? support it deserves. Contact
JFHS: A bloke called Yasmin Fyas had
PO BOX 29644, LONDON E2 8TS.
been slagging off the campaign in the
Hackney Gazette letters page. No one
TELEPHONE 0788 4096222.

Our Homes Are Not For Sale!

The term “Stock Transfer” should (and
Graffiti “If you define socialism as equality of
opportunities so that all people in our Sod-Action
country have the best chance to
hopefully does) send a shiver down the
spine of every working class person. Competition realise their potential, that’s what I
want to do”
Sod-Action are a cleverly named
group formed in Bristol to campaign
against the company Sodexho. Based
Congratulations to the man with no Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon
The continuation of the Tory policy of the in the USA, Sodexho are one of the
Brown in the Daily Mirror on 9th March.
privatisation of council housing by new name from Berlin for this superb piece world’s largest private prison
Class War’s definition (and indeed any
Labour is both sickening and frightening. of work spotted last year. Send your dictionary on sale in your local bookshop) builders, and are getting their toe in
Thankfully it seems to have motivated handiwork to the London address - £10 tends to include concepts such as the door over here.
tenants, trades unionists and class for the winner! community control of production and
conscious groups into a growing distribution, In the UK they use the name UK
campaign of opposition. Quite simply we equality Detention Services Ltd, running
do not want our homes sold off to and the
prisons and the Voucher Scheme for
housing associations and profiteering absence of
the profit Asylum Seekers. In Belgium they
yuppies who will bring us higher rents, have recently been given the contract
system. Still
poorer building maintenance, insecurity its nice to see to administer a voucher scheme for
of tenancy and a total disregard for the Gordon is the unemployed and to top it all off
interests of tenants. maintaining they do catering and clothing work
his party’s for the filth as well.
On 24th January a rally and lobby long tradition
of Parliament was held against the of knowing The animal rights movement has
sell-offs. The fight against this new nothing
shown us that activists willing to
wave of privatisation is a gaining a b o u t
this issues win- expose and then campaign against
socialism! Mr Moneybags
strength and seems to be a broad church. particular companies can have
Local groups are being set up around spectacular success. Could a united
the UK and we urge all Class War “ .... the Queen and other members of the Royal Family had diverse campaign against Sodexho
readers to get involved and argue been concerned at the Princess’s lack of appetite over the score similar goals?
against profit, capitalism and authority.
These homes were built for and Christmas period. She ate a jam tart and it caused great
Contact Sod-Action at-
by US – not to be bought by speculators. excitement”
Box 95, 82 Colston Street,
Social housing, whatever its often Lady Glenconner commenting on the illness of the Queen’s sister, Princess
Margaret. Class War has two pieces of advice for Margaret - eat your Bristol BS1 5BB
considerable faults, was one of the few
real pro-working class social policies of dinner your silly cow, and when you run a bath it is normal to put in cold
the post-war era. We should not give it water as well as hot. Or e-mail them at
up easily.
Class War Issue 79 9


Class War presents our guide to
who’s who at the top of the green 4. Zac’s uncle Teddy Goldsmith, who think tank “Forum for the Future”. The Have you ever noticed the way certain
movement. This is not to say we don’t founded the Ecologist magazine and thinking persons Eco-Toff. Bosom international media stories dominate the
think recycling is a good idea and so played an ideological role in the buddies with old big ears Charles, we British media for a set time, and then
on. But we must be aware of the class foundation of the Green party. fear he will be lording it over us for years vanish from view? The best example is
motivation of green policy and the to come. South Africa that post-apartheid is of no
effect it will have on the working class. interest to the British media at all, even
Abstract and utopian green ideas 5. The Duke of Wellington. The old 10. Baroness Young of Scone. A though poverty and suffering continue
implemented in a top down fashion will Etonians 400 acres at Stratfield Saye under the ANC as it did under the
only have a destructive impact on the House in Berkshire - or “Royal Berks” as Blairite life peer who is chair of English apartheid regime.
working class, as it is us who will pay they call it - has organic farming and Nature and a deputy chair of the BBC,
for it economically, socially and public access. The Prince of Wales this is one scone guaranteed to put you Another example is East Timor, no
environmentally! estates are far less accessible to the off your elevenses! longer a liberal favourite since its vote
public - fancy that.... for independence from Indonesia, the
Secondly the one thing none of these country struggles to get a mention even
bastards seem keen to do is recycle in the so-called serious papers. We are
their money! 6. Marchioness of Worcester. The therefore happy to quote from an
future Duchess of Beaufort is a trustee Australian activist who wrote to Class
1. The chief royal parasite himself -
of Friends of the Earth, and associate
director of the International Society for
War after spending some time in the
country. “The UN and multi-national
Prince Charles. When not having an in Ecology and Culture. Look out for her at military and capitalist forces are
depth and challenging conversation with the snobby Duke of Beaufort’s hunt. currently in charge. Working class East
his plants, he gets his gardeners to do Timorese are getting fucked over once
his organic gardening for him - at our
expense. Also shows a passing interest 7. Tessa Tennant. Director of the again and they know it. Its just a new
phase of exploitation and oppression. I
in free-range animals, before he blows investment trust, Global Care Investments talked to hundreds of people around the
them out of the skies or hounds them to - part of National Provident. Tessa what we capital, Dili. More and more people are
death on horseback. find so horrible about you is your wallet! getting pissed off with the foreigners
who are supposed to be there to help
2. Zac Goldsmith. Following in his 8. The Hon Miriam Rothschild. An the people and rebuild the country, but
are seen cruising around in flash cars
bigoted dad’s footsteps he seems ecologist, and a world authority on fleas!
with their mobile phones and comput-
destined to Lord it over us in a new age Given the company she keeps she must
ers, cut off from the reality of the
fashion at the Ecologist magazine. be permeantly surrounded by parasites.

3. Lord Melchett, no not of Blackadder 9. The Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt. Yet People in East Timor have a long record
fame - the Lord is one of the golden boys another old Etonian, Porritt has been of fighting against imperialist
of Greenpeace who do anything to get influential in the Green Party and Friends aggression having locked horns with the
on telly. of the Earth, and is now Director of the Portugese, Japanese and Indonesians
over the centuries. Let’s hope they turn
on the UN officers, supposedly there

Keeping His Distance to protect them.

In September 1998 a former resident of push ahead with plans to cut the salaries and as tellers assistants at schools and libraries
Hackney returned to the east London terms and conditions of its workers. A serving as polling stations. These premises FIRING FROM THE HIP
borough to talk about the perils of Social streamline, fitter Hackney is more need to be opened in the morning, and they
Exclusion. He should know. The former acceptable to big business. By putting up normally are by a union member. They have As a rule American politicians are even
resident was Prime Minister Tony Blair who rents and council tax, whilst reducing council to be staffed throughout the day. If workers worse set than British one’s, but then again
lived on Mapledene Road for 6 years in the services they intend to not only reduce their simply decline to volunteer on polling day most not many people have heard of Tom
1980s, and wisely turned down the debts (which, despite talk of bankruptcy are of the polling stations will be closed. Not their Alciere, the former Republican (!)
opportunity to become a Labour arguable no worse than some other inner – problem. No legal action can be taken against representative on the New Hampshire
Councillor in the borough. He has gone a city council’s) but to tighten the vice on the them, or their unions as they are simply legislature. In January Alciere resigned
long way in 20 years. poorest people in the borough. Council leader declining to volunteer. after a newspaper discovered he had
Max Caller and the Lab-Tory leadership of placed hundreds of anti-police statements
Blair’s visit was to praise the Jules Pipe and Eric Ollerenshaw appear It will however be the problem of council leader on Internet discussion sites.
re-development of the so confident of Max Caller, who is the returning officer for
Holly Street estate. He their positions the election, something that involves onerous We are happy to reproduce his views in
went on state “What that they have legal responsibilities. As it is the council and full:
an incredible simultaneously the councillors that are the problem, what
transformation. This taken on a large better response could there be than to “There is nothing wrong with
is the type of section of their ensure on council election day May 3rd, they slaughtering a cop. Just throw the
initiative we need to workforce, and a get a timely kick up the arse. To disrupt the carcass into the dumpster with the rest
see replicated across significant section parliamentary elections by this tactic would of the garbage. Cops are nothing but
the country” of the local be an act of national significance. vicious, brutal thugs anyway”
population. The last
As Hackney’s time they tried to do "Cor life is very busy for you “Nobody will ever be safe until the last
self-induced financial that was during the Urban Alliance people innit ay. cop is dead”
crisis has taken hold Poll Tax and we all Why don’t you get out there and
one of the council’s first know how that start killing some foxes I killed a “It’s unfortunate that cops do make it
suggested cutbacks ended up. few this morning and by the way necessary (to kill them) when they’re
was …. on the Holly stop putting stickers on my car." waging a war on drugs, and I view cops
Street Estate. One Two excellent Yet more rigorous intellectual debate as enemy officers”
block is reserved for methods of fighting from the world of killing animals for
pensioners only, and the council have fun. Mr Alciere, who inspects circuit boards
comes with a concierge. The Labour-Tory been proposed which we endorse at a factory for a living, denied he had
coalition’s suggestion was to cut the concierge totally. One is a sort of selective rent strike “Get out of bed you lazy fuckers. misled voters saying no one had asked
to reduce the council’s deficit. No mention of where residents simply pay their rent at the While you’re lying there wanking, him about his views on the police. His
course of cutting their own salaries or 2000-01 rate, rather than the increased rate. I’m out there killing foxes.” proposed bills, which are now unlikely
expenses, and certainly no suggestion that If tens of thousands of residents do this, the Telephone message left on the to go forward, included the legalisation
Tony Blair himself, so keen to promote the council’s already low expectations of rent Urban
th Alliance phone on the of drugs, reducing the minimum drink-
area 18 months earlier, should return for this collection will fall even further. 5th March 2001. Nice to see that ing age and the replacement of schools
part of the incredible transformation! at the time the ‘country sports’ with online learning. You are wasting
Like all workplaces Hackney Council relies fraternity were obeying the call to your time in the Republican Party Mr
Hackney council has a strategy. Despite 3 on the goodwill of its staff. Each general stay out of fields due to the foot and Alciere, from what we have heard you
brilliant strikes by its workforce, it wishes to election hundreds of staff volunteer to work mouth outbreak. should join Class War at once!
10 Class War Issue 79

by Royce Turner (£12.99, Sheffield University Press)
(CD, available from all good record
In the 1950s a book regarded as a culture, politics, vision that you choose shops) In February this year two anti-fascist
classic, Coal Is Our Life studied a pit town to lump together. Certainly grim toil, activists from the city of Marseille in the south
in West Yorkshire – the people, their death, injury, disease, conservatism are This is the long awaited second full-length of France, Yves Peirat and William Ferrari,
aspirations, their lives. Royce Turner has also words and concepts which battle with release from Propaganda and Information were convicted of a number of militant anti
returned to the same locations and found the former descriptions of pit life – no Network. Styling themselves as south fascist actions. Between 1991 and 1998 as
a devastating contrast. one here is looking for that. Instead we London’s finest exponents of nuclear dub, the Franc Tireur Partisans (FTP Partisan
have poverty strewn, heroin addicted, genetically modified ska and BSE laced Sharpshooters) Peirat and Ferrari were alleged
Turner is polemical, even confrontational. crime-ridden villages. punk rock, P.A.I.N should need no to have set fire to and bombed offices of the
The book erupts from the suffocating introduction to many Class War readers. French fascist party the Front National (FN)
swamp of PR sociology which has “The pop factory represented the only as well as buildings where they met.
buried the decimated pit villages since the foreign investment in Featherstone. Yet The album’s theme is the prison system
mass closures of 1992-3. The book foreign investment we were told and its use against the defenceless, and Although they did not injure anybody, on the
challenges the self-congratulatory throughout the 1980s – as laws that cannot be defended. In our sixth anniversary of the day that a group of FN
business schemes, job creation schemes, deindustrialisation savaged large parts universe they don’t exist ……. fly posters murdered a young north African,
retraining schemes, regeneration and of the economy - was going to be the Ibrahim Ali, the court of Marseille condemned
reinvestment schemes who constantly tell salvation of local economies. Looking For more information on P.A.I.N. Yves Peirat to a staggering 5 years in prison
us they are at work, which everywhere at a small town like this gets you away check the Iron Man website and William Ferrari to 18 months suspended
publish reports and surveys (they seem from the platitudes and generalizations sentence. The two were also condemned to
to be the biggest growth area themselves) of national politicians who would not .en pay the fascist councils they attacked 750,000
yet still poverty, deprivation and loss even know where Featherstone was francs (approx £75,000) in damages.
remain. How can so many organizations, except when it was needed to provide a
awash with European and lottery money rock solid Labour seat for some anointed NOTES FROM THE These actions were carried out to combat the
be running so fast and yet standing still? rising star …… BORDERLAND rise of the extreme right in the south of France
Magazine, Issue 3, £3 from Class War represented not only by the murder of Ibrahim
On housing in Featherstone in 1996: “The Yet these were the two themes of the Ali, but by oppressive racist regimes taking
or from Larry O’Hara, BM Box 4769
families that lived in them were beset by 1980s and much of the 1990s. A newly control in a number of southern French towns
London WC1N 3XX
social and economic problems. On top rejuvenated small business sector, and and cities: these included Orange, Toulon and
of that the residents were struggling to inward investment by multi-nationals Vitrolles which is like the British National Party
Notes from the Borderland goes from
survive in the face of a poor local were going to transform the economy. holding a majority of council seats in
strength to strength. This issue contains
reputation. It is almost as if the houses Neither has happened in Featherstone, Liverpool, Blackpool and Chester.
the first detailed, serious analysis of the
are a physical representation of hopes and neither will”
1999 nailbomb campaign in London, as
dashed of a vision for the future turned The radicalisation of the methods used by the
opposed to the police/Searchlight
sour. People had secure employment, The author gets sucked down too FTP was a way to show the fash that their
sponsored analysis provided elsewhere.
brand new modern houses, what were deep by the depression and despair opposition would not give in to their
Given one of the survivors of the Soho bomb
seen as good prospects for their kids. he sees all around him. Yet class anger intimidation and also that alternatives to state
is taking legal action over the police’s
Now forty odd years later, the houses remains 13 years after the defeat led opposition to fascism exists. The actions
failure to prevent the bomb, this promises
are crumbling, and the lives have of the miners strike, when Ian MacGregor of the FTP gained a large degree of popular
to be the first chapter in a story of national
crumbled too. Old battered cars sit on died, someone felt enough to support.
oil-soaked drives. If it is sunny people go onto the site of a former Barnsley
sit on the door step for half a day. There’s colliery and paint a tribute Class War fully supports the action and
Londoners will find the analysis of the
nothing much else to do.” on the walls! principles that these two anti fascist
Lawrence enquiry by Russell Miller equally
activists showed. The punitive sentence that
ground breaking. An enquiry seized upon
The book points to areas none of the Attend the annual Durham Miners Gala Peirat received from the French state is clearly
by the liberal left as earth-shattering and
incoming social missionaries can seven years after the last Durham meant to be a lesson to other anti-fascist
some sort of defining moment in history,
comprehend – as they never understood Colliery closed and see the pride activists. To help fight for the freedom of Peirat
looks very different under a critical light.
what we had in pit communities in the first and class anger as the banners and removal of the fines support groups have
The liberal MacPherson basically delivered
place, how the hell can they understand retake the streets carrying their old been started up by French anti-fascist groups.
us no justice for the Lawrence family, no
what we have lost? message of class struggle and socialism.
police officers prosecuted or sacked,
50,000 turned out in July 2000. If you want to help Yves and William, a benefit
publication both on the Internet and in the
It is more than the sum of many parts – At the time of writing the NUM is balloting t-shirt is available for 65 French francs (about
initial report of witnesses home addresses
roots, pride, class identity, community, again for strike action. Class politics £6.50 but if you send them a tenner it would
and ultimately the likely removal of the law
still strike a chord in cover postage and give a donation) from:
of double jeopardy.
pit communities, but Solidarite Resistance Anti-Fasciste,
it would be a 21 ter Rue Voltaire, 75011, Paris, France.
The constant themes of O’Hara’s work are
downright lie to
the use of the media by the police and
suggest most eyes Information is also available from the
security services for their own propaganda
had their vision committee for the liberation of Yves Peirat and
purposes, and analysis of the breakdown
fixed in that direction. William Ferrari at:
in relationships between different sections
Comité, Theatre Toursky, Passage Leo
of the state. Given the lazy way some
The antisocial FERRE, 13003, Marseille.
Anarchists tend to view the state as a
spread of emptiness
monolithic block, rather than as a vehicle
consumes everything
around it and one
for overlapping and sometimes competing
sections of the ruling class, we hope Notes SOLIDARITY NEEDED IN
needs real
determination not to
from the Borderland goes from strength to
strength. POLAND
succumb to it. We
need a national fight No we don’t mean Lech Welesa and his
back linking these i Simon Jones Campaign Roman Catholic Church front group!
solated pit villages to Solidarity is needed in Poland and throughout
struggles and issues On 6th March Richard Martell Europe with Tomasz Wilkoszewski who is
nationwide, we need of Chichester appeared in court serving 15 years for the murder of a Polish
a return of vision charged with the manslaughter nazi. Tomasz was jailed for 15 years after Polish
and hope. of Simon Jones at Shoreham Docks. activists fought back against the rising tide of
Simon was killed on his first nazism, particularly in youth culture in Poland.
This is a book that day at work. Martell’s company, His appeal was recently refused so this
needs to be read – Euromin, face a separate charge of campaign needs to be kick started to shame
lying down and dying corporate manslaughter. the authorities. He has already served 4 years.
has never been our
way of dealing with That this case has reached the courts Donations and mesasages of support should
hardship. is a testimony to got to:
the superb work
“The Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union calculates that done by Simon’s Warhead, PO Box 129, 15-662, Bialystok
friends and 26, Poland.
Vauxhall has made about £100,000 profit per employee over the family over the ABC Poland, PO Box 5, 60-966 Poznan 31
past decade” past three years. Poland.
The Guardian 20th January 2001 discussing the proposed closure of the Vauxhall Well done!
plant in Luton. How much has your boss made out of you in the past decade? Also e-mail
Class War Issue 79 11


“No Logo” by Naomi Klein Newcastle strips for £40 when they are made beyond middle class indignation. That’s how Marcuse was the first to spot the irrationality
in the Third world for £4 but this has still not grateful we are.... Finally there are no ideas of this society as a whole. “We submit to
(£14.99, Flamingo) led to any long term campaigns. The people about the way forward for struggle the peaceful production of the means of
of the North East know this is exploitation throughout the world, nor should we expect destruction”, and chapter headings
This is a must read for the movement at the but are engaged in the struggle for survival any for as she says on page xviii it is a book like “The Closing of the Political Universe”
minute - not because it’s any good but in the ways they know. One of them is based on “first hand observation”. She is a and “The Closing of the Universe of
because of the hype surrounding it. It is buying vast quantities of goods in the Black journalist who is merely mediating our Discourse” are themes stolen by Klein in
meant to be the bible of the new anti market. Both Alcohol and tobacco movement and history in the bourgeois her ignorance. Today this manifests
capitalist, anti globalisation movement and smuggling are carried on in huge press, for the bourgeois press itself in the fact that people are
ironically is published by Rupert Murdoch’s quantities, and also there is the retail of laid off in one country only to make
stable. We wonder what the old Wapping counterfit clothing (Sunderland, Newcastle In the last paragraph of the introduction (page more work for us all by re-importing
printworkers would have to say about this? and Middlesborough tops) at substantially xxi) Klein insists:“the book is an attempt to the goods back into the areas
cheaper prices. Even Arsenal is analyse and document the forces where there is now unemployment
In her introduction Klein in the journalist way sponsored by Nike yet there is no opposing corporate rule, and to lay out the after they have been made abroad.
waffles away in a meaningless manner, and anti-Nike campaign within the fan base. particular set of cultural and
occassionally puts forward her main ideas economic conditions that made the Klein is at her weakest when
carefully hidden in the text. On page xvii Klein’s work (and it is boosting her emergence of that opposition talking about the political situation in
she says we have a “a world-wide style media career) has all the flaws you’d inevitable. Part 1, “No Space”, Britain and her chapter on Reclaim the
culture.... this post national vision... expect from an expansionist North examines the surrender of culture and Streets is particularly poor. Of the
another kind of global village, where the American Foreign policy (albeit a left wing education to marketing. Part 11, “No Birmingham anti-capitalist action
economic divide is widening and cultural one) She talks in great detail about Choice”, reports on how the promise of a in May 1998 she states (happily
choices narrowing.” On page xviii and xix American brand knowing and
she finally manages to say “this book is names and how freely admitting
hinged on a simple hypothesis: that as more production in the “this book is hinged on a simple hypothesis: that “she wasn’t
people discover the brand-name secrets West has been there”) that
of the global logo web, their outrage will replaced by that as more people discover the brand-name “instead of rocks
fuel the next big political movement, a vast
wave of opposition squarely
production in the
Third World and
secrets of the global logo web, their outrage and bottles, the
weapon of
targeting transnational corporations,
particularly those with very high
temps in the1st will fuel the next big political movement, a vast choice was that
world (Ch. 10). increasingly
name-brand recognition... simply put,
anti-corporatism is the brand of politics
These descriptions wave of opposition squarely targeting popular piece of
and of the first world slapstick ammo:
capturing the imagination of the next investment in so transnational corporations, particularly those the custard pie.”
generation of troublemakers and called “free trade
shit-disturbers.” zones” (Ch. 9), are with very high name-brand recognition... This is total

To prove that this is true Klein would just

the best parts of the
book and we would
simply put, anti-corporatism is the brand of bullshit! We were
there that day
have to describe the local cases
throughout Western Europe where
refer people politics capturing the imagination of the next and not one
directly to them. custard pie was
people are busily campaigning against
Brand names. You’d imagine managers of
generation of troublemakers and spotted. Instead
It is substantially there was a large
the Gap, Sports shops, designer shops and weaker when shit-disturbers.” number of up for it
McDonalds would have trouble talking about how types and local
getting to work in every town where there is the class struggle has changed as a result vastly increased array of cultural choice youths who were doing the normal “polic-
a store. This is obviously nonsense. (and working class, or protest history as a was betrayed by the forces of mergers, ing” of these events by keeping the cops at
whole), & doesn’t talk about any Marxist, predatory franchising, synergy and arms length, and away from the sound
On a national level in Britain there is no Anti neo-Marxist or anarchist theorists or their corporate censorship. And Part 111, “No system and dancing hippy fools. We saw
Asda movement now they have been bought models at all. This means that the Jobs”, examines the labor [can’t these Yanks cops getting kicked and one was trapped
by Wal-Mart, a bete noire for Klein. One description of a new anti Brand movement spell?] market trends that are creating as a cry of “piggy in the middle” went up,
local example of this is the Northern city of in America is then put forward as the model increasingly tenuous relationships to though he got out with only minor damage
Sunderland. This is a developing university of anti-capitalist growth in the West as a employment for many workers, including unfortunatly.
town with a Gap, Asda, and most of all - a whole and in particular Britain, which she self employed, McJobs and outsourcing,
succesful Football team with crowds of mentions in the text often, devotes a specific as well as part-time and temp labor. It is The weapon of choice for those who were
47,000 sponsored by Nike who Klein spends chapter to, and she also takes inspiration the collision of and the interplay among actually there, was anything to be found from
a lot of time campaigning against. from the McLibel case. This is absurd on these forces, the assault on the three the Bullring street market - tons of veg, boxes
Sunderland FC has 3 shops the evidence presented by Klein and easily social pillars of employment, civil liberties and so on were thrown as well as the usual
selling its wares, and countless other sports disproved. Funnily enough, it is only after and civic space, that is giving rise to the bottles and bricks, with a camera crew
shops throughout the North sell the publication of her book that activists have anticorporate activism chronicled in the last getting attacked as well. Despite a media
Sunderland Nike clothes. Nike has a 4 year taken to targetting the well-known brand section of the book. Part 1V, “No Logo”, an blackout at the time, several months later
contract with Sunderland FC, and on Klein’s names in Britain. activism that is sowing the seeds of a genu this event was billed in the Daily Mirror as a
model this is a ine alternative to serious riot and photos were published of
made to measure corporate rule.” those who were wanted by the police. So
campaign for her “a picture of corporate space as a fascist state much for the fluffy nonsense.
‘new wave of
troublemakers’ to where we all salute the logo and have little In reply we would
say that the These events are only successful because
engage in. opportunity for criticism because our tendencies Klein
writes about in
of the way the law works in Britain - they
could quite easily be smashed off the
However, on the newspapers, television stations, Internet Parts 1 and 2 streets and what would the hippies do then?
ground in the real were virtually Go back to their fucking teepees never to
world what is servers, streets and retail spaces are all identical to those be seen again cos they can’t handle
there? Answer: written by political realities.
NOTHING. There is controlled by multinational corporate interests.” ‘ a n o t h e r
no anti-Nike spokesman of a In conclusion, No Logo is at its best on a
campaign in or around Sunderland, nor any generation’ Herbert Marcuse in “One descriptive level in the shift from product to
identifiable anti-Nike sentiment in even a Also the evidence Klein presents is Dimensional Man”, and the lack of brand, and the employment relations in “Free
small proportion of the population. What often too general and employed without knowledge of this is shocking. Knowledge Trade Zones”. However it is weaker and
there is, is a vast working class army of sufficient grounding to be useful. of this would have greatly improved the book. actually wrong on a number of other fronts.
people who have felt the force of class Further like the academic trend to take the Klein says “a picture of corporate space Notably economics, attempts to impose
society for generations who elect monkeys class politics out of situationism, Klein as a fascist state where we all what’s happening in America onto Britain,
in suits as Labour politicians time and time constantly avoids the notion of class and salute the logo and have little opportunity history, political analysis and arguments to
again. her fleeting discussions of working class for criticism because our newspapers, do with mobilizing issues. We were
politics are inane. As is her annoying habit television stations, Internet servers, streets parodying the Nike swoosh logo nearly 10
There was the case of Newcastle United of throwing things in whose relevance is not and retail spaces are all controlled by years ago!. Klein is totally ignorant of this
director (Shepperd) calling Newcastle’s only contestable, but useless eg. the multinational corporate interests.” The and several other things that matter. As per
women supporters “dogs”, and calling Chumbawamba quote on p. 77. We think similarities between this and Marcuse are usual with academics, it’s a case of too little
supporters generally “mugs” for buying Klein is Neither new, illuminating nor there for anybody who has read both; too late.
12 Class War Issue 79


(magazine £4.75 or shoplift it. What is more surprising - and we’re
Published by The Economist Autumn still a bit stunned - is the assessment
2000) running in several key articles
throughout the magazine that
Rather than do the usual sad the “anti-capitalists have scored
reviews that reflect a lack of notable successes and their influence,
ambition on the part of our with governments and with international
movement [e.g. reviewing institutions such as the World Bank and
things produced by the the International Monetary Fund, is
anarchist/communist groups for the growing.” (Clive Crook - an apt name
anarchist/communist movement] for a capitalist p.15)
Class War always likes to set new
trends and spread our horizons in Other articles include good analysis of
the hope of influencing others.... NGO’s by Adam Roberts, non
part of this is this review encour- governmental organisations and their
THE PROBLEM OF the miners were defeated and that there's aging others to branch out. We relationship to activism and political
next to none left anyway". This was dealt must know what our enemies are influence. Plus the great idea (for
REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITY capitalists) that it is better to co-opt
with in issue 80 of Class War, which said thinking and doing if we are to fight
AND SOCIAL DEMOCRACY - that the miners were not exterminated, them effectively. them than to ignore or take them on.
OR A REVIEW OF the struggle is going on now and today in We feel slightly differently!
"REFLECTIONS ON MAYDAY" these regions with people and This 162 page thick glossy
published by Mayday 2000, P.O. Box communities who are very often highly magazine has far more useful They also believe according to Adrian
2474, London, N8 0HW. class conscious. That we are currently information in it than the average Wooldridge, that the political
divided is not the issue, just how we are anarcho rag. This is a really environment for capitalism “will
While life is quite comfortable for most best to go about composing the working comprehensive account of the continue to get more hostile, as
people in western society, and we have class struggles is.... global and globalized economy, with anti-globalisation protests roll on and
the trappings of the welfare state, and we economic industrial and international organisations bend over
all know that revolution isn’t round the The article placed in the beginning of the financial sector breakdowns, and backwards to appease the
corner (except the SWP), it is going to pamphlet is obviously the one that the country by country guides to protesters... many business people
be a hard struggle to articulate that not publishers think is the most important and prospects and past performance. dismiss these protests as nothing
only can our lives be so much more than it's a shame that so much faith is placed There are also articles more than a distraction. They
they are, but revolutionary change is a into the radical tourists calling themselves looking at the major issues that are argue that globalisation is being driven
necessity if our lives, or at least our the "Bash Street Kids". No analysis, likely to affect us all (the Euro, by technology and that there is
descendants’ lives are not to be reduced seemingly however radical, is worth a bean American economic downturn, nothing that anybody, including
to choas, crisis and poverty. unless it is situated in the real technology and science) and some Molotov Cocktail throwing
movement of the working class and our that are interesting as well - the demonstrators, can do to put the
While most organizations in the Lenninist class composition. The main mistake the article on the scale of the genie back in the bottle.
tradition contribute in various economic Bash Street Kids make is that of American Prison system is This is profoundly wrong.Globalisation
struggles, they fail to push the autonomy confusing the anarchist movement or "our awesome for those who don’t know depends on political will as well as
of the working class and the liberty of movement" as they call it with the that shortly America will have technological innovation. And political
individuals within the class. revolutionary movement of the working imprisoned its’ 2 millionth will is rapidly weakening” (p.115-16)
class (for this is the only group capable of person. Also of interest was the Lets do all we can to make this
Class War and the Anarcho-Communist overturning the capitalist society). For Bash diary section on page 25; not only observation come true!!
movement have faced up to this and also street Kids to extend their radical ideas does it list a variety of key news
to the need for constantly changing outside this real movement of the working events it also prints a listing of key
tactics as the state and ruling class, with class shows their misunderstanding of the financial and political meetings for ANARCHISM: ARGUMENTS
ththeiruperior resources, learn to cope tasks facing us all. 2001. Whether its the World FOR AND AGAINST
with the ways that we struggle. Class economic forum meeting in Davos, Albert Meltzer. (AK Press £3.95)
Wars’ unique role as a newsdpaper was Overall you have to have a lot of patience Switzerland that saw clashes
articulating the interconnection between to wade through a lot of these irritating between police and protesters or This 20-year-old title has been
youth disillusionment , industrial articles, that show there has been no the upcoming G8 summit in July at re-printed by AK Press, and as
disputes, profiteering and corruption and development in our movements class Genoa, Italy, the December EU political introductions go, this is as
other direct attacks to our class such as composition and ideas for some time now. summit in Brussels, or the IMF/ good a place as any to start. Meltzer
the Poll Tax. We showed how fighting World Bank meeting in could be a rambling writer, but kept
back can be empowerment. The problem is that anarchists have Washington DC this in a straight line by the books format
elevated their ideal (an anarchist October. Thanks for the activists of short chapters under specific
The problems we face will not go away, society) into a strategy that is thought to calendar guys. headings, he flourishes. Buy it.
and this article was brought about by a work (if only we could discover it) in this
critique of the contributions to society. This chasing of the 'Holy Grail ' is
“Reflections on Mayday”. This pamphlet plainly nonsense, and in fact represents BASH THE FASH- ANTI-FASCIST RECOLLECTIONS 1984-93
prints peoples 'reflections' on the mayday the worse subsitutionist and depoliticised by K Bullstreet (£2 from Class War or from Kate Sharpley Library, BM
event last year and contains a broad range parts of anarchist impetuism. Anarchist Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX)
of ideas - reactionary (eg the activity must be able to work in an
useless articles by AB, Jem Bendell, Kirk, everyday manner where people live and This is history written in a different style to the world of dull academia or sober
and others had no worth in them work, and deal with the problems they face suited politicians. Informal, biased and very, very amusing
whatsoever - why we are even thinking if we really want to participate in a mass K Bullstreet takes us into the necessary world of anti-fascism. Our favourite
about them is beyond us) and movement (and not a Movement of the stories included the black guy
progressive (or a combination of the 2 - ghetto) For example, to get somebody who jumped in for BNP
like the article reprinted from "Do Or Die" whose been framed out of prison it will member Derek Beackon
no. 8. - their article in "Do or Die" no. 9 probably be best to work within the because he thought he was
about Mayday was far better) It reveals system (collect evidence, write to being mugged, and the
that the same issues occur time and time newspapers/MP's etc) and not storm the member of Liverpool AFA
again, and also reveals the true class walls of the prison (a classical who not only no platformed
composition of what passes for the anarchist tactic that is only possible in NF member Derek Holland
anarchist movement. times of crises) We must utilise all sorts of but relieved him of his watch!
strategies to build and include people in
"Mayday 2000 A Festival of Anti our movement if we want to succeed in Some groups and individuals
Capitalist Ideas and Action" was exactly the long term. This 'social democratic' may well quibble that their
the same as other events, and even J18. activity does not make you any less of an group or action does not
It was a very partial mobilisation of the anarchist for we still agree on the receive sufficient coverage
possible sources of fightback there are final goal. Persuading the anarchists and the text does certainly
available. From being one of the leading against their obsessions and hedonism is contain the odd error (The
sectors of working class revolution the a hard task though. Macc Lads for example were
miners ("miners" meaning wives, relatives never a Blood & Honour band
and communities) in their northern At the beginning of the pamphlet, there are and nothing is gained
heartlands are not even considered to be some good points, and some by saying they were) but we
worth approaching. They (class worthwhile debate that is worth recommend this pamphlet as
enemies) say, and its incredible that continuing, but the deeper you dig, the the first in hopefully a series
people even within the anarchist more irritating and barking articles crop of pamphlets covering
movement listen to this nonsense, "that up with increasing regularity. anti-fascist history.
Class War Issue 79 13

BILLY ELLIOTT daughters of miners were taught free of HACKNEY HECKLER WORKING CLASS FIRST!
(PG, all main cinemas) charge during the strike. (Issue 3, local newssheet, SAE from PO THE WORKING CLASS AND
Box 38, 136 Kingsland High Street, ANTI-CAPITALISM
Lets face it the character of Billy was Having said all that I got a sick feeling as London E8 2NS)
the film opens portraying Billy’s dad as a by Jacob Pugh (£2 from AK Press, PO
always going to have a hard time, Box 12766, Edinburgh EH8 9YE plus 60p
regardless of the interest in ballet. He violent brooding man, and feared this As Hackney Council and its crises
would be the caricature of the miners as postage)
seems to have been a pretty weird kid unfold, local opposition takes on new
before he got interested in that or a whole. Thankfully it was not. Instead it forms and formats. The Hackney
was his dad’s way of coping with the loss This timely pamphlet contains much that
discovered his best mate liked dressing Heckler takes on a newssheet role is up Class War’s street containing
up in his sisters dresses and wearing his of his wife, left with two lads to look after promoting local events and
in the middle of a long strike and no money strong criticism of middle class
mam’s make-up. With those qualities in demonstrations (congratulations to the environmentalists and reaching a
a Sunderland pit village perhaps boxing he had more than most on his plate be- workers who burnt their new terms and
fore the youngest lad starts conclusion that will have many so-called
was not a bad choice in the first place! conditions outside Hackney Town Hall) revolutionaries biting their pillows in
skipping the light fandango. He comes an expose role - look out for Council
through it all and thankfully without horror “the struggle for working class
Billy’s gravitation toward dance and leader Jules Pipe riding round in a taxi affluence should be at the centre of left
ballet in particular is essentially a story becoming a scab. at council expense - and an ability to grasp wing struggle”.
of an individual swimming against the tide nettles.
of expected and required behaviour. Given that location was obviously
important to the film, the makers could Such clear, non-moralistic language is a
Earlier explorations of this theme have Hackney’s latest scandal, involving the breath of fresh air, although other
found some hapless lad expected to join have worked harder on getting actors rigging of council elections by certain
from the region. With a couple of sections of the pamphlet fail to pack a
his brothers and dad down the mine, Jewish politicians in Stamford Hill, has punch. Mr Pugh seems a bit to taken with
when he aspires to stay on at school/go exceptions dialect was purged from the gone largely unreported in the national
film, as it always is in films focused on sociological studies, and talk of “the left”
to university/be a writer etc media and entirely unreported in the may look very redundant indeed in a
Tyne or Wear. You only have to look at revolutionary media. They fear of the
the verbally filleted accents of Byker decade’s time. The publishers,
In Billy Elliot this story is updated using conservative left is that to comment on Anti-Capitalist Debate Press, may be
not the hard labour of pit work but the Grove to see what I mean. We are these issues in detail plays into the hands
eventually left with that ‘north of ones to watch if these themes are further
struggle on the picket line during the of the extreme right. The Hackney developed.
84-5 strike. It remains a story of somewhere’ voice that does not come Heckler rightly points out that to sweep
working class hard rootin tootin fighting from anywhere but is meant to convey these issues under the carpet plays into
manhood set against the more genteel the impression it is not from down south. the hands of the extreme right. ORGANISE... TO RESIST
intellectualism of the arty and creative This is a good film, worth seeing more Dec. 2000. No. 3. Magazine of the
world of the would be escapee. than once. I have reservations about the Since the rise of the anti-capitalist Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation
extent of the reaction to the ballet classes. movement the most significant omission (Australia). $1
Some on the left (most notably the Weekly The strike had opened up closed pit has been the failure to translate into P.O. Box 231, Westgate, NSW 2048,
Worker and Freedom) have seriously communities to new tolerances and other reality the slogan “Think global, Act Australia.
savaged the film as being anti-working ways of living, at least for a time. When Local” Perhaps the Hackney Heckler is
class. Violent miners are contrasted to the Hatfield main branch of the NUM was a first step down that road. This little number is typical of
the nice middle class world of ballet and adopted by the LSE Gay and Lesbian fundamentalist conservative anarchist
the arts. I did not get this at all. This is Society and their collections helped keep thought and obsessions. On page 3
not a film about the miners strike, the miners kids fed it made some people think. MINUS TIDES VOL 12 NO.1 downtrodden workers are encouraged
strike provides the backdrop, but it is just Within a year the Hatfield Main NUM (3$ from Box 47, Denman Island, BC, to think about an obscure “Anarcho
a backdrop after all. branch banner was on a gay rights march Canada, VOR 1TO) Quiz” - we kid you not. This Australian
in London. The proposal to do this brought mag - presumably for the working class in
The police rampaging through the villages laughter and a few raucous wise cracks This magazine is produced from a small Australia - doesn’t deal with any
and occupying pit communities is well but was passed unanimously, something community (pop 1100) in rural Canada. So Australian issues until the bottom
presented, as is the solidarity and inconceivable a few years before. small they have no police in their own half of p.5. We would like to see more
strength of the miners collective community! emphasis on class struggle participation
resistance. I watched this film in In times of collective struggle new found and action locally rather than a tour de force
Sheffield and there is no doubt which awareness and wider consciousness, as Other problems emerge though – loneliness, of worldwide anarchist titbits -
side the audience identified with. well as individual and family relationships boredom etc the things that have historically however useful. We’ve read about
expand. Sadly many of these attitudes persuaded people to drift to the big towns the Makhno book before so we didn’t
Reviews such as the above pose the have retreated with that defeat of social and cities. need a two page review [even though
question to what extent anyway is ballet and class solidarity, and more atomised we love this history]. Overall this
an entirely middle class passion. The and jaundiced views have crept back. Minus Tides takes an eclectic approach is characteristic of the anarchist
girls in the film were obviously not meant covering anarchism, literature, poetry and ‘life’ illusion that we can turn the anarchist
to be middle class, their ballet school was Given this, its obvious that social, but, as so often with this style of production, ideal into a strategy, when the
situated in the heart of the community, political and sexual values ebb and flow it ends up pleasing some but failing to satisfy real world needs a more considered
the Miners Wefare, with the strike with the currents of class relationships. I everyone. approach.
raging all around them. would like to think that a lad during the
strike aspiring to a career in ballet


Most big pit villages have dance/ballet would have got more support than that
schools - the students being initially advanced to Billy, not least
predominantly daughters of miners but because the weight of the women’s
the odd lad would not be unheard of. At support movement was considerable
Hatfield Colliery in Doncaster the Pye and influential. Disgracefully that Telephone Hotline 07092 170105
School of Dance is one of the most movement was totally absent from the E-Mail
accomplished in the region, founded and film. Web page
instructed by the daughter of a miner and
located in her native pit village See 'Billy Elliot'. But leave the volume Bristol CW PO Box 772, Bristol BS99 1EG
deliberately. The students who were on dialectical materialism at home.
Cheshire CW
(PG, Most main cinemas) by Stephen Richards (£7.99, Mirage East Anglia CW PO Box 87, Ipswich, IP4 4JQ
Publishing, PO Box 161 Gateshead,
A film full of action and mayhem. A trip NE8 4WW) Essex CW BM Box 357, London, WC1N 3XX
to the mountains where there is no hero,
love story or big stars. A good insight A top-notch book written in a no nonsense
into the climbing world and the places all style that regular Class War readers and Glasgow CW Tempory contact c/o London address
the rich businessmen go for their supporters will undoubtedly love. Who cares
holidays. about the Queen’s English, it’s the content London CW PO Box 467, London, E8 3QX
and the message that is important!
“The technology is there to make The book has some classic detailed Class War Hunt Sabs BM Box 357, London, WC1N 3XX
descriptions of ramraids – some Those wishing
a DNA database for every one of
the UK’s 60 million citizens” successful, some not so successful. One Class War Prisoners PO Box 467, London, E8 3QX
Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys of the brilliant tale is where they do a shop, wait
University of Leicester, who devised for it to be boarded up, then go back and Australia Class War Suite 20, Princess Highway,
a system to identify criminals from do it again the same night. Classic and
Sydney 2224, Australia
the unique characteristics of their proof that lightning does strike twice!
genes. 17 years late, we enter the Those wishing to communicate in swedish with Class War can do so by
Big Brother state. Great book,shame about the fashion sense
– read it and you will see what we mean! e-mailing
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Class War Issue 79 15

to operate under capitalism’s time and motion


Obviously the chemical industry would have to

turn its attention to organic production and
the safe disposal of contaminants.
AC, Edinburgh.

CW Reply: The difficulty with concepts of

“public ownership” is that people think
immediately of the former nationalised
industries. All of those industries had the same boss
versus worker ethos, the same drive for profit and the
S OMEBODY V ERY G REEN WRITES of wankers in the green movement.
same obsession with hierarchy as the private compa-
People who do actually work with corporate
capitalism. Are you seriously saying that nies they replaced. For us to advance we must make
Have you noticed the weather recently? changes to our lives now - not in some distant future -
Bit wet isn’t it? What exactly will it take to get if the likes of Zac Goldsmith or Jonathan
Porrit give up the use of their cars the to show ourselves and our enemies that we can create
into your Sun Wanker brains that a world for all. This means struggle in our own work-
“environmental agendas” are not a plot to push earth is a better place? We think it would
be a better place when those two ing class communities to improve the economic and
up the price of petrol and price working people political standing of our class.
out of their cars? Global warming is actually bastards are hanging from the nearest piece
happening, just as scientists have been o f m a h o g a n y. Y o u r l e t t e r t y p i f i e s t h e
predicting for years. Of course we know apocalyptic and near religious approach C OMPETITION C ORNER
they are all a bunch of pig-ignorant of many greens that sadly goes unchallenged
by Anarchists. Dear Class War, I would also like to congratulate
academics (some of them can even count to 10!)
Chris’s dad on 20 years of signing on (Class War
So the car is an expression of people’s needs It is interesting that you do not mention letters, issue 80) However I’ve heard of someone who
is it? I suppose this includes the ‘needs’ of public transport once in your diatribe. beats our Geordie friend by a fair old margin. It seems
the shit-brained anti-social morons who get Are people not supposed to travel in there is an old girl living in London who was
their kicks driving around blasting out your green new world? It is not beyond photographed wearing an ATS uniform and holding a
the wit of human beings to organise spanner over the open bonnet of a car in 1945. This
mindless babble at all hours? And you
free, sustainable public transport. It is sadly was the last time she was witnessed doing anything
complain about church bell-ringers!
beyond the wit of capitalists as they remotely resembling work. For the last 56 years she
are unable to do anything unless they can make has done nothing yet has wanted for none of the good
I know that statistics go straight over
your heads but I’ll spell out a couple of sums money out of it. things in life. Her record of bone idleness is to be
and you can ask your careworker if celebrated in 2002 by the issue of commemorative
they make sense: P RACTICAL S UGGESTIONS ? plates which will be bought by
There are 20 million vehicles in Britain commemorating mugs all over Britain.
today or roughly 1 to every 3 people. In the As the crisis of world capitalism deepens
Sorry Chris, your dad will have to do fuck all for at
world (I mean the real world not the the time is right for us to offer a more
least another thirty years to catch up with the record
teletubblyland virtual reality you inhabit) extensive vision of a libertarian communist
of this sponging bastard and her family of inbred
there are about 500 million, or one to every 12 future.
people. In other words, if the whole world malcontents. Mind you, I hope I’m around to see him
were provided with cars at the same level The fuel blockade in Britain (and Europe) do it. The last northeastern lad who got an award for
as Britain, there would be four times the number has made perfectly feasible our concept doing bugger all was Jackie Charlton, ex Ireland
of vehicles that now exist. The world’s of public transport development. Such a manager and country ‘sports’ fan.
eco-system is going down the crapper fast programme would immediately employ Ronnie, Cheshire.
enough as it is. What would happen if those made redundant by the collapse
CW Reply: Anybody wanting to get involved in fucking
everyone had access to a car? And spare me of sections of the road haulage industry.
up the 2002 celebrations should get in touch via the
the motorwankers fairy tales about electric This is especially valid considering the
usual address. Lets show the Queen next year that
cars and cars that can run on water. First needs of the rural population.
‘electric’ cars have been ‘on the way’ for at her subjects really are revolting!
least 30 fucking years - where are they? As 25,000 farms have gone bankrupt
Even if they were practicable, they would in recent times we can offer solutions C OMMUNITY C HOIR
not do that much for the environment - t o t h e e x - f a r m i n g c o m m u n i t y, s o m e t h i n g
Dear Class War, One of the saddest things about mass
electricity needs to be generated somehow. that the ‘Countryside Alliance’ cannot do.
protest at the start of the 21st Century is the lack of a
As for the other bollocks, Santa Claus We can secure farming by the establishment
decent sing song. The dominance of “what do we want”
does not exist kiddies, time to grow up. of farming co-operatives and workers
type chants is a great way of deflating everybody and
controlled food outlets. Our aim is of
A freedom that cannot be given to everyone course to collectivise all farming where is shit. Perhaps Class War could remedy this by
is not a freedom but a privilege. So get it appropriate. We would not deprive starting a lyrics section? It could confirm old
straight: when you and all the other brainless anyone of their accommodation but we favourites and new numbers.
tossers (including the cretins who thought can guarantee equality for all land
it would be a nice little earner to feed workers including former large-scale owners Here’s a little ditty that went about in Prague on S26.
Its called Blue Group 2000 and should be sung in a
unsaleable meat to herbivores) start trumpeting (CW Ed: Getting a bit soft here!) This
Johnny Cash style:
t h e c o r p o r a t e s l o g a n s o f t h e m o t o r l o b b y, conforms to our policy of offering
you are defending privilege not freedom. former owners and managers of industry
Petrol is a firey thing and it burns every fucking thing
the equality of comradeship in labour.
Actually I think there are signs that the Armed with our desire, we produced a wall of fire
message is beginning to sink in. The rainstorms Of course our perennial aim is the It started in Botic Vale
probably gave even farmers and lorry abolition of the stock exchange and Someone threw a Molotov Cocktail
drivers pause for thought, which is why the the establishment of workers control of And they burned, burned, burned the lines of police
second wave of fuel protests fizzled out. In i n d u s t r y. We would bring into public And they burned, burned, burned the lines of filth
the end Mother Nature carries more clout ownership all transport, engineering, W.E. Bam
than Tony Blair, scientists or eco-freaks. Just building, education, and production.
maybe people will start to see sense about In education we will guarantee the CW Reply: One of the best developments in recent
the real ‘price of motoring’ before it gets safety from violence of all children by years has been the rise of Samba bands and
to be more than we can all pay. establishing special needs schools for drummers on actions as they give it a bit of backbone
‘Speaker To Animals’ disturbed children. This will put parents and make it possible to change the direction of a crowd.
minds at rest because it will not matter One of the failures
CW Reply: Readers will not be surprised to where their children are educated. on May Day 2000
know that the entire text of this letter was was the band not
written in capital letters, the sure sign of a All work would be considered being around to
NUTTER! Just who or what is a “motorwanker”? as equal. Medical, education and draw the crowd
Do you honestly believe that all people who transport services would be raised to away from the
use cars are wankers? If so you’re talking the highest standards. This form of social trap at Trafalgar
about nearly everybody in Britain, clearly security will appeal to all sections of Square. As for old
nonsense. As for electric cars being fairy society including the middle classes. songs we are
tales – have you never seen a milk float? Those unused to physical labour will be rather partial to
introduced to such work at their own Harry Roberts Is
We all know there are a spectacular amount pace because they will not be required Our Friend!
£15! That’s how much it costs to watch these companies.
The Gravy Train
Leyton Orient in the 3rd Division. I
currently reside in Germany, where my W ith the BBC losing “Match of the Day” Everybody knows that since the
local team is ex-European Champions how long before we are priced out creation of the Premier League
Borussia Dortmund. To get in to a state of the market, not just at the and the imposition of all seater
of the art stadium and watch a top turnstile but also by satellite subscription stadiums following the Taylor report,
European game costs 18 Deutschmarks. charges. As with England’s game in getting tickets for top football
At today’s exchange rate of roughly DM Finland, more and more games matches is pretty tough. Given
3.2 to the pound, that works out at just will become pay per view. What next this we were staggered to read
under £6. after that? Will they try to charge that new performance rewards
us to listen the radio commentary? among Britain’s 60,000 Ministry
The truth is that for years us footie The next World Cup is next year of Defence civil servants will
fans, 90% of whom are working class, in Japan and South Korea. Their include Premier League football
have been treated like shit until a TV companies want to charge tickets.
few corporate scum decided to jump the BBC and ITV £175 million for
on the football bandwagon. Now the rights, which they have refused This means that not only is it
increasingly we cannot afford to support t o p a y. So whether any of the harder for the working class fan to
our own clubs - they have been home nations qualify or not, we might get tickets, but as taxpayers,
snatched from our hands by the not be watching! we are actually paying for other
executive fan. people to go to the game instead of
Back home, with the grass roots us!
Pre-Hillsborough where in the world ostracised, the rich kids in
could you pay a tenner to get their £30 seats will eventually get
herded like sheep from the minute bored with football and jump on
you left the bus, penned into a cage the next bandwagon. Then we will see

Sign for two hours and with sub-standard

catering and laughable toilet facilities.
empty stadia and still spiralling
ticket prices so as to meet

At one ground now probably a the wages of already overpaid
supermarket (Hello Reading FC) the primadonnas.
‘toilet’ amenities for the away fans
man! were in fact a brick wall ..... with a trough
at the bottom. Could you imagine
Our solution? A maximum wage. Leyton
Orient Chairman Barry Hearn recently
Bizarre rumours have been buying a ticket for a West End show stated that Roy Keane’s wages at It will be interesting to see how the
circulating in the football world and being treated in the same manner? Manchester United for one week Northern Ireland football authorities
that Arsenal manager Arsene Don’t think so! were the same as the cost of running handle the campaign of sectarian
Wenger has signed an Leyton Orient for the year. If each club is abuse directed at Northern Ireland
Englishman. We at Class War Let’s face it standards have improved budgeted to X amount per week, they could midfielder Neil Lennon. Lennon was
are happy to reproduce 200%. But at what cost? Thanks to afford to lower ticket prices, enticing the booed and abused throughout
photographic evidence that the various satellite and cable masses back to their local football ground Northern Ireland’s friendly defeat by
the Gunners have signed companies we now have the glorious - the hub of the community. Norway in March, despite being one
somebody famous for their game six or seven days a week. of the best midfielders ever to play
excellent shooting! The increased ticket prices and the Let’s reclaim the game. Some clubs are for the country. Loyalists make up
difficulty in obtaining already making inroads by electing virtually the entire Northern Ireland
tickets for some games supporters on to the board to liase support and Loyalist bigots for the
mean the only way to be with directors. We want a fuck of heinous crime of being a Celtic
guaranteed to see your team a lot more than that, but as a player targeted Lennon.
is to subscribe to one of first step it will do!
The previous Celtic player to be
capped for Northern Ireland, Anton


Rogan, hardly set the football world
alight as a player, and this helped
ensure the Irish FA could sweep such
abuse under the carpet. Lennon
The lunatics really have Constable of Kent. Condon’s however, is the sort of player who
taken over the asylum in the cricket appointment to the ICC seems teams are built around and
world. With dozens of top players to prove perfectly the old adage journalists want to speak to day in
under investigation for match fixing who that there is no situation so day out.
should be heading the International bad that the arrival of a police
Cricket Council’s Anti-Corruption Unit officer won’t make it worse! Rather obviously, football in Northern
but Sir Paul Condon. Yes the very same Ireland mirrors the wider society of
Paul Condon who was Chief “I don’t want to give it to her. Northern Ireland. If Northern
Commissioner of the Metropolitan She’s horrible.” Ireland’s football supporters have a
Police and before that Chief Five year old Anna Engstrom, problem with a player of Lennon’s
hat trick hero! from Suffolk, when asked to ability it tells us quite a bit about
give a bouquet of flowers to Northern Ireland and quite a lot about
Princess Anne. What a well the nature of loyalism.
brought up child!

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